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    Well, Yato's reassurance that he had not received lasting harm clearly left Hiyori feeling relieved, her smile growing through her sniffles. "I'm glad," was all she could offer. But it didn't matter how small the statement was, for it conveyed it all. Her relief, joy, pure elation upon learning he was alright. So it was with that in mind that she gently cupped him closer to her, letting out a laugh that was broken, but absolutely overjoyed despite it all. "I'm so glad, Yato," she repeated, gently nuzzling against him with eyes starting to close in joy.

    That immediately shot back open as he, himself, became much more proactive in the embrace, snuggling her with force and affection that was much more blatant than her quiet, gentle display. It lead a look of shock to her face, cheeks slowly tinting with a deeper shade of crimson at the rough snuggling she received, unsure of just how to react. But for once, no punches or kicks came, or any demonstrations of violence of any sort. She just smiled weakly, letting out a surprised but still overjoyed laugh as she lightly ran her hand over the side of his face, ending along the back of his head.

    Those few moments of quiet bliss were savored, because they ended as quickly as they came.

    Overwhelming heat was the first thing she felt as they were transported, breath hitching in her throat as she desperately attempted to adjust to the hot air now scraping its way into her lungs. She managed to cough the pain away, but wasn't able to hide her shock and horror from the encounter with Bowser. She would have contributed, but she was useless as she was. She might have been pretty strong and known some good moves, but in her physical body she was a bit above average at best. And that was worthless in facing a giant turtle monster.

    But the others were steadily prevailing, and she was overjoyed and--


    It wasn't something that she'd deny; the fact that the appearance of the Sekki shocked her. But it wasn't a bad thing, her heart leaping in her chest as the light shot into Yato's hand and formed into a blade. Yukine was okay. Nothing had happened to him while they were here. He was safe, and now? Back with them again. Where he belonged.

    Where they all belonged.

    When the fight came to a finish, she couldn't have been happier. Had Yato not come to her, she certainly would have pursued him, but she was saved the trouble as he strode up to her and took her hand in his. No resistance was given, the female absolutely beaming with eyes glimmering with unbridled cheer. It was over. Finally, it was all over and everyone was safe, and she had Yato back. Hell, not just Yato- Yukine, too, and all of the others that had been lost. And that was more than enough for her.

    "You were both wonderful. Yato. Yukine-kun,"
    she commented with a warm smile, on the verge of tearing up again out of sheer joy. But she managed to refrain, settling for another tight hug, though this one was briefer than the last. Even though she wanted to hug them both and never let go. It was kind of probably not the best idea, with Yukine still in his vessel form and Yato possibly still sore. But regardless, the god's words made her pause, expression going from delighted to slightly more serious as she drew back to regard the male, pink eyes meeting his brilliant blues straight on.


    "...I don't care where we go next, Yato."
    It was a plain and forward statement, no beating around the bush involved whatsoever. Her voice was steadier than earlier, and held more focus, as though the return of the male had managed to ground her. "As long as you don't leave me again. You and Yukine-kun both. You promised, after all..." she spoke, not faltering as she delivered the words. In truth, she'd be totally content staying here a little longer. Relaxing for a bit sounded nice, though she did feel bad about up and vanishing. Maybe there was a way they could invite Kofuku or the others?

    She didn't get far into the contemplation before she heard another familiar voice, causing her to abruptly look in the direction from whence it came. "Yusuke-kun!" she called enthusiastically, expression the epitome of joy as the male was met by a tackle almost as eager as the one she had given Yato upon his return to her. The male found himself being squeezed tightly and eagerly(almost surprisingly so, considering her size), met with boisterous laughter despite his own awkwardness. "I'm so glad you're alright! Are you hurt? Is there anyth-- H-hah???"


    His words made her face go bright red, a confused and flustered expression again crossing her face as she released him and drew back, hand going to attempt to obscure her face. "I-it isn't like that!" she squeaked, feeling minorly compelled to kick the male for the suggestion. But to his fortune, her attacks were reserved for Yato and enemies and perverts. Still, that didn't change that the tail that had come back not long ago, her body left on the floor not far off, swished nervously and she radiated embarrassment. But she managed to recover as Yusuke made his comments, embarrassment falling away in favor of surprise and astonishment, expression somewhat blank.

