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  1. It was just another school day for Red. She got herself up earlier to get to school before others. She grabbed her bag and set out, headed for school. She had a happy smile on her face, ready for the day. Though there was one thing that was deep down inside, bothering her. There was one problem at school that she couldn't seem to stop and that was Wolf. He was such a delinquent yet seemed to do better in grades than her and she didn't like that. She always tried so hard.

    While in her thoughts Red made it to school. She said hi to her friends, but never stopped until she made it to the classroom. She took her seat and got ready for class.
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  2. Kazuto Wolf, otherwise known as 'Wolf' really wasn't fond of coming to school, everything the teachers taught them he already knew so most of his time during class he simply stared out the window from his desk and daydreamed. The main thing he enjoyed was being able to see his friends and his after school duty which was taking care of the school's pets, he allowed himself a small smile as he walked down the sidewalk heading towards school; though that smile instantly vanished and turned to a scowl once he crossed school grounds. Here he was usually feared because of his strength and temper, not many people got on his nerves or even were high enough to be on his radar, though a girl called Red popped up every now and again. While wolf never tried during school she always did her best but he easily beat her each time, he didn't feel pride in it, the situation was merely just a minor source of entertainment for him. Wolf yawned, slowly made his towards his classrooms and didn't pay attention as his fellow students parted to make way from him, upon walking into his classroom he ignored Red then went to his seat in the back and sat down.
  3. Red turned towards the door upon the entry of Kazuto. He was the one that did better than her, yet he didn't even try. She didn't really hate him, she wasn't sure if she could hate anyone for real but there was sometimes when he would get on her nerves. It's not like she would show it all that much either, most people saw her as the nice, calm student. She couldn't burst out in anger every time he got a better grade than her when he didn't try. She made a small sigh at the thoughts but brushed them off. After all, other students were entering the classroom. Class would start soon, the teacher entering the room as well.
  4. Kazuto let out an low yawn as the starting bell for class rand and his friend Tuzo, the mountain troll, sat down in the desk beside Kazuto's. Tuzo didn't look like your average troll, he simply looked like a normal teenager expect his height and large muscles; Tuzo held his fist out with a joyful grin which Kazuto bumped his own fist against. Tuzo faced forward eager to learn while Wolf rested the side of his cheek against his palm then lowered his hears against his head and stared through the window to his left as a small flock of geese flew by, already from seeing the board once again they would be learning a topic he already knew everything about; he just wished he could skip this class and go out into the court yard and enjoy the fresh breeze, anything was better then remaining in a room filled with people who talked nonstop. Sighing his tail wrapped around his waist while he moved his gaze up to the sky and simply watched the clouds slowly shift and changed as they floated away.
  5. Red decided to forget about Kazuto. Once the teacher began she took all her thoughts and focused on the teacher. She wrote every possible thing she could write down in her notes, what was on the board and what the teacher would say. Red usually took great notes, something that most classmates or more so her friends would like to look at in the end. Unlike some people in the class, Red was glad to learn more. She felt it was always best to learn something new. So, with a smile on her face she listened carefully never taking her eyes away from the board. Of course there were some people who did the opposite of her, though there were some like her too. The class was mixed with the good kids and the bad kids something that tend to cause problems when trying to work together.
  6. Once the clouds were out of Kazuto's field of vision he once again grew bored and saw nothing outside to occupy his attention so he turned his gaze to find something inside the classroom to sate his boredom; non of his fellow classmates interested him up and his gaze easily passed by Red not even giving her a second look as he surveyed everyone. Several students that were in his group were also in this class but they were too far for him to talk to and Tuzo was way too focused on class that Kazuto really didn't want to disturb him, he didn't understand why the school system didn't separate the bad from the good; it'd be less of a burden for him because he'd stop having to interrupt fights that occurred because of the group's different personalities. Putting those thoughts aside for now his gaze rested upon clock and silently calculated how much time was left in class, class was only half way through, another thirty minutes to go Kazuto picked up his pencil then opened his sketch book and began to draw. Surprisingly, he was very good and drawing and painting so much that when art competitions between schools would be held he'd normally win first place with either a fantastic drawing or painting winning him money for his college fund and the school a trophy for them to place in their trophy case that resided in school's main entrance.
  7. Red looked over at the clock briefly, it seemed class was getting closer to being over. She was surprised that class was running smoothly today. She figured it was due to the teacher just lecturing today instead of having to do any group work. Most likely there wasn't everyone paying attention during the lecture but what other people did wasn't really any business to Red. So, the class continued on with Red still taking notes. After thirty minutes the bell rang, telling the students that the class was over. Red stretched, then put her notebook and pencil back into her bag. She may like school but she was still glad to have a break.
