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    Pompeii. A city conquered by Romans. In the roman time, it was do or die. Serve the emperor, or die in a number of different gruesome deaths. Maybe you would be kept prisoner and forced to fight to the death against other slaves, freedom dangled in front of your face as an incentive, like a horse running after that carrot on a stick. It was useless. Freedom would never be given to you, even if you won. They would keep using you over and over until you died, and another victor was appointed the title Gladiator, still a slave in every sense.

    Or maybe you're not a captive. Maybe you're someone of power. Maybe your family has, or had a chance to do something that might keep you alive for a little longer. Maybe you're allied with the Romans. Maybe you're a noble or a guest to the emperor's new villa in the cliffside Italian city.

    Whoever you are, wherever you came from, this is it. Your chance to be someone.

    Welcome to Pompeii.
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    1. Characters from the movie may be used, however their outcomes/the plot will not be the same. I have a different idea for the plot of this roleplay, however the movie and this roleplay will have similarities, such as the events occurred in actual history. Some characters may survive the explosion in this roleplay.

    2. Oc's can't be op, or god-modders. The usual. Other than that, go wild. If you can make a character that is wealthy, popular, charismatic and also knows how to fight wonderfully, and you can keep it together, you're fine in my book.

    3. Just one thing for the characters. Please try to make sure you include weaknesses. Your character can be what you want it to be, but we're all human, and humans aren't perfect. Weaknesses, We've all got em'.

    4. Fights will mostly be with NPC's, but if you would like two Oc's to fight, be prepared that your characters (Before the fight, both players must agree to a the IC fight.) may perish. Dice rolls will be used to determine the winner. Other than that, you can write up your own victory/loss, with the chance that your character can escape before the killing starts.

    5. This is mostly survival-based. ALTHOUGH, if anyone wants to have a character like Corvus, or maybe several, go ahead. Drama is always appreciated.
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