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  1. INTRO

    Downtown L.A. (LA Area)

    9:00+ P.M.

    Warm (78F)

    Nightlife Block Party

    Everyone seems to be getting along, for now.

    It was just like most Saturday Nights at the most popular gay club in Downtown L.A., Nightlife. The place where the two most notorious gangs, The Pack and The Pride went to every saturday night and would leave there differences at the door and just have fun and get wild. Nightlife is the place that everyone and anyone can be themselves and possibly meet people they would never meet in any other situation. The music was blasting and the DJ was killing it with the sick beats, like usual.

    The Pride had their VIP Section and The Pack did their thing since they weren't really into the whole "VIP" Treatment deal that the Leader of Pride always demanded when his crew came to the club. In here, a Pride member and a Pack member could talk and socialize with one another and no one, not even the leaders, would have an issue with it. Nightlife is everyone's sanctuary and the number one rule of sanctuary is that no one gets hurt in it or around it... well it was a rule.

    While some of the members of both gangs decided to come out tonight and have some fun, some members weren't really the party scene types and they went off to do their own things. Andrew was one of the types that did his own thing. He went to Nightlife for a bit but had left to do something or meet up with someone, that's all he told the Pack. That would be the last time anyone would see the male alive...

    Sirens could be heard over the loud music and flashes of red and blue lights came through the glass windows, coloring the purple and black club in a darker shade with the mix of colors. Cops ran into the building and started pulling people out of the club, bringing them to the entrance and telling them all not to move. Most of the guys were probably scared and didn't know what was going on but someone knew exactly what was going on but no one would know that for awhile, not even the cops.

    The Lead cop came over to the guys and looked at them all, one by one. "So, I know you all know Mr. Andrew, right?" Not waiting for an answer. "Well, we received a call from an anonymous source a few hours ago stating that they discovered a dead body not far from here. We went to go check." Taking out a picture of the body from his pocket, this cop really had no emotions at all. "The description did match Mr. Andrew. I would like to speak to you all individually tomorrow and don't leave town... anyone." They had just all been told that a friend or foe of theirs was killed and that they were seen as suspects... how the hell would they continue to party after hearing that!?

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  2. Dom Title.png
    Dominique Banner.png

    The Pride


    Nightlife-Outside of Nightlife

    Relaxed and in a party mood.
    Annoyed and hostile.
    Shocked, scared, confused and lost for words and reason.

    Dominique's Outfit

    NPC: The Cops

    NPCs: The Cops and Andrew

    No One

    Dominique, The Leader of Pride, one of the infamous gangs in L.A. was chilling in the VIP Area of his favorite club, Nightlife. While he sat there and relaxed some of his members went off to dance to the music or get drunk or even hookup or do all three. He took a sip of his Coconut and Vanilla Ciroc, letting it ride down his throat, slow and smooth. "Nice." Looking around the club at everyone that had showed up. He saw familiar faces and some faces he had never seen before. He knew that The Pack came here to, this was the only place around L.A. that was off limits when it came to any of their rivalry mess and he played by that rule only because he respects the owner to much to start drama. Ordering another drink, he waved at a few of The Pack boys, showing them that he could be friendly at times. The Lion of the Pride wasn't always a cocky bastard, he just comes off like a cocky bastard because of his family name and his actions. Taking the drink and sipping it slowly, he didn't plan on getting drunk tonight, he had other plans.

    In the back of the club, he could see everyone entering and it was the "Boss" area of the club, the name he himself gave the spot just because it gave him sight on every entrance and exit and no one could see him back there but he could see all of them. It wouldn't be that shocking if one day Dominique makes a decision to rule the world one day, with his looks and drive, he might actually be able to take control of the world. "King Dominique Westwood just sounds right." Smirking as he started to stand up. Before walking over to the dance floor, Dominique took the last sip of his drink and gave the empty glass to one of the waiters. "Thanks Sexy." He winked at the male and started moving towards the area where everyone else was.

    He was usually the center of attention but right now, people weren't paying him any attention. That is the only thing he didn't like about Nightlife, the club was so fun that people didn't give all their attention to him when he walked over. "I mean... am I chopped liver or something?" Shaking his head as he started to dance with some randoms. They weren't guys that he would end up getting their numbers, they were more like fillers until the guy he was with for now arrived. "You two are pretty cool, if you ever need anything just ask for Dominique Westwood." Winking as he twirled them away from him. "Young ones, like eighteen I bet." He loves how eighteen year olds seemed to think the club was their Heaven on Earth, after awhile they would just see the club as a place they could go to get away from the world. Maybe it was a Heaven of sorts but Dominique had Heaven with him wherever he went, it's called being a Westwood and they had their own source of Heaven on Earth.

    Speaking of Heaven on Earth, it seemed to turn to Hell on Earth once sirens could be heard over the loud music. Turning towards the entrance as the doors were nearly destroyed. "What..." Not even able to get a sentence out before he was pulled out towards the outside of the club. "Watch the shirt." Roughly moving away from the cop that grabbed him, Dominique fixed his shirt and made sure that his hat had stayed in place. Cops rarely raided Nightlife since none of the gang members ever brought anything illegal into the place and if they did, the Owner usually hid the stuff in a secret compartment that only he knew where it was. Giving the cops an annoyed look, The Pride Leader stood in front of his crew. "What is going on and why did you have to fuck up our fun like that?" He directed his words to the man that seemed to be in charge.

    The cop had clearly ignored him, with how he moved to the center of both groups and started to speak about... Andrew. "Wait... what!?" Seeing the picture of a dead Andrew was something he didn't expect to see tonight or maybe even ever. Covering his open mouth with his right hand, he looked at everyone around him. Andrew was just with them like a few hours ago and now he's dead. "Are you sure..." How could he asked that when the picture was definitely of Andrew. Watching the cops drive off, he sat down on the curb near the club. Even though The Pack and The Pride had a rivalry, they have never been angry enough at each other to kill one another. He knew that The Pride members would be the obvious suspects once the cops found out about the rivalry but he couldn't and wouldn't believe that anyone of his boys would kill someone. He wouldn't even think about killing someone, it would have to have been something really bad to set someone off to kill Andrew, the question is... what would have made someone THAT mad to kill a friend or a foe in cold blood... or maybe it was a planned murder?

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  3. _______ [​IMG]__________[​IMG]__________[​IMG]

    Affiliation: Pride | Occupation: Co-leader | Location: Apartment | Interactions: @Jimin | Mentioned: @CrystalTears
    # edd1e2

    Club parties were certainly not Ji Yeon's thing; they were obnoxiously loud with the pounding bass bursting through your body, enough force to give you migraines for an hour or more (especially if there was alcohol in your system). The people were rowdy youngsters ranging from highschoolers who had sneaked in to crazy college kids thinking they could pose as full fledged adults for the night until reality hit them in the face when they couldn't drive because they were so drunk off their asses. In addition to the list of "Why I Don't Like Clubs," dancing was one of the reasons. From a young age he had been raised on how to dance properly --keep your back straight, elbows locked and poised, a light but solid grip on your partner as you step in rhythm-- and he found that modern dance was all about grinding and gyrating your hips in any way possible. That was not dance. Call him an oldie if you'd like. Formal dances were his forte, so to speak, and he felt pretty uncomfortable when some guy or girl suddenly starts moving their hips against his body when the contact is clearly unwanted. Everyone let loose and acted crazy, manners thrown to the wind. So tonight, while most of the Pride and Pack members were out at their usual hangout spot Nightlife, he stayed home.

    Although it was a Saturday he had to work in the morning to the late afternoon - early evening. While Fridays and Saturdays were reserved for clubbing in the city, there were plenty of people who had reservations at nice restaurants with their significant other or first date and wanted to go the traditional romantic route of purchasing flowers as a present. An abundance of roses hung around in the shop on weekends for occasions as such. Ji Yeon would come out from behind the counter with his spring green apron tied around his waist, a pair of shears and other gardening tools hidden in the pockets along the front, a pen usually stuck behind his ear and peeking out from bleached locks of hair. He'd help his customer with a bright smile, leading them around the small store front to discuss the customer's want for flowers. Why did you come here? What are your plans? Why do these plans require flowers? Or a potted plant? What is your favorite flower? Favorite plant? Equally personal questions, questions essential to picking out the right bouquet or plant. Once all questions were answered, Ji Yeon would give them the exact bundle they desired and flowers that would best suit them. Someone originally coming in for roses might leave with daisies or even a small potted plant. His way was unorthodox. He wasn't just going to hand over some random flowers if there was no rush; he wanted to understand the buyer and guide them to better decisions. If they had to buy flowers and leave immediately, roses would do. Blood red roses, scarlet roses, white roses blushed with pink, snow white roses dipped in color... whatever they wanted. Ji Yeon had never come across an unsatisfied customer in his shop.

    Of course he had his assistant Ethan with, putting plants aside or watering them. He had skill to wrap them up despite his handicap of blindness but still managed to trip over the ridge in the white oak floors separating the cashier area from the flower shelves. That kid was going to hurt himself one day. Luckily there was a large first aid kit under the cashier desk and he always had band-aids in the pockets of his apron. Sometimes both of them would have cut up hands from trying to pluck the tips of rose thorns off or would get scratches from plants they were cutting. Or the shears would backfire and go to their skin instead. It wasn't uncommon for Ethan or Ji Yeon to have band-aids littering their fingers or hands or arms. Some members of Pride thought they had gotten beat up on a particularly bad day but they would just laugh and shake their heads. Ethan had an apartment right next to the flower shop (because then Ji Yeon would be five minutes away by foot) and the shop owner let him off early before closing time. It was Saturday and he could go have fun with the other members at the club or go somewhere else with people later if he so desired. His decision, of course.

    Ji Yeon closed up shop when the sun was still lingering in the sky. Nighttime came late here in the city during this time of year. It was still warm, not as humid as it usually was, and he headed home to relax. No plans for later except the usual but never old cuddling and making dinner with his jagiya. His beloved jagiya... the male found himself smiling to no one when he entered the apartment a few blocks away from the flower shop. Mako had weird work hours and he was usually gone in the morning before Ji Yeon woke up, returning either in the afternoon or late evening on normal days. They had already planned for a house date today so Mako was going to be home soon. A few hours most likely, just in time for dinner. The couple was pretty domestic, given that they were in a gang, and cherished every moment with one another. There were hardly any arguments or disagreements between the two and they were able to easily pay their bills with enough money left over for a comfortable life. Given that they both grew up in shoddy backgrounds, this life was perfect. Not too much, not too little, just... in between.

    He was just finishing up cooking dinner when Mako stepped through the front door. Ji Yeon set down the wooden spoon in his hand and jogged to the main hall, jumping on his jagiya and clinging to him like a koala would, greeting him and chatting before he had to get off and finish dinner. Their dining room table was enough for four people, two chairs on each side, and they sat across from another while chatting about the day and what movies they were going to watch tonight. Animated movies were their favorites. Dishes were washed, clothes were changed, kisses were exchanged, and then they crashed on their couch to watch movies for their date night at home. Ji Yeon wore one of Mako's larger shirts, sleeves at mid-arm, curling up into his side with a large blanket thrown over them. Despite the warm weather outside, blankets were always wanted. The windows were cracked open and so was the door to allow a breeze to pass through the apartment. Their bodies were tangled under the blanket, focused both on each other and the movie playing in front of them.

