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    ~"We all have a beginning, It's up to us to ensure we have an end"~


    In the world of Tel'nura exists four dragons, four unique individuals whom are believed to have inherited power from the four fabled dragons that were said to have existed before the cataclysm. Each dragon embodied a natural element which was bestowed upon mankind, a single individual being chosen from birth to inherent their power and maintain the balance of the world in their place. These individuals would be the embodiment of their spirits, and so carried the title of dragon along with their element so that all would know whom they were.

    The four chosen dragons were greatly respected and from birth were given access to top educations where they would practice humility and responsibility, among honing their abilities to control their element. They would often remain within temples for the majority of their upbringing, venturing out only for educational purposes or for when their powers were required to aid villages or great cities. These dragons, while powerful, were not invincible however. Once a dragon reached their old age and moved to the afterlife, a new dragon would be chosen upon birth and the cycle would begin again.

    For a long time now this has been an understood part of the world, not a focus as such but an understood part of life. However things have started to change and the world has become unsettled, for three of the four dragons have found their end.... by force. The dragon of air, fire and earth were found murdered in their temples along with the temples staff and the Emperor has ordered soldiers to the remaining temple to guard the dragon of water while he tries to figure out what has happened. What is more unsettling is that the cycles for the three lost dragons has not occurred, which has thrown many into confusion and worry.

    With the balance disturbed and questions left unanswered, demands and questioning have sparked between kingdoms and communities and much of the world has become unsafe. Because of this the Emperor has called out to all corners of the world, sending invitations to only the strong and the brave, the powerful, the reliable and of course responsible individuals whom could undertake such a task set forth by the Emperor himself. He would ask these individuals to escort the last dragon to the high mountains of Tel'anar where they would be safer, of course this was to be done in secret.

    So the general idea is that the group will be embarking upon a mission to escort the remaining dragon to the mountains where it'd be safer. Of course this is just the beginning, as I plan to have a long list of sub plots during our adventure as we travel and the plot will adapt dynamically depending on the decisions made as a group. This is actually something I want to explain in details.

    The plot adapts based on the decisions made by the group. Meaning there is no actual set course in how you confront and handle your situations. For example, if we're confronted with an obstacle, you as a group will be able to decide how we navigate this obstacle, and the journey will dynamically change and mold around that decisions, giving a more immersive and realistic feel to it.

    That isn't to say that there wont be times where situations will be placed 'on rails' so to speak, of course for certain story aspects and plans to go ahead, certain things will happen regardless of decisions made for the sake of actually unraveling more plot. But in any case I want to stress that you have a fair bit of freedom to work with within this world.
    ~~~~ Sub plots and sub quests ~~~~
    As mentioned before there will be sub plots along our way, whether we discover not all is as it seems in a village or whether we're helping that village confront an enemy. This is just a lose example of the kind of thing you might come across. Also additionally I want to express that any participants wanting to develop their own sub plot or arc, I am totally on board but of course this would need discussing with me in private so we can work out the details.
    ~~~~ Information regarding Tel'nura ~~~~
    The world of Tel'nura can only be explained as a child from oriental style cultures. Think Avatar: Legend of Aang and to some degree, One Piece. So keep that in mind when considering food culture and architectural design. HOWEVER, there will be some places within the world that differ from this, as not all cultures revolve the oriental style.

    Regarding Tel'nura's geographical details, most of the world is flush with plant life and flora, with many many towns and villages dotted between great and vast cities. You may also find lakes and rivers snaking across the lands, creating a perfect environment for animal life which has aided in keeping these towns and villages prosperous throughout the ages.

    The current capital of Tel'nura is the city called Denahria'Allar, a gargantuan city that houses the Emperor, Lectis Mura. The Denahrian military is also stationed here along with the royal guard that remain close to the Emperor at all times. The city is split into various districts such as trade and housing, others areas include military and leisure, i.e restaurants.
    ~~~~ The four Dragons ~~~~
    It is believed that long ago Four great dragons bestowed their power on mankind, shortly before the cataclysm. This took form in four children being born with exceptional ability in controlling an element. These children are taken to the temple of their element where they're raised in safety so that they may work to maintain balance once they reach their full potential.

    Dragons are only as such by title, they themselves most often go by their real names and only answer to the title of dragon formally when it's required. Although they have the potential to be powerful individuals, they're not immortal and are susceptible to harm like any other, for this reason was why the temples were created to keep them safe. Dragons do not currently hold any authority in the world of Tel'nura, although should balance come under threat, it is understood that a Dragon may seize control of a situation, which is a part of why they are kept well educated.
    ~~~~ The Dragon Temples ~~~~
    There are four dragon temples, the temple of Air, Fire, Earth and Water. Each temple resides separately from others and each temple is equipped with staff that assist the dragons, whether it's protection or for educational purposes. These temples are architecturally beautiful and are usually situated close to their element. For example the Temple of Fire resides close to a volcano, where as the Temple of Air resides within mountains.

    Usually the staff are alos trained in the use of the element, however their application of the element is different to the dragons. Dragons utilize the element as an innate ability, where as the staff most commonly summon it with magical prowess using mana. Despite having different applications to the element, the staff are able to assist the dragons in teaching them how to hone their skills and how to be more in tune with their element.
    ~~~~ Footnote ~~~~
    You might find that you have questions regarding all of the information above. But I wish to express that those questions will likely be answered as we discover the world IC and traverse it through our journey. Much of what we'll learn about the world will be fresh and new and I'd like it to be an interesting discovery, both culturally and in the experience of the world. So try not to worry.
    ~~~~ Rules ~~~~
    1) Absolutely no one liners. This is an RP looking for intermediate to adept writers. At least two paragraphs per post, though more is absolutely fine.
    2) All Iwaku rules apply.
    3) Be respectful in the OOC and to the other participants.
    4) I would like at least one post per cycle, a cycle is 'everyone having posted'. There may or may not be a posting order depending on how people feel.
    5) I have the right to add additional rules.
    6) No Godmodding or Metagaming.
    7) Have fun.
    ~~~~ Characters ~~~~
    I'm allowing a lot of freedom in regards to characters and I'm allowing applicants to develop and create their own parts of Tel'nura, whether it's a village, city or even a situation where a civil war occurred. Your character will come solely from your own creativity, however should you want to include any of the information mentioned above you're free to do so. I would stress that characters should have a lot of depth and include a rich back story. The more rich you make it the better chance it'll have of being included in the journey, whether we're visiting your home town or something transpires that involves it. Keep it in mind.

