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  1. [​IMG](n.) a strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world
    • O v e r v i e w
      Written by: @darkflames13
      Genres: Adventure, Modern, Slice of life
      Posting Expectations: Adept

      Vandalism, a word that had such a negative ring to it. But is it really as bad as people believe it to be? For a group of teens, vandalism was where it all started. A simple harmless message doodled on a chair. Vandalism, yet it bloomed into something more. Students shifted rooms when classes change. The next occupant of the vandalised chair saw the message. And what did they do? They responded. More vandalism. Yet thanks to vandalism, a friendship was formed. A group of people who all used the same chair at different times of the day started communicating with one another through the messages they wrote on the chair. They ran in different cliques, yet thanks to the desk they vandalised, they all became friends.

      The teens lived in a city somewhere in Canada. Everyday it was bustling with activity. Everyday was full of activity. They were getting sick of it. Do you know that feeling when you eat too much savoury food and you start to crave for something sweet? It was like that for them. They wanted a taste of something different. They wanted to get away from the city and head for a quieter, more peaceful place. They wanted to escape; the city, responsibilities, life's pressures, everything.

      One of them suggested they do it; that they leave it all behind. A magazine ad for what seemed to be paradise for them was what baited them. Young and foolish, they thought it was a great idea to run away from it all. Paradise was what they wanted. Paradise was what they aimed for.

      Thus, their road-trip journey started.
    • R u l e s
      1.1. General Iwaku rules and role-playing regulations apply. This means that god-modding, power-playing, meta-gaming, and the likes are strictly forbidden. There are times, however, when breaking these basic role-playing rules can be convenient and even useful, but do this only sparingly as a last resort and never without the consent of the role-players who would be affected by such initiatives.
      1.2. Minimum posting expectation: Adept. We don't want to see any one-liners here, but that's not to say we expect novels either. Each post in the IC must have at least 10 sentences at the bare minimum.
      1.3. This role-play is not libertine-oriented, so no detailed sex scenes please. When it comes to that, just fade to black.
      1.4. Violence is, to a certain extent, allowed, but gore will not be tolerated. Swearing is also permitted, but keep it within the limit of good taste, please.
      1.5. Respect your GMs (me, @darkflames13, and @SweetWendigo) and respect each other. We will not tolerate any arrogance or elitism here.
      1.6. Violation of any of the following or aforementioned rules will result into one (1) warning. After accumulating three warnings, you will be effectively removed from the role-play.

      2.1. There are no reservations for this role-play. We don't operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. This means that posting a character sheet will not automatically guarantee you a spot. We can always reject applications and trust me, we have some pretty high standards. However, since this is just an Adept role-play we may be more lax about the quality of skeletons we expect.
      2.2. Diversity and creativity are highly encouraged. But as with everything else, know the limits. You may add your own touches of creativity, but be sensible about it and don't go too overboard. As for race and gender preference, we won't put any limitations on this nor do we wish to (just so long as you don't make an elf or something, since this is a modern role-play for Chrissake, not Lord of the Rings), so knock yourself out.
      2.3. This is a face-claim role-play. In other words, real people pictures only, please! If I see any anime or semi-realistic art, I will go ballistic. Having trouble finding face-claims? You may check out model sites like NEXT or you could hit us up and we'll try our best to assist you. Overused face-claims tend to make things a little less believable (and quite frankly, they're tacky), so as much as possible avoid well-known celebrities like, iunno, Vanessa Hudgens or something. The higher the quality of your photo, the better.
      2.4. Banners are a must, and the size limit for these shall be 500x300 pixels (widthxheight). Banners may be GIFs or just plain old jpegs, it's up to you.
      It has also come to our attention that some people tend to post an inordinate amount of pictures in their character sheet, to the point of absurdity. Seriously, people. This is not a gallery. We know that a picture is worth a thousand words or whatever, but to be honest, we'd much rather read ACTUAL words rather than be bombarded with a thousand glaringly huge pictures of some celebrity we couldn't care less about. One banner would suffice. If you absolutely MUST post more pictures, at least keep them reasonably-sized or place them within spoiler tags.
      2.5. We may ask you to tweak your skeleton, but this only arises in the event of discrepancies. If your skeleton is inconsistent with the story, or just plain inconsistent, then you'll have to make the appropriate revisions. There's no two ways about it.
      2.6. Relationships are mandatory, but there's no hurry to fill these out after you've been accepted. Participants do not have to plan a relationship with every single character in the role-play. Just one or two relationships with other players will make us happy.
      2.7. You can fancy up your skeleton all you want, but keep in mind that this is not particularly necessary and won't affect our judgement in any way. Feel free to mess around with the format and coding of your character sheet. You can rearrange it in anyway you want, so long as it's coherent and all the requested information is present.
      Try to avoid bright colors and colors that are too dark. Keep in mind that Iwaku allows users to customise color themes. It is advised that you use colors that would blend in well on any of the backgrounds that Iwaku provides. That being said, as a general rule of thumb, avoid using black or white font. More to the point, if you just can't code for shit, then don't force yourself. Simplicity is perfectly A-OK. It's the quality of the writing that matters, not how fancy your character sheet looks. We're not petty people.
      2.8. We reserve the right to reject any and all skeletons that we feel are not up to par with the standards of this role-play.
      2.9. Reservations are not allowed, but you may post WIPs in the Sign-Up thread. Place a note above your character sheet indicating that it is a work-in-progress to keep others, especially us GMs, informed. Do not post bare WIPs. At least have some basic information written down before posting your character sheet. Once you're finished writing your character sheet, inform any of us GMs via private message or the OOC and we'll get right on to reading it.
      2.10. On the off-chance your character gets rejected or you decide to opt out of the role-play, then please delete your skeleton. This is so that the Sign-Up thread doesn't get cluttered with obsolete character sheets. We will give you three days to do this yourself, before we take matters into our own hands and delete the skeleton on our own. We will NOT be held liable for any lost content. You have been warned. (We'll probably keep a back-up anyway, just in case.)

      3.1. Post at least once a week. I know that life can be hectic, but surely one post a week isn't too much to ask. Post consistently to keep things running. Writer's block is not an excuse; you can write something shitty for all we care, so long as it isn't inconsistent with the story and/or is jam-packed with spelling and grammatical errors.
      The more active you are, the happier we will be. But just as there is a minimum, there is also a limit. To the more active role-players, try to give others a fair chance to respond to your posts. This is so nobody gets left behind.
      3.2. Going on hiatus? Inform us. Tell us when we should be expecting your return. Will your hiatus last two weeks? A month? What do you want us to do with your character while you're on leave? If you disappear without telling us, we'll just assume you're dead, turn your character into a NPC, and proceed with the role-play without you.
      3.3. If you want out, inform us. Don't just drop off the face of the Earth or something. We hate it when people keep us guessing. Just remember that we reserve the right to do whatever we wish with your character once you leave, for the sake of continuity. It's not exactly believable to just have them disappear into a puff of smoke just because you don't want in on this role-play anymore.
      3.4. The activity will be monitored closely. If you haven't posted for a week, you can be sure we will pester you about it in the PMs. That's one warning for you. Following that, we'll give you another week to catch up. If you don't post within the allotted time, we'll boot you out of the role-play. Simple as that.
      But even if you do catch up, you'd have still accumulated one warning. Get two more and you're out. We have limited patience for this kind of thing and we shouldn't have to constantly remind you to post, since that is your responsibility, not ours.

      4.1. Strictly no WIP posts in the IC thread. Either post something complete in the IC or don't post at all.
      4.2. Banners, current locations, and character names must be present in all IC posts. This is to make it a little easier for some of us to pinpoint who is playing who and where everyone is at. And also so that we all remember how everyone's characters look like.

      5.1. A special Skype group chat/PM group will be created for out-of-character conversations. All OOCs go there. We will NOT see any OOCs in the Sign-Up thread and the IC thread. Such posts will be automatically deleted, with or without warning.
      5.2. No OOC drama, no elitism. Talking about drama is fine, but stirring up the same with your fellow role-players and ruining the fun for everyone is an entirely different matter and something we will not tolerate. That being said, respect yourself and respect each other. Exercise the proper netiquette. Furthermore, we will not be having any "elitist" role-players who believe they're better than everyone else and know all there is to know about role-playing. Confidence is good, sure, but arrogance is not. Remember that even the best of writers out there are not perfect. There's always something new to learn.
    • C h a r a c t e r  S h e e t
      Age: (14-18, high school students basically)
      Sex: (biological sex)
      Sexual Orientation:
      Biography: (character's reasoning for going through with the road trip must be evident)
      Appearance: (description must match face claim)
    • C a s t
      Username / Face Claim / Character Name

      A C T I V E
      FieryCold / Vittoria Ceretti / Joan Lambert [JUMP]
      Weeping Liberty / Ashley Nicolette Frangipane (Halsey) / Nova Saint [JUMP]
      Darkflames13 / Carson Hiner / William Asher Fay [JUMP]
      Princess Misaou / Ksenia Komleva / Saige Grimm [JUMP]
      Nemopedia / Asa Butterfield / Emrys 'Ashlan' Jernigan [JUMP]

      I N A C T I V E
      Gossamer / Abel Tesfaye / Aubrey Baudelaire
      MarilynFae / Danielle Campbelle / Isabella Dawn Woods
      SweetWendigo / Dane DeHaan / Allen Gray
      Jihae / 권혁 / Jordan Lee
      Lulunopia / Alex Gronlund / Kelly Lane

      *This is the final cast list. Includes only ACCEPTED characters.
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  2. A n n o u n c e m e n t s

    July 27, 2016
    • In Character. The IC is up and running already; it's been up for a while now actually, I just neglected to update this thing. Oops :'D Anyway, accepted characters may start posting. IC can be found [here].
    • Role play Status. As can be seen by the tag, the role play is still open for sign ups! Don't worry about the IC having started, it really hasn't gotten too far yet, integrating your character into the RP shouldn't be too difficult c:
    • OOC Chat. The Skype chat is inactive (mainly cause me and Ricey / FieryCold have sort of moved over to discord). In place of that, we've turned the Iwaku conversation we've been using to blast announcements into the OOC thread (I think those of you who're already in it are already aware of this change xD). To those who are joining: Once your character has been accepted, one of the GMs will be adding you to the conversation.
    • Setting. We've mentioned in a previous announcement that we were considering changing the setting, and I just realised now that we never announced it here what the verdict was. So here I'm putting it here now: the setting remains unchanged; the role play is still taking place in Canada.

    June 15, 2016
    • Role play Status. The RP is alive and kicking! Your GMs are back from their unannounced break and fully intend on pushing through with this role play.
    • Deadline. We've decided to finally set a deadline for finishing character sheets. Deadline is midnight on the 21st of June, EST (June 21, 2016 at 2400 EST). Any character sheets unfinished by then will automatically be rejected and the player will be kicked out of the role play (exception: GMs... which is basically me since I'm the only one with an unfinished sheet. meep. Ricey will see to it that I finish on time).
    • IC Start. It's also been decided that the role play will start regardless of the unfinished characters. IC will be up and running tomorrow, 16th of June (GMT+8; probably 15th June for some of you). Once those with unfinished CSes finish, then you may jump into the role play. We'll cross the bridge of how we'll be introducing your character into the role play when we get there, for now focus on finishing your cses (yes, this also applies to me).
    • Relationships. Those with finished CSes (Marilyn, Gossamer, Ricey and Dream) may now begin discussing and forming relationships between your characters.

