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    All through out history great wizards have risen and fell, the most famous of them being Merlin the Trickster, but no matter their fame, or lack thereof, they all left behind relics of their power. Since the passing of the Early Time this world hasn't been graced with a wizard, but any mortal with enough magical spark can wield one of these relics. These people have been coined the Relicares. With the rise of the new era Relicares have risen in numbers.

    The year is now 2016 C.T. but with new years come new problems. For the small country of Wen Kroy, this presents itself as a rise in relic thefts, but with a population of 19.80 million, the police force can't keep up with the demand for justice. Frustrated and fed up with the lack of action and results, the students of Sneeuq College decide to take matters into their own hands and go after the thieves themselves. Unfortunately for them, they don't know just how deep this goes.


    Wen Kroy is a fictional country that is highly inspired by New York, from the name being written backwards to the population, but that doesn't mean it's actually New York. I want the feel of Wen Kroy to be like modern day Earth but with a little touch that reminds everyone that they may be on Earth, but not the Earth we're familiar with. For example, Wen Kroy is not a free country but a monarchy with non-binary ruler. Instead of he/him/him/himself or she/her/hers/herself, the Crown prefers e/em/ems/themself.

    The latest fashion trends range from putting a modern spin on old styles to styles that are completely gender ambiguous to support the non-binary Crown. In the way of culinary delights, Wen Kroy is known for it's garlic mustard and nutmeg hotdogs, thin crust pizzas, chicken and waffles, pastrami on rye, potato knishes, and Tso Chicken, a dark meat chicken that is battered, deep-fried and coated in a sugary-sweet, rich garlic hoisin sauce, speckled with hot chilli peppers and sesame. What truly makes Wen Kroy stand out however, is it's law against privately owned vehicles across the land, leaving the general public completely reliant on bikes and public transportation. Cell phones are rarely seen and when they are, they're mostly no more advanced than a flip phone. Portable music players are currently all the rage as music technology has seen little to no restrictions by the Crown.

    Due to past experiences I will be implementing a ten point rule. What this means instead of implementing a password that's easy to find on a skim or repeating myself over and over again I'll be giving you points for every rule you break. Accumulate 10 points and you're out of my game. Each rule's worth is dependent on what it is so pay attention; don't read the rules and the only person you'll hurt is yourself (just know not all rules induce a point penalty).

    - No God-Modding, Meta-Gaming or Power-Playing.
    Meta-gaming is taking knowledge - often out of character knowledge discussed out of character or simply knowledge your character couldn't possibly know - and implementing in-game. Yes, automatically knowing another player character's secret without permission is considered meta-playing. For a recap god-modding is never taking a punch, always landing hits, and always winning often at an unfair advantage. God-modding is also having extremely unbalanced powers and skills. Power-playing is taking control of another's character without permission. If I have to make you change something in your character sheet because of god-modding it will be 1 point for every offense. If I have to tell you to change your IC post because of god-modding, power-playing, meta-gaming I will give you five points up front.​

    - No Mary Sues or Gary Stues
    This is another basic rule I feel I must expand upon. Mary Sues and her various variants are characters meant to be perfect in anyway often to gain attention from the other cast members, solve every problem even at the cost of the plot and risk of an anti-climatic resolution, garner pity, be a special snowflake, and seem to exist to break games to look the most bad-ass or anime-esque. While using classic tropes to build off of is fun, be sure to balance your character and make sure you do something because it will benefit the game, your character, and the other characters and not because "it'd be/look cool". See above for point penalty.​

    Writing Expectations: Intermediate
    "At this level, you should exhibit a distinct writing voice and style. All players must be familiar with common grammar and punctuation and write clearly legible posts with varied sentence structure. You will be expected to have more fleshed-out characters and adhere to the setting." - What are the Posting Expectation Levels?

