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Vamadra "Valora" Lavellan
snow elf/ Valkyrie
silver hair waist length hair. Her eyes are hazel. Her wings are pure white and very wide. Her figure is curvy with a small waist. She has long elven ears. Her height is 5'10 and her weight is 135 lbs.
Vamadra is the daughter of two separate worlds. Her parents met in the world below. Valkyries usually take up jobs along the lines of weapons and armor merchants, becoming a battle maiden, and hired tacticians. Valkyries have long since been a scattered people, though an order of high ranking Valkyrie called The Council was established to judge and set rules in Valkyrie affairs. Snow Elves are different. Most snow elves are found in the high mountains around the world. each clan has subtle differences, but the culture and traditions are the same. The mountains are the prefect place to explore and develop their signature ice magic. elves can also use all types of elemental magic and even healing magic. Those who can not use magic use typical weapons, which Vamadra's father, Athel, happen to be.

Athel was sent to an errand in the nearby city, where Vamadra's mother,Kata, was living at the time. They were not yet adults, Athel being 14 and Kata 13. They bumped into each other at the practice grounds, both being sword wielders. What started off as a strong friendship slowly turned into a deep adoration for each other over then next 4 years. Months before Kata turned 18, her family decided to move to the land in the skies. It was a wonderful place to for winged beings. Athel was heartbroken, he was going to propose to Kata when she was of age. Kata left for her new home pregnant. When the baby was born, Kata named her Vamadra, a beautiful Valkyrie name. however Vamadra would not use that name for a long time. when Vamadra was just a couple of days old she was sent Athel in secret.

He gave Vamadra her elven name, valora, which she used while in his care. She grew up in his mountain village, having inherited elven magic abilities. Athel taught her how to use a sword, which she uses very well. Her elemental magic is strong, and she excelled in both human and eleven school. Around Vamadra's 5th birthday her wings appeared. They were a beautiful pure white color, just like her mothers. Vamadra's father never did marry. Athel made his fortune when he left his village when valora was 12. They settled down in a big city, and Athel became well known smithy. valora did not fit in well in her new home. Although she found genuine friends there, many ostracized her as a freak for being half-blooded. That did not stop vamadra from being the top in her class, and a great sword wielder. In her new home magic was barely used, so she only use her magic at home.

After Vamadra turned 15, Kata finally found them. She pleaded with Athel to allow her to take Vamadra back to the land of the skies, which he accepted reluctantly. Kata was lead to believe her daughter had died due to complications of being a half-blood. It was not until 2 years prior that one of her father's maids confessed that the baby was sent to Athel. Kata had married 5 years after vamadra was born, but could not have anymore child due to injuries as a battle maiden. Her mother was very wealthy, coming from old money in the valkyrie world and amassing her own money as a tactician for wealthy countries. Now using Vamadra as her name, She carved out a life in the sky land with fellow winged beings. She loved sparring with her battle-maiden mother, and finally learned how to properly fly with her now huge wings. Now now as an adult, Vamadra finished college. She studied to be a teacher. Vamadra was not accepted by the council to be battle-maiden, like her mother. Though she lost contact with her father, she still has hopes of seeing him again.​
Vamadra was always a cheerful girl. She did not like cruelty, and would defend others who were bullied for being fellow elves or magic-less. Although she as valkyrie blood in her, fighting not something Vamadra enjoys. she loves reading grimores and tolems, and enjoys research traditions and histories of other countries. Vamadra never backed down from a well desired fight, and will jump the gun to help those in need. Vamadra has a bit of a independent side, never quick to accept help from others. She hates hot places, and is very impatient. waiting for long times is the quickest way vamadra gets annoyed. While she loves helping others, it does not mean that vamadra is nice all the time. Vamadra, in her natural state, is a very blunt person. Growing up in an elven village, it was not common for people to give constructive criticism out in the open. She takes pride in her schooling and intelligence, and quickly judges others who doe not take learning seriously.
Just started as an elementary school history teacher, does tutoring on the side
Vamadra uses ice,water, and air very well. Earth is an almost non existed magic for her and fire does not respond to her at all. She uses a sword most of the time, Since she mostly uses water and air for personal usage. vamadra's ice magic is 90% battle spells and 10% practical magic. Since she is a teacher, she does not use ice often, but still practices her elemental magic from time to time.​
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IC thread has been created, if you see your character's name in the second post, you are free to respond and let your character(s) loose in the Land ^-^

