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  1. tastygoldentaters’s search for a partner!
    Hello, and thanks for clicking on my thread! I’m tastygoldentaters, but you can call me just Taters if you’d like. I’m looking for a partner to play with me! I'm not craving anything specific, but I'd really like to play something with adventure and romance.

    About me

    I really like fantasy, magic and adventure! Romance sometimes makes things more exciting, but fairytales and perfect relationships are boring, and not what I'm looking for. I'm open to new ideas, and I'm not craving anything specific right now, so feel free to throw your own plots at me, or maybe we can create something together!

    Compatibility check

    First things first, I need to be able to understand what you’re writing. I’m not a grammar nazi or anything, and I want to play with someone who feels comfortable with sharing their writing with me. But at the same time, I put an effort on things I share with others, and I expect the same in return. So I’ve made a list of things you should consider if you think we can be partners:

    • Please use proper grammar, punctuation, and capitalisation. I won't judge you if you make a mistake, but I certainly will if you're not at least making an effort.
    • I prefer writing on third person, past tense.
    • I will always take quality over quantity. I don't need pages of text that are there just to fill a paragraph quota. If you give me something interesting to work with, something that tells me more about your character or our plot, something that moves the story forward, that's good enough for me, be it one paragraph or five.
    • Please respect my posting speed, as I will respect yours. I work, I study, I have a life that needs taking care of. I assume you do too. My posting speed varies from one post a week to a few posts a day, depending on the amount of free time I have, the time I need to craft a good reply, and the flow of the story. That brings me to my next point...
    • Good communication is a must! Can't reply this week because your work life is chaotic? Not a problem! You're not feeling some aspect of our story and want to change something? Fine by me! You've lost interest and need a break? Okay! As long as you talk to me and keep an open mind as well, we can make it work!
    • Please, be friendly! I've been told I can come across as a bit uptight/too serious sometimes, but I do have a sense of humour, I swear! Roleplaying is meant to be fun for everyone, so it's important that we get along well!
    • I would prefer to play with other adult members, but that's not set in stone. The only exception (for obvious reasons) is for Libertine RPs, for which partners should be +18 only!
    • Check my resume for other details, and don't be afraid to ask questions! I always forget to add something in these kind of forms...

    Please PM me if you're interested!
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