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  1. Kadic Academy is a small, and genile campus that sits snugly into the forested hills of Washington -- right outside the town of Wilson Creek, home to 20,000 people. Home to over 200 students, the academy is known as the only superhero training institution, teaching courses from Self Defense to Battlefield First Aid. Students attend for 5 years, before they are even allowed to become a professional hero. Any hero that fails to graduate Kadic Academy and insists on performing heroic duties are normally labeled as outlaws and unsanctioned vigilantes, quickly being contained by validated heroes. Due to this, any person that possesses super powers must graduate from Kadic, if they wish to benefit society with their powers. After graduating from Kadic, students will take a final exam to mark all their attributes, known as the Hero Evaluation, which will place the hero into one of several different ranks. Once assigned a rank after graduating, that hero is allowed to use their powers for the benefit of the world. Even though they may be placed into a low rank, they can advance in their rankings to obtain the highest rank - S Class.


    Professional Hero Classes:

    S+ Class - The members of the S+ Class are completely anonymous, although it is widely known that the S+ Class only has 3 members. Not much is known about the S+ Class, as they have never been seen. If an S+ Class had been seen, or reported, the evidence was quickly removed. The type of missions that S+ engage in is completely unknown. A widely speculated theory is that S+ Class houses the most powerful heroes in the world, sent on missions that are top secret.

    S Class - Only a handful of heroes are labeled into this class. One most possess high levels of intelligence, expert judgement, and a good handle of their powers. S Class heroes handle only the most difficult of missions, and are typically household names across the world. Despite the heroes of S Class being well known, their powers are not. To videotape, or record in any way, an S Class hero in action is a federal felony. This is to prevent the S Class heroes strengths and weaknesses from getting around too much, as a devious enemy may use it against them. This, and S+ Class, are the only classes in which people that graduate Kadic cannot be placed into after Hero Evaluation.

    A Class - Not very many heroes make it to this class. A Class represents some of the most exceptional heroes the world has, and for good reason. To become an A Class, you must be the shining example of what a hero must be. A Class handles the majority of more difficult missions, and often serve as the Captain to squads of other heroes. A Class heroes also might find themselves working for S Class heroes as squad mates.

    B Class - B Class is considered the in-between for A Class and C Class. A handful of heroes in B Class are destined for A Class, and only time stands between them and their promotion, while the rest of B Class represent the above average heroes that the world has to offer. B Class heroes handle every mission from a lowly theft to fighting villains. B Class heroes are dangerous in their own right, but have a clear lack of expertise that A, and S, Class heroes possess.

    C Class - Class C is where most heroes start their career. Considered at their best to be average, Class C is the closet thing to cannon fodder that the hero world has. Class C is the biggest class, and also handles the most missions. Often put away from the more serious missions, Class C heroes still find a way to get into the

    D Class - D Class is for the heroes that are considered to be lacking, either in powers or in the mental field. D Class is not as big as C Class, but they do make up a fair number of heroes. D Class heroes are often employed in conjunction with police forces, or even military forces, as an aid. Rarely are they given missions of any importance, as they are not trusted. Squads of D Class heroes are normally led by experienced C Class heroes, or some B Class heroes.


    The Academy has many facilities, making sure to fulfill the needs of every single student. The facilities are:

    Weightlifting Room
    Outdoor Track
    Boxing Ring
    Male and Female Dorms
    Inside Pool
    Nature Trails
    Playing Field for sports
    Laundry Rooms
    Observation Decks on the top of Kadic Academy
    Underground Training Rooms, mainly used by teachers in lessons
    A Courtyard that is filled with various flora, trees, and benches for the students to relax at


    As well as a diverse amount of facilities, Kadic also offers a diverse amount of clubs to join:

    The Blue and White Society - One of the oldest Academy organizations, the Blue and White Society is dedicated to promoting school spirit. Group members assist with orientation, pep rallies, and run Spirit Week.

    Book Club - Each year, members of the club select a list of books to read and discuss. The club meets on average once a week.

    Chess Club - A group for chess enthusiasts learning, playing, and strategizing. Games and tournaments happen throughout the year.

    Kadic Political Union - A group for students that are interested in the political dynamics of being a hero, and wish to discuss and learn politics.

