PARTNER REQUEST VampireXHuman RP (F for M)

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  1. Hello! Here is my plot, PM me if you're interested!

    Muse A is a human, working in an office for one of the most powerful businessmen in the country. What she doesn't know, is Muse B is also a vampire. She's worked for him for years, and somehow never found out. One day, when Muse A is working late, Muse B comes into the office looking like he'd been attacked by a particularly doped up mugger, cuts, bruises, and burns covered his body, and when Muse A ran over to help him, Muse B, in his hazy state, drinks from her forcefully. This story follows how the two of them deal with her finding out about him being a vampire, and will include lots of NPC's, including a rival business tycoon who is also a vampire trying to bring down Muse B's company.

    Please be a dominant character, and write at least 2-3 paragraphs per post
  2. I'm game, this also sounds like Midnight Secretary :3
  3. no idea what that is, but awesome! PM me!
  4. It's literally a manga about a secretary working for a vampire, should look it up. I'll PM you in a bit, still waking up @Lucy Quinn
  5. I will! See you soon!