Long time role player seeking group role plays!

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  1. Hello curious reader, I am Brovo. I've written a few guides and run long term role plays, and been around the block a few times. I haven't actually tried this "seeking group invites" thing on Iwaku before in spite of being here for several months, and figured I'd give it a shot just to see if it works. I'll make things brief, and make clear the following: Who I am, what I want, and any limitations that may be in place.

    • I'm an alcohol swilling Canadian whose age and gender... Really probably shouldn't matter. :ferret:
    • I have a job, I'm studying for a security certificate, and I'm a happily spoken for man. That being said, I can typically poke my head about a role play to at least keep up with it on a daily basis, though posting every day would be difficult for me to do. I could do a couple times a week pretty easily though.
    • I've been role playing for over a decade. Make of that what you will, I find that the amount of time one has spent on a hobby is rarely indicative of their total skill, but some give a shit about this sort of thing.
      • On that note, the longest I've managed to run a role play is four and a half years. It had its high and low points, I learned a great deal from it. Presently on Iwaku, I've been running Legend of Renalta for the past three months on a consistent basis, with no sign of it slowing down.
    • I'm no elitist. I'm happy to role play with people who have greater or lesser skill than I at tasks such as writing. All I ask is that if I offer a suggestion or inquire about something, keep in mind that it's only because I care, and I'm never going to go after you as a person. If I didn't care, I wouldn't say anything.
    • I'm quite dedicated to role plays that catch my eyes. If I'm struggling to keep interest or to keep up with the pace, I don't just vanish either. I talk about it openly in the OOC thread, or privately over IM's if that's a thing.

    My Interests
    • Primary Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Post Apocalyptic, Steampunk.
      • My primary draw to any storytelling medium, be it as a member of a film audience, a reader of a novel, or as a player in a role play, is to realize emotional or social circumstances of fictional characters within the foil of what is distinctly a fictional setting. In essence: The less connections it has to the real world, the more likely I'll find myself attracted to it. I'll take J.R.R. Tolkien or Isaac Asimov over Reality TV any day, please.
    • Secondary Genres: Romance, Supernatural.
      • I'm a sucker for the heartfelt and "that which is otherwordly" can draw my attention for the same reason fantasy can. However, if you try to sell me on either of these alone, expect me to lack interest. I prefer romance as something added atop an interesting fantasy world, as a subplot essentially.
    • Group Settings are preferred. I don't have any particular interest in seeking 1x1 at this time.
    My Limitations/Requirements
    • I have no particular length requirements and I find the very suggestion of them absurd. I'll reply to what I'm given with whatever would make the most sense for the pacing of the story. I'll never leave someone hanging with nothing to respond to: My characters always act in scenes if given something to act upon. I don't reply with less than one paragraph, as I've never found a situation where less than one made any sense for the pacing of a story.
    • I have no interest in senseless smut. If I want this, I'll go watch pornography, or chat up my girlfriend about having some fun. :awesome: Let scenes go where they may, but if two characters end up getting together to do the physical consummation of certain particular activities which make children screech in horror and adults swoon with envy, I'll simply let the curtains fall. I'm not against characters having sex--au contrairĂ©, it can be quite important for character development--I'm just not going to describe the act. Let it fade to black.
    • I uh... I like ferrets? I don't particularly have an awful lot of limitations. Just let me speak freely, and accept that I have a day job that limits my hours for play, and I'll be happy to join another group role play.
    So... Any upstart GM's want to take an old ferret sensei into their group?
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  2. Hmm...

    The only original original RPs I have here are semi-Slice of Life and Slice of Life respectively.

    For Fandom RPs, is there anything you like or dislike?
  3. Generally dislike fandom RP's as a rule of thumb, so... :ferret:
  4. I have a scifi and fantasy rp in the works coming out relatively soon. It might be what you're looking for.
  5. o.o You're not someone I expected to see here while making the rounds. XD

    Eh... I've probably mentioned Fandomstuck more than enough times in your presence elsewhere around the forum, but I guess I just sort of assumed you wouldn't be interested? Well, since you're here, I guess I might as well send a proper invite your way, just in case. And since you didn't exactly give a hard 'no' to fandom RP's, I guess I'll go ahead and give the usual disclaimer that it's considerably unlike what you'd expect from most fandom RP's, since it isn't set in any specific canon universe, and it doesn't utilize canon characters. Instead, it's about the personification of fandoms in general, so you can build a character around any fandom that interests you (assuming it isn't already taken, anyway).

    I get the feeling it's probably still too kitschy for your tastes, but... yeah.

    Edit: I'm also thinking about starting an RP about tarot cards. Probably fantasy setting. Not sure if modern fantasy or what. I have no idea how I would make this work, and I haven't planned out anything beyond the fact that I just want tarot cards to be relevant somehow (I don't even have an interest check up yet), but I figured if anyone's good enough with roleplaying and GMing and worldbuilding and all that sort thing to have any idea how to help me, it would be you. .....It's also an RP idea that I actually have a shot at inviting you into, probably, soo... XD
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  6. Hm, might you consider joining a 40K Rogue Trader Campaign I'm attempting to run?
  7. Would you care to rp?
  8. Well if you are interested I came across this RP that is still in it's development stage and the GM is really interested in getting more people to get it started. It's called the Tears of the Elementals by Affilli (I'm on my phone at the moment and don't really know how to link it through... yet)

    I can't really explain all that much myself, since there is a lot to explain and I don't wish to take up your time, but she does have a website set up to explain the finer details on the Interest Thread. Feel free to look it up, and if not whatever :bsmile:
  9. Hey, Brovo! I follow your GM 101 Guide and do my very best to stick to it, as I agree with many of the things you have on there! I never expected to see you in the seeking group invites area, though, and it's quite the pleasant surprise. Especially since I've been looking for a couple of players for my own RP, which has already started, but is still in its very beginning phases.

    My posting expectations are more adaptable than intermediate, and I've accepted a few people who are still in the earlier stages of writing. I'd like someone who puts a fair amount to react to in their posts. The story revolves mostly around dragons, but it's on a world I've created and built upon over the last few years. Having someone who has run a successful RP would be spectacular! If you're interested in an RP with dragons, please do take a look!

    OPEN SIGNUPS - The Mercy of Inhalla ~ Dragon Riders of Kabola | Sign-Ups

    PM me if you're interested! <3

    SIDE NOTE: The ferret that's your profile picture...is it yours? I love ferrets! <3
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