HARVEST MOON: Life in Moonrise Valley [IC]

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      Deep in the Woods of Memories there lies a small mountain village, flourishing off the industry of the town. Moonrise Village is filled with the bustling souls of its youthful community as they work together to sustain their cozy lifestyles on the land of their forefathers. New faces make their appearances from time to time, but one special face hasn't been seen in many years.

      The Harvest Goddess, by whose grace the land was gifted bounty and fertility, has left the lands in the hands of the villages. Her magic sustained the mountain village for more than 4 decades but as time passes, the winters grow longer and the other seasons are less vibrant, as if losing their very vitality.

      What mischief lurks in Moonrise Valley, and can the townsfolk work together to protect their home from falling to ruin?

      -Character face's to be used at the top of each post like an in-game sprite to make it easier to see who's speaking and with whom.


      Post your character's name, location, and the time of day at the top of the posts. Try and keep the times rather consistent to allow for easier gameplay!

      Shade Lumina, Lumina Ranch House, 6:00am

      Let's begin our story, shall we?

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  1. Alexis Flynn, Moonrise Village Library, 8:00am
    Alexis thumped down the stairs that joined her home to the library, wincing slightly as the fourth from the bottom emitted a loud creak as it was stepped on. It had started doing that a little while ago and usually she just stepped over it, however that particular time she was too distracted to remember. The better solution would probably be to fix it, but...how was she supposed to do that? And why was it even squeaking? Was it going to break? She'd been through this train of thought half a dozen times already and each time it had ended at 'Maybe I should just go see the carpenter about it...no forget it, it isn't that much of a problem.' If or when it broke she would get help with it, but for now...perhaps she'd just see if she could find something in a book about creaking stairs and what to do with them.

    The grandfather clock in the reading corner struck eight, reminding Alexis what she was meant to be doing instead of fussing over staircases. Crossing to the front of the library she flipped the sign to 'OPEN' and, with a satisfied nod to herself, she began her daily duties. She was never late with opening the library; even if it was somewhat unlikely there would be any visitors so early in the morning there was no harm in having it open anyway when she was home. Besides, plenty of people in the town had probably already been up for hours.

    "Everyone here's always so busy..." She murmured to herself as she settled down behind the desk with a cup of tea. Still, it was a very different kind of busy compared to how things had been in the city. The people here were hard-working but they always still found time to talk to each other. Not to mention how the whole town came together to celebrate during festivals. Yeah, she thought to herself as warm sunlight streamed in amongst dusty shelves, I definitely prefer living here.​
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  2. Ryder Chantilly, The Fishing Shack, 8:00 am
    Just outside of the center of Moonrise Valley is a small beach that expanded towards most of Moonrise Town. There were some small debris left there from the ocean or from any beach creatures that would carry random items across the beach and lay it down. To the right side of the beach was a small brown shack hat is run by a local fisherman named Ryder. A young, independent man whos goal is to find and capture the rumored legendary fish. He runs a local fish store for anyone interested in buying fish and fishing tools. He's been able to make a living off of it for the last year and a half so his shop has been going well so far. But how much longer would it last?

    The inside of Ryder's room was a bit messy, with fishing rods, containers full of baits, and his notes have been laying all around the floor. Ryder's been too busy with his hobbies that he forgets to tidy up his room once in a while. Ryder isn't bad when it comes to keeping his room clean, but sometimes, with being one minded, and with that being focused on either fishing or running the store from time to time, his room is usually not touched upon. Ryder got up with the alarm set on his small digital clock. The ringing echoed throughout the room as Ryder wakes up from his deep slumber. Hitting the button on his clock with a swing of his arm. He got up halfway and rubbed his eyes.

    Looks like another day for fishing today.

    Ryder shrugged as he got himself up from his bed and did the morning routine, fix his bed, taking a shower, brushing his teeth, eating some cereal, and fixing up the shop for any customers wanting their fishing needs. After a bit of fixing up, Ryder put on his fishing gear and goes outside from his shack. The sun was shining brightly today and it looks like a good time to reel in some wandering fish around the area. Ryder sat down on his usual chair, where he would do all of his fishing. He could tell by the vague movements around the ocean that there were plenty of fish in the sea for him to catch and make a profit for. He attached a small bait onto his hook and cast his rod at the sea, waiting for the fish to bite.

