Land of Wings

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Name: Deneas

Age: Roughly 750 years (looks about 25)

Gender: Female

Race: Demon


She's 6 feet tall (about 182 cm) and made of lean muscle. Daneas is just close enough to looking human that she can somewhat blend in, but something is a bit off with her. She has a rather unsettling appearance, so most people don't like to look at her too long. They'll say she's dark skinned, but really her skin is more gray than it is brown. At first glance her eyes appear gray - maybe even blue, if you let your eyes trick you - but the gray is unnaturally light, almost without pigment. She keeps her long, black hair rather messy and in her face so that it covers the goat-like horns that curl down around her face. What she can't hide however, are her wings. Her wings are leathery bat wings with a wingspan of a little over nine feet. Folded up, the tops are at about her head, the tips to her knees. Trying to cover them would make her look like a hunch-back and require a very long coat.
She is nearly always in uniform. When she's not, she tends to wear trousers and tunics; loose, comfortable clothes. She also tends to wear a sword on her belt.

Like most demons, her early life involved a lot of criminal (and well, demonic) activity. She got into fights (and won most of them), seduced plenty of people (and stole their valuables while they were sleeping). She'd steal whatever she felt like. She even killed her fair share of people (some because they pissed her off, others because she was bored).
A little over twenty years ago, however, she was finally caught by a royal guard, but specifically the General Erebos. Seeing as she was a demon like him, he took pity on her. She was given two options; be hanged until death, or trade in her life of crime to become a guard. Of course, she went with life, even if it meant working for the crown. It's not that she really has anything against the crown personally, she just dislikes being a 'servant'. Despite that, she's still fairly good at her job. She actually does enjoy doing good (even though she thinks killing criminals is good).

For a murderer, she's actually rather mellow, though she does always seem a bit grumpy. She can be incredibly sarcastic and doesn't really care all that much when people get mad. Generally, she's unimpressed with the people she has to deal with, and every once in a while enjoys giving them a scare. It takes a lot to make her temper flare, but when it does, you're as good as dead (which have made some of the people she works with wonder if the people she has killed might have actually deserved it; but none have ever spoken up, considering she brutally murdered some people, even if they were nasty people themselves.) Mostly though, she has no moral compass. She doesn't really care if something is right or wrong. She still doesn't get what's wrong with killing somebody mercifully; a quick, painless death. Mostly, she's a bit of an enigma to the people she works with; she seems like a fairly decent person - a little mopey and mean at times, but decent - if it wasn't for the fact that she was caught ripping a man's intestines out. Her fellow guards found this out when she killed a man for his crimes (he had raped a young woman). He was supposed to be put on trial, but she didn't really care; she didn't think he deserved to live. So while she's not the greatest person herself, she still is a somewhat decent person.

Job: Royal Guard

She is forced to wear an inhibitor charm around her ankle, which keeps her from using demonic abilities (increased strength, speed, as well as fire manipulation). Sure, she may be a guard, but that doesn't mean the rest of the guard is stupid. They know she's not all that trust worthy. It also works as a tracker if she ever tried to escape or committed a crime.
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I like her so far.
Just for your information, since she's a royal guard, around the same time that she was caught the general at that time was (falsely!) accused of laying his hand on the crown princess (currently the queen). So he, Erebos, has been sent to prison. If you want you can have it that the two at least met, maybe he even was the one that saw the potential in her and gave her the two options.

Looking forward to the image and personality :) thanks for joining!
Nyka (pronounced NEE-kah)

7 (looks 20 in human years)


Air Elemental

Nyka's body is a semi-translucent, silver / white colour and she has long, silver hair and white eyes. She is quite small for an elemental, standing at only 45cm in height and is very lithe. She doesn't have wings as such, but when she moves quickly takes the appearance of a whirlwind spiral.


Nyka is not a native to the Land. She was born into slavery, her parents in the servitude of an evil Djinni named Khulamahn in a faraway land known as Fir. Khulamahn was in possession of a magical crystal that could bind the souls of air elementals to his will, and he used this to keep Nyka's family in line.

Nyka was not allowed to see the sky for the first four years of her life, a torture like no other to an air elemental. One night, Nyka managed to sneak out of the Djinni's dungeons and catch a glimpse of the full moon. Oh, what a sight to behold! How she longed to be free of the bonds that confined her, how she longed to experience the joy of the wind rushing through her as her parents had told her in her bed-time stories. So she put a plan in motion that would free her entire family from Khulamahn's grip on them.

She remembers it now as though it were someone else doing those things; she doesn't quite believe how she did it herself. Sweeping down the Corridor of Blood to the Vault of Horrors, she slid past the guards like a soft breeze. Taking care not to disturb Khulamahn as he lay asleep in a coffin wreathed in fire, she slid her hand into the small chest that lay open, and grasped the glowing red crystal. A spark of flame wrapped around her hand, searing her fingers and palm with pain, and she let out a soft whimper. The Djinni immediately awoke, and reached for his giant scimitar as he leaped out of his resting place.

Khulamahn screamed at Nyka as she shot past him - his speed was legendary but on this occasion she was too fast even for him - but the vault doors were slammed shut by one of his guards before she could escape. Flanked by the Djinni and his guard, she thought all was lost, so she was determined to destroy the crystal and free her family from this monster. Ignoring the pain in her hands she slammed the delicate artifact into the wall and it shattered into a thousand shards. The Djinni swung his curved blade at her and she was knocked to the ground. The last thing she remembered was seeing the guard's spear point thrust into the unsuspecting Djinni's back as she closed her eyes to the darkness.

