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    • Estelle Fenix and Marcus Wiseman are two rookie Guilders based in Clockwork Town. Their job brings them into meeting various characters and embarking on adventures that will take them across the kingdom and to explore the world. There will be laughter, tears, life, death, romance, heartache, adversity, tribulations, conspiracies and a whole load of monster ass-kicking. This is a Legend of Heroes. This is Tales of the World.

      The World and its lore is open for everyone to contribute and add to. Do you have an idea for a town, or a race, or a country or whatever? Then feel free to add it! This is a joint collaborative world building effort. If you have an idea then honestly, go for it, and be mindful of what others have contributed before. Don’t be afraid to build on, or have others build on your ideas. These are just a few pointers I’ve come up with that’ll start as a good basis.

    • The Artar Kingdom: This is where Clockwork Town is based and where the story begins. The Kingdom is made up of numerous countries and is currently in the midst of wars with bordering countries, and has been so for the last two years. The Artar Kingdom has a royal family but their power has been diminished during the wartime. For the issues and problems that affect the home kingdom, members of the Guild are called to solve them.

      Religion: The main religion of the Artar Kingdom is the belief that seven deities created the world, two for the sea, two for the sky, two for the land and one for mankind. Towns often worship at least one of, if not more of the older Gods. There are also minor gods belonging to each of these pantheons whom are worshipped by believers, such as a God of Art, Dance, Love etc within the God of Man religion, or other revered, mythological beasts within the sea, sky and land religions.

      The Gods revealed so far:
      The God of Man:
      -One of the God of Men’s lesser Gods’ pantheon: God of Art: Aislin
      (One of) The God of Land: Uru
      -One of the God of Land's lesser God's pantheon: God of Weir: Damu
      (One of) The God of Air: Vayu

    • The Guild is an organisation set up across the kingdom that helps resolve any issues and problems that a client may have they desire to be completed. These tasks can range from menial to the extreme, anything from searching for lost cats, to bodyguarding, security, escort jobs, building work, craftsmen, negotiation, rescue operations and monster slaying can be included. Guilders are all ranked from Ranks A to H, A being the highest, and H the lowest. Ranks are given to identify the Guilder’s level of ability and also showcase the difficulty of the mission, the higher the mission, the higher the rank. A Guilder can only accept a mission of which they are equal or higher in rank to, otherwise for their safety they are prevented from doing so. The only way in which a lower ranked Guilder can participate on a high ranked mission is if they join the party of a Guilder who is of a high enough rank. The responsibility for that mission and the lower ranked guilders’ safety then falls on that Party Leader.

      Guilders can increase their Rank depending on the success of their mission, which is determined by a number of factors, including speed, communication, responsibility and safety. Guilders can rank up to Rank C comfortably by being successful and specialising in a certain area, such as monster slaying, however Guilders can only reach Rank B and A by being successful in all possible aspects. A powerful fighter but a poor negotiator will never reach the higher ranks. Guilds will fall under the jurisdiction of one (or two) A Rank Guilders, whom are typically (depending on the circumstances) absent on a mission. And in light of their absence, a Rank C Guilder will always serve as the Guild’s secretary, fulfilling clerical duties and the like.

      Every Guilder has a magickal ID, which is a simple card that displays their photo, name and rank. The card internally keeps a log of the number of points and mission records that the Guilder has been on, which means a Guilder can complete a mission at any Guild branch throughout the kingdom and have their rank and point automatically adjusted precisely.

      Killing is not permitted. The Guild is not the Law. Anyone who does this, whether on purpose or accident will face severe consequences. Except for monsters, they’re generally fair game. But thieves, bandits etc, you can expect your character to be punished. :P

      Age limit to join the Guild is 18. Characters who are younger are not permitted, although there can be exceptions, depending on the individual. But it is generally regarded as too dangerous for young people.

      NOTE:- The end goal of this rp is not for everyone to reach Rank A. Some characters, such as Estelle, might desire to reach that rank to achieve her goal, others might not, such as Marcus. There is an overarching story in mind which will be revealed later. Ranks are merely to help show progression amongst the characters and show how they grow more powerful, in lieu of a levelling system.

