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  1. In a realm filled with what could only be described as chaos.

    As evident by the pieces of buildings and rocks floating in a greyish plane. And that some of these pieces had "people" on them. But weren't moving, like wax models that could be found in a museum.

    But, on a more "complete" piece of floating land. There stood two people. One female, and one male. Both of them wore similarly styed clothing, and had basically the same features. Gingerish hair, pale skin and gray eyes.
    They appeared to waiting for something to happen.

    That something soon came as nine portals spawned infront of them.....Unfortunately, for the people passing through the portals. They were angled.....Weirdly, so when they came through, they would......Fall onto their chest.

    "That is going to-" The lady said. "-Hurt a lot for them." The gentleman finished for his twin.


    Before long, the portals spewed out their respective person. Or in one case. A dog.

    As the people fell onto the ground, and as they recovered. The twins walked forward.

    "We do apologize for the-" "-Undesirable landing conditions." The order that they spoke in, reversed as this time. It was the gentleman who started the sentence before the lady finished it.

    "....I cannot sometimes control the angle that my portals form at. Nor if they were walking through unprepared." The voice's owner soon formed as a man in a brown trench coat with pale features and pure black eyes. He was floating, his arms crossed. Black smoke was coming off of him.

    The twins looked back to the group after giving the floating man a look.

    "It does appear we're missing two of them..." "The vigilante, and the undead king...." The twins muttered to themselves. "But first." "A introductory session." "Ah, that is possibly for the best. Let's start." The twins said between themselves.

    "He is Robert Lutece." "And she is Rosalind Lutece." "We're the Lutece Twins." They both gave a bow.

    The floating man didn't say anything, since afterall. His true name was unknown, infact. He was known by a nickname.

    They waited for the group to introduce themselves.
  2. Sorena had her back against her faithful black '69 Dodge Charger, demon blade in hand. She was surrounded by a couple of lowly black eyed Demons. Suddenly, she found herself being pitched forward. She fell to her hands and knees. Instinct and training brought her back to her feet a second later only to find the Demons were gone, replaced by strangers. And a dog. Still holding the knife defensively in front of her, she glanced around, taking in the scene. Directly before her, a set of twins stood. They spoke in turn, a manner that unnerved the hunter. And she had seen a lot of creepy shit in the past four years. "This ain't Purgatory, is it?" Sorena snapped. She'd heard stories of the place adjacent to Hell. She didn't give her name.


    Isis had been sitting at the bar in the Fairy Tail Guild Hall watching her teacher, Gray, and the Fire Dragon Slayer Natsu but heads for the third time that afternoon. The boys were literally fire and ice. In the next instant, she found herself falling. She fell not onto the floor, but onto the ground. Getting up, she recognized no one. None of these people were her Guildmates. She wasn't even in the Guild Hall anymore either. She jumped to her feet and took a stance, ready to cast a spell, magic energy swirling around her, ready to be released. "I am Isis Harmon of the Fairy Tail Guild. Someone tell me what is going on. Why am I here? Where am I?"
  3. Yet another monster to run from, yet another trap for it to be caught in but after Scooby got seperated from Shaggy, he ran headfirst into a portal and landed in the strange place as everyone else. He felt a pain in his chest as he looked up at the strange twins who had introduced themselves too and he looked a little confused too. " Ri'm rooby roo," *1 he said to the twins as he looked around and wondered who else was going to come here and who else was in the area too.After a brief second, items appeared near him.
    Steven Lasket had fought against the strangest monster in his day, but beating Ultron with his father was indeed a first as the man hated him, as he looked left and right for everything. He landed with a thud on the ground as he looked up at the twins and paused as they introduced themselves. " Steven Lasket," he said, as he looked at them, wondering what else he could say.

    *1 I'm Scooby Doo

    @The Outsider
  4. Adam Jensen was in the middle of dealing with a favor asked by a former compatriot, when he decided to jump off of a building a float down via the Icarus Augmentation. The thing is amazing when finding shortcuts.

