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  1. Good appropriate time of the day! As you can see from the title, this thread contains a very specific request from yours truly, namely one that involves magical girls. Ever since I watched Lyrical Nanoha, I have been very interested in the themes that come with this genre along with the copious amounts of befriending it can dish out. However, it has been a while since I took part in a roleplay that indulged in young women kicking ass and taking names in fancy dresses, shouting the names of their attacks. Therefore, I felt it was time to make a request thread!

    So what am I looking for?
    • Action. As I had mentioned earlier, I got introduced to the concept of magical girls through Nanoha. As such, I would like a decent amount of combat complete with a gracious helping of flash.
    • Story and Characters. I would like to encounter colourful, deep characters and build an awesome story with them.
    • Good Grammar and Spelling. I will not have your head for minor mistakes, though.
    • Transformation Sequences. Oh yes.
    • Spectacle. Magic is especially fun when it involves varied, creative imagery that goes hand-in-hand with its effects.
    • OOC Communication. Please do tell me if you are no longer interested in the RP or if you have an idea for it. I like to chat with my roleplaying partners to discuss ideas for future plots.

    Now, without further ado, here are some of the ideas I have:

    Beautiful Hybrid Theorem (open)
    What is magic but sufficiently advanced technology? Long gone are the days when humanity could distinguish them from each other, if there ever was a difference. They have become inseparable: magical spells are used to fuel various devices while great machines take the form of ancient runes and sigils to increase their efficiency. Humanity lives in blissful harmony with its creatons, however, that does not mean there is no danger. Botched wards can lead to city-sized machines going berserk, incorrect construction can result in devastating disasters... There are many ways that the interaction of magic and technology can go wrong.

    Those who use their knowledge to benefit only themselves at the expense of millions are also common, but fear not! There exist people whose only duty is to protect others, people who will calm down raging constructs and defeat the villains of the night. They may not be many, but call upon their help and they will appear to stand up for the powerless!

    The Price of Peace (open)
    Since the dawn of time, the beings known as Justice and Order have been at war with each other. Though they both wield the power of magic, they are creatures of extreme opposites: should they meet, they will completely annihilate each other in a destructive explosion. This would not be a problem if the universe had only so much space. In order to settle their conflicts, these beings lend their destructive magic to other species, creating a cold war situation in which no one wants to make the first move. Humanity is but one of the vassals in this strange conflict, serving the forces of Justice and hoping against all hope that the status quo will remain.

    Tensions are rising, however and it seems that an all-out war is inevitable between Justice and Order. It is up to their servants to figure out a way to coexist peacefully or to overthrow their masters lest the universe be destroyed.

    Divine Shards (open)
    Humanity has conquered the stars with the power of its technology and there was no threat it could not defend itself against... Until now. One day, the skies themselves came crashing down as mysterious, crystalline towers were dropped onto various planets. It was as if they had appeared out of thin air to remind people there were things beyond their understanding. Even worse, while their descent caused very few casualties, strange things started happening on planets with these towers. People went missing, wound up killed by inexplicable causes or were warped into a ghastly imitation of their former selves. Even the government is helpless before the mysterious crystal towers.

    Certain people, however, have been blessed with the power of impossibility themselves and it is their light that illuminates this dark age of unknown threats. Whether they claim to be heralds of long-lost deities or just a humble one who was fortunate enough to recieve a blessing, they routinely work miracles and protect people from the threat of the crystal towers. The era of science is slowly coming to an end thanks to their work, but what sort of world will be created in their wake?

    NOTE: This setting/plot is heavy on world-building. I would like to create a whole universe with my partner if this idea is taken.

    Spirit World (open)
    Earth is not ruled only by humans. There exist spirits of nature, beings of varying temperament and power who have their own needs, their own wants that sometimes conflict with those of humanity. While most people can not see them, they are ever-present beings who are trying their best to survive. They are not good nor evil in the traditional sense of the word, but they can cause a great deal of trouble to humans. This is where those with the ability to commune with spirits come in handy: they borrow the powers of charitable spirits to make sure that humans can live peacefully. In return, they are at the beck and call of these spirits as their envoys or lackeys depending on the job that needs doing.

    If you are interested in these ideas or you would like to roleplay with me, please PM me or post in this thread to let me know!
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  2. I am interested!
  3. I'm interested in all but the second plot, the third plot piquing me the most.
  4. Good spelling and grammar, that's me out.
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