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    • Welcome, to Theralune.

    • [​IMG]
      Theralune has long been a nation of relative peace. Civil war, rebellion, and crime plague its past, as for any nation, but no great calamities have tarnished its history. However, rumors have been spreading of curious experiments taking place on the northern island of Komiir, home of the ever-tinkering gnomes. They say they’ve been experimenting with genetic mutations in pokemon, working to create a powerful force to aid in the advancement of Theralune. Unfortunately, the gnomes were not prepared to control what they created and now, word spreads of a mighty beasts ravaging the lands, growing, feeding, and reproducing. It is not yet known what this creature is, but the king of the gnomes has summoned the greatest heroes from across the lands to combine their efforts into tracking it down, and defeating it. There’s loot in it for all, but more than that, the threat, if left unmanaged, could mean destruction for all.


      In an adventure of pokemon, high fantasy, and table-top feels, you and your team will work together to stop this mutated beast from overrunning the lands. Play as an elf, a dwarf, a human, or a gnome, and venture out into a world filled with pokemon to track down the mutant and talk some sense into the pesky, meddling royal gnome tinkerers. This isn't a gym-based story, nor is it a classic ten-year-old-on-a-journey tale. No, this is a grand, fantasic adventure. Our story begins, in a tavern, as all the best do.

    • [​IMG]

      Combat is based on a simple level system explained below:
      • Common pokemon can level up to level 10.
      • Rare pokemon can level up to level 15
      • Legendaries can level up to level 20
      • Type advantages add +2 levels to any pokemon, for that battle
      • Type disadvantages remove -2 levels from any pokemon for that battle
      Any pokemon can enter into a battle with a pokemon up to 1 level above it, once all calculations have been done. There are three tiers of battle: easy, medium, and hard. This will be explained using a lvl 5 fire type.
      • Easy: Pokemon BELOW your pokemon’s level (ex: =/<4, with advantage, =/<6)
      • Medium: Pokemon at an EQUAL level to your pokemon’s (ex: =5, with advantage =7)
      • Hard: Pokemon ONE LEVEL ABOVE your pokemon’s. (ex: =/>6, with advantage, =/>8)
      In each battle, the difficulty will indicate which roll you need to be successful. Required rolls are as follows:
      • Easy: =/>5 on d20
      • Medium: =/> 10 on d20
      • Hard: =/>15 on d20
      To go after pokemon of higher levels, such as legendaries, you will need to utilize a teamwork method called “Stacking.” This means you utilize numerous pokemon of the same level to gain additional levels for each. For example:
      • Facing a level 15 Legendary with a level 10, no advantage.
        • For each additional level 10, each pokemon gains 1 extra level
        • 1 x lvl 10 + 3 x lvl 10 = +3 levels to each = 4 x lvl 14 pokemon (DOABLE!)
      If numerous players take part in a battle, a loot roll will determine who the pokemon decides to trust. The loot roll will only be preformed by GM’s.

    • [​IMG]
      At the beginning of the roleplay, each player may bring with them up to two pokemon. All additional pokemon will be kept at home and may be transferred whenever they so choose, but these transferred pokemon are subject to travel time, leaving the player with a one pokemon deficit for the time of the exchange. As they advance as rangers, players maximum party size will increase.

      Pokemon have up to three evolutions. Those with only two are considered “common pokemon” and evolve at level 5. Pokemon with three evolutions are considered rare pokemon and they evolve at levels 5 and 10. Legendary pokemon do not evolve.
      Common: Max lvl: 10, evolves at lvl 5
      Rare: Max lvl: 15, evolves at lvl 5 and lvl 10
      Legendary: Max lvl: 20, does not evolve

      Ranger ability determines the capability of each player as a companion to the pokemon. A ranger with a low ability level won’t be trusted or seen as worthy by higher level pokemon. Ranger ability is increased throughout the roleplay via “Ranger Ability Events” which allow the potential of the ranger to increase. If a ranger has a pokemon companion trying to level, the level will be held dormant until the ranger can increase his or her ability. This means that if you cannot increase your ranger ability, you will not lose pokemon levels.
      • RA 1 = pkmn 2
      • RA 2 = pkmn 4
      • RA 3 = pkmn 6
      • RA 4 = pkmn 8
      • RA 5 = pkmn 10
      • RA 6 = pkmn 12
      • RA 7 = pkmn 14
      • RA 8 = pkmn 16
      • RA 9 = pkmn 18
      • RA 10 = pkmn 20
      Each pokemon will begin with FOUR moves in their moveset. At level 5, they gain an additional move, and continue to do so until their peak level, with the exception of gaining two moves at levels 10, 15, and 20.