    But as it activated, it deactivated. Sending him falling into what appeared to be a blue portal, although he did land on his side, he was relatively unharmed.

    As he slowly stood up, he saw that he wasn't in Detroit anymore, but was in some weird place where things floated. He then noticed he wasn't alone. Eight others. Well, seven people and one dog. Four of whom have introduced themselves. The dog soon introduced itself as "Scooby Doo."
    The girl with the energy swirling around her name was. "Isis Harmon."

    The guy with the shield said his name was. "Steven Lasket."

    "Adam Jensen." He said, with a gravelly voice. The Typhoon Augmentation was ready to go, incase things went south.
    Vector was once again running from Umbrella's idiotic assemble called a Task Force, when he fell into a blue portal. Landing on his back. As he recovered from the fall, he saw that he was not alone on what appeared to be a floating piece of land. Seven people, one dog.

    One of them had a strange energy around her, who said her name was Isis Harmon. The other one said something about Purgatory.

    The dog surprised Vector when it introduced itself as Scooby Doo.
    The one with the shield said his name was Steven Lasket.

    Then the one guy with shades and coat said his name was Adam Jensen.

    After standing up, he put a hand on his knife, ready to strike, should anything happen.

    "Vector....." He said in a cold voice.
    Edward was hunting beasts in the ruins of Old Yharnam, before he fell into a portal.

    Landing on his feet, he was somewhat surprised to find himself in a place similar to that of the Hunter's dream.

    With people that didn't look like Hunters. Infact one of them was a dog.

    He heard several names.

    Iris Harmon, Scooby Doo, Steven Lasket, Adam Jensen and Vector.

    ".....Hunter..." He didn't want to lie about his name, but just incase. One of them could be the type that hated Hunters.
  5. Burēdo was being caged in camera, awaiting his death
    This is it
    When suddently, right at the moment when he recognized concentrated laser flash, he fell through a portal, in the strange place inside of which floated parts of different buildings and objects.
    He looked through opening portal, as he saw crowd of several people, but, right at the moment he was ready to exit the portal, portal flied high up above the crowd, as Burēdo was pushed out of portal
    He yelled hardly, as he felt himself falling, his eye sight suddenly got blurry, but he still recognized where is ground.
    By fast movement of his hands he spawned explosion under him, at 5 meters above ground. Energy of explosion was enough to make him float in air for several seconds, as he then masterly landed on ground.
    While he was in portal, he recognized that some persons said their names, so he decided to do it too.
    "My name is Burēdo..."
    He said peacefully, looking on his half-burnt shoes and pants, because of explosion.
  6. Sorena dropped her defensive stance, but kept the knife in hand. "Seems I am the last to make an introduction, huh?" She said. She figured she may as well use her actual name, but she would not give her full name. "I'm Sorena." She said. "And this sure as Hell ain't Heaven. I don't even think it's Hell either. Or Hell Adjacent." She said, using another name for Purgatory. Looking around, Sorena kept her guard up, ready to bring the knife up to strike if needed. By the looks of some of these people, some of them might be Demons or Vampires. She thought the dog might be a Skinwalker. Sorena also had a thought that maybe she was caught from behind by a Djinn.

    Seeing that no one was attacking her, Isis dropped her stance, ending the spell she was forming. She could cast a simple defensive spell quickly if needed. "Now that introductions are out of the way, can someone please explain where we are and why we are here?"
  7. Scooby looked at the things landing next to him and he recgonized some of them as he had worked with them in the past. There were a latern, a jackhammar, a football helmet, a megaphone and some other things he remembered having. Also a backpack feel through for him to fit all of those things too. He decided that the woman had asked the right question.
    Steven looked at everyone who had introduced themselves and did wonder why they were there. It seemed like something bad was happening and they had been chosen for something, but what?
  8. "Hm. Want the honors, brother?" Rosalind said to Robert. Whom said. "I thought you wanted to?"

