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    Welcome to Lady Baltimore's academy boys and girls, my name is Poppy Le Beau and I am your headmistress. Here at LBA we have a few rules that are vital to the success of this academy. The first and utmost important rule is Loyalty. The weakest of any of us is better than the strongest of those normals, word of any betrayal will result in a meeting with the council where your punishment if found guilty will be decided. Murder another witch or Warlock and expect the same results. Lastly, secrecy. I am not instructing you to live your life in shadows or in fear but simply keep in mind that there are those out there who want us all to burn at the stake, keeping this secret is what will protect us. :Poppy LeBeau descends the staircase, garbed in white and pearls. Behind her enters the staff on her right, followed by the currently enrolled students on her left: I'd like to introduce you to the lovely staff of LBA. Mr. Kyle Spencer, our Butler. Ms. Corrine Marx, the maid and last but certainly not least Mr. Bernard Albecorkie the chef. Please do you best to treat them all with respect, after all, they're all here to help you.

    Of the three currently enrolled here, Cleo Wells is the eldest followed by Florence Anderson and Thomas Nickelson. Feel free to direct any questions to Cleo and if she can't answer them come find me. Now, let's get onto the rooming arrangements shall we? Boys first. Listen closely, children.

    Brian Le'mont and Sam Blackwood

    Victor McWilliams and Thomas Nickelson

    Cole Masters you're rooming alone for the time being.
    Here are the rooming arrangements for the ladies. :Poppy flips a page in her clipboard:
    Lillian Montenegro and Akasha Blackwood

    Cleo Wells and Marianne Vinter

    Sterling Smith and Petra Bailo

    Florence Anderson and Adelaide Smithson
    Understood? Excellent, find your roommate and follow me. :The help went into the crowd, helping those they could carry their bags up the stairs. The house was old and large, able to house 20 students comfortably. With each passing year they were growing in number hence the need to build this school. On the first floor was the boy's level. "Gentlemen, here are your rooms. There are two bathrooms on this floor, please refrain from creeping upstairs onto the girl's level. I'd hate to have to sic Bernard on you. Speaking of, his room the sixth one to the right and during your stay here, he'll be looking over you all. Pick a room and get unpacked. :Poppy led the ladies up the spiraling staircase to the girl's level: The rooms are all the same size, they only vary in the amount of windows. Pick your rooms ladies, Marianne and Adelaide? Cleo and Florence have already chosen their rooms, so simply follow them. There are two bathrooms on this floor.

    Oh and I nearly forgot, those with pets, bring them into the living room. They're going to have to charmed if they are staying under this roof. Someone tell the boys for me?
    Lunch is at 12:00, listen for the bell. :With that, Poppy Lebeau teleported back to the first floor:

    | There are 4 floors to the Academy. The basement is often used for storage, be it wine, books or people. The first floor includes the living room, dining room, kitchen and guest bathroom as well as the bedrooms of Corrine Marx and Kyle Spencer. The second floor is where the boy's are. 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. The third floor is where the ladies are kept, 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and the fourth floor is where no one is allowed entry, save for Poppy. No one knows what's up there and thus far no one has been stupid enough to try and find out. |

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  2. ♥♦Cleona Branna Wells♦♥
    Cleo wore her best clothes and headed from her room to the stairs, the light clicking of her heals could be heard on the stairs as she descended the stairs. Cleo stood the closest to Headmistress and Supreme Poppy; considering she had been there the longest of all the students and she was the eldest. Her curly was up in a ponytail on her head. She observed the other students and when her name was mentioned she gave a small curtsy. The sound witch was studying the new students.
    Cleo followed the headmistress from floor to floor with each student in time they arrived to the floors. She smiled at little Tommy and gave a small wave to him. She adored the little boy and spent his three years with him helping to raise the small boy. She headed towards her room letting her roommate Marianne follow her. Cleo's room overlooked the gardens below. She turned to her new roommate hoping she followed her quick footsteps and made a low whistle signaling her owl to fly to her. The creature who'ed softly and flew towards her and landed on her shoulder lightly. "Hello Marianne, I am Cleona. You can call me Cleo though." She gave a soft smile and sat on her bed. "This is Lumina; my gift is sonokinesis, sound manipulation is another word for my power." She pet her owl on her chest softly.
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  3. S t e r l i n g _ R o s e _ S m i t h
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    Sterling dragged her suitcase quietly up the steps. She was unsure as to how she was supposed to feel about all of this, but one thing was certain. There was excitement buzzing in her belly. She mused that she ought to be happy that there were others like her, that there were even schools for people like them. Tied to her suitcase was Ebony's tank, the white snake was curled up inside as if trying to hide himself from all the bumping and jumping going on outside of his tank. His heat lamp was tucked somewhere in her suitcase which actually made things a lot heavier but she didn't mind the struggle. On her arm was a duffel bag full of shoes, more clothing and a couple books. The headmistress read off their rooming arrangements and her stomach dropped a little--she hadn't expected to share a room, oh well. All she could do now was hope that her roommate wasn't a pain in the--

    "Are you Petra Bailo?"

    A girl with crystal green eyes stood not too far across from her, she had a tank of some kind on her person but she couldn't see what was in it. The got to the top of the landing--the level for the boys apparently, and they had time to catch their breath. "I'm Sterling." She introduced herself with a slight smile and a curious tilt of her head. "What's in the tank?" The cook--Bernard Albecorkie, came over and wordlessly picked up her suitcase startling the curly haired girl just a bit. "Oh! Uh, thanks." Awkward, but she was was none the less grateful. The butler helped Petra with her bag as well, Kyle his name was? Getting to the third floor was a relief and she felt a little bad for Bernard but the man didn't seem to be winded at all.