    This is the precise definition of the Intermediate posting expectation taken straight from the Iwaku FAQ. Writing levels and quality is not about how much you write but about what and how you write and Iwaku is and always will support this belief. With that said, because this plot is bordering complex I would highly appreciate it if my players had a good grasp on all of the concepts detailed above.​

    Posting Speed: Every Two Weeks
    The longest I'll wait for a player to reply IC is two weeks. If you don't reply in that two weeks span without word it's two points. Seriously, I'm an understanding GM. Just inform me if you can't post because something came up. On the other hand, if you're a quick replyer you can't reply back to someone until at least two other people get up posts or you've waited at least twenty-four hours. This should prevent the roleplay from advancing too quickly, turning into a back and forth, and leaving other players behind.​

    - No Killing without Authorization!
    While there maybe some forms of combat in this game nothing is more annoying then finding out in a post someone killed your character because it suited them or someone is going around slaying the NPCs because the waitress spilt tea in their lap. Don't be a dick, and even if you asked for permission there's a slim chance you will be granted it since that is not what this roleplay is about. Your characters weren't raised to be bad asses. Killing shouldn't be their first instinct and it is going to affect them in someway unless they have a mental disorder. Breaking this rule can be worth anywhere from to 3-5 points depending on the severity. Double if this isn't your first offense.​

    - Your character can be a dick, you can't be.
    This means your character can have the personality of an asshole and have opinions no other character may agree with. But you as the player have to be respectable even if you don't agree with something (I'm not saying take it like a mindless doll, just watch your tone and be mindful of how you come off to others), handle subjects with a certain amount of maturity, and avoid causing OOC drama and disruption. The rule can be worth from anywhere between one to five points or an automatic ban from my game depending on the severity. This includes arguing over who wins and losses a fight, though that may only be worth one to three points but seriously, take your disagreements to pms and handle it yourselves like the mature players I know you are.​

    - Please don't use realistic face claims.
    I know this is weird for some people and this can be a deal breaker but rarely have my experiences been good with these things (also, it's kind of illegal to use/distribute images not of a public figure or a spokesperson for private use). When I began roleplaying it was on a forum of a writing site. The community was small and doing things that went against the crowd was difficult to accomplish. One of these things were using anything other than realistic face claims (and god forbid if you used the same one as someone else). It may not sound so bad if you don't take into account pictures freak me out. Nothing as bad as a phobia or anything but my mind would scream wrong everytime I saw one. I opted to use descriptions whenever I could but I mostly just felt pressured to use realistic face claims. If that wasn't enough, I found someone using an image of a dead friend recently. Freaked out yet? I am. I think they found it on Tumblr or something but haha yeah no. This is worth one point.​

    - Please do no use more than one image or gif.
    I understand you found the perfect model and that model has a ton of pictures associated with them, but please; I'm a mobile user. I do everything from a mobile device, even creating the game. Please have mercy and only use one gif or image. If you find it absolutely necessary to use more than one image than link them instead, or if you're dying to use the other images then wait until they become relevant in character and use them to illustrate your IC post. There's also this nifty Universal Sig Rotator that displays a different image upon every refresh and reload. No, the spoilers don't work either. Why? Because everything behind the spoilers and tabs have to load up first before they're hidden, which kind of makes it specially tedious to view a page that abuses the tabs and spoilers because the page will display everything linear first before collapsing (this process doesn't seem like it happens for users with a faster internet or higher processors). For every extra image I find in your skeleton or IC post I'm giving you a point.​

    - Diversity Please!
    Not every character has to be Kroian born and raised. I would actually love it if new cultures and backgrounds were introduced. Just don't use straight up terms like Korean or German (you also don't have to be lazy like me and just spell the name backwards). Other altered states work too. Diversity goes for personality and gender as well. I know playing introverted characters are popular but too many can put a lot of stress on the other characters and strain the dynamic, and just to clarify; introverted characters doesn't just refer to shy characters but stoic characters and other characters that aren't incline to interact and talk. Just read other sheets and see how your character fits in. Now for gender ratios, I'm only going to accept up to seven characters, which means an acceptable ratio is four girls and three boys or four boys and three girls. Try to break the ratio and it's five points up front.​

    - Rules on WIPs and Sheets
    Yes, WIPs are allowed, but they do not count towards a reservation. It's whoever gets their's done first. If you get a WIP up I expect it to be done within seven days or you won't be accepted in. Once your character is accepted, you have two weeks to post IC or it gets archived.​

