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  1. Lore
    As you look around you, chaos is raining down on everything you knew. Meteorites are crashing into buildings, shattering them entirely. In the streets people are committing suicide, pillaging and throwing away all sense of morals they once had. Thousands are dying by the minute, if not millions. But that's when it hit.

    A bright flash of light erupted throughout the sky. Well to be exact, throughout every multiverse. A single being stopped all of the destruction and was standing before everyone that exists, all at the same time. The being waves it's hand, and everything goes dark. You can't see a thing. No one can.

    When you awake, you're in a large grass field entirely by yourself. A few hundred feet away there's other people, although none from your species that you can immediately see. Although no one know's exactly what happened at the end, you all seem to know the most important thing.

    Everything in the multiverse was destroyed. This location is the start of the new multiverse, with all of the survivors of the last here somewhere. How will things progress this time? Will people's innate preference towards violence be shattered, or will it carry over to this multiverse?


    So! That was a very quick summary of the background. (It's not my best writing, and will be fixed in a few hours. It's time for bed after I post this for now though.) You the players will start in the same universe, and meet up shortly after the campaign starts. You may play any sentient race from any work of fiction, as due to the Multiverse theory they're technically true in at least a single universe. Vulcan, Elves, Demons, whatever you want to be you can!

    There exist portals between multiverses, which will allow you to traverse and meet new people and races. The reason this is important is because other than the area the players landed on, for the most part the other universes will only have a handful of sentient races.

    There are several potential goals that could come from this campaign. Finding out what happened to the previous multiverse and who the being that reset everything was. Creating a new civilization as no buildings in any of the universes made it over. Becoming multiverse traveling merchants. You name it, it can happen.

    Just so you know from my background; I'm used to tabletop rpg's, so I'm not fully sure how that'll travel over to forum roleplays. Hopefully it'll transition fine, but if it's shaky at first; That's why.

    Here's to us having a grand adventure!


    Character Sheet

    Race: (Can be from fiction, or created yourself. If you create your own, please fully explain it.)
    Gender/Sex: (In case you don't wish for them to be the same.)
    Sexuality: (In case someone wishes to introduce romance into the game.)

    For Stats, you'll have a total of 40 points to allocate at the beginning. Because we won't have access to dice, I'll be doing "difficulty checks" where you and your allies will try to add your points up to accomplish a task. Say intimidating an enemy has a DC of 12, then if three members of the party all have 4 charisma, you can work together and accomplish it. (Although good roleplaying will grant you bonuses.)

    At most you can have 8 points in one stat.

    Dexterity: (Quick)
    Constitution: (Can take blows)
    Intelligence: (Quick thinking)
    Wisdom: (Book smart)

    Your armor class is used to determine the DC to hit you.
    Health Points: 5 + Constitution
    Armor Class: 3 + Dexterity

    Level: 1
    Money: 0
    Inventory: (You'll start with 1x Week Rations, 1x Week Water and 1x Bronze Weapon of Choice. I'd recommend against guns at the start, since mining hasn't started for bullets yet.)

    Weapon Proficiency is something I like having in campaigns. Level 0 is the default and gives you a negative to hit. Level 1 is your flat weapon chance. (Bronze weapons have a base 3 to hit.) Level 2 grant your stat bonuses along with weapon hit. Level 3 allows you to do a 4 hit combo. Level 4 is an Area of Effect attack. Different weapon types must be leveled individually.

    Level 1- 40 xp. Level 2- 120 xp. Level 3- 350 xp. Level 4- 1000 xp.

    Weapon Proficiency: (You'll start off with a level 2 in your weapon of choice.)

    Accepted Characters:
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  2. I'm interested in what you've got here, and I like the idea of the stats and attributes. What theme of art are you going for? I'm assuming something similar to your avatar? Anime-ish?
  3. I'm honestly fine with any art theme you guys want to use. (Anime, realistic, etc.) My hopes is that it'll last a good while, and you guys will start creating your own plot hooks. (That guy you stole from 4 months ago? He's coming back with a group. That type of thing.)

    I'm glad you like the stat's. I'm so used to tabletop rpg's, that they'll help me GM. If you don't mind me asking, what species are you leaning towards initially?
  4. Ah cool. I'm looking through my gallery to help decide on the character, but I'm not too sure on a species. I'd like something that could fly, almost thinking a Demon Angel mix or making a species. I was also considering some form of elf or vampire, but might even go human. Might come down to how much power we should/shouldn't have. I don't aim to make an overpowered character or anything like that, but I would like for him to be able to take a few foes out while being able to withstand a decent number of hits.