    And now to wait.

    Ryder sat there, admiring the ocean and the beautiful sky as he waited for his first bite of the day. Of course. He wouldn't mind having some folks come in and visit him while he sat there. It would help him pass the time while he was fishing. But most of the time, no one usually comes to visit him during his fishing hours. After a bit oh waiting he let his mind wander into his own imagination as he waits for something to happen.
  3. Fabrice Chastain, The metal workshop -> Town grocer, 8:00am

    The sun was rising on the morning sky, the soft birds could be heard from outside and the strong murmur of the waterfall just outside were making the scenery look like a corner of paradise and it would truthful be one if there wasn't the signs of humanity, a small house rising between the pines head and from the thick chimney a grey smoke rising slowly and vanishing on the blue sky. The house was made from stone dug and cut from the nearby mine and it was shaped to fit the needs of an artisan, the workshop taking most of the ground level while the living part of the house was looking similar with a short tower. Inside the workshop and the source of the grey smoke was a man, the metalworker that took the house and the nearby mine from the last owner through the artisans community, arriving from a the capital city to that small town.

    "Ok, with this things should be done." The man named Fabrice was arranging the ore bins and the metal storage in one of the workshop's corners, beside him a small flame burning some broken pieces of furniture in the furnace. When Fabrice arrived a few days ago he was faced with some issues, the workshop was organized in a way that was irking his senses of order and a part of the wooded furniture was a bit frail and eaten by the humidity, turning the last few days in a cleanup and reorganization of the workshop to the current state. Placing one of the last bars of steel on the wooden rack, he turned around to look at his new workshop. With everything arranged and the smell of the burning wood he was feeling a bit prideful of the work he have done but he was facing with a different situation now, the food supplies he had from the travel were now almost over and he needed need ones.

    "I guess is time for some shopping." A short trip to his shower and the dresser were what he needed to wipe the dust and the sweet that was piling up on him and make him presentable. Taking with him a small black backpack he started to walk down the pathway through the green and quiet forest, a sigh that he was loving and a factor that determined him to chose that village as his new home. Walking down the pathway he started to reminisce about his home city, a place that hold in is heart but at the same time a place that was choking him and was making him want for a more quiet place, his new home. After a couple of minutes of walk he reached the town populated area with the sight of a fields and houses, one of them having a lot of vines and plants growing on its structure. He wondered what was the person that was living there and what was their occupation but he couldn't know, the only person he knew in the town it was the mayor. Letting a sigh at the though that he was a stranger for most people he continued to walk deep in the town, his thought flying that in such a small town most likely everybody was knowing everybody and he was hopping that he will find a way to get along with them and offer his services as a metal worker and tools smith. Lost in thought he reached the shop door, pushing it lightly and entering inside. "Now let's see what I need ?" He pulled a small list from his pocket that was containing mostly cooking ingredients and started to look at the shelves for the products, walking between the shelves and almost bumping in a girl. "Excuse me miss, I should pay more attention to where I walk." He excused himself politely and was looking at the woman that was having blonde hair and crystal blue eyes.
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  4. Skye Lumina, Moonrise Beach, 8:19am

    Skye looked up at the canopy of brilliant, shimmering leaves as the light wind of the morning brushed the boughs of the forest. The paths that wove like veins through the vibrant, lively woods was a part of what she loved so much about the humble forest town. Moonrise Valley seemed to breath peace and serenity, the land thrived in the bounty of the mountains and the people seemed to follow suit. Each day, she made this same walk, south from the ranch, cut through the woods to reach the beach, stroll along the shore and then head north past the art shop and into the Harvest Grove near the Goddess Spring. The Tree of Seasons had long been a welcoming sight to her on her morning walks and she looked forward to laying eyes on its beautitufl, magic boughs each morning.

