From the Ashes of war

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    • - BACKGROUND -

      In a planetary system far way is the collection of 6 planets orbiting their star Balthazar. In the order of Kelmia, Anmos, Morvona, Breque, Tasrano, and far off Ghasam these planets are governed by their gods and goddess. Through their mortal deities, each immortal being rules the planet they themselves created, in an origin tale dating back to the beginning of time. While each planet has had its share in war and peace. However, for the past three centuries, an era of peace has been enjoyed, until now. Through political standoffs and in overcast of animosity and evil, the 6 planets went from peace to warfare. Kelmia and Tasrano are the main combatants in the war. The last planet to stay neutral in the war is Morvona, a lust and rich planet right in the middle of the war-zone. Through the divine power of their goddess, the planet Morvona has become to last safe haven for anyone who does not want to be put on the front lines. The war has been going on for 20 years, resulting in Anmos total destruction of its atmosphere, rendering in uninhabitable. No one has made contact with Ghasam, who’s planetary orbit is so far and slow that no one has bothered with the small insignificant planet at the edge of their solar system. Who is really to blame for all these destructions?

      - SETTING -

      We start off on Morvona, the last known safe place in the Balthazar star system. In a town called Enila on the continent Selmore. This modest town is about to celebrate its Honeybee Festival, where every shop, vendor, and inns feature items that have to do with honey, bees, or flowers. There is a lot of talk and tense in Morvona about the war. Information from Eulace, the capital of Selmore, travels through Enila about talks of drafts for pending war. What scares the people more is that nothing has been heard from Nahara, the planet’s goddess. Even in these turbulent times the honeybee festival still goes on, being the only source of glee in Enila. It is the first night of the three-day festival, where everyone, native and foreign comes together in the town square for the starting ceremony. On Morvana the fashion reflects a very elven Renaissance like feel.

      - PLOT -

      You adventurers will in some way shape or form are going to experience the war. Guided by me, the GM, in a loosely formed plot. 80% of the plot will be player driven. The other 20% is the bones of the RP. The character interactions and choices will affect the outcome and experiences in the RP. So far the characters have some way shape or form has made their way or found themselves in Enila on the planet Morvona for the Honeybee festival. Each character does not have to be from Morvona. They can freely be from whatever planet except for Ghasam. If you are interested in originating from Ghasam please Pm me, since the point of no contact with them for the last 20 or so years is in effect. Your character can have equipped mana crystals, though because destructive magic crystals are very expensive and very rare find in the common market these days take that into account. Healing Crystals are now very valuable, but in Morvona where the crystals are abundant, the price is reasonable since they are neutral.

      IC THREAD : From the Ashes of War

    • Kelmia

      Kelmia is a smaller-sized planet with mountains and canyons spanning all over the planet. Most of the water available on the planet is below ground. There are caves that lead to underground tunneling systems used by beasts. The three well-known caves are called Clus, Zynn, and Nyish and are known to have precious gems and metals in them. There are only two Major cities, each from opposing sides of the civil war. The rebellion, at the city of Etowah, is largely located underground to the north of the planet. The few loyal subjects of Qamar’s deity live in Ashkum which is stationed at the foot of the largest mountain in the south on Kelmia, Ajor peaks, where the temple of Qamar is. This mountain is southeast of the planet. Kelmia’s main trade is that of weapons and various gems. It is a military first society, where the now ruling family in Etowah has total control over resources.


      The goddess of Kelmia, and the patron of strength and power. She was the first to be brought into existence by Balthazar. Qamra was very close to her creator, being the only child for eons. Qamra learned from Balthazar how to create planets and moons. She made one of her own, shaping it with mountains and giving it its own moon. Qamra only gave Edarae a moon, due to their bond. However, Hesyn destroyed it out of jealousy, and the ring around Tasrano was made. Qamra is selfish, only wanting Balthazar to pay attention to her. For this reason, Qamra hates Nomio, who was the first to steal her creator’s attention. Qamra may be power and mighty, but she is not rational like Nomio. This is reflected in Breque’s lack of land mass. Nahara, taking sides with Nomio, resulting in Morvona having no mountains at all. Nahara loved Qamra though, and through the pleas from Edarae, Qamra lends her strength to create humans that were amazingly adaptable. Qamra’s people are very resourceful and durable. The royal family is small, but tight net and united. That is until one of the Sons of the last deity divided the people can caused a civil war over the right to rule their own kingdom. Qamra was abandoned by her worshipers, and then the rebellious son declared war against the rest of the planets.

