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The Losers Club

They will never be good enough.
Even when the impossible happens.


The Nerd, the Queen Bee, the Outcast, the Loner, the Cheerleader, the Freak, the Jock and the New Kid. Eight teens. One huge mystery.

When eight teenagers from different cliques, backgrounds, and families get Saturday detention, the whole lot of them are stuck together for hours. During their time together, they encounter a demon who came along to snatch the soul of a late classmate of their's who wandered the halls. The eight of them are the only ones to witness it.

After witnessing what they have, there was no going back to their "normal" lives. They only became more aware of the strange activities in their town.

In spite of being from different worlds, they gather together to investigate the local mysteries of the paranormal forces and supernatural creatures of their small town, Graywick. However, they are not only forced to come to terms with and face the issues of their town, but also their lives.

Rivalries will be made, but not without friends and blossoming romance.

They all may have come from different places, but they share one thing in common. One way or another, they are all losers.


01. The Nerd ( MaryGold MaryGold )

male - love interest: The Queen Bee
The Nerd, but mostly a loser, is an obvious target for bullying because of his social anxiety and for his blatant beliefs of something fishy going on in their town, something supernatural. He is the younger brother of the Jock, though, they haven't been close since their father left them at a young age. He spends most of his time at home alone because his mother is always working and his brother avoids him. The closest friends he has is the Freak and the New Kid.

02. The Queen Bee ( neptune neptune )

female – love interest: The Nerd
The Queen Bee, the beauty queen, and boss. One could say she runs the school, being the biggest bitch around and the most feared. Really, she suffers from abuse at home and so she takes it out on others. Before she was the popular one it was her ex-best friend since kindergarten, the Outcast, who is her main target. Truthfully, she's a dork on the inside but has become so bitter and hateful.

03. The Outcast ( MaryGold MaryGold )

female – love interest: The Loner
The outcast, "psycho", "mad hatter" and her most popular nickname "carrie". Truthfully, she is not the psycho people claim her to be. She used to be the girl large and in charge, being pretty, a cheerleader with top grades and steady background ... That is until her long time friendship with the Queen Bee ended in 10th grade. Ever since she has been suffering and became the closed-off weirdo, outcasted by the entire school thanks to the influence of the popular ones.

04. The Loner ( CrystalTears CrystalTears )

male – love interest: The Outcast
Like the Outcast, he has no real friends. The loner sticks to himself and makes it clear he isn't looking to be around anyone and no one wants to be around him because of how scary he can be. He comes from the poor and roughside of town, surprising people that someone like him was accepted into Ravenwood. What makes it worse is that he has no issue going up against the more privileged students of their school and even the rich adults. His cousin is the cheerleader, whom he is protective of. But they aren't very close.

05. The Jock ( King King )

male – love interest: The New Kid
The jock is not the smartest book on the shelf but he is known to be courageous, determined and a total charmer. He is also known for going out and/or sleeping with every other girl and some guys in the school. He is the older brother of the Nerd, but he distances himself from his brother, blaming him for their father leaving.

06. The New Kid ( neptune neptune )

male – love interest: The Jock
The new kid, who is also an introvert, but not at all shy. He moved into town to stay with his uncle, the town cuckoo, because his parents are fighting and don't want him around for the outcome, which is sure to end in seperation. He's just trying to fit in somewhere but most groups have already been formed and closed off. The only people who have bothered themselves with him is the Freak and the Nerd by association.

07. The Cheerleader ( MaryGold MaryGold )

female – love interest: The Freak
Out all of the most popular kids, she is the most liked and hated simultaneously in spite of being the Queen Bee's companion. The cheerleader is known to be kind, but she gossips a lot. Most of her gossip is lies because she just can't help herself, needing attention from others. She is neglected by her parents and isn't close to her cousin, the Loner. From Kindergarten to grade school, she had mutual feelings for the Freak before the bullying came along.