    Ahead of her, padding along the sandy fringes of the beach, was her personal pet dog, Kyumi, a colorful shepherd with a knack for herding cattle and a trusted companion for both the Lumina twin. Kyumi was currently carrying puppies within her womb and when the day came that they were born and later weaned, they would be raised up to be great herders just like their

    mother and hopefully sold to good homes in local ranches. The light breeze ruffled her dress. The pale fabric whipping about gently in the wind, matching her long flowing hair. Beneath her gown she wore a pair of light tights. When she rode horses she would simply gather the loose fabric of her gown and tie it up into a sort of hip sash with a string she had sewn into the underside of the gown, effectively transitioning the flowing, feminine outfits she preferred into a practical outfit for ranching.

    She smiled as the dog ran back to her with a large piece of driftwood. Collecting it for the tenth time, she threw the small stick as hard as she could out. But her smiling expression quickly changed as she watched the stick fly through the air and come down.... directly on Ryder's head.

    Turning bright red, Skye cupped her hands to her mouth, shocked that she hadn't noticed him outside his hut. "Oh no." She took off running down the beach, shouting apologies as she did.

    "I'm so sorry! Ryder, I didn't see you! I don't know how, goodness I must be blind. I am so sorry." As she neared, she slowed her jog to a walk and approached hesitantly, biting her lip and frowning at the red bump on the man's forehead. "Are... are you alright?" Kyumi had taken a place at her side and was sitting, panting heavily and staring at the stick in Ryder's lap with strong desire in her eyes. Of course the dog knew better than to approach and bother another person, but it didn't stop her from wanting to do so.
  5. Ryan Llorn, Moonrise Village Library, 8:20am

    Ryan strolled through the front door. Looking like he had just woken up, which to the residents of the Valley. Was Ryan at any point of time. It was actually unknown how he managed to keep up the look. One might think you have to put effort in to look this unprepared. He casually gazed at the walls and such for a long time. Seemingly non-interested in hurrying up this endeavour.

    Slowly wandering how to the front desk, Ryan eyes landed on Alexis. He remember when she had arrived that he had greeted her. Or at least said hello in an audible tone. His parents had told him to go out and meet with the newcomer. They were always so passionate about knowing everyone. Ryan himself had never gotten around to it really. Only seeing her passing by.

    "Hello" He said, lazily looking around. "You don't happen to have a-" He paused to think, this seemed to take a little while. "Large book...something that covers the face. Possibly looks important. Hopefully looks educational and thought provoking." He shrugged. "That sort of thing"
  6. Clover White, Moonrise Mountains, 8:20am


    "What should we do, Mingming?" a pink haired girl asked as she sat down the soft green grass with a notebook in hand, her lavender eyes observing the white and brown cat in front of her. Clover should be done by now with her research but her cat, Mingming, decided to interrupt her by pawing and chewing her subject today. She can see her cat beginning to succumb to the feeling with euphoria, its ears perking up while its tail moves hypnotically from left and right. With a sigh, Clover laid her notebook on the side and quickly picked up her cat, dragging it away from the plant and putting it in the basket she brought. She was expecting her cat to react this way but not to soon. She then covered the basket to let her cat sleep before returning to her spot once again, picking up the notebook and continuing her work.

    "Meoooooow~" her cat, Mingming, cried as if telling her she wanted to play more, poking its white round head out of the basket to stare at her. Clover only gave her cat a pointed look before sighing. As much as she wanted to keep her cat happy, she knew she can't let her cat play anymore. "Enough play time, Mingming. Too much catnip is bad for you. Go sleep and in fifteen minutes that urge will be gone" Her cat seems to understand what she just said as it went back hiding in the basket.

    Clover couldn't help but smile at her cat's behavior. They've beem together for two years now anf the two of them are inseperable. Taking one last look at her cat, she then focused her attention back to the plant in front of her and finished up her sketch. She made sure to sketch every little detail before plucking a leaf of the plant and pasting it on the paper. "Nepeta Cataria" she mumbled to herself, writing down the words "commonly known as catnip, catswort or catmint. A specie of the genus Nepeta in the family of Laminaceae, it is a herbaceous perrenial that attracts cats and butterflies. Drought tolerant, deer resistant and repellant for aphids and squashbugs."