    But then she smiled warmly, a gentle and sweet thing as she carefully went to gently place a hand on Yusuke's shoulder. Her eyes were filled with kindness and admiration, tinged with a sweet gratitude that only further resonated in the words that followed.

    "...It's okay,"
    she started simply with blatant confidence and sincerity, smile not fading as she stared him in the eyes. "It wasn't your fault, and I really wasn't making it any easier for you," she admitted, half sheepishly. "But the point is that you don't need to apologize. I'm just glad you're okay, Yusuke-kun." And it wasn't a lie; though understatement was fitting to describe it. She couldn't express how relieved and happy she was to learn they were all okay.

    Everything was finally okay.

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  2. "Hohoho!~ We stopped one bad-tempered turtle and his hormonal henchmen and women," Risky Boots laughed, "Evil exists far beyond the ragtag band of failures we did away with. In fact, I don't think we've been properly introduced yet..." Grinning, Risky made a show of taking her hat off to Ami. "Risky Boots, Pirate Queen of the Seven Seas, Scourge of Sequin Land, and Pilferer of Precious Possessions,"


    Properly donning her bicorne again, Risky turned to Shantae, and met her smirk with a conflicted stare. "I've had two vacations now. Both times you dragged me along, and both times I nearly faced forced servitude. I'm the one who should be forcing servitude, not the other way around!" Risky sighed, "But I really need a hot bath right about now..."

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  3. Yato turned to Yusuke with a cheeky grin when the young artist approached.

    "Well it looks like we're gonna stay for the two weeks. My back is honestly killing me!" the god compalined a bit, throwing an arm around Hiyori's shouder and leaning against her slightly, his cheek resting on top of her head. Though when Yusuke called them lovers for probably the tenth time that day his eyes widened and his cheeks became flushed. He chuckled a bit, hands beginning to sweat slightly.

    "Yeah, we're not like that..." Yato said, gaze flicking to the side as his heart hammered in his chest. As embarrassing as it was, it had a nice ring to it and he honestly didn't mind it all that much.

    When Yusuke apologized to Hiyori, Yato remained quiet, gently pulling Hiyori closer to him and pressing hia lips against the top of her head.

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  4. Not wanting to be too much of a bother while Hiyori spoke with Yato and... someone else... Yusuke waited quietly for a moment. He glanced down at his clothes finally realizing he was still wearing his phantom thief outfit. He allowed the clothes to fade into his usual outfit--mentally saying farewell to his persona powers as he did so. By the time he looked back up he was greeted by a hug tackle from Hiyori. He was indeed surprised by her hug, and not because of her small size.


    "Ah, um, h-hey!"

    It was more common for people to shy away or give him weird looks rather than to hug him--yet here he was being hugged yet again by someone on this island. First Alesha had hugged him, now Hiyori. Yusuke stiffened and held his arms out awkwardly. He found himself just as tongue tided and scarlet-faced as Hiyori had been upon being called Yato's lover. He recovered, however, when the subject would drift back to the apology he made to her.

    "Very well then. I shall retract my apology. Still, I feel as if you had every reason to give myself, and others, a hard time. You were suffering, as were we all. Nevertheless, I am glad you are okay as well, Hiyori-san. Perhaps now that we are not in consistent mortal peril we may be able to be... friends." He used the word friends with hesitation since most of his peers either ignored him or avoided him like the plague. Despite being hesitant, however, he was sincere.


    "Nevertheless, it is most wonderful to hear that the two of you will stay for the two week vacation!" Yusuke chirped, his gray eyes sparkling brightly. "Perhaps, Yato-sama, you would even care to draw or even paint with me. It would be enlightening to see the skills of another artist put into action. I-I may even hurl from my pure elation!" Damn, Yusuke, calm down, dude. : |

    "Perhaps your lover would even be willing to pose for a drawing!" he exclaimed, before mentally recalling that the pair had told him time and time again that they were not lovers. "My apologies; The fact that you two are not lovers eludes me. Your tender embraces, longing stares, and that kiss you placed upon Hiyori-san's head must be a figment of my nonsensical imagination."

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    "Yeah, I'm gonna go home too. Free stuff and a beach or whatever is great and all, but there's no games around here so what's the point?"

