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    There was a loud, digital ping that repeated itself over and over throughout the once silent atmosphere in the room, persisting even through the shifting and muffled groans coming from two figures buried underneath the sheets of their beds. "Turn that shit off already," came an irritated voice from the one on the far end, while the other one reached out its hand to try and silence the damned device that refused to stop making that excruciating noise. Frustrated with repeated failures, the person lying underneath the bed by the nightstand whisked a hand over to the side, sending a gust of wind into the electronic and flipping it over, causing it to land upside-down on the floor and miraculously turning it off without breaking it in the process.

    He hated going through this routine... He really freaking hated it.

    Another grunt came from the bed by the table, and then the sheets were pushed aside to reveal a groggy-looking young man who obviously didn't want to wake up. However, as a student at the Collington University ("For Gifted Individuals", as was omitted from public knowledge), Jason Aldrich still recognized that he had obligations to uphold and he begrudgingly upheld them, sighing as he forced himself up out of his cozy little sanctuary. "You getting up too or what, you ass...?" he mumbled tiredly, rubbing his eyes as he looked over at the bed beside him. He was met with no response, then there was an annoyed grumble that came out and the other figure underneath the covers shifted, slowly sitting up and looking over to meet with his roommate's gaze.

    "... This is bullshit, man."
    "Yeah... It really is."

    Jason and Neil Darrell had been living together in the same dormitory room and had been friends for a just a little over 3 years now, and they could both agree that the routine they had to go through was still awful to have to endure.

    "I'll go take the shower first," Jason said quietly, swinging his legs over the side of the bed and getting himself to stand before searching for some clothes to wear for the day.

    "What...? You shouldn't have woken me up then, you prick."
    "I think me being a prick was the point of doing that."
    "Just shut up already."
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  2. Of course, it was yet another morning in the dorms of Collington University, and Ann had gotten up way before her roommate, per usual. Ann made her lack of sleep excuse being that she had trouble falling asleep, but in reality the noises and shuffling of the roomates all the way up down, or around her disturbed her constantly. She had gotten used to it at some point, but the insomnia seemed to have stuck, and now the girl hardly slept at night.

    Of course, this meant her roommate would always wake up to warm breakfast and coffee or tea, which Ann provided on a daily basis to keep herself awake. Looking over at her roommate, Ann shook her head and walked over to her roommate with the cup of coffee, setting it on the table next to her side of the bed. Seconds later, a figure slid out of the covers, her long purple hair sticking out all over the place. "Good morning Ann." She mumbled quietly, pulling herself up to a sit so she could grab her coffee. Ann had meet Clair the year she came to this school. They had roomed the first year, and back then she was a total brat, only because her boyfriend had her wrapped around his finger. As soon as he let her go, Ann was her only friend left, and Ann was happy to lend her shoulder to cry on. Smiling at Clair, Ann sat down on a chair next to the bed, looking at her friend. "Breakfast is oatmeal and fruit." She said, sipping her morning tea. "I added butter already." She said, watching her roommate get up. "Thanks Ann!" She called from the small counter area they had, which she was eating off of. No, it wasn't much of a kitchen, but Ann could make do.
  3. "You gonna spar with anyone today at lunch?"
    "Eh, maybe. I kind of feel like I'll just end up hanging out with Ann, but I dunno. We'll see."

    From where he was standing in the kitchen while preparing a quick breakfast of some eggs and bacon for them both to eat, Neil turned back to look at his friend after hearing his response to his question, seeing him seated at their dining table with a fist tucked into his hand and his chin resting on it while he seemed to stare off into nothingness. He certainly looked very thoughtful, and the pyrokinetic man was certain that he knew what Jason was thinking right now. He was aware that the wind manipulator had been best friends with Ann since their childhood, and had stuck very close together through thick and thin. But a little while ago, Neil had also been told something by Jason that gave him reason to believe that she was the cause for the 'internal troubles' he'd been having lately.