      Qamra’s is shown to be a bronzed skinned woman with long wavy silver hair. Her eyes are icy purple and she has pink holo crystal scales on framing her face. current deity is a teenage boy, son of the previous deity. He is a weak boy in heart, refusing to fight for the unity of his planet. No one on Kelmia has seen him. Only the other deities know of him. It is unclear if he is trained in combat. Usually, Qamra’s deities can control earth, create golems freely, and have super strength.



      Goddess of Anmos, and patron of passion and fury. Systarr was the third being created by Balthazar. From the beginning, Systarr was hot-tempered, chaotic, and unruly. she is a risk taker, disregarding anyone’s warning but Balthazar. Systarr, with the guidance of Balthazar, channeled his energy into creating stars and later volcanoes. With Systarr’s creation, light was introduced into the universe. Systarr does not like Qamra, for refusing to give her her own planet. In revenge she created a star close to Kelmia, making the planet very hot, dry, and undesirable.

      Balthazar corrected Systarr and taught each god how to create a barrier for their planet, allowing even Kelmia to be habitable for humans in the long run. Systarr did not hesitate to give human passion and conventions. Systarr’s own planet reflects her chaotic nature, being riddled with volcanoes and covered in sand. Systarr is depicted as a fair-skinned young woman with flowing red hair and is engulfed in flames. From her hands, there is the fire essence that is Systarr. Her deity is a young woman with blonde hair and a soft face. Systarr’s deity was only 7 training in the ways of a rogue when Anmos was destroyed. She is being held captive on Tasrano for the last 10 years. Her status is unknown at this point. She Is unable to tap into her goddess-given power since Anmos’s destruction. No one knows why. From records, Systarr’s deities are able to control fire and lava, turn into a Fire Cherufe, and cannot be physically burned. All known bloodline of Systarr’s deity has been killed.


      Morvona is a lush green planet filled tall and mature forests. There are 2 huge land masses that makes up the continents called Selmore and Avis. Selmore is in the northwest region of Morvona with 5 settlements. Beaches, bays, and gulfs are common. Three huge and dense forests cover the land, giving homes to unique and fantastical beasts. Mines for gems are in every city and town, but the main item of trade is food. Morvona has the highest variety of fruits and veggies of all the planets, each region having unique crops they harvest. Their trade goods are food, various gems, and healing potions. The largest ocean, Brixe, hosts the deity temple that floats high in the sky. The only way to get there is my means of teleportation or sky ship. The temple is on floating land mass with rocky cliffs and separated softly rotating boulders that suggest a mysterious force is keeping the temple in midair. The southern continent Avis is a large mushroom forests with two large cities and very scattered farms. On Morvana there is a sense of peace and happiness in the air since the planet has been protected from the war by their Goddess, Nahara.


      The Goddess of Morvona, and the patron of nature and beauty. In her origin story, Nahara was the second to last to be born out of the universe. Created with a warm radiant energy, she was given a planet to call her own by Balthazar and filled it and the other planets with life. She was the creator of Flora and Fauna that are not human. Her love for living creatures convinced the other Gods to come together and create humans, featuring her life giving energy. Nahara is often depicted as a woman with long hair adorned with flowers, in a meadow with light beaming from her with her dragon companion. Heavy chested with life, sometimes even pregnant, with hardly any clothing on and barefooted to reflect a sense of innocence. The Royal blood line of Nahara is a large family, with many lords and dukes. They make up a congress in Morvona’s capital city Eulace.