    Math Club - The Kadic Academy Math Club promotes math awareness and appreciation of mathematics within the school

    Science Club - This is a group for students who have an affinity with science. Members typically take on a major project and work on it once a week.

    Track Club - Dedicated to students who love track and field, and everything the activity has to offer. Meets daily in the mornings, to practice together.

    Weightlifting Club - Dedicated to perfecting bodies and gaining strength. Meets once every two days to practice and lift.

    Swim Club - A group made of students who prefer to the pool than the field. Meets weekly to have meetings and to practice.

    Sports Union - Being that students of Kadic are a little more powerful in the field of athletics than normal people, the Sports Union decides and holds tournaments and games between teams at the school, as cross-school games are nearly impossible.

    The Hero Fire - This is the yearbook, and student newspaper group. This group produces a paper bi-weekly, and also handles anything to do with yearbooks.

    The Student Government - Consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Commissioner of Sports, Commissioner of Spirit, and Commissioner of Community


    Normal Schedule for a Kadic Academy Student:

    7:00 AM - 8:00 AM : Voluntary Breakfast in the Cafeteria
    8:15 AM - 9:15 AM : Mandatory Academy-Picked Class
    9:17 AM - 10:16 AM : Mandatory Academy-Picked Class
    10:18 AM - 11:17 AM : Mandatory Academy-Picked Class
    11:18 AM - 12:15 PM : Mandatory Elective-Picked Class
    12:16 PM - 1:20 PM : Voluntary Lunch in the Cafeteria
    1:21 PM - 3:00 PM : Mandatory Elective-Picked Class
    3:01 PM - 5:30 PM : Free Time, all facilities opened to students
    5:31 PM - 6:15 PM : Voluntary Dinner in the Cafeteria
    6:16 PM - 11:15 PM : Free Time, all facilities opened to students
    11:16 PM - 7:00 AM : All facilities closed until morning


    Notable People at Kadic Academy:

    Louis Ramirez - The 40 year old dean of Kadic. Louis is not a notable powered individual, simply possessing the power of super hearing, but makes up for this by being a experienced and talented administrator who watches over the school. Louis is an affable man, and typically treats his students with as much respect as he would anyone else.

    Christie "Amethyst Tiger" Allen - An A Class hero, Christie teaches the finer parts of being a hero. Her classes include; Public Relations Training, Hostage and Endangered Civilian Situations, and the Applied Theory of Heroing

    Ben "Zephyr" Salazar - Another A Class hero, Ben is considered to be one of the preimer heroes in the world. Ben teaches classes such as Hand-to-Hand Combat, Managing Collateral Damage, and Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat

    Douglas "Siege" Cook - A B Class hero, Douglas is a teacher that handles the more difficult parts of being a hero. His classes include; Interrogations, and Battlefield Conduct in Relations to Villains and Villain Groups.

    Dr. Star Clough - While not possessing any type of power, Star is considered one of the best professors in the world. Her classes include; Mathe mics, Physics, and Applied Sciences

    Ramiro Wong - Another unpowered hero, Ramiro is a hero in his own way. Having been a battlefield medic for 15 years, Ramiro handles classes such as; Emergency First-Aid, Triage, and How to Handle Civilian Casaulites on the Battlefield

    Celia Greene - Celia Greene handles the more domestic of subjects with students. Celia teaches; Literature and English, and Comp I-IV

    Monique "Monsoon" Manning - A B Class hero, Monique typically handles more minor subjects, such as Advanced Physics, and Social Science classes. Monique is also the coach of the swim team.

    There are more teachers around campus, that handle elective classes and minor subjects, and coaches that handle the clubs.

    David "Cinder Soverign" Lewis - The Student President. In Year 5 of his time at Kadic, David is well-known around campus, as he engages in many clubs. Known for being quiet, yet helpful with many students issues. Is rumored that he will most likely be placed into the A Class when he graduates.

    Rebecca "Dash" Pubelo - The Student Vice President. In Year 4 of her time at Kadic, Dash is the token speedster of Kadic. Thought to be the fastest of all the powered heroes, Dash is well-liked, if not a bit arrogant however. Most people think that she'll be placed into B Class when her time comes to graduate.


