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  1. Foreword:
    This RP will be a great work, with several chapters and spanning a long period of time. While I am not going to demand a high posting rate, I will ask for dedication. In exchange, I promise you a gripping and thoroughly interesting story and as many fantastic plot twists as you desire (but a small enough number that they're still good :P). I do not want to enforce post quality rules, and you can rest assured that no one is going to criticise you if you're not writing 3 or 4 paragraphs. Hell, a lot of the time I only do 1 myself!

    The OOC is now created.
    OPEN SIGNUPS - The Exterminators
    Now then, without further ado, let me explain the setting!

    The Setting:

    Earth is filled with things known as "Aberrations". These are anything that differs from the norm - Aegen, Yougen and much more. Residents of the normal world (besides a select few), are incapable of seeing or experiencing aberrations and instead simply have to deal with the side effects. These side effects tend to be explained as natural disasters, to prevent suspicion. Some become conspiracy theories, but little more.

    Aegen are the most common Aberrations. These are physical manifestations of human emotion, either positive or negative, although they are all unpredictable and thus potentially dangerous. They tend to be quite weak, and the strongest in recorded history was still an easy job for a Rank 2 Exterminator. Unfortunately, they are incredibly frequent - they outnumber humans 5 to 1, although most are so weak they can barely scratch people.

    Yougen are more problematic. These are their own entities and originally thought to have been born from a specific desire to do unbelievable harm (on the scale of genocides). Unlike Aegen, Yougen can be as intelligent, or more intelligent than humans and are capable of reproducing. Many Yougen are the descendants of historic wars, and events that have become fairy tales over the ages (such as the Pied Piper of Hamelin). The weakest Yougen are still a match for Rank 2 Exterminators, and the strongest known Yougen killed three Rank 5 before disappearing unscathed.

    Half-Yougen are phenomenally rare, but arise through the breeding of a Yougen and a Human. Only 6 have been known to exist in all history. They are usually humans who possess some kind of Yougen ability. The only exception to this was Werewolf, who was primarily Yougen with some human features.

    'Touched' are humans who have gained Aegen-like abilities. Unlike Half-Yougen, Touched are not born with their abilities - instead, they receive them after birth. This happens most often through what would be a tragic death. It is rare, and it is unknown exactly how it works, but should someone die in a particularly terrible fashion, they may be able to avoid death, gaining a second chance at life with a few newfound privileges. They are much more physically capable than humans - faster, stronger and more resilient, and they have their potential unlocked - they gain what is known rather uncreatively as an "Aegis". Exactly which Aegis you receive is dependent upon how you would have died, for example, a particularly common one is Inferno, which requires you almost burn to death. Since the deaths have to be much more tragic than usual, most people that do become touched do so during infancy. Aegis abilities are initially very weak, little more than creating a few cinders, though through training they can rival legendary Yougen.

    The Exterminators:
    This is an organisation of Touched who make it their job to defeat Aegen and Yougen. The organisation has existed since the dawn of civilisation, though since the world managed to exist until that point, Touched must have been dealing with Aegen long before cultivated land. This RP will revolve around Goetia, the British branch of the Exterminators.

    Genite is a strange metallic item that can be considered the corpses of Aberrations. When an Aberration is killed, it disintegrates and becomes a piece of Genite of varying weight and purity. The heavier and purer the Genite, the more valuable it is. Genite is a very useful resource as it possesses faint Aegen abilities without the need for a Touched. As such, it can be crafted into enchanted weapons and armour, and has many applications in normal society too (sold to constructors, engineers and scientists as a natural platinum alloy). By selling Genite to dealers within the organisation, many Exterminators are able to go without need for other employment (and without paying tax, too!) The least valuable piece ever sold went for 57 pence, while the most valuable ever sold went for £320,000. The average for a moderate strength Yougen is around £150 though.

    The Plot:
    It is 1974, and for the past 80-ish years, Britain has been pretty much free of Yougen. Such a long period of only Aegen activity has seen powerful Exterminators move abroad in search of more valuable prey, while those staying home have become complacent. Numbers have diminished, as has quality, to the point where it takes several hours for the institute to defeat a pesky morsel of an Aegen that the old Goetia would have dealt with in an hour, tops. While these peaceful times were a good thing, they're soon to come to an end: recently, an infamous Yougen known as Ratten has reappeared for the first time in 230 years. Ratten is highly deceptive and very difficult to find, let alone kill, and Goetia has called in foreign allies to deal with it.