    "Thanks again!" Sterling offered a smile and was unfazed when all she received in return was a terse nod and pursed lips. She picked the door in the middle, the bedroom was large enough to fit two queen sized beds easily. There were two large windows, one on either wall and a radiator in the middle of the room. There were also two large cherry wood wardrobes and dressers to match. Each bed had a night stand next to it, wall sockets beneath them. It was nice, and the bed looked comfy. The curly haired girl picked the bed on the left, sitting her suitcase at the foot of it. Sterling kneeled and detached the tank from the suitcase, setting it on the nightstand. Out came Ebony's heat lamp and she hooked that up as well, her poor baby. He must be freezing.

    Sterling took off her coat and such once Ebony was taken care of, hanging it up in the wardrobe. She put her gloves in the drawer of the nightstand before closing it. Might as well begin unpacking. Sterling lined her shoes up in the bottom of the large wardrobe, after noting that there was a rack inside for them. She hung up her various dresses, and jackets before moving onto her dresser where she packed away shirts, sweaters, jeans and the like. Eventually, Ebony dared to slither out of his little hideaway, curling up beneath the warmth of the lamp. Oh, that's right, she had to take him down to the living room for something at Madame Poppy's request. She was french, or at least her last name was so maybe Madame was fitting? Sterling grabbed her cellphone and stuffed it into the back pocket of her jeans before taking Ebony out of his tank and looping him over her shoulders. The snake's forked tongue tickled her neck some before settling down.

    She headed back down stairs after that, entering the living room where only Poppy LeBeau was waiting.


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    The plane ride from New York to Baltimore was tiresome and Adelaide would have done well without it; however, she wouldn't have gotten to New Orleans without it. Along the ride, Adelaide couldn't help but think about the first time she was on a plane, she was five, Gavin and Mary had decided to take a family trip to London. Instead of driving, the family took a plane there and spent days at famous landmarks like Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and the London Eye. At that time, Adelaide thought her adoptive parents to be kind people, someone who really cared about her, but that dream was shattered by the reality and truth of her life. If she was told that her adoptive parents would come to abuse her in ways that weren't acceptable then Adelaide would have requested to stay in the system, far away from the Smithson family.

    Standing at the luggage claim, she waited for her silver suitcase to show so she can leave and catch a taxi, but the bag seemed to take forever to come. "Come on." Adelaide groaned as she checked her watch. Any longer and she would be late. Thankfully the bag soon tumbled onto the belt and Adelaide hurried to grab it. Adelaide jogged through the airport, dragging her suitcase behind, trying not to hit people as she dodged through the masses. Once outside, Adelaide called the first cab that was available and gave the driver the address to Lady Baltimore's Academy. Adelaide was excited, at the least, to attend Lady Baltimore's Academy. She was excited to stop fearing her abilities going haywire.

    It didn't take that long to get to the academy, but along the way Adelaide's nervousness grew. What if they can't help me? No they can, this is the best place for me. Getting out of the cab, she grabbed her suitcase and slung her backpack over her shoulder. It was cold and she regretted wearing a dress here. Paying, she let the driver leave and went into the large house. As she opened the door, she noticed other students had already arrived. Though before she could say hey, she was in awe over the structure and furnishings of the house. "Wow." She spoke under her breath. This place was nothing like she had ever stayed at, it was in a league all in its own; it was very old fashioned yet modern. It was beautiful.

    Walking towards the group of gathered students, she figured that they were new students as well. "Hi." She said to them with a smile. Before she could actually introduce herself, She notice a figure move into view at the top of the staircase. Poppy LeBeau, the headmistress; Adelaide had read up on her before coming here. She knew that she was a powerful witch, and that Adelaide already looked up to her. Maybe it was the intense want to be able to control her powers like LeBeau could that made Adelaide admire the women so much, or maybe it was the whole female in power thing that made Adelaide like her.

    Listening carefully, Adelaide looked at the individuals Poppy introduced, and taking special notice in the child that was to be her roommate, Florence. Adelaide couldn't help but wonder what the girls powers were, but she couldn't really tell just by looking at her. Though the curiosity of how to little girl came to the academy so young made Adelaide glad she was her roommate. Adelaide liked children so she had no problem rooming with one. Following the crowd up the stairs, Adelaide waited till they got to the third floor before speaking again, this time only to Florence. "It's nice to meet you Florence. I'm Adelaide." She introduced herself personally as she followed the young girl to their room.

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    Baltimore had treated Cole pretty well since he had arrived, much better than the haunting thoughts that resided inside of his brain. Each day, Cole's mind would linger on one fact: He killed his brother. Despite it being an accident, Cole never stopped blaming himself for it. That was the sole reason why he hated his powers. Cole constantly felt like he was cursed and a danger to the lives around him. So when his grandmother informed him about the school, Lady Baltimore's Academy, he insisted on going. Maybe there he can learn how not to use his powers unwillingly. However, he wasn't sure whether or not he would use his powers willingly, but there was no hurt in learn to control them.