    Famous Heroes in the World:

    Most Famous S Class Heroes: Air Fusion, Psychictron, Condor, and The Silk Sword
    Most Famous A Class Heroes: Captain Fury, Tracer, Sun Mask, Absolute Zero, and Spark Plug
    Most Famous B Class Heroes: Black Star, Bolt, Owl, Alley Cat, Mach Girl, Lord, and Royal Eagle
    Most Famous C Class Heroes: Iron Guardian, Prodigy, and Moon Halo


    Infamous Villain and Villain Groups:

    Story Breaker - Lone villain. Several run-ins with S Class heroes. Extremely powerful, and violent.

    Surge - Lone villain. Extremely dangerous villain. Has killed several A Class heroes, and has even slain an S Class hero.

    Lucky Dice - Lone villain. Very tricky and powerful villain. Does not typically kill heroes, and seems mainly focused on obtaining wealth. Has escaped capture several times.

    Rewind - Lone villain. A time altering villain. Rewind does not typically fight heroes, and actually fights villains more of the time, however he is a unregistered superhero, and by law he is a outlaw. Does not normally commit crimes, but does operate on the wrong side of the law. Still dangerous.

    Titanio - Lone villain. Considered to be the most powerful villain, that acts by himself. Over the course of his career as a villain, Titanio has captured and killed many heroes. Titanio is more than a match for S Class heroes. In recent, Titanio has not been seen or heard of. It is speculated that the S+ Class killed, or captured, Titanio.

    The Point Men - Villain Group. The most wide known, and active, villain group. A total of 10 members, the Point Men focus mainly on bank heists, and obtaining political power.

    Wrecking Crew - Villain Group. A villain group that is infamous for it's numerous super-strength members. Wrecking Crew's member count is known to be about 8 villains. They are not very active, but when they do show up, they are typically a huge problem.

    Brotherhood of Thunder - Villain Group. A extremely deadly villain group. Speculated member count is between 15 and 20. Usually only the best of A Class, and S Class heroes, are sent to deal with them. Extremely active, and extremely dangerous.

    Null - Villain Group. Not much is known about Null. Many speculated terrorist attacks are contributed to this group. Null's speculated member count is below 10. It is thought that only S Class and S+ Class know any solid information about Null.


    Bio Format:
    Hero Name: (Optional)
    Grade: (1st year - 5th year)
    Short History:
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  2. Name: Drew Carr
    Hero Name: No official one, as of now.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Grade: 1st Year


    Regenerative Healing Factor:

    Drew possesses a superhuman healing factor that allows him to regenerate damaged or destroyed bodily tissue with far greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. Drew is able to heal from injuries such as slashes, puncture wounds, bullet wounds, and severe burns within a very short amount of time. However, dismemberment is another story. Any type of dismemberment would require, at minimum, a week for parts such as a hand or foot. However, anything bigger, such as a leg or arm, would require a much longer time.

    Superhuman Reflexes:

    Drew also has an extreme reflex, and can even perceive some danger before it happens. However, he may have extreme reflexes, he does not have the typical superhuman speed that accompanies those that normally possess this power. Drew's superhuman reflexes act as an early warning system, and have often gotten him out of dangerous situations before they develop. His reflexes can help him with something as simple as detecting a person about to throw a punch the moment their muscles start to clinch, to being able to adjust his own movements on the fly, in order to dodge objects.

    Peak Human Strength:

    No where close to superhuman strength, peak human strength is still a force to be reckoned with. While he won't be lifting cars anytime soon, Drew could heft a 400lb object over his head, and hold it there, with relative effort.


    While being able to use guns, and had in the past when he grew up, Drew decided a more 'family-friendly' weapon should be his choice while at Kadic. Using a collapsible polymer bo-staff, Drew has become fairly decent with the weapon, and uses it with great skill. While Drew uses the staff most the time, he has no qualms of settling matters with his fists. While not particularly trained, Drew's thuggish days have taught him how to brawl with the best of them. Combined with his powers, Drew can more than hold his own in a fight.


    Drew stands at about 5'9'', and weighs close to 180lbs. While possessing a semi-solid build, Drew is far from the picture of rippling muscles, despite the fact that he possesses peak human strength. Drew has medium length black hair, messy and definitely unkempt. While not nasty in appearance, or smell, it is very obvious that Drew cares little for what his hair looks like. Underneath the shaggy mess of black hair, Drew has pale blue eyes, that seem to linger and seem to contradict his rather boisterous attitude.