    Finishing up her observation, Clover closed her notebook and looked at the basket where her cat is sleeping peacefully. It seems like her cat finally calmed down for it jumped out of the basket and began purring as soon as she cuddled with Clover. Smiling even more, Clover stood up and brushed the grass and dirt out of her skirt before speaking up "Alright. I guess I'll take some catnip for you. Oh, I also need some so I can give it to the townspeople. Catnip is also used for medicinal purposes and many more. Hmmm, I wonder if Sam would like this.." Smiling to herself, she pulled out a pocket knife and grabbed a couple of sprigs of catnip before placing it to the basket. "There. The day is still young but I think we should head to town. We need to buy some food and also some supplies. Shall we go, Mingming?"
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  7. Alexis Flynn, Moonrise Village Library, 8:20am

    Though Alexis heard the door open she kept her eyes fixed downwards on the stack of papers in front of her, holding on to the small chance that whoever had just entered the library would go about their business without disturbing her. The fact that whoever it was took their time in approaching the desk left her feeling hopeful, however in the end no such luck. She looked up at the sound of the man's voice and nodded in greeting. "Hi..."

    She recognised him but it took her a few moments to place him as the innkeeper, having only met him a handful of times before, and another to process his slightly odd request. "Are you...just wanting to nap with a book over your face so you'll look intelligent?" Try as she might Alexis couldn't hide her frown at the possibility of someone misusing a book in such a way. Then again, it was entirely possible she was just assuming things for no reason, in which case she'd probably just insulted Ryan. But it seemed like just about every time she saw him he was lazing off in some way or another, and his current 'just-crawled-out-of-bed' look wasn't doing much to change her opinion about him. Still, each to their own.

    "You'll damage its spine if you do that. And probably your face as well. If that's all you want it for wouldn't a newspaper be better?"
  8. Ryan Llorn, Moonrise Village Library, 8:20am

    If the comment had insulted Ryan, he certainly didn't show it. "It's not only for that use." Ryan sighed, "I read" He announced with the slight undertones of this being important. "When I feel like it" He added, and it was true. He did read, not for long, since he often feel asleep during reading but it counted in his mind.

    Ryan frowned, or at least his expression hinted towards a frown. "I wouldn't damage a book." He told her. He looked up at the ceiling. "Or my face"

    "It's-" He looked back down. "Important" He dragged the word out. "You do help with this sort of....important....book searching right?" He scratched his cheek. "At least I think that's what Librarians do anyway" He always normally got along with Librarians. He was quiet. Though they were always rather expectant on the whole 'returning' business.

  9. Ryder Chantilly, Moonrise Beach, 8:20am

    Ryder started to get comfy on his old and creaking chair as he watched the sun rise slowly up into the bright, shiny blue sky. He thought about his family, wondering how his sister, Delilah was doing in college and how was his parents doing back at home. He also thought about his grandpa a bit, reminding him of th good days he spent time fishing with him. With the sun being out, Ryder decided to take off his hat and lay it on the nice, warm blanket. Ryder started to lay down, ready to sleep, then...


    A powerful blunt object land smack down on his forehand and off into his lap. Ryder let out a small ow from his lips as he examined his injured forehead. A red bruise started to form from it. Perhaps this is a warning to not take my hat off during fishing. Ryder shook his head as he rubbed his forehead. He looked down to see what kind of object it was.

    A stick.

    Ryder wondered what in the world a stick would come flying down from the heavens and implant itself on Ryder's head. Then he realized.

    Oh, right. It must've been Skye playing fetch with her dog. She does walk at this time. Ryder gave a soft smile at the thought of his friend. Skye must've been playing fetch with her dog, Kyumi and when she threw it, she must've threw at at the beach, somehow managing to hit his head. Skye should compete in a throwing tournament. She would win 1st place with no problems. He turned around to look for Skye, and there she is, jogging down the beach towards Ryder, shouting apologies at him.

    Ryder could tell that Skye was feeling a embarrassed at causing this red bruise on his forehead. But he didn't mind. Accidents like these happens alot for him. Luckily it wasn't life threatening. "Don't worry about it Skye." Ryder calmly said to Skye in order for her not to feel bad about what she did. "This ain't the first time something like this has happened during fishing so don't beat yourself up for it." Ryder looked to the side of Skye to find that her dog, Kyumi was staring down at the stick on Ryder's laps. Seems like the dog wants to play fetch still, but would it fetch it if Ryder threw it.

