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      Set in modern day Ikebukuro Japan and its surroundings, people go about their day to day business and as with most urban areas ignore oddities, or turn an eye to things that aren't normal, blocking them out from view. Ikebukuro, because of its varying industries, considerable minority population and busy nature, is a hotbed for such.

      In this RP you are a normal, or maybe not so normal, member of the staff or a customer in the family restaurant "The Painted Shark". Among the "characters" of this establishment is the seemingly violent, lazy, terrible-working manager with questionable after work activities, and can only be trusted with setting shifts and pay. Her monotonous younger sibling, a blackmailer—I mean Junior Cook, or "information broker" as he terms it, that runs a gambling ring after hours, and among them, one rather normal college student who, in a series of strange circumstances, attempts to keep the restaurant running and the damage to a minimum, while putting up with his managers abuse...and the rest of the staff is barely normal, from a cook that scares the customers, to a mean-to-do-well floor staff that is plauged with its own problems.

      And given all the employees are part-timers, most of them have other hobbies or jobs to fulfill in the mornings or nights. In which case it seems the problems barely contained at work, explode onto the streets.

      To top it off is a customer from the rival chain across the street; a sushi bar called “Slammin Sushi”. The owner of which is a sworn rival in more ways than one and often has a rather terrible spy visit the restaurant as an almost regular, convinced they have better business because of some secret to the food. And he's not even the most unique of the diverse clientele.

      But the rivalry doesn't end there, for the police and citizens of Ikebukuro's outskirts ignore the literal food wars that seem to break out after night, or the other shady business that the managers of both establishments get up to. For among the staff of both places, and its management, are rival Yakuza gangs that clash while the occasional good soul attempts to keep the the damage contained, or the less-noble attempt to make a profit. While some hurry to class or simply go home, or about their day-to-day activities or other jobs, ignoring what's happening as a fluke event.

      Along the way they'll have to try and keep their places of work afloat, the manger from causing too much damage, discover their own stories, and perhaps be wary of an attack or two by the rival chain, who takes worker strikes to be literal beatdowns.

      Thank you for visiting Customer!


    • Rules may be amended as circumstances allow and demand.

      - All standard Iwaku rules apply.

      - All standard Roleplay rules apply.

      -You can have as many characters as you want (that you can handle and can be active with)

      -Worker positions in the restaurant are limited, however if interested, please make it known, I will make adjustments or engage with you to see if their are alterantives.

      - Romance and rivalries are fine, in fact I encourage it, but be sensible with it. This is a public listed RP.

      - Same goes with cursing, in fact "Mild langauge" will likely be common or prone to slip from some of the characters.

      - No Meta gaming, or simply being a cop and "arresting" everyone. Though this falls under typical rp rules. Also note minus story plots set up or aproved by me, Astros, and EmperorsChosen, firearms are limited and very rare and will not be on a normal persons hands. Melee weapons or martial arts are fine. No Flamethrowers, Rocket Launchers, etc Period. PvP should not for now be an Issue but an agreement should be worked out beforehand in OOC, this section may be amended if PVP becomes a thing for us.

      - While I don't have a posting standard, I prefer everyone posts at least with what is common for Iwaku, a Paragraph or two as example.

      - Please if you lose interest or are busy with IRL things, keep the group informed, don't just vanish if you can help it.

      - This RP will be using a Global time movement system, to cover activities outside of the workday, this time will ultimately be decided upon by the post activity, number of members, and general agreement in OOC. If someone isn't able to post, you don't need to wait on them, go about your day, talk to another rper. Be sensible with posts, its not a one on one, but I will not ask, nor myself wait 24-72 hours for everyone to get a single post in.

      - If you have substory or plot ideas I would be more than happy to hear them in occ. This is a bit slice of life with good old fashioned violence. But that also means it has no major plot from me, its about the characters and the story will unfold as we go.

      -Still with me? Good, I'm finished.

      ~Character Sheet~


      Height: Weight: Age: Gender:

      Appearance: I'm sure you know what goes here.

      Occupation: (Student, policeman, employee, in the last list what you do, IE, Waiter, Waitress, Manager, be sure to note positions already taken. In case of Employees also list what you do other than this part time job.)

      Nationality: This can be as simple as, American, or as city/town with nation. IE, Akaigawa, Japan.

      Personality: What makes you tick, likes and dislikes, etc

      Biography: Your story till now, why are you in the city or working here, you get the drill.