    ~~~~ Character Sheet ~~~~
    - Insert Picture- (Use anime / drawn renditions, no real life photos)
    Name: (Pretty self explanatory)
    Age: (18+)
    Gender: (Self explanatory)
    Personality: (A brief explanation on how you behave)
    History: (A few paragraphs minimum)
    Weapons / Powers / Abilities: (Select the ones that apply and delete the others)

    Skills: (What you're good at)
    Weaknesses: (What you're not good at)
    Equipment: (Bags, money, provisions etc)
    Theme song: (Have fun)

    List of banned powers / abilities

    Time manipulation.
    Absorbing other powers.
    Mind Control.

    *This list may be added too in the future*

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  3. [​IMG]

    Name: Raina Strom

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Quiet, watchful, and cautious Raina isn't exactly unfriendly but she's not a person who needs to fill the silence of a moment with words. In truth, her social skills are a little unpolished. Raina is quite liable to talk about things that may make other's uncomfortable, often bringing up fact's and observations she finds interesting that other's may find off putting. She can seem humorless at times, but this is less about seriousness than a lack of experience with people in general. Although generally serene, Raina does not have the typical soldier's inhibition that would keep her from hiding an emotion or feelings.

    Likes: Smooth stones. The sound of a river. Unexpected conversations. Wandering through new areas. Animals, particularly crows and wolves. Children. Music.

    Dislikes: Class distinctions. People who think themselves above others, for whatever reasons. Cruel people. Fire.

    History: About equal distance between the air and water dragons' temples lies the prosperous city of Ravensdale, a busy port town famous for it's beer, ship builders, and the looming forest just inland. Raina's father was a boisterous but enigmatic man, seemingly bound to the sea and the wind. In his younger life he had found much success as the captain of a merchant ship and later this success transformed into a wealthy company with several such ships under his commands. His success was so great that people whispered that Captain Strom had sold his soul to one of the old god's of the see as his fleet repeatedly showed the ability to outrun storms and bandits other ships fell victim too regularly. And in fact, this wasn't so far from the truth.

    The people of Ravensdale, you see, rarely venture deep into the forest. They may fell the tree's and build their boats from it's bounties but it would be considered terribly ill fated to venture into the forest alone or worse after dark. And yet, for unknown reasons, that's exactly what Captain Strom did the night the emperor contacted him about purchasing his fleet for the emperor's needs. The captain, now reaching middle age, didn't return for several days and when he did he was accompanied by a woman, tall in stature and severe in features. The people talked greatly as Strom was, in fact, a married man but despite this he housed the woman until she gave birth to Raina and returned to the woods.

    Always a peculiar child, Raina was never far from her father's side and indeed he was loathe to let her out of his sight. Raina's mother, you see, was a powerful witch and even as an infant Raina proved to be a lucky charm of sorts. Strom quickly found that as long as he was with the girl misfortune, it seemed, couldn't find him. Greatly loved, but also sheltered, Raina proved stronger than her delicate appearance would suggest. Despite initially trying not too, Strom adored the quiet little girl and when the tall woman, Raina's mother, returned the eve of Raina's 12th birthday Strom refused to honor the contract and instead spirited the girl off to the temple of the air dragon while setting his men on her mother.

    Stronger even than Strom had anticipated, the witch killed his men mercilessly then set a black fire on Ravensdale before setting off to the air dragon's temple to claim Raina. By the time she arrived, Strom and Raina had been at the temple only a few hours and yet the air dragon recognized her gift. When the woman arrived, Strom left to bargain with her and attempt to end the contract that forced him to give up his daughter. Alas he was cut down quickly by shadow, the air dragon, however, was not so easily swayed.

    Even Raina doesn't know the deal made between the air dragon and the witch but from that time on she trained at different times among the various dragon temples returning to the witch only once yearly at the winter's solstice during which time the witch would whisper terrifying secrets into Raina's ear which the girl never truly understood.

    Since the dragon's started being murdered, Raina has worked closely with the emperor as a spy an assasin of sorts. Although a familiar face among those close to the emperor Raina some who familiar with Raina's past have doubts about her loyalty. After all, she is the daughter of a witch who nearly destroyed a town, is trusting her really a good idea?

    Abilities: Adept in disguise, a master of illusion.
    Shape-shifting: Raina has the power to change herself, as well as inanimate objects, into other things. Most of the time, She uses this power to change her appearance just enough so that people don't recognize her. For Raina, becoming a housemaid, stable boy, or even another member of her party is relatively simple. She is able to change everything about her appearance (height, clothes, hair, sex, etc...) however, the further she strays from her real form, the more taxing holding that form is. Raina may be able to hide out as a chambermaid for several days without reverting to her real form, however a muscular male guard would likely becoming draining after two or three. Most animal shapes she can hold only a few hours with some animals being easier to hold than others (A wolf she may be able to hold for 12hrs or so, a crow less than two hours). Raina can change objects to other similar objects (she uses this mostly to change people's clothes) without too much difficulty however these will change back if she is more than a few hundred feet away from them. Raina can still control her magic if she is asleep or unconscious however, contact with certain substances, particularly silver and moonstones, weaken her.
    Hidden in plain sight: Although she doesn't actually disappear, Raina has certain abilities that make it very difficult to find her if she doesn't want to be found. That said, this becomes more difficult for her to do the closer she get's to you. You may never find her on a crowded city street, but she wouldn't be able to get close enough for a hand-to-hand attack without you seeing her. This is not very taxing for Raina.
    Lights out: Like the above listed power, Raina can also hide larger areas such as a group of horses or a campsight. This is very difficult if the attacking party are close at hand while Raina can visually hide an area (for example, making it to where an approaching party wouldn't see a campfire) she can't hide the sound of other people.
    Bow and Arrow: Made of dark wood with gold detailing, anyone can see Raina's bow is of royal make. Her arrows are likewise are distinctive, with black feathers on the tail. Although she's perfectly capable of making her own, Raina has an uncanny knack for finding her arrows after a a scuffle.
    Dagger: A similarly ornate weapon, Raina uses dagger on the rare occasions she gets caught in close-handed combat.
    Poisoned Arrows: Although she rarely uses it, Raina possess a small vial of a tincture that will cause temporary paralysis and blindness in someone she shoots. It takes several minutes for the person to be affected to the point they can't run, however, and is useless if the arrow doesn't break the skin.