      However, any characters whose ranks will increase (or decrease) will be decided by myself not based so much on how successful a character completes a mission, but how well written a person’s posts are and their level of interaction with other characters. I want to hopefully curbstomp people from writing marysue characters who end up accomplishing missions with little problem just so their characters can rank up. That won’t be the case at all. I’m more interested in seeing grounded characters who are not always successful and can and do lose, or have difficulty in completing their missions, if not outright failing it. That is far more interesting to me and good drama. Characters who are able to run around and complete anything and everything without a problem is boring, lol. Not to say that characters should always fail, but what I want are characters who are balanced.

      All characters within this rp will be starting off at Rank H.

      Hopefully all of that makes seeeense.

    • This is primarily a character driven, world exploration story. However there will also be elements of combat as well. Most rps with combat tend to use combat systems such as randomly generated dice systems to determine attacks and what have you. Tales does not have this, but it does have a combat system of its own.

      It’s called common sense.

      Don’t godmod. Characters will start off fairly simple but they will grow more powerful later on. Don’t be afraid to have your characters lose. There will be a large party, so rely on others. I don’t want anyone to waltz through killing anything and everything without any problems. Same with stamina. They shouldn’t be able to run around and do anything and everything without the occasional rest. No endless casting of magic either. Be sensible.

    • Any weapons and types of magic are generally available, but remember to keep them basic to begin with and try to go for diversity amongst characters. Everyone having swords is lame. I don’t mind a few characters having swords, especially if they’re different types, but there’s all sorts of wild and pointy weapons out there to choose from, and diversity is always nice. Guns are allowed but they are not the typical overpowered weapon they are in real life. In Tales, like most jrpgs, they have the benefit of range but they are weak powered and do little more than often stun. Guilders are prevented from having access to the normal type of pewpew bullets that kill, only being afforded the type of magical ones that can stun and do weak damage. Empire soldiers might carry them for war sake, but I’m undecided on whether or not to outright ban that and just go for magical types for the sake of balance... something to think of but it shouldn’t crop up for a while anyway.

      Mages tend to specialise in one type of magic and have another as a secondary that they’re lesser skilled in. For example, Marcus is a wind mage, with ice as a weaker secondary. You’re allowed to make an Ice mage if you want, but again let’s go for some diversity. No mage should be a master of every element. All magic is generally available but again keep it basic to begin with. There is NO resurrection magic available to mages however. Characters can be ‘revived’ from being unconscious but once a character is dead, they are pushing up daisies.

    • The usual apply. No godmodding, no powerplaying, that type of thing. Posting frequency is ideally aimed at daily with exceptions given for exams, illness, holidays and micellaneous absences. Posts should be at least 150 words, I don’t want any one liners. There is no ceiling for post size other than to be sensible and don’t go off writing essays, for some players that’s daunting and an advanced level.

      This is a high-casual rp, which means I expect good posting quality. That means good punctuation and good spelling. I don’t expect it to be perfect, no one is, not even me despite how much I might like to think it, but if I can’t read and understand it easily straight away then this is not the rp for you, I’m afraid.

      I also want contributive posters who are able to go out of their way to interact with other players as well as create setups for everyone else. It’s debilitating to me as well if I have to introduce every situation and just have players react to that. It helps inspire me if players are able to offer that as well. Not everyone might be comfortable with that but it’s ok. Have a little courage and don’t be scared to, I won’t bite. Much. :3 The more involved you are the more you’ll get out of it. (Remember those Ranks? Yeah ;D)

      I’d also like communicative posters. That’s not to say people should be talking all the time but the more open you are to talking, the better. Lack of communication kills an rp. Please feel free to mention and compliment people on posts that are good. Don’t be afraid to mention something that is worrying you about the story, or asking questions for help. Don’t be afraid to give, or take advice. Everyone can improve. But remember first and foremost that this is for FUN. Everybody’s fun. The OOC is open for people to talk about absolutely whatever the hell they want, whatever’s on their mind etc. You got a joke or a funny gif? Post it. The cool kids will respond.