    Hina shrugged, more or less satisfied to be done here. She felt a bit bad that Gon seemed to be banged up while she'd pretty much just stayed safe using her telekinesis, but decided not to bother bringing it up if no one else was.
    "...Hi box."

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  6. "You seem quite obsessed with the ideals of romance, my friend. Perhaps you are projecting your own desires on your deity of art and his friend?" Alesha snorted, elbowing her friend a little in good nature. Though he did have a point... the two of them had a rather intimate relationship for simply friends. However, she would not judge; perhaps they had shared a unspoken bond of sworn siblinghood, or simply did not know such boundaries as their peoples did.

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  7. "Yeah, and I'm pretty sure that they have spas here too!" Shantae said in an attempt to reassure Risky that staying would be a good idea...

    ...only to discreetly turn to a Pianta and whisper moments later,
    "You guys do have spas, right?"

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    Hiyori couldn't help it. Yato's complaining earned a giggle, and she found herself relieved by the words. Not for the fact Yato was in pain, but because it was something familiar. The return of the god's melodramatic complaints meant he was feeling better, and that was something that held Hiyori's genuine joy. Still, she gently patted him on the shoulder once her laughter died down, smiling at him sincerely. "You were wonderful, Yato. It's sweet you braved the pain for everyone... You deserve a break. And the same goes for you, Yukine-kun and Yusuke-kun," she praised sweetly. Speaking of the latter...

    Awkward was the only way to describe his reaction to her sudden embrace, but that was far from deterring Hiyori. Yato and Yukine were much the same, and she was used to it by this point. Besides, it wouldn't do anything to change she was happy to see him and more than willing to express such, even if he wasn't. But she didn't keep him stuck in that unfortunate state too long, having eventually drawn back from her enthusiastic hug to instead simply smile at him. "You said it yourself. I wasn't the only one suffering, and I couldn't get past that. So, if anything, Yusuke-kun..." she trailed off, slowly bowing her head with hands clasped and eyes fleetingly closing. "I'm sorry. I hope you can forgive me-- a-ah?!"


    Pink eyes widened as Yato wrapped his arm around her, placing a gentle kiss atop her head as he did so before resting his head against hers. And immediately the redness of before came flooding back, overtaking her entire face and leading her lip to quiver slightly out of the embarrassment that now hit her like a freight train. She lightly wriggled away from him, frantically flailing. "Wh-what are you doing!? It's no wonder he's getting the wrong idea with you acting like this!" she screeched, clearly flustered.

    Trying to recover from her clear embarrassment, she hugged her arms around herself, suddenly feeling cold without the warmth she felt when pressed against Yato. But she replied to Yusuke nonetheless. "E-eh? P-pose for a drawing...?" she repeated in a confused murmur, actually for once seeming to miss that she was referred to as Yato's lover. Sheepishly, she gave a lopsided grin, awkwardly rubbing her neck. "I-I don't know, I'm not super photogenic, haha..." Oh. But she had noticed something upon hugging herself, and blinked owlishly, looking slightly self conscious all of a sudden. Or, well, even more so.


    Slowly, gaze cast to the ground, she hesitantly unzipped the jacket she wore. "U-um, I didn't get the chance to give this back earlier... Sorry," she muttered, reluctantly sliding it off of her shoulders with a timid expression as she held it out to Yato. Sheepishly, she tried to at least smile though. "O-on the bright side, at least I haven't slipped out of my body except that once this trip! That life schedule has to be wrong if I've gone this long without!" she cheered, seeming to perk up just a little.

    Nobody tell her her tail was out and body was not far off that smile needed protected.

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  9. Rita Hanson

    Rita took a deep breath, as she opened her journal. She flipped past all the Groundhog days entries.( There were a lot of them about five years worth of them).

    The trouble in Paradise is done and I'm kind of sad. I wanted a vacation, but instead I found a dark plot that was quite... for lack of a bad word, bad. Bad in that it involved human trafficking.

    Rita stopped writing for a second and tapped her pen. It felt weird to write about the Trouble in Paradise, especially since she hadn't written a lot about.....Phil's suicide. She frowned. " I'm going to stay for the two weeks. I need the vacation and well- I lost a co-worker recently. We weren't friends, but that's because I never got the chance to know him. He committed suicide before I arrived here, a gun blast to the head.... it was a lot. Especially with his last words being we had a beautiful day together once. " Rita finally did something she hadn't done the whole time since before it all, she cried. For Phil. But also for Peter Parker, Tony Stark and the others whose fates were unknown.