    Most of their time went uninterrupted as it got later and later, the sun now behind the horizon, their apartment dark except for the flashing screen in the living room. Eventually Ji Yeon found himself in Mako's lap and oops they were kissing and holding one another until there was the sound of a cellphone ringing. He tried to grab it, although his jagiya was being really stubborn about releasing him from his strong arms, chuckling as he shoved Mako away and rolled off the couch to reach for his phone. It was one of the Pride members and he figured it was just a call to check up on him, just to tell him how much of a party pooper he was, but when he answered in a cheerful tone he was met with frantic voices. His authoritative voice took control. "Yah. . . slow down. What happened? Calm down, you're okay. Tell me slowly." Ji Yeon's dark brows were furrowed, fingers fiddling with the collar of Mako's shirt smelling sweetly of cologne and of his boyfriend.

    The person on the line eventually calmed down and when the story was told to him, Ji Yeon froze. He was drawn back when a concerned voice called to him, telling the other on the line to keep him updated and that they would be there soon. Ji Yeon ended the call and set his phone back on the living room table, turning to Mako with a face inscribed with disbelief, plush lips fighting for words.

    "A. . . Andrew's dead. Police came to Nightlife and rounded everyone up for questioning. Someone. . . someone murdered him."
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  4. [​IMG]
    Cyrille Nereus

    Affiliation - The Pack
    Occupation in gang - Spy
    Location - Nightlife
    Interaction(s) - Dominique (@Prince Justin Perfection)
    Mood - relaxed → shock → seeking comfort


    The loud music provided by the DJ at Nightlife had a rather nice beat to it and did allow the body to move in a dance form of sorts. But it was nowhere near what Cyrille could dish out if he were allowed to provide the music to this place. His head bobbed to the music as he danced his way around, hoping to get to the VIP area to meet up with his lover before said man left the area. The young Pack member would have gotten their sooner but his lazy parent just HAD to remember his existence long enough to demand him to get them more liquor. 'Maybe I should poison their precious alcohol next time they ask me to get it. Gotta ask Dom if he knows anyone who can make it look like liver failure.' Cyrille thought as he got to the VIP area and took a peek to see his lover wasn't there. A small pout marred his face and Cyrille had to turn away to see if he can find the egotistical asshole on the dance floor.

    Just as he was turning to head back into the mass of bodies, the police came in. Usually, the young spy would play it cool when he came across the police. They knew of his family and how he only ever got caught was because of their idiocy, and let him off with a warning. But since he was underage and in a club where they served alcohol without asking for ID, Cyrille used his skills as a spy for the Pack and blended into the shadows around him. With light footsteps, Cyrille had moved out of the club and a bit closer to hear what they the cops had to say, and what he heard made his blood run cold and his heart stop. Andrew... his leader... he was dead... murdered...

    Everything soon became a blur as Cyrille became rooted to his spot as others left. It was a few minutes before his mind started working again and everything that was said crashed down on him. Looking around, he finally spotted Dominique sitting on the curb and made his way over to him. "Dom? Baby? Please tell me that what the cops said was wrong." He requested, gently placing his hands on Dominique's shoulders and making sure he didn't ruin the Pride leaders shirt. "Tell me that Andrew is fine and the person they found just looked really similar to him. Please?" He was starting to shake now with pent up emotions. He had to have this confirmation so that he could easily calm down and go back to his business. He didn't want the news to be true about his leader being dead when, just earlier today, they had all been at a meeting of the Pack members about the party tonight.
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  5. Affiliation: The Pride | Role: Spy | Location: The street | Interactions: Derrick | Mentioned: Dominique |Tagged: @Luxii & @Prince Justin Perfection

    Ash dangled his legs over the edge while wearing the usual ridiculous grin over his lips. There were almost no one that complained about it, and he was sure that Ethan was happy he was blind so that he couldn't see the mischievous grin that was always placed over his lips after successfully finishing a job. It was already pretty late, but some jobs were just better masked by the darkness than early in the morning, plus... it was the right time. "Another job... well done~" He praised himself with a little hum to his tone before he stood up, pushing himself up to stand on his feet and brush some non-existent dust off his shoulder. There was a supposed party he was meant to go to today, but because of complications he had to do the job first. "Tsk, I'm sick of doing the dirty jobs all the time..." He sighed, but he couldn't really stop grinning. Perhaps he was a distant relative to the Cheshire cat from Alice the Wonderland or something, even though he very well knew that it was a fictional character, crazier thing had happened in life. It made life fun, spiced it up a little bit.

    Perhaps it wasn't the Cheshire cat, maybe it was the Mad Hatter. Ash didn't mind agreeing he was a little bit mad, but being completely sane didn't make life fun. "Aaah... I must have lost my mind..." He sighed and ruffled his black strands with a laugh and took a couple of steps back. It was a beautiful night, being so high up made him seem a little bit closer to those beautiful twinkling stars. How he envied them. They got to shine and twinkle as much as they wanted, and no one could ever obtain them. They were living in an ever expanding universe, the distance between them, growing by every ticking second. Would be fun he could distance himself from others like that, without any consequences. And when he first died he'd make a black hole and swallow everything, because he liked fucking others over if he was going to get fucked, then why not drag a couple of friends down too? It was lonely being alone.

    "And... off we go~!" He ran and jumped over the ledge. He almost felt he was running in the air by how his legs naturally moved, before he rolled himself in and rolled before stopping himself. That way he shifted the weight of his landing to his entire body, instead of breaking off both of his legs. Parkour was amazing. There would never only be one escape route, because Ash would just have to make his own as he ran. Parkour was was just improvising really, the required skills was what most people struggled with. "...maybe if I take a shortcut... I'll get my good boy Mr. Big Dom to buy me a drink... And who knows what could happen when we're both 'drunk'," he laughed and then began running again. Ash was the kind of person that was polite with everyone after all, polite and offering services in many different ways. The only limit he had was the mind of the other, and a couple of other moral questions like not stealing someone's first kiss, or have sex with a virgin. He was a human after all, he needed some morals to pretend he was a responsible adult.

    Yes, pretend.

    He glided down most of the railing of an emergency/fire staircase of an apartment before his feet finally hit the pavement. Running like that was fun, but very exhausting. He could feel his bangs plastering against his forehead with the help of his sweat. "...oh well..." He said and brushed them back while ruffling up his hair, checking himself out briefly in the window of a shop. "...makes me look more sexy," he winked to his reflection and let out a little bit chuckle, his tongue peeking out at the corner of his mouth, before he left the window. The club wasn't too far away, he could hear the booming bass from the speakers breaking the silence of the night. Whatever 'silence' San Francisco could offer. Ash hummed a little tone to himself before he saw the club, but he stopped dead in his track and quickly sought cover in an alley. He could see the flashing red and blue lights from the police cars, among many other police officers.

    "Shit," He clicked his tongue and turned around. The last thing he wanted was to get involved with the police right now. It was better to avoid it. He'll go back to his apartment and pretend like nothing happened, wasn't as if he was in the club anyway. "Assholes, there goes my free drinks..." He pouted to himself before pulling up his hood over his head, and stuffing his hands into his pockets to walk straight past them. He didn't dare to say the world was better without police, but they could stop getting in his way of fun. He would have greatly appreciated that for sure.

    Once he had passed the club he spotted a hottie standing in the back alley, must have gone out to take a smoke by the looks of it. Perfect. Ash needed a reward for being a good boy today, seemed as he would just have to claim it himself. With light steps he swayed his hips over to the stranger that was smoking a cigarette, seemingly lost in his own thoughts. Hopefully they were dirty. "Hey... smoking is really bad for you," Ash stated before he took the cigarette in between his own fingers and threw it away. "...have something..." he began and pushed the other against the wall of the back alley - standing up on his toes slightly - before brushing their lips together, licking at the other's lips. "...sweeter," he finished and captured the stranger's lips, deepening it with his tongue as he took the dominance in the kiss, playing around with the other's a little bit, before barely pulling away with a smirk over his lips. "Thank you for the treat mister," he cooed and gave the other's plump beautiful lips a little nibble, before pulling away completely.

    With a satisfied smirk over his lips he put his hands behind his back and innocently walked past the stranger, humming the same happy tone. It tasted a little bit of tobacco, but overall the kiss was pretty good. Those plump lips were definitely kissable.

    "...seems like this night wasn't half bad after all,"
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  6. Affiliation:
    The Pride | Role: The Newbie | Location: The Night Club (far in the back) | Mentioned: Ji Yeon & Mako | Interactions: Minnie | Tagged: @BAO @Jimin & @Luxii
    Ethan wished he could see right now. There were few times where he felt like that because he had accepted the fact he was blind a long time ago, he never complained and usually wouldn't ask for help in other to try and be less burdensome for others. Ji Yeon and his boyfriend Mako were kind enough to let him stay over at times and help him with close to impossible task whenever they could, but today Ethan had decided to let himself go out so they could enjoy some time together. It would be rude of him to get in between them all the time, and he was sure that the two of them were cute together. Plus, Minnie had promised to take him out to the library today! It was really out of the blue for the other to offer himself like that, but Minnie was one of his closest friends so he didn't have a single doubt in his mind that they were going to enjoy a nice and peaceful evening in the library together! Being blind made everything seem so loud, so quiet places - like a library - where like safe haven for Ethan's ears. He loved being there, the scent of books was always so calming. The only sound being breathing and pages turning, so quiet in comparison to a street. It was nice.

    However when they got there Ethan got quite the shock.

    There was loud music that was booming through his head, the bass making his entire body feel like it was his beating heart. It was strange, and highly uncomfortable. Minnie had stayed by his side all the time - despite the music he could recognize his friend's voice - and he was certain that the other had a few drinks. Ethan let out a sigh just as he felt the older of the two swing his arms around his shoulders, his breath tickling his neck as he nuzzled in closer. "H- Hyung! Stop that! Your breath is tickling me!" Ethan could feel his own cheeks becoming a little bit warmer than they usually were, Minnie was always touchy like this. It was reassuring because then he knew he wasn't alone, but it always made him feel so awkward since he couldn't see him like others could. Was he sleepy? Tired? Sick? Or was this just his usual behavior? Ethan never understood Minnie, he was such a mystery. Then again, most people were for Ethan. They were their own little book that Ethan just hoped he could read. The only books he could read that didn't require special letters nor vision.

    "Don't be such a party pooper, Ethan~ do you need a shot? I think I do..." A shot? What was 'a shot'? What was Minnie talking about? He had heard the other drinking during the night, but what had he been drinking then?

    "Hyung! You said we're going to the library! This is not the library!" Ethan whined a little bit. It was fine if they weren't in the library, but then Minnie could have said so! Ethan told Ji Yeon to not worry because he was going to the library, and now he had unintentionally lied!

    "Oh! Uh... it's a party night at the library! That's it!" Minnie reassured him.

