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    Wind whipping, moon shining, this was a perfect night. Well, it would have been if Geo hadn't been sent off on another mission. She was always working under the cover of night, a cloth pulled up over her nose and a cowl drawn over her head. Her gun jostled slightly in her hands, the large sniper rifle feeling just right to her. Setting it down atop the roof, Geo let herself take a deep breath before getting on eye level with the gun.

    She was supposed to be stopping another assassin that night, one that undoubtedly had also been sent to kill her. She knew the sniper was a long shot, which is why she had her knife and pistols, plus a few smoke bombs, attached to her waist. Looking through the scope of the sniper, Geo let her gaze wander cautiously across the landscape, looking for any sign of movement across the rooftops.

    It was going to be a while before anything showed up, she was quite early, but for some reason Geo had a bad feeling about that night. She couldn't decide if it was the wind whipping against her skin, or the pressure that her boss had placed on her shoulders. If he didn't die, a lot of things could go wrong. And one of them might involve her loosing her head.
  2. Wind running was the best of workouts. To move vividly with the flow was comparable to riding upon a cloud. While moving against presented a test of mantle. This time, Roy was moving with. Only a harrowing sprint across the rooftop before he launched, moving so fast he blurred out of sight for a breif moment before reappearing upon an ajacent rooftop.

    He'd received word that it was time to end the one plaguing him and his missions. Armed with only a single traditional sword and two tonfas, he stalked the city, looking for his prey in a game of what would soon become cat and mouse.

    The winds rushed as he fell from the air and landed perfectly upon the edge of a business building. Grey eyes scanned the area. How he wanted to sigh as his vision flickered like a lightbulb on it's last legs. An accident that had its blessings as well as curses. Yet as luck would have it, he spotted a flickering light on the edge of a building sentring over the area before his vision went out again. Pulling his black mask over his face, he made no effort to hide his approach as he closed the gap swiftly.
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  3. Silence drew over Geo as she carefully stalked her prey's movements. He didn't make it hard for her to find him, and she had a feeling there was a reason. Her muscles reacted fast, his head coming in between the crosshairs on her scope. Firing a single shot, Geo pulled back the bolt, the shell of her first shot flinging out of the gun and off to her right. Pushing the bolt back in, Geo breathed in again, and fired a second shot, the bullets whizzing through the air. She had perfected her sight a long time ago, but ninja's were especially hard to kill. Which is why she was trying to nail him from far enough away.

    She could already tell she would have to end this fight hand to hand though. She had a few extras if she needed to it, not like she couldn't take a ninja down. She had done it before, but getting them at range was extremely difficult. As much as her reflexes where fast, a ninja could match them easily. "Damn." She cussed under her breath, pulling back the bolt again and loading another shot. Letting her body relax, she fired a third shot at his head, judging how long until she would have to grapple off to the side of the building to catch him by surprise.
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  4. There were many others ninjas with no shortage of targets to kill in a world where almost anywho could be your enemy. But Roy was different than the rest and a cut above the best. Just as he thought the target took the bait, taking skilled potshots upon him. With his speed however, they had to be extremely fast in their judgement in leading him to a proper kill zone.

    The first shot was far behind him. The second passed right before him. Final shot however, was upon him. Head turned slightly, his vision failed and his world went blue. Trajectory of the bullet, 7.62 NATO anti personal round, shot origin were all made known to him. And how close to death he was. A hand reached back, yanking back his sword as if this had happened to him a hundred times over and deflected the projectile away from him. This however came with the fact that the sword partially absorbed some of the moments's forcing his arm to recoil back. He was an open target, until he used the momentum and rolled behind an AC unit out of sight.

    Pant pant

    This one he would have to grace with a worthy death fitting. Standing up, the ninja lept off the side of the building and began running on the walls hopping from one glass side to the next becoming closer and closer. Roy could only imagine the brute they sent to end him once and for all.
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  5. Geo could feel a grin coming along her features as the powerful sniper shot headed straight towards the shadow form. "Now I've got ya." She mumbled, and she yanked back the bolt again. One after another, Geo fired calculated shots at the figure running across the buildings. Wall runners were harder to pin down, but there wasn't a risk she wasn't willing to take for her job. Grinning, she fired off shot after shot until her gun was empty. She had another magazine, but she knew it was too late for that. Reloading, Geo lifted the hefty gun off the rooftop and into her arms.