    For clothing, Drew doesn't exactly stand out as someone who appreciates fashion. Wearing a dark and faded denim jacket, along with a beige crew neck shirt, Drew's fashion may be a decade too late. For the lower half of his body, Drew wears an even darker shade of denim jeans, and a pair of black Converse shoes, with both of the items only being slightly torn up. Normally, covering up his mess of hair, Drew wears a tan colored beanie, that sits slightly off his hairline, which allows a few strands of his black hair to poke out.

    Drew is currently working on several costume ideas, but so far has little motivation to continue his search of designing one. Carrying little for hiding what identity he has, or potentially looking cool, Drew would instead prefer to use his normal everyday clothes. However, Kadic provides a blue and white flame retardant and shock proof jumpsuit for those that don't have their own costume -- Something the Drew protests, but decides to use anyway.

    Short History:

    Drew grew up in a nice suburb of Richmond Virginia, along with two siblings, a working father, and a stay at home mom. While home life was fine, and was even cozy, Drew instead opted into the life of a thug and delinquent. Hanging with the seedier people in the city, and at school, Drew's father soon tried to rein him in. The resulting argument, and fight, was the moment that Drew's powers came to light. His own immediate family, while they fawned over real heroes, instead became slightly afraid of Drew, scared to even initiate simple conversation with the young man. In an attempt to mature as a person, and reconnect with his own family, Drew distanced himself from his own thuggish lifestyle. A few years went by, and while hiding his powers from his school and the public, his parents and siblings didn't seem anymore closer to him. Now 15 years old, Drew had almost had it with his current life, and decided to go back to his more thuggish ways, which included dropping out of school. While not committing crimes, he did become an outlaw by using his powers in public, without being a registered hero. Almost always using his powers to stop the minor theft, capture a criminal, or such, Drew soon got a large following of people in Richmond. Richmond had never had a hero come from it's masses before, so the unknown hero became an icon quickly. This, however, angered his father, who soon figured out it was Drew that was the hero Richmond popularized. Drew's own father reported him to the Richmond Police Department, which then in turn reported his identity and location to heroes. It wasn't long before a hero was dispatched to bring Drew in. Two B class heroes cornered Drew, and after a short fight, he was taken down. The Hero Association gave Drew an ultimatum. He could either attend Kadic Academy, finish his academic career and become a registered hero, or rot away in a prison. Drew chose the much safer option, and decided to attend Kadic. Distant from his own family, doubtful over the prospect of becoming a registered hero, and eager to use his powers however he seems fit, Drew arrives for his 1st year at Kadic.
  3. Name: Kyra Lane
    Hero Name: None as of now
    Gender: female
    Grade: 2nd year

    Can manipulate elements-mostly earth and all things related (plants etc.) but can do minor things with water and fire. Is also good with hand to hand combat, having been training for the last 3 years.

    Mid-back length, cocoa colored hair (mostly kept in a French braid) and bright green eyes. 5’6” 145lbs. She keeps herself in good shape, works out regularly and keeps her muscles toned. Very athletic without being bulky.
    Kyra is most often seen wearing jeans and a t-shirt, not really caring to fit in with “pretty girls.” She prefers comfort and flexibility should the need arise.
    Kyra is almost always seen caring a side bad that contains her personal belongings such as books and her ever present notebook of costume designs and potential hero names. She spends much of her free time in the notebook.

    Short History:
    Kyra comes from a perfect family, mom, dad, one brother and sister, even the family dog. Picture perfect or so she thought. After discovering Kyra’s powers at age 12, her parents decided to move to Wilson Creek, Washington. This was done in preparation for Kadic Academy. Over the last few years, things have fallen apart in her family. Both siblings moved out and her parents have recently announced their divorce. She could handle it fine except her parents are “fighting” over her. She’s the youngest in her family and the only one with powers. So the pressure is high in her family life. She prefers to stay away from home(s) as much as possible. Having graduated high school with honors at age 17, she quickly moved on to Kadic Academy. Kyra has been working hard to perfect her powers and hopes to be a class A hero. Even though that seems unlikely for someone with her powers. Now, having recently turned 18, she’s looking forward to her 2nd year at Kadic.
  4. Drew had arrived at the Academy early. Two days early to be exact. Even though a good amount of students stay on campus during the very short summer break, Drew was taken early as to downplay his arrival, mainly because he arrived in a government-owned vehicle with the clearly marked DHA on the side. The Department of Heroes Affair had kept him for the majority of the summer in a holding cell in Richmond. Three days before he was suppose to be shipped to Kadic, he was given time with his family, and time to gather his belongings. Despite the given family time, Drew instead spent the time with his old friends, the ones that ran Garden Street, the self-described thugs. He sneaked into his parent's home and had gathered his belongings only hours before he was to be back at the DHA offices to be shipped out.