    • [​IMG]
      APPEARANCE: (required, image preferred)
      HOMETOWN: (If the hometown is unlabeled, feel free to give it a name and describe it with the guidance of your GMs.)
      STRENGTHS: (these are part of the character's personality. ex: brave = good. Archer = bad. But skills in the skill section.)
      WEAKNESSES: (any and all weaknesses)
      SKILLS: (these are learned. Things like kindness, belong under strengths.)

      TEAM (Starter pokemon MUST be basics. No legendaries, no rares. This means they may have no more than 2 forms in their evolution chain and must be starting in their basic form.)
      APPEARANCE: (Optional) (No shinies)
      LEVEL: (Max 2)
      PLACE MET:

      +POKEMON TWO+ (Optional at start)

      APPEARANCE: (Optional) (No shinies)
      LEVEL: (Max 2)
      PLACE MET:

    • ALSO: Everyone needs to spend 5 skill points. You can spend them on tiers or skills. EX: Swimming: 3 and Acrobatics: 2 = 5 or Acrobatics: 1 Swimming: 1 Riding: 1 Fly: 1 Craft: 1

      There are three tiers of skills. Rangers start with 5 spendable perk points and may purchase a either a skill or a skill tier with each. Tier one success rolls are =/<15. Tier two success rolls are =/<10. Tier three success rolls are =/<5.
      • Acrobatics: Used for defending against obstacles, avoiding things, doing tricks for gold, etc.
      • Appraise: Used for making judgement calls in haggling situations or when looting.
      • Bluff: Used for lying, whenever you may feel the need. (GM’s may ask for a different roll than the basic tier roll based on the NPC situation.)
      • Climb: Used for climbing trees, walls, etc.
      • Craft: Used for creating anything from poke poffins to leather working. Please specify one of the following: Tailoring, cooking, carpentry, smithing, potion making, other.
      • Diplomacy: When lying doesn’t work, you can use your diplomatic skills to navigate tricky situations.
      • Pokediplomacy: Because sometimes you have to convince a pokemon, instead of a person.
      • Disable Device: Used for disabling traps.
      • Disguise: Visual lying, can also be used to disguise one’s pokemon.
      • Escape Artist: Used for slipping out of ropes, chains, cages, or holds.
      • Fly: Used for flying on a pokemon.
      • Heal: Used for applying healing processes on oneself or others. Note: Tier one is basic, flesh wounds. Tier two is muscle and bone. Tier three is nervous tissue + rapid healing boost to the first two tiers.
      • Intimidate: When lying and talking your way out of things doesn’t work, result to bullying to get what you need.
      • Knowledge (elemental): Used for expressing wisdoms associated with pokemon elements.
      • Knowledge (Dungeoneering): Used for discerning pathways and making judgement calls in dungeons.
      • Knowledge (Engineering): Used for sorting out gnomish technology, and other technology.
      • Knowledge (Geography): Used for expressing wisdoms regarding the lay of the land, geographical features, etc.
      • Knowledge (History): One’s understanding of historical events and how they affect the people and places around them.
      • Knowledge (Local): Used for expressing one’s savviness of the local destination.
      • Knowledge (Nature): Used for expressing one’s wisdoms of the wilds, including local flora and fauna.
      • Knowledge (Nobility): An expression of one’s political savviness and the know how of higher living.
      • Perception: Used for perceiving changes or oddities in one’s environment.
      • Perform: Used for acting, dancing, juggling, or any other form of performance.
      • Profession:
      • Ride: Used for handling and riding mounts.
      • Sense Motive: A determination of one’s ability to sense motive, are they lying, being diplomatic, or bullying you?
      • Sleight of Hand: Cheating, stealing, or maybe a magic trick or two.
      • Stealth: Used for sneaking, hiding, and creeping.
      • Survival: Used for starting fires, building shelters, and keeping calm when the wilderness threatens to eat you up.
      • Swim: Used for swimming.