    "... Are you not going to tell her?"
    "I can't. I don't... That could ruin the relationship we already have."
    "I can't tell you that it isn't worth a shot. I mean, you're closer to her than anybody else besides her roommate. She rarely even speaks to anyone else."
    "I've told you this before; she's afraid of hurting someone in case her ability gets out of her control. And she's honestly not wrong to be like that."
    "Right. Anyway, handle this in whatever way you want to handle this. Just make sure you don't regret it later on."

    Separating his hands from each other, Jason lifted his right one and swirled it around a little while locking his eyes on his palm, watching a small little twister of wind circulate from it. What he was experiencing was rather complicated to attempt to explain, and he was trying his best to take his mind off of it. It was a difficult task to do, and that was why he was glad that he at least had Neil to open up to, because he didn't trust anyone else with this kind of information. Like any other school, rumors here spread like wildfire, and if that kind of knowledge got out, he would definitely be screwed. Him and Ann both. And he didn't want that, because he was the closest person he had at his side and he didn't want to lose that kind of closeness with her. It was fun. It was crazy. And he felt like it was the only thing keeping him sane.

    "Come on, bud. Eat up. We've got a long day ahead of us," Neil said as he slid a plate of eggs and bacon in front of his roommate, breaking Jason out of his trance and causing the mini-twister in his hand to dissipate into nothing. Forcing a small and grateful smile upon his lips, he nodded his thanks and took his fork between his fingers before beginning to eat.
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  4. Ann watched as Clair did her hair, shaking her head. She had already cleaned her piercings for the day, so she was ok. Smiling, Ann flicked her hair, and shook her head. "Hurry up." Ann said, looking at her. A scoff came from her roommate, and she chuckled. "Come on Ann, we already know you are just excited to see Jason." She mocked, and Ann flushed the color of a tomato. "CLAIR!" She yelled, almost folding in on herself as she tried to hide her glowing cheeks. Her roomates bell like laughter rang though the room, and she looked back at Ann's blushing face. "Come on, it's so obvious that you like him, fess up already!" She said, looking at her.

    Shaking her head, Ann sighed. "I can't, not with the way he sees me. He has even been drifting a bit, like he is holding back something." Ann mumbled, looking down.

    "Ann, you can't hide it forever." She said, coming over and sitting across from her.
    "But I can't tell him, he probably has a girlfriend."
    Her roommate snorted.
    "Please. That man hasn't talked to anyone as much as he has to you, you have nothing to loose." She said, shaking her head.
    "Maybe tomorrow." She mumbled again, causing her friend to sigh. "You are a piece of work."
    Jesting playfully, Ann prodded her friends sides, smiling. "Come on, let's go to class." She said, holding out her arm for her to take as they left.
  5. A couple of minutes later after finishing their breakfast and quickly freshening themselves up, Jason and Neil left their dormitory and went on their way to their first class- English (which Neil despised with quite a passion in comparison to his roommate, who actually quite liked taking the subject)- with mildly hurried strides to ensure that they wouldn't end up late to the period. As could be expected, tardiness was not very appreciated by the teachers in charge of their respective subjects, and it was expected that students at the school would be able to make responsible decisions for themselves so that they could show up to class on time. If it wasn't for Neil, Jason probably would have ended up being late to every class, because he quite frankly didn't give two shits about protocol.

    "Okay, I'm gonna go find Matthew and the other guys so you can sit with Ann today, alright? Keep your head held high, man," Neil said with a friendly smile as the two of them arrived at the classroom a little earlier than initially expected, giving Jason's shoulder a quick pat before parting ways with him and leaving to search for a couple of their other friends, leaving him to go take a seat and wait for his other best friend. Jason was mildly anxious while doing so, resting his chin against his hands once more and tapping the floor repeatedly with the heel of his foot as his gaze fell upon the doorway every now and then to see if Ann and her roommate Clair would show up at that moment. It was becoming increasingly more difficult for him- much to his displeasure- for him to be composed whenever he was around Ann on his own, so he was hoping that maybe Clair would also sit with them to ease some of the awkwardness he was feeling until at least he had time to stop his mind from overthinking things.
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  6. Ann and Clair walked causally to class, Clair walking with pride and Ann walking a few steps ahead with her hands shoved in her pockets. "Ann, you need to look confident if you want boys to notice you." She said, shaking her head of purple locks. Clair was like a man magnet, she caught everyone's attention, and it didn't help that she could turn into a freaking panther. That girl had senses as strong as theirs. Clair was pretty much the single hottest girl on campus, leaving Ann to be her designated ugly fat friend who stood almost a foot above her. "But it doesn't matter what I do, most guys are afraid of me because I am tall." She said, looking at her. Clair simply shook her head and opened the door to English, the two of them walking in as a pair.

