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    London town.

    From humble beginnings to the horrors of war and beyond, it has been a stalwart and iconic city that has survived the ages. From serf to noble to kings and pawns, it had seen the machinates of many over the centuries. The mighty...The low....And the Hidden. Here, the Burial Agency of the Church and the Clocktower and Ministry of Magic share divided territory. Diagon Alley and Knockturn act as surface amusements for those unwilling to descend into the Troll Market, beneath London Bridge. Old ghosts haunt byways and the fog contains strange monsters and stranger men. This is a town of beginnings and stories. A town where it can be said that small things transform into larger and more dangerous preludes.

    Welcome to the Hidden London.

    Locales(Subject to change and addition)

    Besides the usual haunts and various, insofar as the Hidden are concerned, there are several places in question to visit.

    The Clocktower:
    The Clock Tower is currently the headquarters and main branch of the Mage's Association, the departments that compose it as well as the workshops of its members (which are mainly underground facilities) are located in the British Museum. It is only a venerable museum to normal people of course. However, some affiliated buildings and institutions are known to be located elsewhere. An example of those would be the Norwich Student Dormitory.

    From the outside, Clock Tower appears to be an appealing and welcoming place, but the truth is not so bright. Actually, the inner workings of the place are ruled by the power struggles between several factions of Magi. Clock Tower is currently under the control of a pseudo-aristocratic elite called the Lords. Each Lord holds great political power within the Association just by himself, and there is also those who associate themselves to other talented Magi or an important Magi lineage in a sponsor-sponsored relationship so to increase their influence.

    Diagon Alley:
    Diagon Alley is a cobblestone-paved wizarding alley and shopping area located in London, England behind a pub called the Leaky Cauldron. Inside the alley is an assortment of restaurants, shops, and other sights. All items on the Hogwarts supply list can be bought at Diagon Alley. The alley is completely hidden from the Muggle world which is right outside of its boundaries. It is very large in area and essentially the centre of wizarding London for the Ministry of Magic.

    The London Bridge Troll Market
    A much more dangerous, if overwhelming place, similar to Diagon Alley but more geared towards the less humanoid and more fantastic races. Trolls, Fae, Vampire and more- Here, the inhuman can perform their work and sell their wares without the wizards or the Church poking their nose around. Wizards and Church agents are looked down upon, for the elitism of the former and the busybody nature of the latter.

    Its also the first step towards the Underground Kingdom; A Faerie based community that lives in the abandoned subways of London.

    The Underground Kingdom
    A faerieland that resembles a great hall, mostly dwarfs of the Wyld though representives of Summer and Winter likewise find residence here. Iron is expressly forbidden and the laws of Faerie are in full effect. There is no 'ruler' or mayor per se, they simply are.

    Saint Giles Monastery
    The training grounds of the Burial Agency, disguised as a religious center. Room and board are provided to students from all over- Army, airforce, law enforcement and the like, each with a deep faith and from all walks of religion to be trained as Gods agents on earth. As both hunters and diplomats, though lately some talk has been expressed that they've been leaning more for one then the other as of the past few years. The head of the agency is Sister Aremeth. ​
  2. [xtable=bcenter|95%x95%]
    Bio: So like, yeah dad is a demon. Literally. Like from Hell. Or the never-never, ever after or whatever you want to call it. All I know is that it's really the pits when I have to visit. The last time I went to a family reunion, someone ATE my date. ATE. Literally again. I'm never going to 'plus one' to those again. Well anyway, I'm living topside, much to my dad's disappointment, and I'm a secretary! A real honest to goodness (oh dad will hate me using that term) pencil pushing phone answering girl. It's so like something out of the game we used to play at home, "Clerks And Cubicles." I have a level 12 middle-manager I'm proud of in there. Well anwyay, I have been doing temp work it would be so awesome if I could be a Girl Friday to one of those hard-boiled Private Investigators...


    One of my favorite places to be is the Troll Market. I can be myself entirely and no one bats an eye. But, there's something to be said for mixing with the mundanes and it certainly gets me a lot more energy, especially when most folks out there can't even tell when they are running a little low on emotional energy. A little sip here, a little drink there, just the thing for a half succubus.

    It's at one of these normal pubs that I find myself at this evening, though not far from the Troll Market.

    It's a nice enough place, and the lecherousness of drunk people is sort of a bargain basement meal for me, like going to a Burger King, but it'll do.

    I settle down at a table in the corner, the bar gets crowded here and this way I look mysterious so only the most serious or most drunk of people will come up to me with the goal of hitting on me.

    Of course, to those in the know, something about me screams 'demon', and I can't help it. Being a halfer, I can never totally turn off my otherwordly presence.

    Humans often find it mysterious and enticing. Nonhumans, not so much. More like disturbing.
    What's a girl to do?{/td}
  3. Sherlock and John: Blogger Detective.