08. The Freak ( CrystalTears CrystalTears )

male - love interest: The Cheerleader
The Freak, being totally different from the others. But only because he thinks differently and is a total art prodigy. The Freak has been an orphan since his parents dumped him at the age of four. He chases after the Cheerleader, his first friend, and love, not caring that the two of them live in two different worlds. He is also the closest thing that the Nerd has to a friend and constantly drags him and the New Kid out.


Graywick, Oregon

Graywick is a mysterious, picturesque seaside town in Oregon USA. Its main source of commerce was fishing. The local residents of the town are all familiar with each other. Still, there is always a new face to see around. As time passed Graywick became a tourist town, known for its many arts, craftsmanship and landscape. Not to mention their proud school Ravenwood Academy.

The town still reeks of a mysterious, more to some than others. While most people, if not everyone, views it as a nowhere place, they couldn't be more wrong. Graywick is a nesting ground, full of rich history, allegedly first founded by Native Americans, for both humans and supernaturals alike. In fact, those supernatural forces are still around.


Ravenwood Academy

One of the many prides of Graywick. The school has been around since the 1700's and holds a deep history like the rest of the town. It specializes in art, science, and music. Ravenwood also has dorms for the students who've come from outside of town.

Sunset Diner

The local diner of Graywick, known for their homestyle cooking and old fashion service and their amazing milkshakes and burgers. It is popular with all age groups and every townsperson. It is a common hangout spot for just about anyone and everyone.

Sunset Beach

The beach of Graywick and not the port. One will find a lot of activity going on it. Parties, bonfires and the like are thrown by the local teens. They have to have fun in their small town sometimes. Most people avoid swimming at night since the last time one of the teens drowned, though their body was never found.


The Woods

Surprisingly, it is a common place the local teenagers of the town venture out to. There are quite a few things there to get into. Such as the train tracks and junkyard.

Bancroft Barn

An old barn owned by the richest family in town, the Bancrofts. It is located deep in the woods and had been abandoned a while ago until the Bancroft's oldest son turned it into a club for the local teens.

The Henrik's House

An abandoned house that is rumored to be haunted. No one lives in it and there are several stories rumored around about the family who used to live it. Often, the local children and teens alike use it for pranking and scaring others. However, the place is own by Henrik's old friend, Miles Dawson, the town's local nut.

More locations will be added later or along the course of the roleplay. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to say so.

Known Residents

Nathan Bancroft

Nathan Bancroft is the king of Ravenwood Academy. He's popular, attractive, rich, talented and his parenmts practically own the town. He's a jock, no doubt, but he isn't an idiot and has skill when it comes to art. Needless to say with all his feats and standing, he has become a spoiled jerk. If he doesn't like you, you're practically dead in and out of school.

Miles Dawson

The town's local nutcase. Miles was born and raised in Graywick's, knowing more about it than most people. He's strange about the things he does and the things he believes. The man scares just about every kid he comes into contact with. However, he is from and is heir to, Graywick's second-richest family, though, he is the only one of his family around. His younger sister and brother moved away and his parents died ages ago.

Thomas Perez

English teacher of Ravenwood academy and local hottie. Thomas is known for being not only an amazing teacher but friend too, being caring and understanding. He is relatively new to the Graywick's, having been there for only a few years, but he isn't one to discriminate against anyone and always willing to help those who need it.

Amanda Francis

The most loved and favorite waitress among all the customers of Sunset Diner. While she knows when to be respectable and kind, she also knows when to let loose and have fun. Amanda talks to and is only friendly basis with just about anyone and every one of the town. A lot of teens often go to her for advice for she has crazy stories and a lot of experience at her age.

Kennedy Ross

What's a town without a mean grumpy old man? Kennedy Ross is always giving others glares, snorts and haughty comments. He is definitely not nice, but he's been mean since his wife passed away. He, like many others in the town, was born and raised in Graywick. He knows everything there is to know about the town, more than Miles Dawson. He demands respect from just about every individual but never gives it in return. He also hates the Bancrofts.