    April 09, 2016
    • OOC Skype chat is up! You may have noticed we opened a poll in the SU thread before asking for what means you guys would prefer for OOC chatter. Poll is closed now though, so you guys wont be seeing it up top in the SU thread any more. Anyway, everyone pretty much answered Skype so that's what we'll be going with~ An OOC chat has already been set up. Just add me on Skype and I'll add you in :) Be sure to introduce yourself when adding me tho! My Skype is darkflames13. If you can't add me for some reason, just let me know your Skype handle and I'll add you instead of the other way around.
    • Setting. We've sorta noticed that most of the characters in our current line-up are Brits. While we don't really have a problem with this (after all, 2/3 of the GMs' characters are Brit), we thought: why not change the location to England. Of course, we want to hear your opinions about this before changing it.
    • Deadline. We planned on setting one but can't really come to a decision as to when so we decided, why not let you guys set the deadline 8D But yeah, when do you reckon you guys will be able to finish your skellies?
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  3. Listen to Hot Blood, a playlist

      &&.    W I L L  Y O U  C O M E  A R O U N D ?  
    w e l l  i ' m  i n  l o v e  w i t h  y o u  b a b e   › › ›   a n d  t h e  d e v i l  a n d  I  m a d e  a  d e a l


    aliases: joan    ◞ age: 18    ◞ sex: female    ◞ birthday: september 21    ◞ sign: virgo

    ‹‹  P E R S O N A L I T Y 

    B l u n t  &  T a c t l e s s
    Joan is an expert at delivering the realities of life in the harshest way possible. The girl speaks her mind unfiltered without thought for consequence nor regard for authority. She doesn't give a shit about who you are, what you are, or how old you are: Joan will treat you the same way she does everyone. Courtesy is low in her list of priorities. Her inappropriate behaviour knows no bounds, and she is notorious for her critical stance towards authority. She cares little for manners and refuses to be held down by the standards of society and the expectations of other people. Why should she sacrifice her identity to please everyone else? Joan would much rather live her life honestly. She may waste her breath over profanities, but she would never lie, not even to spare someone’s feelings. Strongly opinionated with an aggressive streak, she is the first to question things, raise doubts, or spark an argument to prove a point. The gears of her mind are always turning: Joan never runs out of things to say, and she must always have the last word. Small talk doesn’t work with her, however. Whatever Joan says will always have some substance, and she expects you to deliver the same. Only speak in truths, or don’t speak at all. Don’t come to Joan hoping for an attentive ear or a shoulder to cry on. Chances are, you will be severely disappointed.

    B r a z e n  &  D e f i a n t
    Rash and fearless in the face of danger, Joan acts as though she’s got nothing to lose and everything else to gain. Whether the girl is incredibly brave and incredibly daft is up for debate. Others say she simply doesn’t care what fate befalls her. This may be true to a certain extent: it’s either she’s out looking for trouble, or trouble comes looking for her. She would never say no to a good challenge, nor would she stand down when provoked, even when the circumstances do not seem to be on her side. What’s admirable, though, is that she never, ever gives in without a fight. It’s almost instinctual for her to stick up for the people and ideologies she cares about. It’s no exaggeration to say that, if it’s for something she holds with great importance or respect, she would fight until her last breath to protect it. A certain rebellious streak also makes up a huge part of her personality. This has inevitably caused more than a few brushes with the law. Impose rules upon her, and she would go out of her way to break them all. Try to restrict her, and she would thrash and bite her chains. Above everything else, Joan hates feeling impotent. Nor does she appreciate being told what to do. It’s her independence that puts the spring in her step. Joan has so much faith in herself that she thinks she can do anything on her own, that everything is within her reach. In her mind, she is above common courtesies and rules: fuck what society thinks, Joan is the captain of her own ship. She’ll live her life exactly the way she wants to.

    C y n i c a l  &  D e t a c h e d
    Think you could solve the mysterious Joan? Well, you’re in for a shock. It isn’t easy to pry this shell open. It may be hard to stop that big mouth of hers once it starts talking, but even when she voices her thoughts, she doesn’t really reveal all that much about herself. Talkative, adventurous, and bold; these may seem like the traits of an approachable individual, and yet, Joan, who possesses all three traits, is surprisingly unavailable emotionally. Even old friends from her childhood years find it hard to reach out to her every now and then. Joan could leave a message unanswered for weeks, and then some days she just disappears without warning. It’s odd: she makes a point of being honest when it comes to anything except her own emotions. Cold, hard ice—that’s what she’s made of, and it takes years to chip past that frozen facade. It’s difficult for her to build trust and camaraderie, mainly due to her cynical “everyone has a secret agenda” outlook in life. As such, Joan can be overbearing and presumptuous especially in romantic relationships. She just doesn’t know how to let loose and have fun. Such requires losing one’s guard and letting things flow naturally, but it is not in Joan’s disposition to be so carefree. She cannot afford to risk her pride. For underneath that tough facade, she is scared of getting hurt.

     B I O G R A P H Y  ››

    Born to Renee Lambert, a single mother and professor at an acclaimed university in Toronto, Joan had a financially comfortable childhood, although in other respects, it was not without some trying times. It was evident, even from such a tender age, that Joan had taken more after her father. The same strong features—piercing hazel eyes and thick, sloping brows—as well as a rebellious streak were among the many things Joan had inherited from the man. Out of her peers and relatives, she was a square peg in a round hole: the most daring, defiant, and tempestuous. She hung out with a ragtag group of boys in her neighbourhood and came home with thick soles and bruised knees and filthy clothes, never once caring about her appearance even as girls her age did. People had mistaken her for a boy so often that eventually she gave up trying to correct them, not that she cared so much about these things in the first place. As she grew older, however, she developed, albeit with little awareness, some insecurities about her femininity. Adamant about staying true to her image, she would never be caught dead in a dress or anything remotely “feminine”. And when asked why, she would simply shrug and claim to be “allergic to girliness.”

    A lot of commotion went on behind the closed curtains of the Lambert household, for if there was anything mother and daughter shared, it was their enormous pride. They were both strong, highly opinionated women, each refusing to back down in a fight. Arguments kept neighbours awake in the dead of night and knocking furiously upon the door of their flat, for Joan was not only prone to raising her voice, but also breaking things when angered. Largely unaffected by criticism—they just go in one ear and out the other—her attitude worsened as the years went by. In the heat of every argument, her mother would say the same phrase like clockwork: “You’re just like your father,” in the same spiteful tone with which she spoke of most men, as if it were something Joan should feel ashamed by.

    It eventually became too much for Joan that she began to spend most of the after-school evenings outside the house. This was how she came to know the person who would change her life forever: Valerie. Despite the impact Valerie would later on have in Joan’s life, their meeting was not at all anything significant. They had met by accident through mutual friends and would likely never have crossed paths if not for it, mainly because Valerie went to a different school and had completely different interests. The first time Joan laid eyes on her, all she could see was trouble: Valerie wore an all-black ensemble—from her hair and lipstick, to her clothes—and liked to listen, in full blast, what could only be described as noise. But despite her multiple piercings and smoking habits, she was surprisingly soft-spoken, kind, and had a strong faith. Initially, Joan had misgivings about her, but as they spent more time in the company of one another, attraction began to spark between them until one night, they explored each other's mouths and bodies, combusting underneath the sheets.

    But like most good things, their relationship could never last, and sure enough, after only two months, Valerie left for an art school in a different city. Joan went back to the same routine, only now that Valerie was gone her temper had grown worse than usual. One day, a huge fight with Renee prompted the latter to sift through Joan's things. An unopened pack of cigarettes was found in Joan's room—something Joan had bought as a memento of Valerie, not for actual smoking. Renee burst in a fit of fury, which was then met with an angry rebuttal from Joan:

    You're such a fucking prude. No wonder dad left you.

    She didn't mean any of it. She really couldn't care less about the man who had left them, even if they were related by blood. But the damage was done and Renee was visibly hurt by these words, and Joan could no longer take them back. The two had argued a lot over many things, big or small, but Renee had never looked so vulnerable. She had never raised a hand on her daughter, not once. Until now. For the first time ever, she slapped Joan, right across the cheek, leaving a shallow cut from where the nail sliced through her skin.

    The rest of the night was spent in silence though the tension in the air remained. Renee cleaned up the mess they had made in the living room while Joan slammed the door to her room and packed her things, seething with anger. She wanted to get out of here. And fast.

    The next day, she was gone.
    ‹‹  M I S C E L L A N E O U S 

    A p p e a r a n c e
    People find themselves both drawn to and repelled by this mysterious beauty. Though unmistakably female, there is something remarkably unfeminine about her features—perhaps it's something to do with those sloping brows or those piercing hazel eyes, or maybe it's the aura of aloofness with which she carries herself. Neither beautiful nor handsome, but teetering in between. No one can deny that she has a presence—that little something that draws eyes toward her like a magnet. As if to complement her personality, she is just as tough and intimidating in appearance and yet holds a certain touch of effeminate delicacy.

    Standing at 5'6" with an average—teetering on scrawny—build, Joan is not particularly tall nor well-endowed. In fact, it seems the girl never grew out of her tomboyish ways—at the age of eighteen, she is still as thin as a scarecrow, and her skin is a pale porcelain despite her outgoing nature. Scars, big and small, mar her otherwise blemish-free skin; memories of many childish misadventures are etched permanently on knees and elbows, a constant reminder of her rebellious and hot-headed disposition. Her sense of style has scarcely changed throughout the years. Her hair has slightly grown and is styled in an unruly bob cut, but her clothes remain dark in color and an extra size larger. She is not exactly someone who is in touch with their femininity, if the fact that she adamantly rejects it is any indication.

    S e x u a l  O r i e n t a t i o n
    Homosexual (She had always been interested in girls, but only became aware of it when she met Valerie. Until then, she had believed she was asexual.)

    Face Claim: Vittoria Ceretti | Music: Blood Hot - Tess Parks | Coding: FieryCold
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  4. Libby's amazingness will go here... right after work. XD



    Nova Saint



    Ashley Nicolette Frangipane (Halsey)


    Caucasian (Irish-American)


    Hair Color:
    Blue-green (current)
    Black (natural)
    Pink, Purple, Blue, Blonde (past)

    Varied but mostly Tumblr Chic


    Nova is a free spirit, her mind and heart as free as the open sky. She dreams big... Sometimes a little too big, which can often lead to her getting hurt. To some, she might come across as naive or simple minded however Nova choses to see the world through a rose colored lense, looking for the best in people rather than assuming the worst. Despite this fact though, trust once lost is not easily found again with this Gemini. Her first instinct might be to extend a friendly smile, but she does not fear taking action to protect herself, or her friends. Crossing this girl will ultimately end on the wrong side of a wrath unlike any other.

    Being so free spirited comes with its ups and downs, and while she doesn't become weighed down by the troubles of society and the like likes, Nova does find herself at the crossroads of indecision more than the average person. One might think that impossible, mostly because of the impulsive decisions people have seen her make in the past, but smaller things... Simple things such as picking out an ice cream or even whether or not to say hello to someone, it is these kinds of decisions that bring great stress to Nova.

    Having been teased by both peers and family has left Nova slightly estranged from others, leaving a sense of fear regarding the motives of other people. She desperately wants to connect with others, to have someone take her by the hand and do silly things with her. To have someone see her for the real her, not just the face she shows to others. It is these desires, these emotions that drive her to follow her dreams of becoming a singer... All in the hopes of one day finding a place where she can comfortably belong.

    Small & Fluffy Animals
    Inappropriate Humor

    Bugs &
    Bitter Anything
    Ignorance/Ass Hats
    Desk Work
    Being Controlled

    A silver Zodiac Charm Bracelet
    Small locked diary


    Growing up, Nova was incredibly close with her mother Tatiana. They would do everything together from watching movies to singing around the campfire, nearly inseparable. Even when Jacob was born, six years after Nova, she and her mother remained the best of friends sharing a bond that people have fought for their whole lives. However, their happiness wasn't to last forever. About a month before Nova turned 12, a fatal car crash tore Tatiana from her family. Grief stricken and in shock, Nova fell into depression, rebelling in her own unique way. Her room fell into disarray, she began dying her hair crazy colors and at the age of 16 went and got a tattoo of a horseshoe on her right bicep.