      Specials Skills: things that are work aligned, or skills you may have, such as fighting styles, accounting, etc. Keep reasonable, a high-school student isn't likely to be the hidden temple master or a Doctor.

      Extra: Theme songs and extra items on your character weapons and gear if you have.

      Please post bios in the general ooc thread.

    • To be updated, check back every so often

      ~Player Characters~

      Manager: Nishikawa, Yoriko
      Chief: Katsuro Hayate
      Greeter: Nishikawa, Hibari
      Waiter: Kazama Kenichi
      Head Chef: Watanabe Abe NPC
      Waiter: Hoshino Kimura AFK
      Waitress: Kona Omari
      Cook: Takenaka Katashi
      Waiter: Akira Shinkai
      Waitress: Katsuragi Kaede AFK

      ~~~~Player Customers~~~~

      Nishikawa Rinako

      ~Reoccuring NPC's~

      NPC's that show up multiple times or have some importance.

      Nishikawa Kenza, Age:17

      Occupation Student/Greeter.
      Character in Brief: Twin to Hibari, image can been seen on Hibari's CS.

      Being the only male in his household, Kenza refers to it as living in a lions den, with danger ever present. Curiously if not for his trickery, he is the least aggressive member of his family, and is a drama student. Happy his sister has taken on the mantle of Heiress he now pursues a path towards becoming an actor. Unlike his high wire walking sister, he believes firmly in keeping his feet on the ground and is terrified of heights.Avoiding the family business he knows how to play the part of a tough guy. Carries a folding knife, but is more prone to watching problems than interfering at all, of even going as far as to make them worse. He's able to pull off a very convincing imitation of his sister off, though his eldest and youngest sister never seem to be fooled.

      Nishikawa Hinako, Age: 9

      Occupation: Elementary Student


      Brief History/personality: Seemingly scare of her brother and sisters, if not most people in general, Hinako is a rather sweet and observant child. At times she is brought to work, and minus the fact she will literally cling to whoever she takes a liking to, and her silly demands, she is the most normal of the Nishikawa's. Having somewhat of frail health given accident early in her life, she only goes to the shop when no one can watch over her. Still just a child, and one with some Trauma, she is rather innocent and isn't exposed to the after hours madness, though the little girl seems to know much more than she lets on.

      Himajima Kotaru, Age:55


      Occupation: Businessman
      Character in Brief: Kotaru has the unfortunate honor of owning not just The Painted shark, but slamming Sushi and most other business on the local streets, with a connection to local crime, the man himself seems to not be involved, minus in his absurd amounts of insurance claims. Overall hes rarely at either business and overly dramatizes his entry and exits, referring to it as a struggle of life and death, in a den of lions. Tends to carry a suitcase full of snacks or trinkets to pay off who is technically his employee.


      Investigator Himazawa Hazno (Damnit stros) Age:37


      Character in Brief: Investigator Himazawa is as disgusting as he looks, loud, crude, insulting, comes to the restaurant a couple times a week, less if lucky. A private investigator, the man has no redeemable qualities minus his willingness to look the other way. Whatever his purpose is, he seems to keep his eye on the sushi bar across the street, be it an investigation or stalking remains unknown. He often will by some point run afoul of the manager, which ends with a kick to the face, and him thrown out, or some other form of assault.

      (If you want an NPC in give me a brief bio, on who they are and why they are there, these will be hidden with spoiler tags.) Depending on joiners rival faction may be npced and added here in next few days, if you want to control or use one of the npc's or to add you own please leave a comment in ooc.​
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  1. And we are open, to notify the interest check, then to post my two bios. Will update the Cast List tomorrow.

  2. Nishikawa Yoriko
    Name: Nishikawa, Yoriko

    Height: 5'5" Weight: 138lbs Age: 27 Gender: Female


    When angered.

    Occupation: Manager, Nishikawa-gumi next in line.

    Nationality: Japanese. Nakano, Japan.


    Yoriko is a model Yakuza, though a bit well mannered she isn't a stranger to course language, being ultra violent and horrible at most tasks that require a civil touch, she gained her current job as a need for a working front, often threatening the owner when he shows, demanding a bribe or "show of respect". It is often a very bad idea to short change, threaten, or double cross her, as it will escalate quickly. She has strong beliefs in regards to loyalty.