    Skills: Raina is excellent, though not infallible, with a bow even at a distance. Her powers also make her adept at hiding from people, and her speed and inherit nimbleness have gotten her out of many sticky situations. Raina is good at living in the woods, is an adept hunter, and recognizes edible/medicinal plants.

    Weaknesses: Although good at a distance, Raina is fairly useless in close hand combat. She's small, less than 5'4" and very petite. Although not weak for her size, most people can overpower her if they get close. She's also not much good with a sword, though she's been practicing. The fact that Raina's most useful power's drain her is also problematic. She may transform into a lion to help fight off a group of bandits, but afterward she may be incapacitated. Silver and moonstones will incapacitate her.

    Equipment: Small backpack with basic supplies, weapons mentioned above, bedroll, some money.

    Theme song: (Have fun)
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  5. Basically making a "Battle-Mage" someone adept in fighting with weapon and magic, just letting others know so we don't have a flood of mages, or a flood of fighters. Idk.
  6. I don't know why, but now I feel like making a person possessed by a legion that give him magic and fighting power and naming him 'The Flood'.

  7. Name: Wilhelm Shadow (Wil or Shadow)
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Wil is actually a rather bright and outgoing person. He is very sensible and kind to most people. A lot of people get the initial impression he will be dark or brooding, because he both wears a mask quite often and manipulates darkness. He does have a dark side, but he has a very strong patience and rarely ever lets it show. He's very open to try new things and understand new ideas. Although, understanding ideas doesn't always mean accepting them. He often might just let things slide, but that's merely because he doesn't feel that battle is worth it. When the time does come that he stands up for himself or others he can be rather intimidating.
    Likes: Masks, Mirrors, Baths, Sports/Games, Animals, The Moon and Unique powers or abilities.
    Dislikes: Drama, Monologues, Gluttony and Hypocrisy.
    History: Wil was born to a very poor set of people. They were homeless themselves and he really was an accident. It was amazing that he was even born. Unable to care for him and barely caring about him in the first place, they sold him as a baby to a dark order of monks. The temple and order was rather infamous amongst the underworld. They always had a very negative aura about them and it was said they could manipulate darkness. Well both of these were true.

    Wil was raised and trained by these enigmas. He was taught how to manipulate his shadow and was told that someday if his thoughts became dark and brooding enough then he would even be able to manipulate darkness. As it stood only a few of the Archons could actually manipulate darkness. The highest most mysterious among them was seen as a veritable god to the order. Darky McBroodbrood had a dark aura that could choke you out by standing next to him. Looking back now he realizes what a ridiculous name that is, but while he had no outside influence, Darky's ability and status was like an idol to be sought after. For years Wil tried to delve into dark and brooding meditation, taking on a persona of utter depravity, but no matter how hard he tried, nothing was ever gained. He even adopted the last name shadow to help. He didn't know any name but Wilhelm, so he merely added that to his title. His negative aura grew little by little every day, and his skill with his limited shadow grew as well as his martial arts and tonfa skills, but nothing ever evolved from what he was originally capable.

    Finally he decided to ride a new path and discover his 'weaknesses'. Maybe understanding those would help him realize what he needed to change. He began down a path of happiness and positive thinking. When he went to train again he realized nothing seemed to be changing. He continued testing his 'weaknesses' for weeks and even months, but nothing was changing. He was just as strong as before and now he was even happy. Even when he trained in broad daylight his shadow formed and moved as easily in the darkness. With his train of thought changing as well, he began to think more about the outside world and what amazing things could be out there as well. He was always told that being exposed to the outside world would be to much of a positive shock and crush any negative aura, but he didn't need a brooding aura. He was immune to positivity.

    One bright day, he finally built up enough courage to escape. The broad daylight would certainly help him hide from unwanted eyes. He scaled the temple walls and made his way through the forest to the city. The path to the temple was well hidden, but he was given the opportunity to meet the branch of brooders in the city, and remembered the path from that time. He followed it without a hitch and when he reached the city he merely veered off and took the beaten path with everyone else. His first few weeks in the city were quite hard as he had no idea how to behave to act in this new system. The culture shock was unlike anything he had ever imagined. It wasn't long before he got a job at a restaurant as a bus boy. He was an excellent bus boy and would often use his shadow for help with no concern as to who noticed him. Of course he received weird looks from patrons, but he didn't understand their judgment.

    It wasn't until about a year later that a man from a mercenary guild noticed his ability. Jax sat Wil down and offered him a position with his group. Of course he would be at the bottom of the totem pole and wouldn't get paid much, but that didn't matter to Wil. The offer sounded incredible. He would really get to travel and explore with these people, and he was going to get paid for it! After a few missions it was quickly found that Wil was certainly the strongest of any of the guild members, but he was quite blissfully unaware of his status, and was happy to just be traveling with friends. The Lantern Bearers quickly became a reliable name among the mercenary selection. Wil began to discover more truths about his power as well. Such as where the true focus to manipulate darkness lied, and that everyone was capable after enough training, but just had different levels of capability. He was happy to have friends and travel and learned a lot about the real world and how he had been raised by loons. Albeit, they were dangerous loons and somehow the brooding order seemed to be growing in the underworld. Must have been the allure of power. Jax was happy to as he was bringing in more dough than he knew what to do with. Not really, Jax was good at spending money.

