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  1. Club Wars: Battles of the Clubs at Ridgewood Academy

    Genre(s): Modern, Slice of Life, Comedy

    n the town of Anastasia Falls, Washington. There is a school like no other boarding school out in the United States. This school's name is Ridgewood Academy. Ridgewood Academy is a prestigious boarding school known for it's Academic, Artistic, and Athletic Students. It is the school where only the best can attend, succeed, and graduate. However it is very strict, and only 30% of a class can graduate. But enough about the school. Ridgewood isn't known for being one of the toughest Academies in the US. It's known for two words: Club Wars.

    In Ridgewood Academy, there are a handful of students that often have far too much time on their hands. So what do they do? Participate in clubs of course. Yes, Participate in clubs and-to a further extent-participate in the Club Wars. So what is Club Wars you might ask? Well, Club Wars is when two or more clubs participate in a battle organized by the club's president for chance of winning and humiliating the losing club. The reason can differ from a bitter rivalry between two clubs, to one club has something their rival club wants, to simply being bored and having nothing better to do. Whatever the case might be, Club Wars is definitely what Ridgewood is known for. Another thing Ridgewood is known for is the Elites Club. The Elites Club is one of the oldest clubs Ridgewood has that is ongoing. The Elites Club is known for their Members Aristocratic Status and Being the Club Wars Champion for Ten Straight Years in a row. Well...that was until The Misfits showed up. The Misfits are a group founded in September of 2010 and were the first group to defeat The Elites winning Club Wars streak in May of 2011. With a Rivalry between the two groups and a new group of students attending the school in fall of 2016, it's time for a whole new season of Club Wars to start to find the Club Wars Champion of 2016. Will it be The Elites? Or the Misfits? Or Will the Student Council shut down the Club Wars before it can even begin?

    Setting and School:
    he Setting of this story takes place in the [fictional] town of Anastasia Falls, Washington. Anastasia Fall is a kind of mixture of the cities of Seattle (which is also located in Washington) and New York City (located in, obviously, New York). Close to the Inner City of Anastasia Falls-Ridgewood Academy Stands. Ridgewood Academy is a strict boarding school founded in December of 1940 that only 30% of a class is able to graduate. It's known for the Club Wars that happens at the school, and those who graduate get to tell about it.

    Ridgewood Academy (open)


    The school has a wide and large campus with a school building that has over 5 floor. The first three floors are designated for teaching students that are Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior. The other two floors are for clubs-and where the infamous Elites Club is. The second and third buildings is also for classrooms and clubrooms, and the fourth and fifth buildings are dorm rooms that are connected to the second and third buildings. In the back of the school there is a hallway that connects to the outside and towards the gymnasium-where the sports equipment building on the right side. Behind the school and gymnasium entirely is a abandoned three floor building that looks rundown and messy. This building was used for Students who were taking Entrance Exams for the school, taking summer classes, or repeating classes they failed (Seniors who didn't graduate ended up in these classes). However in 2009 a new building was made on campus so the old one was abandoned. It later became the base for the Misfits and the battle area for any outdoor Club Wars.

    Main Clubs the Story will focus on-

    The Elites:
    Founded in December of 1950 by Joelle Longstein, The Elites is the longest running club Ridgewood Academy has ever had. Members of the Elites are often known as the children of very wealthy and successful men and women and have very high class aristocracy. However, the club is known for having very rude, competitive, and snobby members who believe they are better than everyone and everything. Since 1995, The Elites have had a 10+ Winning streak, until their streak was broken thanks to The Misfits in the Final 20 Club War Battle Championship who claimed the title of Club Wars Champion of 2010 in May of 2011. They're considered the Antagonists of the Roleplay, with The Student Council following behind Second.
    Current President: TBD
    Current Vice-President: TBD

    The Misfits:
    Founded in September of 2010 by well known and Infamous Ridgewood Student Zachary Route, The Misfits are one of the most recent clubs introduced to Ridgewood Academy. Members of The Misfits often come from Middle or Low Class families. Instead of getting in based on how wealthy they were, they were accepted based on how well they did in Academics, Athletics, and Arts. Another possibly is that their parents pleaded them to be accepted into the school. The Misfits are known to be kind and rebellious, willing to take on any challenge unless otherwise. In May of 2011 they defeated The Elites and took the prize for winning Club Wars Champion. They are considered the Protagonists of the Story.
    Current President:
    Current Vice President: TBD

