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  1. Greetings to all!
    I am seeking a partner again. In this post I will outline some guidelines/expectations for partners as well as plot ideas and ideas in general. I'm pretty picky so don't get too offended if I don't think our writing is compatible.

    1) Must be 18 years old or older since there will be more mature themes such as violence, explicit language, and gore. While there may be sexual themes, none of these plots are solely based upon sexual themes or have a lot of it.

    2) Must be an advanced or adept level writer. I prefer to write with those of my level and will not write with beginners. This may sound rude of me, but I require a certain amount of skill and development. I don't require a set amount of paragraphs either, but I expect it to be at least two paragraphs and for it to have depth. Quality over quantity.

    3) No anime characters or physics! Also, no fandom roleplays. I like using some inspiration from pre-exisiting stories some time, but I will never use the same world or characters.

    4) Must be able to help me further the plot. I can't work with someone who expects me to do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to plot development and such. If I wanted to write a story by myself I wouldn't be requesting to collaborate with another.

    5) I will only do lesbian pairings, or girl and girl. Heterosexual or gay male are not by cup of tea. Sure bisexual and pansexual apply, but the relationship would have to be between a girl and a girl. I am totally fine with trans characters, but I am terrible at playing them myself and sometimes they don't fit in well with the plot.

    6) No mary sues. Characters should be pretty believable even if they do touch on some cliches. I don't want to see any overpowered characters either since I get ticked off when a character refuses to take a hit, whether it be figurative or literal.

    Important Note!!!

    Do not contact me or engage me in ANY way if you plan on ditching the story after the first post or even before then. I understand fully if you have to call of the roleplay if you become busy or disinterested, but you must tell me before you abandon ship. Too many times people have left without another word and I wouldn't be upset if you actually told me you were going to leave. Bonus, tell me what I did to make you disinterested so it doesn't happen again with other partners.

    Too many god damned times I have set up detailed characters and a whole developed realm or world, only to have my partner leave. Then I have a whole world and characters that can't fit elsewhere or be easily used again, which wastes my time and creativity.

    So please, don't be that person and tell me if you are abandoning ship. Thank you.
    Here be Dragons!
    I'd love to write a story centered around dragons in some way in a medieval fantasy setting. Our characters would be magical beings, meaning that they posses a dragon and a humanoid form to be able to traverse more parts of society.

    In this world dragons are feared and hunted by the majority of the population. There are multiple species of dragons, all of varying sizes, appearances, and with different attributes and habitats. The plot would be driven by the fact that a very powerful dark mage is taking control of the dragon's minds to use them to do his bidding. Will humans and dragons unite against a common enemy?

    This setting would be lore heavy and include various beasts.
    Blood Fued
    This story would take place in a fantasy, medieval world. The three main races of this world are vampires, werewolves, and elves. There are many subspecies derived from these main groups.

    Vampires have human appearances save for paler skin, the presence of fangs, and an affinity for dark colors. They possess enhanced agility, speed, and derive energy from any kind of blood. Highly intelligent, this race lives among ancient houses with strong family ties and traditions.

    Werewolves have human appearances, save for more subtle canine teeth and golden flecks in their eyes. They possess the ability to shift into wolves at will and possess enhanced strength and senses. Werewolves typically live in tribe like societies centered around nature and hierarchy.

    Elves appear to be human, though have enhanced beauty and pointed ears. They tend to dwell in cities or towns and are led by monarchs. They are great craftsmen and scholars. Elves can come in a variety of subspecies like wood, high, moon, and many others. They far outnumber the vampires and werewolves, making them the dominant race.

    Another important feature of this story are "Symbolus," or "Sym," for the slang term. No matter the race, when a person is born, they are marked with a unique symbol that can come in any design and be located anywhere on the body. Syms are always black in color as if they are ink. In the world, a Sym can only repeat twice. The Syms are shared by soulmates and one is always seeking theirs. Many have failed to find their Sym and have settled on loving another, though without matching symbols they lack the benefits of telepathy that comes natural to soulmates when in close proximity. Almost always, Syms remain in the same species, but on rare and unfortunate occasions, soulmates are born from different races.

    You've probably guessed by now that the two main characters have matching symbolus. They also come from different races, vampire and werewolf. (In this case I'd play the werewolf). Through their travels, they discover each others symbols. At first they are horrified with the fact they are from different races, but through unseen forces(A war between the three races) they are forced to bond. Through conversing, they realize just how alike and different they are. Despite the odds and taboo, they begin to love one another. (So cliche....)
    Plot Suggestions?
    I'm open to other ideas and plot suggestions. All I ask for is that is medieval fantasy based since that's what I'm craving at the moment.

    Don't post on this thread!!! If you are interested and fit the requirements, PM me.
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