    This continued for three years until recently some strange things began to happen around the kingdom. The dragons and their temples were being killed! Wil had met the earth dragon once. Well not really met, so much as saw their outline behind a paper door very far off. It was still very exciting for him. The dragons always fascinated him. Really anyone he met with interesting powers fascinated him. It occasionally annoyed the people he fought, because he would literally be asking them questions and openly analyzing them as he beat them up. These unfortunate events meant an opportunity for a big payout for Jax. The emperor was sending the lands best to the temple of water to help protect the last dragon. Unfortunately he could only send one person from his guild. Obviously the best option was himself, but that sounded like a lot of work. Wil was a perfect second option for the job. Jax figured he might not even have to pay him that much extra, and he was right. Wil was ecstatic to go the water temple. The thought of even meeting the water dragon had him chomping at the bit. Jax was even going to give him some extra pay! The second Jax finalized the paperwork, Wil took off for the water temple.

    Weapons: Two Tonfas.
    Abilities: Wil can manipulate his shadow in various ways. No matter the light or even lack of light a black manifestation that is the same size as Wil can be manipulated. It can take any shape and is extremely dexterous. It is only as strong as Wil, but that means that if both Wil and the shadow try to lift something it doubles what he could lift alone. The shadow can also absorb and store things, but the volume is limited to the same size as Wil. The shadow is always connected to Wil, but the connection point can be located anywhere on his body. If it thins out it can reach very long lengths. It can't ever be broken, but points that take serious damage swell and distort momentarily. Depending on the severity of it, the shadow can be crippled for a couple of minutes. Despite it's seemingly independent features it is nothing more than Wil's manipulation ability. Although sometimes he likes to make everyone believe it has it's own will.

    Skills: Martial arts. He typically fights very defensively with his tonfas and uses his shadow as a weapon.
    Weaknesses: He can't swim. (Despite this downfall he's not scared of water, but just gives it due respect.) The undead. (Whenever his shadow touches or is touched by something undead it throws up anything it's holding and retreats to a normal shadow until the undead presence is gone.)
    Equipment: Armor, Tonfas, Masks, Money and some various supplies. He keeps most of his stuff in his shadow.
    Theme song:
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  8. [​IMG]
    Name: Varick Gr'mach

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Reserved, regal, dutiful, these are words Varick's clan would use to describe him and by all appearances they would be correct Varick conducts himself in a very respectful manner. Whether he is meeting royalty or beggars Varick reveres them all as his betters even if that may not necessarily be true.

    Likes: Reading his books, playing with the Trio, peaceful walks through nature, drinking tea, sharing stories at a campfire, and the unbridled chaos of battle.

    Dislikes: Arrogance, cowardice, deliberate or pretentious display of one's abilities, and losing control of his emotions.

    History: (Currently in progress I have about half of it but I ran out of time. Be back in a couple hours to finish)

    Weapons: The Pact: A runic greatsword forged by his own hand. It is this sword on which his contract with the Trio is written. If this sword were to ever be broken so too would the pact with the Trio.

    Powers: The Pact. Varick is bound to the Trio, three powerful beings that usually exist on another plane of reality. The Trio, Aelna, Boag and Cree, all have empathetic links to Varick but have different appearances and abilities.

    Aelna is the eldest of the Trio. Serpentine in appearance, her lithe long body ends in a barbed poisonous tail. Feathers cover most of her upper body, never a single one ever out of place due to dutiful preening, hard glistening scales covere the remainder of her body. Eyes of deep emerald are streaked with signs of hidden wisdom and intelligence. Horns sprout from behind her ears and curl downward not unlike a rams. Hooked wings take the place of front legs and her hind legs sport sharp talons. Aelna is prideful, overconfident,and rash. She is quick to take offense and takes great displeasure in being underestimated. In her base form she is about one foot long but when battle-bound to Varick she can grow to the size of a large war horse.

    Boag, the middle child, spends most of his time sleeping in Varick's bag and eating. Boag's body is composed of mostly his belly, where most of his fat reserves accumulate. His horned head is large with small pointed ears and two pointed tusks protruding from his lower jaw. He has large, hind feet with three claws and a circular brown paw pad, his arms are strongly built with five claws protruding from the ends of his thick fingers. Boag is lazy but is a very kind and thoughtful soul often sharing his food with others. Enjoys belly rubs and eating apples, his favorite food. In his normal form Boag stands about two ft tall and weighs about sixty pounds. When battle-bound boag transforms into a translucent wisp whose size is based on how much food he has recently consumed. In this form Boag can purify corruption, control plants, and heal some wounds. With each feat of magic boag's size dwindles until his reserves are spent.

    Cree the youngest and smallest of the bunch is a hellion. Cree has a solid black coat of fur, a wedge-shaped horned head, and a lithe body of solid weight without excessive bulk. He has a short tail, and broad muscular limbs with relatively short clawed feet. Fascinated by Varick's culture Cree has many braids with bits of bone and other trophies woven into them. Although often off hunting, as he finds little joy in anything else, Cree is hot-headed and brash always getting into fights with his older siblings when he IS around. When battle-bound Cree and Varick merge into one being becoming of one body and mind. This being calls himself Utwick or he would if he did anything besides immediately going into a mindless battle frenzy. No one, friend or foe, has ever lived a encounter with him or so he believes.
    Utwick bares a striking resemblance to Varick except that he stands about eight feet tall and weighs close to half a ton. Grey fur covers his shoulders and closely follows his spine down his back and two black horns jut from his forehead before disappearing into his hair. Glowing runes decorate the rest of his body.

    Skills: Hunting, fighting, deciphering long forgotten texts, and diplomacy

    Weaknesses: The Pact. If it is ever taken from him his connection with the trio is transferred to the new wielder of the sword.