    Arriving two days early had greatly helped. The two days Drew spent around the grounds, and dorms, were boring, and he hardly saw a soul. The time also gave him plenty of time to acclimate to the campus. It was homely, and comfy. A, rather magnificent, campus seated neatly into the nature-filled hills of Wilson Creek.

    Today, however, was the day that the rest of the students would be arriving. It was only 10 AM, and plenty of students were already arriving in heaps, new and older students alike. They arrived in Greyhound buses, personal vehicles, vans, bikes, and even a few on foot. Drew leaned on a tree, just on the edge of the courtyard, as he watched all the arriving students, his arms crossed.

    He eyed some of the standouts of the arriving masses. A man who had muscles the size of human heads, a girl that glided through the air, a boy with goat legs instead of human, and even a man with huge razor sharp teeth. Some wore their jumpsuits to the school, today, but most wore their own clothes. The one that stood out the most, however, was a comely man, maybe in his early 20s, with long brown hair. He dressed very nicely, and had attracted rather a large following, which all conversed with one another, as they walked by. Obviously someone very popular.

    School activities would not formally start for another two days. While today was the mandatory return date, faculty felt that a 2 day period would be more than enough to allow students back into the swing of things. Drew ached from the boredom that was brought on by this gilded cage. Drew shifted uncomfortably, as he kept eyeing the rest of the new arrivals.
  5. Kyra had been packed and ready to go back to the academy for 2 days. She would have spent most of the break there if she'd been given a choice. Instead, she bounced between her mom's and dad's. Finally, though, it was time to go back. Her mom, Caroline, and her dad, Pete, had spent the last two days arguing about who got to drive her back to Kadic. Kyra offered to just take the bus, but she knew they'd never accept that. Not having any powers of their own, she was their way in to, or at least, close to, the superhero world. Anyway, her dad eventually won the argument and was the one she was saying good bye to in the drop off area. "Bye, dad." Kyra waved as she heaved her overstuffed duffel over her shoulder and took off. She knew to make a quick exit or she was liable to be showing her dad around campus. Again.

    As she headed toward the registration office to check in and get her room assignment she glanced around at the other students milling about. Some she recognized, most she didn't. She didn't bother to stop and talk to anyone she knew. She was excited to get her room set up, all of her big stuff had been dropped off the week prior, and see her schedule.
  6. Drew stayed in his spot by the tree, continuing to eye the arriving students. Many were excited, and were almost racing to get to the offices to get their rooms assigned to them. Drew honestly expected a lot more freaks than what he saw, but most of the students just looked like normal people, something Drew was not expecting. Drew sighed and decided to make his way to his dorm. Like most dorm rooms here, they were made for two people to share. Drew didn't like this idea, but at least he'd be sharing it with another 1st year student. Drew was told it was done in order to promote unity amongst the class you're in. Despite this, Drew could only expect that he'd be disappointed, no matter the person.

    Drew arrived to his dorm room, and sure enough, a roommate was already unpacking several suitcases and bags. Drew eyed the various amounts of luggage with slight confusion, as he glanced back to his one suitcase. Drew cleared his throat, alerting the unsuspecting roommate to his presence. The roommate turned around to glance up and down Drew, before letting loose a big grin, "Hiya!" The boy said enthusiastically, stretching out a hand to shake Drew's, "You must be my roommate. My hero name is Mercury, but since we're roommates, you can call me Casey." Casey finished shaking Drew's hand and pulled it back, watching with his grin as Drew managed only a weak smile in return, "My name's Drew. I don't have a hero name yet." Drew responded, as he turned around and hopped onto his bed, watching as Casey finished unpacking. "So, uh, why Mercury? Do you control deadly gases or something?" Drew asked, allowing himself a small chuckle, before it turned into a frown, "Oh god, please don't tell me your power is being gassy." Drew added, wondering truly if he had been cursed with a fart-powered roommate.