    "I already did something like this during that war between heroes." "Ah. Alright then.....You've been selected from your universe to assist us, in dealing with.....Certain problems that are far numerous in number for just three people to undertake. The reason why you were selected is because, you were by far the most unchanged. Or, your universe hasn't experienced these changes....Yet. And since I'd rather not go into too much detail, as we are short two members, I'll just make this short. If you want to save your universe from either certain doom, or permanent changes, do assist us." Robert finished, folding his hands behind his back.

    The Outsider added in. "This isn't Hell, or Purgatory. Infact, all of you are currently in my domain....Or at least, a part of it....And as the Luteces have already stated, we're down two people......Jason Todd, aka The Red Hood. And Alucard, the undead king..."

    As he said those names, two pieces of earth formed, with what looked like a diorama, only bigger and more. "Lifelike."

    One platform had a man in a white and black biker jacket with a red symbol on the back and a red hood covering what appeared to be mask of sorts. In his hands were two handguns firing at what appeared to be goons. Though, this was still. Like a picture, and the man was somewhat transparent.

    The other platform, had what could only be described as a mass of blackness. The only thing that could be seen were billions of red eyes, and on what could be a silhouette, was a grin.

    "....I take it something went wrong with getting them?" Adam said.

    "This one is sharp....Unlike the other one." Robert said, before Rosalind responded. "Don't talk low of Mr. Dewitt, he was sharp enough to understand 'the end'......"

    Vector said. "And what are we going to do about them.....?"

    "You will go forth and recruit them, then we can begin." The Outsider said. Going quiet as he let the situation sink in.
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  9. [Just realized it didn't save the final part of my post.]

    "How come you can just bring them here like the rest of us?" Adam said, crossing his arms.

    "Because, it's either they're in the middle of a very important moment in their timeline.....Or, something has disrupted their transport here." Rosalind explained.

    ".....Shall we split up to recruit both of them at the same time, as we don't waste much going all together?" Vector suggested.

    "That is possibly for the best." Robert said. When two differently colored portals formed behind them. One was white, and the other one was a deep red. "The white one will take you to the universe in which Jason Todd, Red Hood is in." "And the red one will take you to Alucard." Rosalind and Robert said.

    Adam went next to the white one. ".....While teaming up isn't my thing, I can let it go this one time.....Whoever wants to help recruit Jason Todd, come here."

    Edward went to the red portal. "And whoever wishes to recruit Alucard, come here."

    Vector went over with Edward.
  10. Scooby looked at his two options and saw that he either go for Jason Todd or Alucard and he wasn't sure what the right choice was. He watched as Steven Lasket went to the portal with Jason Todd and he followed suit. He assumed that the man with the superpowers knew what he was doing and he looked at him, wondering who else would join them.

    @The Outsider @CynderTheDragoness @WitchcraftIsScience
  11. "Might as well." Sorena grumbled. With her Demon Blade still in hand, the hunter started off for red portal. "If this leads to Hell, y'all are gonna need me." She said. She had assumed the white portal lead to Heaven and she did not have an Angen Blade on hand.

    Isis followed the dog into the white portal. For some reason it felt like a better choice. "I still don't know where I am." She said. "Did rthe Guild get sucked into Edolas again?"
  12. "Hey, shining twins, I'm going to sit this one out. I feel like I'll get a bullet from those two and I'll end up killing them." Deadpool said before going back to reading a wolverine comic.

    Meanwhile, Alucard was in the middle of a battle against the undead. His two sidearms culling down ghoul after ghoul after being mowed down by a hail of bullets, leaving his target shaking with fear and confusion. Begging for its unlife, only to be ran through by the no life king's hand.
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  13. The white portal dropped them off at what appeared to be docks at night, in the rain. But thankfully underneath a roof and out of sight from the masked goons that seemed to be patrolling said docks.

    "So, where's Jason....?"

