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To be honest, I know some post rapidly and love interacting back and forth at a reasonable pace. Which is alright, as long as they don't go on too far on their own.
But if someone can only bring a post out once every day or once in two days, I won't put pressure on them to up the numbers. That would be unfair and quite frankly doesn't promote good writing.

Your post was fine, it didn't need you to add any additional descriptions of the market. You described it plenty. So don't worry too much about it. I purposefully haven't set the bar high so newer writers can expand and explore, as well as learn if they wish, in their writing. What I usually do, which helps me to keep it from becoming too much of a waterfall of events/actions/... is write down 3 or 4 points that need to be covered, and not go beyond that. Keeps the post calm, and doesn't rush it.
For example, for Layana's last post my points were: React to Saraad, respond to Warlock, spot the inn.
Lena's points were: Observe the two that entered (hide identity), recognize Izana, remove the enchantment.
Then I elaborated on them point by point. It might not work for everyone, but it helps me to have a clear image of where I start the character, what they do, and where/how they end in the post.

And how fast you can post also depends on the partner that you're roleplaying with. If you're on your own (as your last two posts were) it's sometimes more difficult because it all rests on your shoulders. Having nothing really to respond to or continue on aside from your own previous post. But now you've come to the point where you're waiting on a reply. If the partner that you're writing with is slower in their responses, well, you can't react faster than that you have posts to reply to, right ;) So you don't have to worry too much. If you are interacting with someone that manages to post at lightning speed, then it's up to you to decide how fast you can reply.

So tl;dr version: Can't really say how fast you have to post for this RP. You need to be comfortable with it, and it also depends on how fast the people you're interacting with respond. Focus more on how you write, and not too much on how often you post.
Okay Victor is finally introduced. Be good to him guys.

Oh and @Olissa don't worry I won't be revealing Queen Lena's secret.
[fieldbox= Azra, SkyBlue, Solid]

[glow= SkyBlue]Name[/glow][glow= SkyBlue]:[/glow] Azra Lea Veritas
[glow= SkyBlue]Age[/glow][glow= SkyBlue]:[/glow] Appears 25, actual age is 35
[glow= SkyBlue]Gender[/glow][glow= SkyBlue]:[/glow] Female
[glow= SkyBlue]Race[/glow][glow= SkyBlue]:[/glow] Angel
[glow= SkyBlue]Appearance[/glow][glow= SkyBlue]:[/glow]


Azra stands at around five feet seven inches with a wingspan relevant to her frame and height. Her hair is silvery grey with a blue hue woven deep into the strands of her long hair. Her eyes are of a sapphire blue and while her wings are the pristine white that you'd expect from an angel, her wing tips flare a fiery orange when pierced by sunlight, almost making them appear as if they're alight.

[glow= SkyBlue]History[/glow][glow= SkyBlue]:[/glow]

Azra was born into a long line of serving angels who fought in the name of their sovereign queen, so it was expected that she too would end up serving as apart of the Royal Guard. Azra had shown promise from a young age though her ability to problem solve and after enlisting at the earliest available age she instantly took to her role with flying colors, proving herself time and time again whether it was her tenacity and efficiency in combat or her all round effectiveness to complete tasks to the letter. Azra soon rose through the ranks, eventually finding herself a guard captain of a small contingent. She struggled for the first term, her subordinates not taking well to her eager attitude and strict behavior in striving for perfection. It was this moment which began to define Azra, as she realized she couldn't expect from others what she chose to give from herself.

Her approach had to change and after long months of getting to know those within her contingent, they eventually began to warm to her and in time went on to be one of the leading units in service of the Queen. Although her approach had changed she never dropped her strive to be the best she could be and it reflected in each individual who bore the queens insignia under her leadership. Her unit had gained such notoriety among the queens forces that the current general offered her the position of Major, which she gladly accepted. Ever since then Azra has served in her new role, even forming a relationship with the queen who on occasion she will answer to directly if she has tasks needing to be completed, or an escort.