    Equipment: Backpack, canteen, herbs, a tea kettle with four matching cups, hunting spear, fishing gear, fur bedding, two sets of clothes, and of course The Pact.
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  10. Wow you guys are so fast! I better hustle on making my character! ^_^
  11. HalfElfBard.jpg
    Name: Ronne Beloa the Inheritor of Stories

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Ronne usually keeps to himself, preferring to read his books rather than talk with others. However, while he might not look like it, he is always listening to what others say, writing down in his books what he thinks are worthy stories. When it comes to children, Ronne becomes much more lively, telling them stories or just playing with them.

    Likes: Stories, children, books, writing

    Dislikes: Violence, ignorance


    For generations upon generations, there have been a group of people called the Keepers of History who dedicated themselves to writing down the history of Tel'nura and its people. The Keepers themselves seclude themselves from the rest of the world, working daily on recording history in books in the Atheneum. But the most important position among the Keepers is the Inheritors of Stories, a person who is entrusted with the orders two most sacred texts, the Chronicles. The Chronicles are a collection of tales of heroes from past that not only contain their deeds, but also a part of their souls. The job of the Inheritors is to maintain, add, and protect these texts at all costs. Inheritors are chose at a very young age and mentored by the current Inheritor to replace them when they die. Under the current Inheritor, they prepare themselves so that they can travel the world to add new tales to the Chronicles.

    Ronne was chosen at the age of 8 to be the next Inheritor. Previously, he was an orphan from some unknown village and luckily was discovered by a travelling Keeper and brought back the Antheneum and raised him as his own. From a young age, Ronne was surrounded by the stories that were contained within the large libraries of the Keepers. Daily he was found with his head buried in books, absorbing the stories.

    When he was selected to be the next Inheritor, he was put in the charge of the aging Inheritor, Lady Elwin Cane. For the next 8 years the two travelled the land together, visiting far off towns, the dragon temples, and even making an appearance in the court of the Emperor himself. Under her guidance Ronne learned the abilities of the Inheritors, becoming adept with summoning heroes and recording new stories.

    But it was when he was 16 that Lady Cane finally passed away and as per custom, Ronne was given the Chronicles to continue her work. Before he had time to even mourn, he was set out into the Tel'nura to conduct the missions of the Inheritors. The next 12 years for Ronne was occupied by his travels across the lands, discovering new stories and telling new ones. However, his journey was interrupted by news of the murder of the three dragons. As the Inheritor, Ronne rushed to the temples to record the dragons in the Chronicle as his duty and witness the start of a new cycle. Knowing the importance of the dragons, Ronne personally approached the Emperor to protect the last dragon and has since remained at the Water dragon's temple.

    Powers / Abilities:

    Stories of old: Ronne has the ability to summon a glowing after-image of a hero of the past. The summoned hero can fight on his behalf, using the skills and abilities it had in its previous life. The main source of this power comes from the two texts that he carries with him at all times. They contain the stories and lives of heroes going back generations. It is undecipherable by a normal person and can only be read by Ronne or by other Keepers.

    Ronne only has the capability of summoning one of these heroes at a time for a max of three heroes in a single day. The hero stays in reality until it is destroyed or released by Ronne. The process summoning of a hero is almost instantaneous, only requiring Ronne to say a few words, but it severely drains his strength. And once summoned, the same hero can never be summoned again, thus Ronne only summons when extremely necessary.

    Skills: Storytelling, public speaking, and writing. Ronne is also familiar with most languages and cultures.

    Weaknesses: Fighting. Ronne relies on summoning for fighting and has no ability to fight on his own. He can easily be overpowered without one of his summons.

    Equipment: The Chronicles, a wooden staff, writing utensils, and provisions.
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  12. I think I finished Wilhelm Shadow's history, so he should be finished now.
  13. I really like Wilhelm, he's an interesting character ^^

    I also like Ronne so far.
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  14. Once a few more apps are up I'll put mine up :)
  15. Alright Ronne should be done now.
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  16. Decided to put my sheet up earlier. I've left my history some what vague to avoid unnecessary spoilers. But in any case! we're close to getting things going. As soon as everyone get's their apps sorted we can see about putting a group together. So far all these apps have been great, I really like the creativity. Although @Lackadaisical the end of your history doesn't quite work. If she was suspected of having killed the other dragons the Emperor wouldn't have her anywhere near the remaining dragon.



    Name: Naomi Kaiya Veritas
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Naomi is naturally calm and gentle by nature. She likes to maintain a composed and relaxed sense of self and portrays this in the way she'll speak and act in situations. She enjoys having deep conversations, especially about philosophy or topics which cause her to think more deeply, she is also quite fond of wisdom within stories and is fond of proverbs. She appears to display an appreciation for art in all forms and enjoys beautiful scenery, often being found in places where she has access to such pleasures, whether it a garden or a spot picked close to a beautiful view. Despite her young age she has been fortunate to have been exposed to various educators which has enabled her to conduct herself with an air of intelligence, however due to her inexperience with interacting outside of the temple, she is some what hindered when it comes to understanding the etiquette's of certain situations. Naomi does have the capacity for a temper, although it appears to be difficult to provoke and she will most commonly express her displeasure with a lecture or disappointment. In the rare instance her temper shows in anger, it can sometimes be difficult to deescalate her. Naomi is aware of this and will sometimes remove herself from the situation to calm down.

    ~Beautiful things
    ~Interesting conversations

    ~Dry environments
    ~Bad manners
    ~Rash behavior
    ~Bad smells


    It was said that upon her birth, the oceans of Tel'nura swelled and thrashed against the land, that the clouds fell heavy and rain fell from the skies as if the element acknowledged her arrival to the world. Whether that was true or not is left unknown, for there have been many myths, legends and stories made around the legend of the dragons throughout the years. Sometimes it becomes hard to separate the fact form the fiction to discover the truth that lies beneath.

