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    Enjoy multiverse crossovers? Love numerous fandoms? Do you fancy choose-your-own-adventure style mystery or murder mystery games? Then check out our roleplay group!

    The Murder Series spans a number of fandom roleplays where the basic premise of each is that a large number of characters across the multiverse have been brought together for a game filled with death, deceit and despair. There are times, however, when these games end up being less about the dark aspects of the multiverse and involve more humorous or lighthearted ordeals. Main entries in the series are usually structured like murder mysteries, where the goal is to find the killers in the group and try to survive, though the series itself has grown into a universe covering all kinds of genres. The background and lore of this series is constantly expanding, creating a rich and varied history with a growing cast of thousands.

    A direct link to the group can be found right here.

    If you're looking to know more about the Murder Series or need further info, see our welcome page.

    Our Wiki

    Our Tumblr

    Skype Chat

    Our Discord Server

    We have three currently running casual/sandbox RPs that you can hop into at any time: The Multiverse Hotel, Chillin' in Columbia, and The Torch.

    Upcoming Roleplays:
    NOTE: These events are subject to change, and RP lengths may vary.

    Murder Game XVI: Time Crisis, by york

    Murder XVII: The Infinity Parable, by Jeremi

    For more information on past games, please see our Games and Characters thread.

    This thread will be updated when future events are near.
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    This roleplay is themed after the fandoms Umineko No Naku Koro Ni/When They Cry 3 & 4, Corpse Party (AU), and Touhou Project. It is not required to have any prior knowledge on the stated fandoms or the past Murder Games as well.


    Why hello there~! If you're reading this exact letter at this exact moment, it means that you've been specifically chosen to take part in a wonderful Gameboard event at the Metaworld. You need not to prepare oh so heavily for the event. The prize for winning the Gameboard event? I'm willing to part with a good fortune of my gold, that is one prize. Then there's my power to grant you a single rule-defying wish. That's another prize. Just think of anything that you desire out of me, and it will be your prize. I'll tell more of this event if you do eventually choose to participate, so be sure to send this envelope back with the confirmation.

    -The Golden Witch Beatrice

    This letter came from nowhere, and no matter what you did during your day-to-day routine, it would always return into your sight... waiting for you to give into this phony letter. You had no knowledge to what this event was. You had no knowledge on how this letter wouldn't exactly be disposed of so easily. You had no knowledge as to who the "Golden Witch Beatrice" was. And certainly you had no knowledge as to why you were chosen for the event at all.

    Time flies, and the constant reminder of this game keeps on clawing at you... and thus, you decide to give in to it's demands. Regardless if you knew what you were doing with the letter, a simple reply note you place onto the envelope's letter... everything went black around you.

    Then... then the Witch's Game began.

    ~Truth System~
    Stemming from the Uminekoverse, there is a mechanic known as the Truth System. For this roleplay, these are the known Truths to be used, and when used by a player, be sure to also bold and underline your Truth with the appropriate color so it is easy to see (because of some people using colored text in their posts). All Truths that can used by players are recommended to be used during the investigation/voting sessions.

    The Golden Truth
    A Truth reserved only for the Gamemaster or someone that knows the full brunt of the Game itself. This will only be used by Beatrice.

    The Red Truth
    A Truth that shows the absolute truth, and does not lie. This will only be used by Beatrice in order to highlight key evidence and clues to each murder.

    The Blue Truth
    A Truth that shows the possibility of a situation, and if true or confirmed, it will gain the effects of a Red Truth. This can be used by anybody and has no limit usage.

    The Purple Declaration
    A Declaration that shows the absolute truth, and does not lie... when you are an innocent. The Maestro and the Traitor can lie using the Purple Declaration. This can be used by anybody, but it can only be used once per round.​
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    You've heard of the Grand Hotel, haven't you? I know it doesn't really have a name, but that's just because everyone just calls it "the" hotel, you know? Wait, you've at least heard of the multiverse, haven't you? What? It's only the entire collection of universes that could possibly exist! You know, some people call that hotel the Multiverse Hotel, because that's pretty much what it is. It's a hotel that connects to all kinds of different universes. It's totally swanky and owned by this huge company. The Mira-Curtiss Partnership... not only do they run the hotel, but they're this huge company who makes all sorts of things. But, whatever, that's not really relevant, is it?

    Look, here's the thing. This hotel's holding a special event: A massive party-- A multiverse party, pretty much. And you, my friend, have been invited. Apparently it's going for a spooky haunted theme. It's a costume party, you know? Feel free to dress up as whatever you want. I just hope you're ready... this thing will be pretty huge. I heard there's also going to be a game. Like, a murder mystery game. It's all just pretend, but the party guests play out a mystery that they gotta solve before the night is over.

    Sounds like a total blast, right?


    This Murder Tale is going to be rather different than the ones of the past. There will only be a single role, and that is the role of the murderer. Throughout the evening of party, the characters will have to investigate the murder to find clues toward who is the culprit. There will only be a single vote at the end of the game.