    A party night? Well that would explain a couple of things, like the loud music and the scent of something stronger than books. What was that scent anyway? It was so strong and seemed kind of bitter, it almost caught Ethan completely off guard when they had first entered the club. Though he couldn't help, but to have his doubts. "Hyung... Are you sure...? This doesn't really seem like a library... Are you absolutely sure?" Ethan decided to ask the other, but instead of a proper answer his cheek was surprisingly met by a soft touch. He could only guess it had been a peck, which didn't help the warmth that was now increasing in his cheeks.

    "Absolutely posilutely! Would I lie to you~?" Minnie asked him which made Ethan feel a little bit bad.

    "A- Ah... Well no... I guess not...." It was rude to question his friend right? He was sure that Minnie would never bring him anywhere bad anyway, so if the other was sure then he was sure! Despite the little slur in his words... maybe he was getting a bit tired. That might be it.

    "You're so cute I could just eat you up~ Come on! Let's go get... Uh water! Yeah, water!" The other decided and Ethan smiled. He was a little bit thirsty, so water didn't really sound as a bad idea.

    "Don't eat me up hyung... but sure, let's go!" Ethan smiled as he gave the other his arm to lead him through the crowd of people in the library. He was a little bit curious as to what the party in the library might be about and why it was arranged, but he figured that was something Minnie wouldn't know. He probably didn't know there was a party tonight. Otherwise he wouldn't have told them to go to the library!

    Once he was told to sit down he did and Minnie was kind enough to guide his hand over to the glass of water he had been promised. Their glasses clinked together and with a laugh - and encouragement from Minnie - Ethan downed his glass in one go.

    That glass happened to be the first out of way too many. The water tasted a bit weird, but after a while Ethan ignored the taste and just drank the water that Minnie was more than happy to give him.
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  7. #ed3434


    :: INTERACTED ::
    Soo Noeul.

    :: TAGGED ::

    :: LOCATION ::
    The Nightlife

    The place was only getting wilder and wilder. At least, for Tae it was.

    The loud obnoxious music from Nightlife brought Tae solace more than anything else.
    Or was it the alcohol?
    Maybe it was the 74 degree weather.
    The dancing?
    The feeling of his hips casually grinding up against some other drunken homosexual?

    Either way, Tae was having a complete blast tonight before he got one sip too drunk and decided to unintentionally spill his alcohol onto the sexy man he was getting hot and bothered with.
    "Shit dude, my bad." Tae said with a drunk cackle. He really was sorry for spilling his drink. The stranger gave Tae a good hard look of utter disgust before stomping his way through the safest place on Earth. The only thing Tae could possibly do was shrug what had just happened and go find some other man that suited his interests to "converse" with.

    And he did just so. With more men than he could possibly count.

    Noticing that he was getting too drunk for his own good, he decided to be a bit mature tonight and stopped drinking. He pushed his way through the crowd of dancing gays, lesbians, transsexuals, queers, etc to get to the bar, only to put his empty cup of Death in the Afternoon on the counter before hurriedly going back into the crowd to mingle with other people. For real this time.

    It didn't work, however. The music was too loud for him to hear anything and the people he was talking with were too drunk to give a damn. They only looked at his bare torso, covered in tattoos due to his career, the six-pack abs from working out, and his pecks, looking at it for whatever goddamn kink-shamed reason.

    Wait. Where the fuck did his shirt go? Tae looked down at the floor around him before putting the thought aside for something else to waste his time.

    So, the only thing Choi Yoon Tae, the Planner for The Pack, could do, was dance.

    That was when the entire club dimmed down. It was almost pitch black for Tae's sensitive eyes. The sound of sirens were mixing with the club music before everything died out,
    people starting screaming but the police wouldn't let anyone leave the premises of the club. Tae could have heard one angry girl scream "I cried when I watched Legally Blonde 2, do I LOOK like a criminal to you?"
    He laughed at the over exaggeration, before he realized what was going on. This was a serious matter.

    Before long he ended up with the rest of the two groups. Both the Pride and the Pack were together. They almost looked like a family. Almost.
    Tae ended up walking towards his really good friend, Noeul, standing beside him right as a cop looked Tae straight in the eye.

    He hasn't done anything wrong, but for some reason, he was scared, and almost felt like running away.

    Tae couldn't hear much due to the clubs loud music minutes ago, but it wasn't long before he heard, "The description did match Mr. Andrew. I would like to speak to you all individually tomorrow and don't leave town... anyone."
    Tae's brain started clicking, and Andrew was dead. He could feel his legs giving out in utter despair, his breath began to hitch, but he couldn't fall nor cry. Tae was in shock.
    The Pack's leader was dead, Andrew held everyone together. Now what the hell were they going to do?
    Tae slowly looked at Noeul straight in the eyes, looking for something. Hope. Guidance. A joke.

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  8. Soo Noeul

    Affiliation:The Pack|Role:The Hypeman|Location:The Night Club|Mentioned:Choi Yoon Tae "Tae"|Tagged: @Jihae

    "Whoa whoa WHOA! Move move! Drinks in hand!" Noeul cheered as he weaved through the dance floor, holding two plastic cups dangerously by the rim. He flashed his trademark, toothy grin, feeling the other men brush against his chest and back. "If I drop this, you payin!"

    At a break in the crowd, Nouel took his chance to get in a few good dance moves, bobbing his head and rocking his shoulders to the flashing lights and beats of the song. What a night! What a break! This was exactly Noeul needed after a month of grueling, slaving work at the local fast food joint, PigglyWiggly. It was a small brick and mortar place, an old fashion hangout that was common in 50's movies, where all parked outside under a hanger and sat on splinter filled wooden tables and seats while being suffocated by barbecue smoke. While the others at work died over the large smoke pit or griddles inside, Noeul was fortunate enough to be working outside on the corner, dancing in an oversized and fat piggy outfit and flipping a cardboard arrow under the blazing Los Angeles sun.

    But tonight, was a different type of blaze...that of hyped up men dancing and grinding to the music being provided by the local DJ. The club smelled of hot sweat and cologne to Noeul, clouding his nose and making his sneeze a few times as he stopped dancing just enough to finally locate Tae.

    "My boy! Here, here!" Noeul held up the drink to Tae, grinning widely at him. "Don't tell me you already had your fill!"

    He stood in front of Tae wearing a simple black sky blue T-shirt, a silver plush scarf perfectly molded around his neck, white straight leg jeans, and a pair of black Converse. Along his left arm were silver chains and a single charm while a black beanie nestled over his messy black hair.

    "Wait Tae, wait up on whatever you gonna say...I feel the music in me!"

    Noeul hurried off, dancing his way through the crowd to get to the center of the colorful dance floor. Along the way, men of all ages casually tried their best to dance along and on Noeul, but the Hypeman of the Pack shyly shook his head and inched his waist away from them until making it to the perfect spot.

    Soon, everyone seemed oblivious to him as he only concentrated on his body and the music playing in his ears. As he danced, those around parted ways, admiring and maybe mocking, Noeul's silly, yet intriguing dance style. Always being happy, always being hyped, Noeul prided himself to radiate nothing but positive vibes.

    The power of sirens cut through the music and soon Noeul found himself being pushed along with the crowd to the outside. He tried his best to swim against the current of people, but froze up when an officer dragged him by the collar of his shirt and placed him beside Tae.

    "I didn't do shit. I didn't do it I have an alibi I have a lawyer I plead the fifth I know my rights as an American," Noeul went on until a photo of a dead body was placed in front of him. "...Andrew?!"

    His face fell, eyes open and wide as almost instantly they began to fill with tears. He stood closer to Tae, staring into his friend's eyes. Noeul could tell just by reading Tae's eyes that his friend wanted some sort of answer. Anything to make all this seem...okay? To make this seem like a joke? A sick joke?

    As the officer left, Noeul could only shake his head.

    "Everythin'...everythin' is goin' to be okay...we're The Pack we can all get through this...we just...all need to be with each other," Noeul finally said, taking out his phone to send the painful message to the other Pack members.

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  9. [​IMG]


    AFFILIATION: Pride....OCCUPATION: Fighter....LOCATION: Host Club & Apartment....INTERACTIONS: @BAO....MENTIONED: @CrystalTears
    Mako was never really the type to believe in baby-steps. His life was hard, fast, done with little to no hesitation or even question. He jumped into the cold water head first because he could handle that a lot better than easing in inch by inch and feeling the shock filter through his veins more than once. Hosting though, did not fall into this unusual philosophy of the fast lane. Hosting was the lifestyle you had to take at a leisurely pace or it would come back and bite you in the ass later. It happened once before, certainly, Mako was positive it wasn't going to happen again in this moment of time. Too much money, too much power, drugs, or even girls or men for that matter; too much of anything fills your lungs and dreams to the point you see nothingness and cough up blood. The men he dealt with, the deals he muddled in, the mistakes he made, it was all regret and no remorse but that was then and this is now. He had to stick it out for him, his one and only. The only soul that stuck around and mended his wounds when no one else would. But life is full of coincidences though, is it not?

    The room was at it's all time high, filled with the laughter of young women and cigarette smoke, causing an almost illuminating fog to sweep across the demanding souls with various other hosts. Mako was seated up in reluctance next to a regular of his that buzzed in a familiar waters run far too deep, going off the edge about how awful her mediocre lifestyle of daddy problems and heartache happened to be. While the male didn’t give her a whole lot of visual regard in such matters, he still managed to smile of the usual and cast a hand across her bare freckled shoulder underneath his gaunt fingertips. She wore a tiny cocktail dress quite snug to her petite body, making every curve, line and bone known to the outside world with but a mere handful of red, obnoxious fabric. Most clients typically sported this color in attempts to catch his eye, but like always, a job was a job and he did what he had to do, no more no less. "Sounds like a tough life for such a sweet little thing." He commented along the lines, half-lidding his eyes and cocking a dark brow to look the least bit interested in her "troubling" narrative. This usually would result in a smile in return, nice and bright with the chance to bring her tiny little frame closer against his own. Many were typically comfortable in having such a large body to come in contact with, especially that of his, but he had to play it off regardless of his revulsion. The hosting life certainly wasn't an easy one, nor one he particularly desired, though when you're brought into the world at the feet of a popular host club owner, you really have no say on something that puts food on the table and luxuries in your pocket. The male would very much prefer working alongside Ji-Yeon and Ethan in the flower shop, despite the clumsy presence the tall blonde would have to offer, but it beats having to act affectionate to complete and utter strangers, let alone broken ones. His heart belonged to his jagiya, and only his jagiya.

    "Mako?" The woman spoke up with a low whine, breaking the brief daze Mako had been drifting in and catching his attention with a sparkle in her eyes. He cocked his head off to the side and pulled a gentle smile at the corners of his lips, acting as if he had been paying attention to her the entirety of the time. His eyes wandered across the smoothness of her face, looking for a particular cue that would give him leverage in what she would ask next. "Yes?" The male answered, reaching over to tuck a strand of blonde hair obscuring her blue peepers behind her ear, and looking directly into whatever fragments of soul she had remaining. Her lips parted, just a tad, and the big question seemed to fly out and smack him right in the face. "Are you seeing anyone?"