    The Underground Student Council:
    Founded in 1983 by former Ridgewood Student/Now Creative Writing Teacher at Ridgewood Academy Amy Rooney, The Underground Student Council is known for being the second longest running group Ridgewood has ever had. The Underground Student Council's job originally was to handle discipline and watch over the Club Wars when the Student Council wasn't able to. In 2000 however when the Student Council declared that it would no longer support the Club Wars the USC took over. The USC's job now is to Watch over the Club Wars and make sure everything is fair-as well as dish out punishment to those who disobey. They (alongside the Student Council) are the only groups that don't participate in the Club Wars.
    Current President:
    Current Vice President: TBD

    The Student Council:
    Founded in 1943 by Mark Hamilton at least three years after Ridgewood was opened for students, The Student Council is known as being the longest running groups in Ridgewood. Ridgewood Academy's Student Council's Job is to share studentsideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and school Headmaster help raise funds for school-wide activities, including social events, community projects. However, Another Job was added to the Student Council in 1972 When Club Wars became a official thing at Ridgewood. Another Job the Student Council had as of July of 1972 was to look over the Club Wars that was now a official part of Ridgewood Academy and make sure everything was fair-alongside dishing out prizes for the winning club. This continued for the next 28 years until the Year 2000 hit. In the year 2000 the student council president declared that the Student Council would no longer support the Club Wars and instead attempt to disband it instead. The Student Council are considered the Secondary Antagonists of the Roleplay.
    Current President: TBD
    Current Vice President: TBD

    Other club featured in the story-
    Art Club
    Martial Arts Club
    Photography Club
    Anime/Manga Club
    Roller Derby Club
    Tea Club
    Yoga Club
    Physics Club
    Dance Club
    Chemistry Club
    Tech Club
    Host/Hostess Club
    Game Club
    Cooking Club
    Drama Club
    Swim Club
    Striding Club
    Kendo Club
    Archery Club
    Ridgewood Examiner
    Light Music Club
    Movie Critique Club
    Paranormal Studies Club
    Horseback Riding Club
    Neko-Maid Cafe Club
    Eternal Magic Alliance Club ->(Chunnibyou Club)
    Agriculture Club
    Astronomy Club
    Cycling Club
    Fencing Club
    Debate Club
    Robotics Club
    Comic Book Club
    Spirit Club (Also considered the 'Spirit Club')
    Poetry Club
    Foreign Exchange Club
    Powder Puff Club
    Eurovision Club
    Ultimate Frisbee Club
    Band Geek Club
    We Heart Africa
    Psychology Club
    Book Club
    Helping Small Paws
    Feast of Fiction
    Student Honor Society
    Jazz Band
    Recycling Club
    Show Choir
    Sign Language Club
    Think Pink Club
    Red Cross
    Yearbook Club
    Seniors Club
    Film Creation Club
    Gardening Club

    Disbanded Club(s)-
    Occult Club
    Dirt Biking Club
    Rodeo Club
    Paintball Club
    Latin Club
    Neighbors Club
    Sculpture Club
    We Heart Languages Club
    Fashion Creation Club
    Dodgeball Club
    Cloud Watching Club
    LBGT Club
    Just Friends Club
    Cloud Nine Club
    Environmental Club
    Fantasy Football Club
    Sleep Club
    Harry Potter Club
    History Club
    Jewelry Club
    Fishing Club
    League of Legends Club
    Fishing Club
    Trivia Club
    Goth Club
    Knitting Club
    Douchebag Life Club
    Marathon Team
    Key Club
    Breakfast Club
    Improve Team
    Acapella Club
    Chess Club
    Investigations Club


    - All Iwaku rules apply. Please read them before continuing.

    - This is a PG-13 Roleplay, anything above such must be taken to PM.

    - Please be respectful to all Players involved. Treat them the way YOU want to be treated.

    - Do NOT be rude to any players-doing so will get you kicked out of the RP

    - All Players accepted must post at least once a week. If you don't reply to the thread in a week than I will PM you to see what's up.