      Also on the subject of communication, if you’re going to be busy then please, please let everyone know and announce it. Nobody likes it when people go off and you’re given no explanation whatsoever. Whilst I said a post a day minimum, I’d ideally like people to be able to respond in the OOC if someone asks a question if they’re waiting for a reply from your character, or something. Activity and information on what’s going on helps people remain interested. I know there are some people who become busy and there’s nothing that can be done to stop that, real life trumps rping. But be nice and tell everyone that, whether it be due to exams, holiday, work, etc. I know of one person whose got midterm exams for the next two weeks, I wouldn’t be surprised if others do too. Good luck to everyone who has.

      I’m looking for 6 to 7 other players. Depending on the level of interest this gets, players will be chosen based on the strength of their character sheets and rping skill. I’ll be willing to make exceptions if we have more players who are interested who are decent. This is less of a ‘first come, first in basis’ and more of a ‘trying to get the best I can’ approach.

    • I want to keep this kinda brief. Anything that’s relevant to your character should be written in the IC somewhere too. Same for the CS, I don’t need to know about your character’s 6th birthday. Follow my lead and let’s keep it mostly simple. This will be able to show people what type of characters/weapons/magic users we’ve got. (My characters look different inbetween their description and the pictures because I could find an exact matching picture but whatever, these are good enough)

      The CS layout is:

      Personality & Backstory:
      Favourite JRPGS?:
      Theme Song:
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  3. The Media of The Legend of Heroes

    • The Soundtrack
      Chapter 1 & 2
      Chapter 3
      Chapter 4

      Character Playlists/Themes
      Estelle | Marcus | Don
      Trixie | Amy
      Selan | Lisette
      Moira | Syed
      Trent | Josette | Marise

    • [​IMG]

      Art (open)

      The Tales of the World logo by Kathi


      Progress shots:


      Syed Dyjani statue by Buns


      Estelle Fenix design pictures by Pach


      Lisette and Kapi by Pach


      True Love:

      Unf by Buns


      Aria chibi by Kathi


      Happy Valentines from Aria by Kathi


      Happy Birthday, Rex!! by Kathi


      Kapi all grown up by Kathi


      Lucien and his bear by Kathi


      Don's sparkling gambling by Kathi


      Chirps by Kathi


      Bear bros by Kathi


      Lute and the blobfish by Kei


    • Screenshots (open)

















    • Examples:
      Atomic F-Bomb: When you hear it, it's most likely from Moira.
      The Gambling Addict: Trixie, surprisingly. Selan and Lucien had to physically remove her from the slot machine.
      Light Feminine and Dark Feminine: Played with; Selan is the Light to Amy's Dark, but ironically Amy is attuned to the element of light.
      Mad Libs Catch Phrase: "Oh my [typically a dairy product]!"
      Sacrificed Basic Skill for Awesome Training: While Don is capable of some rather amazing feats of strength, he lacks the ability to read.​

    • Screenshots of Tae's handiwork (open)


    • Birthdays

      Feb 2nd 2013: RP Birthday

      Feb 10th: Rex's birthday
      May 17th: Kathi's birthday
      May 21st: Pach's birthday
      June 9th: Tae's birthday
      June 21st: Bun's birthday
      July 21st: Danni's birthday
      Oct 15th: Fox's birthday
      Nov 26th: Kei's birthday​

    • Inspiration for the RP​

      The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

      One Piece
  4. List of Chapters

    Part 1: Tales of the World

    Chapter 1: Tabul Trouble
    Chapter 2: "We are the Pride"
    Chapter 3: Outset to Adventure
    Chapter 4: Finding Fortune
    Chapter 5: The Cursed Woods
    Chapter 6: Moving On
    Chapter 7: The Longest Night
    Chapter 8: New Dawn Rising
    Chapter 9: Welcome to Paradise City
    Chapter 10: Down the Rabbit Hole
    Chapter 11: True Colors
    Chapter 12: Opheliac
    Chapter 13: Newton's Law
    Chapter 14: Songbird
    Chapter 15: For When the Curtain Falls
    Chapter 16: Home
    Chapter 17: The Grand Festival
    Chapter 18: Coronation Conspiracy
    Chapter 19: United We Stand
    Chapter 20: Divided We Fall

    Part 2: Trials by the Light

    Chapter 21: New Beginnings
    Chapter 22: Learning the Ropes
    Chapter 23: Grave Matters
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  6. Okay then! Finally! We're here! The ooc for Part 2 of the Legend of Heroes! Trials by the Light! Is everybody excited?! You sure as balls better be! OR ELSE!