  8. Wolf stretched, finally class was over he closed his sketchbook then silently slipped it into his back before slinging it behind him back and stood up, "I have free period next, Tuzo, if you or the others need me I'll be on the roof," patted Tuzo on the back then walked past his fellow students. A few regarded him but he simply walked past them and Red as he exited the room, he started walking down the hall but quickly veered right and arrived at one of the many vending machines littered across the school, slipping in a few coins from his pocket he received a small glass of milk and casually sipped from it as he walked. Finally he arrived at the set of stairs that led to roof, he deposited his empty glass into the nearest garage can before making his way up the stairs and through the doorway; upon opening the door he was met by a cool breeze that swept over the school ,"Guess I'll just sit in the usual place," he repositioned his back then walked over the closest shady corner and retrieved his sketch book. Opening it to a blank page he started to construct the view in front of him with careful and precise swipes of his pencil, being up on the roof was one of the few times Kazuto could actually relax and focus entirely on his drawing and he loved the sweet smelling breeze that once in awhile appeared.
  9. Red picked up her bag. She had gym next and with it being such a nice day outside that's were it was going to be. But first she had to get herself dressed. So, Red make her way down the hallway, almost being knocked over by Jack. He was one of those trouble making, who else would go and steal something from a giants home. Red made a sigh, relieved she didn't fall over and finally made it to the locker room. She got dressed into the usual uniform saying hey to a few friends and walked with the class outside. Red looked around, she could remember someone saying that they were going to be on the roof. Could people on the roof see them while they were there? She hoped no one would be watching them but there was nothing else she could do. Instead she sat down waiting for her turn to be called on to try shooting the soccer ball around.
  10. Wolf raised an eyebrow as he noticed several figures walking around below him and looked to be kicking around a ball, "Hm, must be the gym class. It is a nice day so it makes sense that they'd come outside and get some fresh air rather than being inside the gymnasium," he shrugged finishing his sketch of the doorway and part of roof in front of him before his artistic curiosity got the better of him, would he be able to draw what would seem like a bird's eye view from here? He tapped the eraser end of his pencil absentmindedly against the back of his mind then flipped to another blank page, he turned himself to his left to get a better view then started work on getting the outside done then he started working inward until he was at the center; "Hm, I don't normally draw people but I guess its better to try new things and possibly expand your limits," he mumbled to himself with a creased scowl as he carefully looked from his paper back to his drawing as he carefully constructed the somewhat lively scene going on below him. "This is a bit tricky, the wind constantly causes the leaves to change positions, therefore, I'd be better for me to imagine where they would be next and draw them there. Next is the people down there, the ones sitting are easy but the ones moving are a problem; Wait...I'll just use the same technique I'm using for the trees," he nodded then quickly went back at it.
  11. Red watched her classmates kick the ball around. It wasn't really that they were playing a game, it was more just trying to see if someone could get a shot into the goal. If they did that person would probably sit down and give someone else a try. So far, Red was still stuck, sitting on the grass and watching. Though that wasn't a bad spot to be. It was a nice day, with the breeze just making it fresh enough to feel perfect. It would even make Red's long blonde hair sway around. She had a smile on her face when a girl came up and sat beside her. "Hey." Red said, it was one of her friends. Red didn't know what to talk about to her today, usually it seemed that they had a lot to talk about. But today, Red's mind was blank. She might just get out of gym today, the class was going by and she still was just sitting there.
  12. Kazuto cocked his head to the side as a dog would when it found something odd, when a breeze swept through he noticed how one of the girl's hair sway; he looked down at his picture then back to the scene in front of him and back down to his picture while he quickly erased a small part and redid it. With a content sigh he held up his finished picture in front of him and compared it with what he saw down below, it was almost if he took a picture and glued it the page but when he began to lower his sketch book a burst of wind blew through and tore the paper clean of its bindings. He watched with a blank expression as the drawing was carried by the wind then slowly descended towards the ground below, it mattered not to him, he made no indication on the paper regarding who drew it so if someone found it they had no way of tracing it back to him and besides, he could simply draw another picture if he wished. Yawning, he closed his sketchbook then placed it into his bag before he stood up and made his way across the roof and through its exit. Closing the door behind him he slung his back over his shoulder, walked down the flight of stairs into the hallway and started walking, "Might as well just head to Biology since its my next class," he sighed.
  13. Red suddenly felt a gust of wind, holding over her hair so that it wouldn't go everywhere. Just then a piece of paper blew onto her lap. She grasped it into her hand and took a look at the picture on it. Red was shocked. It was a perfect picture of them from above. She never knew something could be done so well. The only problem was that it didn't have any indication who had made it. Red couldn't give to back to anyone then. With that thought in mind, it was too good to just throw away. Instead, Red would keep it. With the class now over, Red headed to the lockers and got dressed. She put the picture into her bag and headed for her next class, biology. It was another class that she couldn't get away from that Wolf. She walked in and sat down at her spot.