    Yoriko can be highly abusive and down talking, but she always makes sure the work schedule is fair, and pay is on time. While overall a failure as a woman in most aspects, from cleaning to cooking, and baseline civility, she is protective of her underlings, believing in getting dirty work done with her own hands. She's even been known to give employee's rides, though all of them seem to for the most part decline further offers, and she's not opposed to rewarding good performance, even if her own is horrid. A fair and tough " Ane-ue." Or Big sister. One above the rest however.

    A point her dominating personality makes clear, Yoriko seems to be fearless, powerful, a bit sadistic, and is physically strong. Among her observed hobbies and likes, trolling, for a lack of a better word; Getting food from work, or in general, more so seafood and meat products tea,, fighting, stepping on or kicking people, and..curiously flower gardening and arranging, the one Feminine Japanese quality she has. A hallmark of her mother.

    While she's highly dismissive of her siblings shes taken care of them all as best as she was able for four years, if she hated them, or didn't like them as much as it seems, that would not be the case. Though her aid to them mostly consisted of smashing bullies, or monetary support. She however from time to time attempts doing nice things for them, a fact they all recognize, even if it ends in failure.

    Of note in terms of being angered or disliked, every patron that has left the restaurant without paying tends to end up in a hospital shortly after the woman has reportedly used a cellphone. Generous donations to the Police officers fund seems to keep this among other things hidden. Insulting her, the staff, or causing problems while in the restaurant, that reaches her ears will invariably result in a violent confruntation. More so insulting her, in Yoriko's mind, the customer is an idiot thats never right, and at times needs to be..persuaded how to think. Other than that she has a hatred for loud nosies, being reminded of her age, or being trolled herself. Personalities and opinions that run contrary to her own can earn anything from a heated or veiled trade of insults, to direct confrontation. Reactions to being flirted with are also mostly negative. Stating that if a man cannot match or beat her in something, his words were worth little and less.


    Yoriko was the first born daughter of Nishikawa Honjo, and Kitayami Aya, soon to, thanks to Honjo's Father, Nishikawa Isamu's..insistence, Nishikawa Aya. Her mother was a florist, and her father was a yakuza street thug, well heiress though he more played the part of a foot-soldier, spurring responsibility, with his new situation he took on more responsibility and a role more suiting to his station.

    Given the age differences, and the fact he had daughters twice by the time, Yoriko was carefully groomed as the inheritor, raised in the traditions of the Yakuza, mostly by her grandfather, whom always dotted over Yoriko, even now. As the years went by Yoriko was unsurprisingly fairly violent, and as her figure matured and developed this in turn brought more attention to be met with aggression, which in turn resulted in her taking beatings, and eventually flipping the table on her adversaries, because of this Yoriko was prone to beating down bullies..if one could pay her fee, which was often reasonable..if still a shakedown. Because of this she had her own personal gang, that later was initiated to be her current street fighters, with a few older members of the Nishikawa-gumi.

    With the birth of her brother and sister pair, much of the pressure was taken off of Yoriko, but the personality was set in stone, not being much for books and a hazard with most task Yoriko joined the JSDF at 16, where she would remain as a training instructor of Infantry with a nasty reputation for being brutal, and of course rumored if not all but officially confirmed ties to a known Yakuza gang. Until she was Twenty Three..which was when things, well while never having improved would be as worse as always, maybe just a bit more.

    Her mother and father were both killed while traveling on vacation by a rival family within the clan, with the at the time five year old youngest daughter, who survived, resigning from the JSDF Ground Forces, and returning home, Yoriko found her brother was ill-suited to the task of leading the Family, and with her grandfathers backing took the mantle as Heiress, which apparently was an event soaked in blood. While mostly being a failure at it, and sacrificing her own time to meet others or live her own life, Yoriko has for the last four years, taken care of her siblings, juggled the Yakuza leadership duties with her aging grandfather, and via a series of events winded up running a Restaurant, named after a rather small cleaning event in her life.

    Currently she deals with smart asses and wise guys she would sooner have placed into a buildings foundation, and in the late evenings fights and carries out actions of revenge against a rival gang that works out of a sushi bar across the street, then goes home to sleep, all to make sure her siblings wake up in time for schooling..after twelve fires she's given up attempting to cook for them.

    Specials Skills:

    Yoriko is a very accomplished martial artist, and in spite of opinions is very capable as a gardener and with doing some basic paperwork, she however hates filing taxes, having others do it, as the forms are so convoluted it sends her into a murderous rage. Yoriko is for sure one of the stronger, durable, and dangerous people in the city.