    Most of the ooc's basic layout and rules and story world etc are a direct copy paste of that from Part 1 because I'm too lazy to put much effort into fixing it right now. BE QUIET TAE. I KNOW YOU'RE SNICKERING. *throws chalk across the classroom*


    The Pride are gone. Lost. Fallen. Their whereabouts and fate in the aftermath of the Fall of Grandium unknown.

    Two Years later, halfway around the world, a new legend is about to begin...

    ...and as far as opening setting information is concerned, that's all that's really necessary for the time being (since the IC will extrapolate it a lot better)!


    Some general rules and updatesie info for char creation:

    • For now only one character per person for the time being, although this is open to expanding later on.​
    • Character must be (preferably) completely new and not have appeared in Part 1. No relationships to Part 1 characters, either. This rp's story IS a continuation, but I also want it to feel fresh and for its characters to be independant of those in Part 1. The world's a big place, y'know? Worry not though; all the mysteries and questions you have with regards to those posed by the end of Part 1 will be answered in due course...​
    • No prior friendships or any other established relationships between applying characters to have been formed before the beginning of Part 2 (I really want to have the relationships between the characters grow organically and avoid over collaboration between particular players at the expense of others, this is a group rp and so should be inclusive of everyone).​
    • Magic and ability wise, proposed characters are allowed to repeat the more basic classes that were utilised in Part 1 (such as Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Lightning) disciplines, however the more unique classes such as Illusionist, Beast Summoning, Matter Artist, Metallurgist, Electromagnetism et al are off limits. At the same time, any other unique powers that people want to try are more then welcome but are still dependant on my feedback and approval. If anybody has any queries or questions as to what kind of magic or ability might be allowed, then by all means ask! And also characters do not neccessarily need to even have a magic or power proficiency whatsoever either, all types of physical disciplines are more then welcome.​
    • If choosing to make your character a Guilder, their rank must be between H and G. Conversely, a character does not need to start off in the RP as a Guilder. In some respects I'd actually prefer for people to make their character not be a Guilder at the outset of Part 2, but still have the basic personality tenets required of a Guilder.​
    • Don't be afraid to go out of your usual comfort zone with regards to your created character. S'more fun that way. c;​
    • Let's try and get a good balance of male and female characters!​
    • Part 2 will focus upon the cast of the rp travelling across the world and encountering new countries, cultures and the like - players are more then encouraged to help me brainstorm and flesh these out, like we had with Ritona, Beruvia and Selan's hometown. Don't be shy! A good starting point to think of ideas is as analogues to that of real world countries but with our patented Tales fantasy twist. c;​
    • No character is accepted into the RP until it meets my approval. Do not be afraid or disheartened if through my feedback a character is rejected or needs tweaking. Tis the nature of the beast, and this rp is indeed quite the beast.​
    • Posting requirement is 5 posts a week, 1 post a day maximum. That keeps the rp going at a good pace without overburdening and stressing everyone out by allowing y'all a break every now and then.​
    • Posts should be more then 150 words at a minimum but also not excessively long. Y'all know the general drill with this - write depending on what the scene requires but don't get out of hand since we all need to read it, especially since you should by default have only one character! (Pach is exempt cus he's a greedy GM bitch)​
    • For our new players - when the IC starts, please call in the OOC when you're about to write an IC post so we don't have posters clashing with one another, and show respect to those that have called as well. Try to post within a one hour time frame of your call so as to not hold the rp up too! Like anything this is all flexible but still a good guideline.​
    • No lethality generated by characters whatsoever.
    • I'm sure I've forgotten a ton of shit so feel free to ask questions and mention reminders and all that wonderful jazz. And remember that all of the above is open to change and updating if needs be and I've screwed things up.​
    • Oh and don't forget to swear fealty to your king Pach.​
    Character Sheet Template:
    Appearance: (animu piccu pls)
    Name: (make this pronounceable lol)
    H/G, if applicable
    Personality & Background:
    Favourite JRPGS?:
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  7. "The pen is mightier then the sword! ...I think?"