    - When Posting please wait a few Players before posting again.

    - NO ONE LINERS. Please post at the least 2 Paragraphs. You are welcomed to do more than 2 if you like.

    - You can Make More than One character. However, for now you can only make NPCs unless I say otherwise.

    *More Rules might be Added Later On*


    The Following are a list of rules created by the Student Council back in 1972 for the annual Club Wars that are a part of Ridgewood Academy in Anastasia Falls, Washington. More Rules are later added by new Student Council Members and (Eventually) The Underground Student Council. When participating in the Club Wars Season, please consider the following rules:

    • CLUBS CAN ONLY BATTLE DURING THE CLUB WARS SEASON. The Club Wars Season starts September-October to Early May of the Next Year.

    • You can declare war on a club ONCE YOU RECEIVE THE RED LETTER. Every September (or October) Every Club in Ridgewood Academy receives a letter from the Student Council Underground Student Council informing them that Club Wars Season has begun. YOU CANNOT DECLARE WAR UNLESS YOU RECEIVE THE LETTER.

    • When Declaring War, DO NOT VANDALIZE A CLUB ROOM WITH GRAFFITI, DO NOT ASSAULT A CLUB MEMBER OF THE CLUB YOU ARE DECLARING WAR AGAINST, DO NOT DO ANYTHING AGAINST THE LAW LIKE SET A FIRE. All of things will get you not only in trouble but EXPELLED. Please look to the Ridgewood Handbook for more information.

    • The Type of Battle between the two clubs must be decided by the Club Presidents and the Student CouncilUnderground Student Council President.

    • The Battle between two Clubs must be supervised by the Student Council Underground Student Council. A BATTLE NOT IMPROVISED WILL HAVE BOTH CLUBS LOSE AND FACE PUNISHMENT.

    • The Following Groups DO NOT participate in the Club Wars:
    - Student Council
    - Underground Student Council
    - Ridgewood Examiner
    - Red Cross
    - Yearbook
    - Foreign Exchange Club

    • Sports teams are not allowed to Participate. However Clubs can Participate if they choose to.

    • Once a club is disbanded, you cannot Reboot it UNLESS OTHERWISE.

    • Please be Mature whether you are in the Winning Club or Losing Club.

    • If a Club President decides to step down, then the Vice President of said club will take the role as President. If both step down and no one want the role then the Club will be disbanded. (AKA Code# 19-21-09-03-09-04-05: Club DRIVEN TO SUICIDE)

    *More rules will be added later on by the Student CouncilUnderground Student Council President.

    Club Wars Cast List:

    The Elites:
    “We are Refine, We are Superior, We are Elites. Do NOT cross us.”
    Elites Emblem (open)


    1:. [Reserved for @Siegdrake]-President
    2:. -Vice President

    The Misfits:
    “Being different is better than being a part of the In-crowd. Don't forget that.”
    Misfits Emblem (open)


    1:. [Reserved for @DandereCuteMute]-President
    2:. Jody Perkins-Vice President [Played by @Kitsune]
    3:. [Reserved for @Mother Flakers]
    4:. [Reserved for @xLarius]

    Underground Student Council:
    “We do more than just Disciplinary Actions. So Watch Out.”
    USC Emblem (open)


    1:. [Reserved for @Katsumi Y.]-President
    2:. -Vice President

    Student Council
    “As the Ridgewood Student Council, we abide to the rules and listen to the students and share their ideas to become a reality. We also plan to take down the Club Wars as of this year. You can count on it.”
    Student Council Emblem (open)


    1:. -President
    2:. -Vice President

    *NOTE*- As stated in the Rules, you can make more than One Character. However you can only make a NPC-unless I tell you otherwise. NPC's are characters that are a part of Clubs that aren't one of the Main Four. These characters will have a part in the story...but for now they're just NOC Background Characters for other clubs.

    NPC's (open)

    Uniforms of Ridgewood Academy-
    Freshman Uniform (open)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Sophomore Uniform (open)


    Junior Uniform (open)


    Senior Uniform (open)


    Character Sheet:
    Character Sheet (open)

    -The Following will be treated as a interview of sorts where Your Character will have to answer the following questions:
    -Insert Quote Here-


    (What is your Full Name?)

