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  1. So, hello, everyone, I'm Yzmael. I'm an RPer for quite a long time, but for some reason, I never really felt satisfied with the scope of the RPs I'm playing with. By that, I mean the power scope. The scope in which characters work with. Here on Iwaku, GMs tend to be kind of afraid of creating RPs where characters have incredibly OP powers for fear of the fact that everything would be ruined.

    I, for the other side, believe OP is somewhat different from what most people see. Most people see a power that is... Too useful, and immediately think of it as Overpowered, I usually tend to see what else that power brings. If it's strong, it needs a just as strong setback.

    Well, going into that discussion would take too much time so let me just skip to the chase:

    And I mean Immensely powerful. Of course, by characters I mostly mean PCs. Because of that wish of mine to see an RP where characters are incredibly powerful, I came up with an idea for an RP that I thought would be interesting.

    Long story short: a story about how Gods who are too bored, decide to test an entire planet's strength by pitting their best champions against beasts that are able to EAT PLANETS. These champions are you, by the way. To keep everything balanced and interesting, however, the Gods give these champions, most brought back from the afterlife, part of their powers to control. They order these champions to go to their people and unite all lands against the impending attack, as they will need a powerful army.

    The plot is awfully simple, but I plan on having everything and I mean, EVERYTHING, be my original creation since I don't much like to use AU's for this purpose. I mean, even then, there are very few Universes I can use that manage this scope of power.

    The setting would be a steampunkish planet with many races. The technology levels vary greatly race by race, but the most powerful would be late 19th century technology, created by the most advanced race. Other type of technology would involve Magitek, the combination of magic and technology.

    To keep people from PVPing and such, there will be rules which will maintain the RP's focus as a PVE RP, which may also include pre-determined results for all PVP battles. Initially, PCs would be strong enough to level a city block with their most powerful abilities, but as the RP progresses, they might reach enough power to completely annihilate cities with ease.

    Isaiha (open)

    A planet very similar to Earth, but with only three large continents and slightly smaller as well. The planet's biome is mostly terran, with the continent's locations changing this factor. It possesses an ecosystem very similar to Earth as well, but with much larger and more fierce creatures that serve as exemplary to all races.

    So, what is unique to Isaiha? Well, some things.

    To begin with, Isaiha possesses an element called "Io"(io) which is mostly used for magical processes, such as invoking creatures from another real, summoning powerful spells to aid in wars and combat, healing allies and such. Those who tap into Io can use it for almost anything, but there aren't many who are able to do that and those who are, usually keep it a secret. The usage of Io is frowned upon by some races, but for others, it is a vital force. Some found the use of Io as an energy source for technology.

    Io is a odorless, colorless and cannot be seen through any way other than magical sensors. Usually, mages can also feel the amount of Io in the air, which makes them aware of their capabilities as mages since birth. The question is, where does Io come from? Primarily, it comes from the Fifteen Gods. These Gods are all revered by most civilizations, but their names and personalities vary greatly between races. What is known, however, is that they exist and that some of their shrines, built by an extremely ancient race, still cover Isaiha. These great shrines were once sought by some races in attempt to grant them graces, and they were granted as gifts to the races.

    The three continents that litter Isaiha are Firas, Corinthus and Dakrai. Each one of them is unique and possesses their traits and Shrines. In total, there are 12 shrines across the continents(4 in each), with 3 of them being lost to the oceans.

    Firas, the continent of Summer, is the one in the middlemost of the planet. It looks akin to a line with rough edges. It is divided among three races: The Elvish, the Sajins and the Vulcans. Firas is a mostly a green continent, with a biome filled with forests teeming with life.