    This roleplay is set to take place over seven days and seven rounds, though it may extend that past a day or two. IC, each round will be one hour, meaning the story will occur over a seven hour period-- a single night. In addition to investigating the murder, the players will also be looking into the hotel's goings-ons, possibly discovering a few secrets along the way.

    This RP isn't set to start until the 14th of December.

  4. Murder Tale VI: Space Jam


    BaseA non-canon Murder Event, it will not fit into any place in the series chronology, and will be its own self-contained (badly-told) story. Keep this in mind when making your character, just in case. It may also be noted that the RP may or may not use a few characters from the film of which it is based around, but it will not necessarily be a continuation of the story, or anything like that. More a spin-off than anything else.

    Keep in mind that this is extremely experimental just for the sake of being experimental, if that makes sense.



    Moron Mountain is an intergalactic amusement park with dwindling popularity, like most other amusement parks these days. Devising a scheme to increase their popularity again, the owner Mr. Swackhammer decides that it's high time to get with the times and include a kind of event that's all the rage these days. Basketball! Utilizing his new technology that allows him to reach the many different parts of the multiverse, he decides to abduct you, as well as many other people from different worlds across the multiverse, and have you play basketball against strangers alongside strangers! An epic tale of friendship, treachery, possibly love, and most definitely epic jams, you don't wanna miss this!

    Disclaimer: You probably should miss this.



    Player - The standard role. Your primary objectives are to win the games with your team and try to figure out who the Assassins are on the opposite team.

    Assassins - The equivalent of a normal Murder Event's "Traitor," though with a number of differences. There will be two Assassins, one on each Team, and the identity of the Assassin will be known to everyone on their respective team. Another note is that despite their names, the Assassins will only be inflicting injuries to their targets rather than outright murdering them like in other Murder events, and thus, rendering them unable to play in the basketball games. They will only be able to target someone who has already played in a game.

    The Games


    Because the system I have in mind is somewhat complicated, I may as well lay it out in advance just to make sure people get it and to avoid confusion just before a match, so if you think I'm unclear about something, feel free to ask me to elaborate and I'll try my best to do so! Emphasis on "try" anyway...

    Do note that not everyone be able to be in every game, due to the expected size of the cast. Thus, during a game, only some people might get chosen to play, while the others will be left to explore the points of interest like in a normal Murder Event. However, everyone will get the chance to participate in a game at least once by the end of the Tale.

    The field will be split up into four "sections," referred to as A, B, C, and D. Section A will be where Team 1's hoop will be, D will be Team 2's hoop, and B & C will be the spaces in between. You can only move up one section per post if you have the ball, mostly in order to give people from the other team (who happen to be in the same section you move to) a chance to steal the ball from you. If they succeed in stealing the ball from you, you will only be able to steal back once they move up another spot if you so desire. Only once they try and fail to steal the ball (or alternatively, five posts are made in the game with no attempt to steal) will you be able to move up another section.

    If you do not have the ball, you can move back all you want, so you're allowed to move from Section C to Section A in one post if you are on Team 1. As for moving forward, you can only move one section forward per post. However, you are allowed to double-post, so your character's speed / how fast you move across the field is dependent on your typing speed and determination.

    The game will be rather dependent on rolling die, as seen below:

    To steal a ball, simply end up in the same Section as the person with the ball, roll a die out of six, and call odds. Naturally, if you roll odds, you steal the ball, and if you roll evens, the target evades you. You cannot attempt to steal again until they move up another space.

    If you have the ball and if you so desire, you can also pass the ball to another one of your teammates. A dice roll will not be required to pass a ball, and a pass will be successful so long as you name the specific person you are passing to, and they respond by catching it. However, if an opponent is in the same section as the person whom the ball is being passed to, they are allowed to intercept the pass and catch the ball out of the air instead, so long as they roll a die out of six and call odds. However, regardless of whether or not the interceptor calls the die successfully, the interception will be negated instantly if the person whom the ball is being passed to posts first.

    Making a shot depends on where on the field you are at. For instance, if you are on Team 1 and you're standing at Section A where your own goal is, if you were to try to shoot the ball into the Team 2 goal all the way on Section D, roll a die out of six and call the exact number, rather than odds this time (five points). If you are on Section B, roll a die out of ten and call odds (four points). At Section C, roll a die out of six and call odds (three points). At Section D, you will be able to automatically make the shot via slam dunk (two points).

    In the event that you make a shot and fail, then the ball will end up in the section where the goal resides (If someone from Team 1 fails to make a shot, then the ball will still automatically end up in Section D). The ball will be open for anyone in the section to pick it up, and whoever posts first of picking it up will get it.

    The game will end once I call it. How long they will go will depend on the activity in the event.


  5. Murder Game XI

    They are coming.....