    How will magic-ish stuff work? Abilities, charging power, spell casting? Any and all depending on the character/species within reasonable limits?
  5. You (obviously) won't start out with all the powers of your species. For example, a Vampire at level 1 can suck blood and slightly heal, but that's about it. You'd gain more abilities as you level, giving more power. So that way, I can balance out every species. If you make a species, just have enough background so that I can make at least 5-10 powers for them to gain through leveling.

    As for magic; There's going to be two kinds of it. Casting a spell or using a Grimoire. Grimoire's use your wisdom stat, and each spell in it can be used 3 times per day. But you can't really adapt your spell's for the situation.

    Casting a spell is slightly more complex. Basically, every level you'll get 1 Spell Point for your spells. A basic fire-ball or ice-icicle would be 1 point. At level 2, you can upgrade a fire-ball into a fire-ball that has a small explosion on contact or something of that sort. A tiny upgrade that isn't always permanent. Unlike Grimoire's, you aren't stuck to the same spell's all the time, but you also get to cast less. You get 3 casts per level. So for example, you can cast three 1SP spell's a day as well as three 2SP spells a day.

    Grimoire's offer a permanent weapon offer with many casts, while the SP system offer's less attacks but those attacks are able to be customized for the enemies. (Say you have a Grimoire of only fire spells and you're going up against a Earth Elemental or something. You'd be at a disadvantage, while someone with SP can just switch over their spells. But they're also worn out more easily.)
  6. That's a good way to do it. That way people who still want to be pure mages (like fire emblem) would benefit from the spellbook. I think I'll go with the SP system though. I also think I've decided to go with an angel/solar type species. More of a flashy character with his scythe and spells than a powerhouse.
  7. Good to know. I just need more detail on the species, and I'll start getting the level up tree created. In case you need help figuring out some details, here's a small check list:

    What can all of the species do at birth (Or within the first few years of life.)?
    What must be trained for the species, but is relatively commonplace? (Ex. Vampires turning into bats.)
    What attributes are they more skilled at? (Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha)
    What abilities do only powerful member's of the species know? (Ex. Vulcan mind melding.)
    What are rare abilities thought of to only be legend? (High leveled skills, like summoning Bahumat in Final Fantasy.)

    Also, if you know anyone else interested; Feel free to send them over here. I'd say once we have at least 3 players, we should be fine to start.
  8. I don't really have anyone to refer, but I'll take my time with this species creation and character sheet while we wait for additional peeps. Anything else I should think up for the character?
  9. Since you plan on doing a SP mage, I'd recommend thinking up a few combinations of spells and check with me to see what their SP costs would be. That way once the game starts, you don't accidentally use a 2 or 3 SP spell at level 1 without realizing. (Though checking SP totals with me whenever you plan a new spell would be good to make sure it doesn't overdo it.)

    A primary goal would also be nice to know. That way if your character wants revenge or something, I can work it in eventually. Or so I can know you'd prefer more politics, trading, city building or fighting.
  10. A goal for the character would be something along the lines of trying to unite all beings into one force, while confronting anything that threatens the safety of anyone in his force. However, I don't think he'll be benevolent. Not a bad individual, but not the most kind-hearted caring person either. Deep down he would be striving for more power so he could better protect that ideal one world order against any and all threats. Not sure if he would be a military leader of any kind though.

    As a species, I'm thinking more energy/light manipulators than anything. I would like for them to be in some way related to stars, whether it have to do with their creation, or perhaps their spells are similar in appearance to the celestial objects of the cosmos. For instance, being able to create an orb of light that would resemble a star, but would be nowhere near the magnificence of an actual star -- more like a mage's fireball for balancing purposes. Stellar stuff like that, maybe even later on having the ability to make a conjured orb explode like a supernova (or bigger fireball) or do some other fun with other scaled down stuff. Changeling a massive beam of light further down the road would also be something I could see the species being capable of (maybe even a smaller version akin to Ray of Frost or something like that).