If your character isn't mentioned, but was accepted, let me know so I can introduce them as well :)
Just don't post before they're announced. ;)

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I've got a question; what does the 'New Beings in the Land of Wings' post mean...? That they're new to the place? Because Deneas has been there quite a while and Keahi has lived there his whole life, unless I'm confused about something (which is very likely)
No, it's just an announcement for players IC when a new character has come to the scene (when a character is accepted and allowed into the RP. A clear indicator of when a character is allowed into the IC). How long the charachter has been in that world doesn't matter, it's just a GM announcement basically ^^
Ahh, got it! Okay, so yeah, I was confused. Had a feeling.
Name: Layana Sercress
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Angel/Demon hybrid
Layana has long wavy that reaches to her bottom. Originally speaking it was light blonde, but as of recently her hair has been growing black at its tips, creating a reversed ombre look from blonde to black.
She has bright green eyes, a fair skin and happy, energetic look.
She stands 1.70m tall and has a fairly slim build.
Her wings on her back are a once in a lifetime sight. Her left wing is feathered, angelic, but pitch black, while her right wing is leathery, and bat-like, but pure white like freshly fallen snow.
Her outfits leans towards the knee length dresses most of the time.

History: Layana had always known she was different than the rest.
First of all she was raised by non winged people, so that meant she was adopted, obviously, and then there was the matter of her powers. In her younger days Layana could only use white magic, like any angel, but as she grew older she started to become able at crafting dark spells, which was highly uncommon for an angel to be able to do. To make matters even more confusing her at the time white wings started to morph. One wing started to grow black, while the other began to shed it's feathers and changed it's entire shape till it was leathery, boney, and looked like how most demon wings looked. A process which I might add was not entirely painless.

Her adoptive parents didn't find it necessary to go out and look for help from the doctors, saying it would be fine, and that it was just a side effect of the darker side of her powers manifesting in her. Yeah right, what would humans know of wing problems. So Layana set out to the Capital to try and find someone who might explain to her what the hell is going on.

Personality: She's generally a fairly outgoing person that likes to be near others. She can be a bit chatty though. New things tend to confuse her.
Job: No job, visitor to the Capital, looking for a healer.
Other: Layana's powers are based on both light and darkness. She resorts to light most of the time, but her darkness has messed up a fair amount of love and kindness spells lately.
Can you send the link to where you made that???? Please???
Do you mean the image?
Well, found the dollmaker on DollDivine originally, but it originally belongs to Rinmaru games (as stated on the image) I don't have the link for it at the moment though. I think it was called Anime Elf Creator or so.