    They seek to only purge all organic and synthetic life.......

    and they will achieve this goal.....

    unless you find the Tribe of the Old Ones....

    you may be a refugee.....

    or a rebel.....

    or something in between....

    but you are the guardians of children who lost their parents....

    you are the candle for the ones left in the dark.....

    You are hope.

    The Reapers have arrived. Through out the single universe they quarantined in this section of the multiverse, you've managed to be caught, and your galaxy, your planet, has either been destroyed by these robotic beasts and you've been looking for a new home, or, you managed to excavated in time; or maybe you joined this group by choice; hoping to find a safe haven to run too. But there isn't one, for the Reapers will come, and all will die before them; for these Reapers, they can not be destroyed, instead they adapt. Your ship is lead by Commander Shepard, and she will not run from this war; so together you all will find the Tribe of the Lost Ones, and end this needless war.

    Refugee: The survivors of the game. This rule haves no other purpose other then to survive the game and or catch the Reaper Signal(s).

    Stitcher: A stitcher will be the one who goes to discover clues about the deceased. The first Stitcher will not be publicly known until the first death. However, when/if they die; the second will be publicly chosen. A new Stitcher will be chosen if the previous one dies.

    Reaper Signal: These are the traitors. Each round they will decided who to kill and how. When discovered they will have some sort of device attracting the Reapers.

    Vanguard: The Vanguard is the only person in the game who can survive any sort of kill; they do so by killing their attacker.

    Locator: A Locator will have one in game task to do each round. Upon completing 90% of their tasks, they will be allowed a "special ending."

    If you have played in either The first Illusion game, the Eden tale, or the metamorphose sickness, I suggest playing your character from their; since they have been tied with this.

    The dead will be replicated and used as foot soldiers by the Reapers. The replica will have a strong urge to comply to the orders of the Reapers.

    Memory Shards
    These events will give information on many of the NPCs, and future events and even a new set of games.

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    Whatever you knew about heaven or hell, this place is like no other. The Devil’s carnival is the home to millions of wandering guests who have came to look for excitement in their lives; however, in a mysterious series of events, you were brought here for a reason. You may not remember what that very specific reason may be… Maybe it is a reason that has yet to be discovered. Either way, no one around you really cares about that reason so you don’t have to go into great detail. Heck, you may just be wandering here just to satisfy those around you because you have to be a big suck up. Even if there’s no importance to you or anyone else, you can still spend a great time riding the rides and being entertained! During your visit, you will spend most of your time interacting with others that were also brought to the carnival and work either together or by yourself in completing tasks and challenges throughout the tale.
    There’s a catch. If you don’t closely pay attention to clues and have bad luck, you’ll end up bargaining for your own sanity!



    This role is the simplest and most of the characters will play this role. All they have to do is to work together in order to complete tasks and challenges which will only be a two or three day event. Those who weren’t killed will have to figure out who is a traitor by using clues. I recommend you all to quote evidence too, please. Even though there will be only one actual kill, THIS GAME WILL REQUIRE CHARACTERS TO SURVIVE… I will make sure that the Ringleader acknowledges the fact that there is ONE murder and the rest are just “accidents.”

    This role will be the most complex unless the player is really intelligent with their decision. Their only goal is to avoid allowing the other participants in knowing who he or she truly is! They are able to manipulate the trust of others as well as bend some of the rules that the carnival has – they just can’t get caught. Due to the schedule, this tale should only last ONE WEEK. That means that there will ONLY BE ONE TRAITOR. With the mention of having one traitor, there will be a possibility of having one or two survivors “helping” the traitor. They will not have any acknowledge of helping them in character, though they may be able to influence the rest. You will only be able to VOTE ONCE AT THE END OF THE TALE. Sound familiar? Those of you who have participated in Murder Tale (#): The Grand Hotel will find this format to be quite stressful but fun!

    Since I am not allowing second characters, I will let those who are killed off to continue participating in the tale. However, you cannot vote again. All you can do is help and influence other votes in the out of character form at the end. You do have the option to stay out of the rest of the tale and the final vote!

    AFTERLIFE (but not really…)
    Another generous thing I shall do as a stressed GM is that I will have a ONE TIME EVENT in the middle of the week to allow only the victims who were involved in “accidents” join the others in the carnival. This will only be available to TWO VICTIMS. Those of you who were involved in these accidents will have to decide by vote who you want to see in the role play more.