    Today was his big day, at least to him, the beginning to learn to save others from himself, or learn how to blow things up that he wanted. Cole had arrived while some other students did; however he kept quite for the time being. He wanted to observe how they acted more before really interacting with them. Following after them, Cole entered the house and waited for the welcome ceremony, more like speech, to begin. He noticed a few individuals that were special. Like a little girl, Cole could tell that what ever power she had it was one of a kind. Shaking his head a bit, he looked to the door that creaked open. A girl with brown hair and a pink dress walked in. She looked amazed at the house which made Cole chuckle a bit. He'd seen bigger and better, but he was at least happy to be somewhere that could finally help him.

    Just before the girl said hi, Cole heard heels click at the top of the steps. It was headmistress LeBeau. Cole's grandmother told him how she was the supreme and extremely powerful. Cole wondered what it would be like to be a supreme, but that thought sunk into the unknown because he doubted that was going to be his end-game. So he just focused on the speech and looked at each person she had introduced. The chef, Bernard, he was interesting and Cole figured that he would respect the man enough to where he didn't poison Cole.

    When the group of new comers began to go forth up the stairs, Cole followed silently as he wondered why the school only had three people attending before this year. Maybe the school wasn't it was all cracked up to be, or there was just danger around every corner. Either way Cole was here know and there was no way he was going to be going home now. Steering off from the group as Poppy dismissed the boys, Cole went down a hallway to the left and found a empty room. He really didn't mind boarding by himself until another male could arrive, gave him time to really put things away without bumping into someone else constantly. However, he wasn't about to unpack all the way yet so he put his bags on the bed and exited the room.

    Making his way down to the living room, he noticed another girl there besides LeBeau. She was pretty, but not someone Cole would find himself attracted to. Instead of entering the living room all the way, he leaned his side against the door frame. "Hello, I'm Cole Masters." He said politely introducing himself.

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  5. "Oh dear." Brian stated. "I didn't mean to bump into any of you. I"m kind of clumsy for a guy." [​IMG] "I couldn't help but notice that this is a very fancy place, even more than I expected. An Academy like this. . . it was called an Academy for Gifted Girls just last year. I wonder why it's accepting us men right now." He looked around, hopefully not knowing if any eyes were staring at him, or her. Brian smiled. "I'm famished." Then she bumped into little Thomas, almost knocking him down, but quickly grabbed him to keep him up. "Little Thomas, please excuse me. I'm curious, why are you here? This doesn't seem like a good place for a little boy like you. You should be having fun at the playground."

    She smiled. "My name's Brian, what's your name?"
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    The redheaded witch was walking around Baltimore, knowing today was the day she would go to the academy. Carrying her vintage suitcase, the fall air was crisp on her skin, as a smile appeared across her face. Lily was happy, somewhere that she wouldn't be alone, other people who had...powers. As the cars drove by, she leaned across on a stop sign. The thoughts of what would happen when she arrived were bouncing throughout her mind. Taking a deep breath, she recollected herself and picked up her suitcase again, readjusted her handbag, then continued to walk throughout the streets. She was wary as she walked near trees, knowing with her emotions running wild she could make it fall down. The leaves on the ground though she didn't have to worry about considering they were already dead. Although every step in the grass instantly killed the grass, making Lillian cringe hating to kill anything. It felt like forever before she finally made her way to the house. Her red hair flew around where the bun didn't catch it, as she looked up at the house that was going to be her new home.

    The brown leather combat boots, made thudding footsteps on the ground while she leaned against the wall. Setting down the blue suitcase with golden edging, the witch looked around. It was a nice house, but she was more interested in the other people that were already here. Lillian was studying everyone, it was one of her favorite things to do. She would never talk to anyone, so instead she liked to watch them and try to determine what they were like from their actions. She sucked at it, she knew she sucked at it, but it was still quite fun to do. While she was studying a blonde guy, a women dressed in white walked down the stairs. Introducing herself as Poppy LeBeau, the women was enchanting, graceful, and beautiful. Lillian could do nothing but listen, then she brought up rooming arrangements. Lily heard her name first, and looked around as she heard Akasha wondering who she was.

    Once they started heading up the stairs, Lillian made her way to a room it was on the far right side. Choosing the bed on the left she set her suitcase down on the bed, her handbag beside it. The cage she was holding all this time was set on her nightstand, knowing Angel had to be brought down to the living room soon. Although she wanted to unpack just a little, so she opened up her suitcase and put her shoes on the bottom of her wardrobe. Next she hung up her countless skirts, and sweaters, and dresses, before closing the doors. Akasha hadn't come to the room yet so Lillian took Angel and headed for the living room. Angel chirped a song as they headed down and finally made it to the living room. A boy was leaning against the door as he introduced himself, not to her though. Lily kept quiet as she walked into the room and even though she was quiet, Angel would not shut up chirping away a song.

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  7. S t e r l i n g _ R o s e _ S m i t h
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    [BCOLOR=#ffffff] "Hello, I'm Cole Masters."[/BCOLOR] Sterling looked over her shoulder, a curious smile on her lips her brow knitting ever so slightly. She glanced over the boy before turning completely around and offering her hand to shake. "Sterling Smith. Nice to meet you." Behind him was a red headed girl that had a noisy little bird on her finger, a snack for Ebony really. "Nice sweatshirt, the Marvel movies are the best. Jessica Jones came out on Netflix, have you seen it yet?" She questioned curiously.

    Cole masters was average looking, or at least to Sterling he was. He was refreshing, a nice person in a crowd of uncertainty. Behind them Poppy was scribbling away in her clip board. The blonde woman looked up, pen between her fingers
    .[BCOLOR=#cc99ff] "Girls, have a seat. I'll get you two done and out of the way before the others arrive."[/BCOLOR] Poppy instructed with a gentle hum, Sterling turned and headed towards a seat on the couch. The red head sat across from her. On the coffee table were two candles and a small plate. [BCOLOR=#cc99ff]"I need a scale, and a feather."[/BCOLOR] Plucking a scale from Ebony's head was a lot easier than it would've been giving he was nearing his molt. Sterling dropped the scale on to the small plate and soon after a feather followed from the other girl.