    The headlines of the paper are clear and bold, highlighting the picture of a man with a deerstalker on the cover, his collar up as he tries to hide from the paparazzi. To the young man with the rolling suitcase as he walks, the story was worth the price he gave to the paperboy. Who'd have thought they still had those around here? But then again, London was a realm that was slow to change and slower to integrate new ideas after it did. That was one of the things that made it so interesting.

    Now to think about more immediate matters and he closes the paper up and shivers. He came from a warmer climate, certainly a lot drier. He's not entirely used to the cold and to the damp this city is infamous for. He dresses like an American...Amish looking hat, white collar shirt and faded jeans, with a thick jacket over him and scuffed boots. A combination of disheveled and practical, though the hats a mystery to those around. Eventually someday, it'll be as much a part of him as the rest of his story.

    For now, with the puffy jacket he just looks like a twit.

    This is a strange city for him and finally wanting to get warm, he ducks into the first pub he could find- An ironic meeting in hindsight as he orders in a quiet tone 'A shot of red wine please', paying from his wallet as his name flashes on the identity card.

    Lucifer M. Anghelscu.

    Every story has its beginning.

    And this is his.

    @Michale CS
  4. I walk up to the guy. American looking. Like me. I mean, sort of. I spent far more time topside there than here, but I just like it here. Plus my father hates the climate, which thrills me to no end. "Who orders a shot of red wine?" I chuckle, then raise my hand toward the barkeep. "Bring his shot glass, but bring me a regular glass and the whole bottle. I'm paying."

    He had a sort of meloncholy about him, as well as a buried passion. I love those types. Get them loosened up and it's like buffet time for me. And, at the end, you've given them a much-needed ego boost. So, win-win, right?

    "I'm Cynthia, by the way." I add, almost as an afterthought.

  5. "Lucifer."

    He slips off the hat and looks a bit more normal, sans the eyes. At this point, there's less pain then they'll reflect in years to come. For all his youthful troubles over self, he has a goal and he has a motivation. Both combined with his need to keep busy prevents him from over thinking darker thoughts that might have plagued other incarnations. But some things remain the same, in a constant plethora of dimensions and he bows his head respectfully as shyness and uncertainty shines from him unguarded, with a flicker of lust as he turns red as his unusual eyes.

    "Thank you for the drink- I came in to get out of the cold, I wasn't planning to drink for too long."

    @Michale CS
  6. "Lucifer. One of my favorite names." I comment, with a little smirk. "And this isn't really cold. Cold is when your eyebrows crust over with ice. Well, in London anyway." When the bottle is set down, I pour for both of us.

    "Alcohol is definitely one of the best ways to warm up. It ranks number two with me that way, and in the way of fun. I'll let you guess what my number ones are." I give him a slight wink and a seductive smile as I pick up my glass in salute to him.

    "So, what brings you to such a dreary town on such a dreary night, Lucifer?"

  7. For a moment, a flash of horror cascades across his features at the prospect of such cold.
    Quickly followed by a flash of embarrassment and lust, radiating clear as the blush on his cheeks he couldn't entirely blame on the cold. For a moment, Lucifer wished intensely that he kept the hat on, to hide his features. A wish he'd repeat later, once he actually began training.

    Some things were universal, a certain inner density like a flagstone for certain cues being one of them.
    "I'm going to school here." It was broadly true and was the safest thing to say, without getting further into detail. Taking a sip of his drink, he frowned and added.

    "Normally, people like me don't attend but I have a letter- I'm meant to present it in person."

    @Michale CS
  8. "People like you." I chuckle. "That has a lot of potential meanings. Not a blue-blood? Yank? Or maybe, that doesn't sound American, so something from the Baltic region? Coupling that with your lovely and unusual eyes, a girl can draw some very pointed conclusions." As I say that last sentence, I smile widely and tap my wine glass to my teeth. To my obviously overly pointed incisors, to be specific.

  9. I have come to London to trade in some ancient coins. I brought some that I have extra examples of that I thought might work to get others I don't yet have copies.


    I'm not dressed for combat and am only just a little wary. I am carrying a weapon, just in case. The scabbard is invisible and I can reach that sword quickly if need be.

    There is a fine troll market here, one of the finest in the world I'm told. I make a couple of nice trades and make my way out.

    There is a Bar there, probably a dive. Oh well, I'm thirsty, maybe the place will surprise me.
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  10. Lucifer's hand instantly dropped to his belt, the gesture undoubtedly reaching for a weapon as surprise and fear radiated freely as his eyes widened with shock. A moment later(he didn't have it on), an intense feeling of shame began to flow from his aura as his emotions went everywhere before he spoke low.

    "I'm sorry. Its just...My teacher warned me about....Vampires."

    He had no idea what Cynthia was it seemed, drawing the wrong conclusions as he said cautiously.

    "...You're not going to bite me, are you?"
    The door opens and Lucifer turns automatically to see who it is, to distract himself from his faux-pass. Ingrained instinct as it were, he was rude to someone who was being somewhat nice to him- At least, he hoped so. That and he knew enough that under any other circumstances, it would have been considered a breach of hospitality. So he distracted himself by the woman who came in...And frowned.

