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  1. There has always been a misconception about the afterlife. Most people assume the afterlife to be two places, either Heaven or Hell. Some assume there to be no afterlife at all, and only a cycle of death and rebirth. However, no theory is quite correct. No one has been back to tell what it's actually like. No one has been able to tell people that angels and demons don't exist, to forsake religions and achieve peace. It's not allowed. Those who live here call it Lelis, but most of the dead call it whatever they knew it as in life. Heaven, Yomi, Hel, Erebos, all names can be heard here. The Gatherers, those who are native to the place, simply call it after the first of their kind, Lelis.

    Lelis itself, despite being a place of death, is very peaceful. No harm comes to those who pass on. The Harvesters make it so no person has to worry about their well being. A special group of Gatherers, known simply as the Keepers, are the protectors of Lelis. They guard the humans from an eternal death.

    What threatens deceased humans? To put it simply, beings that have crossed from their own dimension, attracted to the smell of death. These creatures are only there to destroy. They hunger, and souls are their favored food. They are large, but quite unintelligent, being only beasts wanting to eat. They can break through the dimension, through cracks in the fabric of space and time called Slips. However, they are easy to take care of, and those who destroy them are very competent at their jobs.

    Unbeknownst to the Gatherers, however, there is a new threat rising, one that is not so simple. Their cares are in danger, though they don't realize it. Will they be able to save the dead, or will the unknown take them all to their final, eternal resting place?

    So this is something I thought of a while ago, tried to write something about it, but it never panned out. If I get enough people interested (only like two really) I'll post more info. I want it to be a little on the dark side, but nothing grimdark or super bloody. There will be fights, and I do want this to have a kind of end at some point. There will be a developing plot, which I already kind of have an idea for. So give me a shout out if you're interested!
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  2. Boo likes it^^!!

    Soooooo just question though. Like just how badass are Keepers? And we play as keepers right? Just checking... :33
  3. Keepers are just more powerful than your average Gatherer. They have the same abilities, just slightly more powerful and more combat focused, where Gatherers are more protectors if things go tits up and they become a last resort.

    And yes, people can play as Keepers, Gatherers, or a dead human. The dead humans will mostly just be there for plot device/protecting, but they can be from any era. You could be a recently dead one or one from 400 BC. Gatherers/Keepers are going to be a bit more timeless, and not be from really any time in particular.
  4. Also Keepers don't find the dead and bring them to Lelis, only Gatherers do that.
  5. I'm interested. I'm curious about the Gatherers and what you have in mind for them.
  6. Okay, I'll start getting up some more in depth things. I gotta work soon, so it won't be up until later.
  7. Wow, after that... interesting week, I will actually start working on this shit. Hold on a bit and I'll get stuff posted by tomorrow.
  8. Lelis- A very dark place, where the sun never shines, but it also never rains. It is mostly covered by grasslands, but is covered somewhat by forest. The entire place is mostly flat, and goes on for eternity. A tall tower stands in the "middle" of Lelis, where the Gatherers live, and most dead gather around the base of it. It is impossible to get lost in Lelis, because no matter how far you go, the tower is always a short walk behind.

    The Dead- The most of anything you will find in Lelis are the dead humans that Gatherers have brought from the Land of the Living. The dead can be from any time period, but trying to find someone specific is nearly impossible. The dead humans have no rank. Julius Caesar is no more powerful than one of the Victorian whores.

    Gatherers- What many people call reapers in our world. They are a group of spirits that were created specifically for this purpose by a greater power than them. They carry weapons that specifically "harm" spirits, but they cannot attack humans. Gatherers will die if their weapon shatters, making them vulnerable to one thing. They cannot die by any other way so far. The Gatherers live by a hierarchy, which includes the oldest one at the highest rank.

    Keepers- A small group of Gatherers that are a bit more powerful than the average one. They were given better weapons which are capable of killing humans and other extra-dimensional creatures that tend to try to break into Lelis. The Keepers tend to be the oldest of Gatherers, but some younger ones have been known to be part of the group.
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  9. im definitely interested
  10. Would like to come and say I'm interested as well!
  11. This looks intriguing. Is there a term for the mildly dangerous extra-dimensional beasts, or are they simply nameless?
  12. Nameless for now, because they're usually different each time.

    With the moderate amount of intrigue, I'll be putting up the OOC soon I think. Hopefully get it done over the weekend.
  13. I'm down for this.

    Although may I ask in advance whether or not The Dead will be completely useless or not? Because I have a couple of character ideas and I'm not sure which ones to trim out first.
  14. They'll be mostly useless. I mean, they can touch the creatures that threaten Lelis (though they don't really know much about them other than that they're dangerous) and could maybe use a Gatherer's weapon if it was given to them, but otherwise they can't do much.
  15. So I still plan on making this, but I haven't had a lot of time lately. I would prefer to do this one when I have more time to focus on it and don't need to worry about college and job. So this is on hiatus right now. I'd rather put my time and energy into more short term RPs for myself, and do this one when I have time to give it my full attention.
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