    - I usually forget rules so more will probably be added v.v

    I know it's a lot of information but I am not at all against answering questions, giving you clarification, throwing around ideas, and I won't slap you with points without warning or explanation. It's just a lot of drama surrounded the start of my last roleplay and I would really like to avoid that. But please do not pm me your unfinished skeleton and ask me to review it every step of the way. I'll reject you immediately. Sorry, but as a roleplay partner pointed out, I'm easily exhausted by people (ironically I love GMing though) and the most exhausting part of GMing for me is reviewing sheets. Don't ask me do it in parts.
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    Ancient Tongues

    1. In Character: A language widely used historically as a language of scholarship and administration.

    2. Out of Character: This world's equivalent of Latin.​

    Common Tongue

    1. In Character: A widely known language used in many varieties throughout the world.

    2. Out of Character: This Earth's equivalent of English. ​

    Crown, The

    1. In Character: A ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.

    2. Out of Character: Instead of king or queen the ruler of Wen Kroy prefers The Crown, among Your Majesty, Your Highness, and other gender neutral royal-ly terms.​


    1. In Character: A non-binary, gender nuetral term to describe someone who is non-binary or gender nuetral.
    “E thinks you are cute.”

    1: In Character: Them.

    2: Out of Character: Because them is already gender-nuetral I saw no reason in creating a new objective term.
    “I have seen them.”

    Possessive Adjective
    1: In Character: Ems
    “I found ems homework.”

    Possessive Noun
    1. In Character: Ems
    “This book is ems.”

    1. In Character: Themself

    2. Out of Character: Already gender nuetral.
    “E looks at themself in the mirror.”

    If a player decides to play a non-binary or gender nuetral character, I would highly appriciate it if these terms are used. Mostly because most other terms either don't follow English rules or don't have all the appropriate forms, which is crucial for understanding. See this artical for more details: A Non-Binary Person's Guide to Invented Pronouns. It also helps with continuity.

    Earlier Time, The

    1. In-Character: the time of and before the last known wizard.

    2. Out of Character: the Earlier Time covers anything that had happened in the 1900's and before.​


    1. In Character: A great wizard who lived back in the twelfth century.​

    1. In Character: Used for emphasis or to express emotions such as surprise, anger, or distress.
    "Merlin, what did I do to deserve this?"


    1. In Character: An object surviving from the Earlier Time, especially one of historical or sentimental interest.

    2. Out of Character: Anything left from the 1900's and beyond that may hold magic. This can be anything from religious artifacts like crosses to classic automobiles to, while rare, Arthurian artifacts like the Sword in the Stone.​

    rel·ic·are ['reliker]

    1. In-Character: a user of relics from the Earlier Time with historical or sentimental value.​

    From Common Tongue "relic", an object from before Earlier Time, and Ancient Tongues "deplicare", to unfold or explain.

    2/7 Characters
    (4 females : 3 males - or - 4 males : 3 females)​

    - Ethan Alexander Moore || Male || Colonial Coin - Metal || Played by Noctis the Devious [GM]
    - Nalt on-Sakel an-Sosge || Male || Monocle - Gravity || Played by Blighted_Agent


    Name: (Full name and nickname if your character has one.)
    Age: (18+ please.)
    Gender: (The gender your character associates with, or doesn't.)
    Origins: (Where you're character is from. If not from Wen Kroy then where? Please provide a describtion, thank you.)

    Theme: (Relics behave differently from Relicare to Relicare, so if the relic's purpose is to defend and the Relicare's theme is water it'd spring up a bubble, or if the Relicare's theme is metal the relic would spring up a shield.)
    Relic: (Anything left from the 1900's and beyond that may hold magic. This can be anything from religious artifacts like crosses to classic automobiles to, while rare, Arthurian artifacts like the Sword in the Stone.)
    Relic's Purpose: (A describtion on what the relic does. Is it offensive? Defensive? Does it heal or give some sort of physical boost? Just keep in mind relics can't do more than one thing.)

    Personality: (List at least three positive traits and at least three negative traits, providing a description for each.)
    Appearance: (Picture and/or describtion please.)
    History: (Please list important events in bullet points and give a short describtion. Sort of like a timeline of events. Sorry, kind of lazy when it comes to bios e.e).