    Mako was positive he was asked that on the regular, catering to the lonely souls of both men and women at the weird hours of the day. His chest began to rumble with low laughter, taking his arm from around her to carefully sit himself up and reach for the glass of bourbon on the table in front of him. "I might be, what of it?" He smiled before taking a brief swig, tightening his jaw to swallow it with ease. It burned, scraping the wall of his throat as the cool liquid slithered down, causing him to clear it roughly before speaking once more. "If I were to tell you yes, and she was the most beautiful sight I had ever set my eyes on, would you believe me?" The emotions on her face rippled from one to the other, confused and almost enraged that such a good looking man had his heart taken by someone else, especially another woman. She let out a huffed shot of air between her teeth, playing with the black button adorning his suit jacket with a pout dusting her delicate features. "I would, and it would hurt me so." She nearly whimpered, refusing to look at him at this point. "I wish I was her."

    The blonde haired male tried his hardest not to break into a fit of laughter, leaning over to take her chin with his fingers and bring it up slowly. He held it with utmost grace, acknowledging her charming features with a lift of his eyebrow, resulting in her cheeks warming to a rosy pink. "You're pretty close I'd say, blonde hair, cute face.. but, there is one other thing." Her eyes suddenly lit up, bringing her knees up onto the leather couch to match the height of the giant next to her. Almost like a child on Christmas morning, she gripped the end of her glittery attire and held it tightly, wanting to know more of this "one other thing" he spoke of. Was it her personality? Her clothing? "What? What is it?" She pressed on, staring daggers into his tan skin that peaked out from beneath his white button up. Mako shook his head and clicked his tongue, dusting off his sleek suit and standing to his two feet, almost sounding sad with himself. "I'm afraid your time is up, perhaps I will tell you our next session." The male bowed his head and shoved his hands into his pockets, smiling lightly before he turned to finally head home after a long day of work. He could see the dim sun filtering through the curtains on the windows, giving him a strong indication that night would soon be approaching. "It's been a pleasure."

    "Wait!" She begged, reaching down to fetch her purse from the floor to scrape up a few more bills and pay forward for the paramount information. "I'll pay you for a little longer, just tell me please.." Removing both of her heels, she hobbled up to Mako and began holding it out in front of her, desperate almost. Mako placed his weight on his right leg and pulled up his left sleeve, looking at the analog watch on his wrist for an estimated time of arrival to get home. It was quite the walk to get back to the apartment, but he didn't want to worry his jagiya for his weird hours did so already. "I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to bleed into other host time. Until next time." The woman made her way in front of him before he could hobble off and shoved the money into his hands, nearly on the verge of bursting into tears. "You don't have to stay, just tell me. I want to be like her." Her eyes were already red, bottom lip curled downward and eyebrows raised high. Mako was used to these sort of clients, the obsessive sort as he called them, but typically they were the ones to give him the most money since he was the owner as well. It was better to deal with a horrible piece of work then go home empty-handed and upholding a bad review. He sighed, and pocketed the cash, turning to finally make his way out. Raising his hand for a casual wave, he glanced behind his shoulder to give one last, passionate smile. "The one other thing? She is actually a he."

    Mako could feel the knives burning right into the skin on his back, almost listening to her inner dialogue of curse words and sad coos that would fill his ears their next few sessions. It happened every time. They would want to know the sticky details and press just enough with the mouth of money to only find out that their favorite host was taken, but taken by a guy. It wasn't correct for someone with his job to reveal real-life relationship information to clients, especially regulars, but in most cases, the money would keep coming and the annoying question would be replaced by variations of "Can I turn you straight?" or "Can he come in so I can watch you both kiss?"

    Hosting was like one big game , and in this case, Mako always ended up being the winner.

    The walk home was as normal as it usually could get on a dawning Saturday night. The apartment wasn't particularly far from his workplace, ten minutes at most, and many people didn't bother trying to jump a guy of his stature at this time of the day. While a cab home would suffice, Mako made this his usual time to reflect on certain things and mentally rejuvenate himself before returning to his lovely jagiya. Working with clingy and often times, annoying customers, drained him to the point of complete and utter aggravation. That side of Mako wasn't something he particularly wanted Ji-Yeon to see, especially if he had no control over it whatsoever, so the male made sure to dump the excess anger on the walk home, rather than at home. Clear the mind, heave in some hefty amounts of warm, evening air, and remove the filth and regret from his conscience. "For Ji-Yeon" it would come down to, a constant reminder he would tell himself from that day to the next. "For Pride." Those two things were the only thing that mattered to him in this life over anything else.

    It hadn't been long at all before Mako found himself at the front steps of the entry-way, shuffling off his shoes and tossing the apartment keys onto a table close to him to remove his suit jacket. He didn't even have to say a single word before Ji-Yeon was charging at him, apron and all, to greet him excitedly like usual. Holding onto him tightly so he wouldn't fall, Mako just wanted to kiss those lips ten times over and hold him close, listening to all sorts of stories his jagiya had from work today before the two disappeared into the confines of their humble abode. Tonight was their date night, and the each of them had no plans for things such as partying or "going out" with the rest of the group, for it was just as good spending it together on the couch with a movie on and skin touching skin. Mako and Ji-Yeon were as perfect as a couple associated with a street gang could get, married almost, unofficially. Strong and gentle, hard and soft, passionate and determined, together wrapped up into one. The two were undeniably inseparable.

    Dinner was a thing of the past and comfy clothes with warm blankets were now in the present, adorning the couple as they lounged cozily on the wide couch of the living room. The two of them had saw this movie a thousand times over and more so even, but it never seemed to get old. For the majority of it they were taking glances at one another and giggling softly at certain parts, cuddling like it was their last day on Earth. Some rude compliments and playful teases would be thrown about, but the two would always settle back down against one another to stare at the changing television screen, enjoying the silence that would arise every so often. But time caught up, and eventually those soft touches and gentle smiles evolved into something more, resulting in Ji-Yeon sitting snugly in Mako's lap with his hands cupping his hips, replacing gentle coos with intense kisses. The movie was nearing the end when it got too silent to the point the two of them couldn't help themselves, spicing things up just as the credits began rolling. Mako tightened his grip around his lover just a bit more, until the sound of a cellphone began to ring and soothed the hot tension between the two. The blonde was tempted to the tell the other to ignore it and continue on, but didn't want to sound too selfish in this moment of time and eventually eased his strong grip.

    Mako let out a long huff of air to ease his frantic heart and tossed the blanket covering his lower half off to the side, watching his jagiya speak on the phone. His eyebrows knitted together in confusion as he spoke, easing the other person on the line with his comforting voice. Eventually he laid back and stared at the cieling, resting his arms around the back of his head to imagine the scenarios of the problem this caller had brought up. The room grew silent again, barely hearing the muffled gabble from the other side phone until Ji-Yeon came back to reality, making Mako look at him once more. His features were something he hadn't seen in a very long time, and that's when he sat back up and watched him closely, making sure to be the comfort for whatever it was.

    Andrew is dead, he said, stuttering over his gentle words.


    The blonde's heart flopped from his chest to the very tips of his toes, staring in utter silence at his perplexed lover for hearing such news. "...Murdered?" He repeated, suddenly standing to his feet and letting that word marinate on the tip of his tongue. No other sounds could form as the two of them stared at each other, up until Mako hobbled over and took his lover into a warm and protective embrace. "We have to go, now." He said, releasing his arms and holding his hands to his shoulders. His facial features were no longer the look of distraught, but the look of assurance. "If anything happens, I will keep you safe. I promise."

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  10. [​IMG]


    Ethan was cute and oh so easily corrupted. Really, it was a pity that the two of them had become so close, because Min Ki had found it was fun to see how far he could push and lead his little lamb of a friend before he broke. Maybe it hadn't been the best idea to bring him to Nightlife. Lord knows, Ji Yeon would beat the literal shit out of him if he knew that Min Ki had abandoned Ethan in the middle of the dance floor to get high in the bathroom with one of his old friends from highschool.

    Luckily, it was easy enough to find Ethan - just look for the tall, lanky kid with unseeing doe eyes and there he was - and Min Ki had wasted no time blabbering in his friend's ear, just little lies that wouldn't hurt anyone, and then had gotten the two of them situated at the bar with drinks in their hands. It only took one more smooth shot of tequila burning a trail directly into the bottom of Min Ki's belly for the party boy to toe the line perfectly between wasted and faded.

    Through the crowd, he could see a few cops dragging somone outside. It took a few precious seconds for him to realize it was Dom, and of course Cyrille wasn't far behind. If there was one thing Min Ki loved, it was being right smack in the center of drama. "Come on, Ethan!" He drawled, voice thick with liquor and weed, one hand circling loosely around Ethan's thin wrist. "We're gonna miss out on all the fun~"

    Pulling his blind friend along, Min Ki shoved through club patrons with little care or finesse until he was planted just behind Dom. "What the fuck they want?" The lilac haired boy slurred, barely recognizing the stricken looks on Dom and Cyrille's faces. "Whaaaat?" The word came out in a low whine, as Min Ki swayed from foot to foot. "You guys are seriously killing my buzz right now! What, did someone die?"
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  11. [​IMG]
    I was born with an enormous need for affection and a terrible need to give it.
    나는 애정에 대한 엄청난 요구와 그것을 제공하는 끔찍한 필요로 태어났다.


    █████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ██████ ██████
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    A room full of predators alike, there is only one real outcome and Kiki can feel it creeping up. Like little spiders prickling along his short limbs, scraping and aching his young bones with the feel of it, deep and weary, holding taught to the milky white paper of his crisp, clean canvas. Had it always been this way? The same questions whirred behind his staggered thoughts, lagging to the forefront whenever he pictured that tipped smile of the crowd, egging on the waves of his body and snap of his hips with drunken cheers. The room was packed even before the night began to creep over the edges of the horizon, his waistband practically littered with individual bills of fives and tens already. An easy job for someone fit and borderline feminine, but he was positive it was going to be a full house later tonight. Fridays and Saturdays were the biggest days of the entire week, so typically, he had no other choice but to come in to earn himself some extra salary before the next upcoming week. As much as he was dying to go party with the group tonight, a job had to be done, so here he was, having a personal one-man extravaganza with a little booze and the occasional line of coke off another dancer's ass. Nothing could stop him now.

    Nice and slow, shirtless and almost pantless at this point, the music eased the curves of his young body in all sorts of directions, hogging the stage just for himself as the spotlight beamed down on his sweaty skin, making it glisten like water in the moonlight. "I'm in love with you.." The tangerine haired male would mew, nice and loud to be heard over the background chaos of thumping club music and hollers. He would bend forward and tug on the black ties of several males in the front row, parting his plump lips to dust his tongue across them in the most seductive manner possible. "I need you.." He would purr, lining their bodies through the thin layer of white fabric and making it known to the world of the areas he was aiming for. Doing as such usually resulted in the occasional fifty and even hundred if did it correctly, snagging the eye of customers far to drunk to comprehend. Kiki was a pro when it came to these matters, earning his wage just like any other dancer would, but he did it in ways many wouldn't. The boy was clever. Sure he enjoyed dancing and being practically nude in front of complete and utter strangers, but it still was his trick of the trade to see how many hearts he could win over for better business. A game of cat and mouse, almost. They didn't call him the best show at Paper Moon for no reason, now did they?