  7. [BCOLOR=transparent][​IMG][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Based on the hit series; Gravity Falls[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]You awake in foreign, unfamiliar woods.. Surrounded by odd beings of all shapes, races, and kinds. An intense pain throbs in your back, as though you’d been thrown on the firm, cool grass… Hard.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Which, in some sense, you had.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Climbing to your feet in a daze, unaware of where you or who these strangers around you were, becoming uncertain on what to do. A short distance away, a young boy and girl identical to each other seem to be talking away worriedly, and the others around you seem just as confused, disoriented, and out of place as you feel. What do you do first, player?[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]There are four different given roles; Investigators, Survivors, Traitors, and Blackmailers.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Traitors[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] will be the main antagonists(though some firmly believe they are doing good), their goal being to eliminate the other players for whatever reason.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Blackmailers[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] will also be considered antagonists, working alongside the traitors. Their goal is to cover up the evidence the traitors leave behind, and to keep the players’ mouths shut if they know something. They can do this through either bribery(offering a player something they want) or threats.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Investigators[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] will be able to investigate one person per round and will thus learn the role of said person. Those with this role will be aiding the survivors, with their goal being to figure out the traitors and blackmailers and reveal them. However, it’s best to avoid revealing themselves![/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Survivors will have the 'default' role, with their obvious goal being to survive. And, in order to do so, rooting out the traitors.[/BCOLOR]

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    Murder Game XIII – Restless in Rapture


    You find yourself waking up on a wet damp floor. Looking around you'd find more people in the same state you are, some more peculiar looking then others.

    Some more investigation reveals you're some place unknown to you. As you try to make sense of your surroundings you hear the sound of static emitting from a nearby radio, as well as the sound of an unknown voice. It explains to you that you are in a city under the sea called Rapture. How such a large number of people could enter this city with out its denizens or importantly its leader not knowing about it is a mystery.

    The voice in the radio tells you that there is a way to escape this place but it will be perilous and it is very likely that everyone will not survive. So you venture forth, wondering how this group will work together...and who will end up killing who first.

    Welcome to the sign up thread for Murder Game XIII – Restless in Rapture! New and old players are welcome to join in on the fun!


    Those familiar with the Murder Games would probably expect me explaining the different roles I'm using this game right about now. Restless in Rapture however will have a little twist in that regard.

    There will be no traditional roles. Instead any player can send in a kill to potentially eliminate someone else in the group.

    What makes it even more different is the fact that the kills will happen in real time. By that I mean the players themselves need to create their distractions on top of planning a kill that wont directly single them out as a murderer. If you send in a sloppy kill the likelihood of being caught is high, but if you play it smart you might just get away with murder.

    Character requirements – Instead of weakening characters there's going to be limit in power to street level. Basically the level cap would be someone like Spider-man, though there could obviously be a discussion about adds if you aren't quite sure your character fits the criteria.

    No duos allowed. If everything falls into place this will end up a very hectic game so it will help me and my Co-Gms considerably. Also there will be a cap on five Original Characters.

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    This roleplay is the 14th in a series of fandom crossover RPs referred to as the Murder Series, named such due to most of the games carrying a murder mystery theme or something similar. This particular iteration is based off elements from the Danganronpa series, the Alan Wake series, and series inspired by Twin Peaks. Absolutely zero knowledge of the canons involved or the previous RPs are or will be required for this game.

    You wake up on a school bus driving down a lonely road deep in the Pacific Northwest. You're not sure how you got there or why-- you just don't remember. Were you kidnapped? Is it memory loss? What else could it possibly be? As you try to wrack your brain for answers, you can't help but notice that this bus is packed with other people and you likely don't recognize a single one of them.

    As the bus winds its way along the forest road, you soon find it's on its way toward a quaint little town called Bright Falls. No one can be sure if they've heard of it, and it's not entirely clear if the town is everything it seems...


    "Hey! Wait a minute!"


    "That sounds way too sinister! No, Usami is here to help! I may not look like it, but I am your squeezably soft teacher, and I am your chaperone for your school trip! I'm going to accompany you students on the trip of a lifetime! You'll take in the scenic sights of Bright Falls while you enjoy yourselves some authentic outdoors living in the town's national park! Let your heart embrace a simple lifestyle in order to cleanse your soul!

    So, just have fun!"


    Every single character will be referred to as a "student", but they have no real role. In that sense, essentially, there are no roles in this game and so everyone is on equal ground.

    However, this does not mean the game won't involve murder mysteries. Unlike past games, NPCs are the characters the players have to mistrust. In this game, the NPCs (played by myself and my co-GMs) will be the murderers, and the players will be roped into investigating their crimes.

    The plot of the game will revolve around this string of murders and the tone of the ending will rely on the players' ability to investigate the clues and pinpoint which NPCs committed the deeds.


    "Wait! No way! No one will die, that's ridiculous! There's nothing dangerous about Bright Falls! Everyone is so nice and welcoming! Besides... we won't even have to run into any of them! We're just camping out in the woods! Fun!

    Please, everyone, don't worry about a thing!"


    "Everyone, I have some of my own rules in place to promote a peaceful environment and healthy living! Please keep them in mind!

    1. Extreme violence is prohibited on this island. Please live peaceful and relaxing lives with your fellow students.

    2. Be considerate of each other and work together!

    3. Littering is not allowed. Let us coexist with the forest's bountiful nature in "mutual prosperity".

    4. Destroying any National Park property is expressly prohibited!

    5. The chaperone cannot directly interfere with the students. An exception to this rule is made if any student violates a rule!"



    "It doesn't have to end like this!"

    "This was the only way it was ever going to end!"