    However for all the legends that exist, we know for certain that the day Naomi was realized as the next dragon was the day life changed forever for the young girl. Only at the very young age of six did she begin to display her affinity with the element of water, manipulating and shifting it around her as if it were as natural as breathing air. Of course being a dragon was no small detail and as soon as the Emperor gained word of the discovery he had the court magister sent to confirm she was the next dragon.

    From there she was taken to the temple of water where she'd spent the majority of her life up until now, learning about the world and the balance between the four elements. It was tough for her initially to adjust to the concepts of being a dragon and as she grew older the daunting weight of the responsibility started to set in. It was difficult for her but not unexpected by the temple staff whom were hired to remain at the temple to care for her. She had many questions, not all of which could be answered much to her frustration.

    Usually when a dragon hits the age of twenty five they leave the temple and embark on journeys that help them connect more deeply with their element, helping their power grow as well as their understanding about the world and the necessary balance they were to keep. Of course with the recent murders of the three other dragons, meant she'd be leaving earlier from the temple than was expected. This is a troubling time as this has never been done before. It's often been understood that for a dragon to embark early upon their journey risks them damaging their connection, as the mind has not matured enough tot undertake the lessons the world has to teach.

    Unfortunately there is little option. With the other three temples having fallen within such short time frames of one another, her temple is no longer safe and so she must put her trust in the individuals selected to aid her in keeping her safe from the dark that lurks just beyond the horizon. It is a trying time for the young dragon, but many have faith that being surrounded by these experienced scholars and warriors will give her everything she needs to fulfill her role and become the dragon she was meant to be.

    Naomi has complete control over the element of water, enabling her to perform a diversely broad range of attacks. She may also change the innate temperature through friction within the water to freeze or heat water, adding to the many different ways she'll utilize it within her environment. An example could be dispersing water across the ground and moistening warm air to create a fog, another could be building water pressure to unleash a powerful jet column of water. She might even freeze water for offensive and defensive purposes. Her choice in attacks will often depend on her environment. Although her potential for power is great and her power is diverse, Naomi is not trained extensively in combat and is still learning how to apply her power in self defense.


    ~Physical strength
    ~Low understanding of how dangerous the world can be
    ~Partially OCD
    ~Dry and desert environments

    ~Bag with provisions and essential items.
    ~Small water pouch.

    Theme song:

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  17. I'll edit. I meant more that more common folk or those who were aware of what happened at Ravensdale might not trust her but I can see how my wording makes it a bit confusing. Her loyalty to the emperor would be unquestioned by those who knew her well and doubted by those who don't. A little bit of shifty business can be good after all, creates conflict. ^_^
  18. @Winter

    I'm still working on my character app. My uncle was in a pedestrian accident the night before last and things are a bit rough irl right now. I would still like to join but I understand if you'd rather not wait for more apps since you've gotten so many already.
  19. Some Disclaimers

    I wrote the bio at 2AM, so it may be a bit of a mess.
    Physically, he is still human. The only thing that is superhuman is his tenacity, which can be utilized to its full potential due to his undeath.
    Main concept behind this is that of a living legend, a relic of the past, who seeks death.
    Immortality =/= Invincibility, as you just have to switch from trying to kill him to trying to immobilize him to deal with him, but if you still think it's a little OP, I'll rehash this somehow. Think of him as a regenerating, sane zombie or skeleton with a magical sword.

    And yah, lol, I was heavily inspired by the song. XD


    Aiv, the Undying Knight

    The years have tempered Aiv, removing excess until all that remained was a burning hatred, sharpened into a cynical edge. Somber, he is an individual that gives an immense amount of gravity, performing any task with an almost stifling amount of dignity. A constant frown is etched onto his face, as if he had forgotten to smile, laugh, or anything else. Indeed, in exchange for all the years he has lived, Aiv has lost his sense of self, and struggles with it constantly. What is the point of creating and maintaining relationships, when they all turn to dust and ash? Why must he suffer the disgrace of surviving alone, when no one even remembers his resplendent kingdom? And, ultimately…who even was he, before he became undying?

    Likes: Fresh Meat, Pain, Monster Slaying, His Sword, Crowded Areas
    Dislikes: Tomorrow, Watching Others Pass Away, The Pale Witch, Silence, Alcohol

    • Centuries ago, the city-state of Malkarot stood far west of the earth dragon’s temple, a city-state of tall mountains and deep caves, from which all sorts of foul abominations creeped out. Goblins, orcs, werebeasts, lamias, giant spiders, all sorts burrowed within the mountain, and sought the flesh of humankind once dusk settled. As the closest fortification, the knights of Malkarot took it up to themselves to slay those beasts, fighting ceaselessly beside sheer drops or within pitch-black tunnels in order to disperse the monsters that laid within.

      Amongst them, Aiv was one of the most prominent warriors of his time, a prodigy of the sword that saw a meteoric rise in fame after slaying Ishugard, the six-armed chieftain of the Jagblood Tribe in single combat. Though descended from the house of a lesser noble, his skills were personally recognized by the Lady of War, Kalri-Qua, and Aiv became one of her Vanguard Knights, those who plunged into the deepest tunnels alongside her, to slay the abyssal that laid within. For four blessed years, he fought alongside that transcendent individual, whose holy sword cleaved through towering giants and foul demons. Though he himself was incapable of utilizing the ethereal forces, through her presence, Aiv stayed alive, continuing to push deeper and deeper.

      And then, one night, the Vanguard Knights pushed too far.

      Three fell to the hellish flamestrike that turned them to ash. Five were slain by the demonic hordes. Ten managed to destroy the Aetherous Lich before collapsing of exhaustion. Seventeen, including the Lady-of-War, were cut apart by a ghoulish beast, wielding a greatsword made for giants. As the Lady he pledged his life to bled away, Aiv was given a final duty that he gladly accepted.

      To never collapse.