    Seeing Jason sitting alone, Ann's heart rate lept up, and her pace quickened a bit. Smiling, Clair gave Ann a knowing look, and Ann tried to keep from flushing as she jumped up the steps and slid into the seat next to Jason. "Morning." She said casually, Clair slowly walking up and sitting next to Ann
  7. Jason was just taking note of how there were only a few minutes left until class started, and then his eyes flickered back over to the doorway when he spotted Ann and Clair making their entrance into the room. As usual, quiet chatter began amongst several of the students both guys and girls alike in regards to either the undeniably good looks Clair always seemed to sport or how Ann looked so intimidating alongside her, but Jason's focus had only been directed towards Ann once the two had appeared. Trying his best to ignore how his heart rate was gradually beginning to pick up for every second his eyes lingered upon her, he greeted her with a smile and waved as a signal for her to come and sit with him. Thankfully Clair had followed suit as well, so he felt a little more relaxed as the pair headed over to him and took their seats beside him.

    "Morning, rockstar," Jason said with a teasing voice, reaching over and ruffling the bright green hair that hung in front of Ann's forehead and part of the right side of her face. "You manage to catch some shut eye last night, or are you still having some trouble sleeping?" Looking over when he spotted the purple-haired girl sitting down next to Ann just a few seconds later, he said, "Ah, hey Clair."
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  8. Ann glared at Jason as he called her a rockstar, rolling her eyes and chuckling as he ruffled her hair. Ann's voice was smooth and calm every time she spoke, which some people found very attractive, but they were always disappointed when she didn't talk to them. Smiling, she shook her head. "I was up late again, and I woke up at four. So I got an hour." Ann said, sighing and leaning onto her desk. One of the side effects of being up all night is that she fell asleep often in her classes, which sucked when she had a test she was falling asleep on.