    On this day, the multiverse shook.

    Nothing would ever be the same again.


    The Coalition.

    A major peace-keeping organization of the multiverse that works to fight the Murder Games phenomena throughout. Throughout the organization's lifespan, they have made many allies, such as the United Universes, the Multiverse Emergency Unit, the Brotherhood of Steel, and so on, but that's not to say there hasn't been rocky trust and animosity brewing from even within. Ever since as early as the Multiverse Hotel Incident (The Grand Hotel), a failure to report the events to the United Nations, which oversees the Coalition's activity, had sparked a suspicion of the Coalition from them, and ever since the Gravity Falls Incident(Welcome to the Falls), this strained relationship has surged into the Coalition itself as well, animosity brewing between the leaders. Suspicion of a possible mole within the organization hasn't made it any easier to trust others either.

    In the midst of all this, Ilona, daughter of the late Queen Elsa of Arendelle and King Solaire of Astora, two then-survivors of the earliest recorded Murder Game, arrives at the Coalition Headquarters and by request, lives under their care, having been contacted by the leaders to watch over her, as visions from the high-ranking member Cosmo, visions that have been appearing as early as the Shibuya Incident (The Reapers' Game) and the Gilgamesh Incident (System Breakdown), had been plaguing the psychic pooch for some time. Though they had all been vague in nature, there was one common theme all these visions shared.

    Death. Destruction. Despair.

    You see, because she had been conceived by two people who had been in one of the early Murder Games, and by extension, endured the power of the Arch Demon, she had inherited some of his destructive power as well. Power so unstable that, according to Cosmo, could potentially become even more destructive than the Arch Demon himself ever was. Power that not even Ilona herself could control.

    It was on this day that started out routine enough that everything changed. Whether you were a Coalition member reporting to HQ to deliver some mission reports, or a representative of the United Nations stopping by base with the intent to oversee the Coalition's activities, it was this day that shadowy forces that had been operating beneath the Coalition's notice would make their move and strike at this moment where the organization was at its most vulnerable.

    And so begins the flash point of the Coalition, and the end of its false peace.

    Nothing would ever be the same again.


    Unlike traditional Murder Games, we'll be shaking things up quite a bit. We'll be implementing a "faction" mechanic, and there will be no specific roles, like Traitors (and by extension, no afterlife system as well). In fact, we won't even have regular character death every chapter like usual events! In that sense, in-universe, you could say that this isn't even a Murder Game. Just a big incident. That said, with an absence of character death, every mid-chapter update (for possibly every two chapters instead of every chapter), instead of debating on who the Traitor is, here, you'll be arguing and voting over something else.

    The group will be split into two factions, determined by what you pick; the Naegi Faction (led by Makoto Naegi and Cosmo the Spacedog), also known as the Regulation side, who believes Ilona to be a dangerous threat to the multiverse that needs to be put into check and under surveillance because of her unstable destructive power, and the Kirigiri Faction (led by Kyoko Kirigiri and Kieran), otherwise called thePrerogative side, who believes that despite her potential for danger, Ilona deserves to live her life as a normal human, free of the scrutiny of the eyes watching over her, known eyes and not. The debates with every other mid-chapter update will entail giving out arguments for why your side is in the right.

    As for the voting, rather than voting for Traitors, you'll be voting for which side you believe in by the end of the debate, with the majority vote being a tally for which side wins each chapter. For example, if you're on the Prerogative side and you decide that the arguments presented by the Regulation side has convinced you to join their side, you'd say so in a vote format, like "X person has decided that the Regulation side has the better argument this time." The ending may be affected by which side has more "wins" in the end.

    As such, as one can assume, the event will be far more story-driven and determinant than previous events, so you better pay close attention to what's goin' on! Of course, the game will have its fair share of action scenes as well.


    We're gonna be a little more strict about which character you can play as in Civil War compared to other events as well.

    For one, since the incident is based almost entirely within the Coalition's affairs, your character has to be a Coalition member with some exceptions that you'd have to run by myself and Atomyk first (these exceptions in question including being a reserve member / independent ally, visiting member of the multiversal United Nations, the Future Foundation, Brotherhood of Steel, the Multiverse Emergency Unit, etc. For info regarding those organizations, see the Wikia for more info). This means that if you have a character you've already played that is established to be a part of the Coalition or have otherwise worked with them in the past, you're pretty much encouraged to play that character, though it's fine if you choose to play a character that has never been featured in the series before, as they will just be treated as a pre-existing member of the Coalition.

    And because your characters will generally be from an organization that is considered a force of good, this should probably go without saying, but your character has to generally... not be evil as well to be accepted. At least, not openly known to be greatly evil / diabolical. To clarify, you can play someone like say, Wario, who is generally greedy / mean, but not a general threat to human life, or even Dexter or Light Yagami since they can plausibly pass as decent people (though these are just examples and... I would think very hard on it if you did intend to play them, lol).

