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  1. "Well that solves that."

    Numahime shrugged. Having her "dream" self spirited here seemed somewhat off-putting, but given that their new "ally" apparently solved the problem for them there wasn't much reason to put more thought into it. She did find it amusing Nightmare treated her as a mortal, but given her last memory was of her dying perhaps it wasn't such a poor descriptor after all.

    "With that we're off, then, hm?"

  2. Theo Raeken

    " I am not going to take this opportunity to not leave. Where do we go from here?" He asked Dream. He was sure he could figure it out without a definitive answer, but one would be nice.

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  3. "He brings up a good point,"
    Sherry replied turning to Dream. "Is this what? The end? We're just going to be sent home? What about Nightmare?"

    "Nightmare is a constant of the universe."
    Dream of the Endless responded. "His machinations have been thwarted and he knows what will happen if he will repeat this mistake. His punishment is to reflect on his status in the pecking order of the multiverse." He then turned to the group of large. "He has lifted his grasp on you all. A quick pinch should hoist your dream self from Nightmare's domain and back to where you belong."

    Nightmare clearly wanted to say something but it was clear that he had overstepped in his plans and was not going to push it further. Instead he slumped back unto his throne like a child being sent to his room after having done something bad.

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  4. The Vampire paused, and considered his options. If they were dreaming, they'd likely return to separate locations. He wouldn't be able to honor his oaths. Now, Vlad was no newcomer to betrayal; it was a tactic he'd employed many times in the past, working amicably with his Imperial neighbors for centuries before striking. Even so, that didn't mean he liked to throw valuable allies away. He turned to Dream. "I made an oath to these two to render them aid. I would like to make good on that. Is there any way they could return with me? Somehow?"

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  5. "Your unconscious selves finding yourself in a dream realm of your own is bad on itself,"
    Dream started. "To pull your conscious body or others is even worse. Count your blessings I was the one to put an end to this. Others might not have been so friendly. What promises that have been made here are null and void. Do not push me on this."

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  6. "Thank you for your offer, Vlad, but ultimately, it cannot be done, it seems," Jack sighs. "Perhaps we shall meet again. When that happens, will be remain one, or will be already have fulfilled our wish? Only time can tell."

    Jack looks upwards.

    "Something tells us that mother is still alive on the other side, waiting for us to awaken from our deep slumber, preparing leftover hearts from last week's spree for us. Speaking of which, that brings up a question."

    Jack turns to Dream and ponders.

    "If this is but a dream, how is it that our many souls have remain bound together? Generally, when we dream, the dreams of our seperate souls tell seperate stories. Is that Nightmare's power?"

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  7. [​IMG]

    Delsin walked toward Theo and the others rather confused, trying to figure things out. So his dream self was pulled here? Man he had a headache.

    Delsin looked at his hands and sighed, wondering if his powers ever would come back. The slightly embarrassed Delsin came into play again as he looked over at Theo.

    "Come to Seattle someday.. I'll show you my powers and maybe a little more.


  8. Theo Raeken


    Theo smirked. " Only if I get to show you my powers in return and a little more in return. Maybe the area I live too... though it isn't much quite honestly. Maybe when I come to visit, I'll bring the pup with me," he said, referring to the boy he used to crush on. A jealous pup would be fun to watch. " Is there something else you want before we go?" He asked.

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  9. [​IMG]

    "Jesus, can you two just get it over with and fuck already? It's getting so goddamn annoying..." Chucky asked allowed, still pretty peeved that he was, in fact, still a doll.

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  10. ...Was it really so be so simple as that?

    They were freed? He could return to his temple--To his worship--To his lord? Oh, this was divine! Sammy clasped his hands, visibly enthused at this sort of news...

    ...And then the enthused prophet began to preach.


    "Thank you!" He gushed to Dream first, smiling. "Thank you! In your divine grace and your kindness, you shall never be forgotten! I shall work to serve you, to praise you, and all divine figures like you--Honor you as you've honored me!" Not that he exactly knew what this 'Dream' person would want as a sacrifice, but he'd jump that hurdle when it was more relevant. "And may the lord bless all the companions I have thus far traveled with--The metatron, the believer, and all else--For I know in your actions, your souls shall be eternally blessed by he, the demon, the figure of ink in the darkness..."