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    Yusuke was immediately taken aback by what Alesha would say. "Th-That is not so! I do not desire my own romance!" The boy wore a defensive look on his face, which seemed to show what Alesha suggested may have been correct. "My fixation on the heat of passion between two individuals is only due to the fact that it is a universal topic--understood by one in all. Such a topic makes for a glorious artistic motif." He cleared his throat after speaking, playing with his shirt collar for a moment before glancing to Hiyori once more.

    "We do all deserve a break. Now that we've been granted this vacation I suppose we'll have the chance at last. Although, I must say there is no need to ask for my forgiveness. I've dealt with far worse-- Uh." Yusuke cut himself off when Hiyori squirmed away from Yato, cocking an eyebrow. "I'm getting the wrong idea, hm?" the boy mused, repeating what Hiyori stated. "Or perhaps the right one? I suppose only time will tell." Yusuke's onto you, bitches. : |


    The artist perked up like an eager puppy when Hiyori would act bashful about being a model. "Nonsense!" the boy bellowed a bit too enthusiastically. He then would make a box with his fingers and begin to examine Hiyori through it--squinting one of his eyes. "While I have seen better looking models, yes," Yusuke bluntly expressed, not realizing he could come off as possibly being rude. "Just about anyone can become more photogenic once a few articles of clothing are removed." Yeah, he didn't mean to come off as rude or creepy, he just got a bit out of hand sometimes when blinded by his own artistic passion.

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  11. Luigi had been silent for the most part, listening to the various things people were discussing. Though when he overheard Yusuke talking about how people should take their clothes off, Luigi gave him "The Look."


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  12. When Hiyori squirmed away from him, Yato felt like a hurt puppy, but played off the initial dissapoinment with an averted gaze and rub of the back of his neck.

    "Calm down Hiyori, I was just leaning on you. My back is killing me after all." the god had hoped no one else had caught the kiss atop her head, but sadly that wasn't the case.

    "It's fine Hiyori, matter of fact you can borrow it anytime you want." Yato replied on the comment about Hiyori having his jacket. Yukine most likely would of made a comment if Yato would let him revert already, though the god had forgotten about that detail due to the discussion of the whole lover's thing. As he put his jacket back on and zipped it he couldn't help but hear where the conversation on modelling was going...

    Yato didn't like the way it sounded, brow furrowing and the slight blush on his fave darkening a bit as he glanced at Yusuke. This was like the shirt thing at the volcano base again.

    " realize how that sounds...right?" he asked, a little bluntly.

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  13. "Clearly not a wise man of words despite his artistic bent... What is your obsession with romance and nudity to be taken to mean besides something perverse, my friend?"

    Alesha was not amused, Yusuke, not one bit.
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  14. When the Magic School Bus showed up to collect them, Luigi sighed at the sight before turning to Yusuke and Alesha.

    "Well... I guess this is-a it, huh?" Luigi said with a small chuckle to hide his sadness from leaving. "I'll um... I'll-a miss you guys." Turning to Alesha, the plumber smiled again and began to blush. "And I'll-a make sure to tell Mario that I got a kiss from a khan... whatever that-a means." Luigi said, despite not knowing what a "khan" really was.

    Scratching the back of his neck, Luigi averted their gaze for a moment.
    "Uhm... I'm not-a really good at goodbyes, as you can tell... sooo..." The plumber paused as he extended his arms to Yusuke and Alesha, grinning awkwardly. "Group hug... I guess?"

    Clearly the master of being smooth, Luigi was.

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  15. "Think of a king or queen from your land, but presiding over a nomadic tribe of warriors, my friend. That is a khan, my friend, and that is who kissed you," Alesha explained with a smile. At the proposed hug, she had to think a few moments... before shrugging and going through with it, moving to hug the short man despite the awkwardness, "I guess so as well, my friend."
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    "Realize how what sounds?" Yusuke innocently questioned Yato, tilting his head to the side. He glanced to Alesha afterwards, the same innocent expression on his face. "A human body posing for artistic purposes is a beautiful thing, is it not? I'd dare not look upon the flesh of another for my own pleasures--only for the sake of art. I don't expect anyone else to understand, nor do I feel the need to convince anyone of the truth in my heart. Anyone is free to believe what they will of me."