    On another note, we will allow playing duos, though naturally with some limitations. Most notably, not only do they have to be from the same canon, but they have to be characters who would, in-character, work together. For example, it's perfectly fine to play Batman and Robin together, but not Cloud and Sephiroth. OCs are also free game if you'd rather play those instead.

  11. [​IMG]

    This is in fact a non canon event for the Murder Series, in a bit of a celebration for Halloween, though it does still contain elements of the typical murder game formula. No prior knowledge of any Murder Games/Events are required, and thus, this is pretty newbie friendly. In fact, one could consider this a partial "tutorial" of sorts for those who are interested in joining the Murder Games/Tales in the future.

    This particular event should start at around October 15th, and span about 12-15 days. I am aiming to wrap things up by October 31st.

    If you are interested in the actual Murder Group, whether it is before or after this event, I'd heavily recommend joining the group for OOC stuff, and information on upcoming Murder Games if these sortsa "whodunnit" games interest you.


    One way or another, a mysterious invitation finds its way into the possession of multiple people/beings throughout the multiverse, telling them of some sort of halloween party that would be taking place shortly. The invitation wasn't very specific about the location, simply calling it "Spooky's House", and the timeframe was... Odd to say the least, apparantly the party would last roughly 3 days, and "accommodations" would be put into place to handle any personal needs.

    However, once one started to read the invitation, they found it near impossible to stop, as their gaze was practically locked onto the piece of paper by some invisible force. By the time they finished, and were able to look up again, they found themselves in a mysterious building, in what seemed to be a whole new dimension. Though, the invitation appeared to have told the truth; there was indeed a party, with a multitude of places to hang out, and even a cute little ghost hosting the entire thing!

    But, while there were quite a few other attendees, there was an... Eerily large amount of shadowy people hanging around, completely ignoring the presense of the new guests, and those who tried to leave, either through the doors or the windows, by force or simply by prying either of them open... Found escape to be impossible. While on the surface, this was just simply an (literally), out of this world halloween party of some sort, it seems that there might be another reason, why the guests had been brought here...


    Over the course of 3 IC days following the prologue round, players will be tasked to investigate the bodies of the victims of the killer... And talk with the NPC's located around the area, as well as do some sleuthing of their own looking for evidence and such, in order to identify who the killer is.

    Each round, including the epilogue will roughly last about 3 days (OOC wise), throughout which they will contemplate their findings and discuss who they think the killer is. (For the sake of simplicity, the killer is one of the NPC's rather than a player character) Round endings and beginnings are marked by updates which will indicate that the current day has ended and a new one has begun.

    By the end of the 3rd day, players will then cast their votes for which NPC the killer is, and the NPC who recieves the majority vote (highest tallied votes) will be accepted as the final answer.

    The epilogue round will be initiated when the final update is made, which will vary depending on if the players have voted correctly or not. So remember, vote wisely, and think carefully about who the killer might be, with the evidence provided.

  12. [​IMG]
    This is a multiverse, fandom roleplay heavily inspired by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and other games. Although this is a side story in the Murder Series, no prior knowledge is required. Newbies are entirely welcome! If you are interested in multiverse roleplays with an intricate lore, I highly recommend joining the Murder Series. This roleplay begins on November 1st, and may run for the entire month.
    Have you ever wanted your wishes to come true?
    Calling all those who are brave enough to seek the unknown, this is the opportunity of a lifetime! Come and join the expedition team to explore legendary cave of myth and magic; Star Cave! Haven't you heard what they have said about it? They say it is the home of the powerful Pokemon, wishmaker Jirachi. It dwells alone at the bottom of the cave, where it sleeps for a thousand years before awakening. But those who are strong and fearless enough to make it through the maze of crystals and lakes can see the creature for themselves. And, if they wake up the wishmaker, it will grant them a wish and their dreams can be fulfilled. Riches, fame, power! Anything and everything in the world could happen and be given to you!

    At least... that would have been the ideal situation. With the multiverse becoming more known, and so many visiting the home of others, time in this world has gone out of whack! The past, the present, the future - none of these timelines should be warped together! The cause of this disastrous phenomenon? The theft of Time Gears!

    It is the ultimate crime to steal a Time Gear, which helps stabilize the flow of time! Instead of your inner wishes being granted, the expedition team is sent on a mission - a mission back in time! Find the Time Gears scattered throughout the past, retrieve them and restore the World's Clock to stop the impending doom of the world. There's a cruel future ahead for all to fear, a place where the sun does not shine, he wind does not blow, and the seasons never change. Stuck in an everlasting darkness - a paralyzed world. The Daimitsuyo, an organization bound to this land of darkness, will do anything it takes to retain their world.

    Including sabotaging the expedition team's great quest.