    Clair, however, only waved at Jason's greeting, focusing on the two. It was so hard to keep contained that each of them liked the other one. The only reason she knew is because Clair could hear his heart rate loud and clear, and hers was beating just as fast. Shaking her head, she leaned forwards and grabbed her things out of her bag, getting ready for class.
  9. "Sleep never comes to you very easily, does it?" Jason chuckled lightly, reaching over to punch her shoulder lightly before leaning over and grabbing his things from his bag, setting them all out on his desk. "You should probably get yourself some soundproof headphones or something, so you can tune out some of the commotion you might hear going on in the halls. Things do get pretty noisy at night, unfortunately..." While he tried to brighten up the situation a little for Ann, he knew that this was quite the recurring problem for her; she had quite a bad case of insomnia, and now most of the time when she came to class she was more asleep than she was awake, almost like a dead person walking. He felt really bad for her in that sense, and he could only hope that by some miracle she could manage to get some sleep for herself because there really wasn't anything he could do to fix that.
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  10. Ann smiled gently as he punched her shoulder, and she bumped back into him, taking the stuff out of her bag. "I think I have some, but human technology can never totally block out sound." She said, setting her things on her desk, but not bothering to open them. She was getting along fine in every class, but that was because she stayed up most of the night studying for the finals, and then falling asleep in class. She couldn't help it, she had been this way since she was a kid, there wasn't much she could do to fix it. Hearing the professor walk in, Ann set her head on her arms, her eyes slowly sliding shut as she fell asleep at her desk, once again.
  11. "That's a pretty good point," Jason sighed, taking his pen and tapping the end of it against his desk for a little while just as the professor entered the room and began class. And in a quieter voice, he muttered, "And you can't rely on 'humans' for much else, either." He quickly took notice of how Ann had fallen asleep beside him, and a small smile pulled at the edges of his lips as he looked at her for a moment before moving his eyes to look back at the front of the room. He really couldn't blame her for already nodding off before the lesson really even began; when she rarely ever slept at night and that was coupled with having to stay awake for just about the entire day to get through the entire routine here, then it was obvious that she was going to need to get herself some rest at some point in time. This was pretty boring to listen to anyway, though he kept taking notes wherever he could while Ann was having her little nap right between him and Clair.
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  12. Ann hadn't hear another word anyone had said until the class was over, waking Ann from her nap with a groan. She was used to being rudely awoken by the bell of the school, and she didn't really enjoy it, but she had to wake up. Groaning slightly, Ann rubbed her eyes, stretching her arms to the sky as she looked around her. "I slept though it didn't I?" She asked Jason as she looked at everyone packing up their things.
  13. "I'll leave that up to interpretation," Jason replied with a smirk as he packed up his things, standing up from his seat afterwards and stretching out his back before taking his bag and slinging it over his shoulder. "I wouldn't say you missed much, though. Today's class was pretty much just a drag. Well, that's actually the way most of them are in the first place, but... Anyway, let's just get your stuff packed so we can go to the next period."
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  14. Ann grumbled to herself and started picking up her things, looking over at Clair to find her gone. "Great." Ann grumbled, shaking her head as she continued to pack up her things. "I hate this." She grumbled to herself, shaking her strange hair out as she continued to pack up the items in her bag before swinging it over her shoulder. "Let's go." she added, looking at him.
  15. It was when Ann was grumbling to herself that Jason looked over and saw that Clair had already left, leaving the two of them alone since Neil had gone off to spend time with some of the other guys in the class and give the two some space to themselves. He let out a sigh, shaking his head in disbelief as he waited for Ann to finish packing her stuff before exiting the classroom with her. "Clair is supposed to be your friend, isn't she?" he asked as they strode side by side through the halls over to their next period. "I wonder why she decided to run off like that..."
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  16. Ann was having a full blown argument with Clair as she had left them. "Probably saw some cute guy, knowing her." She lied, crossing her arms as she walked though the hall with him. After a few seconds of silence, Ann cleared her throat and looked at him. "So, how is Neil, he seemed to be ignoring you this morning. You guys get into another fight?"
  17. Even those little seconds of silence that passed between the two of them were painfully uncomfortable to endure amidst the corridors filled with other bustling students, but it didn't get much better when Ann suddenly decided to ask Jason about how Neil was doing. He knew perfectly why, but obviously he wasn't going to tell that to her.

    "Eh, something like that, but things will get better quickly like they always do," Jason responded, withholding the truth from her and forcing them into yet another awkward silence. His heart was beating hard and he found himself unable to concentrate on any one thing besides Ann yet again, and despite having to deal with these distracting sensations for so long, he couldn't bring himself to say anything. He didn't want to risk losing her as a friend if he couldn't make anything more out of what they currently were to each other.
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  18. Ann smiled tightly and nodded. "Ahh, I hope he doesn't start throwing fireballs this time because I am not cleaning up any more scorch marks, or food." She added, laughing gently before they arrived at their class, only for Ann to walk into the door. Chuckling again, she rubbed her forehead. "I guess I am still tired."
  19. "Oh, no need to worry about that," Jason said with a laugh of his own when Ann said she wouldn't be the one to clean anything up should Neil start to throw fireballs all over the place as a result of their "fight", stepping inside the classroom where they were being taught math just as she claimed that she was still tired. "Feel free to take another nap, then," he told her with a shrug. "It's better to be well rested than to try and learn stuff while you're feeling dead tired, right?"
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  20. Ann sighed gently. "Yeah but then I just stay up late studying and it makes it worse. "She grumbled, shaking her hair and taking a seat. Before she could say anything else she was out like a light, her head bobbing from where she was in her chair.
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