    To top it off while she never seen combat, she trained many Japanese Infantry, including special forces and is thus well versed in battle tactics and marksmanship. Other than this Yoriko is not particularly fast or nimble. And outside of manners fails at most feminine tasks. Of note Yoriko seems to give off a murderous aura when angered, which many seem to "feel". She is also a very capable drinker, holding liquor better than most men she has drank with.


    Yoriko never lets it known, but she likes small children, animals, and carries around a photo of her parents in their youth. Not having the heart to tell her siblings the truth to their parents, and soon there after uncle's death, she made up the story with the car crash, given the youngest child was in critical care and has a foggy memory of the event, this story has held so far.

    Yoriko named the Restaurant from its former name, to commemorate a stuffed Hammerhead Shark, of note is the fact the fish appeared in the family home stuffed and mounted only days after her uncle's untimely death. Another worth note is red stains over the shark's mouth. Over the years it seems various signatures, designs, and pictures were collected upon it, though the red around the mouth still remains.

    Of note in addition is Yoriko seems to keep a close eye on her siblings, and carries a reinforced Umbrella that she's been know to use in Melee combat. Looks can be deceptive, but it is as dangerous as it is elegant. Other than that it is highly likely Yoriko has an illegal firearm at her disposal. In regards to her time in the military, Yoriko achieved the rank of Sergeant First Class.

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  3. Nishikawa Hibari

    Name: Nishikawa Hibari Height: 5'1 Weight: 110 Age: 17 Gender: Female* (see extra)

    Seen in her typical work garbs, with her twin brother.
    When seen in public out of work

    Occupation: 3rd Year High-schooler, Door greeter and Cashier.

    Nationality: Japanese. Shinjuku, Japan.


    Hibari is monotonous speaking, seemingly blank staring and not given to displays of emotion, minus an almost cute simmering anger at least.Doing the bare minimum her job requires, Hibari is not given to joining the madness that takes place, nor in aiding to stop it, Simply staring with her eyes in a slit, and a blank expression or the occasional smile. In spite of it all she seems to care for her family, dropping small stuffed animals off for her youngest sister, sighing but none-the-less helps the older sister. And gives hidden help to her Eldest sister. A dutiful middle child. And she and her twin have been disguising as the other for years and seem to get along rather well.

    She seems to take her studies serious, but it remains to be seen what the motivation is in her life, or plans for the future. Of note her personality often seems flat or bitter. Short of kites and balloons, and walking along tight robes, or being up among great heights, she seems to like more traditional and plain tasting snacks.

    The only times where she has seemed upset, or to dislike something, is in regards to spicy foods, being reminded of her small bust, in fact this seems to be a surefire way to anger the little gymnast, for sure its a set inferiority complex, more so when compared to her two older..and larger sisters. She constantly tells herself, that she's still growing, it will change..that remains to be seen. Other than this she seems to hate or at least throw the most veiled insults at fat people, the loud and nosy, and those who are overly happy.

    Has a fear of automobiles, preferring to walk or take trains, though this may be rooted in the story the siblings were given about their parents deaths when Yoriko took them into her care four years ago.


    Hibari is technically the second youngest child in the family, being beaten out by her "older" brother by twenty minutes, given her father had his eldest daughter and now a son, she like her elder sister mostly escaped the..family legacy, though it seem a given she would end up odd in her own way.

    Never developing much in the way of an emotional response, mostly to not incur the wrath of her two..well three elder siblings, Hibari is used to hiding responses, what she knows, or how much she cares or doesn't care, finding it best to be unnoticed, while she can do as she pleases. In general she's attempted to stay off the radar, while non-the-less showing how bitter she is about her life situation..and chest.. She keeps up good grades however and while strange, isn't as homicidal as the rest of her siblings. Its not clear who she got the smarts from however.

    Specials Skills:

    Languages, Hibari knows limited to fluent German, Japanese, English, Russian, and Chinese. Upon learning what a customer knows, she'll often greet them warmly in Japanese or English, then switches to insults in a language she doesn't believe them to know. With her monotone voice this...useful skill, often goes unnoticed.

    Gymnastics, Hibari was enrolled in a gymnastics course, keeping up with this over the years, shes used her university placement to further her language studies. Fairly intelligent for her age, Hibari is very nimble, flexible, and quick. She also along the way developed the hobby of tight rope walking, and often will go atop structures that normally are off limits, or dangerous.


