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  1. In Character Thread

    Some home grown kids from Kentucky. Hopkins County Central High School. Not a likely place you would think of when it came to "criminal origin stories" but it is the source of ours. We all start somewhere. This RP chronicles life before, and the end of the lives, of a bunch of kids that turn to crime when life seems to be a mystery. The story begins on October 9th, 2015. A handful of friends are meeting up for Caleb's birthday. His actual party is tomorrow night, but he needs help getting things set up and will likely share alcohol with anyone who helps him so his friends decided to pitch in. This night will likely turn into a pre-party.


    Age- nothing over 19 in the beginning. I will update the plot and this limit when the RP has advanced.

    Appearance- Real photos or two paragraphs of text, please. I want this as close to real as it gets.

    Background- your characters family, car they drive, friend circle, everything like that. Remember these are young adults in the beginning. Include when they first were around crime as well (though the moment of major criminal activity is in the early story)

    Skills- this is what you have a criminal inclination to doing. Killing, boosting cars, smuggling, deceiving, any of that. Some characters can do more than one thing- I expect self regulation from marry sue-ing.

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  2. Name: Caleb Reynolds
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Medium build, brown eyes, black hair. Decently built, but not spectacularly muscular. He stands at roughly 5'10 in height.
    Background: Caleb is very unkillable- he's a smart ass, and a know it all. That's due to his ADD, which he does not get medicine for. Caleb has a near photographic memory and is very good with hand work. He has a group called the "nerd squad" that he parties with. Caleb is very definitive middle class and is cousins to Maddeline. He has a bad habit with snuff, and a few cans can usually be found in his Ruby Red 2000 Mustang GT.
    Skills: Connections, hiding sobriety, driving and shooting.

    Name: Maddeline Reynolds
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: 5'5, Blue eyes, fire red dyed hair, medium build, and an ass that's out of this world. Yes I'm vain.
    Background: Maddeline doesn't really do the whole "friendship" thing. She only has ever had one true friend, in the form of her cousin. Maddeline is often hateful when she wants to be, and sweet when she needs to be. Maddeline has a 2004 aqua blue Pontiac G6 which she likes to haul her party friends around in. She is known around the school for being pretty slutty and having slept with both the cutest girls- and guys- from around the school. She likes to smoke- but only smokes black and milds. She lives with her mother who has stage 3 cancer, and she herself has been in and out of rehab for most of her life due to heroin and amphetamines.
    Skills: Decieving, Acting, Planning.
  3. Name: Alianne Lockwood
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Aly is 5'2" in height and weighs in at about 150 lbs. The girl is of a slight build, a little curvy. Pretty average. She can be a bit of a looker if she actually cared to do up her fine brunette hair or apply make-up to her pale, easily tanned, freckled complection. Her hazel eyes are generally soft, more gren than brown. A hint of rusty red tinges around her irises when she gets angry. Her attire of choice is loose, yet not baggy, jeans and a V-neck t-shirt with a cami underneath. A hoodie usually tops the ensemble. On her feet her either running shoes or hiking boots. Rarely does she dress up, even then its for special occasions.
    Background: Aly's father is a mechanic. She learned all she knows about cars from him. Even as a young girl, she was enthralled by fast, loud, powerful cars. The more horsepower, the more she liked it. Having had locked her keys in her car on multiple occasions, she learned how to unlock a car without keys. Seeking more of a challenge, she began to break into other cars, just to see if she could do it. After that, she escalated to car theft. Growing up around cars all her life, she is quite a driver. Her grandfather is the owner of a small car dealership/garage, so Aly has access to all kinds of cars. Her personal vehicle is a 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34. It has an emerald greem paint job and black rims. She has yet to add decals and plans to install a carbon fiber hood and spoiler.
    Having a background as a hunter, she is familiar with firearms. She can shoot, but she's no markswoman. She can hit what she aims at, even if it may hit a bit high or a bit low. She gets her target. It's the recoil that throws her off.
    Skills: Boosting cars, shooting(though she is far from being a markswoman), driving.
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  4. If you want to. If I make a second character, they will be more in the background.
  5. It's up
  6. Ok, thanks. I edited Aly's sheet a bit, adding the car she drives.
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  7. Yeah you can post when you're ready :)
  8. Working on one now.
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  9. Someone else said they might make a character or two today
  10. How's this?

    Name: Alejandro Barbados
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Lithe build, brown eyes, black hair brushed back, has muscles, stands at 6' even.​
    Background: A little antisocial at times, he finds it hard to talk and establish connections with others. That said, those he does come to call his friends know how reliable he can be. Pretty good with his hands, and has a father that was an underground cage fighter. He as taught by the same man since he was young and can handle anyone pretty well. His father died right in front of him when he was 15, and it took something from him Alejandro is unfazed by people getting hurt around him. After his father's death he and his mother moved to where they now reside. He drives a 2000 Chevrolet truck, that his dad bought for him to use, when he, “Became a man.” He has since moving to his new home over the three years befriended Caleb getting an invitation to his party. He is not a big fan of Madeleine, but they are on alright terms. Alejandro keeps himself clean of drugs.

    Skills: Fighting, keeping cool in hot situations. Great at finding hidden things.​
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  11. Ooo may I join? This looks interesting as a RP
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  12. @Clyde yes you may :)

    @slayerbat little more info is needed but yeah that's pretty close :)
  13. @Maddeline; this is right up my alley when it comes to RP. I made a RP very similar to this, so yeah.
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  14. I believe I fixed it. Let me know if I need to make anymore changes.
  15. That's good.

    Current situation:

    The open invite pre-party is only housing Maddie and Nate, Caleb and Aly are responding to the wreck of his girlfriend which is about 5 minutes away in uptown madisonville (between the Walmart and Cracker Barrel)

    If you ever need help understanding, use google to search these places, lol. Madisonville isn't big. Google last mapped us in like 2012 I think, lol.
  16. @Maddeline; I am considering the groups very own "goth" small town escapism by trying to be something he's not. Would that be okay?
  17. Sure. It's a town in the south so don't expect the characters and NPCs to be necessarily comfortable with your character but yeah that's cool.
  18. @Maddeline; That's fine. It's all about rebelling against the man. And don't think fucking child goth. Like them tweenies today. I mean good old 80s retro grunge Goth.
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