    To the west stands the Vulcan's city, Virian, a great volcano that is always in activity. Legends say Virian is the "head" of the continent of Firas, which is often compared to an eel. The Elvish live in the center-most area of the continent, with their huge capital, King's Garden, as the main setting for the entire continent. The Elvish live through trading and farming, mostly, with fishing being another minor activity. They trade with both Faeries and Vulcans and sometimes with Humans from cross continents. To the west-most side of the continent is a large volcano always active. It is home to the Vulcan's city, Hillas. It stands inside the volcano, formed around the walls of it's insides. Below Virian stands a vent that was once an active and flourishing volcano. To it's sides are large tubes that connect the water from below the volcano back into the walls which in turn makes it so that the lava condenses before it goes above it's normal levels. Additionally, deep inside the volcano are farms. Aside from that, they usually trade the extremely rare "Lava Berries" with other races for other food. The Sajins live to the East in the called "Magical Forests". They usually live by utilizing their magical properties and rarely do they interact with any other society. They tend to only trade and make deals with Elvish and are not very interested in the other races. Not very technologically advanced either, these creatures tend to live mostly in their own isolated forests, farming for their magical fruits and herbs and selling them mostly to the Elvish for ridiculously low prices. Their trade is usually made for slaves.

    Firas is mostly seen trading with Corinthus, but they cut ties with Dakrai after their knowledge of the Vampires came to light. As a result, Firas lives in trade with the war-filled Corinthus, but rarely enters in contact with the races of the Forgotten Continent, Dakrai. Firas is called the "Summer Continent", usually seen as a paradise by those who live in Corinthus.

    Corinthus is the largest continent among the three, it stands from the extreme North to almost touching the beginning of South's edge. The continent is varied, having three races being the most prominent: The Humans, the Orcs and the Goblins.

    Dominating most of the south are extremely hot deserts, packets of high temperatures and usually very long threads of sand and oasis fill the surface. To the east and west-some areas there are some forests, but none too large or filled with life. To the west, the most surprising are large mountains that cover most of the area and serve as home to the Goblins and their trade caravans. Their city lies atop the mountain, called Tinky. It's usually very agitated and seeing business with both other races. To the southeast stands the Human capital: Knight's Home. A huge city with functional technology and a living, breathing economy. The city is bustling with activity and has the most prestige Magical Academy of all human cities. To the north of Knight's Home is King's Fort, a large Fort that serves as home to the King and as HQ for the Human Army. Heading further to the North one will see the desolated areas that the Orc's call Home: Heigen. A large, vicious-looking Fort that serves as HQ for the Orc Army and as an industrial site for the forging of military weapons. The Orc's city lies beyond and to the north in the cold area of Ivoras, a large snowy area in which the Orcs tend to rest. Other cities revolve around both capitals, but none are far too important to be worth mentioning. War has destroyed most of the Continent, with the central areas being filled with craters and abandoned villages on fire. The economy is mostly worked on trade between Orcs or Humans and the Goblins, with military weapons and technologies being the most traded objects.

    Corinthus is usually called the "Steel Continent" a continent with equally harsh cold and hot weathers, but with some areas that extremely fertile, specially to the center of the continent, which is very contested between Orcs and Humans. As a result, the country is the biggest farming continent of the three and usually exports this food in trade with both Dakrai's Dwarves and Firas' races. They've been known to trade with the Vampires, but only limitedly.

    Finally, Dakrai, the Forgotten Continent, is a frozen island to the extreme North of the planet. Not very large when compared to the two others, it has the form of a horseshoe. It is extremely cold and inhospitable, having very hazardous environment, specially due to the beasts that inhabit it and threaten the beings that live there. The three races that live in this continent are the Jotun, the Dwarves and the hated Vampires.

    Near the Frozen Bay are large pieces of Tundra that seem to be darker than most forests. These are usually home to the most dangerous creatures of the island, including giant wolves, bears and other giant creatures. Among the bay is the large Blood Port, a giant city encrusted against a mountain that is part of the mountain chains of Dakrai. The city is completely beautiful, but is always covered in a mist that drives unwelcome people away from it, or traps them inside an everlasting loop as they travel through it. Shipwrecks are common near the city as well. It is the land of the Vampires, and the port serves mostly for trading with the humans for Blood or other blood-related items in exchange for gold or other rare minerals. The Vampires own a large assortment of slaves that do their work for them, including mining the ores from the mountain's deep core. However, further across these forests and on atop and on other side of these mountains are the Jotun, a proud race that lives as nomads who walk through the mountains and keep the Shrines safe. This race is the last of the Ancients, known to live for thousands of years and to be capable of easily fending off groups of Vampire Mages. They usually guard the Temples of the Gods with their own lives if necessary. Except if their enemies are the Dwarves. Deep in the center area of the mountains are large crossroads made out of stone. The Dwarves built them to last and they use it to trade and operate the city of Khadaras, a large underground city that burrows into the ground. Since Dwarves lack magic, they usually trade with Elvish or Vampires for magical items, no matter their source to use it on their machines. The result is an incredibly advanced race that tends to usually control the market with their absurd amount of gold and strength in combat.