Ethan and Leila Bancroft

Last, but definitely not least, the Bancrofts. Ethan and Leila, both town locals, married at a young age. Ethan is heir to the Bancroft family and company, Bancroft Real Estates, the richest family in town. He cares for both his parents at their old age and they have two sons, Nathan and a Riley. They practically own the whole town and is highly influential.
More residents can be added later or along the course of the roleplay. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to say so.


01. All Iwaku rules apply, obviously. My word is law, and things like that ...

02. This roleplay is teen and up(PG13), containing violence, blood, and gore, suggestive themes, use of strong language, drugs and alcohol usage and different orientation. However, do not go overboard with the use of swearing, use it with class. If things get too sexual, take it to PMs or fade to black. And be reasonable with the blood and gore should it come up.

03. This is meant to be a small rp of four people, so we will be doubling, NPCs will also be allowed. I think this should be obvious, but you cannot play your own love interest.

04. Have proper roleplay etiquette. No power playing, metagaming, godmodding, Mary/Gary sue, etc.

05. Posting expectation is at least once every fourteen days. I know how busy we all can be, so if you're busy, let me know. Also at least two full paragraphs a post. And if you're going to disappear for a while, let me know.

06. Please use real face claims.

07. Drama in IC only, keep OOC clean and have fun!


Feel free to arrange the sheet however you like as long as you answer everything required on it.
Character Quote(optional)
Theme song (optional)

Date of Birth:
Age: (17 - 19 only)

Health/Mental Ailments:

Personality: ( traits only 5+)
Likes: 5+
Dislikes: 5+
Fears: 1+

Brief Background: (optional)
Other Relationships:


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    Name: Blair Isabella Yost
    Nicknames: B.
    Date of Birth: June 1st.
    Age: 18
    Sexuality: Heterosexual


    Hair: Blonde.
    Eyes: Blue
    Body: In shape, leggy, not quite an hourglass.
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 125
    Piercings: None.
    Markings/Scars: Scars on her arms and back that she takes pains to conceal.
    Health/Mental Ailments: Disordered eating due to traumatic abuse.


    Personality: Quick-witted | Cold | Distant | Petty | Gossipy | Vengeful | Intelligent | Calculated | Dry | Adaptable | Sarcastic | Trendy | Guarded | Secretive
    Likes: Figure Skating | Dusk | Solitude | Control | Winter
    Dislikes: Pretending | Try-Hards | Crying | Ballet | Thunder
    Fears: Failure | Death


    Brief Background: Blair is the first child of Alistair and Amelia Yost, one of several prominent and wealthy families around Graywick. Alistair is one of the top realtors at the Bancroft firm, while Amelia is a former ballerina who now manages her own luxury lifestyle brand. Blair's earliest memories of her father are few and far between. She spent the majority of her time with her mother and was forced into ballet at an early age. Sometime later, Blair found a love for figure skating that Amelia has resented ever since.

    Despite having the best childhood that money could buy, Blair wasn't the happiest kid. She had very few friends throughout grade school, the closest being [THE OUTCAST], though her mother never approved of the friendship. The two stayed friends despite the difficulties and found themselves at the top of the food chain come high school. It wasn't until an incident at the beginning of tenth grade did Blair imagine her life without [THE OUTCAST] and then, she just had to be cut loose.

    Currently, Blair runs the Ravenwood Academy social scene, telling people to jump and how high because it's one of the few things in her life that she can still control. Behind the scenes, Blair is lonely and pressed. She often gets into verbal and physical fights with her mother and in turn, takes it out on less popular kids at school. She is also dating Nathan Bancroft, another project that Amelia insisted on, though Briana can barely stand to hold his stupid hand. Her only friend is [THE CHEERLEADER], the empty-headed pom-pom-waving slut turned lackey; how boring.

    Family: Alistair Yost | Father | Alive | x
    Amelia Yost | Mother | Alive | x
    Chloe Yost | Sister | Alive | x

    Other Relationships: Nathan Bancroft | Boyfriend | On any given day, Blair would rather kill herself than listen to Nathan talk, but she hides it well enough. She is only with him because her mother wants it that way, and Blair will do anything to get the woman to leave her alone. It's not so bad, Blair Bancroft has a nice ring to it...right?