I did photoshop the image. This dollmaker doesn't provide ombre/gradient haircolors, nor individual wing choices. So I compiled it out of 3 images and colored the hair manually.
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Name: Victor Ao
Race:Celestial being/Incubus
Appearance:Victor is a full 6'2 tall. He is of a slender build,and 210ibs of muscle. While in his civilian form he has short blonde hair and green eyes. His wings do not show themselves until after his transformation due to his unique heritage. While in his godly form he looks exactly the same,with the addition of a full body tattoo that signify his status as a god as well as white feathery wings with a wingspan of 7';as well as his hair growing to knee length. However in his Incubus form Victor' hair lightens to gray,horns protrude form his head and his wings grow from his lower back instead of his upper, they are bat like and leathery instead of feathers. Victor' eyes also darken to gray.
History:Victor is the child of the greek goddess of love Aphrodite and japanese mega star Adonis Ao.Victor lead a relatively happy childhood. He spent the school year with his father,he went to school while simultaneously learning the family business through sitting in on his father's photo shoots and movie tapings. During the summer he went to a special camp designed to accommodate other children of the god's where he learned mastery over his powers. One of Victor's peer's grew extremely jealous of him,his talent,and his success. To exact his revenge on the year of Victor's 10th birthday he used an ancient western spell to summon a demon in order to murder Adonis' only child and cause him eternal grief. However that plan backfired,when the demon attempted it's homicide Adonis' heritage protected him and instead of being killed by the demon he instead absorbed it and became the celestial/Demon hybrid that his now. Upon hearing of her child's attempted murder Aphrodite immediately asked for the aid of her long time friend Queen Lena Genevive Rucrosa,and in her kingdom is where Victor took refuge. Victor had a happy childhood growing up in the queen's care. The people of the land often consider him a member of the royal family and refer to him affectionately as "Prince". Victor was extremely popular in the land not only because of his looks,but his ability to transform into two separate forms. The people were amazed by him and his flashy transformations' not to mention both forms were extremely sexy. Victor loves the land and will protect it with everything he has.
Personality: Victor is a happy go lucky guy. He tries to have as much fun as he can in life and rarely takes anything seriously. He's unconsciously a huge flirt,and it often get's him pretty lucky ;). Victor is also aware of his dangerously good looks and isn't above using them to his advantage. However cross Victor and he can be vindictive,spiteful and downright evil. I guess you could say it's due to his inner demons
Job: As a pseudo member of the royal family Victor has no need for a job,he does however go out on quests and the like so I guess he's an unofficial adventurer.
Victor also does work as an incubus,but he keeps that hidden unless it's someone he trusts immensely.
Other: Victor is openly bisexual.
The demon that he absorbed was actually a contract demon,but his godly blood turned it into a incubus
Victor does not have wings in his civilian form because of his past status as a human
Victor also wields a pair of twin Tessen
Victor is not of actual godly descent,Aphrodite is simply an immortal woman who posses power over the emotion of love and all other things of that nature. Which is where his power stems from
(Civilian Attire)


(Divine Form)

(Incubus Form)
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Hm, I'm not overly fond of the god status. Being a god brings way too much power and reign supreme over other lifeforms. In this Land no form of life stands higher than others. Yes, some may be more useful or desired, but none stand above each other. The Rucrosa family just so happens to be angels, the true reason why they were made the ruling family is because they are the sole possessors of a power, that can only be passed down via the direct bloodline of the Rucrosa family, which is vital for the protection of the Land.

Perhaps you could change the god status into something else. For example 'Olympian: Back in the ancient days people referred to a special race of people as gods. They had magical powers and wings. They are very similar to angels, with the exception that they could conceal their traits to appear human.'

Also, I would have preferred it if you asked me first about making him a pseudo member of the Royal Family. Because then I would have officially made Lena's profile first so you'd understand her position while he's in the palace.

I'll go ahead and make Lena's profile now, just to make sure we have her in here :)
Hm, I'm not overly fond of the god status. Being a god brings way too much power and reign supreme over other lifeforms. In this Land no form of life stands higher than others. Yes, some may be more useful or desired, but none stand above each other. The Rucrosa family just so happens to be angels, the true reason why they were made the ruling family is because they are the sole possessors of a power, that can only be passed down via the direct bloodline of the Rucrosa family, which is vital for the protection of the Land.

Perhaps you could change the god status into something else. For example 'Olympian: Back in the ancient days people referred to a special race of people as gods. They had magical powers and wings. They are very similar to angels, with the exception that they could conceal their traits to appear human.'

Also, I would have preferred it if you asked me first about making him a pseudo member of the Royal Family. Because then I would have officially made Lena's profile first so you'd understand her position while he's in the palace.

