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    Hey everyone. I'm ScarletNova, and I am once again searching for some more partners.​

    About me:
    - I prefer FxM
    - I prefer playing the female as my main character; however, I can do either gender as secondary characters.
    - Thread or PM is fine with me.
    - I’m quite laid back when it comes to rping.
    - I only use anime pictures or written description for looks though what my partner wants to use does not matter to me.

    To potential partners:

    - I’m not particular on spelling and grammar as long as I can read it. I’m not always the best at grammar myself.
    - Length isn’t important to me as long as I have something to work with which I can do pretty easily.
    - I like working together to create the rp.
    -Please try not to disappear. I’d rather have you tell me you don’t want or can’t do the rp.
    -Try to be an active poster as best as you can (that doesn’t mean everyday if you can’t), though I understand life and schedules and know it can be hard sometimes.

    Bold - my role
    Strike through - taken

    - Jock/Popular X Punk/Gothic

    - Younger Person X Older Person Age Gap (of age though): I don’t have anything specific for this, I just want to do an age gap between our characters. Although the age gap will still be legal and everything. It can be about anything else, I just want the age gap in it.

    - Rich Player X Poor mother

    - Nanny/Babysitter X Single Father

    - The rebel boy X The good girl

    - Maid X Prince

    - Police officer X High school girl pretending to be older because of reasons that will be details in rp.

    PM me or post here if you are interested!
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  2. I'd be up for Maid x Prince.
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  3. I would be interested in the Nanny/Single Father or the rebel boy/good girl.
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  4. Great! I'll send you a PM so we can discuss.
    Cool! I'll send you a PM so we can figure out which one and discuss.
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  5. I'm interested in maid x prince
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  6. Sorry, I hadn't had a chance to strike that one out yet because I was waiting on a response, but it seems that one is taken now. Would you be interested in other idea? If not though, thanks for the interest and sorry I didn't get around to crossing it out yet before you saw it.
  7. Jock/Popular X ​

    That idea sounds decent enough. I actually have two people that i can use. If i can be the girl in the Rp... or if it's a male/female pairing thing... i can be okay to that. i still have a couple picks that i can use.
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  8. I'll message you and we can figure it out together.
  9. hmm.. Are you only looking nonred star bedroom rps?
  10. Depending on what the idea is, I'm open to red star rps but I prefer to do them in PMs though.
  11. Mkay ~ We can talk in pms, I actually prefer pm rps in general
  12. Okay. I'll send you a PM right now.