    • [​IMG]
      +Don't be an ass. Love each other.
      +Do as your GMs say.
      +If we sense overpowered characters? We will end them. *evil laughter*
      +Maximum two characters
      +No, you can't have a shiny, a legendary, a three stage pokemon, or a higher-than-two-levels pokemon at the start
      +Posting requirements are one post per week, though we hope for more.
      +If you try to rebel and make your char evil and ruin the plot? Your char will die.
      +For all town/village creation, you must get the approval from a GM.
      +Don't be an ass.
      +Have Fun! <3​

    • Our Journey Begins in Kondumar, of Feldren. Realm of the humans.

    • "Welcome, welcome, young traveler! What wares have I for sale? Well a bit of this, a bit of that, of course. What else could a gnome sell?"
      Secret Key [500G]: "All I can tell you is that it's for a place in Feldren!" The key seems to have a sigil of a rattata on it. What could it be for?
      Town Map [20G]: "This is more than your basic town map. This one tells you where everything is. I've taken all the rumors of legendary pokemon and hidden treasure I've heard in my travels and stored it on this map!"
      Jade Tokens [150G]: A rare set of three jade tokens, to be used at the Jade Palace in Everia to gain entry to the Sacred Groves. The Sacred Groves are holy gardens with healing herbs galore! It's U-Pick, so bring a basket!
      Rare Pokemon Incense [150G]: If you light this incense, its scent will lure rare type pokemon to the area. Be prepared for an encounter! Some are stronger than others.
      Glittering Pendant [800G]: The luck instilled in this pendant by a specific legendary, wish-maker pokemon, grants the wearer +2 on any skill check roll. It lasts about 15 rolls.​

    • This section will be used for keeping track of character levels, experience, inventory, and skills.

    • Played by GM Soulserenity20
      Character Sheet
      EXP: 0/100
      Zorua EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Dig, Shadow Ball, Rest, Protect
      Eevee EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Dig, Quick Attack, Curse, Helping Hand

      Survival: 1
      Craft - Cooking: 1
      Knowledge (Nature): 1
      Pokediplomacy: 2

      5 x Rations
      5 x Pokefood
      2 x Potions
      1 x Revive
      Traveler's Robes
      Oak Staff

    • ∴Played by Red Crow
      Character Sheet
      EXP: 0/100
      Skiddo EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Vine whip, Synthesis, Take down, Horn attack
      Munchlax EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Lick, Screech, Body slam, Natural gift

      Knowledge (nature):1

      Father's axe
      Foresting outfit (Caped hood, gloves, boots, leather vest and pants.)
      Flint and steel
      Drink horn(Shed from Skiddo)
      Tome of Tongues: Understand what all pokemon are saying for a full day.

    • Played by GM Mowkie
      Character Sheet
      EXP: 0/100
      Absol EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Detect, Night Slash, Pursuit, Swords Dance
      Eevee EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Charm, Helping Hand, Refresh, Quick Attack

      Diplomacy [1]
      Intimidate [1]
      Knowledge – History [1]
      Sense Motive [1]
      Survival [1]

      Simple Clothing [white tunic, black pants & belt, and thick, worn leather boots]
      Leather Armor [see here]
      Simple Cloak [see here]
      King’s Army Broadsword [on left hip]
      Pouch of Poffins
      3 Small Waterskins

    • Played by RestlessComfort
      Character Sheet
      EXP: 0/100
      Pikachu EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Thunderbolt, Bolt Tackle, Grass Knot, and Agility
      Buizel EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Quick Attack, Ice Beam, Water Gun, Aqua Tail

      Pokediplomacy: 1
      Craft (smithing): 1
      Survival: 1
      Perception: 1
      Acrobatics: 1

      Golden Elvish Plate Armor
      Set of Lockpicks
      2 Short Swords
      Handmade Longbow
      Quiver + 60 arrows
      Tinder Box
      Flint and Steel

    • Played by Atenthirtyone
      Character Sheet
      EXP: 0/100
      Misreavous EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Will-o-Wisp, Hex, Thunderwave, Pain Split
      Riolu EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Extreme Speed, Close Combat, Iron Tail, Iron Punch

      Acrobatics - 1
      Bluff - 1
      Sleight of Hand - 2
      Stealth - 1

      Traveling Clothes /w a lot of hidden pockets
      Set of Lockpicks
      50 feet of Silk Rope
      Pocket Sand
      Forged Papers of Various Identifications
      Smoking Pipe & Tin of Tobacco​

