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    The aged Joseph Joestar cried in terror in his modern-esque expensive apartment, sweat dripping down his face whilst he clenched his teeth of shock, his eyes narrowing. Suzi Q on the other side of the room, gasped in shock and their butler followed, then slowly walking over to Joseph to try and calm him down. The clearly stressed Joestar nodded and said "Yeah, mhm" A couple times the rest of the phone call in a calm fashion,although having a look of utter terror on his face. As the voice on the phone was closing up his message, Joseph quickly tried to put his word in "Are you sure there's nothing you ca-" That being all he could say before the voice hung up. Joseph then lifted the phone off of his ear, his hand evidently shaking as he put it down, the man taking very heavy breaths. His butler reached his arm out with an eyebrow raised "M-Master Joseph, what's wron-"

    Joseph slammed his arms down on the table below him, effectively interrupting the Butler, making him hiccup of shock. Joseph said but one word. "Kars." He then sat down on the coach behind him, hyperventilating. "C-Cars?" The butler questioned before Suzi Q stood up on the other side of the room "Kars? You mean that man you defeated over 55 years ago?" Suzi couldn't help but tilt her head in concern "What about him?" Joseph tilted his hat downward, crossing his arms and sitting up "He's on a crash course with Earth. He's coming back." Joseph, saying it aloud, caused him even more distress. He, by reflex, slammed his fists on the table, then stood up and covered his face with his hands screaming "OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

    Their butler, wanting to comfort Joseph, chuckled deeply for a moment and replied "Master Joseph, I bet it's nothing you or your grandson can't already hand-" Joseph grabbed his butler by the collar, suspending him in the air "You don't understand." Joseph exclaimed, the poor butler sharing Joseph's look of horror. "I couldn't even defeat him when I was Jotaro's age! I had to send him to space." Joseph then put down his servant, hurling his fist into the coach's back. "TO SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE." Joseph then proceeded to start profusely crying.

    As their butler patted Joseph on the back as he sobbed, Suzi Q intervened "N-Now now, honey, we'll figure something out." Joseph pushed his butler aside before taking a step towards Suzi, his posture hunched over "What will we figure out?! Can we get another volcano? Can we bring Stroheim back to life? I'm surprised if we find anything that can even face that...Thing."


    The setting is 1993, a few years after the events of Stardust Crusaders, and Kars is inexplicably on a crash course with earth, and readings show he's been doing some research on his little space journey, as he's imbuing civilians with Tarot Card stands to do his bidding! It seems Kars hasn't 'stopped thinking' when Joseph blasted him off, he was watching. Giving up on the 'Stone Mask' thing, since he's already reached his full potential, he has now gained the power to give people stands, which means...He must have one on top of all his abilities from over 50 years ago! The Joestar family MUST find some way to prevent Kars from reaching planet earth, as him reaching the planet would certainly lead to mass destruction, and depending on how powerful he made his own stand, the end of the world as we know it. Luckily for the Joestars, since Kars has been heading away from Earth for over 50 years, him flying at his max speed gives the Joestars 70 days to figure out what to do about the problem. Will they do it? Will Joseph find another Volcano?


    More specifics on the setting, our new Jojo is located in... Kagoshima, Japan!? Why yes!

    Jori Kujo, (a.k.a Jojo) a result of some pretty busy touring of Jotaro Kujo's dad, is the protagonist of this tale. A very aggressive and petite young woman at the age of 17, has no idea what's coming to her. Having a mother usually alone in her household, similar to her half-brother Jotaro's situation, but unlike Jotaro, her mother and 'father' got much more busy, having 2 brothers and sister, all younger than herself. She is very protective of her family, even though she only partially related to the Joestar family, she retains a lot of redeeming qualities of the Joestars have been known for. A heart of gold, an ego the size of a freight train, and a brain that can't stop thinking outside the box if it tried. But....Will she be able to Stand what's soon coming to her? What companions will she make along the way? How will she stop Kars' might, and how will she be able to beat Kars' newfound minions? Find out, in this bizarre adventure. Jojo's bizarre adventure.