    "Come're fucker." She mumbled, eye on level with the gun as she waited for her target to get closer. She knew the time was now. He was almost here. Taking a deep breath, Geo let the gun down. She fired a shot without scoping at the ac unit he had hidden behind, knowing far to well that it wouldn't hit him. But it would be enough for him to know that she knew where he was. She had spent most of her life tracking down ninjas, she knew some of their tips and tricks, and staying out of sight was one of them. If they were confident you didn't know where they were, they dominated the fight. She had a few close calls on her first few missions. However bullets seemed to do especially good work, snipers specifically. "Come out Kitty Kitty." Geo called, firing another shot towards the ac unit.
  6. With each shot ricochet off of the metal, the distance grew farther and father between the point and Roy. As he thought she settled for his ruse: thinking he was pinned down. It was almost a laughable moment that got many ninjas killed. If only they had mearly taken a step back...

    Roy stayed out of her line of sight, keeping close tabs on where she was looking as he darted between buildings. There were two ways to approach. Three rather. Vertical from under her. Diagonal from the side. Or catch her off guard from behind. There were pros and cons to each but she had brought the fight quickly from a far, so Roy decided to do the same.

    Leaning to the right, the wind blew changing his course of direction. He was high enough off the ground but low enough to stay under her radar. Least until he latched upon her building and drew his sword. He clinched his jaw and gripped the handle tightly. Focus produced nothing but a flawless cut.

    Leap, shink

    The shadow passed her up, cutting off her gun barrel in the process down to the firing chamber. Roy landed, seven feet behind her as soft as a cat. And the barrel? Fell right between them.

    Roy was dressed in a all black tight suit that was sleeveless and showed his muscles. His arms were caramel colored giving some indication to his background. There was a silver trim above his eyebrows upon his face mask probably indicating his rank. Yet his eyes? Were completely Argent. "Face me..." Said a voice so quiet as if the wind was trying to commune to her. The sword turned in her direction at his side, casting her reflection in the pearl colored metal.
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  7. Geo was starting to get the feeling he wasn't hiding there. Cussing under her breath, Geo let out a sigh, turning around her. Her sniper was aimed up, and ready, her hand on the trigger in case she needed to fire. Silence drew out again, as she waited patiently for the stupid little ninja to come out of his hiding place. She both loved and hated hunting down Ninjas. They were a thrill to kill, but a pain in the ass to pick off at range, or even up close. One good whack to the head or a bullet to the chest otta do it. And that's what she was prepared to do

    And then in one swift move the barrel of her gun had been cut off. Surprisingly, not a first. Chuckling, Geo let her gun clatter to the ground, since it was now useless. "Well well then, looks like this one is a softie." She mocked slightly, turning herself around.

    She had been prepared for this, considering it was inevitable, but it did look like she had given him a bit of a scare. Besides, he was the one who had been doing all the running. Looking at him, Geo's eyes flickered to his sliver eyes and then to the silver lining. "Got a thing for silver I see. That's a first." She said, cocking an eyebrow and rolling her shoulders. "Alright, let's get this over with. I want to be in bed by four." She said, stretching out her shoulders and reaching for her pistols, and sliding them easily into her hands.
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  8. Softie? It had only been a matter of chance her head was not sticking out two inches more or else she would've received a very close shave. Her voice was feminine. A shocker but not unheard of. And a very shrew one by the sounds of it. It mattered not. There was work to be done.

    Sipping the sword around him, he sheathed his weapon upon his back and drew two more from behind him: two black, steel tipped Tonfas. Wiping them about, he let her know he too was ready. Seven feet wasn't far at all for ballistics. Nor was it for the dagger he had sheathed upon his right leg. But this was a warriors fight. No short cuts.

    Roy couched half way and his eyes went wide as he bursted forward towards her then rolled to her right using momentum by now he was going to receive a hail of bullets which made him stay on the outskirts of three feet from her. His speed was unmatched. After all, it was held within his namesake.
  9. Geo could tell that this stupid ninja was none too please with her, because he didn't give a shit about what she said. "Glorified whacking sticks those are." She scoffed slightly, her stance widedning as she prepared to fight. Seeing his roll forwards, she didn't fire once, wanting to save her rounds. Seeing him dodge to the right, Geo smiled, and rolled herself forwards, pressing him closer to the edge. "Surprise bitch. This isn't my first fight with one of you, and it isn't about to be my last. I have a job to do."

