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  1. Roleplaying in the Rickstaverse

    WARNING: You'll have to use a little math to make a character. As in, be able to count to 13. And yeah, I totally am borrowing part of a game system called Fate Accelerated to ensure that all of the characters made are around the same level of power, but this is NOT a diced RP.
    Wubba Lubba Dub Dub.

    Ground Rules:
    1. Rick and Morty, and the rest of Morty's family of C-137 are not playable characters, but NPCs that may or may not show up during the run of the RP
    2. Any of the Council of Ricks (The major players, not the many Ricks at the Citadel of Ricks) are off the table as well. For this I'm going to use the list of Ricks on the Council from the game Pocket Mortys as the list of unplayable Ricks as I have GMly things planned for how the Council of Ricks interact with the players.
    3. You do NOT have to play a Rick, but if you do another player has to play your Morty.
    4. You can play a Rickless Morty if you want, however sad that is.
    5. You can play a background character, or an entirely new Original Character that would fit in the Rickstaverse.
    6. You can double, but see rules 3 and 4 above. Then see it again, because the answer is still the same.
    7. I am the GM of the RP. If I make a call, I'll need some good reasoning to reverse it. I have a definite plot in mind and though I am super flexible and encourage assistant GMing and welcome many and strange ideas, going outside of the look and feel of a typical Rick and Morty episode won't be tolerated. If you have crazy ideas PM me and we'll talk. Plenty of crazy stuff happens in R&M but let's get it done a reasonable way.

    Character Balance:
    For the purpose of not having players with characters of wildly different power levels the character sheets for this game will require you to rate your character with how well they can approach a situation in six different ways. You'll assign numbers to these six Approaches ranging from:

    +4 Great
    +3 Good
    +2 Fair
    +1 Average
    +0 Mediocre
    -1 Poor

    Until you've spent 13 points (and yes the -1 gives you an extra point to spend if you want to be lousy at certain Approaches but you'll be expected to roleplay this!) Or... take this array if you don't want to think too hard: +4, +3, +3, +2, +1, +0. And assign them any way you wish in the six Approaches below.

    The Six Approaches are:

    These should be pretty self explanatory.

    "You lost me Rick..."
    "Of course I did."
    " come on Rick, explain it."
    "I did."
    " a way I can understand it."
    "Fine. All right, we want to make sure there's not one all powerful guy in the group that can lord it over the rest of them. By giving the same number of points to everyone, we can be sure that everyone is different but pretty close to equal."
    "Is that like when Mom says everyone has something they're good at but not everyone has found out what that something is yet?"
    " close enough."

    Then, come up with an overall High Concept of your character. What's your deal? If you're Tony Stark your High Concept might be Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist (Tony's not allowed in this game either, but a lot of people are familiar with that phrase so yeah). Just a few words or a short sentence that sums up your character's core and at least hints at their motivations.

    Then write up a few sentences about the cool stuff your character can do. We'll call these Aspects. You get up to three of em and you can add more later, this is just so people can look at your CS and kinda get what your character is about, and let's be honest, so you can brag about the cool stuff you can do.

    Finally, everyone has something that gives them Trouble. What is the thing that causes you the most problems? A raging addiction to Alcohol? Interdimensional bounty hunters on your trail? A Plumbus allergy? Whatever it is, you can be sure the GM will use this as plot fuel.

    Every character in the game will have access to a Portal Gun, though their Rick if they're a Morty or they may have found and/or built their own if they are a Non-Rick or Morty but some other character, OR they may have just come across, fell through, or otherwise traversed through a Portal in the very recent past. This is so the characters can end up in the spot where all of the initial characters begin.

    Where? You guessed it, (if you're smart, maybe) The Citadel of Ricks. You'll need to figure out the how or why your character is there, and you could even be a captive.

    The start of the plot (which I'm keeping vague at this point because spoilers) will require all the characters be at the Citadel and I as the GM will figure out how you are all in the starting location for me to give you all the details of the overarching story.

    Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!
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  2. Oh. My. Squanch.
    I love Rick and Morty! I am so in!
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  3. Pass the word, please to your Rickest friends!

    @Mundane Monster
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  4. Count me in! I've got an idea that should be entertaining enough.
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  5. Invite your schwiftiest friends! @Eon
  6. I'll join up.
  7. Great! Now what I need you to do is shove these seeds...

    Just kidding! I want at least 4 others to start, and we're at 3. Find your Rickest friend... Heck find your Summerest friend at this point and invite them!

  8. Count me interested.

    I'm arguing with myself over if a walking skeleton would fit in with the Rick and Morty universe, whether through weird science-y gizmos or unexplained weirdness that seems like magic. Your thoughts ? Or should I tone it down a bit ?
  9. One way I can see that happening is that perhaps the skeleton is sort of like a giant 'mech' for someone from a microverse like the one in Rick C-137's car battery, but yeah... it is a bit strange - even for Rick and Morty.

    We do know that 'magic' kind of exists because of the Needful episode - you know, cursed objects, but what we really need in a character is a way to easily interact with the other players and the others they come across.

    Aaaand I'm not seeing a lot of ways your character isn't going to make any non-Rick go screaming into the night.

    So as much as I might like the idea on some level? I think it would be hard for me to incorporate such a character into the RP.

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  10. Yeah, if we're just a couple normal dudes i'll just play a normal dude. Count me in, homeboy !
  11. Hey, I'm sure that there's some sort of citadel technology that would let you insure that people don't get too spooked from seeing a dimension-hopping skeleton. Maybe he's got some sort of perception filter that disables the fear centers of nearby people without sufficient exposure, so that way the various random strangers we meet experience more of a mild curiosity than the gut-wrenching terror that would rightfully occur on witnessing a walking pile of bones.

    I just want to have a skeleton buddy for my character, is all.
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  12. It could be plausible if he just comes from another dimension where everybody's a skeleton and that's the 'normal' thing, which makes normal humans freak him out because he doesn't understand why everyone's covered with gross, disgusting flesh.
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  13. Hey, if you guys can make it work, then go for it!

    @Tedrick @Eon
  14. Still not sure of my character concept yet but im still super excited for this!
  15. @Mundane Monster @Dahrinn @Tedrick @Eon

    By tomorrow night I'll set up an OOC Thread for this so we can start plotting. Four plus myself seems enough to start and we can always add people later as we find them.

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  16. Wooh! All aboard the hype train!
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  17. Would LOVE to join, and if you're going by Pocket Mortys Citadel of Rick. I have a nice skin on that game, that I think will be an interesting character.

    (Also hello, I'm new to Iwaku)
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  18. I'm kinda torn between a timid nice guy way in over his head, or Gorgahkar the CyberBarbarian. (...Probably still way in over his head to be honest.)
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