    Strengths: (Physical and mental capabilities.)
    Weaknesses: (Your character's shortcomings.)
    Other: (Anything that doesn't fit or such things :))
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  6. WIP

    Ethan Alexander Moore
    [Age: 19 || Gender: Male || Origins: Wen Kroy]
    [Theme: Metal || Relic: Colonial Coin || Relic's Purpose: Defense]

    ○ Outgoing: Despite what people may assume of him at first glance, Ethan is actually the type of guy who loves social interaction, feels the most at home in crowds, and doesn't mind initiating or receiving physical contact. What maybe the right assumption of him, however, is his way of getting people to do what they don't want to, or normally don't do. He has lead more than one astray but they can never claim they didn't have fun. Well, there's a first time for everything.
    ○ Seductive: Ethan tends to flirtatious and open to both genders, but, and this may come as a surprise to some, doesn't treat sex, or the topic of sex, lightly. He's easily attached to people and a bit of an attention seeker. To his credit, he's more empathetic than most would give him credit for.
    ○ Enthusiastic: Ethan leans more towards the idealistic and creative side of things. He strongly believes he can do whatever he sets his mind to and won't back down from a challenge. He's excited by new ideas, open minded, and flexible; the type of guy who is comfortable even in unfamiliar situations and takes new developments into stride. The Kroian is attracted to strange things and counterculture. He has a broad range of interests and isn't afraid to live life in accordance to his inner values.

    ● Disorganized: As one may expect from a young bachelor, he doesn't tend to keep his personal living space, or his workspace for that matter, organized. He doesn't live in complete filth (though he can be lazily and slow to get around to cleaning, but he does it eventually), he just prefers things in a cluttered mess. Unfortunately for him, he's not one of those people who knows where everything is and if he isn't careful, even his everyday items can end up buried and forgotten until the next time he cleans.
    ● Irresponsible: On top of placing things down and forgetting seconds later where he exactly put said things, he tends to act without thinking and jump into the thick of things often without a thought to the consequences. Ethan can even be considered selfish in the way he doesn't consider how his actions may affect others or even himself. He believes rules are merely guidelines and not the end-all-be-all, bending them when he sees fit but doesn't know when to stop before they break.
    ● Unfocused: Ethan is easily distracted and bound not to see projects or even his own personal interests through. He bounces from one idea to another and has a million-and-one uncompleted stories stuffed in boxes around his room. His professors favorite thing to say to him is "you have so much potential, you just need to focus". He pretty sure he has some mental disorder keeping him from doing just that but hasn't seen a doctor to be diagnosed.​

    Hair & Eyes: Ethan keeps his dark hair shaved on both sides and long on the top. If he really wants to put a classic twist on it, he'll sometimes slick it back. His eyes a shade of faded green.
    Body: The Kroian stands 5'11" with fair skin stretched across lean muscles earned from the push-ups and sit ups he's so accustomed to starting his day with. That, and males and females alike appreciate a tone body. Tattoos are inked into his left bicep and on the side of his neck. "Free" is written across his left knuckles and "Me" is written across his right, each letter taking up two knuckles. His right ear's helix is pierced twice on top of the typical lobe piercing, and so is his bottom lip. Some speculate something else is pierced but no one has gotten far enough with him to figure out if those rumors are true or not.
    Dress Style: One will see him wearing everything from gender ambiguous-edgy outfits to the classic leather jacket and blues jeans. He's also been known to wear suspended slacks with a casual shirt and fedora. But no matter what he wears, he's always wearing his colonial coin around his neck on a silver chain. ​

    Born and raised in Wen Kroy, he has never ventured outside of the country despite being an army brat. It was his father, a soldier himself, who mainly raised him while his mother wasn't often around due to being in the army.
    When he turned ten years old, his mother finally came home but was suffering from PTSD and depression. His home life situation was made delicate and often times Ethan didn't understand why his mother was so prone to outbursts.
    Because his father spent more time looking after his wife than his son, Ethan grew up rather fast and dependent, but also starved for attention. This lead to him causing trouble in school and getting into fights when his peers thought it wise to bad mouth him and/or his family.
    Things didn't start looking up for him until he turned fifteen and his mother's PTSD was more well managed. With the his home life feeling more balanced, he became less violent and more open. They moved from their small town to the big city of Sneeuq for a change in scenery.
    When he turned sixteen, he wasn't given a car. Instead his father gave him an old Colonial coin that had been in the family for ages (or so he claims). It turned out to be a relic of protection (something he's not sure to be offended or endeared by).
    Ethan enrolled in college mainly because it was either that or follow in his parents footsteps and join the army. Not they were forcing him to pick, but Ethan saw didn't see a third option for himself. He plans to major in scriptwriting.​