I'll go ahead and make Lena's profile now, just to make sure we have her in here :)
Okay noted,he's not a full fledged God. He's only a Demi-God which makes him much less powerful and he isn't immortal either. Is it still a no go? And I'm sorry about Lena I'll pm you about that now
Name: Lena Genevieve Rucrosa
Age: 45 appears early 30s
Gender: Female
Race: Angel
Lena is the epitome of light. Her skin is light, fair, and often referred to as porcelain. Partly because she can look just as fragile. (This is also why she looks much younger than she is)
Her hair color is light blonde, though it nearly borders with white. It's long and wavy, reaching till just above her middle. Most of the time she has part of it tied up, letting the rest hang down her back in loose curls. On formal occasions her hair is fully tied up, and decorated with the Royal Crown.
The color of her eyes is light green, though at times, especially when she uses her powers, they might appear to go even lighter to the point where they seem to be glowing.
Her wings are pure white like freshly fallen snow.
Most of the time Lena wears some form of a dress. While she does at times sport some form of pants, it is very rare. She most often wears white and/or blue colors adorned with golden decorations and lining. While she wears the Royal Crown on formal occasions, during the normal days she does wear some kind of jewelry on her head. Be it a simple forehead jewelry, a small tiara, or jeweled comb resting in her hair.

History: Lena was born into the Rucrosa family as Lena Genevieve and from that moment on was raised to be the next heir to the throne. When Lena was still young she loved the idea of being a princess, but as she grew older she started to learn what ruling a kingdom was really about and learned about all of the obligations that were tied to her heritage and privileges. Eventually the princess came to dislike the fact that she was the next queen, wishing to escape that fate. Many nights she had stared out into the night, imagining what it would be like to run away. One night, when her parents were out, she took action and left the palace. However, once she reached the city's border, she didn't dare to leave. Perhaps it was responsibility weighing down on her, a conscious, or perhaps even curiosity towards the city she had just passed through. She never was really clear as to why she had stopped, but she did.

When Erebos, the general of the royal guard. found her, she was wandering the streets, sightseeing. Not wanting to worry her parents, or have them put guards on her at all times, the two agreed to never mention this to anyone, and should she want to explore the city again, she was to come to him so they could go together.
Years passed, and a love blossomed between the General and the Princess. But before the two could act upon it and make it public, Lena's parents came with shocking news. She was to be wed to an angel of her parents' choosing.
Lena was really opposed to marrying some man that someone else picked out for her, especially after she fell in love with Erebos, despite him being a demon. Her parents most certainly didn’t approve of this love, and ordered her to marry a different man of their choice. Eventually she obliged.

As a married woman Lena couldn’t forget her love for that demon, Erebos. So secretly she kept seeing him.
After three years of marriage the Princess got pregnant and bore a baby girl. The joy of having a next heir to the throne was soon cut off the moment anyone laid eyes on the child.
It was obvious from the girl's appearance that she was not fully an angel, and that Lena's husband was definitely not the father.
It was one of the greatest scandals that she could commit, or so they told her, the child was to be disposed of, and Erebos thrown in jail with the accusation that he had forced her.

Not wanting the child of her one true love be taken and disposed of, she secretly gave the order to some of her servants to hide this child away and let her be adopted in secret.
After all this Lena returned to her husband, and remained faithful to him. Though they didn't have any children.
About a year later they were crowned King and Queen, and the king took up the mantel of being the general over the Royal Guard while she resumed her duties as queen.

Ten years ago the king was on his deathbed, dying of an illness that ran in his family. It was there, by his side, that Lena realized that she had come to love the man she once despised. With nothing that the doctors could do to cure him, he passed away, leaving Lena childless according to the law.

Despite the urging on from some of her advisors, Lena decided not to remarry for the sake of the country. Only if she would find love again would she marry. And that hasn't happened since.

Personality: Lena is a soft spoken woman, kind, caring, motherly. But of course as Queen she is regal and poised as well. She can be very strict and stern, much like a mother, or a ruler, is expected to be. Anger her, and you’ll be in for quite a bit of trouble, so it’s a good thing she’s quite slow to anger.

Job: Her Majesty the Queen, sole ruler of the Land
Other: Without telling anyone, except a small search party, Lena has been looking for her daughter, but with no luck.
She had named her daughter before sending her away. Laima Anna Meira.
She still sneaks out of the palace from time to time. It doesn't happen often, the only times she does this is if there is no work that needs her direct attention. Which is rare.
Lena has a collection of a bunch of things, one them is a collection of metal flowers, animals and other ornaments that she has bought or received over the years of sneaking out into the city.
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Alright, as is, with the alterations, Victor belongs to the accepted list.
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Interested in this Roleplay, working on a character sheet right now!

