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Hello, everyone. I am looking for potential partners to write a good collaborative story or stories with. :) Below, I will inform you a little bit about me and what I expect from my writing partner. I assure you that I am not as strict and picky as I seem to be. I will also be informing you of certain fandoms and genres below, too.

About Me:
1. I write as female and male characters. I also like to double and add in NPCs, too. In Fandoms, I only write as original characters.
2. I write multiple paragraphs, anywhere between 4 and 8. I can't promise a reply everyday because I do work full time but I am very communicative about when I am unable to post.
3. I prefer to write in the forums only. But in private conversations, we can discuss plot and character ideas.
4. I consider myself to be an intermediate to advanced writer but I am also adaptable to any writing level.
5. I also adore romance within my stories so I have to have it. I am also willing to write out erotic scenes or fade to black.

Potential Partner:

1. Please be willing to double if the plot calls for it. It's totally not required though. If you prefer to write as canon characters in Fandoms, that's totally fine with me
2. Please be able to write multiple paragraphs, at least four. Be communicative with me and I will show the same gratitude in return.
3. Be willing to write in the forums only. If you want a private conversation roleplay, better be ready to convince me then.
4. Please be at least an intermediate to advanced writer. If you are anything lower, I might be willing to give you a shot but it's not likely.
5. If you do not like romance then we probably won't work out together. Also, let me know if you prefer to write out erotic scenes or fade to black.


1. Game of Thrones - I've seen all episodes and all seasons. I have not read the books based around this quite yet though. I usually prefer something either when Joffery is King or when Cersei becomes Queen. I do not have any plot ideas for this but willing to discuss and come up with something together.

2. American Horror Story - Seen all seasons of this, as well and definitely willing to discuss potential plots here, too. I usually prefer something based around Murder House, Coven or Roanoke.

3. Glee - If you are willing to do this one with me, I will love you forever. I've seen all seasons and I sort of have a small plot in mind for this one but willing to discuss other plots here, too.

4. Riverdale - I've always wanted to write a murder mystery, drama filled roleplay so I think Riverdale would be good to do so. I do not have a plot in mind for this one but again, more than willing to discuss ideas for this one.

5. Teen Wolf - I haven't seen all seasons, only seen seasons 1-5 but I do have a plot in mind for this fandom though.

6. Pretty Little Liars - I have only seen seasons 1-4 but get the gist of it. I do not have a plot in mind for this one either but we can definitely discuss something together here.

7. Arrow - I have seen seasons 1-5 only but something based around this would be good. No plot in mind for this one either.

8. Reign - I have seen the whole series here and would like to do something after the King's death and having the son become King and his counterpart become Queen.

9. Harry Potter - I do have a plot in mind for this but I am only movieverse knowledgeable because it's been forever since I have read the books.

10. The Hunger Games - I have a plot in mind for this, as well but willing to discuss potential ideas here. It's been awhile since I've seen the movies and read the books but I remember enough.

11. Divergent - I have a plot in mind for this, too but it's similar to the first movie. Again, willing to discuss potential plots here.

12. X-Men - I've seen every single movies and love the universe so I'd definitely be up for discussing something here.

13. Stranger Things - I have seen both seasons and cannot wait for more to come out. I do have a plot in mind for this but also willing to discuss here, too.


1. Anything Modern - Have a few ideas.
2. Anything Medieval - Have a few ideas.
3. Assassins - I've always wanted to write something based around assassins or something. Have a few ideas here, too.
4. Summer Camp - Have an idea here.
5. Band RP - Have an idea for this.
6. High School or College - Of course I have ideas for this one.
7. Romance - Adore this!
8. Anything Mafia - I have an idea in mind for this.

I think I have covered just about enough to pick up few partners but if you have any questions then don't hesitate to ask me.