    Physically Fit: Being raised by two military parents, his father specially made sure to instill some discipline in him. This means that unlike most kids who either got yelled at or spanked, he was made to do push ups and sits ups everytime he got in trouble, and he got in trouble a lot. While some of his father's discipline didn't stick with him, he still starts his day with push ups and sit ups out of pure habit.
    Creative Writing: Ethan isn't much of a poet, but he is a big fan of horror and macabre and this is reflected heavily in his works of fiction. It's also been his dream to write his own comic series, but unfortunately he can't always draw what comes to mind, which is probably for the best. To make up for this, he's taken on script writing and found some enjoyment in the new style.
    Charisma: Ethan is very charismatic and knows how to use that in his favor. His favorite pastime seems to involve corrupting the pure and making sure things go his way. He doesn't mean much harm though; he just likes seeing people let loose every now and then and have a good time. When he's not using his charisma for evil, he's using it to get close to people and read others as if he's browsing the selection at the local library.​

    Book Smart: The Kroian isn't exactly as dumb as a rock, but he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed either, especially when it comes to the books. But as his father always said, "I'd rather have a son who had common sense but couldn't add two plus two than a son who could solve the mysteries of the universe but couldn't figure out how to look both ways before crossing the street". He was such an eloquent man.
    No Personal Space: Ethan doesn't know to take no for an answer when it comes to physical contact, especially if a person is within his vicinity. He doesn't see the harm in propping his elbow on someone's shoulder or occasionally wrapping and arm around them in a friendly gesture. I mean, he can see if he was trying to kiss them or grope them, but if they object to platonic touches but make the conscious decision to be by him, then to him their the ones with the problem, not him.
    No Filter: An unfortunate side effect of charisma is not knowing when to shut up. He also has very little clue when it some to the time and the place to mention something, and lacks tack when it comes to breaching subjects that other considerate people wouldn't think to breach. He has a nasty habit of talking back and if angry, losses all ability to talk his way put of trouble and instead makes the situation worse for himself.​

    Stress Smoker: He doesn't usually smoke, at least not often, but when he becomes stressed or high strung, he usually has a pack on hand to soothe his nerves.​
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  7. Name: Nalt on-Sakel an-Sosge
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Origins: Nohin

    Theme: Gravity
    Relic: Monocle
    Relic Purpose: Distortion (The presence of the user's Theme within a target is changed from its current value to something else)

    (Gravity + Distortion = Upon looking at a single target through the relic, gravity's effects on the target increases/decreases)
    (Sampled alternatives: Water + Distortion = Target's water volume increases/decreases. Metal + Distortion = Target's metal content increases/decreases)

    + Manners: Always treats others courteously and with respect even in times of heavy disagreement.
    - Me, myself, and I: Cares about himself, his interests, his benefits, his prospects above everything else.
    + Go on...: Can and will listen to anybody's troubles and even provide some 'advice'...
    - Exact words: Half truths are his specialty, so it's often a good idea to hear exactly how he words things.
    + I'll scratch your back: Willing to help people, even if it sometimes appears to go against his interests...
    - You scratch mine: ...because in the end, people owing you favors is very, very powerful, and much to his interest. He does not forgive nor forget debts, especially to himself.

    An exceedingly pale man that stands at 1.55 m. Clocking in at 50 kg, his physique is not lanky but he's certainly on the thin end. His straight blond hair reaches down to his chest, hiding small ears and sort of framing his square-jawed face. Has dark blue eyes, the left one often covered by his monocle, a sharp nose, and a populated horseshoe moustache. His eyes are slightly slanted, showing his heritage.

    Nalt often wears black dress-pants, a black dress-vest, a white dress shirt, a bright orange belt, a bright orange top hat, and a bright orange fedora, bright orange shoes, and a bright orange cape. All of his clothes and accessories are of the highest possible quality.