    She is known to skip out on work time to time, using her brother as a replacement or vise-verse on each others shifts, this can be given away by the fact while both talk in much the same tone and liveliness, the boy Kenza often leaves the top two buttons of his shirt undone, and should they both open their eyes, hers are red while his are green. Other than that the twins are hard to tell apart, unless one grabs the chest, or below the belt at any rate. She also tends to avoid the gang violence, or offers hidden support to her oldest sister, such as knocking things over, or tripping people at the right time, unlike most of her family, hours not in school or work, she'll often be walking the town in normal clothes, if anything is odd its the fact she collects balloons and kites, normally deflating the later and using them both as room decor.

    Although the lengths she'll go for some of them is nerve wracking, such as walking along construction beams to reach stranded balloons and kites..among other daredevil tasks. Its not unusual to see her walking atop fences, ignoring the scoffs or stares of others.

    It should be noted Hibari carries a hand taser around for personal protection. And like almost all Japanese, a cellphone.

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  4. Removed Fieldboxes from mine untill I can fight with them over that glitchout tomorrow.
  5. Kazama Kenichi

    Height: 5’11” | Weight: 157 lbs. | Age: 20 | Gender: Male | Occupation: Undergrad/Waiter | Nationality: Japanese

    The most normal person in the entire establishment. Kazama seems to almost always have a kind-hearted smile, or at least a non-threatening demeanor, on. Talkative, outgoing and simply pleasant to be around make him perfect for his position. Despite his current situation, he hasn’t lost hope nor does he feel bitter towards any party involved. Honestly, he just wants to work hard to be done with it all and move on with his life. Unfortunately, this means keeping the restaurant he works at open which his coworkers and superiors seem adamant to close down. Some might call him a pansy, albeit that’s not entirely true. While Kazama would prefer to avoid conflict, he will stand his ground when need be—He simply doesn’t need to stand his ground as more often than not he’s trying to hold his manager back from putting someone through a table.

    All in all, he’s a genuinely decent person and the most
    normal member of the staff, though he does seem to take serious offense to money being wasted frivolously, likely as he, himself is currently trying to pay back a giant debt that wasn’t even his to begin with.

    A normal person on many accounts, albeit one that seems to draw oddities he is unable to escape from. While he was always a good kid that tried to do his best, his parents—well, they only really cared about their own matters. His father is a thrill-seeker that made it his profession traveling around the world, searching for tombs, ruins and other ancient sites of importance. His mother got her enjoyment from gambling at the nearby casino. Kazama never really had a poor relationship with them, but he never really took them for people he could rely on either.

    Still, at the least, Kazama expected his mother to not lose so much money, to the yakuza no less, that both she and his father would vanish from the country, leaving only a half-assed voicemail on the home phone as warning to their poor son. Now, with both his parents out of reach, the debt would fall unto him. The Yakuza didn’t care who was where, after all, they just wanted their money. Due to this, Kazama spent his adolescent years working odd jobs alongside going to school, though this was less than likely to put much of a dent in the debt. If he wanted to get rid of it, he’d need the kind of job you get after going through university.

    It was at this point that he was made an offer; while attending university, he would work in a restaurant under their wing. There, they would take a cut out of his pay while he would still be capable of supporting himself and studying. For gangsters, they were oddly reasonable. Then again, they probably knew that they would get more money if their source of paying the debt back got a better paying job himself.

    It was a good offer; one that Kazama wasn’t able to turn down. Unfortunately, he expected a restaurant, even one owned by the Yakuza, to be a bit more—professional? What the hell is this place? Is this really a restaurant?!

    Specials Skills:
    Kazama is very much workers-material. With plenty of experience, a kind demeanor, nice smile and pretty face, the boy excels at most civil skills; way more than really anyone else in the damned place is. Aside from that, with his currently pursuing an education, he’s fairly intelligent due to his classes and can surprisingly take a beating, or at least he’ll be able to soon with how the manager treats him. Fluent in both English and Japanese, as well as knows a little of several other languages due to his father traveling a lot.

    Theme songs and extra items on your character weapons and gear if you have.
  6. Name: Watanabe Abe

    Height: 5'10'' Weight: 190 lbs. Age: 26 Gender: Male


    Occupation: Employee (Head cook)

    Nationality: Japanese (Formerly Japanese-American, but recently renounced his American Citizenship)

    Abe is hotheaded, to say the least. He often blows up when frustrated and will often adopt a look of murderous intent towards whatever is frustrating him. This is usually the case when reading cookbooks and orders; as Abe was raised in America, he never learned how to read Japanese, despite his fluency in speaking it. Whenever he cannot read an ingredient or step, he will often improvise, and his cooking talent will usually cover the difference. However, he never writes down what he did right or wrong, so orders may end up varying wildly.