    Casey gave back a slightly annoyed smile, "No! It's like the Mercury from Roman mythology!" Casey replied, his annoyed smile turning into a rather disappointed frown as Drew showed no signs of acknowledgement that he knew that specific Mercury. Casey cleared his throat slightly, as he began to explain, "Mercury was the half-brother of Apollo, and he was extremely tricky, but also extremely fast. So the Gods gave him the job of being a messenger for them. Legends say he could reach tomorrow before the sun could." Casey said, grinning at his own explanation, "So, you go really fast?" Drew replied, with some honest interest, however his emotion did not properly convey it. Casey went back to unloading things, answering only, "Yeah. I go fast."
  7. As Kyra made her way to her dorm with her schedule in hand she contemplated what she was going to do for the rest of the day. She wondered who her roommate would be. Most likely a 2nd year. Maybe she'd get lucky and it would be someone like last year that was really easy to live with. As she opened the door to her dorm she quickly realized that that would not be the case.
    There was a small mousy girl already set up in the room. If you could call it set up. The place was a disaster. And the girl had multiple cages, terrariums, etc set up along her dresser. Kyra is by no means a neat freak or afraid of bugs but this was too much. She tossed her bag on her bed, leaving only her messenger bag slung over her shoulder and left. Kyra almost felt bad for being so rude, but she doubted her roommate had even seen her. Kyra was pretty sure she was talking to her locusts or whatever.
    Kyra headed to a quiet spot on the edge of campus near the wood. She always felt better when she was close to nature.
  8. Drew rolled over in his bed, as Casey finished unpacking. Eventually, the roommate finished and looked over at Drew, watching his new roommate, "So, you wanna go for a run or something?" Casey asked, gingerly, hoping to break the ice a little more, and find a common ground with his new roommate. Drew gave out a chuckle, and kicked himself up out of the bed. "Yeah, and then I can show you what real speed is." Drew replied, trying his best to tease Casey. It worked, as Casey returned a playful grin, "Well, I'm pretty sure the track is open for students." Casey said, as he started to walk out through the door. While Casey was not in his running gear, he could make it work. The golf shorts he was wearing and the light blue polo he wore matched well with his olive burnt skin.

    The duo made their way outside of the grounds, towards where the track should be located, walking side by side. Drew opted to stay in his normal attire, deciding that actually trying to run while Casey was would be pointless and downright embarrassing. The path to the track led back behind the school, which gave a nice view of forested hills and nature paths around the campus. While Drew looked absentmindedly up on the hills, he spotted a lone girl walking up near the treeline. "What is she doing?" Drew asked, somewhat curious where the girl was going. Drew didn't know much about the Pacific Northwest, but everything on TV said bears were everywhere. Then again, when you're superpowered, there isn't much worry about something like a bear. Casey craned his head, to see where Drew was now pointing to, "I don't know. Maybe she's going for a walk?" Casey conjectured, watching the girl as the duo's pace had slowed to a near standstill gait.
  9. Kyra found her way along the trees she found the big rock she was looking for and sat down. She noticed the two guys down the way looking in her direction but didn't acknowledge them. She pulled her notebook out to look busy but glanced back in the direction of the guys to see if what they were looking at.
    She couldn't see anything out of the ordinary in her area so she dismissed it and opened her note book to a new Page. She didn't feel like working on costume designs so she began penciling a landscape picture instead. She kind of zoned put for awhile until she notice the vines creeping up the rock. She giggled to herself. And made them wrap over her jean covered legs.
  10. The duo continued to watch the slightly weird girl as she sat down and started drawing. It seemed that she had noticed them, but didn't pay much heed. Drew and Casey resumed their old pace after a moment, making their way down the path and to the track. It was only about 12 PM, but the track was still completely emptied. It didn't seem like many students cared to come for a run just yet. The two arrived on the side of the track, chatting amongst themselves, before Drew returned their thoughts to the girl, "Maybe she's like a serial killer and she was drawing our faces before murdering us." Drew joked, as he craned his head back to the spot where the girl was. She was only a tiny dot from where they were now, but still noticeable. "You know, maybe I could grab the journal and see what's in it." Casey joked back, not entirely serious about taking the girl's belongings. Drew paused and gave a somewhat devious grin to Casey, who frowned in return. "No, I'm only joking." Casey added, as he started stretching and preparing himself for a good run. Drew returned his glance back at the girl who sat alone on the edge of the woods.
  11. Kyra resumed her thoughts to the notebook and the vines quickly receded. She glanced at the students in the distance that were milling around the campus. She noticed the guys had moved on to the track.
    Kyra wondered if she should try to find some of her old friends but decided she liked the solitude right now. She'd see them in a few days.
    She continued her drawing as she mentally prepared herself to spend the year with the messy bug lady. She figured she'd be spending a lot of time out here.
    After awhile she grew bored and decided to take a walk. Slinging her bag over her shoulder once more she headed through the trees, making flowers bloom and plants grow as she went. Just because she could
  12. It was like speed that Drew had never seen before. Before Casey started, he mentioned he'd be taking it easy, as to not strain himself since he hadn't ran in a while, but this was unreal. Drew, even with his amazing perception, could barely keep up with this speed. After a couple minutes of this, Casey put on the brakes, and attempted to slow himself. Casey skidded nearly 90 feet before coming to a complete stop in front of Drew. Drew's closed his slightly slacked jaw, and managed to speak out a few words, "That's going easy for you?" Drew asked, unable to believe that was wasn't even his full speed. Casey was obviously loving the awe he inspired in Drew, judging by his huge grin, "I mean, most the time when I take it seriously, I can break the sound barrier. You should hear the sonic boom that follows. It's freakin' awesome!" Casey said, in elation.