When she awoke, Nyka was in a temple in the Capital. Her mother's face came into view as Nyka opened her eyes, relief at her daughter's awakening etched on her wise face. Nyka looked around and saw her father was close by too, hovering by a large window. It was the happiest day of Nyka's short life.

Overly curious and excitable with an eternal optimism, Nyka often lands herself in hot water by not thinking before she acts. She is easily distracted and can lose interest in situations quickly if something else catches her attention. Nyka is somewhat of a trickster and is rarely serious, but she acts in child-like humour rather than out of any sense of malice or evil. She takes particular pleasure in playing practical jokes on those that she feels take themselves too seriously.

Nyka has no paid occupation, although she would say her job is in avenging those that have been wronged. She avoids hard work to the best of her ability as it reminds her of her former life of servitude.


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I like her, accepted.

Hm we seem to have a strong lack of males in this RP XD.
I'll get the characters that are accepted on the accepted list soon, haven't powered up the laptop yet since my return.
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Alright, everyone is added to the first post, including links back to the actual character sheet.
Edited the 'Notes' as well. From time to time I will post announcements or other information that doesn't fit anywhere else in the first post in that section. (and make a mention about it in an actual post so no one will miss the info)

In this case:
A request that from now on we try and level out the male to female ratio a little bit. Not saying we can't add more female characters, but it would be nice if we had a few more males running around as well :)

And I'm not putting a limit on the amount of characters you can make (this will be added to the rule section later). You just need to be smart about how many you play, don't play more characters than you can handle.
Side rule from this that wasn't mentioned in the notes: Do not have your characters constantly interacting only with your own characters. It's kinda boring for everyone :P Same with having a (love) relationship between your own characters. I will not have that in this RP.

Speaking of romance. Should that happen between a character of yours and someone else's, follow site regulations about it. Don't write sexual scenes out in the RP thread (so fade out and time skip), and if you both want to write that love scene, keep the site rule about teen/adult members in mind. ;) But so far we've only got adult members, so this shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks for reading all this bla bla that I'm putting out, and if y'all are up for it, I hope to start this roleplay soon :)
(If you happen to know any other people that might be interested in this RP, feel free to blatantly advertise :P)
Also @Darkagn I might have just found my rival since she would be fighting me since my character's job is wronging people by killing them or sealing their stuff.
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That will definitely be interesting to see them interact.
Also @Darkagn I might have just found my rival since she would be fighting me since my character's job is wronging people by killing them or sealing their stuff.

I look forward to seeing what happens. Maybe they will learn to get along over time, who knows? :)
Okay, so image for my character was the best I could come up with (she's missing horns and wings. Sigh)

And I don't know how to make the image bigger...
Silver Fallen, don't worry about the size, or the two missing parts. This gives a really nice overview of what she looks like and the horns and wings can be imagined on there ;) it's difficult to get complete images with everything correct. I photoshopped Layana's image to get it a little more correct.

Silvedawn, *points back a few posts* just mentioned it would start soon, just don't have an exact day for it yet. ^^

and haha, let's hope at some point everyone will be able to trust each other. The safety and future of the Land may end up depending on them.... Mwahaha
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Name: Keahi Eldadir

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Race: Fae

Appearance: Keahi is a bit of a conundrum. He has a gentle face - minus the scar over his eye and the constant five o' clock shadow. His pointed ears seem almost delicate, his green eyes seem to sparkle even without much light, and his light brown hair is short and fluffy. To top it off, he has iridescent dragonfly-like wings. However, he's 6'4" (195 cm) and has spent nearly twenty years working in a forge, which he has the muscles and scars to show for.
When he's not at work, he typically just wears light, loose clothes in various shades of browns, typically. At work however, he's a more intimidating sight; a thick, leather apron, massive gloves, goggles over his eyes, and a mask over his face.

History: His father taught him how to work in the forge before he was even ten. His mother doubted if he would be suited for it, seeing as how sweet and gentle he was, but he took right to it. He did get bullied a bit as a child - what with his papery thin wings, working in a stereotypically
manly" environment - but he never let it get to him. The bullying did leave him with a few scars over the years, but not as many as when he accidentally burnt himself a few times in the early years at the forge. He never minded the scars though; he thinks they look cool (well, they sucked when they weren't quite scars yet, but) and doesn't see the point in dwelling on something he can't change.

Personality: Despite how brutishly big he is, he's incredibly sweet. Probably the nicest person you'll ever meet. He's gone out of his way to learn the names of nearly everybody in town. He got bored one day in the show and figured out how to make a rose out of steel, and these steel roses have become one of his most popular items (besides swords and armor of course). He's constantly making new little things in the forge (little metal butterflies, birds, frogs, etc) and tends to give the test objects to people (even if everyone else thinks they're beautiful, he only sees them as first drafts, so he doesn't mind handing those out to people who enjoy them; otherwise he'll melt them back down to reuse).

Job: Blacksmith

Cool, don't often see a blacksmith or something along those lines in a roleplay. I like him :) will get him on the accepted list when I'm on a laptop
I have a bunch more info on Layana, but I'll be revealing that later :)
Depending on how the day goes I might start the IC today
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oh nooooo i took too long to find the right character, Still got room for a female?
It's not completely closed for females, but like I said balancing things out a bit would be nice :)
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