    The male, after his one on one sessions with tomato-faced newcomers in the front row, made his way back up and used the poles for a tad bit longer, working his muscles that many figured he wouldn't have. Upside down tricks and keeping his legs in check, the sort looked entirely natural for him. The sweat would bead and trickle down his sculpted torso, painting his skin with liquid gold almost, giving off the notion of hard work and dedication to a job that many couldn't pull off. It wasn't just all looks and glory, becoming physical eye-candy for all the world to see, but it was personality. Spunk. Will-power and sheer strength. All muddled together into one cauldron and cooked to the point of bubbling over. Kiki was borderline. Not as big and hefty as many male strippers happened to be, considering the images placed in men and women's heads after the headline of Magic Mike. But Kiki didn't win himself a nice pair of tits either when being brought into the world. He was of the smaller sort, "short" you could word it, but as fit as he could get for someone of his stature. Blessed with a set of dangerous hips and a collar bone that could kill, Kiki, while cute and gentle and affectionate to those close to him, was as bad as bad could come under the bright spotlight.

    His time began to come to a close when the music smoothed itself out, no longer booming with bass and constant hi-hats, giving him proper indication to ease himself off the stage for the next dancer. Off the pole and a few more flicks of his body on the main stage before he waved his goodbye, blowing a few kisses and disappearing into the darkness of the back. He could breathe now. Nice and slow, in heavy lungfuls to regain his composure and gently drift back into the present time. The boy was off the stage and a completely different person now, suddenly remembering who he was and the reason for it. "Hyun-Ki." He would chant, pulling one of the silk black robes off the wall and sitting himself in front of one of the vanities. "Chae Hyun-Ki."

    In the midst of smeared lipstick and fading eye-shadow, it was a wonder why young Kiki continued to use his last name after having been banished for so long. This question came to him after the come-down of every show, returning to the reflection that stared right back at him and reminded him the tears that were shed for being who he was. Tangerine locks and plump lips, puppy dog eyes and baby cheeks. He was a Chae and lost that title for simply coming home with money he worked so hard for. People loved him. The candy ladies, the customers, the other dancers; he was adored. But he was now a mere memory in the heads of his family. His siblings, his mother. Gone, and probably long forgotten.

    A wide smile seemed to pass across his features as he looked at his reflection, taking note of the makeup and sweat glistening on his smooth, reddened skin. 'You did great out there." He whispered, reaching for a towel and pressing it to his face, removing everything and anything that was remaining. A couple of swipes here and there before he looked back up, now bare-faced and grinning even wider than before. "You did amazing." Opening his robe he removed the bills that poked out from his waistband, lining them up casually and counting them in silence to get to a triple-digit number as his final result. It certainly wasn't as much as he typically got, but he couldn't complain. He had a lot more shows to do later that night in the wee hours of the morning, especially on a Saturday night.

    The male stood to his feet and hobbled over to one of the couches, sprawling himself across it to alleviate the soreness of his worked out muscles. Reaching for his phone, he looked to the time and let out a breath of air, wishing he was with them right now and having the time of his life. As much as he liked his job and dancing on a full-blown stage, nothing ever beat that then spending time with his friends. Eyeing the wallpaper on his phone, it was a picture of all them huddled up and smiling cheerily in one of their very few group pictures. "Hope you bitches are having fun." He couldn't help but say to himself, giggling, and suddenly going for the large unopened bottle of flavored vodka on the table beside him. Sitting up, he popped the cap and set his phone down on his lap, nodding his head to only take a quick, dry swig. "Here's to you guys."

    Eventually though, one swig turned into many, and Kiki was getting trashed by himself with nothing but the sound of muffled club music and laughs of other dancers. Bottle nearly empty with only a little puddle remaining, he downed it in one go and tossed the bottle to the side, listening to it clink across the floor and finally the wall. "Got a long night ahead of us."

    The sound of his phone chirped with the notification of a new message, and it only took a few times more for it to repeat itself for Kiki to finally notice. His phone had been blown up with various messages from other people, and he didn't bother to open them fully to read until another one came in from someone in the Pack. He cursed to himself and tapped his finger to the messages application, finally opening one to read to himself.

    We need you here, now.

    It read, and before Kiki could even think about typing a reply back, another came in.

    Andrew is dead.

    His heart stopped, and despite the alcohol riddling his veins and numbing his brain, it was like he sobered up in that single instant. Fingers twitching, hands shaking, breath slowing. Murdered? Snapping up, the male nearly sprinted to one of the side rooms to fetch his clothes, putting on his jeans, shirt and jacket on with speed even he couldn't believe. He had to be there. "I'm not coming back tonight." He said to the manager, turning before he even finished his sentence. "One of my friends was just murdered."
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  12. Dominique Title.png
    Dominique Banner.png

    The Pride

    The Leader

    Outside of Nightlife-Driving Towards Home-Home

    Upset and trying to be comforting at the same time.
    Confused, angry and wanting answers from everyone.
    Feeling a little better but still annoyed with everything going on.

    Dominique's Outfit

    In Person: Cyrille, Min, Ethan
    Through A Text: Ji-Yeon, Ash, Mako

    In Person: Cyrille, Min, Ethan
    Through A Text: Ji-Yeon, Ash, Mako

    @-Toxic-Madness- @Luxii @CrystalTears @BAO @Jimin

    While he sat on the curb, Dominique's mind was racing with questions and other thoughts. Just a few hours ago... Andrew was at the club having fun, hell, he even danced with the male a couple of times. Both Leaders had a respect for one another since they both knew how it was to be in charge of several strong individuals but this... he would have never imagined any of them, Pack or Pride, being murdered and left to be found like that. Taking of his hat, he rubbed the back of his neck and fiddled with the brim of said hat before hearing a familiar voice call out to him. It was Cy, his new boo and the first member from The Pack that Dom has ever pursued and hooked up with. The two only started dating a few months ago, they actually met at Nightlife. Dominique was being his usual cocky, attention seeking self and when he spotted that bright blue head of hair a few feet away from him, he just had to speak to the guy. He didn't even know that Cy was part of The Pack until they actually started to get to know one another and started to hookup more often. He became a big hypocrite when he started dating Cy even after finding out that his Adorable somewhat Psychotic Smurf of a Lover was in his gang's rival gang. Now when one of his boys hooks up with a Pack Rat or even starts dating one... he can't really say anything to them.

    Wiping away at the imaginary tears that were about to start falling down his face, he stood up and looked right into Cy's eyes. He could see that Cyrille was about to have an emotional breakdown and Dom would be the only that could hold the male together in this moment. While Dominique was feeling upset about this, he wasn't friends with Andrew in the least so he didn't and would never feel the same way about the male like Cy did. It would be like him getting murdered and one of The Pride Boys or all of them would have an emotional breakdown and probably feel lost without him, shaking that out of his mind, he came closer to Cy and just pulled the male into him. He didn't say anything for a few minutes, he just held him and closed his own eyes, letting Cy know that he was there for him if he needed a shoulder to cry on. "Babe... it's... it's..." Stopping for a moment, he broke their embrace. "Andrew... he's... fuck!" Moving away for a second, he balled up his fist and punched the side of the wall and then turned back around to Cy. "I'm sorry... but that is him and he is... dead, he was murdered..." Looking down at his now swollen right hand and his hat, he couldn't look his Lover in the eyes after saying what the male didn't want to hear at all.

    He came close to Cy again and this time, Dominique hugged and kissed the male. "I'm sorry for what happened to him... I know that he was... no IS like the glue that holds The Pack together... I don't know who would do that to him and it's really fucked up." Kissing him again, he just kept holding Cy, fearing that the male would go off and do something everyone would regret if he let him go. "Look... go to my car and wait for me, and please, please! Do not sneak off and go do something stupid." Holding on the male's shoulders. "I can't believe I'm saying this... but let the cops handle this, please, for me. Now, go to my car and I'll be there in a bit" Looking into Cy's eyes, he gave him one more kiss and then handed Cy the keys to his car, before turning towards the annoying voice of Min, a member of Pride and one that he always had issues with... maybe more than Ash, that's only because with Ash he at least got sex as an apology for the male's many fuck ups.

    Giving an annoyed and heavy sigh, he looked at Min... who, of course, was drunk at the moment. When wasn't Min drunk? Probably when he was sleep... doubtful. "Min! Shut up!" Taking a deep breath, he tried to keep calm. "Look... Andrew... The Pack Leader, he was killed a few hours ago." Waiting for him to react, he moved closer. "So yes, someone did die. Does that make you happy?" He wasn't actually angry with Min, he was just taking his anger out on the first person that didn't mind when he was like this since he would always yell at Min for doing something stupid. "I want you to actually pay attention to me for once, The Pride will be meeting at my house in a few hours... including you, so be there." It was more of a demand than a request. He was about to go check on Cy and text the rest of The Pride when he spotted Ethan behind Min. He was soo annoyed and upset that he didn't even notice the helpless little flower standing behind the corrupter of all things good and pure.

    "Ethan. Why the hell are you at Nightlife, especially without telling Ji or me so we would have known that you were coming here?" Even though Ethan wouldn't be able to see it, the Blind Male would feel the disappointed and parental stare that Dom was giving him right about now. "Did Min make up some lie to get you to come here?" Staring daggers into Min's soul. "I bet he did." Shaking his head, he grabbed Ethan's arm. "You smell like alcohol... your coming with me, you'll sleep it off at my house." Gently pulling Ethan forward, he looked back at Min. "You really just love trying to make everyone into a copy of you, don't you?" Rolling his eyes, Dominique walked to the parking lot and placed Ethan in the back of his car and got in the front.

    "Cy, make sure Ethan doesn't throw up all over my genuine leather seats please." Taking out his phone, he sent a text to all the Pride Members.


    He hit send and placed his phone back into his pocket, starting up the car. He placed his hat in the back, next to Ethan. "Ethan, I can't believe you got drunk... what the hell were you thinking? You weren't thinking that's the problem." He stopped speaking. "I sound like a fucking dad... gross!" He smirked, trying to make light of the very serious situation but it wasn't working. He looked Cy's way. "I know this is tough for you but you know I got you, right?" Steering with his left hand, he held onto Cy's hand with his right. He didn't want to tell Ethan about Andrew just yet, it would be to much for the boy to handle, while also dealing with being drunk like this.

    Driving fast down the streets towards his home in Beverley Hills, he wanted to get there and get some water into both Ethan and Cy as quick as possible. Both males needed something to hydrate them and keep them alert for now. He had to deal with a drunk fool who is also blind and a male that was now most likely bent on killing anyone that even uttered anything about knowing who murdered Andrew, this was something he never planned on happening in a million years. Why the fuck was it happening in the first place? Almost missing his turn, he stomped on the breaks so quick that he lurched forward. "Fuck." Hitting the dashboard, he took the turn and made it to his driveway. "Come on."

    Opening the door for Cy then going to the door on the side where Ethan was, he picked the male up and carried him into the mansion, with Cy right beside him. "Cy, the rest of The Pride is coming over and we have to discuss business. I know we're together and all that, but... as Pride Leader I can't let anyone be in on the conversation that isn't part of the gang. You can chill in my room and I'll come check on you after... or you can take a shower and I'll join you later." He smirked, before sitting Ethan down on the couch in the big living room. "Ethan... you really need to stop hanging with Min so much." Giving the male a side hug, he turned on the TV and waited for everyone else to arrive.