    [THE CHEERLEADER] | Lackey | A queen bee has to have a worker. She doesn't think much of [THE CHEERLEADER], but the other girl is the closest thing she's had to a friend in a long time.

    [THE OUTCAST] | Enemy | Once upon a time they used to be best friends, but that changed when Blair got a chance to be on top. She assumed her role of queen bee on [THE OUTCAST'S] back.

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    Name: Casey Andrew Dawson-LePage
    Nicknames: Baby
    Date of Birth: July 17th
    Age: 18
    Sexuality: Pansexual


    Hair: Thick and pretty | dirty blonde | occasionally dyed black.
    Eyes: Green
    Body: Average | some muscle definition from always being active, but nothing that impressive | a little thin.
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 130 lbs.
    Piercings: Ear cartilage
    Markings/Scars: Nothing significant
    Health/Mental Ailments: Abandonment issues.


    Personality: Chill | Confident | Funny | Outgoing | Fun | Stubborn | Opinionated | Curious | Tolerant | Sweet | Messy | Forgetful | Giving
    Likes: Hiking | Sugar | Books | Animals | Tea | Adventures | Music | Late Nights | Stupid Decisions
    Dislikes: Exclusion | Judgement | Ignorance | Bullying | Yelling
    Fears: Drowning


    Brief Background: Casey was born in Munich, but grew up all over the world. His mom, Melissa, is a high-ranking member of the United States military and his father, Peter, works for the State Department. The two never married due to logistical reasons, but have been "together" for almost twenty years. Most of Casey's childhood was spent with his mother, moving between her postings, but he spent almost every summer or spring with his father. He has a good relationship with both of his parents even if their relationship with one another has frosted over in recent years.

    Although he didn't have a typical childhood, Casey fells that he grew up happy and cared for. At the very least, there was never a dull moment and he got to see and experience things that most people could only dream about. He complete most of his schooling online, though he was occasionally enrolled in local schools where he got to make friends. Casey is a friendly person by nature, but constantly moving made it hard for him to cultivate any relationships that lasted longer than a few months.

    Wanting a more normal life, and not wanting to go on to South Korea with his mother, Casey chose to leave his parents and their hectic schedules behind to finish his senior year in his mother's hometown of Graywick. While he doesn't have many memories of his Uncle Miles, he hopes to get to know the man better over the next year.

    Family: Peter LePage | Father | Alive | x
    Melissa Dawson | Mother | Alive | x
    Miles Dawson | Uncle | Alive | x

    Other Relationships: !! OPEN !!

    Extra: Casey is fluent in German and English.



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    he doesn't know how to communicate
    his mind is in a different place


    Name: Connor August Hamilton
    Nicknames: Connie
    Date of Birth: August 21st.
    Age: 17
    Sexuality: Heterosexual


    Hair: Dusty brown, fine and naturally curly.
    Eyes: Ocean blue.
    Body: Tall, slim, admittedly on the skinny side, but not scrawny.
    Height: 6'1".
    Weight: 145.
    Piercings: None.
    Markings/Scars: Freckles scattered on his face and other parts of his body. He also has a scar on his head, hidden by his hair and one noticeable one his arm.
    Health/Mental Ailments: Anxiety and PTSD from his past experiences and traumas.


    Personality: Quirky | Sassy | Kind | Excitable | Shy | Thoughtful | Timid | Curious | Dedicated | Determined | Intelligent | Perceptive | Stubborn | Introvert | Nerdy | Loud | Insecure |
    Likes: Coca Cola | Reading | Exploring the woods | Harry Potter | Comics | Biking
    Dislikes: Reckless Spending | Bullies | Gaining too much attention | Being Incorrect | Social Situations
    Fears: Public Speaking || Not being Good enough


    Brief Background: Connor was the only child of David and Emma Chambers. Then one fateful night happened, one he can only remember bits and pieces of. It was the day his family died. Connor was only three when they got into a sudden car accident, one which he blamed himself for. He had seen an inhuman creature before they crashed. The accident killed both of his parents and severely damaged him both physically and mentally. The doctors weren't even sure that he would make it, but he pulled through. Hence, why when he told them about what he saw they weren't so keen on believing him.