    As far as rebellions go, Nova was fairly modest which allowed her "outbursts" to go unquestioned, for as much pain as she was in she remained by her family's side to support them. This changed a little before Nova's 15th birthday when her father introduced a woman he had been seeing in secret since his late wife's death, announcing their engagement to one another. To Nova this was a great betrayal, feeling her father no longer cared about the woman who gave birth to his children. Shaken by this belief, Nova did her best to swallow her pride and welcome Jamie-Lynn and her daughter who had also come from a previous marriage.

    That, however, didn't last long either. Morgan, used to being an only child, had trouble adjusting to life as a sibling. She would tease Nova for the way she dressed and pick on Jacob for being smaller than the other kids his age. This lead to conflicts between Nova and Jamie-Lynn as Morgan would lie about things Nova said or did to her. As time ticked on, Morgan continued to make life for Nova difficult both at home and at school, turning her "friends" against her. Nova had held back for fear of upsetting her mother's spirit, however a line was crossed when Morgan haphazardly joked about Nova's attachment to her dead mother. Needless to say, Jamie-Lynn has been trying to get Nova removed from the house for physically beating her own daughter up in the school hallway.

    That was about a year ago, now all Nova wants is to escape the cage she can feel slowly being built around her. To strike out before it's too late.

    Mother - Tatiana (Deceased)
    Father - David
    Brother - Jacob (Younger)
    Step-Mother - Jamie-Lynn
    Step-Sister - Morgan (Same Age)

    Sexual Orientation:
    Bi-Romantic Asexual

    Tapping nails against solid surfaces (bored/lost in thought)
    Fluffing hair (excited)

    Braiding/Unbraiding hair (nervous)

    Song: "To Feel Alive" (Iameve)
    Ice Cream Flavor: Double Chocolate Brownie Batter
    Candy: Tootsie Pops (Cherry Flavored)

    Color: Galactic Purple
    Movie: The Land Before Time



    Theme Song:
    "Go" (Grimes)

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  5. DROPPED (open)

    ) ▶▶ &* DARLING I CAN BE YOUR KING !! ❞ (

    ▪▪▪▶ baby my kingdom is full of silver and gold .
    gender; male
    xxxxxxxx sex orientation; straight xxxxxxxx age; 18 xxxxxxxx ethnicity; british xxxxxxxx date of birth; july 29, 19XX xxxxxxxx sign; leo

    • Being the Protégé of the family, Allen is your typical rich, smart guy. Because of his sharp-witted mind, he can make good judgment out of all people in his school. He joins in contests for the sake of his school, hell he even created a good reputation of it because of the awards he brings. Clever in many things but hated by people who knows him better than anyone else. He shows off his perfection in everyone so they can praise him for being perfect. Allen can ace anything if he wants to but that doesn’t mean that he won’t give other people a chance, only in rare occasions.

      Allen’s arrogance is something you can’t simply brush off. Because of the mere fact that he has a higher position, he tends to think that the people around him are his slaves- well not technically slaves but someone who he can command at some things- you get my idea there. Allen thinks that everyone is there to follow his orders nothing more, nothing less. However, there are those people says that they are his friends, which in his point of view they are merely acquaintances and hypocrites because they have the same status as him.

      Despite his arrogance, you can’t help but fall over feels for this boy. He is smart, confident and charming, every girl’s dream. But then again, knowing him better, he knows how to trick other people using his charms, by using sweet talks and even going out with them if he wants something from them, he would charm his way in and get what he wants. Believe it or not he trained himself how to speak with the ladies and as well as the gentlemen to like him (business purposes). Some say that he is a heartbreaker, other say he is a man whore, but despite the rumors floating around him, he can change that rumor into something positive, using charm or money of course.

      Shrewd personality, people tend to think that he only stays at him but to admit the truth. He is always outside vandalizing walls and breaking glasses in the streets of Toronto, Canada. He adopted actually adopted this rebellious attitude from some teenagers who lives in the street. Despite of being rich, he is having more fun in the streets rather than going out in parties. However, because of his wealth, whenever he is getting arrested by the police he is either quickly letting go or him escaping them.

      Because of Allen’s deceiving looks anyone can fall for him, well except for some people. However, his charms will never work if he doesn’t know how to speak in front of them. He very well knows how to deceive, charm and manipulate his way out. To him, being eloquent is very much needed since he will be the future heir of the company. Of course, he also needs to prepare himself from the future if he ever wants to be successful.

      Arrogance, Charming, Devious and Delinquent. Combine those four and you got yourself an asshole.

    • As the only child of the family, Allen didn’t very much enjoy his childhood days. Despite the fact that his parents want him to have an excellent future, he was sent to a prestigious school in Canada. There, he learnt many unnecessary things like playing instruments, poetry writing and so on and so forth. But that doesn’t mean that he’ll forget those things, sometimes Allen plays the instruments, especially the piano for his parents so they can praise him for being a young protégé of the family. However, there are those times that his parents couldn’t even face their only son because of work. Work work WORK. Just how he hated that word. Because of the lack of attention he receive from his parents, he decided to show his skills in school so that the people around him will give their attention to him.

      Allen aced everything in their school so his parents would be proud of him, but neither of them showed up in the contests he joins in. For Pete’s sake they are busy with work! It was destroying his sanity because of the fact that his parents no longer to take care of him, only maids and butlers are there to look after him. He tried to grab their attention by breaking some expensive vases that his mother used to love, purposely setting the car on fire which his father use going to work. However, they thought that is was only an accident so they simply forgave their son and went back to work. Allen became so frustrated he began throwing tantrums at their house; breaking vases, statues, glasses, plates, everything.

      However, he was still not satisfied. Allen went out alone in the streets, not caring if he get lost or get kidnapped. Then, he found a group of thug wannabes- kids to be exact, vandalizing an old wall at the back of the alley. This piqued the boy’s interest, calling the attention of street kids he offered them money to teach him their way of living. First, he was taught to set a store’s kitchen of fire, second, he threw rocks at the glass store, third, he vandalized a police station and last but not the least, he had his first police car chase together with the street kids.

      Allen never felt so alive, so he craved for more, more and more. This rebellious phase of his carried out until he became a teenager, until he became the worst. His parents never knew about this until he was finally caught by the police because of vandalism, they weren’t worried of their son’s reckless action but rather they were worried of the company’s image, so they quickly dispatch the news using their money and power. When Allen gave up looking for their attention that was time they gave their attention to him. Apologizing for not able to look after him during those times when Allen needed them the most, but he could careless of what they say to him.

      To make it up to him, they gave him the chance to pick a school. Allen was happy, but he can manage his own without his parent's blessings or something. Eventually he picked a school that was near distanced to his condo. Everything was good, and the school’s education system was decent but there was something inside him that made him feel dull. Allen tried to brush it off, but soon this empty feeling grew until he could no longer care about joining the contests and winning. It’s like waking up in the morning then suddenly feel the urge to go somewhere quiet. That’s what he felt when he entered high school.

      Allen tried to vandalize the school to earn a new spark to his life, but nothing came in to him. The principal could almost careless about his reckless behavior because, he practically control the school like dolls in his hand. Money, power, fame and authority. That was given to him when he entered high school, there are those previous schools he went and shut them down because their education system was flawed and their way of teaching was crappy as hell.

      But putting that aside, is life became dull and he no longer want attention but rather he wants something knew to his experience. Something that will freshen him up from all of the responsibilities, expectations, school, everything. Allen once dreamed a place where is quiet and peace exists. It was somehow impossible to find that place, so he quickly gave that idea up and just daydream about it. Of course, he still joins in contests and still ace it, but that’s it.

    • Allen would sometimes argue with his height saying that he is 5’8 but in reality, he is just 5’7 in a half. He has those small bags under his eyes because of parties and balls for the business. He has small blue eyes and thick brown hair with blonde streaks in it. Allen has little freckles along with his jawlines and peachy skin tone. He always wear his favorite black, turtle neck jacket. But sometimes, he wears something classy without his jacket (it’s either it is in the hamper or in the laundry). He also have some scars in his body but is almost evident to the human eye, he got it from the fights when he taunts other kids in the streets. Allen wanted to have piercings in his body but his mother wouldn’t let him.

      Allen knows how to speak in 5 languages fluently:
      • Norwegian
      • Italian
      • Russian
      • Spanish
      • Japanese

      And 2 other which he is still working on it:
      • French
      • Polish

      The instruments he knows how to play very well:
      • Piano
      • Flute
      • Acoustic Guitar
      • Drums
      • Violin

      Although he is also having interest in arts but he isn’t sure if he is going to start to paint.

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  6. ..... -_- How do y'all make such pretty CS's? Hmmm?

    Also, weekend got really busy for me with work. I'll be able to work on my character when I get home tonight.
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  7. Been super busy but will have my male up Wednesday.
    Cs Holder Spot
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  8. Aubrey Baudelaire

    Face Claim
    Abel Tesfaye

    Full Name
    Aubrey Shalé Baudelaire


    Sex & Gender
    Male, bi-curious

    1/2 Ethiopian, 1/2 French

    Date of Birth & Sign
    February 3rd, 19??, Aquarius

    • [​IMG]
      Aubrey stands at 5'8", weighing roughly 145lbs, his dark brown eyes complimenting his equally brown skin and black hair. At first glance it's evident the young man keeps himself well groomed in all aspects of his outward appearance. Often, he'll sport a small array of jewelry and accessories such as earrings, necklaces, rings, chains etc. His brand named clothing suggests a rich background, and his build suggests an athletic lifestyle, although the latter is not so much the case.

      Within twenty four hours of a full shave Aubrey will have already grown a short amount of stubble. A full week and a half will leave him with a short beard. There are multiple scars throughout his inner left forearm, as well as several others surrounding his abdomen. His bagged eyes suggest difficulty sleeping.

    • A majority of Aubrey's adolescence was spent living a relatively middle class life under the guidance and care of a single mom and Aubrey's grandmother. Due to his mothers Ethiopian heritage, Aubrey's mother and grandmother were the boys only family growing up. The trio lived together for fourteen long, peaceful years in Toronto, Canada until Aubrey came into contact with his father for the first time, who at the time lived a luxurious life within the northern suburbs of Saint-Ouen, France, just six kilometers from the centre of Paris. He juggled life as both a professor in modern art and amateur painter, as well as a part-time music tutor for hire.

      In only one month, Aubrey's father had managed to reverse an entire childhood of good, quality, healthy life lessons, morals and ideals that would ensure a healthy lifestyle for such a young and humble child. Aubrey was a living, pure example of the carefree life his father did not have the luxury of experiencing as a child. Where as the boys mother introduced him to all the good in the world, his father, more so out of spite of himself, introduced him to everything bad. This included all the most popular vices and generally taboo habits such as smoking, drinking, pornographic film (mostly french), and knowledge on a variety of drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, LSD, MD-MA, etc. all stacked upon distasteful habits and poor morals. Aubrey's mother was completely oblivious.

      Although initially this type of exposure may seem toxic, Aubrey's father was not entirely a man reduced only to wicked morals. He was not heartless, merely open minded. Maybe too open minded. Although the subject matter was distasteful at best, the guidance that came along with it was mature and thoughtful, paying attention to every perspective. Aubrey, lured in by devilish habits and pleasant pastimes as well as a new found, rich way of living, spent the next two and a half years in France.

      Two crucial events in Aubrey's life occurred during his time spent in France. The first, and most memorable of the two, was the young boy having fallen in love with a girl he met on his sixteenth birthday during a night out in Paris with friends. By absolute chance, her birthday landed on the day after his. Despite the fact she was two years older, the two purposefully shared their first kiss as the clock struck twelve. Often the young man will recollect that night, describing it simply as "The happiest time of my life."

      Having met through mutual friends, the two inevitably had much in common, including Aubrey's new found passion for substance abuse and general mischievous behavior, among other, more personal relations. Mutually, they both agreed to only communicate with letters rather than in person under one condition; If they both received at least three letters a week every week until the end of spring, they had no choice but to marry one another. With only that holding them back, the coming months went by instantaneously (according to Aubrey) and by the beginning of summer the two were inseparable.