    He enjoys fighting, and respects anyone who can beat him. He sometimes uses English loanwords in his speech and, when mad, will swear creatively in English. After work, he enjoys drinking and gambling, a fact that always leaves him in some degree of debt. He prefers games of chance as opposed to games of bluffing, as he is incapable of hiding his expression. He is rather proud, outright refusing charity and sometimes turning down gifts, believing that if something is worth having, it must be earned.

    He jogs in his spare time and finds it quite relaxing. His route often takes him past a temple where he often rests. He has recently started talking with the monks there and has on occasion meditated with them. They have also tried teaching him how to read, with middling results; no matter how much he screams at them, they just smile back, something that often results in Abe storming off to come back the next day full of apologies.

    Abe's father was a Japanese businessman and his mother was an American waitress, and though they were married, business often separated them for long stretches of time. Abe grew up in America with his mother, never seeing much of his father. Abe grew up around his mother's restaurant, learning the ins and outs of the business and helping out in small ways.

    When in his teenaged years, Abe's mother began getting sick, and Abe had to step up to help her, often doing all the housework at the expense of his homework. They didn't have the funds needed to get treatment, so Abe secretly dropped out of school and took up a life of crime to supplement their income. In the end, it wasn't enough, and by the time he was an adult, his mother died. He moved to Japan to live with his father, renouncing his American citizenship, believing there was nothing left there for him. However, since he blamed his father for his mother's death, he soon moved out.

    After a night of heavy drinking and gambling at The Painted Shark, he tried to skip out on his tab, only to have the stuffing beat out of him by the establishment's manager. Thoroughly impressed by her sound thrashing, he offered to work for her to pay off the debt. After his cooking skills were noticed fairly quickly, he was assigned to the kitchen. He still has some debt (which he always seems to grow through regular drinking and gambling), but wants to keep working at the Painted Shark once he finally works it off.

    Specials Skills:
    Abe has a talent for cooking, despite having no formal training. He employs many unconventional methods in the kitchen, though his natural talent for cooking allows him to avoid most mistakes.

    He also is good at brawling and knife fighting, having earned his fair share of bruises and cuts in his youth.

    • His full first name is Abraham, but he hates being called that.
    • He is not on speaking terms with his father, still blaming his inaction for his mother's death.
    • He is an awful dissembler, and is nigh incapable of hiding his feelings, at least through facial expression.
    • He harbors a secret crush on his boss Yoriko, though he doesn't want to tell her until he clears his debt to her.
    • Despite his gruff exterior, he has a soft spot for children.
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  7. I like that bio, he's a great fit for the role, adding to the directory, though might want to add in what he does in his off hours, but that apperance is perfect.
  8. Sure thing, I'll get on that. :D
  9. I'll have my char up soon.
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  11. [​IMG]
    "Let's have a good time, mm?"
    Hoshino Kimura
    Height: 5’5 | Weight: 115lbs | Age: 19

    Occupation: Part-Time Waiter in the Painting Shark
    Nationality: Half-Chinese, Half-Japanese​

    • Light, slender, graceful, Hoshino is beautiful like a doll-like manner, long strands of obsidian pouring down his shoulders and large green eyes sparkling purely, unmarred by the world. His skin is unmarred and soft to the touch, yet still holding the bouncing hardness of muscle underneath. Hoshino’s hands are that of an artist’s, slender and fine, gentle yet strong, no calluses on them.

    • Hoshino Kimura smiles easily, a young man who has largely retained his features as a child. A beacon of warmth, he’s kind and warm, a deredere sort of person who’s willing to help, to do unpaid overtime so someone else won’t be late for a date. His friends are many, both offline and online, and he has quite a fan following on NicoNico, his artistic endeavors in singing and dancing something that haven't gone unrewarded. Selfless, he’s the type to stand up to angry customers when they start doing bad things, as well as try (most often fail) to convince Yoriko not to hospitalize them. Naturally, such actions would often lead up to Hoshino's blood on the ground, but eh, he’s got a tough body for someone his size. He’ll be fine~

      The more cynical would think of his sugar sweet personality as a sign that Hoshino is a lying, two-faced son of a bitch who was probably an evil, rotten bastard in the core, but the boy never lets that get to him. After all, it’s true.