    This is an action-orientated, six chapter story that focuses on the exploration of 'mystery dungeons', portrayed as fantastical pockets of anything ranging from forests to caves. It will also follow the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon formula of end bosses at the end of each dungeon. 'A Wish Through Time' has heavy emphasis on choice, so what happens to characters will vary depending on how they wish to proceed on their journey. Unlike other Murder Games, there are no trials or voting in this game, but the agent is there for everyone to be aware that there is a traitor among their ranks. You are free to speculate who it is, and have characters reflect that - whether it be distrusting someone else's character or getting into arguments - that's what the agent wants.

    This game has a special mechanic involving Abilities from the Pokemon franchise. As your character is transported to this Pokemon world, they gain an ability that either corresponds with their powers or personality. You may choose one from this list. Your character's ability will be an asset during their exploration, and will activate during GM posts, giving you the upper hand in battles or solving mysteries. Remember: IT MUST SOMEHOW RELATE TO YOUR CHARACTER. Something like 'Iron Barbs' on a bikini warrior will not be accepted, because there's nothing their opponent can hurt themselves on.

    Notes on Abilities:

    Banned abilities, due to overpoweredness or how they do not fit in the PMD setting:
    Aura Break, Battle Bond, Dancer, Delta Stream, Desolate Land, Electric Surge, Forecast, Illusion, Imposter, Moody, Multitype, Minus, Plus, No Guard, Parental Bond, Power Construct, Prankster, Primordial Sea, Protean, Schooling, Shields Down, Simple, Victory Star, Wonder Guard, Zen Mode

    Changes to existing abilities:
    Arena Trap - does not fully prevent the foe from escaping, but will make it harder for them to leave the battle.
    Battery - Raises the special power of nearby allies.
    Cheek Pouch - Will recover faster when eating berries
    Forewarn - Comes in the form of visions of a move of the Pokemon, in order for the character to think of a counter ahead of time
    Flower Gift - Powers up nearby allies when it is sunny
    Friend Guard - Decreases damage of the allies closest to you
    Lightningrod - has a chance of drawing in electricity and gaining a boost.
    Natural Cure - Status problems are cured immediately after the battle without need for berries.
    Pressure - Slowly tires out nearby opponents
    Technician - has a chance of weaker moves being powered up

    Expedition Team Member
    You came here to get your wish granted, but that did not happen. Characters that have been caught up in the shenanigans of messed up time flow. Their goal is to restore the World's Clock to prevent the world's paralysis in order to return to their own homes and have their wishes come true.

    The Screamer (one or two characters)
    Characters on the Expedition Team that are somehow stuck between the flow of time. For some odd reason, sometimes they can hear the whispers of the Daimitsuyo, though they remain unaware they have an eavesdropper. This may enable the characters to hear snippets of the Daimitsuyo's plans, as well as extra information and details about their purpose and cause...

    You'll receive private messages from the GM during events in the game containing snippets of information. What you do with this information is up to you.

    Daimitsuyo Agent
    A hidden agent from the dark future, and a member of the organization Daimitsuyo. Their goal is to stop the Expedition Team through all mean's necessary. Through murder, self-sacrifice or even taking the Time Gear for themselves.
  13. [​IMG]

    This is the fourth game in the Illusion Series that canonically takes place after the events of Illusion II: School Daze, Murder Tale IV: The Sovionok Camp Incident, and Murder Game XIV: Monokuma's Awakening. No knowledge of these passed events are required to participate.




    You come from a modern, technologically advanced version of earth. It’s a world full of computers, hovercrafts, spaceships, automated factories, robotic androids, and many other high-tech creations. You’ve lived on this planet for as long as you can remember…

    ...Or have you really?

    Little do you know that you've actually been taken from your home in the multiverse, pulled into a new reality, and have been given new memories. You remember nothing of your old life. This has been done all for the amusement of one person: your ship's captain.

    In this faux life, you’ve recently taken up a new job. It offers a free trip to anyone willing to leave earth on a retired warship for a safe, comfortable journey through space. The ship's destination is an empty, unknown planet. Aboard the ship is a team of archaeologists that intend to excavate its surface. The trip is to last nine months while the excavation is planned to take roughly three months. Until the work starts, you’re welcome to enjoy the ship's resort-like features. Everything is paid for; it’s like a free vacation.

    Whether you’ve been hired as an archaeologist or are simply a family member or friend of someone who has been hired, you find yourself on the beautiful ship Sagittarius III, watching a pre-recorded greeting from your ship's captain playing one of the many screens inside the ship's social center.


    "Captain Suzumiya speaking! Prepare yourselves for the most super cool journey any of your little insignificant lives have ever experienced! Hold onto your seats, my people, because we've got one... long... year... ahead of us!"


    In this game, players take characters from other settings and give them lives set in this futuristic world. All characters will be stripped of their original memories and given new memories that conform with this new life. This story will take place in segments divided into days. During the Mid-Day update of each story segment, the characters will be asked/forced to vote on who they believe is an Infector. These votes are purely IC! You may not choose to vote incorrectly in an OOC attempt to "let the good side win."

    Anyone who is voted out will be quarantined and their role revealed. If they are a Traveler they will be set free, but if they are a Savior, saved, Infector, or infected they will be kept in quarantine for observation during the remainder of the game.