    Dakrai is a dark, unwelcoming continent, which is why it is known by many as the Forgotten Continent. The presence of the Vampires gives it a very bad reputation, but the riches of the Dwarves often bring them to deal with the Vampires in order to reach them. The relationships between the three races are tense, to say the least, but they usually are not at war due to their strong belief in the power of the Temples and the often pressuring presence of the Jotuns.

    Anyways, tell me what you guys think and I might make a full glossary and RP out of this.​
  2. This seems interesting enough. I'm not sure how well it would work, but it's worth trying.

    The premise does seem like Exalted's, though. People empowered by gods who now have REALLY powerful abilities and are capable of reshaping the fate of nations/the entire world is not the newest thing under the sun, though.

    I do wonder, though, what sort of powers are you thinking of? Should things be variations and creative usage within a theme (manipulation of [stuff] or similar), or is it more general and one need not keep things focused? You discuss things for the scope of raw destructive power, but nothing for, say, social engineering or invention, which are both some good paths to power, though not the same sort. Hell, of part of the premise is raising and equipping an army to fight planet-killing monsters, social-fu and being able to build magitech power armor are both probably far more useful, in the long run.
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  3. Well for anyone looking its likely three other people may be in it for sure.
  4. Can confirm. In it for the money.
  5. Anyone have ideas for what they might do for their character?
  6. Without context, an immortal degenerate. If unable, then perhaps a Jotun warrior with a different character flaw.
  7. I'll be making a somewhat deranged vampire, champion of the time god, at the least.

    ...Ok, maybe not that, but, uh, someone has to say it.

    Probably going to go gravity hax, here. That shit is fun, and can be pretty unnecessarily devastating. Well, unless I find more clever ideas. Got to agree, we may not know enough about the setting to really know how to behave in it, yet.
  9. I think I'm in
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  10. It's going to be really specific. Manipulation of a few elements, usually linked to the God who chose them and to their past abilities. Aside from that, the usual super-strength, super-speed, godlike reflexes that kind of thing. They're pretty much like superheroes at the moment they arrive on Isaiha.

    Characters will be forgotten heroes who did something really important in the past. Doesn't necessarily mean I need one of each race, but at least let's try to be varied.

    I need, in total, 12 players. There will be 12 minor Gods and 3 major Gods. The 3 Major Gods Champions are already decided so I'll just wait on the rest.

    So, we have 2 players, I still need 10 more or so. If I get one or two more players, I'll make the OOC for you guys to start working on your characters. =P
  11. I'm in, though such a large player base may lead to things foundering if someone disappears. But, eh, we'll manage.
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  12. Famous last hopes.
  13. We could run with 6 players at least, with each playing two characters in different continents since at first, the Champions will be spread.
  14. Oh, don't get me wrong , this whole thing is ambitious and has all manner of ways it could go gloriously wrong. But that doesn't mean it's not interesting enough to see where it goes.

    It's also possible to simply focus specifically on whatever champions there are, rather than need to focus on all of them. the rest are there, and doing things in the background, but it's just not their story.

    And really, the size of the group doesn't necessarily presage particular success or failure anyway.
  15. Well we have 5 maybe, I have to confirm for sure.
  16. I'm willing to throw my interest in if you'll have me.
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  17. I'm here. How are Gods and their champions gonna be decided? The Gods just pick the champion they want after all the champs are made?
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  18. Technically speaking the Gods have nothing to do with the plot other than choosing their own Champion. When creating the Champions, you automatically take control of the God as well. However, the Gods will be pre-made by me, so though you might create it, most of it's personality, ideals and maybe even appearance is already set in stone.

    The OOC will have all the details regarding that, too.
  19. Sure, that'd be great.

    This might have some gory stuff, nothing big, but can you handle that?
  20. Yeah, I'll be fine.
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