      On Christmas, during that same year, as a result of a lifetime of poor lifestyle choices and bad habits, Aubrey's father was diagnosed with a variety of different cancer at different stages (kidney, liver, lung, and brain) only after he was found unconscious in the living room and driven to the hospital by Aubrey himself. After refusing treatment for an entire month, he was eventually hospitalized entirely, and a few short weeks after that, died in his sleep once Aubrey's lover had convinced him to discreetly euthanize his father.

      A month after his seventeenth birthday Aubrey was already living back home in Toronto with his mother. His grandmother had passed during his time spent in France. Although his fathers passing had complicated his school, it more than made up for it. In his will, his father only asked that all of his belongings be sold, and what couldn't be sold, shipped back to Canada. He had practically erased his existence entirely, altering his presence to that of dollar bills that only sat in a savings account, building with interest, increasing every month as a result of royalties obtained from paintings. Above all else, the money sat still, waiting until Aubrey's eighteenth birthday.

      Aubrey returned to school in Toronto that following year after having spent his summer making up schoolwork. Within a few short weeks, he found himself within a particularly mischievous clique only slightly similar to his group of friends in Paris. After having scored a fake i.d., the young man vanished entirely from both school and home for two weeks straight and had spent the entire hiatus in a haze of various parties, clubs, drugs and bedrooms.

      The boys intense lifestyle and lack of attendance became evident to most of his peers by word of mouth and general gossip within a short amount of time, making Aubrey somewhat notorious in school (mostly due to his background in France) but more so at home. His mother had long ago regretted her consent in his moving to France, as it was clear there was no undoing the damage inflicted upon her son. Constant arguing, mostly as a result of comparisons made between Aubrey and his father, lead to the boy eventually leaving home and staying every night in a different home. This way of living began halfway into October and lasted until Novembers latter weeks. Often, Aubrey would switch between staying at a friends or spending the night after a one night stand, alluring everyone he knew with fulfilled promises of drugs and alcohol. He was almost always guaranteed a place to sleep if there was a party involved, that much he knew.

      As December came around, Aubrey managed to find himself a temporary home within walking distance of the school. A close friend of his had convinced his mother the boy was already eighteen and had been kicked out of the house for smoking weed. Even so, she was completely oblivious to everything else the two had been getting themselves into. During this time Aubrey began to attend school regularly, albeit his vices at this point had become a weekly habit. Eventually this began to take a toll on his health, but did not discourage him. He only learned to pace himself properly, and in the meantime began to take a variety of smaller, less threatening substances in high amounts (Oxycodone, Adderall, DXM) and had even began to frequent cocaine, all while his grades plummeted without his attention, or care.

      It was during a New Years celebration when Aubrey realized his excessive drug habits were all in an attempt to reach the greatest and most satisfying high of them all, that being genuine happiness. After the new year his habits had nearly vanished as the young man began to experience the longest and most somber come down he ever had the displeasure of going through.

      At this point, paradise was no longer a desire, or craving the young man yearned night and day for, but a necessity.

    • To many peoples surprise, Aubrey is genuinely nothing more than a laid back, kind-hearted, mellow individual who always puts everyone's best interest before his own. This alone leads to many misconceptions about the young man. Often, others will assume he's extremely shy and gloomy, and will be quick to offer a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. In truth, however, Aubrey is merely a quiet, curious kid lost in thoughts, dreams, ambitions, and himself.

      He's able to relax around almost anyone and anything and loves nothing more than to exaggerate the good in any given situation. His optimism seems endless when his true feelings are made apparent, although this is a rare feat in itself, as the boy is heavily reserved and introverted despite being easy to get along with. In general, Aubrey is almost excruciatingly simple, and this alone only adds to his endearing charm. He's essentially the life of the party, and can only enjoy himself when everyone else is already having a good time.

      It's evident in everything Aubrey says, his mannerisms, and general behavior; all of the quality life lessons, morals and teachings his mother and grandmother had bestowed upon him in adolescence are still there, simply buried beneath the vice grip of his drug habits and cynical outlook on life as a result of an over-abundance of luxurious pleasures, including the inheritance his father left for him. Signs of mental and physical illness are clear, and yet the young man chooses to ignore both, his mind and body focused only on bettering himself and the life he lives, even if his actions go against the very same goals he's set before him. As a result, unbeknownst to him, Aubrey prefers peoples company as opposed to privacy or isolation. He would much rather listen, even talk if it prevented him from being left alone with himself and his own thoughts for any long duration of time. This has inevitably lead to his abuse of peoples own thoughts and feelings. Time and time again he'll often mislead others, romantically or not, at an attempt to feel anything but the pain and loneliness he inflicts upon himself as a result of his own self loathing and lack of happiness (a significant factor in this being his frequent use of MD-MA) Although he does this often, almost daily, he's completely unaware of the harm he's caused and may cause upon others.

      His good graces and endearing charm almost always seem to fade away the moment any substance begins to take effect on the young man. He'll be quick to lose focus on everyone else, becoming concerned only with himself and those closest to him. He'll often encourage those around him to participate in the substance abuse, and will be relentlessly persistent even after numerous rejections until either the other gives in or his attention is directed to something else.

      This will often lead to disagreements, tension, and arguing, until eventually Aubrey finds something to occupy his time, whether it be a stranger who's feelings he could play with, or more substance to indulge in. Even in the most relaxing, calm environments, simply the act of using and feeling substances will leave Aubrey with a desire to feel more, be it chemically or genuinely. The boy will go great lengths to achieve this, and continue to climb as high as possible, using whatever methods available. These nights typically end with him blacking out or falling into a trance, until eventually he loses consciousness and passes out, asleep.

    • During his two years in France, Aubrey spent months upon months in his fathers classroom and studies. Under his guidance Aubrey was able to speak French after three long months. He spent the following two years learning, participating and indulging himself in a variety of his fathers arts. Although his ability and knowledge has fallen short over the years, the boy is an all around beginner, a novice of arts such as;

      • Painting
      • Sculpting
      • Architechture (Gothic and Romanesque, specifically)
      • Pottery
      • Literature (Poetry and spoken word)
      • Film
      • Fashion
      • Music (piano, violin, drums)

      In his adolescent years, Aubreys' grandmother taught him to speak Amharic. To this day, he understands the basics of Amharic and can still manage to use the language. His French, however, is fluent.

    I hope this is ok. If not I'd honestly much rather just scrap the whole thing and make another character than change anything. Not out of spite I just don't want to change anything haha
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  9. ❭❱ BASICS
    name: William Asher Fay
    nickname: Ash
    age: 18 years old
    dob: April 02 (Aries)
    gender: Male
    sexuality: Heterosexual
    ethnicity: Canadian
    face claim: Carson Hiner

    ❭❱ PERSONA
    suave: Ash is a handsome guy, there's no doubt about that. Girls swarm over to him and flirt with him on a daily basis. It was like he was some kind of celebrity--not that he complains; Ash doesn't particularly mind the attention that he receives. He's a smooth talker; his words can make any regular girl swoon and turn into putty in his hands.

    non-committal: Unfortunately for the ladies, getting Ash wrapped around one's little finger is an arduous task. He isn't one to easily enter into a relationship with someone. The jealous portion of the male populace along with his other haters claim that he doesn't wish to enter into a relationship with someone, simply because he enjoys playing around with girls--but that is hardly the case. Ash is simply still hung-over his last relationship and hasn't moved on; he still has lingering feelings for his ex-girlfriend and has no interest in entering a relationship with anyone else.

    flirtatious: Ever since the break up, Ash has been... different. Well, their relationship changed him as well, but after that he was a mile away who he was in the past. Before, he could hardly gather up enough courage in him to talk to a girl, now he flirts with just about every person of the opposite gender which he deems to be fairly good looking!

    loyal: Back when he was still officially in a relationship, Ash barely paid any attention to the advances from other women. He would simply let them down and never flirt back. It's only now that he's single once more that he's begun flirting. But even still, he may flirt with just about every female within decent age, but he never goes beyond that. He isn't one to enter a purely physical relationship. Even kissing is a taboo to him unless it was with the girl he still had feelings for. Ash remains loyal to the one who still holds his heart--even if the said person has already let him go.

    impatient: Ash is definitely not known for his patience. He doesn't like to be kept waiting. The mere action of waiting makes him feel agitated for some reason. Needless to say, Ash hates having to queue in line for anything.

    open-minded: He doesn't discriminate others based on what they believe in. Ash knows that not everyone has the same opinions and views on things, and he respects that. He isn't the type of person to shove his ideals onto someone else and force them to believe the same as he does. He's also open to new experiences and ideas. Ash doesn't consider himself to be an adventurous person; he doesn't seek new experiences, he simply says yes when the opportunity knocks on his door--though, naturally, if it goes against his moral code then he refuses... at least until someone manages to persuade him.

    ❭❱ HIS STORY
    normal: Asher grew up in an extremely normal family--really, no abuse, no extreme pressure, nothing major at all. His parents would urge him to do good in school, but not to the point where he had to be perfect. His mother and father were both working, but they made it a point to be there for Asher when he needs support and spend time with him. Ash's parents were rather lenient--lenient, but not crazy and stupid. They were still employed by reason, his mother specially. Partying, drinking, and pretty much whatever he wanted to do (except drugs), was alright with them--just as long as he does these things responsibly. Meaning, no excess drinking, no excess partying, etc. Though really, his parents didn't have anything to worry about regarding him back then. Ash didn't drink a lot, a can or beer at most; he didn't smoke, he found it disgusting; and most importantly, he never did drugs. This all changed when he met Heather.

    heather clarke: Heather was like a hurricane that came through his life--a hurricane that captured his heart. When she moved in their neighbourhood and transferred into their school, Ash was immediately infatuated with her. He crushed on her hard. Back then, Ash was still a shy lad. He looked vastly different from how he does now. Younger Asher was handsome, that much didn't change, but his handsome features were buried underneath his plain and truthfully awful style. Which was why it came as a great surprise when he found Heather approaching him one day. She claims that he caught her eye which baffled younger Asher. Long story short, they became an item and Heather transformed him. She changed him, inside and out. Gone was the shy boy and emerged from his ashes was this suave lad. Asher loved it. He loved Heather.

    the bad: Blinded by his feelings for her, Asher didn't see that Heather was also a bad influence on him. Heather taught him how to smoke cigarettes, Asher found that he didn't like it, but he did so anyway just to please her; took him to parties practically every evening; encouraged him to shoplift with her; and lastly, she taught him how to do drugs... though the most he did was a browniepot. Drugs were the reason why they broke up. She was pushing him smoke some weed, but Asher refused. It was like he saw the light and saw how much of a bad influence Heather had been in his life. He was awakened from the daydream with a slap. Asher broke up with her. Heather was like drug. She made him high (literally), but was very bad for him.

    aftermath: That was the last Asher saw of Heather. Two days after they broke up, Ash found out that Heather moved out. He didn't know the reason why, all he thought was 'good riddance.' Yet, despite knowing how much of a bad influence Heather was, Asher still found himself missing her. Heather may have been bad but he had still undeniably developed feelings for her. He found himself unable to let go. Ash thought that maybe distracting himself with a new girl would help him move on, thus, his flirtatious persona came to bloom. Alas, it didn't work. Asher found himself unable to commit to another girl and another relationship. He missed Heather. When he found that the buddies he met thanks to that stupid chair at school were planning to go on a road trip to where Heather lived, Asher found himself agreeing to go as well. For Heather.

    father: Jonathan Fay
    mother: Victoria Fay (née Desroisiers)
    ex-girlfriend: Heather Clarke

    want a relationship with Ash? pm me c:

    hair: Brown
    eyes: Green
    height: 5'8"
    weight: 138 lbs

    Asher is a handsome boy who attracts a fair number of women with his looks. His family members have often commented on how he looked a lot like his father. He got inherited most of his traits from his father, the only thing he really did inherit from his mother were her ears. Asher has fluffy straight brown hair which he likes to keeps combed to one side. His eyes are pale green colour with flecks of brown in them, making some people mistake them as brown or hazel under certain lighting. He stands at a height of 5'8", and weighs approximately 138 lbs.

    beat-boxing: Can he beat-box? Oh yes he can! Beat-boxing is Asher's hidden talent. Ever since he learned the concept of beat-boxing and tried it out himself, he found that he could do it. It's something that he doesn't show around others, only his close friends and cousins. Not many can appreciate how he's able to beat-box--even his former girlfriend wasn't able to appreciate it.

    turtles & tortoises: Ash has a certain fondness for the shelled creatures. He doesn't know why he likes them, he just does.

    smoking: His ex-girlfriend, Heather, taught him how to but he doesn't particularly like it. He only ever did it to please Heather. However, even after the break up, Asher still carries in his bag with him a box of cigarettes and a lighter. Despite him not liking it, Asher finds that the act helps him calm down and thus turns to it whenever he's immensely stressed.