    After a few more minutes of excited chatting, the duo headed back towards the campus proper, crossing the area where they had spotted the girl from before. "Oh, hey, she's gone." Casey pointed out, drawing Drew's attention. After a moment of gazing, the pair continued on their way, back to towards the campus, where they decided to head towards the courtyard, to hang out there for a while.


    Ellie felt more at home in the woods than most, especially the ones around campus. It was her 3rd year, and she knew the woods much better than she knew the campus grounds. It had nothing to do with her powers, it just had to deal with the way she grew up. Walking in parks and woods was the only thing she had to do growing up. Wearing a loose tank top, and athletic shorts, the girl with two complete sleeves of tattoos on both arms, all colorful and beautiful that ended at her wrists. To compliment the slightly punk look Ellie sported short hair, and snakebites. Ellie jumped up, easily jumping nearly 7 feet into the air, to grab a low hanging branch from a nearby tree, and started to pull herself up. As she sat on the edge of the branch, Ellie looked around her. To her, almost dismay, she saw someone walking down the path, which would pass right under her. Ellie put on a small, slightly forced smile, as the girl approached, waiting for the nature enthusiast to notice her.
  13. As Kyra continued down the path she knew there was someone up ahead. Almost like she could feel the weight of the person on the ground around her. But as she looked around she couldn't see anyone. She kept walking, slowly, continuing to look around. She finally got a glimpse of something up in a tree. Looking up at a low branch of the tree just up ahead Kyra saw the eccentric girl. Judging from her style Kyra wouldn't have pictured this girl in the woods. But here she was.
    "Oh hi. I wasn't expecting anyone else to be out here.." Kyra said with a small wave.
    "I'm Kyra."
    She said as she came to a stop beneath the tree. Kyra wasn't sure if she was irritated by being interrupted on her walk or glad to find someone else who seemed to enjoy the woods. Nonetheless Kyra was overall a nice person and decided to at least say hello.
  14. Ellie let out a sigh of relief, as it seemed that Kyra was just as interrupted by Ellie, as Ellie was interrupted by her. Ellie's force smiled gradually turned into a much more friendly one, "I could say the same thing." Ellie responded, her legs kicking back and forth in the open air as she sat on the edge of the branch. "My name's Ellie." She added. After a moment of gazing around, seeing if there was anyone else around, Ellie glanced back down at Kyra, "So, what made little ol' you decide to come out here? You don't look familiar to me, so are you a 1st year?" Ellie seemingly immediately started into a close rendition of an interrogation at Kyra. Although, judging by Ellie's soft smile and friendly demeanor, it was more in somewhat eagerness to find someone that enjoyed the forest, and preferred it to themselves. Ellie had had too much trouble in her first years trying to find alone time in the forest. She was hoping this would be the first year she could enjoy the forest completely, however, Kyra amounted among the few people currently that she didn't seem to mind while out in the forest.
  15. "Oh actually I'm a second year. I think I've seen you around campus." Kyra said. "I'm always in the woods. I love it out here." She motioned around. "Are you out here often?" She was genuinely interested in why this girl, ellie, was in the tree. She also wanted to learn about the tattoos and such but figured that could wait.
    As Kyra stood under the tree looking up she continued to assess her.