    Appearance (open)

    Name: Milia Vanstein
    Age: 18
    Class: Aspiring Writer (Cleric)
    Rank: Not yet applicable
    Weapon: Quill

    Personality and Backstory: Orphaned at a young age, Milia was taken in and raised by the nuns of her town's local convent which followed the faith of Austeria - the worshipping of all seven of the Great Gods and their respective pantheons. Whereas some of the world's religions might focus their specific worship to only one or two of the world's creating figures, the faith of Austeria gave equal worship to all.

    As a young girl growing up Milia was always fascinated by the books she was given to read; not only of religious texts but the works of philosophers and the chronicles of adventurers whom travelled about the world. Reading these gave Milia a great sense of wonder and awe, as well as the desire to write her own novel. But to do so would mean to go out and explore the world, something that had been frowned upon by the sisters of the convent until Milia became old enough and learned of her teachings. Milia couldn't wait that long however, and so it was after finally summoning up the courage to step free of the confines of her upbringing that she fled to begin the pursuit of her dream, little realising just how difficult and fraught with danger that would be.

    Having lived a very sheltered life and mostly read about things rather then having personally experienced them, Milia can be quite ignorant and naive of matters in life, but even despite it Milia tries to maintain an upbeat and optimistic view, constantly full of wonder and awe at every new thing she gets to witness and experience. When it comes towards interacting with people she can often be exceptionally gullible to a fault, although will always no matter what seek to help those whom are injured with her clerical healing skills. She is also exceptionally clumsy, being frequently prone towards falling over. Despite some of the difficulties she's encountering in her new adventures, she ever tries to remain living her life with a smile, excited to see what the future might bring her.

    Abilities: Using her trusty quill as a focus to concentrate and channel her magic through, Milia is a cleric (albeit still in training), and is thus able to with some small degree of success wield light and healing magic. Her proficiency hasn't developed quite so much yet, however her magic allows her to heal hers and other exhaustion and fatigue to a level, alongside heal some small cuts and bruises and minute forms of poison. She can also currently wield her light magic to project a light within darkness and generate a weak barrier.


    "There's nothing like the feeling of slamming a long silver bullet into a well greased chamber."


    Appearance (open)

    Name: Flynn Ortego
    Age: 30
    Class: Wandering Vagabond (Gunslinger)
    Rank: Not yet applicable
    Weapon: Dual revolvers

    Personality and Backstory: Charming and charismatic to all whom he meets, Flynn exudes an aura of calm and relaxed energy that makes him very easy to like and for others to want to get to know. An outwardly very easygoing, jovial young man, charmer to the ladies and appreciator of the whiskey, Flynn is able to get along with almost anybody he meets very quickly, drinking with, swapping old stories and telling one another jokes as if they had both been the best friends for years. But yet despite all this there is still an uneasy sense of distance between himself and those he talks to, as though there is a wall inbetween that is not so easily broken down.

    A great traveller of the world, Flynn has both seen and experienced much in his short life already, from both its very best to its most horrible worst. A surprisingly altruistic man, Flynn holds a soft spot towards the vulnerable and needy, offering himself in any way possible that he can to help, whether it be from offering valuable advice he's picked up through a myriad of jobs he's had (most of which is, admittedly impractical, and the truth about whether or not he's had all these jobs before is disputable but... the thought is still there?) to the more physical application of his abilities, both mental and physical.

    Abilities: Flynn's an expert marksman and wielder of two sixgun shooters, primed with nonlethal (but still hard hitting) ammunition. According to Flynn he could the asshole of a boatfly from 30 yards away with his eyes blindfolded... or something. Whether or not his aim is actually that good though will have to be seen.

    On top of the nonlethal ammunition he carries, Flynn wears a bullet of the much more lethal variety tied to a chain he wears around his neck. Just what the significance of this could be is yet to be revealed...


    Character 3
    Theme: Ready to Go

    Character 4
    Theme: Underclass Hero
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  8. IC prologue has started!