    Headmistress LeBeau picked up a candle and dripped hot wax on the two items and sat the candle back down. She flicked her hand in the direction of the candles and they extinguished themselves.[BCOLOR=#cc99ff] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#666699][BCOLOR=#cc99ff]"Give me your darling bird, dear."[/BCOLOR] [/BCOLOR]Poppy hummed, the brown little bird was easily transferred from the red head to the headmistress. She cupped her hands around it, whispering the spell into her hands. [BCOLOR=#cc99ff]"[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#cc99ff]Fides homini domare bestiae tumultus mihi."[/BCOLOR] A flame returned to one of the candles, the bird hopped from Poppy's pale hands to land in the redhead's lap, wings fluttering a bit as it did so.

    [BCOLOR=#cc99ff]"Your snake, child."[/BCOLOR] The same was done to Ebony, the second candle glowing with a flame once again once the spell was said. Ebony was handed back to her and Poppy cracked her knuckles and put her hands back in her lap. [BCOLOR=#cc99ff]"All done, that was a simple obedience spell. Dulls the creature's natural instincts just enough for them to be controlled." [/BCOLOR]The brown bird resumed its tweeting while Ebony was still on her neck. [BCOLOR=#cc99ff]"For example, you can tell your little bird to sing a song,"[/BCOLOR] she looked to the red head [BCOLOR=#cc99ff]"or to be silent."[/BCOLOR] The bird ceased it's singing. Cool. [BCOLOR=#cc99ff]"Well that was it, you're free to go." [/BCOLOR]

    Sterling stood and walked back over to Cole.

    "You look like the type to get into all sorts of trouble, tell me, have you ever done anything like that before? Spells?"

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    Tommy was so happy that new students decided to enroll, it had been getting quite lonely here. Not to say he didn't like Nana or Bernie or Stella or Poppy, he just enjoyed meeting new people. So of course, when he couldn't find his roommate in the crowd, he was disappointed. Maybe he left to pee or something, he'd see him soon hopefully. Thomas ran up the steps, teleporting as he did so to his room. His bed was the one with all the toys around, Bernie told him that he should clean up before his new roommate saw, but he had forgotten. He decided that he might as well clean up now. He pulled the blue canvas bin from beneath his bed and put all his trucks into it, except for his dumptruck of course. Maybe he could find someone to play with him!

    Thomas pushed the bin back beneath the bid and ran back out the room, teleporting mid step to the living room. Bernie always told him to be careful when teleporting around, that he could hurt himself really bad but Tommy wasn't really sure how that could happen. Before he teleported he could picture the spot he wanted to go to and if someone was standing there or if there was an item in the way, he could feel it, kind of like an itch. He looked around the living room, Poppy was probably busy doing something boring, a girl with curly hair was talking to a boy with a gray sweatshirt but there was a redhead still sitting on the couch, and she had a bird!

    "Is that your Birdie? Can we play with him? He can ride in my truck!" He was on his knees, rolling the truck back and forth as if to demonstrate. "He can drive it to his little birdie job and back home again," Tommy said thoughtfully, grabbing his chin like he had seen Bernie do. "Oh, and he can stop at the birdy store and buy bird food for his family!"
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  9. ~Ann Vinter~

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    Ann sighed as she looked up at the people on top of the stairs. This academy was, grand. Very very grand. And it terrified Ann to the bone. She had been on a long plane flight, and she was not prepared for this. Not only that, she was with some girl who was barely a little older than her, but was much more comfortable with the space than she was. This whole thing was going to be a living nightmare. Walking upstairs after dropping off her poor little snake Echo, Ann headed after her roommate silently, looking out the windows as she did so. The area was beautifully landscaped, which was good. Playing the cello outside was one of her favorite things to do. It was soothing. But what was even more soothing was watching the rain, the little drops staining the window in a steady drizzle. The whole walk up to the room was rather quiet, and Ann liked it that way. No way for her to open her mouth and accidentally hurt her only roommate.

    Shuffling her bags into the room, Ann dropped them to the floor with a heavy thunk, being very careful with her cello case. It was one of the most prized possessions she owned, besides her large collection of books. Ann slid herself easily down to the other bed across from her roommate, who was at the least a head shorter than her. Ann's legs stuck out in odd directions as she sat on the bed, looking around her. Thank goodness the beds were large, or else Ann and all of her legs wouldn't be able to fit in it. Sitting awkwardly facing her roommate, Ann's face drew into a bit of a surprised expression as she mentioned sonokensis. 'Finally,' She thought, 'Someone who understands what it is like to be like me.' Lifting her snake, which had now been charmed, into her arms, Ann offered a small smile. "I'm Ann." She said quietly, looking over at her owl. "This is Echo. He's harmless really, so we shouldn't have a problem. " She said, looking over towards the window. There was defiantly space for a tank, which was good. "He likes to walk around a little so I hope you don't mind." She said, turning back towards her partner. "My power is also sound manipulation." She mentioned, letting the snake curl around her fingers and slide up her arm. "I don't like to talk much though. I haven't exactly had the best experiences with my powers so far." She mumbled, focusing on the snake that was currently winding himself around her arm.
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    Lillian had handed over Angel, after she already had to pluck a feather from him, and watched as Poppy cast a spell on the bird. Immediately she opened her mouth, scared because the only magic she knew of was her magic to kill things. That's when Poppy explained, that it made them obedient, Lily took a breath and smiled at the small bird who was cupped in her hands. She was relieved she didn't just hand her bird over to it's death, but also fascinated by the magic, that it didn't destroy the bird. While she held the bird on her finger, she looked up to see the curly haired girl talking to the Cole boy. Seeing as the other girl had self confidence she watched as she went up to the boy, and started a conversation as if it was nothing. Immediately she looked back down at her bird and started to run her fingers down his feathers, trying to get her mind off the jealousy she felt of the girl. It was silly and, she knew that it was silly to feel jealous, but she couldn't help but envy the way the girl carried herself and the ease she talked to the boy with.