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  13. _______ [​IMG]__________[​IMG]__________[​IMG]

    Affiliation: Pride | Occupation: Co-leader | Location: Apartment -> Dom's house | Interactions: @Jimin @Prince Justin Perfection @CrystalTears| Mentioned: N/A
    # edd1e2

    The words were difficult to process... for both of them. Ji Yeon just helplessly stared into his lover's eyes, both mirroring the same emotion: distress. Before he could move, strong arms wrapped around his shoulders and his cheek collided with a warm chest, ear hearing the quick thump thump of the heartbeat under him. In that instant, Ji Yeon calmed. A wave of calm washed over him, crashing into his lungs hard enough to make a stuttered gasp leave his lips. Perhaps he was just trying to get over the initial shock of it all. He looked up at Mako, fingers tugging absently on his shirt sleeves as their eyes locked, urgency in the dark orbs. The little flutter of a smile couldn't be helped, despite their situation, because he knew that Mako's words rang true. It was an unconscious smile. "I'm fine, I'm fine... sorry," he murmured, breaking free of his arms. They had to get everyone together and discuss their plans moving forward. Question one another. Check alibis. The Pack leader was murdered and the person in charge of the deed very well may be one of their own. The thought made Ji Yeon want to curl into a ball in a dark corner under his comforters or release the contents from his stomach into the toilet. But he had to stay steadfast. He had lived through worse. The movie had ended and the screen was black. In the quiet, Ji Yeon and Mako's phones both buzzed simultaneously to signal a text message. He turned, grabbing for his phone and previewing the message on the lock screen.

    Everyone meet at the usual spot... ASAP.

    He let Mako read the message on his own phone while he set his own back down on the coffee table, shutting off the TV. "We'll take your car, jagiya. Let me get dressed first," Ji Yeon slipped around the couch and padded off quickly down the hall, disappearing into their bedroom to change into more suitable clothes, slipping on jeans and a loose knit cardigan to fit over one of his jagi's large shirts hanging from his frame. The room was dark and he bumped his knee on the way out, cursing and hobbling into the living room. He hoped everyone was safe, together and coping with the loss. It was certainly a shock, especially to those who knew Andrew. Ji Yeon did not personally know the man, as Dom knew him more, but he was not heartless. The Pack leader kept the Pride on their toes, as if they were in a game of cat and mouse... a game that suddenly turned deadly.

    The car ride was almost silent as they drove to Dom's house, directions memorized in their minds. Blindfold them and they could find it. Ji Yeon's knee bounced anxiously, fingers tapping on his thighs absently to keep his body distracted while his thoughts ran wild. Those at the club most likely saw the evidence -- or the evidence they were allowed to see-- and Ji Yeon only had to wonder how Andrew was killed. It was probably gruesome, yes, but depending on what happened to him, each group could try to pinpoint someone in their own ranks who may have committed such an act. He didn't want to think about it but... they had no other option. As they were pulling up to the mansion, outside lights off but inside ones on, Ji Yeon jerked in his seat and almost startled Mako. "Shit! We forgot Ethan." He grumbled as he opened the car door. Ji Yeon didn't even call or check on Ethan to bring him with. Oh, that go this nerves going.

    They walked to the front door, hands anxious as they found it unlocked. He went straight to the living room, spotting Dom and then Ethan on the couch. What was he doing here? Where were the others? Oh no... oh no. Did they take him to the club? "Not only is there a murderer, but Ethan is drunk?" His tone was apprehensive, eye twitching as he rounded on the poor kid on the couch looking pale, smelling of alcohol up close. Ash or Minnie must have done it. They were Ethan's roommates and this only gave Ji Yeon a reason for scolding them to hell and back. They had to deal with a murder and a drunk blind boy who looked ready to throw up any minute. He never drank alcohol and his body was not used to it. Not used to the burning in his throat and stomach. Ji Yeon reached down and helped Ethan sit up on the couch, wrapping an arm around his shoulder comfortingly, leading him away from the living room. "Send Ash and Minnie straight to me as soon as they arrive or I swear I will hit them so hard they're going to black out in your living room before we have our discussion."

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  14. [​IMG]
    Cyrille Nereus

    Affiliation - The Pack
    Occupation in gang - Spy
    Location - Nightlife
    Interaction(s) - Dominique (@Prince Justin Perfection)

    Mention(s): Minnie (@Luxii) Ethan (@CrystalTears)
    Mood - upset → needing a drink

    Cyrille watched as his lover first punched a wall and then told him the news he wished wasn't true. His leader was truly dead and gone from this plane of existence. He barely registered the kiss Dom had given him, the young boys mind completely filled with thoughts of tracking the asshole down and torturing the life out of him. He was brought out of his musings when his lover told him to let the cops handle the investigation and almost begged him not to go run off. Cy was about to protest when he was given the keys to Dominique's car and was told to wait there. He quickly kissed his boyfriend back and headed to the car as Dom dealt with another Pride gang member.

    "This night went down faster than a virgins first attempt at getting to second base." Cyrille muttered as he found the car and got into the passenger seat. He could have ignored his lover and stolen the car to try and track down the person who could have killed his leader, but:
    1. Cyrille feared pissing off his boyfriend.
    2. He was already in the cops books to look out for when shit hit the fan at certain mini-marts.
    3. The car was too pretty to mess up.
    4. He was still learning to drive.
    So, like a good little boy, Cy waited for his boyfriend to return to the car and take him to the man's home in one of the most ritzy places in Los Angeles. He luckily didn't have to wait long, as he heard the car door open behind him and turned to see Dominique put another Pride member, a newbie by the looks of it, in the back seat. The kid was obviously drunk off his ass and looked a little on the sick side. "Alright babe. I'll keep an eye out for if the poor thing starts to look green." Cy answered and did as told along the drive. He felt Dominique's hand on his own and a small smile crept onto his face during the drive.

    It wasn't long until they made it to the Pride Leader's glorious mansion in Beverly Hills. The sight of it still wowed the young Pack member that he was actually in a relationship with not only a rich S.O.B but the leader of his gang's rival gang. If someone told Cyrille that a few months ago that he would be madly in love with a rival gang member, he would have told the person they were crazy before putting a lit cigarette out on their face. Yes, he is partially violent and most of his ways of handling things seem a bit on the psychotic side, but he was also very sufficient in getting rid of evidence of his or another's crime, planting evidence to frame someone else, and getting information that could be vital to his gang. Heading inside, Cyrille looked up at his boyfriend and nodded at his statement. "Alright, babe. I'm gonna raid your kitchen for a drink though. Lord knows I need it right now. I'll be up in your room if you need me." He said and left first for the kitchen, opening the fridge and freezer and looking around a bit before grabbing a bottle of whiskey and closing the doors. He quickly headed upstairs before his boyfriend could reprimand him for drinking something he shouldn't. Quickly finding his boo's room, Cy closed the door behind him and laid down on the bed after removing his shoes, wallet and choker. This night was still terrible and no doubt it was gonna get worse from here on out, Cyrille could feel it.

  15. Soo Noeul

    Affiliation:The Pack|Role:The Hypeman|Location:Aloha Mi Amigo Restaurant|Mentioned:Choi Yoon Tae "Tae"

    Noeul sat on top of the fake wooden table painted red with stamped flowers, his butt sliding off the smooth surface every so often, as a cold iced coffee from the corner McDonald's was held tightly in his hands. A pair of earbuds was pressed hard into his ear, blasting some sort of pop fusion song, as he rocked his head slightly to the beat, hair trickling over his tightly closed eyes.

    The hours sitting on the curb outside Nightlife was tortuous as each boy from the Pack and Pride were showcased to everyone watching nearby, as if already judging each of them guilty through the line of officers and their police cars. He could read the whispers from the observers lips as they tried to figure out who was murdered and which one of those 'bad boys' did it. It was embarrassing and insulting that he and the other Pack members were being lined up and questioned of their alibis. Noeul knew who did it. It was so obvious, but he knew he couldn't just tell the police, especially with everyone around. There would be some sort of consequence for snitching, right? Noeul knew he wasn't no snitch...but what would be done?

    Was it worth keeping quiet over some dumb 'code' while his friend could never rest happily?

    He was thirsty, but didn't feel like drinking. The ice was already melting into his coffee, making it watery and sweat over the plastic cup. Placing the cup beside him on the table, Noeul folded his hands and stared down between his legs at the white linoleum flooring. Aloha Mi Amigo was the Pack's choice of a meeting place, a run down looking, cafeteria style restaurant that didn't know what kind of food it was serving each day. The owner and cook were madmen, always finding a new theme for the place and adding new decorations and food on top of old to show it. Over the mint colored walls were pictures of the Pacific Ocean cliff side of both California and Hawaii alone with hanging seashells and other typical ocean theme accessories hanging from the walls. Sombreros were nailed along with Chinese souvenir scrolls, paper fans with maracas rattled from the industrial fan that tried its best to cool the stuffy restaurant, while other everyday, souvenir items were placed on the dusty shelves along the wall to make the place easier on the eyes.

    The center of the restaurant held the eight tables, each with four cheap chairs, while the far back of the room was for the long row of food in hot plates, protected by a sneeze barrier. Tonight, enchiladas were being served along with pineapple pork and spam sushi that's been sitting for way too long to be edible. There was also some sort of seafood soup that started to foam up with bits of seaweed swimming around like it somehow came to life. The cook, an elderly old man with brown spots all over his scarecrow hands stirred to the soup with a long ladle and grabbed a bowl for himself.

    It was a shitty place to eat in a shitty, 1960's strip mall that ran for five miles on a single street surrounded by thrift stores, pawn shops, an athletic shoe store, mini ethnic markets, a few nail and beauty salons, and a giant adult store just across the suicide street to cross. Each week there was a new road death, a long memorial almost the entire street long was always maintained and added on. This area of L.A was known to be somewhat dangerous, bad, full of mischief and thieves and down low activities.

    It was the Pack's home, founded by Andrew.

    Noeul blinked, the florescent lights of the restaurant shining brightly as he stared out the window, waiting for the others to arrive. His outfit was a mess. His shirt and pants were wrinkled while his scarf was somewhere lost in the city streets. He didn't remember how he exactly got to Aloha Mi Amigo. He knew he walked that long walk after his questioning was over, but it was a daze. Sometime between the walk he lost Tae. Either he was walking too fast and Tae got left behind. Or, too slow and was lost in his own thoughts. While many in the Pack saw Noeul as the outgoing, enthusiastic, talkative man, most of the time outside of the Pack he was quiet and on his own, constantly thinking about life and fate. The Pack was the only thing going for Noeul right now. Home life was terrible, work life was a struggle. The Pack was the one thing that was going right...no, going perfectly.

    "Everythin' is fucked up," Noeul mumbled during the chorus of the song.

    He felt his phone shake in his pocket, but ignored it. If it was a Pack member, everything that needed to be said had to be said in person. There was much to discuss, argue, blame, and cry. Maybe over terrible looking, yet kind of good food provided by their friend, the cook. Noeul sighed, ripping off the beanie on his head to let the rest of his hair fall over his eyes. How was he, the hypeman, going to fix this? Was it worth fixing right now? Having all their emotions let loose tonight was the best thing for now and after he could do his only job and duty to mend everything back to normal.