      Her deity is current an eccentric tanned woman who with long brown curly hair, gray eyes, and is a ranger with a cat familiar. Like all deities, the goddess is linked to her, and can even take over their body to communicate at will. All deities of Nahara has an infinity for animals, healing, and can make plants grow at will. They radiant a live giving energy that encourages life to grow just from being in their presences. Temple of Nahara is also the head of the planetary systems orphanages, where devoted Worshippers of Nahara take care of them until they are 16 years old.

      A planet mostly dominated by water, Breque is home to the temple of Nomio. The temple is to the right of the vast ocean simply called The ocean of Breque. While the ocean has no unique name, the two island continents are called Azelaglow and Hythos. Hythos, in the south, is a smaller island, with 1 large city called Aphine that gathers the planets timber and the cave of whispers that lead to a vast system of underground cave systems. These cave systems house many of the dangerous animals and beasts on Breque, and even connect to the cave of Moss and Crinn, on Azelaglow. Azelaglow has two mining cities and rocky hills that cover the northern shore completely. Azelaglow and Hythos may be the only land mass on Breque, but the majority of the populous are on the numerous floating cities that deal in trading between the islands, fighting the many sea beasts that plague the ocean, and fish for the majority of the seafood on the market on Breque. Due to the nature of the floating cities, the inhabitants are very advance in water and steam powered technology and metal work in general. Their skills surpass that of Tasrano, who are known for their strong and elaborate lava and steam-powered metal-based technology. Their main trade is for water gems and power crystals, seafood, and machinery.


      Nomio is the God of Breque and the patron of water. While Nahara could create life, her creations could not live without Nomio's substance of water. Since the birth of his origin story, Nomio has been calm and rational in his dealings with his siblings and mankind. Being the Secondborn out of the universe, His power controlled the flow of energy and matter. Fitting of him, Breque's ocean is always in movement, without a calm shore in sight. Nomio is depicted as a blue water dragon, sometimes with Nahara as well. Nahara was known to create beasts befitting Nomio's chaotic nature, especially for breque.

      Nomio's deity is currently long dark hair male with a monk upbringing. His is tall, toned, and a man of few words. His weapon of choice is a katana. His granted powers included complete control over water, shape shifting into a sea serpent, and underwater breathing. Breque’s royal family is nothing short of a disaster. Not has chaotic has Kelmia’s, but very concerning. Nomio’s deity has no heir, by choice. His 4 siblings are at odds with who’s should be trained in the ways of deity-hood. Nomio accepts none but the best, but no heir has been chosen from the 5 current pool of potential heirs. What is worse, Nomio gave his deity a prophetic dream. The heir has already been chosen.

      Tasrano is a cold and icy tundra, with mountain covering the northernmost part of the only continent, Veltin. There are two islands on opposite sides of Veltin, the left being the Hollowing island and the right being the island of Despair. The local lore suggests that each island is home to terrifying snow monsters that prey on human flesh. The Capital of Tasrano is Veocaster and is located in the southeast, with the Vlo River passing through it. Veocaster is where most of the royal family lives. The planets prison, located at Drolphia, houses some of the most harden criminals in the planetary system. In the northern part of Veltin is the temple of Edarae. The only way to the temple is through Edarae’s pass, a torturous passage that few trek or even survive. The mountains of Veltin are most of the coldest temperatures in the system, second only to Ghasam. Even in that mountain lives dangerous beasts and small settlements alike. Every city is partially underground, aside from Veocaster, where it is just warm enough to not freeze over completely during the long winter. Tasrano is home to some of most extricate metal work. The residence of Tasrano relies heavily on the magma chambers underground for heat, energy, forgery work. Most of the technology on Tasrano is lava and steam crystal powered. Their trade is mainly Various Gems, lava and steam power crystals, technology, and weapons.


      The Goddess of Tasrano, and patron of justice and order. Edarae was the fourth birthed into the universe. She was what Qamra and Systarr needed, order. With the help of Nomio and Balthazar, Edarae honed her powers of ice and snow. Her powers of cooling temperatures spread throughout the universe, resulting space to be cold and isolating. Her powers of order keep the planets in orbit and place. Edarae gave her sense of justice to humans.