    Ryder got up from the creaking seat with the stick on it's hand and spin his arm around in a full circle before throwing the stick far across the beach. "Go get it girl!" Ryder yelled as the stick flew across the beach, hoping that Kyumi was chase after it. After throwing it, Ryder turned his attention to Skye. "So...How is the fair maiden doing today?" Ryder asked. He sometime calls her that name because of how presentable she dresses herself sometimes and how pure she was in her actions in Ryder's eye. Plus it fits her well because she is an unmarried woman. He waited for an response from Skye before he did anything else. Even though he's spending his time socializing to his friend, he soon forgot what he came out here for.
  10. Alexis Flynn, Moonrise Village Library, 8:20am

    ...so she was right and he was planning to use it as cover for napping. Alexis sighed. "I do help people find books, but..." but I think we have very different ideas of what counts as 'important'. "And if you leave a book lying open like that for long enough the spine will get damaged, whether you intend for it to or not."

    She paused for a moment, gazing at Ryan whilst she considered her options, before shrugging. "Fine. What kind of book do you want to read?" Alexis believed that he was intending on reading it at least a little, and even if he did end up damaging it it wouldn't be the first time she'd repaired a book. Though since at least half of it's purpose was helping him nap she'd at least try not to give him anything too old or valuable.

    "I can't help you if you only tell me what you want the book to look like, and I definitely won't believe you want to read it if you just give superficial criteria like looking 'important' and 'educational'."
  11. Skye Lumina, Moonrise Beach, 8:25am

    Blushing, Skye watched as the dark haired man coolly responded to the very intrusive act that had befallen him. As he threw the stick, Skye gave a light gesture at the dog's neck with her left hand, urging it to run freely, just as she so clearly wanted to. Cheeks still rosy as ever, Skye looked up at Ryder as he spoke, charming her as he did each time he spoke to her. He had always insisted on calling her a "maiden" and while it was suiting for her unmarried status, she felt it to be somehow more embarrassing than such a mere title. Maiden seemed to denote elegance, grace, and class. She was a mere farmer with an eye for beautiful clothes and gentle animals.

    Ryder was so different from her, but at the same time, they had much in common. She appreciated the sea, just as he did. Their difference lay within the way by which they appreciated it. They both loved animals, the outdoors, and peace, at least, from what she could tell. While at times she felt she knew the fisher, she also felt a deep sense of unknowing about who he really was. How long could two people live in a forest village together before they truly got to know each other? Could they remain mere acquaintances forever? But then, if there was one thing humans were good at, it was being alone in a world packed full of other people.

    She looked into his eyes and tried to draw the blush away from her expression, taking a deep breath and calming herself as she moved a long tendril of hair gently away from her face. "I'm well, Ryder. Thank you for asking. The weather certainly is beautiful, isn't it? A calm sea. What does that mean for a fisher?" She gazed out across the smooth waves rolling gently onto the shore, breaking with a quiet splash before receding back into the massive body that claimed them once more as its own. The smell of salt was faint, but calming.
  12. Shade Lumina, Lumina Ranch, 8:30am

    The morning had gone quite well up until that point. He and his sister had risen on time and with a good energy about them and enjoyed their breakfast together before going their separate ways. She to tend to the horses, dogs, and cat, he to tend to the alpacas, sheep, cows, and goat. The cows were always the easiest to deal with. Cooperative, calm, and well-mannered, he was always glad to tackle the milking, brushing, and putting out to pasture of the animals. His routine would then call for him to tend to the sheep, the next most compliant of his livestock. Then he would tenderly care for the shy, playful alpacas that seemed to thrive off an eternal game of evasion, despite their trusting him quite well. Last, well, last was his most loathed part of his morning routine - the one he was tending to now. In the corner of the barn, stomping and pawing at the ground, was the wretched goat his sister had convinced him to buy four years ago.


    "Easy now Patches, easy girl."


    "Just stay calm, I just need to get those knots out of your coat and get you out to pasture. It's beautiful outside, I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself this time!" It was then that the goat charged him, sending him barreling into a stall, under one of Skye's three horses for safety. The animal nickered in surprise but was infinitely more well-behaved than the blasted goat.