    Noeul only shook his head at the stupid thought. Nothing will go back to normal.

    His eyes roamed to the left, staring at Andrew's chair. There was no formal seating arrangement for the Pack, but everyone knew to never sit in Andrew's chair, the only clean chair free of rips and tears. During each meeting, everyone fought to sit closest to Andrew. Most of the time it was friendly play-fighting among bros, but hidden between the slaps and pushes was an inner fight to climb an unspoken rank. Usually, Noeul always arrived late and being more of a non-fighter, sat near the middle of everyone.

    But, tonight he was first to arrived and he dared anyone to try and steal spot away from Andrew's.

    He glanced up at the doorway, hearing the bell ring as someone entered. A very brief smile appeared on his face.

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    :: INTERACTED ::
    Soo Noeul.

    :: TAGGED ::

    :: LOCATION ::
    The Nightlife → Aloha Mi Amigo Restaurant

    He didn't know what to do anymore. 'Tis better to have loved than to have never loved at all.

    The first few hours Tae was just sitting there, on the curb beside The Nightlife, the ball of his foot tapping anxiously and restlessly against the gravel of the sidewalk. Tae couldn't look up, there was no way.
    There was no way out of this one. Forever stuck, forever in remorse, forever in regret.

    His hands were cold and breaking into a furious sweat. His heart was pounding in his chest, ready to burst out of his mouth.

    Tae couldn't blink. His eyes were beginning to dry up and hurt from irritation. He couldn't cry. Not this time. Crying makes everyone weak and he couldn't be weak, not right now. Not ever.

    Butterflies were swirling around like tornadoes as his stomach acid rampaged like tsunamis. He avoided eye contact with anyone and everyone, looking towards the sidewalk for a warm hug and a back pat.

    Police sirens soon muffled out when he couldn't stand sitting there, waiting for everyone to be interrogated until it was his turn. He inserted the black earbuds into his ears and listened to some music, Korean music to be specific, to calm him down.

    He was nervous and he didn't know why. He didn't do anything wrong, did he?

    A firm hand was placed on his shoulder and for the first time Tae's neck craned up stiffly.

    His eyes met another.

    And it was all over.

    After the police left the scene Tae finally had the weakest strength to get up on his feet. He walked towards his 2014 Black Chevy Malibu with the legs of a drunk flamingo. Though it was a short walk from the club to his car, there were many times where Tae just wanted to fall silently and let the night take him away.

    The sound of his car doors unlocked subtly startled him, but Tae just plugged in his AUX cord and continued to play the playlist he was listening to back at the club. Soon, he was driving miles upon miles, with no destination period.

    The car slowed to a halt at a stoplight, and that was when Tae pulled out his phone, and sent his friend, Noeul, a text.

    Hey. I think I saw you at the club earlier but, where are you right now?

    Tae quickly shut off his phone to continue on driving, not even waiting or thinking about a response. He needed to go somewhere, but he honestly didn't know where to. He just wanted to wallow in his own grief and depression, but also enlighten and bask in the memories of Andrew and the Pack as a whole.

    He turned on his signal with a new destination. A 1960s worn out strip mall, where The Pack would also go together and just chill out.

    It didn't take him long for him to get where he needed to go, so once he got there he just parked in the middle of the road, got out, and starting roaming the Pack's location, music blasting loud in his ears, filling and hiding all of the emotions he wanted to express physically.

    The single street was dimly lit due to its old age. There were nooks and crannies that were perfect for hiding away from the cops, or doing something that shouldn't be done in the public eye. Tae then remembered all the memories The Pack experienced in this little strip mall. Running through alleys, buying food, roaming around stores, stealing, vandalizing, drugs. For a split second, he smiled, but then remembered why he was sad in the first place, and all of those memories seriously meant nothing to him at the moment.

    He wasn't quite sure about how long he was walking in the strip mall, but he soon noticed in one of the restaurants a familiar figure nodding to something. A man with messed up clothing and messed up emotions. Honestly, it was hard NOT to have messed up emotions after tonight.


    Tae remembered that he texted Noeul, but was too lazy and driving to check to see if he replied. He walked slowly towards the ol' familiar restaurant and opened the door.

    He was greeted by a smile.
    He gave no response.

    Instead, his face was monotone and expressed no emotions whatsoever. Saying absolutely nothing, Tae walked over to the Pack's usual table, and sat right beside Noeul, his hands grazing over Andrew's seat with delicate fingers, as if touching it too roughly would hurt Andrew from the grave.. Or ground.. With that thought Tae's heart sank to his sternum. He sat down next to Noeul slowly, biting his lips as a habit before talking.

    "Did you get my text?... Did you tell everyone where to meet up?"

    His voice was deep and rough with no tone or sparkle. He was seriously down, but he just needed time to think about a lot of things by himself in his own mind before he ever felt just a tiny bit happy.

    Now was a perfect time to think about things by himself. It was quiet, at least, to him. He was alone in his head. Nothing else to listen to but thoughts and his music.

    He sat there and started to think.
    There was one question. One burning question that would solve all of Tae's problems.

    Who the FUCK killed Andrew. Who did it. The Pack was kept together by Andrew and now that he's gone, what is this group going to turn to? Will there be a new leader..?

    .. Who killed Andrew?

    The question turned into a bubbling, broiling, anger, and soon, without much thought, revenge was all on Tae's mind.

    There was no way to remove that feeling. It was going to stick with him like a withdrawal symptom until he gets his fix.

    Tae kept glancing at Noeul. Could he have done it? No way, Nouel wasn't like that. He couldn't be like that. Could he be? Is he a killer? A murderer?

    Before anyone else could come into the restaurant, Tae looked at Noeul with intent. He grabbed at the man's shoulder gently, trying to get his attention. Tae's expression changed to something more subtle and bubbly, as if wanting to try something. This wasn't the case AT ALL. Just a question. That's it. Just a simple question.

    Tae cleared his throat before saying:

    "Hey.. N-Noeul.. You didn't kill Andrew, did you?"

    He looked to him for an answer, biting his lip again out of habit. But then he realized what he just asked and released Noeul's shoulder from his grip, looking away almost immediately out of embarrassment and apology for ever questioning a very close friend.

    "I'm sorry.. I really shouldn't have asked. I'm sorry."

    He fell silent again, keeping his hands on his lap, and not wanting to look towards Noeul or the other people that would have entered the restaurant before them. Although Tae wanted revenge, he was too apologetic and genuine to even harm anyone.

    The only thing that he did was raise the volume of his music, his phone clicking as his thumb caressed the volume screen. He gulped and just waited for something, anything, to happen. Something to distract him.

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  17. [​IMG]


    There were a lot of places that Derrick Amell thought he might have ended up one day, but this certainly wasn't one of them. Instead of polished wood floors and entire walls of mirrors, there was only cracked concrete underfoot and the rough scraping of old brick underneath the palms of his hands. Instead of muscles and tendons stretched and aching from hours of standing en pointe, learning new choreography, bending and twisting into new positions faster than the eye could process, there were only deep aches from old injuries, ill-set bones that never healed properly, stiff white scars against tan skin that pulled when stretched too taut, bruises fading from purple into sickly yellows and greens. The descent into the dirty underworld of L.A. had happened much like falling in love: slow at first, then all at once.

    Even now, with his back and shoulder blades pressed up against the dirty, crumbling wall in the back alley beside one of the better known gay clubs in downtown L.A., Derrick couldn't help the slight shaking of his hands - a moment of involuntary weakness - as he brought the filtered end of an unlit cigarette to his lips. The fluid in his lighter was running low. Some cheap BIC from a shitty gas station on the outskirts of the city. So it took more than a few tries before it lit, sparking the end of the cigarette into a flare of embers. With the first pull of cancer into his lungs, the shaking in Derrick's hands all but instantly subsided as the nicotine flooded his bloodstream.

    It had just been a particularly grueling, shitty day. Several times a week, Derrick got a text on some throw-away drop phone with a time and location. There was always a backpack and a list, neat little envelopes and sealed bags inside the backpack. Running drugs wasn't something that Derrick was proud of, but it paid well enough an aspiring dancer that would never dance again. Today's client list had been insane, drop times too close together for the distance between them, and now that the final drop was made - some giggling group of college girls that he'd handed off several tablets of acid to - he finally had a fucking moment to himself.

    He wasn't more than a few drags in before the pitter patter of footsteps into the alleyway echoed in the brunette's ears. With a soft grunt, he shifted even farther against the wall, eyes cast low and crossing his free arm over his chest in a manner that very clearly said 'fuck, the fuck off, thank you very fucking much'.

    "Hey. . . Smoking is really bad for you."

    Obviously this punkass didn't understand body language cues or he was asking to have his ass kicked. Derrick flicked his eyes up, steely gaze settling a little farther down than they would on a person of normal height. Piercing eyes peered out of a hooded sweatshirt from underneath a dark fringe, a sparkling bit of silver flickering in the boy's lips in the dim lighting.

    Before Derrick could open his mouth to properly tell him to fuck off, the smirking newcomer reached forward, plucked the lit cigarette right out of his fingers, and flicked it onto the dirty ground by their feet.

    "Why you little--"

    "Have something--" the boy interrupted, planting both of his palm against Derrick chest and shoving with quite a bit more strength than he looked like he had. Derrick's head smacked against the brickwork, a hiss escaping his throat. Ready to fight, his whole body tensed, but the puff of warm breath against his own lips had him frozen. "--sweeter."

    It was over before it started, an eternity in a single second. Derrick swore he could count each and every freckle dusted over the bridge of the boy's nose, the eyelashes fanning over his cheekbones, tasted the metal of his lip ring and something sweeter as they kissed.

    "Thank you for the treat, mister," was murmured softly against his mouth before the boy stepped away and the moment shattered.

    "Hey!" Derrick cried out, stepping after the retreating boy's form. "That was my last cigarette, you little shit!"

    Not about to be bested by some little twerp, Derrick took after the boy. There was a little burble of laughter that made Derrick swear under his breath, but no matter how fast he ran, it seemed like the little shrimp's legs carried him twice as far. They both tore through the back alley, but Derrick knew it dead ended up ahead and then that little brat would have no where to go. They turned the corner, the wall looming ahead of them, and impossibly the boy kept going. The momentum easily carried him into a wall run that Derrick thought only happened in the movies, and then in an instant he was standing on the wall's ledge, several feet above Derrick's head.

    "Better luck next time, chump~!" he cooed, mocking blowing a kiss over the tips of his fingers before laughing and dropping down onto the street on the other side.

    Dumbfounded, Derrick glared up at the spot where the little brat had been, shaking his head and cursing himself for being had like that. His phone vibrated in pocket, his real one, the one that he used to keep in touch with the rest of the pack members. He slid it free from his pocket, pressing down lightly with the pad of his thumb to unlock the screen and swiping once to bring up the messaging app.

    We need you here, now.

    Another buzz and a second message came through.

    Andrew is dead. Murdered.

