Kore Wa Resutoran Desu ka?! (Is this a restaurant!?)

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  1. Hello, this is an interest check for an RP idea I am working on with a number of others, it’s largely finalized minus a few key points and positions that need to be filled, but let’s keep rolling into the sales pitch.

    This rp is inspired by the Durarara and Working! anime series;

    Set in modern day Ikebukuro Japan and its surroundings, people go about their day to day business and as with most urban areas ignore oddities, or turn an eye to things that aren't normal, blocking them out from view. Ikebukuro, because of its varying industries, considerable minority population and busy nature, is a hotbed for such.

    In this RP you are a normal, or maybe not so normal, member of the staff or a customer in the family restaurant "The Painted Shark". Among the "characters" of this establishment is the seemingly violent, lazy, terrible-working manager with questionable after work activities, and can only be trusted with setting shifts and pay (@RedArmyShogun), her monotonous younger sibling (Also me), a blackmailer—I mean Junior Cook, or "information broker" as he terms it, that runs a gambling ring after hours (@Astros), and among them, one rather normal college student who, in a series of strange circumstances, attempts to keep the restaurant running and the damage to a minimum, while putting up with his managers abuse (@EmperorsChosen). And given all the employees are part-timers, most of them have other hobbies or jobs to fulfill in the mornings or nights.

    To top it off is a customer from the chain across the street; a sushi bar called “Slammin Sushi”. He is a sworn rival in more ways than one and often has a rather terrible spy (astros) who comes to the restaurant as an almost regular, convinced they have better business because of some secret to the food. And he's not even the most unique of the clientele. (NPCs)

    But the rivalry doesn't end there, for the police and citizens of Ikebukuro's outskirts ignore the literal food wars that seem to break out after night, or the other shady business that the managers of both establishments get up to. For among the staff of both places, and its management, are rival Yakuza gangs that clash while the occasional good soul attempts to keep the the damage contained, or the less-noble attempt to make a profit. While some hurry to class or simply go home, or about their day-to-day activities or other jobs, ignoring what's happening as a fluke event.

    Along the way they'll have to try and keep their places of work afloat, the manger from causing too much damage, discover their own stories, and perhaps be wary of an attack or two by the rival chain, who takes worker strikes to be literal beatdowns.

    Thank you for visiting Customer!


    So what do we need from you?

    In principle I would like anyone who can be reasonably active people and I would like to inform you after the initial postings are under way a force global time change will be in effect to keep activity rolling. This rp, while the three of us may throw interesting situations your way, depends on you, the fellow RPer to aid in plot, or to find your own.

    Roles of interest I would like filled, as well as a basic characteristic that can be played out how you wish:
    • A murderous seeming head cook: In reality rather it's a good guy or girl, but they just have personality issues, or are with the Yakuza and is as violent as they seem. By what I mean, either looks very mean, or laughs like a murderous lunatic while chopping meat; maybe smears blood across his/her face or apron. Just something that makes most normal customers go, "The fuck?"

    • A Normal seeming waitress or waiter, that helps smooth everything over, but at the same time is a bit scary in his/her own way, be it by carrying a weapon, or terrible interpersonal skills.

    • And lastly a token clutz.

    *Joiners or interested parties aren't limited to these roles alone.

    Another staff member to work the floor would be welcomed, and the above roles if I must I can fill two of them.. :/

    Other than that if you want to be a member of the community, that's fine. The restaurant mostly serves people not from japan, or japanese on a low budget. And it is in spite of all the madness, is rather sanitary and has good food.

    If enough people are interested I'll consider allowing others to be on the staff of the "rival restaurant". But as I said I want to keep this somewhat active. Global timers will be enforced, anyone that's vanished for a long period of time won't keep the RP held up, and will be considered "on vacation" or "fired".

    If IRL things get in the way please attempt to inform. I understand that real life takes priority, but try not to leave others hanging if you have no choice.

    FAQ (Feel free to ask anything not here.)

    Q. Will there be super powers, magic, mutants, demons, or cat boys/girls?

    A. No. But characters can have unique talents in regards to combat, such as in the Durarara/Baccanno setting. Please no Shizo types, it's one thing to throw or knock over a drink machine, another to kick a car like a toy ball.

    Q. Will this be mostly combat or slice of life?

    A. A mix. Combat should only happen when triggered and mostly will be NPC based. Mostly this will be story based, with what few people that really need this job or aren't completely insane, try and keep the violence out of the general work hours.

    Q. Weapons?

    A. Some typical Melee weapons will be allowed, in fact one of the employees might walk around with a weapon unaware it bothers normal people. Firearms however will be VERY rare or not around at all minus a few story cases decided by those with invested interest in the rp.