    Fortunately, the Chambers's family friends, the Hamilton's, adopted Connor before he even left the hospital. The hospital in which he remained in for a long time. It took him a while to adapt to his new home and family and life in general. And even then, he didn't really. His adoptive brother Royce and he had a rough relationship from the moment he entered their home. Connor was far from ready to be around with anyone else, so he ended up playing by himself a lot. Especially in the woods, where he once again witnessed something inhuman. He was then convinced that e was cursed and something wasn't right about Graywick. It was started his research into the supernatural and paranormal activities and more socially inept. It did very little to help with his health issues.

    Those issues only worsened when his adoptive father walked out on them. Suddenly leaving them without so much as a goodbye. It made things harder on him, his relationship with Royce became worse and he didn't gain the attention he needed from his adoptive mother because she had to increase her workload to provide for them. Instead of accepting it as it was, he assumed it must have but the mysterious forces of Graywick's doing that their father left. It's much easier to believe, isn't it? So, he dug even deeper into his research, navigating through the bullying and hard home life.

    David Chamber | Biological Father | Deceased | X
    Emma Chamber | Biological Mother | Deceased | X

    Other Relationships: OPEN !!

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    it's safer on the ground


    Name: Sophie Lee Black
    Nicknames: Phelie || Soph
    Date of Birth: January 12th.
    Age: 18
    Sexuality: Bisexual


    Hair: Long, thick and blonde.
    Eyes: Sky blue and large,
    Body: Slim and slightly skinny.
    Height: 5'5".
    Weight: 121.
    Piercings: Both earlobes twice and right ear cartilage.
    Markings/Scars: None.
    Health/Mental Ailments: Tourette's syndrome, she has been keeping it hidden from even her closest friends. Mild depression, it only truly affects her at school, it comes and goes. Trust issues.


    Personality: Bubbly | Humorous | Witty | Sarcastic | Cheeky | Warm | Caring | Fiesty | Adventurous | Resolute | Biting | Oppioniated | Affectionate | Quick-witted | Snarky | Quirky
    Likes: Tea | Autumn | Dancing | Music | Guitar | Rock music | Ice skating | Snow | Halloween | Animals | Sunsets
    Dislikes: Insincerity | Dubstep | Humidity | The Bancrofts | Being Sick | Bullying
    Fears: Being alone | Centipedes | Betrayal


    Brief Background: Sophie was born as the first born child of the Black family. While the Blacks weren't initially very wealthy, they became so after Alice Morgan, Sophie's mother, the daughter of the wealthy Morgan family, and famous artist and curator married Henry Black, a "lowly" mechanic. It was a marriage that was frowned upon by many, mainly because of Sophie's father's family history nowhere nearly as great as the Blacks. But no one could talk about it frequently because the Morgan's still held some power.

    And Alice and Henry didn't seem to care, they raised their children lovingly and with morals. Sophie had a very good childhood due to this and money, her parents indulged her in almost any hobbies she liked. Her grandparents spoiled her relentlessly, but with requirements. She had to take up certain hobbies, Classes and hold herself up with as much dignity as a Morgan even if she technically wasn't. Her mother's side of the family had a heavy influence on her. It was the one difficulty in her life.

    She grew up very bubbly and outspoken and alongside other wealthy kids. In fact, she had been super close to Nathan Bancroft from childhood but grew a little more distant from him when they entered high school. They were both at the top of the food chain, but he was becoming worse with time. She spent most of her time with Blair until her mother had gotten sick. Something that Alice wanted to be kept a secret. It was then that Sophie's grip on her position began to slip and as well as the front she gave others at times. At the same time, her parents were growing increasingly distant.

    Finally, her parents divorced. Alice practically forced her children to stay in their father's custody. It was then that she felt from her spot on the top in tenth grade. Actually, after an incident, she was practically pushed out of the spot from those she considered friends.