      On her planet Tasrano the land is cold and flat, with a large expand of mountains Qamra gifted to her, along with what was her moon. Edarae’s planetary ring is made up on ice and rock.Edarae is shown to wear flowing clothes adorned with gold, flowing in the air surrounded by icy winds. her eyes glow white with justice, and like her deity has white hair. Her hand protrudes her power over ice and snow. Her deity line is a good sized family, who rule over Tasrano with an iron fist. Edarae’s chosen deities are from birth, marked with white hair. The current deity is a young woman with bright blue eyes. She wears her hair down and is very trendy. Her powers include control over ice, transform into a giant snow wolf, and can detect lies. She is not a very good leader, refusing to go by the tradition ways, and is known to disappear for weeks at a time. Her weapon of choice is a double sided war scythe.


      At this moment Ghasam is widely mysterious to the other planets. Though it is certain that it is very icy and cold, there are no records of their civilizations or settlements. There are no real maps of the planet, and only the deities would have any important information on their god, Hesyn. Other than the origin story, nothing is known about Hesyn or his deity's powers. In his origin story, Hesyn is painted as a cold and cynical god. Being born the last, Hesyn was immature compared to his siblings. Hesyn distant himself, only showing favor to Balthazar, the all powerful force that allowed them to come into existence and gave them their planets. Hesyn has power over chaos and destructive energy. He has been known to create solar storms, meteor showers, and quasars. Hesyn is depicted in available historical texts as a grizzly humanoid being with talons for feet and green skin. often times he is hovering and carrying his bag of "chaotic energy"

      *Morvona and Kelmia are based on planets in the RP Dei Mundi that was run by henri. Thank you so much for inspiring me to create this whole RP.

    • - Available Classes -

      Fighter- Using mainly traditional weapons (swords, shields, battle axes, etc), focuses on keeping everyone safe in melee battle and in general. Mana crystals can add certain abilities and effects on weapons and their wielders.

      Technician- During the rise of metal work in Tasrano and Breque over the last 100 years, a new class of fighter has been born. They use guns, cannons, bombs, and even robots to their advantage. Available power supply being water, steam, and lava shards.

      Medic- These individuals have become irreplaceable during the war, but has been around just as long as the traditional classes. The people of Morvona all have a basic understanding of healing. Across the board, all healing is made possible by the healing crystals found abundantly or scarcely on all planets. Medic can heal serious wounds, and can even bring someone back from the brink of death with enough skill and mana. Medics can also cure corruption at a high enough skill level.

      Rouge- Use stealth and shadows, rouges can make deathly assassination attempts and even steal from unfortunate targets with ease. They can pick locks, disarm traps, and heighten senses that match that of a ranger. They have low light and dark sight. Disguise themselves and impersonate targets.

      Rangers- Bows, crossbows, and animal familiars are a ranger’s best friend. Bows and crossbows can be equipped with mana crystals for added effects on arrows, and they have heightened senses that help with tracking and scouting. Animal familiars can be bears, flying animals (except dragons), felines, canines, reptiles, and any animal that can survive on land, and have the capacity to take orders. Rangers can only get a general understand from all animals that they have an affinity with on past situations and events. Affinities are related to your familiar, any questions about it don’t be afraid to ask.

      Scientist- While healing crystals are the quickest and most reliable way to heal, there are other means to do the job. Scientists have a deep understanding of chemistry and botany.They are able to make tonics and potions to have all types of effects, including healing. Scientists can also make deadly poisons, cure illnesses, and even make elixirs that work similarly to mana crystals to drink.

      Researcher- They can also double as scholars and diplomats. They handle information gathering, have a greater chance of understanding local lores and languages. Researchers are valuable to have when going to expeditions, dungeons with puzzles for traps, or to discover new things with scientists, rangers, and technicians.

