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  1. This is the IC thread of Epitaph!

    Sign-ups and OOC can be found here.

    Do remember that @DBZ7 is a the co-GM, and as such, you will show him 75% as much respect as you would give me as the head GM.​
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    In the highest tower of the Capital City, in one of the higher up floors, the absolute Controller of the Demon society that dominated the world resided.

    The being was isolated from his people, as he usually was during his downtime. Just to lounge about in his immense, dark room, able to summon any luxury right to his lap. He had to meet with people everyday, to which he would react to with an air of dignity and superiority that constantly reminded those he spoke to just who was in charge.

    And the fact that he resembled like a destructive force of nature incarnate probably helped to send the message home.
    But that aside! His face- as unnatural as it was, was one that had been imprinted into the minds of all of his people since their birth. And that face was synonymous to many things:








    Love for one's neighbors.

    To a Demon, the form of Zagan was that of a savior. One that they were not worthy of being in the presence of. After all, it was him that delivered everyone from under the heels of humanity.

    It was him that led them all to demand for not just independence, but absolute dominance, as they had the right to.

    It was him that led all of Demonkind through the 1000 Years War.

    And most importantly: it was Zagan that managed to keep this society stable for the hundreds of years that followed, swearing to purge the scorched Earth of the humans that brought it to such a state.

    That, however, was the face and image that the dictator of 80% of the world wore in those specific moments and the minds of his people.


    As the leader of the Liberators- accompanied by a small squadron- got to work on a certain Artificial Demon Productions Site (ADPS), Zagan had trapped himself within his immense room once more. Although this time, he was acting as his normal self.

    With the large screen before him playing out some sort of show or game or movie- all that was needed to know was that it was making plenty of noise to contrast with the otherwise empty 'throne room'- the Ruler was sprawled out on his easy chair, scratching at areas on his person that one didn't need to know about.

    Almost dozing off, the King awoke with a start, nearly falling from his easy chair before he cried out in distress!

    "Gulmerx! I can't fucking find the remote!" Zagan screeched in his drowsy state, not even realizing that said remote was by his chair.

    Perhaps getting better lighting for the room would be best?


    As the King was having his little episode, the alarm went off in the communications headset or system of every officer working within The Capital, as the news of the destruction of a ADPS had finally become confirmed. As the call went out, certain of the higher ranking officers were summoned to the ground floor of Zagan's Tower to await further instruction.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Seated atop an old barricade that had been in use hundreds of years ago, a young demon squad captain was chewing on a thistle of grass, her mind a million miles away, when her communications system beeped, signaling that a message had been recieved.

    So, he calls...

    Slipping out of her comfortable position and onto the ground, Ember, the youngest squad leader in Zagan's forces, turned and hurriedly began heading towards her supreme leader's tower, her white cloak billowing in the wind behind her. It had been a pretty long day, and Ember had spent most of her time delegating duties to her underlings, leaving her with nothing much to do other than watch and wait for something to happen. Unfortunately, everything had gone off with a hitch, leaving Ember bored out of her mind.

    "Ugh, I could really use a cigarette," Ember grumbled to herself as she approached the entrance of Zagan's tower. The heat demon wasn't really much of a smoker, but she enjoyed lighting the little cancerous sticks and watching them turn to ash in between her fingertips. As she stepped through the doors of the Tower and onto the lobby floor, Ember realized she was one of the last ones to join the assembly. Falling in with the rest of the group, Ember stood against the wall and waited for orders from their supreme leader, silently hoping he'd let her burn something.
  4. The Liberator Base

    The final- or at least that's what many people in the area assumed- stronghold that was alive and withstanding Zagan's hunt against humankind.

    Situated underground and many miles away from the dreaded Capital City, the base houses most of what remains of the human population within the North American continent as well as a small minority of demons that are either runaway criminals, outcasts, or the rare sympathizer for the human resistance.

    Through a number of entrances from the surface disguised as or through rubble, ruins, rocks, or chasms, the base can be entered, leading to a floor that is rigged to explode when one tries to forcibly enter the innermost levels or fails to submit the correct password to the door leading to a staircase three times.

    Beyond that staircase was another door that was constantly guarded; a final precaution before one would enter the haven of humanity.

    Although it wasn't the most technologically advanced due to resource limitations, the Liberators were blessed to have 'Doc' on their side. Doc had no name other than that, as it has been the only name that everyone in the base knows him by. Thanks to his team of skillful architects, the base's walls were reinforced by sturdy steel beams and metal plating.

    The many layers that made up the base were mostly made up of residential floors, focused on providing housing as well as food for the residents. Scattered about were rooms made for producing clothes, to support physical training, hold weapons and ammunition, and to act as safe bunkers for non combatants.

    The rooms of notoriety, however, were the following:
    The all important Medical Bays
    Research in Technology Departments
    Meeting Hall with the Commander's Office besides it
    Mastery Room, a large arena-like area that permitted battle with a robot designed to match the movements of its opponent as they engaged in combat. A great motivator of growth and the only one of its kind thanks to Doc's particular skills in robotics as well as medicine.


    As the clock hit half past noon, an announcement was made that echoed throughout the speaker system set up within the base.

    "Will the following members please report to the Meeting Hall..."

    As the names were listed off, Doc stood at the head of the large table within the room, waiting for everyone to arrive.

  5. As the amount of people pouring within the lobby increased- some no names, many big shots in the law enforcement and militia departments- it became more and more clear that this meeting was anything but the conventional and standard. For so many big names to be called in at once, it was likely that this meant that there was going to be an official announcement right from the Lord's mouth... or a state of emergency was in effect.

    Many hoped for the former while the majority suspected the later. There were a series of explosions going off at the edge of the city- or at least, that's what the reports claimed. Regardless, the tension in the room could be cut with a knife as the officials were murmuring among themselves about the predicament.

    As they were all waiting, a hand gently tapped at Ember's shoulder, soon followed by a young male's voice.
    "Ah...Ember, is it?" The unknown source asked.

  6. Jaylin Harvey (Specter)

    @DBZ7 @Verite @Liberators I guess

    It had been a long day for Jaylin; some incredibly close calls with the forces of Zagan, and legging it across long distances to avoid becoming the next casualty out there on the field... Taking on the tasks of either a Stealth Agent, or a Scout wasn't easy work, but it was what he excelled at, call it luck, or maybe even fate, but all the same... He had survived to transmit valuable information about the whereabouts of Zagan's forces, and at times, even some ideas of what they were planning next.

    All the same, he was quick to report to the meeting hall as soon as he heard his name being announced. He moved quickly, but quietly, it was unlikely many, if any noticed him as he made his way to the meeting hall, at least until he arrived, or so he hoped anyways. It wouldn't be the first time if he had to make his presense absolutely clear through some convoluted manner, but, it was much less common for him to do this now than it was when he had first joined the Liberators.​
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