  14. When Wolf arrived at the biology room he really wanted to groan, he was hoping having left early he would have made it to class before any of the others arrived but like usual Red was the quickest to arrive; 'Almost reminds me of a faithful dog,' he thought to himself. Wolf's gaze easily passed by the girl and he made his way once again towards the furthest desk in the back, he placed his bag on his desk then sat down with even making a noise. Unlike his other classes Wolf actually enjoyed biology, each day they either learned about a new interesting subject or learned about a new species that had been discovered or even rediscovered. The only two drawbacks was starting today his only friend in this class, Nari, would no longer be in this class because she was moving; now the class had an odd number so hopefully they'd no longer do assignments with partners. The second was this was another class he had with Red, another reason why they should split the groups up; he wouldn't have to see her again.
  15. Red sat down and waited for the class to start. She took out her supplies, but made sure the picture wouldn't leave her bag. Other people were starting to pour into the classroom, one in particular who Red wished would not be in her class. Just then the teacher walked in. She stood at the front of the class and looked around.

    "Now that Nari is gone, we're going to have to change things up a bit." The teacher said to the class. This was something Red didn't want to hear. She liked having the partner she had. Was the teacher going to stop partners or give them new ones. "At first I was worried about the odd number due to this but it seems we had a turn of events that leaved us loosing another classmate. She had to switch into another class. So, therefore I will change the partners." The worst possible outcome for Red was about to happen and probably for Wolf too.

    "Red, you're partner was the one to transfer so I am placing you with a new partner. Let's see." The teacher looked around. "Let's put you and...Kazuto Wolf together. You two are both smart so it should work out great." Red almost lost it. It wasn't possible, did the teacher really say what Red thought she said. She was now partners with...Wolf. She wanted to refuse but she was the good student, she couldn't. She grabbed her things and moved over next to the spot where Wolf was. She said nothing to him, just setting her things down again.
  16. Kazuto was, more like between agitated and extremely pissed. No matter how much he liked Biology and his teacher he bared his fangs at the biology teach and if looks could kill their teacher would be well below six feet under. Seriously putting the best of the good and bad together probably not a good idea, he really didn't want to be partnered with the girl who was every teachers' pet. When Red stood up from her seat Wolf's expression died down to one of a blank expression then he simply turned his head to look out the window when she turned around, walked over then sat at the sea beside him. He heard something roll and noticed her pencil had crossed her side of the desk and was now rolling towards him, without even thinking he turned; He picked up the pencil then placed it on a spot located on her desk where it wouldn't freely move and with out saying anything he went back to staring outside the windows.
  17. Red noticed Wolf move her pencil that was rolling. At least he was nice enough to hand it back to her, she thought to herself. Though, this was still a situation she didn't like. She just had to deal with it. "Thanks." She said to him, it was the right thing to say after he gave her back her pencil. After that, she stayed focused on the teacher, who now wasn't exactly on Red's favorite list. Hopefully, there wouldn't be a lot of partner work for the rest of the year.
  18. Wolf simply lowered his head once to acknowledge what she said but said nothing, his tail quickly wrapped its self around his waist and he eyes followed a caterpillar before it disappeared into the mini forest of leaves. Once the lesson started Wolf turned to face forward and intently listened to everything the teacher said, sure the teacher now ranked lower than before which resulted in Wolf giving him a glare whenever he looked his way but at least the new subject was really interesting. 'Please let there be no more partner work,' he prayed to himself as he jotted down a few notes he found interesting.
  19. Red copied notes, trying to keep the thought of who was beside her out of her mind. At least today didn't seem like it would be a day that they needed partners. It seemed they were just learning something today but who knew what would happen in the next couple days. Red just was glad that the class seemed to be going pretty quickly. For once, she wanted to get out. Luckily, it was lunch after this. Red hit her bag while writing and the picture she had found slid out a bit, making it noticeable if you looked over.
  20. Wolf had finished writing his last note then placed his pencil back on his desk as he listened to the lesson and ignored Red like she didn't even exist, he wasn't going to let her ruin his favorite class or his whole day. Well that's what he thought at least until he noticed the swift movement of something falling, he turned to the right wondering what moved and saw it; he recognized it and to his horror it was his drawing from the roof. A look of recognition flashed across his before it was quickly replace by his usually cold look, he turned to face toward the front of the room but inside he was cursing himself. 'Why the hell does that girl have my drawing?! doesn't really matter does it? There's no way to trace it back to me and besides it was just something to pass the time,' he stated to himself and decided right now it didn't matter.
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