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  10. -------------Danielle Campbell


    ♥Isabella Dawn Woods♥

    Isabella Dawn Woods
    Seventeen (17)
    December 27

    Danielle Campbell
    123 lbs
    Distinguishing Features:
    A tattoo

    music || dacing || reading || movies || writing || singing || having fun || parties || traveling || swimming || volleyball || instruments || night drives || stars || cars || running || fruit || Disney || kids
    bullies || liars || meat || hipocrites || people who think they are ebtter than everyone else || early mornings || heights || people asking to play with her hair || judgment || men
    Isabella is a very kind and soft hearted girl. She will do everything in her power to protect the people she loves and cares about, but she is very stubborn. Once she ahs set her mind to something, she won't change her mind until she gets what she wants. Her past her led her to closing people off, but she is a very trustworthy person herself. It takes time to get to know her because she doesn't trust people easily, but once you are in her group, you will be one of the luckiest. She will give up her life to protect anyone, whther they deserve it or not. She is very open minded and smometimes seen as niave, but really she is incredibly smart. She gets traight A's in her honors class and she is smart enough to know when it is okay to go out alone and when it isn't/. She is very brave and strong, whether she shows it or not. She stands up for herself and she refuses to elt others put her down. She takes life as it is given to her, but she makes sure that she is happy.


    Isabella was born into a small family with two older brother's, Matthew and Sean. Isabelle's mother and father were never a good influence for them. When her mother found out that she was pregnant with Issabella, her father ran off before se was born. This drew her mother to begin to drink away her feelings. After Isabella was born, things only got worse. Her mother stopped paying attention to her children. She got fired from work and instead began to do drugs and blow their money on anything that would get her high. Soon enough she was selling her body for money and by the time Isabella was nine, her mother had a new boyfriend who wasn't kind to the kids. Sean and Matthew just got pushed around a little because they were old enough to fight back, but the nights that Isabella was left alone with the boyfriend didn't end very well. By the time she was eleven, Isabella finally got the courage to tell her older brothers that she was being raped by her mother's boyfriend. They immediatley took her away and tried to live on their own but when they were found, they were sent back to their mother and step-father. After a few more months of the three kids coming to school with bruises and scars, Isabella and her brothers were put into foster acare. They bounced from foster house to foster house, but no one wanted two teenagers and a preteen. They stayed in the program until their odlest brother, Matthew, turned Eighteen and was able to adopt them. They all moved into a small apartment and moved to another city and started sSchool at a new high school when Isabella was sixteen.

    For her entire live, Isabella was pushed aroundand abused to the point of wanting to just die. When she got put into foster care, she thought that life would get better, but people at her school started treating her differently and bullying her. The kids at the Foster system neer talked to her, so she learned how to be alone. HSe only ever had her brothers and even then, she felt like a burden to them. She had never felt loved from her parents, her mother who was a druggy and alcoholic and her father who ran off before she was born, so she felt as if sorrow and pain surrounded her. When she turned sixteen and she moved to a new school, her and her brother's made a pact that they wold be happy and they wouldn't let anyone stop them from their happiness. Ever since that day, she promised herself that she was going to be happy and she would live her life her way. And that was why she decided that she would take each day as it was handed to her and she planned life to fullest, including traveling the world, meeing new people, and having fun.


    Matthew Woods
    Nineteen (19)

    Show Spoiler

    Sean Woods
    Eighteen (18)

    Show Spoiler

    Love Interest:


    The Human Mind

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  15. [​IMG]




    MY YOUTH ● ● ● MY YOUTH IS Y O U R S ⇶

    ⟨ JORDAN LEE ⟩
    ⦓ ⋰ Jay⋱ ⦔


    권혁 (DΞΔN)



    Sexual Orientation:


    pizzas his bae


    His days in Korea led him to where he is today. Jordan Lee is a smart individual with knowledge that is considered advanced for his age. He has understood many concepts and information and will sometimes apply it to his daily life. Throughout his lifespan, education has been enforced by his parents and Jordan himself soon engraved it deeply into his brain. He was given free education, took great advantage of it, and has done nothing wrong to sever it when he was in school. But his life on his addiction towards drugs slowly began to eat away at his learning process and long-term memory, making him mature much more faster physically and mentally. Sure he's still smart, but not as smart as he would have liked to be. Even so, he uses the books he was forced to read as a child and the 7+ hours in class to apply it whenever he sneaks out just for the mere desire to survive, not make any mistakes, and not get caught. Ever since he was a child, Jordan has always been afraid of making mistakes, so he's a perfectionist and acts with extreme caution and poise.
    Jordan has also seen and done a lot since certain friends got him into drugs, so he's taken quite a mental beating. Jordan chooses to be realistic and doesn't like sticking his head in the clouds, as he even enforces his realism onto his peers. Therefore, Jordan's outlook on life is quite monotone and strict to his liking, and doesn't seem to be very optimistic about any opportunity that comes to him. His life with his parents have always been a secret that's never told to anyone he meets, so he's quite secretive in that sense. He doesn't enjoy talking about himself, either, a simple "How are you?" makes him want to shrivel up inside.
    Jordan will always think of the pros and cons before doing anything new, which is something that he likes about himself if he had to say so.
    It doesn't come as a surprise that someone who does.. well did.. drugs acts this way.
    Jacob is a charmer with a booming charisma, a killer smize (eye smile), a mild cocky attitude, a flawless face, and a need to socialize to distract himself from what he has done and what he has become.
    Jordan is one to strut his stuff if something needs to be done. He is quite stubborn and will pull a lot of strings, faces, and ligaments to get what he wants and desires. He enjoys manipulating people to bend to his will, and understands that people are hard to manipulate and control and he should not take advantage of people he cares about.
    If he wanted to, he could even become a stripper or prostitute himself and be under a friend's wing with the right mindset and audacity.
    It also helps Jordan that he has a very open attitude, and tends to get along with people of all beliefs and backgrounds, which ends up giving him more connections and attempts to get what he wants, if he ever wants anything.
    The only thing that he has wanted continuously over time is distraction and adrenaline from doing anything new, fun, and exciting.
    There is a side to Jordan that he doesn't like to show everyone. Jordan has a soft, volatile, and vulnerable side, especially around people he's close to. He is still affected by his past as a drug addict, and it will show if he ever speaks to anyone about his drug addiction. His conflicted feelings towards drugs are shown by his shaken and indecisive reactions when anyone gives him any heroin, meth, cocaine, marijuana, the whole nine.
    During the first few months of being strictly grounded by his parents, Jordan managed to stay clean for 4 months but eventually relapsed after feeling extreme withdrawal symptoms when he felt alone and desperate with nothing to do but think inside of his room. He eventually learned to stay clean for two months and counting, but will get very agitated, uncomfortable, and insecure if there is any mention about drugs.
    His parents, Alex and Erynn Lee, have put him on several interventions and groups to help him stay in recovery and remain sober. So far he's been doing quite well in the recovery process, and he's working on building his relations and trust with his parents. Because of his goal, he will stay quite far from drugs, since he knows he can be very questionable and volatile if anyone mentions or asks about his life with drugs or drugs in general..

    ▆▆ ⟨ BIOGRAPHY. ⟩

    Born in Seoul on November 10th to middle class parents Erynn Lee and Alex Lee, Jordan Lee was destined to be like one of the other Korean kids. Play around with the other children, eat Samanko, go to school, and achieve great education and knowledge to land himself in SKY Universities. His parents were very strict and disciplined towards Jordan, consistently suppressing the idea that school and studying was the only thing that should be on his mind.
    Jordan was left to no hobbies at the young age of 10 and was exposed to the world of physical and mental abuse. Once he had gotten home from school, Jordan was immediately forced to stand stiffly for hours on end and read shelves upon shelves of academic books until he finished everything from beginning to end with NO mistakes. If he ever did screw up in his reading, Jordan would endure a sting across the back with his mother's manicured black gel claws.
    This long process would sometimes hide his childhood away under a sheet of misery and his reading sessions soon established this mindset that if he dared make a mistake, not only his parents, but everyone, would drown him and leave him behind.
    Two years later, Jordan and his parents moved to the land of maple in Toronto, Canada due to extreme economic success with his parents' professions as surgeons. Jordan's parents and himself assimilated into Canadian culture very quickly and soon the abuse stopped and the scars began to heal.
    A few years of living in Canada turned the Lee family into a loving household. Everything was stereotyped and normal. Forks instead of chopsticks, learning provinces instead of the Korean War, homework at the dinner table, going to see movies without subtitles. It was truly a dream come true for Jordan. Every night he prayed that his life would stay as is forever, as cheesy and disgusting as that sounds.
    But during his Junior year of high school he met some people that would manipulate him like overused Play-doh. Jordan was still a remarkable student, but experimented with all sorts of drugs when stuck with the wrong type of people. He went months without anyone knowing that he was on drugs because of how well his academic performance was, but Jordan slowly drained the family fortune into straw for drug money. and in a single year, the Lee family was forced from their high status.
    After the Lees received an eviction note from their landlord, Jordan's father found his stash of drugs when moving furniture. It was a huge pile with all sorts of bright subliminal colors and addicting textures. Being understandably, outrageously, enormously, enraged, Jordan's parents kept him in solitary confinement up in his dull, poverty-ridden, regret-filled, room and would not let him go anywhere but school until he had graduated.
    The first few months of Jordan's senior year of high school was a breeze. Though living in a not so spiffy household, Jordan cooperated with his parents respectfully, got off of all the drugs he had ever tried, removed and fixed the people he hung out with, had serious study groups, took care of his appearance, etc. But in the last months of his Senior year, getting off of his drugs were hard, and it finally took a toll on him.
    Sending a superfluous amount of texts to his parents about staying after school for study groups every two days, Jordan continuously disobeyed and started getting back into his old, regretful routine.
    He began drinking (though very minimal), got back on drugs, started stealing, vandalizing, and even had adventurous carnal activities with prostitutes (aka afternoon ladies as he liked to call them) that he had seduced with his young but adult-like face and attractive build. But as time went on, he got too clever and smart for everyone's good and continues to sneak out of his house to do his routine all over again.
    Just a few more weeks of staying cooped up in his room made Jordan want to rethink everything he's ever done. With a lot of time to think after school, Jordan came to the conclusion that he doesn't want to be fucked up anymore. He wants to gain the trust of his parents and hopefully stay sober from here on out. But Jordan also wants to experience things like a normal teenager, he wants to go party, go to the mall, do something exciting like skateboarding and all the shit that grungy teenagers do on websites.
    Just a few more weeks and now Jordan blames his faulty actions and addiction on his parents who have always enforced one thing.
    A good education will get you a good job, and a good job will make you more money.
    Jordan is sick and tired of his parents enforcing that idea upon him.
    He is tired of his parents keeping him in strict isolation.
    He is sick and tired of being a fuck up.
    With the desire to wander and the need for exploration, Jordan hopes that traveling and exploring new things will make him sober up while making him feel normal for his age and alive.