    Henry Black | Father | Alive | X
    Alice Morgan | Mother | Alive | X
    James Black | Younger Brother | Alive | X
    Felix Black | Younger Brother | Alive | X
    Alexander Black | Younger Brother | Alive | X

    Other Relationships: Nathan Bancroft | Enemy | Unfortunately, he's one of the few people who knows what buttons to push and seems to go out of his way to pick on her. It's more hurtful to her because they had known each other since they were kids. They were practically family ... until they weren't

    Blair Yost | Enemy | Blair Yost is the first person, Nathan being the second, that started Sophie's major trust issues. It hit her hard when Blair practically shoved her to the ground just to be the one in front.

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    i love making you believe
    what you get is what you see


    Name: Emilia Lee (Korean Name: Eun-Mi, though it is legally her middle name)
    Nicknames: Mia || Em/Emmy || Blabbermouth
    Date of Birth: July 20th.
    Age: 18
    Sexuality: Pansexual


    Hair: Dark brown, sometimes dyed blonde with some other colors to mix in, but usually and naturally dark brown, full and thick.
    Eyes: Dark chestnut brown piercing eyes.
    Body: Slim, petite and athletic.
    Height: 5'2".
    Weight: 115 lbs.
    Piercings: A single piercing on each lobe.
    Markings/Scars: One on her knee from scraping it badly as a child.
    Health/Mental Ailments: Nearsighted, she wears contacts out all of the time but at home, she puts on glasses. It's so bad that she's pretty much blind without her contacts or glasses and she has night blindness because of it too.


    Personality: Hardworking | Patient | Friendly | Over-Achiever | Loving | Sensitive | Competitive | Gentle | Insincere | Loyal | Adaptable | Passionate | Flighty | Polite | Secretive | Shy | People Pleaser | Sassy | Dramatic
    Likes: Studio Ghibli | Sports | Photography | Dancing | Music | Video Games | Swimming | Food | Art | Flowers | Animals | Being involved | Summer | Fruit | Waffles | Dance
    Dislikes: Being left out | Being alone and ignored | Letting People Go | The dark | Gorey movies | Mushy rice | Losing | Bad jokes |
    Fears: Being hated | The dark


    Brief Background: If she could, Mia would rather erase most of her childhood. It's honestly tiring growing up thinking that you've done something wrong your whole life. She was born as the only child to a wealthy father who was hardly home and when he was, he was cold and callous and a just as wealthy mother who was home, but too drunk all the time to respond. Despite this, she wasn't a somber child at all. She had been timid, but she was always looking to receive love and affection from her parents, with that naive unconditional love a child had for their parents. Most importantly, her grandmother on her mother's side was the one who practically raised her from her kindergarten years.

    Most of the time she spent with her family as a family was for work, which included joining her father in donating and giving back. Two places she frequented was the orphanage and the animal shelter, two places that she grew passionate about. She started her own plans and ideas to help out without her father asking her to do so. They either worked or fell through.

    As she started to grow up, reality and social expectations started to hit her. She may have come from a "good" background, but she was a pigtailed glasses wearing loser who wasn't very good at many things nor all that smart. She was the perfect target for bullying, it later turned into the type of bullying where one was ignored and talked about behind their back. To make matters worse, her grandmother had passed away.

    Mia sick and tired of always being the butt of jokes and ignored by everyone began to change herself. She put herself out there by joining the cheerleading squad in Highschool. She tried to get in with Sophie and Blair and mostly failed, but she did with another group of popular kids. It did require erasing her past, including childhood friends and gossiping about others. She got good at it, even if there were numerous untrue rumors about her that came back.

    A lot of those rumors got out of control from time to time, especially when she became Blair's sole friend. And no, she has no plans of ending their relationship, not because of the clout but because she sees her as a real companion.