    Sighing, Shade crawled out the other end of the stall and let out a long breath, glaring at the goat who was now gnawing on one of his hats. "Miserable old girl.." he mumbled to himself. Shaking his head, he gave up, just like he did every other day, and let the goat have its way while he went to retrieve the mate of Skye's prized herding dog, Kyumi. The male was named Avalon and was a talented hound in his own right. Every morning, when Skye was out walking Kyumi, Avalon did Shade the favor of forcing Patches out into the pasture where the fresh air and long grass would encourage a long, healthy, and miserably grumpy life for the animal. Sighing, he sat back and watched the dog work, doing what he was eternally incapable of.

    As the goat angrily stormed outside, chased closely by Avalon, Shade made his way out into the bright morning air, taking in a deep breath and smelling the oncoming Autumn all about the meadow. "Hmm." He said quietly to himself. He'd felt the changes in the land over the last two years, there was no doubt about that. But Autumn was hitting harder, faster this year, than any other year that he'd been in the valley. All throughout Moonrise there was talk of a change happening to the Tree of Seasons. The Winter portion seemed to be growing, pushing back through the Autumn, Summer, and Spring regions of the ancient boughs. What this meant for the small forest village was certainly unclear. For the time being, Shade would simply do his duty to his herds and whatever he could for the rest of the villagers.

    As he noticed the sun's location, rising up beyond the horizon now, he closed the barn doors and made his way back to the house. He collected his shopping bag and basket from the patio and made his way off the homestead, embarking on the short but pleasant walk towards the grocers to buy eggs.

    It was odd, really. There were two ranches besides the Lumina ranch. One had been turned into the mayor's home and the property was pretty much going to waste, for she certainly didn't work the land. Mayor Prudence had a respiratory illness that prevented her from getting into the nitty gritty of farming, so it wasn't that Shade didn't understand, rather he, as a rancher, felt a shame for the wasted, rich land. The other ranch was abandoned and completely overrun by weeds. Another darn shame. That land had once belonged to a poultry farmer, but since the owner's retirement to the city, nobody in town supplied eggs! Shade would have bought some chickens to have at the ranch, except that Skye was terribly afraid of the feathered critters.

    And so, Shade, and the rest of the town, were stuck buying eggs that had been shipped in from the city. At least it made for a reason to get off the ranch and socialize a bit along the way.
  13. Ryan Llorn,Moonrise Village Library, 8:25am

    Ryan crinkled his nose in thought, "Well..." certainly thinking about. He didn't really know what he wanted. Normally he would be fine with taking as long as he wanted to pick. But he supposed that she didn't have all day to watch him stand there in thought.

    He wondered if Librarians only seemed peaceful if not somewhat grump. But when you made any noise they would actually turn out to be ravenous raccoons trying to claw your eyes out. Which really seemed like an overreaction for just not knowing what book to pick.

    "Flowers" He announced abruptly. "A book about flowers. Or flowering. Whatever they call that thing, with the, you know. Flowers" He smiled faintly to confirm this statement.​
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  14. Ryder Chantilly, Moonrise Beach, 8:25 am

    The calm sea... Ryder looked beyond the bright, blue sea as he thought about what Skye had said to him. While it may be a beautiful thing for many people, such as Ryder, to experience every day. But as a fisher though, it's usually not a good thing. First of all, the there are more fishes that prefer the more rougher tides so they tend to stay away from an calmer sea near the shore and stay towards the deeper part of the sea. Plus it's easier for fish to be scared off from movement because the noises that follows the tides don't appear. Although there are some fish do enjoy swimming in the vast, calm sea, but compared to the vast amount of fish, it's a small amount.

    Ryder looked back to Skye as he scratches his head in embarrassment. "Well...A calm sea means only a small variety of fish swim there in the shore. So compared to days where weather is a big factor for fishing, a calm sea is only going to get me about a fish or two for today, three if lucky. So it will not a huge gain today for the store unfortunately." He looked back at his fishing rod, which has been standing there with the line still cast out at sea. Ryder smelled the fresh salt that came from the sea as it has been familiar to him for many years. "But even so, I don't mind sitting outside in the beach and just enjoying the scenery." he walked over to his chair and sat down on it, laying back on the chair and just smiling to the sun.