    Hit me up with your character sheets and then when we've got things accepted within a few days we'll get this train started!
  9. ^^


    Name: Naomi Kaiya Veritas
    Age: Appears in her mid twenties.
    Class: Mage

    Naomi doesn't appear to use any type of weapon, however in some cases she will use hand to hand combat. It is unknown what form of combat she's performing during battle, however when engaging with her hands she appears to use her fingers to apply precise strikes to pressure points. She defines her attacks as 'finger punches', using a staggering display of speed to deliver a flurry of quick blows that may reduce her opponent to an incapacitated state, or in more severe cases, a state of critical internal physical trauma.

    Personality and Backstory:

    Naomi is fairly calm and gentle by nature. She likes to maintain a composed and relaxed sense of self and portrays this in the way she'll speak and act in situations. She enjoys having deep conversations, especially about philosophy or topics which provoke deeper thinking. She also carries an appreciation for art in all forms and enjoys beautiful scenery. Naomi can often prove herself useful in crisis situations, her mind remaining calm and putting her efforts into solving a problem rather than focusing on the problem itself. That isn't to say she doesn't know fear, Naomi can become fearful and even intimidated if she's presented with a situation she isn't sure she can win. This will usually result in her faltering in how she presents herself which will be when she looks for friends and those close to her for support. Despite her young appearance, Naomi appears to be wise, often reciting words of wisdom or thought provoking sentences in order to aid the minds of her friends. Some could say she is a little mysterious in some ways, although she makes no attempts to hide herself from those who seek answers from her. Lastly to note is Naomi's temper, while hard to provoke she does have the capacity and will usually lecture or scold the individual who has made her upset. Of course that's providing it's an obvious fault on their part. If it's a difference of opinion she might simply walk away to calm herself down if it becomes heated.


    ~"Perhaps some day I'll tell you more, but for now... let's just say all is not how it may seem"~

    Naomi will usually dismiss or refuse to answer questions about her history. It is unclear and unknown why this is, however there seems to be far more about her than what you're getting at face value. It's up to you to decide whether that's a good thing... or a bad thing.


    Naomi has complete control over the element of water, enabling her to perform a diversely broad range of attacks. She may also change the innate temperature through friction within the water to freeze or heat water, adding to the many different ways she'll utilize it within her environment. An example could be summoning a wet fog, another could be building water pressure to unleash a powerful jet column of water. She might even freeze water for offensive and defensive purposes. Her choice in attacks will often depend on her environment.

    Despite her adept use of the element, naturally hot areas such as deserts appear to be her great weakness and those using fire and pyrokenisis will make her natural enemy, as it is her countering element the same as her element is a counter to fire.

    Favourite JRPGS: Final Fantasy.


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  10. Heeeey - should we post our sheet concepts here directly, or do you want us to PM them to you for approval first???

    OH AND NEW BLOOD! HI!!! Welcome to the madhouse!
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  11. What a kickass start to the second part (lol) of this wonderful IP. I’m so excited to be here again, Pach - thank you for the invitation. :)

    Sorry I’ve been gone for so long, folks. I needed some time to reflect on myself and the way I presented myself online/to you all, the way I treated the RP and its players, etc. etc. I also just finished my finals yesterday and, assuming I passed everything lol, just graduated. So now the stress of schoolwork is gone, at least. I’ve been a huge brat before my departure and have done a few “…really?” things… but I hope I’ve improved beyond that both as a person and as a writer now, and I hope I’m still welcome here. :)

    As long as the mandatory frequency of posts doesn’t pass 5x/wk, I should have no problem keeping up! I am in the middle of transferring to a new apartment (won’t get the keys til next week) and have taken up a temporary third job in the meantime, but lol I’ve got so much more free time to keep up with the RP now. I’ll be sure to alert everyone well in advance of any shortcomings or busy periods, but will keep up as best as I can.

    (idk why Iwaku insists on splitting this into two spoilers but w/e lol)

    Shiloh Reiss
    19 / M / Shadow Mage

    Naive. Sickly. Protective. Practical. Collected. Morally conflicted, but wants to do what’s right. Values promises above all. On the search.