    The boy paused for a moment, thinking over the situation. Luigi, Yato, and Alesha had all given him strange looks. That must've meant...

    "...ah, I became too passionate, didn't I?" he questioned, finally catching on. "Forgive me. If such a thing ever happens when you are around me, I won't be insulted if you will call me on this behavior." Akira used to call him on it sometimes, and he was grateful. He wouldn't mind if any of his other friends did so as well.

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    A small frown curved on the end of Yusuke's lips when he would hear that Luigi was leaving. "So you changed your mind about staying for the vacation then? I'm sad to hear it, but I wish you well." Still rather awkward when it came to hugging, Yusuke wasn't sure what to do when Luigi would open his arms for a group hug. He hesitantly moved closer to his friends if Luigi wanted to initiate it, but otherwise he wasn't sure how to make a move.

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  17. Luigi Epilogue: Extended Vacations
    Whether Yusuke liked it or not, he'd be pulled into the awkward hug along with Alesha. As they backed out of the hug, Luigi chuckled nervously when Yusuke expressed his disappointment with his early leave.

    "Yeah... sorry, but the Mushroom Kingdom is-a waiting on me. Yoshi won't feed himself, after all!" Luigi said, forgetting for a moment that literally no one here even knew what a "Yoshi" was.

    With all his goodbyes said and done, along with Isle Delfino finally being free from the clutches of Bowser, Luigi waved goodbye to everyone one last time before stepping on the bus (albeit not without tripping on the steps) and heading back home to the Mushroom Kingdom.



    "My, that is quite the fascinating story, Master Luigi!" Said an erderly looking creature with a mushroom on his head.

    "Heheh.. yeah. I also got a kiss on the cheek from a khan." Luigi said, sounding quite proud of himself for that fact.


    "Good-a job, bro! Did you-a get her number?" Luigi's brother that he talked about so much, Mario, said as he gave his younger brother a thumbs up despite not knowing what a khan was.

    "W-well.. umm.. see... I don't think that they-a really have phones where they come from so... uh..." Luigi sputtered out as he tried to form the correct words, though all that came out were various forms of "uhh" and "umm."

    "Hahah!! I'm just-a messing with you, little bro!" Mario said with a grin, earning a sigh from Luigi. Though it was a contempt and happy sigh. One without any hint of sadness or anger.


    "Well I for one think it's sweet." Said the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom herself, Princess Peach, as she walked into the room holding a freshly baked cake. "It's also a relief to hear that we don't have to worry about Bowser any time soon. You said he was arrested by a... Coalition?" Peach inquired as she set the cake down on the table that the group was already seated at.


    "Yup. Well... that's at least what-a the lady who took Bowser away said. Apparently he escaped from their prison before for doing some-a bad things in a place called... Ragnarok, I think?" Luigi pondered as he tried to recall all the details of what Gonta had told them, though to be quite honest he wasn't exactly paying close attention.

    "Well, in my most humble and personal opinion, it's about time that dastardly koopa was incarcerated for his crimes! He's been nothing but a constant bother for not only both you and Master Mario, but the princess as well!" Toadsworth said as he took a slice of cake and began to slowly eat it with a fork.


    "Fascinating! This proves the existence of the multiverse. I'll have to do further tests back at the lab later. Luigi, you wouldn't mind answering some questions later, would you?" Said a rather short scientist named Professor E. Gadd, who was also invited to the castle for cake to celebrate Luigi's return home.

    "Uhh... sure." Luigi said before taking a bite out of his own slice of cake.

    "Well, I dunno about-a the rest of you, but with Bowser gone, I think that it's about-a time that me and Luigi took a long, well deserved vacation!" Mario exclaimed with a contempt sigh as he smiled and leaned back in his chair, interlocking his fingers as he rested the back of his head on both his palms.

    "Why that's a wonderful idea! I'd recommend Isle Delfino, but I think after what those poor Piantas and Luigi just went through there with Bowser, I think it's best that we go somewhere else. The Beanbean Kingdom sounds nice." Princess Peach said eloquently with a grin as she sat cross legged in her seat.

    "While a vacation does indeed sound nice, I think that for now we should focus on eating this delicious cake that the princess has made us." Toadsworth said before taking another bite out of his cake, earning nods from both Mario and Luigi.