      - General Gem and mana info -

      Gems come in two different types. Destructive and healing. Only one type of gem can be effectively used in battle. Anyone, regardless of planetary background, can use all types of tier 1 gems. Tier 1 can be likened to commercial or general use items. These gems can be fastened on objects to give them corresponding elemental or healing effects. Tier 2 and up are for professional and military use. Both healing and destructive have 5 tiers of gems.

      As the gem tier raises more mana and skill are needed to properly use them. If too much mana is used, the welder will first get exhausted, then pass out, followed by falling in a coma, finally, if an extreme amount of mana is used, over the limit of the person, death will occur. No amount of healing can bring back long-dead people (just to note if a PC health drops and death occurs medics or a special and rare potion can bring back the PC back to very low health. Medics at a high enough level can only do this once per day.).

      Higher tiered gems will be rarer to find and mine, tier 5 gems being heavily regulated and distributed to Royal families and temple uses. Both types of gems cannot be used at the same time due to the amount of dedicated mana needed by the gems at the moment of use. While different elemental gems can be used by one person, depending on the origin planet, that person will have a natural affinity to one type of elemental crystal. Kelmia is
      earth, Anmos is fire, Morvona is light, Breque is water, Tasrano is ice, Ghasam is air.

      Sub elemental effects are viable. This should be put under specialty in your CS. For example, if you use fire gems, you can have a sub-elemental “power” of controlling lava. No matter if you have sub power or not if you use tier 2 and up you need to come up with “spells” that correspond with the type of gem. The amount is determined by the tier. (E.i tier 4 gets 4 “spells”) The number of times you can use each gem in a 24hr period depends also on the tier. Tier 5 is 2, tier 4 is 4, tier 3 is 6, tier 2 is 8, tier 1 is 10.

      Objects that are overused will deteriorate over time. Gems that try to be used passed its daily limits will start to crumble and shatter, rendering it unusable. Healing is much more involved than destructive gems. Medics should have an array of tiered light gems, but should not try to bulk up on too many higher tiered gems, since healing requires a bit a life force from the welder as well, more when the gem is higher in tier.

      Every gem can be used as is or made into an object for easier use. Jewelry, armor, and weapons are the most popular ways to craft gems into items. Weapons and armor with gem slots on them are the most common way for fighters to use them. Weapons slots can not be easily be changed and requires a rune master to swap out gems. Medic usual have amulets and other jewelry. Non-combat individuals may use armor or jewelry with gems embedded for passive protection.

      Power crystals are special gems that can be used without human mana. They take the residual mana in whatever material they are bonded to and give effects corresponding to the type of gem. Power crystals are used for machinery, Robots, traps, locks, and anything else that is meant to react to human contact or work on its own. Only one power crystal can be bonded to a device, and the quality(tier) and use determine the life of the crystal. Replacing these crystals is the same as regular gem swap.

      If the gem is actively being used for its effect, a rune must be carved near the gem in the old god's tongue for the desired effect to occur. Runemasters, often researchers with special knowledge in the old god's tongue or members of the royal family, can be contacted to set elaborate traps and effects. Run of the mill effects are common knowledge and could be learned through a rune library in every major city.

      Available gems by element
      {td=center|76x@} Fire{/td}
      {td=center}Light (healing){/td}
      {td=center|74x@}Lapis Lazuli{/td}
      {td=center}Moss opal{/td}
      {td=center}Rose quartz{/td}
      {td=center}Demantoid Garnet{/td}
      {td=center|124x@}Paraiba Tourmaline{/td}
      Available power crystals by type
      {td=center|@x14}Smokey Quartz{/td}
      {td=center|@x14}Tiger Eye{/td}
      {td=center|@x14}Blue Lase Agate{/td}
      {td=center|@x14}Leumarian Seeded Crystal{/td}
      {td=center|@x14}Fire Agate{/td}
      {td=center|@x14}Red jasper{/td}