    Another thought for a spell would be the ability to imbue objects (perhaps people later on?) with this cosmic energy of theirs. Enchanting their arsenal and such (though it would be temporary, and perhaps longer lasting for more legendary figures of the species).

    Definitely some capability of flight, but what would be the limit on that?
  11. In order to prevent flight from being broken, I'll have it that you take double damage from projectiles in the sky. (Because if you're shot in the wing when flying, you're going to get more hurt than just being shot in the wing on the ground.)

    I really like the idea of them being a star based light species. Just from that initial description I have the first few levels, so thank you.

    Light Species Abilities:
    L1: Flight. Moves same speed as on foot, but +1AC when enemy is trying to attack with melee weapon.
    L2: Can create a small ball of light for 2 hours a day. Interchangeable with a fire, and can be used for cooking.
    L3: Can heat up the tip of an allies weapon to give them a +1 damage buff for their next 2 actions. 2 per day.
    L4: Can throw the ball of light as a fireball type of weapon. 2 uses per day.
    L5: Enchant's ally with the strength of a star, for 1 action every stat has a +1.
    L6: Can throw light-ball for an explosion. AoE attack.
    L7: After allocating stats, multiply wisdom by 1.3 and round down. (Just a pure permanent buff to wisdom.)

    As for your character's goal, that's a really interesting one. I could see confrontation rising even among the party from those who have different ideals. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out! Can't wait.

    Oh, and by the way. Because every multiverse exists and everything; There may be zombie encounters. (If you guys explore enough.) If a player gets unlucky and dies to a zombie, whew boy. You guys will have to fight a zombified friend whose corpse has all of their abilities from when they were alive.
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  12. Oh goodness, thankfully this character will have a scythe and some good ranged capabilities for that zombie encounter, but the fighting an ally as a zombie would be intense. Becoming the zombie And having to do that would be crazy too.

    I'm interested to see what other characters will be like in the party too, and how that'll affect him. Also, way to go busting those abilities out like that, very nice -- they're perfect for this species.

    I also began to wonder what would happen to one of these celestials if they were to forsake their birthright of light and dwell in the void with dark energy, but I think that could be a species of its own from that same universe. Unless someone else would like to make one, or perhaps for a second character if the first one becomes dead (or a zombie) -- I don't think that dark/demon version would need to be developed at the moment.

    Then again, perhaps one of these dark versions could end up as an NPC villain down the road? Perhaps something for this character's story arc when the opportunity presents itself?
  13. Yeah, I plan on trying to make the campaign challenging but rewarding when combat presents itself. I'll be stating out every NPC, in case you guys try to pick a fight with any of them. In a zombie situation, it becomes; Do we flee to another plane of existence and leave our friend as a zombie for eternity, or risk all dying to put them out of their misery? I'll use your character as an example. Say you were to die and be brought back as a zombie, you'd be attacking your old friends as well as have the abilities to power up the other zombies with your L3 and L5 skills if you've unlocked them by then.

    The Celestials forsaking the light could be an interesting touch. Instead of worshipping stars like Celestials, maybe they would worship dark matter or black holes? (If no one else steps in and plans this, I'll figure it out.)

    One thing I will mention; I'm trying to avoid making anything black and white. Nothing will be pure evil or pure good. Everyone thinks that they're the hero of their story after all.

    Hopefully we can get enough players to join up this week so it can start up. We just need 2-3 more.
  14. A zombie angel enchanting other zombies with light... That would definitely be interesting. Would zombies be taking damage from the light of their ally zombie angel? And/or would they take bonus light damage from his light based spells when he's in any condition?

    Dark matter and black holes are also what I was thinking for the counterpart race, along with a theme in appearance of demons/succubi. I could then also see a hybrid race if the two opposites were ever to "merge" (since there is plenty of art out there for all three races).

    I agree, and also don't think the two species should be good vs evil, nor that finding more comfort in the darkness would actually make them malicious. I could see unique personality traits forming from the two as they live their lives in opposite environments, but the dark ones are not necessarily going around on needless killing sprees to fall deeper into the darkness (because they get their energy/power from dark matter and black holes instead). My backup voidling could still potentially have a more positive and kinder personality than my celestial, but I'm still trying to focus on getting the character sheet going for now.

    More players would certainly be nice. Will you be playing a character, or sticking to GM/NPCs?
  15. It really would depend on which universe of zombies it is. Resident Evil zombies would just be buffed by magic, while Final Fantasy zombies would be damaged by it.