    • Hoshino was born in temple, his father stern and his mother impartial. He was decried as too feminine as he grew up, and went through a whole bunch of shit until Child Protection Services stepped in and separated the child from his parents. That was probably one of the better days of his life, retrospectively speaking, but back then, Hoshino was terribly sad at such separation.

      He came into a foster family, got along pretty well with the childless parents, and promptly decided that, yeah, maybe he should start growing a bigger pair of balls.

      From elementary school onwards, Hoshino started learning aikido, taking on the position of a busybody hall monitor that didn’t take shit from unruly sixth graders. It never really devolved into blows, mainly because he looked like too much of a girl to punch in the face, but he still made quite a number of enemies back then. It was in grade five that he learned from a certain incident that, in society, it was better to react than to initiate, because then you could blame the initiator for starting up shit, and he carried on his life with that ideology in mind. In the name of self-defense, one could get away with lots of things, after all.

      Hoshino joined choir in middle school, continuing to do it until he was at the cusp of graduating from high school. Even after hitting puberty, he was still rather capable of passing off as a girl, and it was something that worried him for a time, before he realized that it could be a useful trait to have in Japan.

      So he decided to put off university and rent out a suite for himself in Ikebukuro, working part-time in a sketchy restaurant while spending the rest of his time doing whatever he wanted.

    • Hoshino sings well, dresses well, speaks well, and lies well. His tongue (for taste testing) and hands (for giving shoulder massages) are divine instruments, and he has no qualms with switching from male uniforms to female uniforms in case there’s an unequal gender ratio within the restaurant. Naturally, he also has some skill with makeup and hairstyles as a result, something that he’s not afraid to flaunt at all, whether it be for purposes of looking good or for disguising one person as another. Less well-known is the black belt he has in aikido, because generally, Hoshino just lets himself be used as a sandbag instead.

      And, like all men his age, Hoshino is great at learning about his loved ones.

    • He’s willing to be both a wingman for males and females.
      He likes long train rides to the countryside.
      He goes to Slammin’ Sushi on weekends for no purpose other than to eat.
      He occasionally models, which generally pays higher than whatever he gets at the Painted Shark.
      His favourite song, currently, is Nana Hitsuji.

    Probably not my best, but eh, didn't have much of a muse outside of kawaii trap character.
  12. Hmm..gonna have to force him to dress up as a Maido/waitress maybe. << >>
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  13. Katsuro Hayate

    Name: Katsuro, Hayate

    Height: 6'0" Weight: 185lbs

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male



    Occupation: Nishikawa's Family Butler, Chief of Staff at the Painted Shark.

    Nationality: Japanese. Nakano, Japan.

    Yoriko's personal butler and perhaps the most exquisite member of the "family", Hayate is always near a member of the Nishikawa family, mainly because he considers himself responsible for them as much as Yoriko herself likely does. As any butler must be, Hayate is polite, very kind and ready to serve at any given moment. Most specially towards people of the Nishikawa family. He tends to rarely make his presence noticed, which leads to many people being surprised whenever he speaks or just appears out of nowhere. As Yoriko's personal butler, he seems to be near her most of the time, though he does get in contact with the other siblings of her often. Since the woman doesn't know how to cook or do anything "womanly", Hayate is the one responsible for that, be it wherever she is. Although he seems to greatly respect Yoriko and the two have a good servant/master relationship, he can find it difficult to please other members of the family, specially the estranged Hibari.

    His true loyalties lie with Yoriko's interests, which are his interests as well. Hayate is someone who considers his welfare as nothing when compared to the welfare of anyone else of the family. It is his life mission to make sure that every member of the family is happy and safe and he can go through any lengths to see it so. Going as far as becoming extremely violent whenever a member of the Nishikawa family has been disrespected or threatened.

    Hayate's tale is rather twisted one. The boy was born in a... Unique family. His father was a retired CIA agent and his mother was a ex-Yakuza spymaster. And thought he surely would have enjoyed to see the peaceful life between the two, he was unlucky enough that the two died when he was only months old. It was even a miracle that the boy was still alive, after the brutal assassination of his parents. As interesting as it might sound, the Nishikawa family owed a great debt to his parents, one that not even he is aware of, and because of this debt, they "adopted" the boy... If you count "training since youth to become a deadly servant" adopting.