    Arcana: ( Major Arcana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )


    Appearance: (You can use a picture of an already existing character but an original/description is preferred)



    Stand Name: (Color/Adjective) (Arcana)

    Stand Appearance: (see 'Appearance')

    Destructive Power: (Rank E to A)

    Speed: (Rank E to A)

    Range: (Rank E to A)

    Durability: (Rank E to A)

    Precision: (Rank E to A)

    Developmental Potential: (Rank E to A)

    List of abilities: (2 to 5, nothing too OP (i.e don't go DIO ZA WARUDO and be able to freeze time))

    I won't be too strict about power, but please at least try to balance.


    Name: Jori Kujo

    Arcana: Justice

    Age: 17


    Personality: Charismatic but cruel in her charisma. Tends to constantly poke at others with a smirk on her face as if waiting for their reaction. Definitely knows when to be serious and when to joke, and when tested or faced with a greater force she has will of iron in the sense that she never backs down. Although cruel, she definitely has a heart of gold when she wants to, such as constantly making fun of her siblings but never hesitating to defend them. Thinks of her family before herself but doesn't care about those outside her family, due to this leaving her with not having many friends. She takes pleasure in outsmarting her enemy and making them think she's given them the advantage before completely throwing them off, having immense satisfaction in seeing that hopeless "IMPOSSIBLE" expression from her enemies, sometimes to the point of distracting her from the actual fight.
    She has a huge ego, probably subconsciously taken from her half-mother's side of the family. This can lead to her being cocky, and thus, can lead to her taking blows she would've otherwise avoided.


    Stand Name: Red Hot Justice


    Destructive Power: B

    Speed: A

    Range: C

    Durability: D

    Precision: A

    Developmental Potential: E

    Blazing Blade: Red Hot Justice lunges his blade forward in a repeating motion rapidly, barraging the target.

    Blazing....Blade!: Red Justice ignites his sword, speeding up his attacks and setting the target of his attacks aflame.

    Blade Bash: Red Hot Justice turns his broadsword on it's side, then proceeding to bash the opponent with the side of the sword, sending them flying

    Fire Beam: Red Hot Justice uses his flaming sword to send a pillar of fire at it's target, hypothetically incinerating them.

    Ground Slam: Red Hot Justice stabs his sword into the ground, causing a shockwave near and around him, lifting opponents into the air. If his sword is flaming, it sends fire erupting from the ground.

    Flame Retardant Cloak: Red Hot Justice is immune to fire attacks, but is a bit more effected by water and ice attacks due to this.

    Precision: Red Hot Justice is so precise and articulate in it's movements that it can even see and slice a bullet in mid-flight.

    Speed: Red Justice can run from side to side in succession to fool the opponents' eyes into seeing multiple of him, confusing them so Red Justice can attack more easily. While his sword is on fire, he cannot muster the speed to do this, as moving his body this fast with the sword will extinguish it.

    SPIN MOVE!: Red Hot Justice spins his broadsword around valiantly in a rapid motion, creating a vortex. If his sword is flaming, it creates a pillar of fire.

    Cloaking: Red Hot Justice can turn completely invisible and gains significant speed, but his strength is lowered immensely while he is cloaked and a few seconds after he uncloaks.

    Left Hook: Red Hot Justice in addition to his sword in his right arm has a muscular metallic left arm, being able to strangle, punch, grab opponents. Using said fist tires Jori out, as the weight of the fist alone compared to the rest of RHJ's body is staggering.

    -No OP characters

    -No existing Jojo characters

    -No existing Stands

    -Be creative!

    -You can use a character's image, but make an original character personality-wise, at least.

    -Reminder, some people have to be villains! In fact, in the style of Stardust, everybody will be villains until Jori takes them down. Not everybody will become a hero! Sorry! Although she will have one partner to begin with.