    While Lily was busy getting mad at the girl for doing absolutely nothing, she looked up at just the right time as a small boy who couldn't be older then seven, walked up to her. She was surprised by the little boy but got down off the couch and knelt down to be at eye level with the boy. Lillian listened as the kid asked about her bird, and if they could play with him in his toy truck. He continued to go on about how Angel could go to his job, and buy some food. Lillian laughed just a little as the young boy grabbed his chin like an older person while thinking. Smiling she held out her hand with Angel who rested on her finger, "Of course we can play, and I think Angel would love that." She said as she felt her phone buzz, probably some drama going on at home but she didn't mind, ignoring it she continued with the boy. "Would you like to hold him?" She asked as she extended the hand with Angel on it out to Thomas. "Just put your finger right by mine and push up slowly and he'll climb on."

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  11. Stella
    Florence Stella Anderson

    It took all of Stella's strength and the earlier threat of no dessert (compliments of Bernard) for three weeks, for her not to blurt out that Madame LeBeau looked super pretty but also like she had just killed a thousand clams for their pearls. But in the end, Stella kept her mouth shut and a bright smiled fixed on her face. When the Supreme was finished speaking, Stella hurried to spot her roommate. She'd never had a roommate before, and she wanted to make sure she had someone who was interesting. Not that she'd be able to do much if they weren't interesting, but at least she wanted a closer look so she could complain later if her roommate was in fact, uninteresting.

    Upon hearing her name mentioned by Madame LeBeau, Stella puffed up with confidence and weaved through the crowd until she reached the girl that Madame LeBeau had pointed out. Stella took a minute to asses her roommate and after a minute, she nodded slightly. Her roomie wasn't awesome looking, but she didn't look like a piece of dry toast either. In response to Adelaide's introduction, Stella frowned a little.

    "Has anyone ever told you that your name rhymes with marmalade? Can I call you that? Marmalade? Oh and I'm Stella. I know Madame LeBeau said, Florence but the nickname for Florence is Flo and that's stupid, so call me Stella." She said all in one breath, then after a moment added, "Please." Bernard always told her that people would want to smack her less if she added please to her questions, and because she respected the man and loved his food, Stella always followed his advice.

    "Oh and this is our room. That's my stuff, over there." She pointed to the bed that looked like a war zone, with the the covers halfway on the floor and quite a few stuffed animals crushed under her numerous colorful pillows, as well as shoved under the bed. "And yours is over there." She jerked her thumb at the only part of the room that wasn't plastered with posters featuring neon colored cartoon animals. "And that's my dog, Corporal Reginald Maverick of Black Shire the III. You can call him Crumbs." Said dog, was lounging in the middle of the floor, watching the newest addition to the room with a keen interest.

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    He hadn't worked in an Academy for years and now look where he was, personally, he blamed Poppy. She came knocking at his front door a couple of years ago, informed him that a new school was being built right here in Baltimore and she needed his help. Of course, he had slammed the door in her face and told the blonde to get lost but things were never really all that simple. They received a sudden influx of students from across the country and that meant new headaches to deal with. Having to listen to Cleo's thoughts had been pretty painless--most of the time, and the little ones had one track minds. Like small animals, they worked fast and in short bursts before their attention was drawn to something else.

    For example, Thomas. 'Trucks, dump truck, where's my firetruck? Clean up time! Bored. Where's my roommate? BIRD!' That was just how five year old's thought, and it was pretty amusing most of the time. Stella was a little more complex, but not by much. She was craftier or at least she tried to be, but her thoughts were usually comprised of that ugly little dog she was so fond of and sweets. At least he knew when she was going to say something potentially rude, and stop her. Poppy kept him out of her head pretty well, he usually only heard her thoughts when she wanted him too. But on occasion, he heard some things that he probably shouldn't have. This, however, was different. Nearly 20 students--one great big lot of hormonal, self centered teenagers. Lovely.

    'So beautiful. Awe. I wish I could control my powers like that. Admiration.'
    His eyes landed on the blonde haired girl in the pink dress. Then all the voices in his head became muddled and his temple throbbed. Bernard busied himself with helping one girl carry her suitcase up the steps, she had some sort of reptilian cage strapped to the back of it. If any of those creepy crawly things got loose, he was going to smash them first chance he got. Or tell Zoe, and have her do it. He watched the tank with pursed lips, silently praying that it wasn't a spider. He was thanked--a surprise in itself, and he left.