    The oldie with a baby face and tuna lips, Jay is a remarkable male with a height of 5'8 (177cm) and a weight of 118lbs (56kg). His beauty and appearance depends on the angle where one views him. In some angles, he appears to be a bubbly cutie, but in other angles, he is a complete and "handsome" man with blemish-free skin, appealing to the ladies. Either way, Jay will always think that his best features are his lips.
    The male prefers to style his dark brown hair messily with a sort of "Superman curl" in the front.
    He dresses rather fashionably and baggy for a man in this society, loving to dabble in avant-garde clothing and outfits that are one or two sizes too big for his build. Even so, he will choose comfort over attraction with a small pinch of accessory.
    Though he is of a scrawny figure, the man will pack muscle in his arms, stomach, and legs. He chooses to do physical fitness just for the sake of releasing steam and feeling good about himself, since there's not really much to bring him up into optimism.
    There's a little stigma for Asian males out there: They don't grow facial hair. In Jay's case, it's quite true, it takes a few months for him to grow any sort of facial hair, and if there is any hint of a shadow let alone a patch of hair, Jay will just end up shaving it off.

    Loves sushi. Likes chocolate.
    Likes jelly. Likes the color green.

    Speaks and breaks out into fluent Korean.
    Gets his fashion from NY Runways.

    Good friends with people in the sex industry.
    2 months clean of drugs and alcohol.

    Has really nice calves from walking around.
    Loves the night and its lights more than anything.

    Manipulative and genuine.
    Smart and Straightforward.

    Shaved marks into his left eyebrow once.
    City lights give him joy.



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  16. ||It's Time to Stop Existing and Start Living||

    Alex Gronlund


    Kelly Lane



    ||Sexual Orientation||



    Kelly is a clam collective girl with a tendency to wander off. Don't worry though she always finds her way back. Though she's calm she does have a short temper. Say one thing Kelly finds disrespectful or annoying she'll snap at you. Even with a short temper Kelly's very friendly and loves being outdoors. Kelly's a big hopeless romantic, always on the look out for the right one for her.


    Spicy Food
    Being Alone




    Kelly is 5' 2" and weighs 120 lbs. Her brown hair reaches just below her shoulders, has blonde tips, and is slightly curly. Her dark brown eye's shine with a constant gentleness but, also hold a slight sadness to them. She has a slender form is slightly muscular from playing Softball. Kelly's skin is an olive colored and her face only ever has a small amount of makeup on it.​


    Kelly was born on June 9th to James and Fiona Lane. Her adolescent years where meanly spent with babysitters as her parents were always at work. It wasn't until she was 5 that she made her first friend. They spent everyday together but, 2 years after there meeting her friend died in a car crash. Kelly was devastated but was left to wallow in her sadness as her parents were never around. As Kelly grew she faced torment from her classmates. She never knew why people would torment her from her perspective she had done nothing wrong. Still it didn't stop Kelly from focusing on the topic all the time. She developed depression at the age of 12 from all the torment.

    Around her 13th birthday Kelly's mother died in a car crash on her way to pick Kelly up from school. Her father soon succumbed to depression as well as he mourned the lose of his wife. He soon started to blame Kelly for her death as her mother died on her way to get her. From that day forth Kelly was ridiculed not only at school but at home as well. Never the less Kelly made it to high school with straight A's.

    Kelly's life long dream was to travel the world and get away from her abusive father.


    Speaks fluent German​

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  17. *Forgive my bare ass skeleton. One day it will be fancy too*
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hexcode: #e682ff[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Female | 18 | Canadian | Aquarius | Demisexual[/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=transparent]▉▉ Face-Claim: Ksenia Komleva[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]▉▉[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Full Name: Saige Elicia Grimm Pronounced (Sage, Ah-Liss-EE-Ah)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]▉▉[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Personality:[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] Social & Observant:[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Saige personally loves being around crowds, in a sense that she at least doesn't stand out. Having many friends as opposed to none is something she prefers and if she has to play it up that she loves talking with people and is very outgoing then that's what she'll do. She isn't difficult to get along with, at least individually. If the clique says otherwise then that's different. But she's a pretty down-to-earth individual to hang around. Saige is also pretty good at picking up the slightest changes. Since she's hyper aware of people's opinions of her she's done everything in her power to make sure she stays on the good side of those that have the power to crush her heart and shatter her dreams. Because of that, over the years she's learned to pick up on people's mannerisms. What makes them tick? Sometimes people aren't always vocal in how they're feeling so how is she supposed to know if she'd doing well or not? Picking up on the slightest changes in body language for starters. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] Sensitive & Introverted:[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Now compared to her traits listed above this might seem contradictory. Just hold on. While Saige acts like she's the social butterfly that people typically love, that's all it is, her portraying a character. It isn't who she is. In reality, she doesn't like large crowds and always talking. She keeps her feelings to herself, not wanting to be open with people especially strangers. She does this partially because she would feel guilty laying down her burdens on them and partially because she just isn't comfortable opening up like that to people that aren't extremely special to her. How people can feel so comfortable around people so quickly she will never understand. She also keeps her feelings to herself because she gets emotional easily. She doesn't know what will trigger it and she doesn't want to draw any unwanted attention to herself. She just keeps it bottled up. Well, not completely, she journals too. But that's the extent of her sharing her feelings. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] Gratifying: [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Ever since she was little Saige has been obsessed with the idea of making sure those around her were happy and content and maybe then, then she would be appreciated it. For her mother and father, she made sure she was the dutiful daughter, always doing as she was told and going above and beyond. She didn't want to be some problem child that would cause them not to want to spend time with her. They barely spent time with her anyway and she didn't want to lose the little favor for her they had. Since she didn't get any affection at home she turned to the kids at school. Surely if she managed to find a friend that would cherish her there it would balance out the loneliness at home. Sadly finding the friend of her dreams was a lot harder than she anticipated. She started to wonder what it was about her that automatically turned people off and how she could get rid of it. At a young age she learned how to mask who she really was and become someone else, someone more...appealing. And it worked, she ended up getting friends that way, she just was prepared for how exhausting it was to always keep a mask on. Currently, she has the times where she starts to really question who she is since she's been wearing the mask for so long. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] Creative & Kind:[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Like stated before, Saige, without the mask, is truly a fun, caring, down-to-earth person. She's usually putting other people's needs above her own, not just because she wants to please(which is most cases), but because she genuinely wants to. When the clique singles out someone and rips them apart for being different, Saige rarely participates, but she doesn't stop it either. Another part of Saige that people don't get to see, is how creative she is. She keeps it to herself in fear for it being corny or stupid, the ideas that she comes up with and stuff. But her imagination is really wild and she's always inspired, so in her alone time, she works to quench her artistic thirst. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] Sycophant:[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]She's been with the same clique of girls for a while now, they all 'know' each other pretty well now. Instead of growing a backbone and being an individual Saige is more like a yes-man, and errand girl at times. She's definitely not a leader, she doesn't have the courage to be that bold. At least, not yet she doesn't. So in the meantime, she just trails behind what the other girl's do. Like stated before, whatever she can do to make those that have the power to crush her heart and shatter her dreams happy, then she will do it, gladly. As long as she can avoid becoming the next victim, she'll be fine. But this too is just as tiring as trying to be someone she isn't. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]▉▉[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Biography: [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Saige Elicia Grimm was born to two parents who are obsessed with their work and didn't plan on having a child at all. Her father is involved in politics trying to further his career there while her mother is a model and manages all the social events of the two. Saige couldn't even begin to tell you how many galas, charity events, balls, that's she's had to attend. Because when they're an important public outing they need to look like the perfect family that doesn't have their share of issues. That's how it's always been and Saige fears that's how it will always be. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It's not that her parents hate her, it's just obvious where their priorities were. Maybe if they had just waited they would've been good parents but right now they weren't ready to give up putting their all in their career. Still, they try, barely, but they try. At least it's not like they completely don't care or anything. That lessens the pain she feels a little. Just a little, though. Of course, she wants to make her parents proud too. She wants them to acknowledge her and craves the affection from them that she's lacking. That's how she's always felt, so it's not so surprising that she went to look for affection somewhere else. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Saige met Lily when she was in 8th grade and that was the start of it all. Even before there was a clique it was Lily and Saige. For some reason her plan worked, when she didn't act awkward like she knew she was and just pretended to be someone better than what she was, she got noticed. Lily was definitely the more bold one out of the two, which isn't surprising that she was deemed the 'leader' of the clique anyway. Still more than anything Saige wanted to fit in and Lily allowed that to happen. Even now she could tell Lily favored her more than the other girls, and that made her feel good. Saige did work hard to get this far after all. This favor, of course, made the other girls jealous but Lily and Saige had known one another for longer. Yes, Saige tended to chill in the background but Lily and Saige just had this connection that the others didn't.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]You would think she would be happy while doing this, but honestly, she's more tired than anything. She's been keeping this act for so long that it's starting to stress her out. She doesn't wanna try anymore, she just wants a break. A break from the parents who are never around, a break from the friends that don't really care about her, a break from the school and society that is so demanding of her. She just wants to rest and be able to actually have friends that care, a companion that loves her for her. Something. Someone to let her know that Saige Elicia Grimm isn't worthless and is perfect the way she is. She felt so down, so depressed and so worthless that she was desperate to try anything, even something as drastic as running away at this point[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]▉▉[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Appearance:[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Saige was born from parents who are considered, not just by her, but by the press, attractive. You know how pretty people have pretty babies? Yeah, this was the case with Saige. When she was born all of her parent's friends and family ranted and raved about just how pretty she is. It's not like she's drop dead gorgeous either. She's just that sort of natural beauty. She has mid-length blonde hair that she styles in a number of ways. Both of her parents have dark colored hair so Saige always found it strange that she was the lighter out of the two of them. Then again, her grandmother on her mom's side was blonde too, so it wasn't that strange. She has bright Hazel colored eyes that she got from her father. Her mother has brown eyes. Her skin is smooth and fair in color. She has a couple of freckles spotted over her cheeks, but not many, and a beauty mark on her right collar bone. Saige stands at about a height of 5'10, above average height for the average girl. Then again her mother was a model who was tall as well so she got her height from her. She has a lean, yet curvaceous hourglass figure. She eats sparingly around her friend's just like they do. But when she doesn't have to worry about their watchful eye she can eat a crap ton. When she's not eating the rabbit food she's indulging in the fatty goodness but she has a high metabolism, so it's not like it will show up on her body anyway. She doesn't personally have a preference on what she wears, as long as it's comfortable. Of course, with the clique in mind, she dresses to impress.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]▉▉[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Miscellaneous:[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] Relationships: PM/Skype/Discord me your ideas!:[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][ Josh Beckham: NPC: First boyfriend ][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The leader of the clique group decided that everyone needed a boyfriend. She already had her prince charming so of course, her friends needed one too. At some point, everyone was finding one and Saige panicked. She'd never crushed on anyone before, let alone had a boyfriend so she wasn't sure what she was going to do. She just didn't feel that way about anyone. Sure, she could appreciate someone's beauty but dating material? No way. Well, the leader wasn't having this, so after a while of watching Saige struggle the leader decided to take matters into her own hand. She did some research and decided to play cupid and match Saige up with this really cute guy named Josh. Josh was a sweetheart, he was kind, smart, popular(duh), good looking, everything that a girl could want. Except, Saige didn't, but she played the part well. Her friend's played their cards well and it almost seemed like they were in a movie, how they ended up getting together and all. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Once, at a party, their friends managed to lock them in a closet together for hours. Saige was playing her part well, acting like she was just too embarrassed when Josh made the moves on her first. When they were let out of the closet, it was official they were dating. That's where she had her first kiss. To be honest, she had always hoped it would be like how it was in the stories. Sparks flying, that electric shock that just let you know they were the one. Or like, in the Princess Diaries, her foot would just manage to swoop up when it was the right guy. No, instead it was awkward. At least for her. Josh was a good kisser and all but she didn't feel anything from it except regret that her first kiss was taken and embarrassment. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Though everyone around her seemed to be happy they were an item now, so she couldn't let them down by feeling sorry for herself. They were in the same grade, they became an item freshman year of high school, and everything seemed to be going fine. When Josh and Saige would spend alone time, however, it would get awkward. Finally, it got to the point where Josh had to let her know that he just wasn't attracted to her, that all this time he had been playing along because his friend (was the leader's boyfriend) wanted him to. Saige felt so relieved when she heard that, that she confessed that she didn't have any feelings for him either. Turns out, Josh was gay and just didn't feel romantically for her, which was fine with Saige because she didn't want to be in this relationship in the first place. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Still, they agreed to keep this up until junior year. They had everything elaborately planned with how they would break up and act like they hated each other in school. Honestly, after they confessed to each other that's when they really started to become close. Saige can now say, in her senior year, that Josh is one of her closest friends, that's not in the clique. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] Virtuoso:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Another little private skill of hers, Saige is very good at playing musical instruments and singing. After taking violin lessons since 5 she's taught herself how to play the piano, guitar, and ukelele. All of her known instruments belong in the string family and technically are read on the same clef, making it easier for her to learn the instrument since the notes on the clef won't change per instrument. She, once again, keeps her talent to herself in fear of being looked at badly. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] Photography & Art:[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Saige found her love for photography when in front of the camera while at a photo shoot with her mother. She learned in that moment that she would much rather be behind the lens than in front of it. When her mother was distracted she went to the photographer and asked some question and he showed her how it worked and everything. She took her first professional photo with the guy too. From there she researched what type of camera to buy and how exactly to take good pictures and how to edit them. With practice, she learned and got better at taking pictures. Saige can also draw, a skill she practiced when there was nothing better to do in a big house by herself. Now she prefers doing digital art over regular art since it's easier for her. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] Video games, Braces, & Glasses:[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Saige has a love for video games, it's another thing that relaxes her when she's stressed and gives her something to do when she's bored. She's pretty good at them too. She was first introduced to them by her first 'boyfriend'. They were kind of awkward together and didn't really do much. He showed her how to play video games and they connected over that. She also, at one point, needed braces. Because she was so embarrassed and had watched shows on how girls made fun of other girl's with braces, she didn't want anything to do with them. But her mother was insistent that she get them for her teeth to get fixed. So, Saige said if she was going to get them then her mother had to home school her till they were off. Of course, her mother hired someone to teach her, but sure enough, she was homeschooled for a few years. Luckily her teeth weren't so bad that they needed to stay on longer. As soon as they were off she went to a new school and that is where she met 'the clique'.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] Bilingual: [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Saige was born in Quebec, Canada so she is fluent in both French and English, which helps add to appeal. Not everyone in Quebec speaks french, but a lot of people do.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] Good sense of rhythm: [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]There are many out there who have a sense of rhythm and those that don't. With the creativity in hand and her good rhythm Saige can apply some movement and boom, you have a dancer on your hands. She's been told she's a good dance partner, has taken a couple ballroom lessons because her mother wanted her too. But she can freestyle pretty well should she go to a club or something. Not break dancing or anything but just grooving even if it is on her own, she's pretty good. She also learns quickly so if she wants to memorize choerography she's pretty good at that. This is a talent that she can't hide. It's too obvious that she's a good dancer and not to mention she enjoys it. When Lily made the girls join their school's cheerleading team the coach didn't have a hard time choosing Saige. They saw the talent and the willingness to learn and scooped her up right away. She's not like Lily who's been doing gymnastics and ballet since she was little so of course she would get in. (Lily and Saige were the only girls from the clique to get on the team, so another reason for some of the girls to not like her) Every gymnastics move and tumbling technique that she knows was taught to her through the coaches on her team that recognized the potential in her. Though she tries not to "show off" she does enjoy dancing and that shows in her performance. (She can't help it if the others lack the energy she does it's gotten to the point that if she tries to slow herself down and not stand out she gets fussed at by coaches because they know her better than that.)[/BCOLOR]
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  18. @FieryCold & @darkflames13: I finished! :D
    text colour:#0C63AF glow colour:#5CB3FF