    And then there was a pause, and some enthusiasm drained from his tone.

    "...Except the doll. May his soul be forever condemned among brimstone and acetone. Amen."

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  11. Dream of the Endless showed no emotions as the man prostrated himself in front of him. "Praise is not something I am seeking nor admiration. Return to your own world and don't grace this or another dream realm not your own ever again."

    Sherry then would put what Dream said to the test. "Well if you said it was fine...bye everyone. Too bad we had to meed like this." She raised her hand and pinched herself and Sherry evaporated from existence. It seemed that Dream was telling the truth. A pinch was enough to wake them from their slumber.

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  12. [​IMG]

    So Theo, you asking what I want before we go..

    He looked slightly embarrassed

    "Are you asking if I want another kiss? "

    Before Delsin waited for Theo, Chucky had to have his last laugh.


    Delsin put his snarkiest face on and turned to Chucky "Only heros get the guys... isn't that right, Theo?"

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    Delsin looked sad "Well this is the part where i have to say goodbye to everyone." "Name's Delsin Rowe, remember that."

    He was looking forward to having his powers again.

    He looked at Theo and looked up "Let's get going."

  13. Before he would return home, Chucky would turn to Vlad and smirk.


    "Oh, Vladdy Boy! Time to pay the fuckin' piper!" Chucky said with a smirk, waiting on Vlad to bestow his immortality unto him.

  14. [​IMG]
    "You heard Dream, Chucky. Vlad can't give you or us new bodies," Jack said, "we don't know about you, but we'd like to look like this for a good while, spend a bit more time with mother in this form."

    Jack took out a knife, pointing it towards her heart.

    "Well, it's going to take a lot of pinches to wake us up, since there's so many of us. Vlad, thank you for offering the chance for us to be born, even if it ultimately could not be fulfilled. Chucky, we'll be sure to enjoy dismembering you thoroughly the next time we cross paths, so make sure you get your ideal body by then~."

    She then turns to Unknown.

    "We will consider your offer, head back to your own mother for now."

    Jack was ready to head off. But first, she checked to see if others wished to speak.

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  15. "...fuckin' cocksucking bitchass dumbass shitty dream rules." Chucky muttered before pinching himself and disappearing, cause fuck this shit.

  16. Epilogue
    Draw Me Closer

    Take this body, hear my call
    I will stay inside your walls
    Be my savior, be my guide
    And lead me now into the light

    Just a pinch. It seemed to be working, too--The prophet watched as a few before him vanished into the beyond. It was so simple, so easy...

    "Thank you! Thank you! In your kindness, oh, divine being of dreams, you shall always have my praise!" Then, more calmly, "It was an honor to be on this holy mission. May the savior bless all of you for assisting me on it."

    Now, the problem. A man made of ink couldn't exactly pinch himself awake. It wouldn't do anything. So instead, he straightened up. He peeled off his mask, showing the blank face below it. He reached up one hand, and he began to scratch; going more furiously and digging deeper into his skull (or whatever of it was left)...Until he awoke.


    He awoke once again in his lord's temple. The hallways of the music department. He was on his back, and slowly he sat up, staring at the familiar wooden walls. He smiled. What a dream. What a dream indeed. The prophet rose, then began to resume the work that he left behind. He rearranged cardboard cut-outs of his lord and savior, Bendy the dancing demon. He wrote new statements on the wall. He drew out pentagrams on the floor and conducted rituals within them. He wrote music. He sang old songs. He gave sermons to the Searchers, vaguely humanoid ink monsters.

    Things were normal again.


    At least, things were normal. For a while. For days. For weeks. For months, maybe.

    But that's another story.


  17. Penny stared at all of them. "Gentlemen, I wash my hands of this madness. Let's never do this again!"
  18. Theo Raeken

    Theo smirked, but remained silent when he asked if was asking him if he wanted another kiss. He was playing coy, but he couldn't help but feel better about it all. " Yes, only heroes get the guys," he replied with a smirk, before going to lean in with a goodbye kiss.

    Theo didn't think he would be sad to return home, but even when it was horrible, this place was happy for him. Theo felt weird that he was leaving it behind, but there was nothing that he could do about it.

    Theo looked at him. " Yeah, let's get going. I will find a way to see you again, I always find a way to break the rules."