    Lunch was already done, something a bit heavier than usual because they had all been travelling. Soup, salad, bread. The soup was cream of crab--something fitting for Baltimore, no? A fresh salad and garlic bread he had made himself. He'd go grocery shopping tomorrow, bring Cleo along and split up the shopping list. Bernard set lunch out on the large dining room table, filling the water glasses as well as putting two pitchers of juice on the table. One was apple, the other grape. Honestly, a bit of sangria would've been lovely but he only mixed up two drinks for himself and Poppy. God knows they both needed it.

    Bernard rung the bell from the kitchen, it was a small cow bell but it echoed throughout the house. He had been begrudgingly appointed over the boys--he supposed the task wouldn't be terribly tedious given that there was only a handful of them, but nonetheless repulsing. Oh well. At least he could read their minds. The 30 something year old retired to the kitchen, leaning on the counter as he sipped his drink, the sharp tang of alcohol dancing on his tongue. Maybe it would help drown out all the voices. He wondered where little Stella was now--probably talking someone to death. He didn't have to listen very hard to hear her thoughts.
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  13. C o r r i n e _ M a r x
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    Mood: Irritated, spiteful, somewhat touched, curious.
    Location: Tommy's + Victor's bedroom.
    Interactions:Thomas, Lillian @Dramma , Stella @Wonderful Thing , Adelaide @Infinite_Darkness
    Mentioned: Victor @Shattered♦Secrets™ , Bernard.

    Corrine tucked a strand of blonde hair behind her ear as she walked through the living room to get to the kitchen. She had nothing to clean--yet, given that the brats had only just moved in but tomorrow there would undoubtedly be messes for her to clean up after. At least a few of the guys were cute, but there was one who looked more like a girl than anything. Gross. She didn't even know why she bothered working here, out of her siblings she was the only one who didn't get any powers but alas, here she was. Wiping the asses of these privileged runts. At least Poppy was paying her well. Corrine noticed Tommy playing on the floor with his toy truck and a ginger's bird. She grabbed him by the hand and pulled him to his feet.

    "The bell rang, you two. Time for lunch. Thomas, you can get your truck after you eat all your food, now shoo." She fanned the little boy away, the most he did was grumble before running off and dragging the red head with him. Corrine tucked the truck under her arm and made her way up the staircase, legs seemingly too long for her dress. She got up to the third floor and entered Florence's room where the little girl was chatting away with her roommate. Her room was a mess, ugh. "Stella take your new friend downstairs to the dinner table, it's time for lunch." Corrine sat the toy truck on the nightstand before she started cleaning up Stella's bed space. She picked up the stuff animals and put them back into their rightful bins before making up the little girl's bed.

    Corrine threw away any and all candy wrappers she found, taking a moment to search for the girl's stash. When she didn't find it, she simply finished making up the bed. Corrine picked up the truck from the nightstand, heading down on floor to put the toy back into Tommy's room. His was neat enough, his small efforts were appreciated. Sweet boy. She peeked out the window, looking across the yard at the neighbor's house. A SOLD sign had been put it. It seemed they would be getting some new neighbours sometime soon, lovely. She glanced around for Tommy's roommate. She never liked the idea of pairing the younger kids with the older ones. For all they knew this Victor person could be some kind of pervert. Though Bernard was keeping an eye (ear?) on everyone, she still didn't trust them.
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  14. Dave-Franco-Mr-Porter-March-2015-Photo-Shoot-002.jpg
    Mood: Calm
    Location: Living Room
    Interactions: Sterling @Sav
    Mentioned: Lillian @Dramma, Poppy LeBeau and Corinne @Sav
    "Nice sweatshirt, the Marvel movies are the best. Jessica Jones came out on Netflix, have you seen it yet?" The girl named Sterling asked Cole. Cole would have been lying if he said that he had seen Jessica Jones, though he did in fact want to see it. "Not yet, but I want to." He confessed. The whole idea of an ex-superhero creating her own detective agency seem pretty cool to Cole, besides he was a fan of Alias so anything with Jessica Jones in it was bound to be good. However, he still didn't make time in his day-to-day life to watch the show cause he was always busy doing something like working.

    As a red head moved into the room, he wondered what her powers were, then he wondered if that was the question floating around in many of the new student's minds. However, as he looked closer to the red head Cole figured that she seemed rather quite and fearful. Almost like he was. Cole wasn't scared of his powers, he was scared of accidentally killing someone again with his powers; especially someone close to him like his brother was. But, thanks to Cole's anger issues he was a live weapon waiting to go off at random if he didn't learn to control the "gifts" bestowed on him. That was why he was here after all.

    Watching as Poppy took the two girls and spelling their animals, Cole thought what it was like for Poppy as a child. Did she have problems once too? Maybe. Although, Cole doubted someone like Poppy LeBeau ever had much trouble in get her powers under control, but then again she could have just been a hard worker.

    "You look like the type to get into all sorts of trouble, tell me, have you ever done anything like that before? Spells?" Sterling asked, causing Cole to derail the train of thought in his mind. Looking at her, Cole spoke softly. "Just the few my grandmother taught me. Simple ones really, nothing big and mystical." The short amount of time Cole had spent with his grandmother proved useful, but it wouldn't help at all with his gift since it was just charms and curses. Looking up when he heard a blonde haired girl tell the little boy that had found himself playing with the red haired girls bird that lunch was on, Cole smiled. "Sounds like it's time for lunch. Shall we?" He asked the girl.
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  15. 640full-caitlin-stasey.jpg
    Mood: Happy, Excited
    Location: Stella and Adelaide's bedroom -> On their way to the Dining Room
    Interactions: Stella @Wonderful Thing
    Mentioned: Corinne @Sav
    Adelaide followed Stella to their bedroom. It really didn't bother Adelaide that she was rooming with a little girl seeing that she would babysit five little ones of the weekends up in New York. She had to make money someway to get to Baltimore. Though she had a feeling that her and her roommate would get along fine as long as Adelaide and her respected each other enough to remain civil. Hearing that Stella wished to address her as Marmalade, Adelaide laughed. "If that's what you really want, then it's fine by me, but only you can call me that." She told the girl as they reached their room. Listening to Stella explain the room some and introduce Adelaide to her dog, Adelaide smiled. "Well that is a long name, thankfully Crumbs is much shorter." She said.