    "So how's the work in the ranch going? You and Shade doing a good job raising the animals in the barn recently?" He asked as he waited for Skye to respond. He only knew about her twin brother mostly through her talking about him. Both Skye and Shade worked at a ranch raising all kinds of animals. Skye mostly raises horses, cats and dogs while her twin brother raises cattle, such as cows and alpacas. He though about raising animals, but he found that to be a bit tough for a man who spends time reeling in the deadliest catches in the sea and selling them for profit in this town.​
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  15. Skye Lumina, Moonrise Beach, 8:35am

    Skye frowned as Ryder explained the shortcomings of the beautiful, calm waters of the morning. The difference in perspectives was quite incredible to her. She saw something as beautiful and perfect but to another person, it meant a smaller chance of income for the day. Such a thing, if repeated for too long, could result in a complete loss of income! She worried about what might happen to Ryder if the days were continually calm, but then, she quickly remembered just how resourceful fishermen were. If the shores remained too calm, he'd likely take to his wooden boat and seek a catch deeper in the sea. She allowed herself a smile as she walked along side him, moving towards his chair. As he took a seat, she collected the stick from a returned Kyumi's jaws and threw it hard, this time, into the calm waters of the sea. The dog loved to swim and she knew this would keep her busy for a while.

    "Ah, the ranch. Yes, things are going quite well. I really haven't got much to keep me busy lately. Sold two mares to a couple in the city and we haven't had puppies in almost a year, since Kyumi's last litter. I don't think I'll breed her again after this though, so once these pups are weaned and sold I might think of adopting a new shepherd breed to work on. Avalon and Kyumi will get to retire from all that and live their days out as humble farm dogs. Beyond that, we have only one small litter of kittens at the ranch and the four of them are set to wean by by the end of the month." She spoke so naturally about her work. It was one of the few things that she was completely at home with. Socializing was always difficult, especially when she wasn't familiar with the subject matter, but she certainly knew about animals and so, when given the chance and a kind set of ears to listen, she loved to talk about the animals. "Shade's cattle are getting good and fat for the winter. Though I worry..." she grew quiet for a moment, biting her lip.

    It was like an elephant in the room throughout the entire town. Things had been changing in the humble valley and while nobody really liked to talk about it, people certainly were aware of it. "Our winter grasses are slow growing. We've stored a lot of fodder...but two of Shade's cows are pregnant, so is one of his sheep. If spring comes late this year... well, it might mean difficult times at the Lumina Ranch." She was less confident now, as if her brightness was fading away with the mention of what might happen if the changes in the forest village continued on as they were.
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  16. Alexis Flynn, Moonrise Village Library, 8:25am

    After a few moments of waiting for a response Alexis went back to the ledger she had been filling in before Ryan had arrived. It was better than wasting too much time while he was trying to decide and...it would be a little creepy to just stare at him that whole time. Besides, she was in no rush. In fact, she'd almost forgotten Ryan was there when he finally answered.

    "Flowers...got it. Wait here." She told him, walking out from behind the desk and disappearing in amongst the shelves. She returned fairly quickly with a large, hardback book tucked under her arm, which she offered to him. "Botanical encyclopaedia. Will this do? It's...big, about flowers, and important-looking, right? And it has plenty of pictures."

    Without waiting for a reply she slipped back behind the library counter. The book was one she particularly liked, but...it wasn't as if the books in the library were her own private property. If someone wanted to borrow one there wasn't much she could do, even if they were planning to nap with it. "If you're taking it out you need to return it by Fall 12th, okay? And be careful with it. Please."
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  17. hidden-meanings.italic.png

    Mine Entrance -> "Shack Of Inventions" (Kerr's shack) 8:30 AM

    Kerr sat down next to his bucket of water and pondered his invention for the fourth time today. "Another dud. Honestly this is starting to become ridiculous. Just tell me what is wrong Bucket." Kerr spoke to the bucket as he pushed himself up and grabbed his bucket friend. His Galaxy coat flapped in the morning mountain wind, making Kerr pull one of the sides closer to his body. Kerr stepped over to the red ball and poured the clear blood of his friend onto the explosive. He dropped his friend to the rock flooring, making a slight crashing sound echo through the valley and picked up the failed experiment. Kerr chucked it into the mini rock pile he started, with his other failed versions. "I'm running out of materials. And I don't think that the shop would casually carry gunpowder." Kerr picked up a rock and chucked it at the pile of red balls.