    Soon, Adam's answer came in the form of one of the goons all by himself being pulled behind a wall. Whereupon a gunshot could be heard. This sent the goons into high alert as they ran to the location that the gunshot originated from. Just as they did that, a figure could be seen zipping up to a perch. Lightning flashed to show that the figure was none other than Jason Todd, The Red Hood.

    "Spread out boys, easier to get the freak." A goon said.

    With help of his augmentation, Adam could faintly hear. "More like easier to take you idiots down."

    The goons did split up, but four of them were getting close to the group's location.

    Taking cover behind some boxes, Adam gave Steven, Scooby and Iris a look that said. "Get ready."

    As the four goons got closer, Adam sprang into action. Running at one, he pulled the rifle out of his arms, before using it as a blunt item to stun the thug. After that, he began to punch into unconsciousness. All the while hoping the others were taking down the other thugs.
    Edward and Vector appeared nearby to Alucard's undead massacre, along with whoever joined them.

    Vector took cover behind a wall, while Edward walked forward, causing Vector to grumble. "What is he doing?"

    Edward didn't mind stepping on the remains and blood of the ghouls. Aside from the foul stench, it almost reminded him of Yharnam...
  14. Isis took up a ready stance, a spell already forming. A magic circle of glacial blue appeared before her as she called upon her Magic Energy. As the thugs drew nearer to her position, she spread her hands appart, slamming them to the ground. It was one of the first Ice-Make spells she had mastered. "Ice-Make, Floor!" She shouted as her hands touched the ground. A sheet of ice fanned out before her, spreading under the feet of the thugs and causing them to slip and fall. Placing her hands together again, with one fist in her palm as her ready stance, Isis cast another spell. "Ice-Make, Lance!" She bellowed as she pushed her hands outward again. Spears of ice shot forward, arcing towards the thugs.
  15. Būredo went to recruit Alcurad, as he went upon person named Vector, in his mind listing physical formulas for using explosions. He thought about everything what happens to him, muttering to himself
    ~I feel myself so much like Alice...~
  16. Steven knew exactly what to do and he equipped his shield carefully and Scooby looked to see what he had to fight the goons. He found a megaphone and a lantern, useless, but he came across some bubble gum and threw it in the path of the goons and he hoped that they would get caught in it. " I got your back," Steven said to Scooby, who was still trying to find something better than gum and pulled out a sword, well that worked.

    " Ri'm ready," he said.*1

    *1 I'm ready.

    @CynderTheDragoness @The Outsider
  17. The thug tripped on the gum, somehow.

    While the other thugs, aside from the one that Adam knocked out, also tripped due to the ice.

    Although, one of them panic fire his gun, quickly alerting the other thugs to the group. And Jason Todd as well. "Grayson wasn't supposed to be here...."

    There now was only nine thugs, since Jason was busy thinning their ranks prior to the group's assault.

    Adam, upon seeing that a few thugs were coming their way, picked up the rifle he had used as a blunt weapon, and aimed it at the small group of thugs. Firing at them.

    Meanwhile, Jason Todd was assisting in taking them down, by using his large handguns to snipe some of the thugs, all but one were kill shots. The lucky thug landed on his side, his kneecap practically blown off.
  18. "Oh? Who do we have here?" The vampire Alucard asked, spotting Edward after the vampire he was sent to kill was reduced to ash "who are you and what do you want? Can't you see I'm working here?"
  19. "Name's Edward......Me and a few others have been sent to recruit you for a very important task...." That was all Edward said.

    Vector poked his head out of cover for a second, before ducking, saying to Būredo and Sorena. "Be ready......Just incase..." He took off the safety to his gun. Ready should Alucard decide to be a bit. "Violent."
  20. "Recruit me? Just the four of you?" Alucard asked "you three over there. Come out and holster your weapons if you want to live." The vampire ordered as several red eyes of varying sizes opened in the shadows around them, blocking out the light of the blood red moon.
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