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Seeking Partner for Angels/Avian Humans!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Siyuki123, Feb 7, 2016.

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  1. Greeting! My roleplay life has gotten rather dim lately and I want to try something different.
    I am looking for characters that would work well with my two characters, either separately or as a pair if you prefer.

    These are the ideas that I am most interested in doing, but if you are interested in something else, we can work it out as well. These are listed by my interest in the idea.

    Scientist/Researcher x Experiment
    • My character(s) were captured and now are being used for experiments, or better: to be changed to fit in with society. This is ideal for a roleplayer who wishes to use a sadistic/psychotic character. There would probably be such things like torture, mutilation, and emotional abuse/trauma so this is a darker roleplay.
    Master x Slave
    • My character(s) were captured, but instead are sold as slaves. Sex slaves, normal slaves, cooler-versions-of-pet-birds-collection type slaves; any work. Your character would be the one who purchases them or keeps this one. This RP is ideal for those who like Post-Apocalyptic themed roleplays, and could include emotional/physical abuse and libertine/sex elements. It would be a darker roleplay, but not as dark as the Scientist one.
    Pet Owner x Pet, Roommates
    • Your character finds my character and takes them in. Bonus points if your character works in a place where they could easily meet (church, old library, more abandoned/higher places). This one is more of a slice of life or romance roleplay. It's very open-ended and could include anything from sex/libertine elements to emotional/physical abuse depending upon how you would like it to go.
    These are my characters here:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.