  16. "Really? Never seen you before in my life." Ellie replied, but neglected to mention her memory was terrible, which is likely the reason, "I'm out here every single day, and even at night." Ellie added, with a sly smile. Ellie kicked forward, jumping off the branch and landing on the ground with a loud thud. Despite the height, it didn't seem to bother her. Up close, it was immediately obvious how much muscle Ellie had. Every bit as toned as an Olympic athlete, she cut an impressive figure. The woman stood about 5'8'', and couldn't of weighed more than 135lbs. Despite the healthy appearance, Ellie soon fetched a pack of cigarettes from her pocket, and a lighter, and lighted the noxious smelling roll, "Sorry, it's been a while." Ellie said, with a sheepish smile, as she stepped a few steps away as to not to get the smoke onto Kyra, "So, what all do you do out here? I usually climb trees and try to jump from one to another, but you don't seem too inclined to that kind of activity." Ellie pointed out, noting Kyra's appearance and how it seemed like she was more out for a simple walk, than a hike.
  17. "At night huh? I bet it's beautiful." Kyra stepped back as Ellie jumped down. Kyra was a little shocked by Ellie's obvious muscles. Although she shouldn't have been considering she was in a tree. And jumped out of it with no problem. "Jumping from tree to tree..." she pondered that thought.. " I've never tried that. I just like to be around nature." Kyra reached toward a blooming bush and the flower buds popped open as if in full bloom. Kyra dropped her hand and smiled sheepishly. She didn't often display her powers like that.
    "I'm at home here."
  18. Ellie eyed Kyra, as she showcased part of her powers in front of her, "It might be hard to jump tree to tree, for you. It's a bit easier for someone like me." Ellie replied, with a slightly smug smile, "But, yeah, it's absolutely beautiful out here. Expect for the occasional stoners toking up, and couples finding love out her, it's pretty peaceful." Ellie added, with a now playful smile. Ellie tossed her cigarette as she finished it, stomping out the last remaining embers of it. In all honesty, Ellie completely related to Kyra. Maybe not on the same level, but Ellie felt at home in solitude. She didn't have to worry about putting on a mask for everyone, and acting a certain way. She was truly herself in the woods, "Honestly, I just come out here to get away from those jerks on campus. I can't stand half of them." Ellie leaned up against the side of the tree she previously sat on the branch of, "I can't believe I haven't seen you before, though. Or maybe, I just don't remember seeing you." Ellie stuck her tongue out, slightly, in a playful matter, as she ended her statement.
  19. Kyra couldn't help but laugh at Ellie's comment. "I thought I was the only one. I keep to myself mostly. Wouldn't be any reason for you to remember me. " She pondered a moment on Ellie's words. "someone like you? I assume that's a reference to your powers?" Kyra was prying a little which could potentially offend a person. But Ellie didn't seem to be the easily offended kind. She felt as though Ellie was a lot like her in many ways. She was curious about this girl who spent more time in the forest than even her. Kyra didn't think that was possible, but here she was.
  20. "You'd be right." Ellie replied with a smile, "Super strength, and super durability." Ellie tried her best not to seem content with her powers, but her revelation of them came off as somewhat of a show off. Ellie stepped over towards a rather large rock outcropping, and sat gingerly on it, "So, I told you mine, what about you? What are your powers?" Ellie's question came off as rather rude, although it wasn't intended that way. Most heroes preferred to keep their powers to themselves as much as possible, as it kept them safer than openly flaunted them, but their is an equal amount of heroes that love to flaunt what they have. Ellie, while not necessarily asking for a showcase, seemed interested in what Kyra's powers exactly entailed.
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