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Name: Saraad Anakros

Age: 82 (looks 60-ish, older male)

Gender: Male

Race: Angel


He measures up to about 185 cm, or 6' 1". His beard and hair are typically braided, and a little darker than shown in the picture. His wings are slightly smaller than average, and have a few burnt feathers, thus he cannot fly for very long. His hands are typically bandaged in several places, either from burns or thorns pricking his skin, as well as part of his forearms. He usually wears round glasses, but typically only while reading. His skin is darkened and leathery with age, but he is still in good physical condition. On most days, he elects to wear long pants and a short tunic, but if he's been working that day, he'll be wearing an apron over that. Various symbols adorn his hands when unbandaged, as well as a small picture of a dragon's head on his forehead. He has rather distinct green eyes, but there may be some days where they are a slight grey color as well. Despite his messy workshop and lifestyle, he keeps his hair and beard clean and neatly trimmed, and rarely will you see him leave his house with bedhead or even remotely unkempt hair.

History: As a child, Saraad mostly kept to himself, as others did not normally speak with him due to his unusual name and small wings. However, he rarely minded, as he was a huge bookworm and loved to keep to himself, immersing himself inside other worlds through stories and even writing some of his own. Around the age of 10, he accidentally checked out a basic sciences book from the Library instead of the adventure story he had planned, and spent hours poring over it. Within a couple weeks, he had begun to make his own herbal concoctions. As a result, he gained a positive reputation in school, and became a more friendly and outgoing person. However, his parents preferred him to pursue the arts of combat and public speaking, like his forefathers, and attempted to gently steer him away from alchemy for the next few years. However, Saraad was obstinate in his desires, and made it clear to his parents that this was what he was going to do. For the next two decades, he apprenticed under a fairly obscure but competent alchemist, and honed his skills. In his spare time, he grew small flowers and shrubs, mixing the literal fruits of his labors with his alchemical knowledge. However, one day, after nearly 20 years working under/with the Alchemist, he suddenly disappeared, leaving a note and a deed for his house and land along with some money. According to the note, the Alchemist had gone to pursue rumors and legends that he had collected over the years, and deemed Saraad to have completed his apprenticeship with him. Left alone, Saraad did his best to further his knowledge, but met little success, as he slowly lost his directions. He left the Alchemist's house for another decade to collect knowledge from the other neighboring countries. Once did he try to venture beyond the clouds. During that night, a massive lightning storm was occurring as he was winging through the clouds. Nearly being struck several times, he managed to escape, vowing to never trifle with the energies of the "Dark World Below" as he calls it. He returned to the land and made his home there for the past 40 years, slowly but surely mastering his skills past the Alchemist's apprenticeship.

Personality: He loves to always be doing something with his hands, be it working or tending to plants, and has a tendency to fidget when sitting down or idle. While he enjoys the company of others, he prefers to be working, and may get tired from social situations. He is a kind and giving man, often treating people for free or very little cost. He speaks slowly but surely, thinking about what to say. He is decisive a majority of the time, but has a tendency to think too much, or regret decisions he made quickly. He is also more of a listener than a speaker, and may not participate in conversations as much as others might expect. When working on his plants or alchemy, he becomes especially concentrated, and may forget things said to him. As a result, he can come of as cold or apathetic to some, but once you get to truly know him, he is a generous, hard-working man, that appreciates others almost as he appreciates the beauty of life.

Job: Mainly an alchemist, he focuses on strengthening the innate properties of plants growing on the land, with small trees with bark like iron, or incredibly fast-growing vines. He also has some knowledge of humanoid anatomy and biological functions, making him a competent physician.

Other: In recent years, he has been doggedly pursuing the creation of a legendary vine, from which a fruit said to cure all worldly ailments is grown. However, he has had little success, despite the growing number of volumes on plants that now lie scattered on the shelves and tables of his workshop. He enjoys flowers greatly as well, and has an entire greenhouse dedicated to his flowers.
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Alright, interesting character. Haven't had an alchemist in a roleplay before, so this will be interesting.
I'll add him when I can.
IC thread. I've been meaning to add the link to the second post, will do that asap.
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