    Lee Hoon | Father | Alive
    Park Mina | Mother | Alive
    Han Sook Hee | Maternal Grandmother | Deceased
    Lee Taemin | Uncle | Alive
    Lee Haeun | Aunt | Alive
    Song Jungwoo | Cousin | Alive
    Lee Hajoon | Cousin | Alive

    Other Relationships:
    Blair Yost | Friend/Boss | Mia sees her as a real friend. She feels that she's special since she's Blair's only friend when really anyone can tell that she's more or less a lackey. She's clearly a loyal follower of the Yost girl.

    Ezra | When she was younger she had a huge and open crush on him and admired his artistic talents. She would have done anything for him until things got too hard for her and in order for her to advance she distanced herself from him and cut him off.

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  • "You wish to be with me? Good luck, you have to be somehow better than my own solitude, and it's lovely."
    Song Jungwoo

    Song Jungwoo [Family name | Given name]

    Jungie [Do it and die]

    Date of Birth:
    October 31st

    18 years old



    Originally a dark brown, but he dyes it platinum blonde all the time, it borderlines to a more silvery/white color.

    Dark chocolate brown.

    Tall and well built | Not overly muscular but keeps himself in shape through light exercise | Long legs


    185 lbs


    The top of his left hand is covered with scars, most jagged to some degree, others clean cuts. Though he keeps it hidden by always wearing, at least, one glove.

    Health/Mental Ailments:
    Trust issues


    Cold | Distant | Rebellious | Bold | Honest | Confident | Direct | Protective | Soft | Tolerant | Great listener | Animal lover

    Animals | Rain | Motorbikes | Music | Solitude | Coffee | Cooking | Independence | Reading | Psychology | Sweets | Long walks/hiking | Silence

    Crowds | Loud/lot of noise | Sunny days | Money | Humans | Spicy food | School | Bullies | Verbal assaults | Overconfidence | His phone

    Betrayal - Getting too close to someone, letting them in, only to be betrayed.


    Brief Background:
    Jungwoo doesn't remember much of his biological mother, only that her hands were warm and her embrace was too comforting to exist on this earth. She was a woman who had been one of his biological father's many flings, and unfortunately, she got pregnant. Jungwoo grew up with her until he was five and she fell ill, that was when his biological father stepped into the picture. He had married another rich woman, but the problem they kept having was not being able to give birth. The old man refused to use any other means when it came to finding an heir, and that's how Junwoo became the solution to his problem.

    His mother soon died in the hospital due to her sickness, and Junwoo was taken in by his father. The first eight years he spent with them was great, so great, in fact, he thought they were a real family. If he had only suggested it all to be a facade before it was too late. His "new" mother finally got pregnant, and wanting her child to be the true heir, she started to abuse Jungwoo verbally while blaming him for everything that went wrong in the mansion. The worst of them was when she fell and Jungwoo got the blame, angering his father so much to the point he threw a glass bottle down on his hand before kicking him out of his home without a second thought.

    Now, Jungwoo lives alone in his own apartment and with his cat as his greatest companion. Humans are too bothersome, they only keep you around until they found your replacement or one has outlived their usefulness, so it's just better to avoid them overall, or so Jungwoo has concluded.

    Song Min-Hee | Biological mother | Deceased
    Lee Taemin | Biological father | Alive
    Lee Haeun | Stepmother | Alive
    Lee Hajoon | Step brother | Alive
    Haru | Cat | Alive

    Other Relationships:

  • "We live in a black and white world, and it is our job to make it colorful. The real question is, what color do you want to paint with?"



    Date of Birth:
    18th of May

    17 years old



    Warm auburn brown

    Ezra is heterochromia. His right eye is dark coffee brown, but his left is emerald green.

    Small | Agile | Fit | Light


    155 lbs

    Both of his ears are pierced.


    Health/Mental Ailments:
    Chronic heart disease - Ezra was diagnosed with heart disease from the moment he arrived at the orphanage, being the most likely reason he was left there. While it usually does not hinder Ezra in his everyday life, it does force him to take medication and puts him at constant risk for a heart attack, especially when his heart is under a lot of pressure like exercising or stress.