    The Fool - Open

    The Magician - Eleanor Abel

    The High Priestess - Open

    The Empress - Open

    The Emperor - Miranda King

    The Hierophant - Open

    The Lovers - Open

    The Chariot - Open

    Strength - Juda Puriste

    The Hermit -

    Wheel of Fortune - Kei Yamatomo

    Justice - Jori Kujo

    The Hanged Man - ??? (Devil's Right Hand)

    Death - Corona Cortes

    Temperance - Open

    The Devil - Ayato Takahashi

    Ţ͞͞h̶͜é̕ ̡̕͢҉͜T҉o̴̧ẁ̛́͜͝e̶̛͝r̴ ̵͝-͏̀͝ ̡҉T͏̶̛͞á̵̛͘k̨͟è̕̕͢ǹ̶̸͟

    The Star - Open

    The Moon - Open

    The Sun - Kuji Gyoto

    Judgement - Open

    The World - Filippo Gronchi
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  2. Appearance



    Ayato Takahashi




    The Devil


    17 years old


    A young man who believes himself to be more aware than all the other naive fools out there, unknowingly the most naive of all.

    In typical situations, Ayato is generally a well-mannered young man, often polite and mindful on the outside. He could even be described as the average (if not upstanding, even), mild-mannered high school student that can be found just about anywhere by some people, but on the inside, Ayato is far more cold and calculating than he lets on. Underneath the false identity of a well-meaning, cheerful young man, the "true" Ayato Takahashi is cynical, deadpan, moody, the works. He sees people and other things as games that he can win at if he says and does the right things, like a visual novel or so, as though he possesses a surprisingly good amount of, albeit twisted, charisma. Able to easily switch between these two personas in the blink of an eye, he can be described as two-faced, and it can be hard to discern whatever he says as genuine or just a part of an illusion, to the point where sometimes, Ayato himself doesn't even know.

    Generally, though he makes sure not to let it show as to not influence the actions of others, he is also distrustful of at least one aspect of others, whether it be their motives, abilities, etc. In that regard, he prefers working alone, though if the situation calls for it or he, God forbid, trusts his partner enough, then he'd be willing to work alongside others.


    It's hard to pinpoint any one exact moment in Ayato's past that made him become as cynical and two-faced as he is today. Maybe it was the time he realized his father didn't hit him as much when he just didn't show him any bad grades that made him discover how easy it was to manipulate what people did or didn't do to him. Maybe it was when he realized that having more bark than bite was a possible key to getting playground bullies to leave him alone and manipulate what they said or didn't say to him. Or perhaps it was when he came to understand that if he were to just put on a big, fake smile and said nice, fake things, he could easily influence what others thought about him. Not even Ayato could really tell for sure.

    The only child of a couple of parents whom he'd consider contradictingly overbearing and distant, there was nothing on the outside that anyone could consider about Ayato's past to be significant. Like many other students his age, he lived with his parents, worked a small part-time job, and so on. However, despite how well-liked Ayato was at the school due to his false persona of being well-mannered and polite, he didn't have any notable friends.

    He simply existed without a purpose that he could ascertain, and until a certain bizarre incident, he wondered if that was all his life would be.

    - - -

    Stand Appearance


    Stand Name

    Grey Devil

    Destructive Power - C

    Speed - A

    Range - B

    Durability - D

    Precision - B

    Developmental Potential - C


    Body Morphing - Grey Devil can morph its body into any shape that Ayato pleases, such as turning its limbs into swords, fists into hammers, etc., enlarging parts of his body to a degree, unraveling its own body like a mummy undoing its bandages and spreading its own body parts out, and more.

    Elasticity - Like a rubber band man, Grey Devil can stretch any part of itself substantially. True to its range, its reach can stretch up to around 50 meters. Coupled with the Body Morphing ability, it can stretch not only its arms, but also its legs, neck, fingers, the works.