      Taking her treasured sword, Regana-Hier, into his hands, he stalemated that immortal monster for three days and three nights within that hot, bloodied cave. Each limb he carved off regenerated, and each time he cleaved through the skull, the beast would just counterattack without a thought. Exhaustion bore down on him, but his will to survive was greater than the desires of his body. On the fourth night, Aiv drove the beast’s own gargantuan sword through its chest, piercing through stone and pinning it there before he meticulously stabbed it over and over again. Two more days passed before it finally stopped twitching, and even then, he wasn’t satisfied until its carcass became a grounded up pulp.

      He had avenged his brothers, his commander, his love.

      And still, refusing to collapse, he remained standing as his life drained away from him.

    • Blue eyes greeted him when he woke in a bed smelling of spices. A pale-skinned girl with hair of snow and eyes of ice had saved him, brought him from the brink of death into full health. Though he knew not where he was, and though he wasn’t sure whether or not he’d actually mind if he died or not, Aiv still owed a life-debt to her, and sought to bring her to the great walls of Malkarot, where he could relay the tale of the extinction of the Vanguard Knights and have her properly rewarded for saving the remnant of the knights.

      But she didn’t want that.

      Instead, she simply wished for him to stay by her side, as the one person who could drink the potion of reanimation without losing themselves to the hunger.

      He hadn’t comprehended what she said at first.

      Then he realized that there was stake driven through his heart. His heart, which still stubbornly beat even when impaled.

      The ‘house’ he was in had no windows, for there was no ‘outside’ to admire. There were no doors, for there was no need to fear intruders. And the spices he smelled…those were the same spices that one used to ward off the smell of death and decay that lingered around a fresh corpse.

      The young girl that saved him was but another monster that dwelled within those desecrated caves, and without hesitation, Aiv tore out the stake in his chest and plunged it between her eyes, before pulling out Regana-Hier and cleaving her into two.

      Even with a stake through her head and her upper body separate from the lower, the black-robed witch still pleaded him to stay. He continued to kill her as her body continued to reform, returning to the visage of a young girl only to be sundered by gored steel. Time passed, until it became evident that a ‘fight’ between undying existences was pointless. So he cut off her head, tossed it into a boiling cauldron, and ran off through the tunnels.

      Nothing attacked him as he ran.

      Perhaps he was already a monster himself.

      But, believing in the bonds he had with his fellow knights, Aiv clung to the hope that they’d accept him despite his wretched form.

      When he finally burst into daylight, he realized that there was no ‘they’.

      The city-state of Malkarot, without their elite forces, had fallen to ruin, its grand walls reduced to rubble. He wasn’t just a remnant of the Vanguard Knights. He was the remnant of Malkarot.

      The Pale Witch appeared behind him once more, unable to understand why he despised her despite being granted immortality. He thrust his sword into her bowels and demanded death, so he wouldn’t have to live a coward’s life in disgrace. She embraced him, praised how even now, he hadn’t lost his own identity, and told him that death was impossible, regardless of how much he destroyed his own body. And, once more, she baded him to live an eternity with herself, as his tenacity for living had captured her own eyes.

      He tore that sword out of her chest and descended into the tunnels once more.

      Aiv, in a one-man war that spanned decades, extinguished every bit of life within those cursed tunnels. Every bit of life except for the Pale Witch that followed him the whole time, amused at his fighting and concerned about his diet.

      Only once that den of evil was purged did he walk out the tunnels, to see a new village growing over where Malkarot once was. There wasn’t a trace of his splendid city-state left, and even the landscape had changed.

      He once made a promise to his Lady to never collapse.

      He now made a pledge to the Pale Witch to kill her, so that he could learn to kill himself.

      She sent him off with a smile, telling him how she’ll always be waiting.

    • Years ticked by like seconds as Aiv wandered round and round, watching temples change and countries fall. Monsters fell to his Lady’s holy sword, as he continued to uphold his duties as a knight, even as apathy and laziness clung to his sword style. An eternity was too much time to ruminate on his existence, and he sought to drown out his thoughts with hard, sometimes unrewarding, labour. Becoming a wandering knight-errant, he fought for what he thought was just, and his actions eventually lead him to be recognized by the emperor at the time. Though he may be equivalent to that of an undead monster, Aiv served under multiple generations of Mura Dynasty, gaining their trust and becoming a stalwart force underneath them.

      For him, there was no monster too dangerous to hunt. No gang of criminals he couldn’t cut through. No task he thought was too difficult.

      Indeed, the only truly difficult thing was for him to watch time flow past without carrying him along.

      Perhaps, then, he really was stuck with an eternity spent with the Pale Witch, the only other individual that did not move with time.

      It was a thought that clung to him more recently, and a thought that he wished to dispel by accepting a new task bestowed upon him by Emperor Lectis Mura: protect the vessel of the water dragon and rout out the assassins that slew the other three dragons.

    Regana-Hier, the Holy Sword of the Lady of War
    Blessed by sunlight, Regana-Hier’s blade shines resplendently, casting away the night with a clarity greater than that of torchlight or magefire. Capable of sapping heat from its surroundings, Regana-Hier is able to shoot out beams of sunfire once a sufficient amount of charging has been done.

    Monster Flesh

    Fitting for an undying monster, Aiv’s physiology has changed somewhat. Most prominent is the strength of his bones, which have gotten to the point of rivalling, perhaps surpassing, steel. Poison and disease have no apparent effect on him, and his pain receptors have dulled to the extent that flesh wounds merely translate to a strange numbness. His ‘unnecessary’ senses, such as smell and taste, have also dulled. Most food now tastes like ash, and outside of the strongest stenches, Aiv is unable to smell a thing.

    The Undying Knight
    His compatibility with the potion of reanimation that was crafted by the Pale Witch was great enough for him to attain the same level of immortality as its maker. Body and soul, once meshed together, are now separate, with his ego existing in his soul, and his body merely being a puppet. No matter how badly damaged it is, the curse of reanimation with regenerate anything from missing limbs to broken bones much faster than standard forms of healing, in exchange for a gut-wrenching hunger that makes Aiv desire the consumption of raw flesh in order to substitute what was lost. He can eat endlessly and stock up on ‘flesh’ to regenerate from. And yet, if he is uninjured, there is no need for him to eat, drink, or sleep, and his inability to dream when he does sleep is what unnerves him, even to this day.

