Land of Wings

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Well, whenever you have time, just make sure I've announced the character in the IC first before actually posting ^^ currently on a tablet, so doing all the correct coding is less preferable.

Edit: nvm, go right ahead and post once you have a chance.
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i finished my CS just now, it was longer than i thought, but its detailed. I had fun writing it, tell me if i missed anything
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Name: Kida Wiseman
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Dragon


Kida is five feet two inches in height. She is lighter than she looks, a necessity of flight. Her skin is fair and pale in contrast to her raven black hair and wings. Her body is built for speed and agility in flight. She is not as graceful on land.
History: Kida doesn't have a very exciting past. She prefers to focus on her future.
Personality: Kida loves to fly, loves to feel the wind whipping at her hair, passing over her delicate wing membranes. If she isn't in the skies, she's got her nose in a book. It's hard to pull her away from either activity. She is not the most social girl either. She can be shy at times, yet outgoing at others. She loves adventure, whether it's in life or in the pages of a book.
Job: None, but will maybe get one later.
That unfortunately is not a history that I can approve of. Just like with amnesia cases, even if she doesn't focus on the past, I want you to write it out.
So no, for now she is not accepted.
@AceSorcerer, you do know the story takes place in the Capitol? This is our main setting, and where Layana currently is, as well as the inn that she is staying in.
I am Intrigued. and I would like to participate. Since there is no 'put me in your post to signify you have read the rules' thing, I shall paraphrase a few rules for said verification.

2 paragraph rough minimum.
Be courteous and don't leave anyone in the dust. (i've been left in the dust many a time, it sucks.)
let you know if Life Obligations or large posting delays occur.
have fun
make sure your characters have flaws.


and now that I have taken care of that, allow me to provide a CS.


Name: Izana Kunigiri
Age: Unknown. the Character doesn't know his age due to the trauma's of his childhood, but he is in fact 20, nearly 21 in human relative years.

Gender: Male.

Race: Dragon. Sapphire Dragon.



Main Scales: Blue
Seccondary Scales and horns: Green
Spines: red.


When Izana turned 10, (10th hatchday) He was forced to witness the brutal slaughter of his family and friends in order by murders that forced their way in though a lock Izana had failed to set up properly upon being warned by his family that there were sketchy people wandering through the area. The murderers forced him to decide whether or not to join the cult. Join and live, Refuse, and die right there. Izana, after a moment of thought, agreed to join in, but as soon as he had a chance to escape, he used his fire to create enough of a fireball in which he could escape down an alleyway, witnessing the same thing happening to his friends families and the friends of his family, before he manages to make it out alone, an orphan, his home destroyed. After these events, not only was he rendered an orphan, but when he finally turned around from his running, he saw his home was in flames and falling to the ground. Orphaned and homeless, he started setting off to find people to help and maybe somewhere to live where he could make a difference after a time of suicidal thoughts, but no such actions. Years pass, and while he is unsuccessful in finding a home until he gets adopted, having lived a vegetarian lifestyle all this time, he does manage to help some others, though, he relives the trauma every night in his sleep. After becoming of age, he moves away from his adoptive family, and sets off to see what he can do for the world.


Kind, yet reserved. Izana has a hard time accepting the fact that what happened to his family on his hatchday 10 years ago or so was not in any way his fault, and not only bears shame for guilt he believes he has, but also sorrow due to missing his family. His adoptive family, however, that he recently moved out from, has alleviated enough to make him curious and playful again if the mood strikes him.

Job: Merchant / Messenger.


Fire Dragon. Izana is fireproof, Lava resistant. However, as a direct result of this, he is deathly afraid of water, and thunderstorms scare him. Just as water extinguishes fire, Izana believes that the liquid would cause him harm, though it hasn't been tested. In actuallity, Water wouldn't do any permanent harm to the poor dragon, but it WOULD make his use of fire impossible while wet.

Izana has small control over wind, about enough to redirect some subtle wind currents in the air while flying and create a little draft, but other than that, unless angered, he can't do anything else with wind.

Izana is a Kind, unfortunate soul, that is usually willing to put himself in harms way to protect another, whether or not he knows them. He has chosen to be a vegetarian because he doesn't like the thought of causing anyone else to go through similar grief to that that he goes through.

Izana's Favorite quote: "Everyone Wants to be happy, No one likes to be sad, but you can't have a rainbow without a little rain."

Another of Izana's weaknesses is that his is poor, and hasn't quite learned the proper way to fly, only knowing what he does through trial and error, and LOTS of crashing into buildings.

Height: 7 ft
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You may remove the brackets and its contents if you wish. ;)
And yeah, this is a slightly freer roleplay so I left out the verification rule. Though thanks for verifying non the less. I do appreciate it. And it sucks being left out doesn't it! I even had it happen to me in a roleplay of my own. That really bummed.

Now, for the character itself: It feels like you've left certain parts out from his past (like why his family was murdered but he wasn't) but other than that it's good.
How large is he? Seeing he's a dragon and all.
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I'd say 7 ft or so. ^^ and hmm, Didn't realize that, as he wouldn't know I never really thought of it. Uh, maybe out of a desire to get them out of their way, your classic, loathing of another? I'm open to suggestions, if you have an idea that could tie into the RP Lore, else I'm not entirely sure what a good motive would be.
There are tons of directions you could go with this.
You mentioned he blames himself for it, which you could tie into it.