    1. Nalt was born to a prestigious family in the distant country of Nohin. Raised from birth as the sole heir to the family, Nalt was taught to always value himself and place himself before any and everything, except perhaps his family.
    2. He home-school-ed for the majority of his education, leading a sheltered and privileged life with very few outsider friends. His private tutors, of course, taught him more than would be regularly covered about helpful business practices, economics, politics, and Relics/Relicares.
    3. Groomed to inherit the many family businesses, Nalt however aspired for greatness in his own way. This led him to declare that he would attend a university to pursue a purely academic major, something that had not yet been done in his family.
    4. In spite of entering at a reasonable age, multiple bouts of severe illnesses made it so he had to drop out several times.
    5. Figuring that a change of atmosphere might help him, his latest endeavor, which Nalt hopes is not cut short yet again, has led him to enroll in the university of Wren Kroy as a freshman, in spite of his age...

    • Highly analytical
    • Combination of theme+relic allows for unexpected interaction
    • Has A LOT of money, which lends itself well to procuring resources or information
    • Physically very weak
    • Low stamina
    • Bad at teamwork
    • Prone to illness


    Profile finished!
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  8. @Blighted_Agent, sorry for the sudden radio silence Dx Love your character though ♡ Accepted ^.^
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  9. It's alright. Here's hoping many other entrants show up!
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  10. Finally completed my character Dx Usually I do these things on a more timely manner o.o Anyway, I'll submit an ad to the banner rotation later and see if that draws some people in :)
  11. I'm still in this! I'll have a character up soon!
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  12. I was hoping to have my character finished much earlier this week, but the past couple of days have really thrown me for a loop.

    I'm posting what I have so far and will add the rest by this weekend.

    Name: Jay Hawke
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male

    Origins: Sasnak

    Sasnak is one of the loosely confederated Great Plains Kingdoms, located far inland to the west from Wen Kroy. The region is an extremely harsh place to live due to the periodic, devastating dust storms that have raged there since before the last half century of the Earlier Time. This is due to the unforeseen ramifications of an ancient relic that was used to restore the lands in a time of terrible drought.

    It was at first wildly successful, the soil becoming fertile once more and yielding abundant crops. The magical forces at work soon grew too great to be controlled or contained, however, leading to long extinct animal species reemerging and eventually the entire ecosystem slipping into an unbalanced state. The drought returned worse than before, threatening to render Sasnak and its neighboring areas permanently uninhabitable. Unable to reverse the effects of the relic’s magic, the people of Sasnak resorted to building large, fortified domes around the limited tracts of land that remained fertile. These became their new homes in which they collectively farmed crops and reserved grazing land for animals such as Columbian mammoths and ground sloths to hunt for meat.

    Outside the farming domes, the terrain was left dry and barren by the storms, which continued to return ever so often each year. Travel between the territories protected by the domes is only possible in between storms, and is made perilous by their unpredictability and the scarcity of shelter and resources to be found in the open.

    Theme: Repair/Restoration
    Relic: A small hourglass, more aptly described as an egg timer.
    Relic's Purpose: Reversal. The broken can be mended. The made can be unmade. What has fallen can rise again. An object or projectile launched at the relic’s user can be sent back to where it came from.

    Personality: (List at least three positive traits and at least three negative traits, providing a description for each.)







    Appearance: (Picture and/or description please.)


    Strengths: (Physical and mental capabilities.)

    Weaknesses: (Your character's shortcomings.)

    Other: (Anything that doesn't fit or such things :))
  13. I'm sorry guys, but even if this miraculously picks up, I don't think I'll be able to run it. If one of you wants a crack at it though be my guess. I'll even give you the ad banners I used upon request.
  14. Unfortunate. In the hope that this does pick up, I'm willing to step up as GM. Could you PM me anything you had regarding this? I have a few ideas.

    To all others, don't fret! We can make this work.
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  15. I'm sorry to inform everyone that in spite of having some things to work with, real life has interfered to the point that I can't manage this for now either >_<

    My apologies. I'd like to pick this up at some time again but when that happens, I'll make a new thread, see where that goes.
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