    Firing a shot clear for his chest, she knew it would miss. Pistols were a lot less powerful than a sniper rifle but that wasn't really a choice right now. Firing off several shots, she started closing the distance between them. She wanted to get this fight over with as soon as possible and go home and take a nap. It had been a long night and she was getting kind of tired of the same old same old back and forth and back and forth. Bullets to sticks, guns to daggers.
  10. Roy could sense the annoyance and frustration within her voice. A thoughtful noise his through yet was drowned out by the sound of gunfire. Which, he evaded. She was using a conservation method. But that didn't mean it didn't have its limitations.

    Closer and closer Roy was pushed to the edge which he was well aware of, yet with her sniper out of commission he could escape without remorse or endangerment to himself. Escape wasn't an option here. There was only victory and defeat.

    Roy took his final step at the edge of the building since she was closing in with bullets and forcing him to evade with quick reflexes. Just another kill to her. Roy was never so simple. As he stood there gazing at her bored my, he decided it was all or nothing and to pull out all the stops.

    His eyes flickered and once again his vision failed him. This time, for an extended period yet it was unknown to those on the outside. His Tonfas began to twirl in place, generating a shield yet also moving fast enough to move wind and create noise allowing him to see her in blue hue. A step forward was taken and it felt as if the atmosphere changed around him. Faster and faster the wind swirled around him until a argent aura could be seen leaving his body.

    Hold, focus

    Finally he migrated forward before her face with only a split second of lasting peace before the Tonfa's began to pound and slam into her body from all angels as if she was caught within a whirlwind of fury. No blows were pulled. No area on her body was safe.
  11. Geo knew the heat was about to be turned up, considering she was pushing the ninja close to the edge. Which meant those sticks were about to get used and it was gonna hurt. But she did not expect it to be as much as it appeared seconds later. With the bright light surrounding him, Geo knew she was doomed. There was no way she could really get away from this one. "Shit." She cussed softly, hands over her head as the man mercilessly pounded her with his stupid steel tipped tonfa's.

    Grunting slightly, Geo held in her screams of pain, determined to hold her ground. Her hands were bleeding, but she just barely grasped one of her guns. Firing a few shots at wherever she could get a chance, she leaned her foot out to swipe underneath his legs. "God damn it that hurt." She mumbled, still holding her head as she kicked out at his feet once more, trying to get underneath him.
  12. Roy was kicking ass and giving no quarter to her. The only reason he stopped was due to the two slugs that had socked him right in the shoulder and side. Knocking him off the mounted assault. So, his blood was spilled. Not many died knowing they had accomplished something with their lives. He was tripped, but rolled back upon his shoulder, making him stumble. Perhaps it was out of commission and his mobility diminished but his fight wasn't over. Taking his Tonfas, he placed them back behind him and drew his sword with his good arm.

    Tap tap tap

    Went the sword against the cement under him as his slowly strides around her. Each time made his vision come to life once more. It was almost as if he was allowing her to breathe and come back at him at full force. Not often had he relished in fights of the sort. "That all you got..." The second sentence he spoke this entire fight was only to tease her.
  13. Geo was about ready to be done. Her head throbbed fully as she watched the samurai sword guy tap the ground with his shiny metal blade blood spattered the rooftop by now, some from both sides. Grinning at his statement, Goe groaned and grabbed her gun. "No it ain't but somehow I have the feeling this isn't going to end well for either of us." She chuckled, wincing slightly as pain struck her abdomen. Cocking her gun up to sigh, she breathed steadily.

    "Look man, I was sent here to kill you, and I would love to do my job, but right now I'm kinda beat so unless you really want to kill me I might just take a nap." She mumbled. "Besides you just got shot three times, and I don't miss more than three times. The next one would go right through your heart. I could paint the town red with you."
  14. Roy paused and held the sword up towards her, the silver in his eyes burned with clear intent. "I've been shot more times by weapons stronger. You were hit well over fifty times. One strike of precision may snap more bones in your body."