    One half bedroom looked so what typical of a small child with many toys, but the other half was still a blank canvas ready for Adelaide to make it home. Adelaide already had a vision on how to decorate the wall by her bed. She wasn't someone to full on decorate it by painting walls seeing that nothing was permanent. So some decorations would have to do. Looking over to Stella she smiled. "So what is your gift?" She asked. Adelaide was a bit hesitant on sharing her's seeing that the few times she did with other witches they looked at her like she was Satan. Blood-bending wasn't a well accepted power and in fact a lot of people feared it, but something felt like her was different. "Mines blood-bending." She told Stella.

    Within a second, Stella heard footsteps come into the room. Corinne. Adelaide remembered Madame LeBeau introducing her earlier to the group. Up close, Corinne seemed different, almost like she hated this job. However, that was none of Adelaide's business. Though her curiosity seemed to make her mind wonder. Upon hearing that lunch was served, Adelaide's stomach growled softly. She hadn't eaten since the plane ride and even then it was only a small bag of peanuts that tasted bland. The thought of the peanuts made Adelaide nauseous. Once Corinne left, Adelaide looked to Stella. "Food sounds amazing! Let's go." She said leaving her belongings there in their room and leaving to the dining room.
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  16. [​IMG]
    S A W Y E R P E A R S O N
    Mood : Calm , Interested , Annoyed
    Outfit : Here
    Mentioned : N/A Interaction : N/A

    The plane ride was a blur for Sawyer, all he wanted to do on the ride from Los Angeles to Baltimore was smoke. The need was overcoming him, not because he was addicted but because he was scared of plane rides. The black haired boy patiently looked out the window though, and stared to no end. His mind was wandering to different places as he thought about what it would be like to live in a house with other witches. Instantly regretting it, he thought of his blood boiling, horrible curses and hexes. Deciding it was okay to just stress about the plane ride then living with witches, he got up and walked to the bathrooms. Inside he leaned against the wall and closed his eyes, before suddenly he had a premonition, the vision showed him the airport, and them landing. Sawyer came back to reality as there was a knock on the door, and knowing he was safe he decided to sit back down finally and relax.

    Sawyer got off the plane, and found his suitcase, pure black, exactly what he liked. Taking the suitcase he pulled out his cigarettes as he walked out of the airport, and waving down a taxi. He knew smoking was horrible for him, but he found it calming. In the back of the taxi he looked down at his outfit, the half black fabric with black leather outfit looked, sleek to him. That's when the man said that he arrived, stepping out of the taxi he looked up at the house. From looking up at the house in awe, but still keeping a straight face he looked at his watch, late. Instead of rushing he smiled and then walked up slowly, opening the door he closed it a tad loud to grab someones attention so he'd know what to do.

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  17. Akasha and Sam Blackwood
    Mood: intrigued
    Mentioned: Lillian @Dramma Brian @InindoHero
    Interactions: Poppy Le Baeu @Sav

    The world was vast and wide and out of it had come the twins. Two very dark and devious twins. They we're known for there chaos and havoc every where they seemed to go. So they had been sent to the academy. They had been walking around outside in the forest's before they made there way to the house. The twins had been running around all morning as per there usual..They always we're up to no good. The female twin was always bold and witty. She was charming and devious all at once. As the cool crisp air hit her skin. She seemed to smile enjoying the cold. She turned as the leaves fell. She enjoyed the cold it was like a nice warm bath for her. Her brother how ever didn't mind the cold just didn't enjoy the hell out of it like she did. He was the more level headed of the two and tried to keep her antics in line, but her ideas we're always just to much fun.

    Akasha is much smaller then her brother. She had pale skin and bright red dyed hair. She wore dark jeans a black shirt boots and the light sweatshirt. Her brother was toned tall, in jeans, work boots, a brown shirt, and a heavier Jacket
    ." Akasha we should be going don't you think?" He asked her. She frowned and flounced over to him." I guess so." She said. Akasha walked with her twin Sam towards the academy. She looked about and at him. They made a face that only the two could ever understand.

    As the twins made there way in the they dragged behind them a suitcase and there dogs Rogue and killer at there heals. Akasha had heard her room assignment and sighed. She looked at her brother. They had never not once roomed together. They we're basically inseparable. Well it was like most twins. Akasha and her brother stepped aside and spoke quietly in there own language. They always had each other's backs. Akasha sighed and called Rogue to follow her to her room. She went up and as one bed was already taken. She took hers and sighed as she set it up.

    Sam new his sister hated this but told her to deal. They had each other's backs. He went to his room. He set up choosing the bed by the window. His roommate it seemed hadn't been up. He called killer to him. He made his way out of his room and down the steps. He waited on his sister as she walked down.