    And so, the group did just that, eating their cake in peace. Without the threat of Bowser constantly kidnapping Princess Peach, it seemed our heroes could finally properly rest.


    Meanwhile, back at Bowser's Castle...


    "The fink-rats back at the volcano believed that they had brought a stop to Fawful, like they were the drain in the bathtub of evil!" The familiar bean-like creature said as he hovered in on his circular hovercraft. Fawful then hovered onto a balcony, where he stood (or technically hovered) over an assortment of different types of monsters and henchmen, all of which formerly worked for Bowser.

    "Minions which are mine! I have done the calling of this meeting to announce that the very first stage in the plan is now at the time of beginning!" Fawful announced to all the minions below, who simply stood by and listened. "With the powers of us each combined together, not even the red and green mustaches can be stopping our plans of kingdom conquering!"


    "YES LORD FAWFUL!" The minions said in unison, almost as if they were all one big hive mind.

    In response, Fawful let out a high pitched and insane laugh.


    "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! No one can put the stopping to me this time!!" Fawful shouted as he continued to laugh upon his balcony over all the minions.


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  18. "Uwah, amazing!" Gon gasped in amazement when the Doctor suddenly summoned his TARDIS out of nowhere, "So it's true what you said way back! You really are some sort of super powerful? Man, I hope I can become strong enough to conjure up something that big someday!" He said enthusiastically, before mimicking Hina when instructed to "meet" the TARDIS.


    "Hi, TARDIS!"


    He actually waited a small moment to see if it would respond, before clearing his throat.


    "Anyway... I guess this is goodbye," Gon said, his voice traced with sentiment, "I dunno if we'll ever see each other again after this, since it seems we've all got our separate paths to keep going down, so if that's the case... I'm glad I had you two as friends all the way through!" He said with an innocent energy, for once befitting a child his age.

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  19. "That didn't seem like just leaning," she grumbled, pouting faintly at Yato's blatant dismissal of her freakout, snuggling her arms around herself as though for comfort. "B-besides, you don't have to position yourself like that!" she squeaked in addition, still blushing furiously. But at least she had stopped her panic flailing, actually ceasing even her mild freakout when Yato stated she could borrow his jacket any time, her mouth in a small o shape and eyes wide as she gazed at him.

    And promptly great embarrassed, laughing awkwardly and again rubbing her neck. "Ahh, thank you, Yato. But I really--" The words were lost, sliced through by the knives that were those of Yusuke's own. Her attention was pulled away by said words, and she listened intently, what she was saying beforehand forgotten.

    Unlike most likely would be in the situation, Hiyori was not offended when Yusuke expressed he had seen better models. She was aware that she was average in appearance, or maybe just a tad above that, and that didn't bother her. No, she was perfectly calm as he went on, nodding slightly and smiling faintly as he expressed she would still make a fine model despite. "Ah, you really think so? I'm flattered you--"

    And then he said how to make her look more photogenic.



    Suddenly she was completely red in the face, flailing her arms frantically with her tail wiggling about just as sporadically. "No way! Y-you can't be serious!!!" she squealed frantically. She didn't even catch the rest of the conversation; she was far too busy completely wigging out.

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  20. Col Mael Radec's Epilogue.


    The Helghan Colonel turned to the others who remained to bask in the sun.

    "Perhaps we'll... meet again. "

    The Helghan Colonel saluted those who helped and before they could respond,
    The only part they could see is a stealthed version and a faint shadow of the Helghast Colonel, himself.

    "I have a planet to protect and ISA Scum to kill.

    In his own words, he turned, thinking to himself.

    "Turns out this diversion has done little to stem the flow of the ISA forces to Helghan. My planet needs leadership now more than ever. Strong leadership, bringing order to Helghan while protecting it from outside forces. Leadership born of respect. And respect, of course, is born of power. And if the people of Helghan and the ISA invaders think they know the power I carry, they're wrong. And being wrong in this case will cost them, dearly."

    He eyed the others before stepping on the school bus to disappear back to Helghan.


    Helghan... on the New Sun

    Colonel Radec vs Col Jan Templar


    Watch video above to watch events transpire once Radec moves back to the New Sun. ^

    (OOC: I had fun, thanks guys.)

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