[glow= SkyBlue]Personality[/glow][glow= SkyBlue]:[/glow]

Azra is one person whose loyalty would never be brought to question and is one of her most highlighted traits. Contrary to popular belief she does in fact have a softer side, although you wont ever see it when she's on duty as her mind will always be fully focused on her duty and the completion of her tasks. Although she is conditioned and trained by the codes and laws of the queens military, giving her a hard external attitude; she can also be found to enjoy concepts of philosophy and subjects with deeper thinking. When off duty Azra will happily sit for hours and talk of these things, often finding interest in individuals as she has a thirst for knowledge and enjoys learning the stories of new people.

As an officer of the guard she is cunning and tactical, take charge in situations of crisis and can often express a temper if someone is acting a fool and putting people in danger, or just generally if she's engaged in combat. She is noted to be an aggressive fighter and is observed to overwhelm her opponents quickly and efficiently. Her weakness can sometimes being overly militant, even when off duty which sometimes makes her come across wrong and in a way she doesn't mean to. At her core she is still a young women and enjoys all the normal things younger women enjoy, however to learn this you'll have to get close enough to her that she'll let you in, which can sometimes be difficult as she often suspects her role in the guard causes people to feel intimidated.

[glow= SkyBlue]Job[/glow][glow= SkyBlue]:[/glow] Major of the Queen's forces & Royal Guard.
[glow= SkyBlue]Other[/glow][glow= SkyBlue]:[/glow] When on duty Azra carries a decorated sword which she uses in combat, though it never leaves it's sheath unless she is required to fight, or suspects an attack.

Winter, she is accepted.

And Angel Evans: secret? What secret ;) just kidding. Yay, glad to see you posted.
Thank you! I'll wait for your IC post before making mine ^^
On a tablet at the moment, will get to it once I get the laptop going. :)
I think I've finally updated the first post to include all of the characters. At least, I hope I didn't miss anyone. Please check it to make sure your characters are there (and that they are spelled correctly and linked back correctly) If anything is off or missing, let me know so I can edit.

Also, Winter, just introduced Azra. Go ahead whenever you can.
First post done! ^^
So many people out looking for the queen :P hehe.
It's mah jerb! D:
I know, I'm not criticizing XD
ponders how to make Izana respond once further in, Having met the queen, and given her a special Repect. xD

Hmm, And if that hook I left for her possibly being his childhood friend is taken, I see other things potentially being possible that otherwise wouldn't be... Hmm... *plotplotplot*
Lena was 35 when tragedy hit him. 10 year olds tend not to really be childhood friends with 35 year olds ;)
Plus, Lena wouldn't have had much of any adventures on her own. This day is one of the rare exceptions, and even then she doesn't leave the city walls. Beyond that, it's always as a formal visit. While she may have explored a little more during her visits to the other regions, it's unlikely that she'd have occasionally dropped by a dragon's home. So no, Lena wouldn't be a likely contender for a childhood friend. Though there is another possibility.

As for what to do with him now, well, let's first wait for more to have posted before deciding what'll happen next. I'm not sure what I'll have Lena do at this point, that depends on a few other factors.
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right. xD though it could have been like an Iroh/Zuko relationship. xD She'd bee seeked due to her wisdom and advice. However the lack of travel even unliklifies that one. xD
Just like with real life royal families, everything they do is planned, organized, and coordinated. Be it a state visit, or family vacation. There's little room for them to do whatever they please.
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right. XD

The two going to be friends at least now? xD pfft
We'll see what happens. To be honest I have no idea in which direction most of this RP will go from now on. That's the interesting thing about (partial) sandbox roleplays.
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Right. XD

He will want some time to talk to her after the collar removal though, So time will tell where things end up. xD
And here I was, planning on having her sneak out of the blacksmith's shop unless Saraad talked to Lena.
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I'll have something up later tonight or early tomorrow, I've been busy packing up boxes today.

Many places to go from here, haha.
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