    The twins walked to the living room together and waited on Poppy Le Baeu. There pets we're to get charmed or what ever. They didn't like the sound of it but did it any way. They we're however starting to get hungry as they smelled the food in the kitchen. They would wait however for the headmistress. They pet there dogs and looked at each other. The twins had a whole conversation with just looks when the woman walked in.
    " Hello I am Sam and.." he started" I am Akasha his twin." She said finishing his thought.
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  18. C o r r i n e _ M a r x
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    Mood: Bored, peeved, a little hungry.
    Location: Entrance hall.
    Interactions:Sawyer @Dramma
    Mentioned: The twins @Satan's Mistress

    The way Corrine appeared and disappeared sometimes was enough to lead someone to believe that the human girl possessed some sort of ability of teleportation. Her heels clicked against the hardwood floors as she entered the entrance hall, eyes narrowing at the sight of a wannabe bad boy, looking completely and utterly lost. Before he could shut the door behind him, she grabbed it keeping it cracked. The cold air rushed inside and goose bumps rose on her skin. He towered over her at 6'3 but it didn't make much of a difference to her. Corrine plucked the cigarette from his lips, throwing it out the door. "No Smoking on the grounds of LBA. Understood?" She didn't wait for a response, pushing him out of her way so she could step out onto the porch, crushing the cigarette underfoot. She enjoyed the occasional cigarette her self, but christ. The stupid boy probably had no idea how hard it was to get cigarette smoke out of everything. He stunk of smoke and made her want to get a bottle of febreeze and pour it over his head.

    "You're late, follow me." She instructed sharply, shutting the front door and walking through the hall, under the archway which led to the stair case. Corrine made a right into the living room, leading the boy to Poppy. Corrine interrupted LeBeau before she could get started with those weird twins. She hoped those filthy mutts weren't the type to shed all over the place. "Headmistress, one of your late ones has arrived." She informed her coolly before walking away, brushing her pale blonde hair over one shoulder. Most of the students were heading to the dining room to eat, she'd go as well, after she made sure everyone was else had gone.
  19. [​IMG]
    Florence Stella Anderson
    Location: Dining Room --> Kitchen

    Stella grinned at her newly awarded exclusive privilege to call Adelaide, Marmalade and made a mental note to brag to Bernard and Tommy later. She let out an excited squeal when Adelaide told her her power. "Blood bending? Like Katara from Avatar? Cool!" She asked, her eyes widening in awe. Next to Bernard's mind reading, her roommate's power was the coolest she'd ever heard of. "I can be any age I want. I can be your age! I can be Bernards's age. I can be Madame LeBeau's age. But not Tommy's age, because I don't want to forget how to use my powers, plus I'm not allowed, cause Madame LeBeau said I might keep getting younger." Her voice took on a solemn tone for a moment as she thought of the biggest danger of her powers, but when Corinne entered, Stella brightened up again.

    "Yay, time to eat!" She exclaimed, following Adelaide, "DON'T CLEAN MY ROOM!" She yelled over her shoulder, even though she knew Corinne was going to do it anyway. She always did. When they got to the dining room, Stella surveyed the food and pursed her lips, her gaze not finding what she truly wanted. Tugging on Adelaide's sleeve, Stella changed their course to the kitchen, where she found Bernard. "This is Bernard like the dog. Tommy calls him Bernie, but I wanted to call him Beethoven, but he wouldn't let me." She chattered. "Bernard this is Marmalade, but you can't call her that, only I can. Also where's dessert?" She asked, her brown gaze fixed on him.

    Tagged: @Sav (Bernard)
    @Infinite_Darkness (Adelaide)
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  20. [​IMG]
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    Mood: Pleased, playful.

    Interactions: Akasha and Sam @Satan's Mistress , Sawyer Pearson @Dramma , Bernard
    Mentioned: Stella @Wonderful Thing, Adelaide @Infinite_Darkness Lucien @s k u l l.
    Location: Dining room table.

    Everything was going well, it seemed. The students were getting settled in and there hadn't been any fights. Poppy was pleased. A fire was roaring in the fireplace, the living room warm. Poppy had charmed only two pets so far and she suspected that there were far more in the house. The twins, Akasha and Sam entered the living room with their dogs. They sat and introduced themselves, how charming. "I know." Was all she said in response before Corrine entered the living room and spoke, a student trailing behind her. "Oh, well, hello. Glad you could make it, Sawyer Pearson I assume? You're roomed with Cole Masters, the boy over there in the gray sweat shirt. Have him show you around if you will, I'm a bit busy at the moment though after I finish this, I'll be right with you." Poppy flexed her fingers and stood after the two siblings put dog hair from both their pets onto the same plate Lillian and Sterling had used for their pets, the scale and feather covered in dried wax. She blew out the candles once again, murmuring the spell over the dogs. The flames flicked back to life and the spell was complete.

    "Come." She instructed the dogs and when they came bouncing over she smiled. "A simple obedience charm, lovelies. You're free to go to lunch." Poppy stood and smoothed out her skirt, heading towards the kitchen where Bernard was sipping on a glass of Sangria. "Bernard," she hummed quietly simply enjoying the silence of the kitchen. He turned to her as he sat his glass down, a question on his lips. "Have you seen Lucien today?" He asked curiously as he moved over to the stove to check on the soup simmering."No, I'm afraid not. Sometimes I worry for that nephew of mine."Her voice was solemn. Poppy took the opportunity to finish his drink. "Poppy!" He came after her with a wooden spoon and she laughed as she skirted out of the kitchen, the pout on his lips amusing. Her back was turned, so she didn't see the doubt on Bernard's features. As she walked out Stella and Adelaide walked into the kitchen.

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