    FTL Speeds - Typical of most Stands with at least C-ranked Speed, Grey Devil is extremely fast. Even without its additional abilities, it is a fearsome entity if only for its movement and reaction speed.

    Can punch a lot - Like so.


    - - -

    You have no idea how tempted I was to name him "White Devil" instead.

    signature pose (open)
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  3. Probably gonna have a few edits, when I find issues with it, but here's what I managed to churn out ^_^

    Name: Kuji Gyoto

    Gender: Male

    Arcana: The Sun

    Age: 19

    Personality: Kuji is a warm and kind person, who enjoys a good laugh, but can snap easily, if any of his friends are in danger. Anyone he sees as a threat to his friends is almost immediately an enemy of his. He's often impulsive, but always has the best intentions at heart. He's hotheaded at times, but tries to keep his cool when it matters

    History: Kuji has a rather unassuming history, he isn't an orphan, he didn't get splashed with chemical waste as a child, and he isn't some superhuman fighter. He's really rather average in most regards. He worked at a museum for a few years, to help make ends meet, and enjoyed the history of a few of the museum's pieces, though he always found some of the stories surrounding them to be a little unrealistic...


    Stand Name: Gramatik (Black Sun)

    Stand Appearance:

    Destructive Power: B

    Speed: A

    Range: C

    Durability: A

    Precision: D

    Developmental Potential: E

    List of abilities:

    Shadow - Gramatik can extend it's limbs, thinning the rest of it's body out to lengthed it's striking distance, this puts it's range well above what one would expect of the stand

    Inky Darkness - Gramatik can emit a liquid from his body that allows him to manipulate objects that it touches. The more ink he projects out of his body, the weaker the central stand becomes

    Pitch Black - Gramatik explodes his body outwards, forming a dome around his user, and anyone near him

    Black Hole - Gramatik compresses his body tightly, forming himself into a small orb, that attracts all objects covered in ink toward it, before crushing them with incredible pressure

    Liquid Body - Not a true ability of the stand itself, but rather an inherent part of it's nature, is the stand's liquid state, it is a glob of thick, black ink, that hosts itself within several pieces of armour, though this armour isn't needed for it to keep a humanoid form, it's rather only there for looks. This liquid nature makes the stand itself hard to injure, as if attacks do not go right through it, the stand will reform any lost limbs with ease

    Pose (open)

    Songs, I guess ^_^
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  5. Name: Miranda King
    Arcana: The Emperor
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Described as the ultimate "big sister" by those whom have met her (despite being an English woman in Japan with only the barest minimal knowledge of the language), Miranda possesses a friendly nature and an almost soothing aura that often leads to people lowering their guard more than they might have otherwise. She makes friends easily, and quickly grows to become affectionate and doting, however, if one remains in her company too long, she is prone to become extremely controlling and has even resorted to stalking and abuse in the past in order to keep others close to her.
    The daughter of a wealthy British businessman, Miranda often accompanied her parents on those business trips around the world. Several of those trips in which were in Japan, which perhaps inspired her to moved there later on in life. When she was nine years old, her mother became pregnant, and Miranda was regularly told she would have to do her best to be a good big sister for her soon-to-be sibling. Unfortunately, tragedy struck as her mother miscarried and Miranda blamed herself for not being a good enough big sister, fueling her desire to become that in which she had once failed to.

    Stand Name: (Godspeed You!) Black Emperor
    Stand Appearance:
    (Godspeed You!) Black Emperor (open)

    Destructive Power: A
    Speed: B
    Range: B
    Durability: D
    Precision: D
    Developmental Potential: E
    • Black Sand - Despite its appearance, Black Emperor is actually comprised completely out of what appears to be fine black sand. Because of this nature, the stand can break down into a cloud of sand, allowing for quick bursts of movement, a heightened difficulty in attacking it, and access to places a normal being could not get to.
    • Erosion - Like the sands of time eroding away at all times, Black Emperor's abrasive touch grinds away at whatever it makes contact with.
    • Irritant - A side-effect of making contact with the stand is to be left covered with tiny grains of sand. While these grains of sand remain, Miranda can sense the whereabouts of the affected person, and if enough have remained, parts of Black Emperor can materialize upon them for sneak attacks.
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  6. Someone who knows who Godspeed you! Black emperor is? Besides me?