    Character Sheet (open)
    Character Sheet (open)

    Name: Shiloh Reiss (pro. shai-loh)
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Rank: n/a
    Class: Stranger (Shadow Mage)

    Appearance: A pale, lanky young man with lavender-blonde hair, soft brown eyes, and violet robes. Relatively short (5’7”). Shiloh almost always wears his hood while outside, rain or shine, though will typically not wear it indoors. He wears a small locket around his neck and clenches it when nervous.

    He is also very prone to illness and will often be seen coughing (or sneezing in the cold), but brushes it off surprisingly well otherwise.

    Weapon/Ability: Shadow Hands


    Shiloh can currently summon two hands maximum from his own shadow. When summoned, these shadows travel on a flat surface, arms slithering like snakes to reach the destination. Then they emerge from the ground or wall, manifesting and solidifying into a disembodied hand (and arm, rooted to the ground/wall, and ultimately back to Shiloh). NOTE: These hands don’t fight the shadows of their opponents – they fight the opponents themselves. They originate & physically emerge from shadows.

    He can currently summon two small hands (each half his height) or one big hand (his height). His strength will increase as he improves overtime. When his hands take damage, he takes proportional mental damage. His hands exerting pressure on something, e.g. lifting/throwing heavy objects or trying to hold something heavy from falling, also puts pressure/a strain on his mentality as well.

    To summon them big enough for battle, Shiloh must submerge his body in the shade, so typically a building, tree, or something he can crouch behind. (Stepping out from the shade causes his shadow hands to wither.) He doesn’t lose himself in a trance, so he can still watch the battle, call out to his allies, etc. However, if he has to break his stance (e.g. to physically move; to defend himself from someone attacking him), his shadow hands will die out. He does not move during his casting.

    Without shade, Shiloh can only summon one weak hand (half his size), which he typically uses to carry things or to play harmless tricks on comrades. It cannot fight. He used to do it alone in public until he realized he was getting stared at everywhere he went, so he avoids doing it in crowded places now lol.

    > "Hah. I try to play hero sometimes. But I am not best."
    > "Chick... magnet? But I see no magnet. ...and I see no chick. ????"
    > "Ah, no, thank you. Last time I had alcohol... not so pleasant."

    Shiloh is a relatively calm and collected individual, though easily embarrassed. He is naïve to how the world works around him; oftentimes he’ll be confused about some societal customs. He does not understand metaphors, i.e. he takes everything literally/at face value. His English is also underdeveloped.

    A man of skewed moral integrity, Shiloh values promises to the death, and always believes the ends justify the means.* He tries to see the good in people, but he can’t help his skepticism/judgments. His naïveté also doesn’t help that he tends to judge things to the extreme, usually on accident. For example: if X “attacks” Y because of a prank, Shiloh would perceive X as a traitor and try to stop them/interfere, so someone has to calm him down. Of course, he recognizes patterns over time, so he won’t react so extremely to seeing repeat “weird” actions.

    (If he gets into an argument over his Machiavellian stance, he’ll usually relent because he dislikes conflict – but his opinion likely will not change.)

    Shiloh’s a sweetheart though, and he helps whenever he can. If he was in a bus that broke down, he’d be the first to offer to push it – even though he’s too weak. If a teammate had a cape, he would carry it to prevent it from gathering dust. If someone were to accidentally catch on fire, he would arrive at the scene with a bucket of water and dump it on them. …even after it’s already put out.

    He is super protective over his locket, which he considers his good luck charm. …even though there’s nothing in it.

    * I would love to see some development with how he tackles this mindset over time though. ^^ As one part for how this character develops throughout the course of this RP.

    Shiloh grew up in Vandrell and only recently departed from the town, for two reasons: to develop his strength, and to reunite with someone he is searching for. If asked about what Vandrell or his childhood were like, he would simply say he didn’t talk to anyone outside of his "Family." He would use that excuse for why he doesn’t understand some people’s behavior as well.

    He refuses to go into any further detail about his past.