    Q. Romance?

    A. Keep it sensible. This RP will have a bit of violence and cursing, so keep it in the same lines as a movie or anime. This isn't a porno, but relationships are A-Okay and might even be encouraged to a point.

    Q. Why would anyone eat there?

    A. Some people like being stepped on. Some people like the food, price, how clean it is. Some people like to live dangerously.

    Q. Why would my character work there?

    A. Why not?

    Q. Is injury or death a thing?

    A. I rather no one die unless it's a must for them, mostly as while the cops normally ignore their shit, this changes the game. Injuries should be sensible, but as this is anime based you can take more of a beating than you could IRL.

    Q. What...is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

    A. What do you mean? An African or European swallow?

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  2. Mamma mia. Look forward to where this goes.
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  3. This is not the usual type of RP I go for, but this honestly looks like too much fun to turn down (and I'm always down with broadening my horizons).
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  4. Ah, something relaxing?

    Count me in!
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  5. Wagnaria! You got my interest guys :)))
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  6. I've got to try this out. It seems like a lot of fun. Count me in.
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  7. Also, that is a perfect reference to monty python. In any case, are you suggesting that an african swallow migrated?
  8. I will only answer this if you cut down the largest tree in the forest, with this harring, and then bring me...Shrubbery!

    Also Welcome to all of those who joined in with the interest check.

    If any of you want to fill in of the three to four positions or have an interest in being the rivals let me know. Other than that as in the faq you are welcomed to make any other sort of role for yourself as a customer, and given the area an international and diverse cast is welcomed.

    Honestly this strong and early showing was surprising, I'll leave this up a bit longer see who else is interested, but I will begin work on the CS, and the RP its self, and will attempt having it fully operational within the next 24 hours.
  9. Is it possible to be a delinquent high schooler who works at this restaurant? I know its not one of the positions you've posted but it would be nice and add drama if some of the rival high schools delinquents came after my character like in animes and such, if you catch my drift that is.

    Mainly. I want to make a delinquent who isn't really one, but unfortunately has the reputation of one. So because of this trouble in and outside the restaurant could happen in the future. Like food wars as you've said. Also, my character would be known to be in fights and other reasons for why people would try to fight him is because no one won against him before. Or something like that. (Beelzebub as a reference).

    Anyhow, let me know if making a "delinquent" high schooler for the restaurant would be okay?

  10. Yes. as long as they have permission from a guardian the age can be rather low (15), in fact these sorts of places are common part time employment for teenagers and college students.

    In fact that character sounds interesting, and would fit in with the overall theme as well.
  11. Alright thanks. And what do you mean by a guardian?
  12. Basically if they are still in school, a parent or offical that is taking care of them, just needs to sign a workers consent. Nothing major, if he or she were a drop out you can legally work as you see fit by that age, technically. And with a permission as low as 13 is possible, but highly unusual.

    So its like most places, if you are in school, need a permission, which is normally just a signiture on a peice of paper, some employers will look into this, make sure its all true. Somehow I doubt a Yakuza heiress will care all that much if it were a forgery. And technically he CAN work as he see's fit by that age.
  13. Oh he will be an high schooler and have an apartment of his own. Probably be a 2nd year in high school as well at best. So around 16 years old. So all that guardian stuff would have already have happened beforehand since he started living alone. (anime clicheeeees xD)
  14. I'd have to say that i'm interested in filling the normal seeming waiter or waitress role for the restaurant.
  15. Sure, I'll mark it as claimed.
  16. Thanks.

    Brother menard, bring up the holy hand grenade!
  17. Working on the character sheet now, will post soon for those that want a head start, I think we have enough to warrent that, though still two prefered positions to fill. I, or Emp can do those if we want.
  18. I am of course always willing to pick up another role as well. Unless someone else shows up to take it I can run the clutz of the restaurant.

  19. Name:

    Height: Weight:



    Appearance: I'm sure you know what goes here.

    Occupation: (Student, policeman, employee, in the last list what you do, IE, Waiter, Waitress, Manager, be sure to note positions already taken.)

    Nationality: This can be as simple as, American, or as city/town with nation. IE, Akaigawa, Japan.

    Personality: What makes you tick, likes and dislikes, etc

    Biography: Your story till now, why are you in the city or working here, you get the drill.

    Specials Skills: things that are work aligned, or skills you may have, such as fighting styles, accounting, etc. Keep reasonable, a high-school student isn't likely to be the hidden temple master or a Doctor.

    Extra: Theme songs and extra items on your character weapons and gear if you have.

    Feel free to customize it a bit, or what have you. For now just do it and save them to be posted once the RP is made. Emp will be taking the cook position as well. So the RP can go regardless, I will be working on the group next.

    Metric or US is fine on the weight and height.
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  20. If it's alright, I'd like to take the position of head cook.
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