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  18. Affiliation:
    The Pride | Role: The Newbie | Location: Nightlife → Dom's place | Mentioned: No one | Interactions: Minnie, Dom, Ji Yeon | Tagged: @Luxii , @Prince Justin Perfection & @BAO
    Ethan felt Minnie's fingers wrap themselves around his wrist and a rather loud whine escaped past his lips. "My water...!" He whined as he had to abandon his drink, before he was dragged into what seemed to be a crowd of people judging by how he needed to brush past them and sometimes even bumped into a few and earned himself a few curses. Usually it would have scared the blind boy, but he was too much under influence at the moment to really care. What made him jump though was the sudden shout of someone's voice who should have been familiar - but once again - his head wasn't in the clear at the moment. Ethan chuckled when his name was suddenly said and gave off one of the cheesiest smiles in his entire life. "...party!" He giggled with an obvious slur to his words. Who was he talking to again? Where did Minnie go? What happened to his drink again? He wanted one more! Where was the table? Why wasn't he sitting on a chair again?

    "Water...!" He exclaimed before he suddenly felt a grip around his arm and before he knew it, he was being dragged off somewhere. In a sober state Ethan would have panicked if he was dragged off somewhere unknown with someone he did not recognize - not at the moment anyway - but drinking had a few effects on Ethan's mood, especially since he had never even had a sip of alcohol in his entire life, and only the Gods knew how many shots he had taken this night. Shots of water as he had been told a few times, and the strange taste was just the different flavor the water had. It had been a little bit strong in the beginning, but Minnie had ensured him that was just because he hadn't taken enough of the shots yet - and he was right. Once Ethan had taken a few more he barely noticed the burning in his throat.

    Wherever he was placed it felt nice. He didn't mind sitting in the seat, it felt different than wherever he had sat before. This was softer and offered more space, smoother to the touch. The air was tighter, different and more clean and not to mention the final relief of his poor ears that had almost gone deaf due to the booming music in the club. "....bubbles...!" He randomly exclaimed and giggled to himself before he suddenly felt his seat moving. Yet another dreadful thing to someone who was blind, sudden movement and not being able to tell where he was taken to.

    Did Ethan care? Nope.


    The ride back was - strangely - fun for Ethan, not that he knew why it was so entertaining, though it ended before Ethan wanted it to. He was about to whine for a second round, but instead he heard something next to him and was soon enough picked up. This scent... oh! Now he knew who it was! "Aboji!" (father) he exclaimed with a bright smile. "...came to have some water too? Library much fun yes!" He giggled as he was carried to somewhere that had an even softer seat, even feeling the arms of Dom wrapping around his side and he didn't take a second to lean onto him. His balance points were off. That was strange. "No no no no..." Ethan slurred his words again and giggled. "...Minnie fun. Water fun! Fun fun!" He giggled and reached out to grab something that didn't exist, making him slightly stumble forwards, but luckily not fall since Dom was hugging him from the side, keeping him safely in one place.

    What caught his attention were the sounds of some very familiar sounding steps. He'd heard Dom's back in the club, but the music was too loud for him to pick up such a tiny detail. "...Eomma!" He exclaimed - yet another thing he never did - and he smiled as he reached his arms forwards. "...come and give me a goodnight hug! You already turned off the lights," the blind kid said and gestured the other forwards in the complete wrong direction. Was he facing left or right now? Or was it down? Oh he was feeling a little bit light-headed. It was when he felt himself having to stand the sudden dizziness hit him. The queasy feeling in his stomach getting worse and worse by the second. "...I'm not feeling good eomma... can you turn on the lights....?" He murmured as he was being lead away to somewhere else.

    "...eomma... aboji... library was fun! Thanks for tonight!"
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  19. Affiliation:
    The Pride | Role: Spy | Location: The street → Dom's place | Interactions: Derrick & Minnie| Mentioned: Dominique, Mako & Ji Yeon |Tagged: @Luxii @Prince Justin Perfection @Jimin & @BAO
    Ash laughed as the other chased him. This was the thrill of the chase indeed! He could see the back alley leading into a dead end before he was there, and made sure to speed up to have enough momentum for the wall run he easily did. Usually he would have played a little longer - and maybe even let himself get caught - but because his phone vibrated he decided to not. If his phone vibrated, that meant something important was going on. He only carried the phone with limited contacts on it, because this was his private one. The second phone he had was for all of those he had given special services and that he could see again whenever he felt lonely and the kids were out of course. He sat on the top a little bit and looked down to the taller male, before kissing the tips of his fingers and flinging it over to the other.

    "Better luck next time, chump~!" he cooed and then jumped off the wall and over to the other side of the street. The other didn't seem to be as angry as to go around the entire block just to get him, and he didn't seem dumb enough that he'd actually think Ash would wait for him. Ash grabbed his phone from his pocket and saw Dominique's number and smirked. "What? Got lonely at the party without me? The little pet not fun enough for you?" He smirked to himself before getting the message up. "Everyone meet at the usual spot... Get there ASAP," he read out loud and pouted. "And here I thought I was special... what a tease! Tsch! I don't get to party because of a job which sucks, I don't get to have free drinks on Dom's tab because the police are fucks, and now I don't even get to be fucked?!" Ash whined to himself before he put his phone back into his pocket and bolted down the street.

    A few minutes later he met Minnie. "Hey! Minnie!" He called out as he rolled down the car window and gestured the clearly drunk college student over. What was he doing there? The club had police in it and Minnie was there? Did he assault someone with an empty wine bottle again? Seriously, the kid couldn't even hurt someone with a gun in his hand at this state. He'd probably shoot himself. No, Ash had to take that back. His aim would be so bad he'd probably miss that too. "Hop in! You're going to big mister boss man's place right?" He said and smiled when he finally got the drunk's attention. He'd swoop in to grab Ethan, but he was sure that Ji Yeon and/or Mako would pick up the blind cutie. Ash had been busy with a job today, so what that kid was doing was none of his business. They lived together, didn't make Ash his babysitter.

    "Hyung... is that a new car?" Minnie asked with his slurred words before he sat down in the passenger seat.

    "Yeah! Stole it five minutes ago! Let's go!" Ash answered and stepped on the pedal. He knew how to hot wire a car, and he was not going back to his own place to grab his car. It required too much effort and it was too long to walk, and this way he didn't need to pay for the gas money! If it was just Ash he'd probably just run his way over there, but he picked up the car to bring any else he found. Plus, his energy was kind of depleting after all of the workout he had already gotten. That hottie in the back alley had been quicker than Ash anticipated, he was just lucky that the other didn't know parkour. He'd be fucked. Hopefully literally too. Ops, no time to drool! He needed to get them over to Dominique's place before he got yelled at. Plus, now he could report the job being successful and Dominique could praise him with a very expensive alcoholic beverage! The boss was rich, he could do that much for him.

    With Ash's speeding down the streets and yelling for Minnie to throw up out the window, they parked the car a little bit away from Dominique's place in order to not get him investigated by the police for a stolen car. Ash wasn't one to return something himself, so he drove the car into a ditch and let it stay there. Of course, only after cleaning up properly after himself. He worked as a spy for the Pride, this he had much practice in. "This way my drunken friend! I'd help you get sober with some activity, but it seems as Mr. Big Dick needs us," There were two reasons for that nickname, and none of them really needed any explaining. He threw Minnie's arm over his shoulders, and supported the other over to Dominique's to see that everyone else was already there. Well, everyone, but Ethan and Ji Yeon it seemed so they were probably on their way.

    "Wass'up?" He greeted them all with a slight wink as he pulled his hoodie down with his free hand in order to be a little bit polite. Even if Ash loved to have a light approach to things, he could feel that the atmosphere of the room was not where jokes where the most appropriate. What in the world had happened for them all to gather like this? It made his stomach curl uncomfortably, but despite that he tried his best to keep his usual smile up since someone had to be smiling.
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  20. Soo Noeul

    Affiliation:The Pack|Role:The Hypeman|Location:Aloha Mi Amigo Restaurant|Mentioned:Choi Yoon Tae "Tae"|Tagged: @Jihae

    A wave of relief washed over Noeul seeing Tae enter the quaint restaurant. For that split second, everything felt normal, like the Pack was meeting up for a weekly get-together to talk shit or just mess around. As soon as he saw Tae's blank face, the way he swiftly sat down without any acknowledgement, and how tense his body was, shattered Noeul's mini dream and brought him back to reality.

    "Huh?" Noeul plucked his earbuds out in time to hear the end of Tae's question. "Oh, yeah man. Let me resend it just in case."

    Taking out his phone, Noeul scrolled through his messages, finding Tae's before opening up the Pack's group chat. His thumbs twitched as he typed on the small on screen keyboard to the point autocorrect couldn't recognize the jumble mess. Noeul let out a soft groan, instead using the swipe method to write out and send his message.

    Come to Aloha Mi Amigo now. Lots of stuff to talk about the murder.

    His thumb hovered over the send button. It was the word, murder, that held Noeul back from everything. It still didn't register fully that Andrew was murdered. That he was killed so coldly. That Andrew was gone and was never going to return. In Noeul's world, that scenario never came to thought. It just wasn't possible. The photo proof the police provided almost wasn't enough for Noeul to accept. A part of him knew he needed to see Andrew's body to believe it. He needed to go to the spot where it all happened because right now it only felt like a sick joke.

    With the text sent, Noeul placed his phone beside him on the table and took a quick drink of his watery ice coffee. The music Tae was listening to overpowered Noeul's. He decided to listen to Tae's music instead of cranking up his own music in some pointless fight of who had the highest volume. Any music, any noise was needed so badly to cut through the dispirited aura both Tae and he were giving off. Noeul glanced to the side, studying Tae's still face and quiet demeanor. It was never like this. When the two boys were together, it was nothing but stupid laughter and dumb jokes between them. Seeing Tae like that did hurt Noeul, but even he knew right now there wasn't much he could do to bring up the mood. It would be insensitive to the horror of what happened tonight. Though, Andrew was the one to tell all the boys to always be themselves no matter what.

    Their eyes locked. Noeul blinked, bringing himself up to sit up straight when Tae placed a hand on his shoulder. Seeing Tae's sudden change of expression, a small smile was forming on his soft face. There was the Tae he was used to. Not 100% Tae yet, but a good 30% of him.

    "....Tae what the fuck?" the smile immediately disappeared, giving place to a pale, confused, yet hurt face.

    Noeul eyed Tae, leaning over and around to try get a look at Tae's face. He grabbed at Tae's arm firmly, shaking the man a bit.

    "No, the fuck you just asked me Tae? That thought really came up to you?" he spoke loudly over Tae's music. "You really thought I killed him?"

    With the last shake, he threw Tae's arm, his eyes narrowing and lips held tightly together, and turned his body in the opposite direction. Usually, Noeul would go off being accused of anything really. Yelling and swearing, holding up fists and chest bumping, anything to cause attention around the accuser in an attempt to embarrass him or her. But this, this was something entirely different. Noeul shook his head and let out a loud sigh.

    "You're just talkin'. I know. You just want to vent and get mad and find anyone to blame over what happened. I get that. I do too so I can't be too pissed at you. Just know, I never thought or ever will think you did it. You loved him like I did. And yeah, I say love. I don't care how that makes me sound. I love Andrew like family...and I can't believe he's dead..." Noeul coughed to cover up a sudden sob, giving his back to Tae.
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