    I plan on sticking to GM/NPC's. I don't like having my own character in something that I'm GMing, since I'll know the future events anyways.
  16. Hey, I might be interested.
  17. Great to hear! What sort of species are you interested in? Or do you want to create your own?
  18. May I join, I actually just created a Character whose interests line up with this exact thing.
  19. I'm not sure about what kind of Character I want to play yet, which is why I'm not sure about joining yet. I'll let you know when inspiration strikes. ;)
  20. Alright, I've got an idea for a race. I haven't got a name for it yet, so it shall temporarily be referred to as X. This is only a rough idea, so feel free to tear it apart. :lol:

    In the world X comes from they act as a subservient species to vampires. Vampires feed on X without killing or turning them, using X as a sustainable food source- although X does need time to recover after having been fed on. Vampires tend to chose a few favourite Xs to act as their servants, being both that vampire's primary food source and general attendant to that specific vampire's needs. Over the years most of X have grown accustomed to X and do not mind the situation, if not enjoying it. In the past vampires tended to abuse X, but in modern times treat X with respect, both out of feelings of moral obligation and understanding that X tends to cooperate better when they are treated well (there is another reason which shall be gone into more later). There are a notable number of outliers in beliefs for both species though. Some vampires believe all of X should be enslaved, and are viewed much like someone who claims black people who be enslaved in our society. There is a small but growing group of X rebels who wish to free all of X from their subservient status, with a few vampire supporters. This group is seen as a bunch of crazies who do not understand basic biology and simply want to cause unrest, since most beings (both vampires and X) are happy with the way things currently are.

    X has adapted to have higher charisma in order to help them get vampires to treat them well- since they cannot beat the strength of vampires instead they charm vampires into caring for them. This has helped with getting to the stage where modern vampires treat their X servants with respect, creating a symbiotic relationship where in exchange for feeding off X vampires protect and provide for their X servants. X who are particularly skilled in charisma can even manipulate vampires to the degree where it seems as if the vampire is the servant, but X this skilled are few and far between. Another stat X are above average in is wisdom. This is because they tend to study hard in order to be able to use Grimoire to serve their vampires. What sorts of Grimoire one is expected to use varies from culture to culture and vampire to vampire within the world. It goes without saying that particularly studious X will be particularly gifted in wisdom, making them highly prized. X with a particularly high wisdom stat tend to serve the highest ranking vampires in society (think princes and the like). Having been astoundingly weaker to vampires for some time there has been no use to X evolving to have improved strength, since it would still be next to nothing compared to the strength of vampires. Hence X is a weak race, with even their strongest rarely managing to even have what could be considered average strength. Since they tend to rely on vampires to protect them, X have a low constitution stat too. If an X has to protect them-self due to the absence of any protector then they have to rely on Grimoire protection spells or dodging the blow (dexterity), since they cannot survive many blows. It is likely that in the RP's scenario that an X character would try to convince someone else to protect them (so my character may try to rely on another as a meatshield :lol:). AFTERNOTE- Considering replacing the strength of wisdom with constitution (currently a weakness), explanation for constitution as a strength being that their bodies have grown resilient from repeatedly being fed on by vampires. Likely to replace weakness of constitution with weakness in intelligence if I do so.

    X have small and slender humanoid bodies, reflecting their weak physiology. As X grow older their skin becomes incredibly pale, almost sheet white, from repeatedly having their blood sucked by vampires. Even the males of X look extremely feminine as part of adapting to charm vampires, and tend to be considered beautiful by other races. X always have at least one tail, but they may have more- there is a fair amount of variation in the tails possible, with certain types of tails being more common in particular areas of the world. They also often have short stubby horns, one of the most common locations for which is atop their head- however, horns may protrude from over places, such as their shoulders, hips, etc. Again, horn tendencies depend upon where the X is from. The natural behaviour of X is to find someone to protect them- how they approach this can vary from being manipulative, trying to have a mutually beneficial relationship, or even offering themselves up as a slave. Despite not being able to take much physically, X are mentally resilient from having their bodies repeatedly mutilated.


    ALSO as a note on another topic- in the OP you say "we won't have access to dice". I was wondering if you were aware Iwaku has a dice box? I think you can insert rolls in your post too (such that you cannot re-roll them).
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