    (Do you have any Nicknames? If So, what do you go by?)

    (What is your Age?)

    (What is your Birthdate?)

    (What is your Height?)

    (How much do you Weigh?)

    (What is your Zodiac Sign?)

    (What is your Nationality? (Is doesn't have to be just American))

    Place of Birth:
    (Where were you born?)

    (What Grade are you in?)

    How were you accepted into Ridgewood Academy?:
    (As the Question Says. Whether it be because of your parents, Academics, Arts, Athletics, etc.)

    How well would you say you are at Academics/Arts/Athletics?:
    (As the Question Says. Please give a valid percentage.)

    What Clubs do you attend?:
    (As the Question Says. If you choose to be/Are in Multiple Clubs Please tell us which Club you Attend the Most. If you are a Freshman please tell us what Club Interests you.)

    What is your Role in the Club of your choosing?:
    (As the Question Says. This is for those who are already in the Club (Aka Sophomores-Seniors). Freshman Cannot reply to this Question in their respective sheet.)

    Why did you join the Club of your Choosing?
    (As the Question Says. Please give a Valid Reason why you decided to join the club of your choosing. If it has anything to do with Club Wars is a acceptable answer If you got nothing.)

    (What are your Strengths? Please give at least Five Examples.)

    (What are your Weaknesses? Please give at least Five Examples.)

    (Do you have any Fears? Please list them below.)

    (Do you have any Diseases/Any Disorders You'd like to inform us about? Please Inform us of any Medicine You take for it as well.)

    (What do you Like? Please give at least Five Examples.)

    (What do you Dislike? Please give at least Five Examples.)

    (What is your Personality like? Please give at least Five Virtues and Five Flaws before going into detail (if you choose to).)

    (In no more than Ten Sentences, Please Tell us a little about your Background. You are free to write more as you wish.)

    (What does your character sound like?)

    Theme Song:
    (What is Your Characters Theme Song?)

    NPC Character Sheet:
    NPC Character Sheet (open)

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  2. May I reserve a spot for the Misfits?

    This is an amazing idea, by the way~ >w<
  3. Yes you can! :D

    Thank you. I'm glad you like it :). I hope anyone else who sees this likes this Idea too ^^.
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  4. I also added another question in the CS if you're planning on making a Sophomore/Junior/Senior. If not then don't worry about it. The Question added is:

    What is your Role in the Club?:
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  6. Ugh.. I'm torn between Elites and the USC. >_<
  7. Can I reserve Underground Student Council - President ?
  8. Yes you Can C:
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  9. Whichever you want to join is up to you :3
  10. A roleplay worth considering. I'll juggle my stuff.
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  11. If I could, I would love to make a Misfit and an Elite >w>
    But I could just make one character, if I can't make two o-o
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  12. You can make two, but Only a NPC right now. Plus your character might have difficulty if they are a Misfit or an Elite-since the Club are Rivals.
  13. I honestly have to think about this one. It's either USc or the Misfits... Hell even the Elites sounds interesting. I'll probably wait and see where everyone goes and base my decision off which club has less. Or more.

    Also, Neko Cafe club? Clever. Possibly inspired by Stein's Gate?

    See you space Samurai.
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  14. Alright. Heck I feel that USC's gonna be the first Club filled up XD. Also, Yes Kind of Most of the Clubs featured in the Overview are based on Clubs I saw online, Clubs that are at my school, and Some of my own ideas for Clubs-and then there are the Club inspired by Anime-Like The Neighbors Club (Inspired from Haganai).
  15. NOTE: All Club Presidents for the Elites, Misfits, and USC has now been taken.
  16. I shall be taking the role of the president of the Elites: Barack Obama.

    FC: This smug son of a biach. (open)
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  17. "Barack Obama" Omfg XD
  18. Sounds tempting o: I've got a character in mind that needs a home atm and it sounds like he would be perfect for the Misfits hmmm.
    Oh why the bloody hell not.

    One misfit please. Should have his cs up soon(ish).
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  19. Got it. Misfits now have three spots remaining :3
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