    • Name-
      Age-(17 and up)
      Appearance-(realistic or cartoon)
      Origin planet-(refer to plot)
      Mortal alignment-(try this Alignment Test) D&D style
      Class- (refer to class)
      Specialty -based on personal interests or class
      Group role-(fighter,healer,cook,navigator)
      Familiar-(ranger only)
      Personality-(3-5 traits and a description of each)
      Background-(If you want to be cool and mysterious shot me a PM)
      Gear and weapons-(refer to rules)

      1. No hateful speech or harassment. This is Iwaku community rules in general.
      2. Any disputes that cannot be settled like mature beings should be brought to me via a three-way PM.
      3. Posts need to be around a paragraph (5-8 sentences) long. It should include something to reply or react to. This is the best way to keep the IC going. I would claim that I am looking for intermediate leveled posts.
      4. Do not take control of others characters unless you have permission.
      5. Keep your starting equipment and crystals realistic to the background and setting of the RP. This means if you are a poor farmer you would not have the latest in armor and Amber gems at the start of the RP. However, evil characters are allowed so you could be a highly skilled thief that raided Kelmia’s military artillery some years ago. However, would you be able to settle in Peaceful Morvona while going unnoticed due while using clearly branded and uniquely crafted armor and stolen gems from Kelmia? Just food for thought.
      6. Creating NPCs does not have to only be the GMs job, and I really have no opposition about it. However, it goes without saying that only the GM would have previously unknown information about world events and important info that drives the story. I will take over your NPC if I feel like they could contribute to the story telling. Of course, if that happens I will shot you a pm letting you know so no one gets offended. Also, if you make an NPC, you're responsible for posting interactions if they arise with other players.
      7. Very important! When in battle, You will post what you plan for your character to use and where their location is. In the enemy post/turn, I will determine if it's successful. I will be using the dice roll feature on IWAKU to determine damage, hits, and attack damage to players. AS previously stated in the gem section, player characters will not die unless you want them to (through PM). NPCs, however, can be killed if not necessary to the story progression. Unless I feel like a character would have knowledge of the enemy, info will not be disclosed to the players up front. If one would know, I will put the general info as a post header. Battle loot as well as all items bought and stolen IC will be explained by the GM, for the characters to divide amongst themselves.
      8. I am free to change and add rules as I want. Make sure you check back here every so often.

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  1. Alia Rowan

    Age- 25
    Appearance- Alia has light purple eyes and platinum blond hair. She has a slender build with a medium sized bust. She stands at 5’8. Her soft facial features makes her seems younger than what she really is.
    Origin planet- Morvona
    Mortal alignment- Neutral Good
    Class- Researcher
    Specialty – intermediate Rune master, Religious knowledge, Shield; Alia can erect a shield with a 5 ft radius of herself for about 3 minutes and heal; Alia can heal herself from minor wounds over the course of 30 minutes(Kunzite amulet).
    strengths- kind-hearted, intelligence, multi-lingual,
    weaknesses- social responsibility, children, attractive men
    Group roll- Navigator and leader
    Personality- Alia is a curator of knowledge. Being naturally focused and driven, Alia has given most of her free time to going on expeditions with her mother at a young age. Knowing so much more than an average young adult in the Balthazar star system, Alia is quick on her feet during hard times, and is moved to help others if it does not hinder herself too much. Alia has a soft spot for children, interesting men, and ancient ruins. You will most certainly see her with a book or two, and will not hesitate to add more to her mounting collection.
    Background- Alia was born into a Mushroom harvesting family in Ophishire. Her only sibling was her older brother, Iran, who regularly took her out into the mushroom forest and taught her how to survive in the wilderness. While Alia did not care for being dirty, she loved her brother, and followed at his heel for most of her childhood. The war had not effected much of Alia’s life back then, but as more and more refugees poured into Morvona, she become aware of the harsh environment outside the barrier. Alia was not very outspoken in school, though she was top in her academy. Many girls her age teased her, causing Alia to develop a thick skin to bullies and negativity. She is known to be realistic, not believing in anything wild beast stories from the north, or even that Ghasam had been shot out of orbit by Tasrano long before the war started. Alia looked towards her books and traveling Researchers heading towards the old Ruins northeast of Ophishire. During those years of her life, she longed to go outside of Morvona’s atmosphere and explore the solar system. Alia’s brother Iran went on to become a ranger for the guardsmen of Slosa. With her brother gone, where would Alia go? Alia did not want to continue the family business out harvesting mushroom trees. When she was of age, which is 16 on Morvona, Alia earned a scholarship to the prestigious Selmore University which is located in Eulace, the capital of Selmore. After almost 10 years of studies and extensive field work in Tasrano and Morvona dealing with the old god’s language and ruins, Alia is taking a much needed vacation on her home planet after graduating with honors. She was pointed to Enila, a small town with a scheduled festival she once attended with her family as a child. She plans stay here until she is assigned a position somewhere.
    Gear and weapons- Light leather amour in her pack, her personal hardback research tome with a ruby on the front cover, a Kunzite Amulet, currently wearing a travelers clothes and well worn boots.
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  2. Looks interesting! Ill see if I can sign up for it and stuff
  3. Name- Otto
    Otto (open)