    After trying to think of other ways to blow up stuff, Kerr picked up his slightly dented bucket and started to head down the winding path of the mountain. Once at the bottom, his mind easily remembered where his shack is, even if it is hidden. Man made scrapes from knives on the bark, and disturbed bushes led a trail straight towards his ramshackle shack. Twigs crunched under his weighted boots as Kerr walked the hidden path back to his little homeland.

    The shack stood well, even for its age. It is much well over ten years old, possibly twenty with the amount of rust. But Kerr liked its quality (What little there was) and fixed it up, as much as possible. There was insulation in between the old metal sheets, and the new inner ones. As well as new although basic furniture populated most of the room in the shack. A table sat in the corner while a simple fridge and stove stood next to it. The single table seemed to be almost sagging with the amount of random junk on top of it, metal and books mixed with fruit and tools. Kerr stepped in and practically fell into his bed, that squeaked with the sudden new weight. He was up on the mountain sense the moon was in the middle of the sky, and finally sitting on something else other than the hard ground was a lovely thought.​
  18. Ryder Chantilly, Moonrise Beach, 8:30 am

    It seems even Skye and Shade were having some bit of problems with the future of their ranch. At first, he thought he was having some problems with gaining profit for his shop due to the lack of catching many fishes, save for Summer in which he caught a bunch and many variety of common and rare fishes to sell. But it seems that with winter coming up quickly, It is starting to affect many people around the village. Especially Ryder, who will only have a small luck with fishing in certain areas and with the right weather in mind. Ryder would need to catch alot of fish within the season before Winter strikes.

    Ryder wandered his eyes around the beach again, wondering how everyone else is handling this situation, until he remembered his boat lying on the edge of the beach. During the one fishing trip out at sea, he recently hit a sharp object while rowing, which caused a hole in the boat. Ryder quickly returned to sea by rowing as hard as he can, He managed to save the boat before it sunk to the depths of the sea. He has spent time repairing it so he can go back to fishing out at sea, but forgotten to finish repairing it due to his one tracked mind and his desires to find the legendary fish.

    Ryder looked back to Skye after he finished looking at his boat. "It looks like everyone is being affected by the sudden change of seasons." Ryder frowned. Looking at the sky, in which the cool breeze started to get colder than usual, the feeling of winter was slowly creeping up upon the town, which felt like a bad omen to Ryder. "I'm afraid at what might happen if this continues like this." He looked back at the village covered by the trees in his path. He only know a Skye and another person in this town after living there for a year and a half, but some people has been here for a very long time. Would everyone have to move out and find somewhere else to live? Ryder tried not to let his thoughts consume his feelings for the town and thought about happy things to make him a chipper man. "Well, i'm sure this situation will solve itself, even if we have to do something to protect the town we live in right?" He smiled. Hoping it would cheer Skye up a little bit about the current situation they're in.​
  19. Milli Fiorsa, "Home" to Shack 8:30 am - 9:00am


    She fell out of her bed.
    By now she should've learned to wake up early but she made an exception today in her mind. She hummed to herself as she slipped on her daily clothes and collected the eggs from the chickens. She made a pancake and went out to feed the sheep. She didn't mind the daily work coming from the sheep and the chickens. She watered her garden, though winter was soon approaching. She could still grow them inside though that would be problematic. Stronger scents.
    She laid the eggs in her basket along with her pancakes and decided they would be a peace offering with one of the newcomers. There were two but she decided she'd go to the shack. It was really old and now occupied. The thought of it made her softly smile, she didn't even think of her being a burden until she was at his door and she was knocking on his door. She knew everyone it was just the thing of does anyone know her? She set the basket down and turned around.
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