    A flash of the insight that would become part of him in time reared its head. In the crease of her clothing, the sway of her hip despite the lack of anything on it. She walked as though she had a weapon strapped, though he could see nothing. Another supernatural? He didn't know but to distract her from noticing his staring, he raised a hand and shyly waved.

    Just a greenhorn admiring a pretty lady, nothing to see.

    @Michale CS @Gands
  11. The bar is warm, distinctly, a fire in a nearby fireplace. I survey the room and a wave catches my eye. Some people might think me cold, but usually I am merely more of a thinker than an emotional woman. I look at the man, tilt my head a bit. He seems young, the woman with him beautiful, smiling.. a predator of the first nature. I usually don't bother, but there is something about him... and definitely something about her. Time for a distraction perhaps.

    I let loose an icy smile and head that way. I'm dressed like a tourist who has been to the isles enough times to dress for the weather. A nice tweed jacket, not much in the way of jewelry, aside from a necklace from my father, lord of the underworld.
  12. "Only if you ask really nice." I reply with a light chuckle. "I'm no vampire. Not... in the traditional sense anyway."
    My eyes track over to the newcomer. Well, well. Competition. I can tell she's from below simply from her aura, and certainly she could tell that I was just the same. We'll just see how she reacts to me before I draw any conclusions.

    "Bit of a breeze out tonight, isn't there?" I add, in the new girl's direction.

    @Gands @Ringmaster
  13. I approach them, I am comfortable and not showing any fear. Fear is always the enemy in social situations. On closer examination, the young man seems nervous. I have interrupted her... Oops....

    Yes, I think so. I do try and dress for the weather when I travel. But it is refreshing. I come most recently from Los Angeles, it's been warm lately.

    My name is Alexandra Koimara. My accent is typical Californian, with just a touch of Greek. I am wearing a more genuine smile now.
  14. Boy, didn't Lucifer know it.

    Young, outside his comfort zone and torn between two lovely ladies exuding auras of conflicting kill/kiss made for a very nervous damphir. He downed a shot of his wine to calm his nerves, letting the alcohol warm him briefly before he smiled and tried to be polite.

    "Lucifer. And um...I flew in from Texas myself."

    It explained the hat any rate, the old western preacher prop resting on the bar next to the boy.

    @Gands @Michale CS
  15. Texas ? Interesting country out that way. You should probably find yourself a jacket though, the pretty lady is right, London has some cold... dark ... places.

    I am smiling of course, but now my mood is changed. I don't really mean to poach here, but they are both so .. interesting.
  16. "I don't mind a little heat, myself." She doesn't seem to be really stepping in on my game, so why shut her down? Maybe she'll even join. The more the merrier, I say.

    "Texas. It gets pretty cold there too, as I recall, in the winter. Coldest night in my recent memory was a night I spent in Alpine, Texas. Our train broke down and we had to wait overnight, with no power on the train. I warmed up by finding a bar and some good Mexican food." Most of that was true. The train didn't actually break down but it was an overnight layover. See, lying for no purpose, has a purpose. Keeps you in good form for when it really matters that you lie.

    @Ringmaster @Gands
  17. "Whats wrong with my jacket?" Lucifer asked blankly. It was an old, puffy winter jacket-The sort worn by ranchers in cold weathers and it looked slightly patchwork. It was also meant for colder climates then this, making it a 'go big, or go home' style thing.

    Lucifer thought it was nice and warm.

    Aaaand cue the blush again, considering what she'd been insinuating beforehand. The boy was a hotbed of emotion now, not helped at all by the shots he was consuming to steel his nerves.

    "I lived up on a ranch myself, with my teacher." A country boy...What else? From his attitude and his general wide-eyed look at a major city like London. He couldn't be more out of place then a black bear in a polar bear convention.

    @Gands @Michale CS
  18. "The two of us, Alexandra, could probably school this greenhorn quite well, now couldn't we? Huh?" The subtext word, in the language of those below, which?, was spoken simultaneously in a subvoice only used for the infernal languages, and was a question for Alexandra, asking for her demonic pedigree as it were, without tipping off or disturbing the poor boy.

    Of course, he'd probably continue to be flustered by us, and unless he'd actually heard demonic speech before, would go entirely unnoticed by Lucifer.

    @Gands @Ringmaster
  19. I laugh a bit, teasing him about his jacket.

    I meant nothing offensive Lucifer. When I travel I usually try to dress at least a little like I belong. The practiced eye can always spot an outsider, but this way I can keep lesser things from being overly interested.

    I turn to the woman.

    You certainly look more like a traveler who knows how to dress. May I inquire of your name ?
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  20. I tilt my head for a moment listening to her. Not a language I know well, but just enough to make out most of what she says.

    I don't know this language well. Do you know this symbol ?

    I show her the necklace with the ancient Greek symbol of Hades.
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