    Origin planet- Anmos
    Mortal alignment-Neutral Good
    Class- Fighter
    Specialty- Berserker: Otto works himself into a bloody fury at times when large ammounts of blood has been spilt by his blade, his swings are harder and he moves swifter. The draw back is that he will attack anything in his path be it friend or foe.
    strengths- experience, physical strength and mental fortitude
    weaknesses- anger, previous injury and women
    Group roll-Fighter

    Personality- Otto is a good guy, no matter what way you look at it he is one of the good guys. He doesn't hesitate to help others if he is able and does not stand for people to be treated badly. Oddly though Otto is rather greedy, he has saved a large sum of money as time has gone on allowing him to make a purchases as he pleases though he is rather hesitant to do it. Otto is also a man who enjoys the company of others, weather it be by a fire or in a inn he will sit and talk, laugh and simply enjoy a good time with anyone.

    Background-Otto was born on Anmos before it was destroyed, his family sent him away to learn the ways of battle as the men in his family all had though at this time peace was still abundant and this training was seen as more of a right of passage then necessary to his family. When war finally broke out Otto had been off Anmos and despite his best efforts he was unable to return, this may of been for the best as he would of died had he returned to his home before it's destruction. He did away with his last name when he learned his whole family had died and was also kicked out of the academy he was being taught at as no one was able to pay his tuition, his plan at that point was to put his knowledge to use. He became a mercenary, it was hard for him at first as he had no money or arms and armor to fight with luckily as he drifted he happened upon a battle that had just finished and while most would frown upon it Otto had no choice but to rob the dead for weapons and supplies. He was only eighteen at the time and has been fighting for who ever paid him the best since and has fought for all sides in the war he has even fought and killed several of his former peers from the academy, he even fought the headmaster at one point when he was twenty though that left him with a nasty wound to his leg that still bothers him at times today.

    Gear and weapons-Otto's wears a rather plain set of armor, no fancy designs or marks of allegiance but it does it's job.
    Otto's weapon is what draws the most attention well that and his height of six foot two, he has a Zweihänder that he carries on his shoulder. The blade is five feet nine inches in length and weighs six pounds ​
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  4. I didn't post in the interest check but I've been looking at this one. Is it okay to say I'm tentatively signing up? I have a few character ideas... xP
    Also spaaaaaaace
  5. Are all the characters to be human?
  6. @Eruantien yes it doesnt matter i just wanted to see if people would actually be interested in this plot. can't want to see your CS.

    @Camleen yes this time around i will keep it simple on myself and keep it to one race. I thought about have different races, maybe next time around. I will be trying this RP multiple times with tweeks here and there.