    The game itself will be won if all of the Infectors are eliminated. It will be lost if all the Saviors are eliminated. If neither group is eliminated the winning side will be determined by which one has saved or infected more players.

    Here are more detailed descriptions of the roles in the game:


    This role is simply all of the average guests aboard the ship who have lost their memories.


    Your knights in shining armor, you could say. The Saviors will regain their original memories on Day 2 of the story and will try to keep their roles hidden. Whether or not you'd like your original memories back, the characters with this role will be tasked with showing everyone the truth. Each day, the Saviors will vote on one individual who will have their memories restored. If a Savior becomes infected or is voted out during the voting period, they will be eliminated and their role revealed. If all three Saviors are eliminated by the Infectors or are voted out, no more characters will regain their memories until the end of the game.

    The Saved

    If your character is saved, you will be informed via PM. Keeping your role hidden after being saved is recommended as you are likely to either be voted out or infected if the others find you suspicious. If a saved person is voted out or infected, they will no longer count toward the total of saved players.


    The Infectors are individuals plagued by a deadly virus. Starting on Day 2, the Infectors will choose another person on the ship to infect--causing them to be quarantined from everyone else and their role revealed. If one of the Infectors has their memories restored by a savior, they will stop infecting people and become eliminated. If one of the Infectors is voted out during a voting period, they will become eliminated and quarantined with the other infected players. If all three of the Infectors are saved or voted out during one of the voting periods, they will stop infecting people for the rest of the game.

    The Infected

    The Infected are individuals who have been infected by the Infectors. You will be informed that you have been infected via a PM. It is recommended that you keep your role hidden if you have been infected since you are likely to be voted out or saved if you are found suspicious by the others. If an infected person is voted out or saved, they will no longer count toward the total of infected players.

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  14. [​IMG]

    "This... is where it all started. The beginning of it all."

    Taken from different dimensions, placed in a world unknown to them all, forced to undergo a game of death and betrayal. A race against time and the Traitors that lurk within. The first of what would later become many. The untold origin of the Murder Games.


    The untold story of the first ever Murder Game is now brought to light.

    All across the multiverse exists countless worlds. An unfathomable amount of dimensions and worlds. Universes that, for the most part, hardly even know of the other's presence.

    And within this massive multiverse, a group of individuals, unlikely warriors and allies, are dragged into a world unknown to them against their own will by a mysterious, yet powerful, god-like being for a purpose unknown to them. A purpose entailing being the first subjects of a dangerous game under construction. A Murder Game. But will the individuals from across dimensions be able to overcome the trap laid before them, as well as the other villains in the shadows conspiring against them?

    We're going back to basics with this one in order to fit the theme of going back to the past, of course, so this event will be far simpler than has been in quite a while. Three of the players will be assigned the Traitor role should they accept, and with every mid-chapter update, they will commit one murder among the cast. It is then up to the survivors to ascertain who the culprit is and vote out, or rather "banish," who they believe it is. If you get murdered, don't fret! We have a special afterlife plot to keep you invested in the game that'll eventually lead your character back to the main cast. Same goes for whoever is voted out, regardless of whether you actually do turn out to be a Traitor or not.

    As far as how the game goes, that's actually pretty much it. We're going that far back to basics, so no Agents or other special roles.

    Link to Sign-Ups
  15. [​IMG]

    "What was the start of all this? When did the cogs of fate begin to turn?
    Perhaps it is impossible to grasp that answer now, from deep within the flow of time.
    But for a certainty, back then...
    We loved so many, yet hated so much; we hurt others and were hurt ourselves.
    Yet even there we ran like the wind, whilst our laughter echoed under cerulean skies...."

    "But... Then comes the day, when FATE, no longer binds us.
    The day the flow of time shatters, as it's delicate threads scatter.
    The day the void gives birth, to an unfathomable monstrosity.
    Will order ever come to the chaos? Can the source of all of this be halted?
    It all falls on you now... For you, have taken FATE's place."


    Either by some sort of weird coincidence, by accident... Or perhaps on purpose (somehow), many have found yourself plucked from wherever they came from, and thrown into a strange place, where reality does not quite conform to its usual paradigms, and various Universes seemed to have begun to merge with one another.

    The deeper one goes down this rabbit hole, the more chaotic things have begun to look, with no end in sight... Or so it seemed.

    As part of an apparently ragtag group of stragglers who have been plucked from their respective Universes, you are guided along by various clues... And a few strange individuals, through various dimensions interlinked with one another, some more than others, in an effort to reach the center of... Whater this increasingly obvious temporal chaos is.

    While most seek answers, or at least a way to return to their own worlds here... There are those amongst you who have been given other tasks in secrecy, some with more malicious intentions than others. In either case, whoever, or whatever you might be... It would seem that the fate of your group, and perhaps even others... Rests upon your hands.

    What will you do, in this Time Crisis?

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