    Although he was constantly under training, studying or learning the ropes of... Pretty much everything, he was treated extremely well by the Nishikawa family and was, eventually, assigned as Yoriko's personal servant at the age of seven. At the time, the two were as distant as one could think. The only reason Hayate obeyed and helped her was simply because he was assigned to do so. As he took care of Yoriko, though, he indeed saw a great deal of what she went through, specially in school due to bullying. Though he many times offered to help her, Yoriko never accepted. Eventually, he decided to throw her orders out of the window for the first time and go to school to teach the bullies' a lesson. What he saw there, though, surprised him as he saw Yoriko single-handedly beat all of the bullies.

    Obviously enough, she soon discovered him and, at the same time, thanked him for his presence and scolded him just as equally. Hayate grew to like Yoriko a lot more than he did before and respected her more than anyone other than her parents. The two lived a great deal of time together, as he followed her nearly everywhere she went, even helping her through her JSDF work as an unofficial instructor.

    When notice of an accident had arisen, Hayate and Yoriko went back to take care of her siblings, which was when Hayate most likely grew to be an actual butler, taking care of the house and helping Yoriko in whatever problems she had with the siblings. As soon as Yoriko was managing the restaurant, Hayate managed to squish himself in the staff, strengthening Yoriko's grasp over it and her ideals of violence. He is likely a member to cause a lot of trouble if Yoriko so commands him to.

    Until she does not, though, he will simply keep his job as sub-manager, as he actually enjoys working on the Painted Shark. After all, it's just a restaurant... Isn't it?

    Specials Skills:
    Hayate is extremely skilled in martial arts, which he trained for years of his youth and trains even to date and is a lot stronger than he looks. Unlike Yoriko, he actually has seen action and is a remarkable marksman, specially with long-range firearms and rifles. He has a natural coordination ability whenever in a brawl alongside Yoriko, a side-effect of 20 years of finding themselves in brawls together. Is skilled with knives, swords and even bo staffs(which seem to be one of his preferred weapons) which make him a dangerous enemy to have. Overall, he can be considered a jack of all trades, and a master of very few.

    Aside from that, Hayate is a genius in many aspects, including mathematics and law. He has been known to take care of the finances of the restaurant for as far as Yoriko has been managing it. He is also a tactician and advisor to the Yakuza heiress whenever she finds it necessary, as she prefers to simply beat her enemies rather than thinking about how.

    The reason Hayate does not say anything except when prompted to is actually because he is an extreme introvert, being unable to maintain conversations for so long or even of keeping company to anyone other than the Nishikawa family for too long. He also deeply blames himself for the assassination of Yoriko's parents, mainly because he believed he could have helped them if he was there.

    Other than that, Hayate seems to be a firearm collector, which just makes it more obvious that he likely possesses a gun by his side, which is likely to be actually legal. He also carries around his butler uniform a folded steel bo-staff and, on his free time(if he ever has any) he is usually found training any martial arts he currently is attempting to master.

    Hayate specially deplores conversations about his family or anything about him at all. He disregards his past and, instead, speaks mostly about Yoriko, which can be easily considered a romantic attraction towards her. However, whenever someone asks about it, he calmly denies it, stating that he simply respects Yoriko too much to ever think of such a thing.

    Hayate possesses an exorbitant amount of money in bank accounts, left behind by his parents. The money would be more than enough for him to live by himself for his entire life, but he seems to deeply despise using it, be it for whatever he needs. As of that reason, he instead relies on the money he gains from his work as butler and as Chief of Staff of the Painted Shark.

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  14. Hmm..I'll put him down as cheif, more or less head of the working staff. I'll also once what bios in the interest check are done, shall edit my MC sheet to account for all the histories she's involved with.

    Other than that, smong Key positions Stros is left, and some people in the interest check. Once thats done we'll either star on the morning or evening of day one.
  15. You don't need for force someone who's willing to do it. XD
  16. Might prove amusing.

    Well giving till tomorrow for bios to be finished, then I'll start us up. Likely on the "morning" preshift, so it gives others time to join in or finish bios.

    The time switches will be global and based on precieved activity at a given time. We strart to collectively "lull" I shift. So some days will be longer, some will be shorter, I'll ask here in ooc, or tell in advance when we are moving.
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  17. A notice that the RP will start withing the next 8-12 hours max, only one(well technically two) key bio(s) is(are) missing.

    Those from the interest check will STILL have a chance to enter.

    Given the nature of the work place, its possible they have different shifts or day.
  18. I shall have my bio up this saturday :P
  19. No worries, starting with the "morning" to hire the new guy, kill time.
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