    Face-Claim: Asa Butterfield
    Emrys Ashlan Jernigan
    [EM-riss 'ash-lan' Jerni-gann]

    Eighteen (18) years old, born on July 27
    Cis-Male, Demi-sexual, Welsh-Irish descendancy, Canadian nationality



    Awkwardly Shy

    For some reason Emrys just can't manage to fit in entirely. Whether it is with family, friends, or simply his classmates. He always seems to be one beat too slow to fit in with any group, or to create a place for him to slip in within conversations. Partly it is because of his own silence, as no one is going to wait for him to finish writing down his words, at the other side it is a lack of mutual understanding. It is not because he wishes to stand apart from the crowd, or that this is his way of gaining attention. He truly is trying to fit in, to find his place where he can belong, but he faces great difficulty in that as he always carries around an air of discomfort, one that sets himself apart from the rest of the crowd and draws an invisible line between himself and the rest of the world. Interactions with Emrys usually take patience and time, as he doesn't open up easily, but also because conversing with the mute is generally time-consuming if one doesn't know sign language.

    Next to that the boy is also incredibly shy. He doesn't have much experience with strangers and usually shuts down whenever he is approached by someone he doesn't know well. Emrys tends to worry a lot about how he is perceived by others and what to do to make a good impression. He has another worry to add in because of his silence, as he can't exactly explain in a quick ten seconds why he can't answer their questions. This makes interactions incredibly painful for the boy as he has no idea how to handle himself, or to avoid misunderstandings. Usually this ends up with the boy staring with wide eyes of surprise, as if he is a deer caught in the headlights.
    Expressively Detached

    To make up for his lack of words the boy has an exceedingly expressive face, putting in extra effort to communicate by his expressions and gestures. Sometimes he will hum, when feeling particularly good, or sigh deeply when agitated, which shows that he didn't just simply lose his voice. It doesn't take much ability to know what his general feeling or opinion is when one looks at his face, neither does anyone need to be particularly close to Emrys to differentiate between him being upset or happy. However, despite being able to express himself at large by his movements there is still a lot that falls within the grey area. Such as his thoughts and reasoning, or how deep his emotions go. He can superficially show and let others read what he feels and general thoughts are, but as they aren't accompanied by words there is still a lot to misunderstand. Usually this can be helped by having him write out what his thoughts are, or sign it out if they know sign language, but few seem to have the patience for that.

    Despite his efforts to be mindful of his surroundings, and to making sure that his gestures are full of meaning, Emrys tends to be off the beat because of his own thought and imagination. It might even be suggested that the boy is addicted to dreaming away, as he tends to drift off into thoughts and dream away about a better world. Perhaps it is, in some way, as the world within his mind is so much better and easier to deal with than the life he lives now. At one point his constant fantasising and world building within his mind becomes so bad that he loses grip of time and world, only to wake up to realise that the day is over, or that everyone has left. This has many consequences, one being that Emrys doesn't have many friends, as he zones out too much to effectively pursue such relations. It also has it that it seems that the boy enjoys his time spend alone, as he never seems to mind to be alone or reaches out to anyone. This all makes it seem like he isn't very invested with his surroundings, fleeing from the real world whenever he is able to.

    Cynically Grounded

    He isn't exactly the happiest person to be around. Emrys is known for a dark humour that usually is taken more seriously than it should be. One example would be how he always seems to distrust anyone and would make a sneering comment at them for the sake of poking fun at their good intentions. Some might even view it as pessimism, or sarcasm, but these are only part of the problem. Whilst he has a tendency to view everything in a negative light he isn't so irrational to always assume the worst. However, neither does he take the situation as light enough to pass it off jokingly with pure sarcasm. Cynicism seems to fit the best with him. Still making fun of the morality of these around him, but with a core of truth and honesty within them, making the jokes all the more serious. It is another reason why people find him hard to read, as they don't know where the joke ended, or when it started to become serious. It should be noted that Emrys counts many to be lucky that he doesn't speak at all, for he would be sure to make strong and sharp jabs at everyone if he did.

    As opposed to his constant state of dreaming Emrys is realistic and sensible. He doesn't expect for miracles to happen and knows that he won't be making many friends with his current attitude and inabilities. When needed the boy knows how to focus and bring everything together, recognising when the situation is dire and what holds priority. He isn't exactly a leader, but he knows the importance in taking charge and coming up with a solid plan when no one else is. This surprisingly down-to-earth character is an unexpected side of the little dreamer, who often seems to either zone out, or too slow for action. However, if given the chance and the time Emrys is a pretty solid rock to depend on.
    Faithfully Honest

    Were his parents to describe Emrys, they would describe him as an incredibly obedient and careful child. The kind that never really causes any trouble despite his muteness. It shows how faithful he is to them, how he unquestionly follows their words despite how dysfunctional they are at times. The boy is, once his trust is gained, someone that believes in relationships for a lifetime. A romantic thought for a cynic, to believe that friendships, or any sort of relationship based on affection and adoration, last a lifetime. Whilst the boy is hard to get close to, he becomes stupidly faithful once he does open up, willing to go into great lengths to defend and help his precious ones. Especially if that means that he can keep them close, for the male fears nothing more than to lose another voice in his life.

    Despite his silence Emrys is an incredibly honest and straight forward character. Accompanied with his cynical view of the world he doesn't really hide away his opinions from the rest either. If he judges, he will make sure that these around him know that he is doing so from his face. Perhaps that is the reason why sharp remarks come across as harsher than from others. Because no one would expect a mute to be so harsh in their words, but also, even without saying so out loud, the tea is getting spilled no matter what. Perhaps it is for the better that he doesn't bother to write out most of his thoughts, for when he does, translate his expressions in words, one can almost expect to be slain.


    The family Jernigan exists out of a father; Andreas Jernigan, mother; Eliza Jernigan née O'Brien and three children. One boy and two girls, born in that order. Emrys, the oldest son and the twin girls Aisling and Fleur. A perfectly normal family at first glance, and the children thought so as well. Looking back at that time Emrys would now claim that this particularly time of his life were the happiest. Before he grew conscious of the world and started to realise its mistakes, before he knew what faults there were plaguing his family, and way, way before he grew to be a mute.

    Life before he turned seven was peaceful, or so Emrys believed. He didn't have many worries, neither did he notice much to worry about. Father was the main income of the house, working in the construction and his mother was a part timer in a kindergarten. They weren't particularly rich, not always able to afford themselves to buy the newest toys on the market, but at least they were never starving. The family Jernigan was together and fed, with a roof over their head and clothes on their bodies, that was all he cared about and all that counted back then.

    However, after an unfortunate accident that forced his father to retire early life started to turn around. Perhaps it was the age as well that Emrys reached, starting to become more aware of his surroundings and noticing how none of his toys were newly bought. Perhaps it was because of the change in character his father went through after his retirement. Sitting at home for days on end and being unable to go out to work hit it hard on the man, especially since the household kept on running and the pay from a part timer never quite covered everything.

    In the end they had to give up a lot. First it were the subscriptions they had on newspapers and the likes. The unnecessary things, less snacks were bought and trusted brands were switched out for the cheaper versions in the grocery store, then it were their clothes that they started to buy in bigger sizes so that they could be worn for longer. Their campaign to preserve money went far, until they had nothing to give up anymore asides from each other and their house. In a matter of time the household of Jernigan fell into deep poverty, scrambling by the best they could as Andreas's medical bills kept on rising.