    Optimistic | Joyful | Extrovert | Funny | Helpful | Kind | Warm | Including | Creative | Headstrong | Self-sacrifical | Hardworking | Assertive | Secretive

    Summer | Warm weather | Drawing | Painting | Photographs | Nature | Sweets | Meeting new people | The orphanage | Helping others | Cooking | Friends | Family | Bubble tea | Strawberries | Music | Video games

    The hospital | Doctors | Bitter food | Nurses | Bullies | The rain | Coffee | Medicine | Talking about himself | Exercise | Platforming games | Pollution | Ignorance

    Death - Due to his health problem, and the orphanage having no means of getting him a new heart nor the proper treatment for it, death is nearby but still lurking in the shadows. Having already danced with death a few times, Ezra fears the day he won't wake up in a hospital bed.


    Brief Background:
    "Ezra" is a name he was given by the kind women who run the orphanage. He was left at their doorstep on the 18th of May, which later turned into his birthday when he was only a baby. Thankfully the orphanage had plenty of room in both housing and in their hearts to take in the abandoned child.

    While Ezra was a very playful and energetic child, most saw many problems into adopting him due to his heart condition. It was something the orphanage discovered early, which helped Ezra through a couple of his heart attacks, but he didn't become appealing to the young couples who were looking forward to becoming parents and staying so for a long while.

    He never blamed them, not even his parents, as he could understand his unknown fate being scary to most people, especially when talking of taking in a child as your own. Therefore, Ezra just stopped hoping he'd get adopted at some point, and instead found himself happy with helping out around the orphanage and the other children to find great families for them.

    His life has been plagued with regular hospital visits and medications, along with a few heart attacks whenever he pushed himself too far, though nothing has stopped Ezra from enjoying what life he got to the fullest. Deep inside, perhaps too deep for even him to realize, he hopes that his biological family comes back for him, or maybe, he'll find a new family. But hope is scary, so he buries it deep within the "logic" and "reasons" of why such a thing won't happen.

    Biological mother | Unknown
    Biological father | Unknown
    Sophie Rosevelt | Leader of the Orphanage | Alive

    Other Relationships:

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"I switch up my cup, I kill any pain."

⇀ name
kennedy francis hamilton
✧ kendoll
✧ arrow
✧ kenny
✧ frannie
⇀ gender
✧ (he/him/his)

⇀ dob
✧ aries
⇀ age
⇀ sexuality

⇀ appearance
✧ ken's hair is a soft dirty blond, it's often a mess but he sometimes comes it back and attempts to style it himself
✧ his eyes are a light blue with a few flecks of brown
✧ being on the baseball and archery team, ken's body is extremely toned, his arms are particularly strong and he has visible abs and pecs
✧ he is 6ft and 200lbs
✧ ken has no piercings or tattoos
✧ there is one obvious scar up his right forearm where he fell onto an arrow when he was 12 years old
✧ ken has no mental health issues, but is lactose intolerant

⇀ personality
extroverted ✧ loyal ✧ aggressive ✧ brave ✧ sharp-tongued ✧ emotional ✧ lonely ✧ reckless ✧
⇀likes ✧ archery ✧ the outdoors ✧ early mornings ✧ cold drinks ✧ swimming ✧ long movies ✧
⇀ dislikes ✧ being told what to do ✧ hot drinks ✧ bugs ✧ apples ✧ staying up too late ✧ winter ✧
⇀ fears ✧ being alone ✧ being disliked ✧ growing old ✧

⇀ friends and relationships
✧ connie hamilton - half brother
✧ rose hamilton - mother
✧ neil hamilton - father

✧ nathan bancroft - alleged best friend / teammate
✧ blair yost - friendly friend-of-a-friend
✧ amelia lee - friendly friend-of-a-friend

⇀ other
✧ ken works at the local summer camp during his summers, his camp name is arrow and it's his first job
✧ he's a vegetarian
✧ ken isn't out of the closet as bisexual, but some of his closer friends know
✧ ken trusts people too easily, gets him hurt a lot
✧ feeds into toxic masculinity
✧ used to want to be a dancer when he was little
✧ thinks he's all grown up

motherfuckin' starboy