    Theme Song(s): Plague of Angels / Heartmender (Sim Gretina Remix) / Vapor

    Music Playlist: “Promise Me”shit’s as old as 2013, holy crap
    Since I firmly believe that you can learn a LOT about the atmosphere a character exudes by listening to their music. :D

    • He has a thing against people harboring animals as slaves, or so-called “pets,” though he doesn’t tell people this. If he meets someone with an animal companion, he’ll be iffy towards that person initially, but he’ll warm up to them eventually if they're kind-hearted.
    • Shiloh shares the same name as Wonderboy, a comic book hero. He blames his geeky parents.
    • He is exceptionally gifted with the piano.

    Favourite JRPGS?: Disgaea 4 & Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth.

    Hi everybody :D
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  12. Thank you! ^^

    I'm really excited to get started with this. I've now realized I don't have a character theme... so that's the next hour of mine booked up xD
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  13. Hahaha don't feel bad. I never come up with character themes lol. Pach still hasn't kicked me out though. XD

    REX! You're back! *superhugs*


    Name: Rehna Stirling
    Age: 19
    Rank: Not Guilded.
    Class: TBD
    Weapon: Tech and fists.

    Personality and History: Rehna is an incredibly spirited girl, full of energy and spunk. She can be obnoxious in her cheer and her verve, pulling all those around her into mad schemes and experiments. Rehna is naturally inquisitive, and her first reaction to finding something new is to take it apart and figure out how it works (both literally and figuratively). As an inventor, she’s constantly fiddling with some creation or another, and looking for any opportunity to test her inventions. Unfortunately, she doesn’t always stop to consider things like safety. That said, she is used to her creations backfiring in her face, and thus is very quick to bounce back from any setback.

    She grew up in on the streets of Kostea, a large city, always running about and getting into scrapes. A bright young girl, she first began to get into inventing when she nicked a pocket watch from a young gentleman and took it apart. Consumed by a thirst to understand how things worked - and how to make them better - she continued to learn everything she could, relying on libraries and scraps. Eventually, she was discovered by a scientist, and was brought on to be his young apprentice.

    Abilities: Armed with her bag full of parts and tools, she’s a skilled scavenger who can piece together inventions with a crazy flair. From guns to traps to a pair of modified brass gauntlets that hide many tricks, Rehna fights like she creates, using the scraps around her to in an unpredictable but adaptive style. She’s rough and tumble, brawling with the best of them, but always uses her tech to give her an upper edge.

    Favorite JRPGs: Fire Emblem
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  14. Found my theme!

    It wont mean much to anyone yet. But the words relate well. I think only Pach will get it currently.
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  15. Hi Winter, I'm Rex :D Love the character & theme song!

    Glad to be back, Danni! <3 So stoked to see Rehna in action!
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  16. Nice to meet you, and thank you! ^^

    I think I've seen you around, I recall your name I'm sure of it.
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  17. Awww thanks Rex!

    Both Naomi and Shiloh look great! I can't wait to see how Rehna interacts with them. And a mysterious past? Color me intrigued.
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  18. [​IMG]

    I'm pleased to see everyone give Winter a warm welcome so far! :D We haven't been talking too long but I can indeed vouch that she is awesome! :D And welcome back Rexsies! Like I've said before - NOBODY LEAVES UNLESS I WILL IT


    I think all of you guys know that you're pretty safe with regards to your characters' acceptance since you guys couldn't be patient for the ooc to start and ran me by these character concepts already smh ;D

    Beautiful theme song as well btw, Winter. Definitely suits Naomi nicely. :) As does Shiloh's many songs too! A theme song's not essential, but I do like to have a character have one. Like Rex said, it can help inspire about a character pretty well! Or at least if you're musically minded like me, lol. We'll think of one for Rehna soon, Danni!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what Tae, Kathi, Aki, Kei and ?! brings us! I also hope everyone here has a wonderful weekend! :D
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  19. Yeah, I totally get why theme songs matter - and sometimes I do have theme songs for characters! I just have a really hard time finding them lol. Especially for bubbly happy characters. Darker one I can find theme songs for easy. Guess that tells you a bit about my music taste haha.

    Also Pach, am I still down for that companion character we were discussing? I haven't done a sheet for it yet, but I'll work on it today or tomorrow!
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