    Now, this wouldn't be so noteworthy by itself - Yougen appear and disappear all the time. The problem here though is that Ratten, who has always been murderous in previous incarnations, has not killed a single person so far. Instead, it seems to be touring museums and vaults. Is it looking for something? This is the first time a devilish Yougen has shown an interest in things other than causing panic, so the Exterminators are very concerned.

    This RP will document Chapter One of the tale of Aberrations. It shall explore the true nature of Ratten, although it serves mainly to introduce the plot. Thus, it shall be a relatively short chapter. To compensate, though, Chapter Two is going to lead directly on from Chapter one, and will not need a new signups, so it will essentially just be the same RP continued.
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  2. I'm getting a mad Ga-Rei vibe from this, I'd love to be a part of this if you'd so have me :3
  3. Huh, no idea what Ga-Rei is, but it looks interesting. I might pick it up.
  4. Ooh, I meant Ga-Rei Zero! It's a wonderful anime if you get a chance.

    I'm a sucker for anything with the hidden supernatural and those who deal with it under humanity's noses, hence the immediate comparison jump >w>
  5. You have captured my imagination and interest.
  6. You have Lilly-baby's attention...
  7. Neat. I'll work on the OOC thread after one more person... so get out there and spam everyone you know!
  8. I need something to do for long periods of time.

  9. Well then, time to start on the OOC!

    It might take a little while cos I'm on my phone so can't do formatting, so in the meantime, you can start coming up with abilities for your characters (who will be Exterminators). I'm looking for a balance of power, so I won't be accepting any ridiculously powerful characters. Exterminators only have one Aegis, so an Inferno is only going to be able to use Inferno, and will have no control over anything besides fire whatsoever.
  10. Dammit, Karakui, I was getting a vague idea for about five minutes before you said that. Can probably still make it work though, with a little bit of adjustment...

    By the by, what kind of abilities are there to choose from?
  11. Free for all! Come up with whatever you like. As long as it's not telepathic in nature, it's probably fine.
  12. *audible thinking*

    What if it's weak and impractical but Genite-related?
  13. I would have liked to make a telepath, but considering that I can't feasibly come up with any near-death experiences caused by telepathy, I'd say that rules that power out.

    Electrokinesis it is, then. :P
  14. Well, can you come up with a tragic death that involves incredibly rare minerals that can only be obtained by killing things that normal humans can't even see, let alone touch?

    If you can do that, then I'll be so impressed I'll let you do it even though Genite Manipulation would likely be problematic plot-wise, for plot-related reason (regarding chapter 3)
  15. Yes, actually. It involves a collapsing building with a certain alloy built into it.

    At least, I think that's viable.

    EDIT: Ah, if it's plot-breaking, I can come up with something else.
  16. Yeah, I don't like telepathy because it can be used to bypass huge amounts of plot. For example, imagine you're reading a detective novel except there's a psychic character so they just read everyone's mind and say "It was this guy". on page 4 before they've even found the first clue? It's especially important in this RP that there are no telepaths because there'll be a load of intertwining plots that eventually lead to the final chapter, and if telepathy is used on any of these plots, it will likely ruin every further chapter too.
  17. Collapsing buildings would grant you Earthquake manipulation, or Rock Weakness manipulation, depending on what caused the building to fall, I'm afraid. Unless the building was made entirely out of Genite, anyway, but that's impossible since the largest piece ever found was only about a foot long.
  18. Can't argue with that.

    I kind of want to make an enchanter-type character who has a valid excuse to not go into combat all that often though, so this will need some work on my part. I'll come up with something.
  19. Enchanter type could be interesting. Let me see if I can think of anything.
  20. A few ideas come to mind for me:
    • Some sort of experienced metal-user who uses their power to create jewellery and such, then pawns it off to raise money in order to buy Genite to work with and enchant their own creations
    • Someone who got almost killed by a Yougen as collateral damage somewhere in the world where they're a little more active than our present setting (though I will openly admit now that I have no idea if that's a thing or what it would entail but probably something enchantment-related)
    • A programmer who got themselves mortally wounded by coding a bug which caused the size-of-a-room computers of the '70s to overheat and cause destruction (more likely fire manipulation, but drawing on the programming aspect could give them the ability to "encode" certain properties into objects)
    • An architect who neglected on-site safety rules and thus was fatally injured by their own designs (allowing them to "design" anything they need, but require materials to make it. This is probably the stupidest thing yet)
    The level of BS is just increasing as I go along, so I'll stop here. Unless there's a better method, I'll likely stick with the first one.
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