    • Played by Ailucia
      Character Sheet
      EXP: 0/100
      Tyrogue EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Foresight, Rock Smash, Brick Break, Strength
      Ponyta EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Flame Wheel, Sunny Day, Agility, Bounce

      Acrobatics - 1
      Pokediplomacy - 1
      Knowledge (Nature) - 1
      Survival - 1
      Riding - 1

      Short Spear
      Quiver + 70 arrows
      Skinning Knife
      Carving Knife
      Tightly woven straw sack
      Flint and Tinder
      30 feet of hemp rope
      2 Throwing Spears
      Leaf Stone

    • Played by Requiem
      Character Sheet
      EXP: 0/100
      Murkrow EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Shadow Claw, Night Slash, Snarl, Steel Wing
      Sableye EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Shadow Claw, Night Slash, Shadow Ball, Poison Jab

      Acrobatics: 1
      Perception: 1
      Stealth: 2
      Bluff: 1

      Rope Dart
      Twin Swords
      Gambler's Kit
      Mysterious Ring
      Water Purifier
      Pocket Watch
      Climbing Claws​

    • Played by Silver
      Character Sheet
      EXP: 0/100
      Teddiursa EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Baby Doll Eyes, Scratch, Lick, Fury Swipes
      Spritzee EXP: 0/100
      Moves (4): Fairy Wind, Sweet Scent, Draining Kiss, Wish

      Appraise [1]
      Craft- Potion Making [1]
      Diplomacy [1]
      Engineering [1]
      Heal [1]

      An outfit that seems to be a cross between adventuring clothes and lab wear
      Travel Potion making kit
      A set of tinkering tools
      Two first Aid Kits: one human and one Pokemon
      Rations, enough for her and each Pokemon for three days
      A water skin
      3 Bowls
      Jar of Honey
      Sleeping bag
      Field Journal and pen/pencil​
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  2. SAVED for important GM stuff likkkkkkeee stats and such. Which will also be implicated once Mowkie and I get a chance and we get some interest :)
  3. Mowkie
    will be playing a human, runaway-prince who will have an Eevee and an Absol as his companions

    will be playing a humble, elven rancher with a strong connection to nature. She will have an Eevee and a Zorua as her companions.
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  4. Welcome welcome! Looking forward to seeing that skeleton fleshed out ^_^
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  5. I'm here! *salutes*
  6. I guess with two people having Eevees, no one else can?

    Let's see what I can pull.
  7. Oh wait, I don't have tabletop experience.

    Do I need tabletop experience?
  8. Lol nope! Mowkie and I made sure this is suuuuper simple :)
  9. Alright, just to be sure - Pokemon are naturally occuring in this world right? I have these vibes that they're from a different plane.
  10. lol they're naturally occurring. But one has been genetically engineered
  11. Oh, and we has three Eevees, I believe. Soul and I were laughing over having more than the two, as we'd planned on turning ours into Unbreon and (I'm still thinking about mine) Espeon (or perhaps sylveon). Perhaps we can just limit it to nine total?? No doubles? I dunno, we'll have to review that bit. ^^

    EDIT: Nope, still two Eevees. XD But I don't see why we can't has more. Eevee is awesome, after all.
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  12. Im definately interested! So, let me see if i understand correctly. To start off with, we can only have two pokemon, and those two pokemon must only have a total of two evolutions. At the beginning of the roleplay, they have to be in their base evolution, no higher then level 2, eventually evolving at level 5? Does that cover it?
  13. That would be correct, my friend! You are spot on. ^^
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  14. Uh, I might have some interest in this. I'll see if I can make a character sheet later today. My only question is that the battles are still mostly theater of the mind and role-played right? All of those levels and numbers are just soft guidelines?
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  15. You can still write out the attacks (as I, personally, love doing so), but whether or not they hit will be based entirely on the rolls. So be sure to leave each attack open to a hit or miss. We (the GMs) will be writing out the reaction of the wild pokemon in the random encounters.
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  16. Nice. The sounds very reasonable and leaves room for roleplaying while retaining the flavor of Pokemon. Definitely interested.
  17. I'm very glad to hear that (and Soul will be, too)! Can't wait to see what you cook up for us! <3
  18. Making up a character sheet now!
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  19. Just a quick question. How are 'baby' and MEGA evolutions treated for the sake of Pokemon's rarity?
  20. Oh oh yah I'm intersted. If I don't make something before 12:30pm my time, it'll be done much much later today though.
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