    It wasn't a hard decision thus for the father to stop his treatments, having given up hope that he would ever recover and not wanting to shoulder the family with more burdens. His mother had by now started to work full time, juggling several jobs at once to keep the money in. However, since most of the jobs were done without a contract, to avoid the taxes, she didn't earn much more than the minimal as she lacked the rights to ask for more. It were harsh times and the children were challenging as well, getting to an age where they started to ask for toys and clothes their peers had as well. Especially the twins could be difficult in that, wanting to have each their own set of clothes instead of sharing everything. However, the situation had already altered Andreas who turned into a spiteful shadow of himself.

    Emrys had grown to understand the situation overtime. Refraining himself from asking for too much and generally trying to stay out of sight of his father. He didn't want to be a burden to the already difficult situation. The boy was often reminded by his parents that he was the oldest of the children, thus holding the most responsibilities and as such had to play the role as his sister's guardian. The boy took this role seriously, trying to keep up to the best of his ability. However, as he was still young and clueless he often lacked to fulfil this role effectively. Something that caused him much distress.

    This stress reached its peak when the debts piled up and the bailiff ultimately had to force them out of their house. His parents had sought for a foster house for him and his siblings in the meanwhile with friends and relatives, but along with a new pair of instructions Emrys was incredibly burdened with everything he was told to do. He tried to execute them as well as he could, but sometimes simply felt himself powerless and hopeless in front of the adults and thus unable to do anything. His parents didn't seem to realise that this pressure of their problems on their young boy was too much to carry, neither did he ever vocalise his stress. In the end this showed itself in multiple mental health problems instead, one of them being Emrys's muteness.

    Luckily the housing situation was resolved quickly, with his parents finding a new apartment for the family to live in. However, the guilt of being so powerless as well as his responsibilities stayed. The fact that his father had grown even more angry, at himself and at the world, and spiteful didn't help the family situation either, leaving the happy family from before in a broken state. Communication seized in the house as everyone rather stayed out of each other's way, afraid that it would storm and not wanting to face the bitterness that ruled them. In the end the members of this loving family just wished for nothing more than to leave, especially Emrys, who feels like he has been robbed from happiness due to money.



    The most notable features about Emrys is his dark brown hair paired with striking blue eyes. The combination has it that his eyes seem even clearer than they actually are, often the feature that is complimented the most. He sports a short hair do with long bangs usually, more often than not out of convenience rather than that he really likes it, or that it is fashionable. A hairdresser is quite expensive after all and his mother is a terrible barber. His eyes are, as described before, a striking blue colour and are usually the mirror to all of his emotions. They are rounded and large as well, giving him all the more a doe-like look and image, making his expression of surprise all the more hilarious.

    The boy is rather pale in colour, not meeting the sun very often as he doesn't go out besides for school. With as little friends as he has Emrys is often not expected to go out either. This also preserves money in a way, as he has no place to spent it on, luckily. Asides from that his bone structure in his face is rather soft and plump, giving him a more youthful look than most and making him appear a little more feminine than most of his male peers. The boy wouldn't be able to get a drink anyway, or be let into a club with his features.

    The only thing that he really has going for him is his height. Standing on 6 feet he is considered to be of average size for most of his peers, thus making it a little more plausible for everyone to actually believe that he is an adult of sorts. However, due to his somewhat lanky build that doesn't really own any muscles and his tendency to bend over a little he looks shorter than he actually is. His mother blames the fact that he sits behind his screen too much that his back become a little crouched, but Emrys is very much capable of standing straight, it is just not his usual posture.



    If one were to ask what Emrys does in his spare time he would shrug his shoulders. To his believe he doesn't really do much asides from school and helping his family, but there are certainly small things that he does enjoy, but simply doesn't think of whenever the question is posed.

    As an avid dreamer it should be mentioned that the boy spends most of his time dreaming away inside of his worlds. The little places that he creates for himself, the stories he thinks up, sometimes they become too much and he feels an urge to write it out. Slowly, but surely, he became a writer through that, unconsciously at first, but later on embracing it. He doesn't often have the confidence to release his stories to the outside, but he certainly does enjoy immersing himself in that writer's culture found online.

    Asides from that the boy also enjoys to game from time to time. Especially Role Play games, as he could pose himself to be someone else and play a different, often more exciting, life. From Visual Novels to first-person-shooters, he has tried them all and found what works for him and what not.

    Very few know what Emrys's voice is like, most of them being close relations, like family, that knew the boy since young. However, even they only know his voice as it was when he was a child and don't know what it would sound like at the present time. Emrys hasn't spoken a word since he was ten. Whether it was a conscious decision, or a psychological decision is what is still being debated by the doctors, but the boy hasn't said a word ever since his youth. It is not that he lost the ability to speak, though argued by a psychologist they would say he mentally did, but Emrys simply lost the will to speak, finding no reason to pick it back up again either.

    Sign Language
    With Emrys's refusal to speak the boy had to look for other ways to communicate. The most common way for him is through the paper and pen, or even texting himself on the phone, where he writes everything down what he wishes to say. However, this often shows itself ineffective and inefficient, as it often takes time to write everything down. A faster way for communication would be sign language, the way of speech for the deaf. Despite him not being disabled in his hearing Emrys did teach himself how to sign the simplest gestures to make himself clear to everyone. He never really went to any classes for that, unfortunately, his parents fearing that it would cost too much money to sent him. Neither did they want to have Emrys speaking that way as well, as they believed firmly that if they were persistent instead of adjusting themselves to the boy that he would learn to speak again.

    Quotes & Citations
    Being as awkward as he is, Emrys tries to make the best out of his shy awkwardness by citing characters from his favourite works and or games. Especially from dating simulations, as these exact phrases seem to work and commonly used to make friends, or even better. This much to the hilarity of others, who are either disturbed, or believe that he is merely joking whenever he quotes another line again. Emrys just leaves it at that, finding it too much of a hassle to having to explain himself.

    ► Friends
    Joan Lambert
    Asher Fay
    Saige Grimm

    Andreas Jernigan - Father
    Eliza Jernigan née O'Brien - Mother
    Aisling & Fleur Jernigan - Young twins

    ❤ Strangers
    Close Friend
    Best Friend
    Crush/Love interest

    Music List!
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  19. = Bare ass Skeleton coming your way =

    Hexcode: 371c80

    " Irony is the best joke ever "
    Female | 19 | Biromantic | French | Sagitarrius

    ▓ ▓ Face-Claim: Alba Galocha

    ▓ ▓ Full Name: Heather "Vivi" Descarte

    ▓ ▓ P E R S O N A L I T Y

    C A R E F R E E

    "Vivi" doesn't care a for a lot of things in the world, She goes with the flow easily. For her, it's easier to have nothing to think about at all. She would rather be instinctive of whatever she does in her everyday life, charging towards opportunities as well as risks head on. She believes that as a youngster it is her 'duty' to experience everything life can offer to her, To her everything has a purpose, good or not.

    Growing up in a family of grim academics, She had grown sick of people controlling how she act and behave. This caused her to rebel of her families' ways in order to prove a point; that she can survive with her own little way. She would focus on anything she'd like to do, anything random that she would had the luck to come across to, skills that are so random but she can't stop pouring hours, days even weeks consumed just because she liked what she was experiencing.

    C R E A T I V E

    Heather easily picks up a hobby, and a lot of them are usually in the line of art. She picked up the violin and the painting which kept her early teens busy, lone and stuck in her room. Vivi loved looking at art, studying its theory and travelling around for them.

    Vivi, took interest Architecture as her to be program in order to leave her mark on this world, The works of I. M. Pei inspired her to do so as his works seemed heavenly to her, left her speechless during her long search for a purpose in life, confused on what she would actually pursue without succumbing to so much stress in life, or so she thought.

    P E R S I S T E N T

    Growing up in a crazy academic household, she learnt to endure hardships that visited her everyday. Due to her parents, she had been exposed to strict tutors in order to prepare to become a lawyer like themselves, which she needed to fulfill without any complaints because of her love for her parents. Thanks to her parents, once she would start something, she would see it through till the end, a great example of this was when she was fascinated with the violin and ended up falling in love with the instrument, day and night she had practiced until she had finally able to play her first piece.

    I R R I T A B L E

    Stress left unattended made Vivi finally burst one day because of his parent's scolding due to a failed interview she took for an elite Pre-Law University. After her intense fight with her parents she vowed to be more honest to herself especially when someone annoys the hell out of her.(the school reminds me of my mom during my early years :'D)

    ▓ ▓ B I O G R A P H Y

    Heather grew up in Paris, France in a house of crazy academics, mostly her parents that are both attorneys serving in a bankruptcy court in the city. Growing up she was always controlled by her parents and forever patronized whilst being in the shadow of her elder brother who always seem to look down on her.

    She met a girl while studying high school that got her into art and music. Eventually she formed a romantic relationship with the girl but ending up breaking up because of the disapproval of her parents. She would forever be reminded of her because of the nickname she gave her the nickname "Vivi" that means 'alive' in Latin.

    Eventually while roaming the city of Paris, Vivi came across a work of I.M Pei, a famous architect which is the Louvre's glass pyramid. It inspired her by the beauty of being transparent, being free of being subjected to other's opinions. She eventually started to work towards that goal of moving to Canada to take Architecture as a program.

    Her parents didn't agree with her decision as they wanted her to be a lawyer like themselves or at least a successful doctor like her brother. Dismayed by the disapproval of her parents, she finally snapped. She let out an outburst of her true feelings, what really makes her, her. Being able to tell her parents what she really felt for years that she endured fulfilling what her parents wished, she felt that she had been reborn, a new person born of her anger and despair.

    After a while of deliberating with her parents, they finally agreed to let her go to Canada in order for her to take up Architecture just as planned.She ended up having another year in high school since she took a break from during her senior year in her past school to prepare for Canada and to make amends to her parents.

    Being bored out of her mind during her stay in Canada, Vivi, finally cracked. She wanted to go explore the country, maybe distant lands to take inspiration for her upcoming dream. In a class, she picked a random chair to sit in, and encountered something she wanted to be a part of, People were vandalizing the chair, talking to each other. Strangers, that don't even know each other, maybe they had seen each other in the halls but didn't knew that they had a bond through that table, She found it interesting, being amazed on how these people communicate with each other, she craved for this kind of mystery, this cheap thrill so, she had decided, a little hesitant, nervous, she wrote her first message.

    ▓ ▓ A P P E A R A N C E

    During her stay in the university, Heather seemed to be complimented for her wavy short hair. She learned how to fix her hair from her previous girlfriend whom told her that Vivi had silky hair that she envied. Most of her time in the university, she puts on a jacket, warmers, and a pair of jeans because of the cold climate, but when she's in warmer regions, she usually puts on a dress a habit she had developed growing up with her parents. As of her height, she's actually quite average as her height is 5 foot 7, quite normal for a girl that is from Europe.

    ▓ ▓ M I S C E L L A N E O U S

    V I O L I N


    When she was back in Paris, she encountered a street performer whom was playing the violin along the alley ways of the city, There and there, she was captivated by the unique mellow sound. She fell in love. After a while of trying to clear her busy schedule, and having enough money to buy a violin herself, She attended a class in their Community Centre, learning pieces, bit by bit.

    A R C H I T E C T U R E

    After she had encountered the Louvre, she started to like architecture, as she was after all interested in Art. Having general interest in buildings, she studied the basics, space planning, what goes in the building, what shouldn't be. After a while, she had decided that she wanted to pursue Architecture as her calling. She knew that if she leaves a significant mark in society, she would had made it. A proof that she is living, a symbol that one measly life can really make a change, inspire and even become a symbol for others..

    S M O K E R


    An Influence by her ex-girlfriend, although she only smokes on occasions, if stress had been pent up, a single stick would do her well. She doesn't like smoking in public, for her it is a personal vice that shouldn't be known by others, or should it affect others. She tends to find a small quiet place, like roof tops, a small park where people aren't really around, it's also one way of her remembering her past love.

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