    Pledge to the Lady
    Though he can barely remember her face now, Aiv does remember his promise to her: that to never collapse. Now that his body is merely a marionette tied to the strings of his soul, his stamina is virtually unlimited. He can push his body past the limits and maintain those limits for an extraordinary amount of time, giving off the impression that he’s superhumanly strong, both mentally and physically. Even with no flesh clinging onto his bones, he can still move, shakily, a skeletal knight that just refuses to lie down.

    Skills: Monster Slaying, Horse Riding, Butchering Animals, Ancient Languages, Navigation, Patience
    Weaknesses: Socializing, Magic (both using it and fighting against it), His Physical Strength (though he can push past its limits to a certain extent, his immortal body prevents him from actually improving it), Fighting without Killing

    An extensive map of the continent, beautifully illustrated
    A compass
    A spyglass
    A coin pouch
    Climbing Tools
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  20. The Hunter

    Name: Arcturus Whatsworth
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male

    Personality: Hunters, being whom they are, always strive to maintain calm, easygoing and cheery demeanour. Arcturus is no different, and being around him sets one as a target for a barrage of the jolly, if a bit rough and dark, humour the Hunters are known for. These attributes, and obviously his erudite training in destruction of evil in all forms, makes him for a trusty comrade.

    This, of course, changes during the Soulburn. Setting one's very soul ablaze strips away all need for dishonesty, innuendo or drama, for they no longer serves any logical purpose. In those moments, the Hunter allow themselves to be controlled by the Flame, and become brash, direct, fearless, uncompromising. Every disagreement to submit to their will is seen as an obstacle to be broken through, every unwillingness seen as an act of evil and sin.

    Likes: Cinnamon, rye, colour green, superior firepower
    Dislikes: Evil in all forms, poorly constructed and maintained country roads, rude innkeepers

    History: The Hunters are a state-sanctioned militia sect, worshipping the aspect of Fire and the Fire Dragon. The Hunter's Keep, where Hunters call home, is a part of the Temple of Fire. Men and women, who have suffered pains in their lives too great to bear any more, can find oblivion and new purpose, if they offer themselves to the Hunters. Should the order find their pains great enough for them to be accepted, they are given a potion that makes them forget everything they ever did in their life. It does keep the personality and skills intact, however, and does not remove the sorrow and pain in Hunter's heart, for that is their greatest weapon. The apprentice Hunter is given a new name, and goes through rigorous combat training and studies in art of fighting evil in all forms. When the order sees them as fit to finish their training, they are taught the art of Soulburn.

    The Hunter is taught how, through channelling their pain of unknown source, set their soul afire, and create the most brilliant and magnificent fire in existence. The fire, however, eats away their soul, and piece by piece shears it away until only the pure pain and sadness is left. The Hunters foster a culture of cheer and jolliness to counteract the effect of Soulburn, and to help each individual Hunter keep their power in control. For this, they are sometimes referred to as the Order of the Comedians, and every Hunter is known to create aura of calm and happiness around themselves, to hide and shield away the true sadness in their soul.

    Arcturus himself is an accomplished and experienced Hunter. He was accepted into Hunter some ten years ago, but he gives little care to counting days. Through his great skill with rifle and pistol, he had to use Soulburn only a handful of times so far, and as such, the negative effects have not yet begun to show, and as such his outlook on life remains positive.

    That was, of course, until the Dragons were killed. Every servant of the fire felt the Dragon of Fire being murdered, the fire inside their hearts dimming and flickering, and nearly being snuffed out. The Hunters gathered in their keep, and for the first time ever, there were no happy faces and no jokes being thrown around. The fear around the feast hall was easily palpable. The Hunters were supposed to seek evil and eradicate it, but now the evil entered their home and they were powerless to stop it. Was the threat above their skill, or were they simply careless? There was no clear answer.

    What action needed to be taken was clear, though. There still was one Dragon left. Should the last one fall, there was no telling what could follow, but nobody doubted for even a second that a total elemental chaos was the best case scenario. While the Hunters would investigate the death of the Fire Dragon, Arcturus, chosen by blind chance, would provide the services of the order and Fire Aspect to protection of the Water Dragon. Begrudgingly, cursing his luck, Arcturus left the Fire Temple and headed for the Water Temple lands...

    Weapons: Pair of cavalry sabres, four flintlock pistols, Kalthoff-style repeater flintlock rifle (12 rounds)

    Powers: Soulburn

    The Soulburn is the art of setting one's soul afire and wielding the power released by its combustion. It is the ultimate weapon of the Hunters, unleashed when all other means of confrontation prove useless. It does come at a cost, however, for there is only a finite amount of soul human being can burn, before the cinders reach the pain that is at the core of each Hunter's being. When this happens, the pain in their soul is all that is left of them, and consumes them completely. Each Hunter responds differently, depending on the nature of their pain. Some go completely insane and cathatonic, some take their own life.

    The forms the Soulburn takes are many, shaped by the personality of the Hunter and the nature of their pain. Some gain impossible strength and combat prowess, some shape the power into huge swaths of flame, some let the purity and power of the flame project itself into their compatriots, letting them easily prevail over the adversary. One thing is for certain, though. The great power comes at a great cost, and each Hunter can feel their being be consumed, piece by piece, by the fire burning in their heart.

    Skills: Adept at Beastkiller sword art (heavy blades, slow slashes, awkward at best to use in sword duel), accomplished marksman, erudite orator, experienced gambler
    Weaknesses: Poor at anything demanding moderation, be it food, bad at climbing and endurance running
    Equipment: Assorted gear for a travelling adventurer, access to a generous account of money, horse named Goeffrey, heavy fire-resistant leather armour, fancy tall hat, pocket harmonica
    Theme song:
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