    Also remember Kelmia, Anmos, and Tasrano are not finished. Each planet has its own overall social atmosphere based on the god/goddess of the planet. other than the climate and terrain of the planets it, you wont need the complete list for your CS. Other than Ghasam feel free to use any of these planets as their birthplace. I should have those and the crystal info done soon.
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  7. Would I wanna play a rogue or a ranger? I can't decide..
  8. Interesting. I think I'll wait for more info to be filled out, but I like the fantascifi setting. Do you have room for another and, if so, what sort of posting speed is expected?
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  9. Wow, this looks cool! My partner @Nemopedia and I would love to join this!
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  10. You know, @koolkat4595, I had an idea of medic character, which was raised on Breque, having both healing crystals, and, by Nomio parent-line, water crystal. He is raised as a descendant of Nomio, in the ocean temple of Breque, being "mistake" child of Nomio. Nomio at first didn't want him when he was just a child, but somehow developed parental love to him.

    I know, that direct parental-line from a deity sounds extremely OP, but I'll explain:
    Due to one crystal being inherited, and other being passed down by genes, medic character will be only able to use one type of crystal at time, and changing it can only happen 24 hours after last change. I hope for him to decrease that cooling down time, but now it's 24 hours.

    So, how is it?
  11. so I had to sit down and go through the already posted to info to realize that i never actually explained deity lines. In my mind deities are chosen by the god/goddess after the current one has passed. They were randomly chosen at birth with the seal on the gods on them. HOWEVER @RecentlyInsaneRussian gave me a great idea. I had no idea where the corruption of power would come from, since each planet of the under rule by their god/ deity whatever. so instead of keeping the random stealing babies approach i would have blood lines. The royalty and extended power would be from the blood line that the deities come from. The deity would still be chosen by the god, it just didnt have to be at birth.

    so that part is a go but the crystal part would not be. he would only be able to use tier 1 water crystals for a small weapon like a dagger because crystals need a large amounts of mana. If your a medic most of your "healing spells" would use most of your mana. if you use a high tiered water crystal for offensive "magical effects" on your weapon, how would you be able to heal someone(which is your roll) when they need it? i want it to be very balanced. Once i update the crystal info page everyone will have a better understanding.
  12. update: crystal and mana info has been updated. now for the planet/deity info and overall post cleanup. i still have noooo character ideas, so there is no rush on posting CS right now. the goal is to have everyone ready to go by next sunday. lets try our best!
  13. Some moments after, I decided to make my character's speciality a defensive and offensive water magic, and some small healing powers.
    Dominant crystal would be water, tier... 3 or 2 I suppose, inserted in an amulet, granting him Hydrokinesis. Healing crystal would be tier 1, and would be divid on two parts: one on left glove, and another on right glove.
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  14. @koolkat4595 Do you prefer anime style pictures for this roleplay or realistic ones?

    Edit: Just saw that we can have either or on the character sheet. I have a question though. Are the technicians the ones that create their robot companions? If yes, can the robots themselves have crystals infused into them?

    Basically I want my character to create a robot, one that has its own consciousness(so it can talk to my character) but is more of a weapon than anything. Since my character can't carry around a heavy canon all the time, her robot companion would have a canon form. So seeing as power sources in this rp are crystals and just about everything has crystals embedded in them I figured robots would too
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  15. @Princess Misaou yes in fact tasrano will be made to be the powerhouse of crystal powered robotic weaponry. you are free to use whatever type of power supple crystals you like. make sure to refer to the crystal section explaining crystal powered objects and how many you should make and put it under specialty. if there is any info that is missing or you have further questions let me know.
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  16. @RecentlyInsaneRussian that will be fine. will he will still be a part of the royal blood line of breque? if so feel free to PM me if you need more info on the family if you manage to finish your CS before i update that section.
  17. Just generally wondering when the worlds will be finished since the world I would like to have my character have as a place of origin isn't updated yet. I feel like the place where my character would grow up would shape her as a character a lot. I'm not rushing you by any means but if you have any information about Tasrano, if you could send it my way that would be great.
  18. I just updated the planets, only one without a planetary description is Anmos. Kinda holding off on that one though i did describe it a bit. I do not know if you can see the pictures i placed, since its iffy on my end. hopefully you can because i love the pictures.
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