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  1. Yo. After a difficult move from RpN, I'm back and looking for some lovely partners! Hopefully, that's you!
    What I'm Looking For:
    - Detailed, character-driven story
    - Any genre & romantic subplot​
    - Responses that are 4+ paragraphs
    - Collaborative plotting -- something we both feel comfortable with
    - A friend :) I don't bite, I promise!

    A Little About Me:
    - I play female more often than male, but am willing to play male or double depending on your preference
    - I am actively searching for fantasy and modern
    - I average at least 500+ words a post
    - I roleplay in both thread and PM
    - I enjoy darker, grittier storylines

    If I sound like the partner for you, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a message! ​
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  2. Meeee
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  3. Forever and always <3
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  4. I'd be interested in doing a role play with you
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  5. There's interest here as well if you're still looking~^^
  6. Sorry for the delay everyone! I was dealing with some health things, but if any of you are still interested feel free to message me! :D
  7. What kind of posting rates do you prefer?
    Do you have any dark or gritty plots in mind?

    Sorry for the twenty questions. Approaching new people to plot with always seems to make me feel shy.
  8. Anything really works for me. I can post multiple times daily, but I'm also ok with waiting a few days between posts. I don't have any dark or gritty plots in mind but I LOVE them so I would always be up for collaborating.
  9. I'm not entirely sure what you're looking for, plot wise, but I was wondering: Would you be up for a furry RP? (Not a smut driven RP, unlike the furry RPs I've seen advertised around here, but a rp with anthropomorphic characters.)

    I've been itching to play a few of my characters, and I figured plot building could work around that. If you're not into that kind of thing (which a lot of people aren't) I've got some other characters that are game for RPs. Some of them are on my toyhou.se but some are not. So if any of them interest you, great. If not, then let me know what you're looking for =3
  10. I'd be interested in RPing with you. Do you mind FxF roles?
  11. You sound like an awesome/The Perfect role-play partner to me, I have a little trouble with making 4+ paragraphs for a reply, but I can get into that, as long as I'm interested. I love to write, I love characters (Perhaps not the creating part, just the making them miserable part haha. I do both Male and Female characters, I need practice with Males, but I like a challenge :) I also can do multiple role plays at once (Up to roughly 3, as I'm out of practice :( ) Thank you for taking the time to read this!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.