    He began to move once more, closer towards her to the point where the tip of the sword was to her throat yet the gun was to his face. All he did was gaze into her eyes for what felt like years as he explored the depts of her soul. "Is your rest or your job more important to you... Show me... Drop your weapons and leave or end me where I stand." There was no hesitance in his voice what so ever. He wanted to see just where her loyalties were.
  15. Geo was too tired to move anymore. She let the guy walk up to her with his sword, and her gun was trained on his for head. She could hear him talking about lowering her weapons, and to leave or end him. Geo pursed her lips. She did have a job to do but they were pretty pissed at her already. Giving up would probably be the last straw. But maybe that was a good thing.

    Letting her hand slack a bit, Geo chuckled. "Yeah well fifty times by a metal stick isn't going to do much to me. I haven't been through all those fights for nothing. In fact I bet I'm as strong as a rock." She said solidly, forming her stance again. With that one tightening of her muscle, Geo seized up, her eyes rolling back into her head as she fell backwards, passing out completely.
  16. Roy waited for the gun to finish its cycle. For the hammer to fall and propel him into the great beyond as a troubled spirit. The longer he watched her, the less possibility that had of happening. When she fell into a heap, he grasped her quickly with his injured arm, wincing in the process and sighed, catching her before she hit the ground. Gazing down at her body, his head shook a few times. "And as dim as a brick to boot..." Placing his weapon away, he threw her upon his good shoulder and looked around. People would come to see whom was the victor. They would be disappointed to find no one here.


    It was several days since the fight. At first, Roy wasn't sure what to do with his passed out agressor. Deliver her on a silver platter to his boss. Off her head. Feed her to wolves. Or see to her wounds. The later was the option. At one of his safe havens upon the mountain. It was a small cabin next to a cliff that provided a clear sight to the city below. The bed was as soft as clouds walls harbored old pictures and rules which he would follow.

    The door opened to the room she was in: his. For the sake of confidentiality, he left her face mask where it was, and dawned his whenever he entered in case she awoken. Her clothes were on the chair, and her body wrapped in bandages. He sad beside her. Looking over her. He'd always seen women in the wrong light on the job. Now as he was this close to one, he wasn't sure which avenue to take.
  17. It was a long time before Geo finally found the strength to open her eyelids. Her head was still throbbing and now that the adrenaline had worn off it was worse. Wincing slightly, Geo brought a hand over her eyes to shield them from the sharp light. Geo let out a grunt as she slowly adjusted to her surroundings.

    Apparently she was covered in bandages, aside from her face mask which had been kept covering her mouth. "Where am I?" She mused to herself, briefly examining the bandages over her arms. Trying to sit up, Geo grunted, pushing off her elbows to try and stabilize her weak muscles. "Damn. That last fight must have been a dousy." She mumbled to what she thought was just herself.
  18. Roy was sitting there over watching her. People often were not who they portrayed themselves once they fell into a state of dire rest. Twisting and turning. Grasping for something that was not present or calling for someone who would not come. None were present within the woman. All she did was breath and lye.

    "I am glad you thought so." Roy spoke up from beside you. He was sitting there legs crossed as if he was meditating and reflecting. "You shouldn't press your body. It is still weak from our fight." Being the helpful one, he stood and grasped the cup of cool stream water and held it up to her lips. "Drink" he said without allowing her to grasp the cup and possibly spill its contents. "What is your name?"
  19. Geo nearly jumped out of her skin at the sound of a voice. Looking next to her, Geo noticed the man from the fight. 'So I didn't finish him off. Fantastic.' The thought to herself, thinking of how much trouble she would be in when she got back. If she got back. Deciding that sitting up hurt a little too much, Geo rested back on her elbows easily. She took a moment to look around the simple room before a cup was being forced at her lips.

    Pulling down her mask so she could drink, Geo took gentle sips from the water before lying back down. She didn't like being in debt to this man. He was very stiff. It was weird, she didn't like it as much. "Geo." She said simply, closing her eyes. "My name is Geo." She added at the end, heaving a sigh.
  20. Roy nodded some as the cup was removed from her lips and placed upon the nightstand once more before sitting beside her once again. "Many call me Swift. But you may call me Roy." The name was linked to the killer who was the fastest blade for many states around. A reputation that traveled forth with the winds. That legend was standing before her now.

    "Sixty-six percent of your bones are bruised. Fresh unprocessed milk works wonders, Geo." He said flatly. It was to note that he was no wearing any bandages around his body, yet moved as if he was still injured. "We've met many times.. But this is only our second meeting face to face. Never have I experienced competition such as yourself... Shame. You are my enemy." The cup was taken and balanced upon his finger steadily.
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