Random robbery: Izana was supposed to lock the back door of their home, but he got distracted and forgot about it. That night robbers came in and took out anyone they saw, while he hid under his bed and saw the whole thing happening.
A variation of that is that he did lock the door, but doesn't remember that he did. Meaning his feeling of guilt stems from a forgotten part of his memory.

Rivalry/loathing/...: in a scenario where the murderer(s) are specifically out for vengeance or hatred of some kind the previous mentioned scenario works too. An added twist to that is that maybe they specifically targeted Izana, making him see those horrors because they wanted to make him one of their soldiers. Except he escaped their grip.

Maybe they were murderers that targeted dragons or simply killed for the fun of it no matter who it was. Coming to the home they had posed as travelers, and Izana had opened the door for them, letting them in. A variation to that is that one of his parents let the travelers in. Izana had a feeling something was off about them, but didn't dare speak his mind. (Or maybe he did but his parents dismissed it) as a result the murderers could do what they intended to do, Izana narrowly escaping with his life.
If you want to include the murder of Izana's friends (and friends of the family no doubt) this might be a plausible enough route to go. Though the others can be twisted to work on his hatch day too.

I could go on, but I guess this is a start. Does this help a little with possible ideas?
Hmm, I think I can compound two of those into one.

They know that suspicious people are around, and thus tell him to lock the door when he comes home (similarly to how Highschool and college lockdowns work). He does so, but fails to completely engage the lock, giving them enough leeway to finnegle the door open, come in, and start killing them in front of him, hoping to convince him to join them, under threat that they'd kill him as well instead of initiating him. He'd agree, initially, but once outside, he'd use fire and his anger to create an escape, where the rest happens and he watches from a distance as his home and that of all of his friends and family friends denied and were executed.

I think it could also be interesting if this was something newsworthy that happened without his being aware that it was made public, so that he could walk into a place and hear whispers along the lines of 'that's the dragon who lived' etc. XD
I think that's unlikely. The whispering I mean. It would have been news sort of, since whoever it were had been taken down, courtesy of the Royal Guard and the Queen. But that wouldn't really render him a 'dragon that lived' xD
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I think that's unlikely. The whispering I mean. It would have been news sort of, since whoever it were had been taken down, courtesy of the Royal Guard and the Queen. But that wouldn't really render him a 'dragon that lived' xD
I was trying to fit a Harry Potter reference in there. XD

But yeah, I like the thought that if they get to know him they'd immediately recall some information, based on what was made public. XD whether or not they recognize him up front.

quick question:

He isn't a criminal, But I was thinking of having him start off stealing food and scraps from the garbage to give some guards something to do. XD Would that be an okay way to start without getting him instantly killed? XD
Royal Guards (they are the police force throughout the Land basically, as well as being the army/militia, and guards in general) are not allowed to kill unless otherwise instructed. It may have happened at times that someone was killed by a guard, but that's usually the exception to the rule. Normally most thief cases are dealt with via a fine. Unless what/the amount that is stolen is more extreme than just some fruit or jewelry. In that case a more formal trial may be held and a punishment befitting to the crime is dealt.
Garbage scraps wouldn't really be considered a crime, since others have already thrown it out, so it's for the poor to pick it up if they desire.
But yeah, by all means, cause a little havoc. The Land (and RP) would be boring without a little chaos!

As for being recognized due to what happened. I'm just trying to keep things in a plausible perspective :) Which isn't easy with magical and mythical beings XD. Ahem, I degres.
There are more dragons in the Land, so not everyone would recognize and associate him with the situation right away, but if he reveals where he's from or some other link back to that situation (you could always use the 'scar he got during the event' albeit a bit cliche), then yeah it would make sense that some people might go 'ah are you...etc'.
Especially since it's been roughly 11 years, most don't instantly think of an event that happened elsewhere in the country unless they had been personally involved.
For example, when Lena had a child it was a nation wide scandal/rumor (no one outside of court actually saw the child). But since there came no further news about the baby, people started to forget or figure it was just some tall tale story and continue on with their lives. If that girl suddenly stood on their doorsteps people would be unlikely to recognize her, unless she gave some specific hint as to who she was related to. In that case some might recall the happenings of long ago, but it wouldn't be the first thing that sprung to mind.

Does that make sense?
Yep. ^^ perfect sense.

I am working on planning things out for a post, since I can't actually until introduced. XD He's going to wake from a nightmare, possibly have some sort of metal cufflink on from those that had attacked him that he hasn't been able to get off. and likely cause a little havoc, intentional or not. XD he means well, but his actions aren't always perfect. XD
I'll introduce him soon, working on my hair at the moment so my hands are a little full XD
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otay. XD

*is tempted to stick a wire between you and the electrical socket and watch it poof*

jk I'm not THAT mean. XD
No electric socket near in the bathroom, so I'm safe either way :P Plus if I poof, who'll introduce him?

Speaking of which, he's in, go right ahead.
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Koolkat, nearly missed your mention that you finished the character sheet as you edited that information into your post later on XD
Anyway, I'll say accepted. Your writing in her history is a bit jumbled and rushed. It's not something I'll condemn you about, don't worry, just want to encourage you to take your time to write and check your posts while IC. :)
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