    Signing up soon
  7. *tumbles in* Sup people. Im here to wreck shop.
  8. ((Wow i actually finished her. *throws confetti* Now the question is, can I make a second character cause Uh... Corona. Obviously gonna die. But hey, not everyone's cut out to be a super cool hero who get's all the babes and wine they want. Sometimes, people have to go bye bye. u w u But i'd prefer to have a second character in which I will not kill off or at least not kill off early. Im a terrible person I know.))

    Name: Corona Cortes

    Arcana: Death

    Age: 27


    Personality: Corona is extremely down to earth and level headed. She is self-aware and often speaks in a gloomy tone. She expresses melancholy above all emotions, however, she does feel other things. She may not seem like much of a softy on the outside, but she has a thing for protecting those she at least can tolerate. She is intelligent and will often express it with wordy attitude towards others. It's just her way of showing she cares.

    Corona is a strong believer in spirits, ghosts, witchcraft, demons and karma. She will often become touchy when someone mistreats burial sights or steals the life of another without cause. She herself is not afraid to take a life and will not hesitate to if she knows it is for a greater cause. She does not fear death; instead she embraces it (kind of obvious). She is aware that everyone will meet their end, including herself.

    History: Corona worked as a traveling archaeologist who enjoyed the study of her own Hispanic and African culture. She traveled the world taking in as much information on the true history than she possibly could. However, life did not seem that wonderful when she was diagnosed with Lung Cancer; most likely caused by the multiple excavations she took part in since she did not start smoking until said diagnosis. Perhaps her vulnerability was the cause of her obtaining her stand. She had come to means with death and was aware the moment her own stand began to eat at the flesh of the left side of her face, her end was unavoidable. She would only go whenever Death allowed it. Now she travels along the world (Japan) learning more and more as she awaits her end.


    Stand Name: La Muerte Blanca (The White Death)

    Stand Appearance:

    Destructive Power: A

    Speed: C

    Range: B

    Durability: A

    Precision: B

    Developmental Potential: B

    List of abilities:

    • Negative Zone - La Muerte Blanca's presents suddenly overcomes enemies with a sense of gloom and lack of faith. With this, enemies may obtain a sudden sense to cease living or feel a sudden spiral of emotions from pain to fear without even being aware that someone else is the cause. Side effects of this also may cause lurking spirits to emerge and become visible and, depending on their motive, they could be hostile or extremely violent. This comes in handy when Corona wishes to put wandering spirits at peace.
    • Second Chance - La Muerte Blanca expands it's crystal body and releases shards throughout the distance. Those shards soon merge into embodiment's that the lurking souls can inherit and do the stands bidding.
    • Feast Upon The Forsaken - La Muerte Blanca releases a wave that eats at living plants, lurking souls and even Corona herself if the time seems appropriate or the stand requires more power (which resulted in the decomposing of the left side of her face). Once the energy is consumed by the stand it may either increase it's side to gigantic heights or use it towards slowing the coming of Corona's death. Corona is not able to control when this action takes place. It is all based on the stand itself.

    Songs in which are SUPER great and fit her so so well:
    C2C - Delta
    Bastille - Of the night
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  9. A stand name in Spanish to make it sound fancier?....

    that's actually pretty clever
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  10. *facepalms gently*

    I do believe that's Spanish, dear
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  11. [​IMG]

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  12. [​IMG]

    Of course not~
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  13. *bows* Yes. As a good friend of mine use to say, "Spanish makes everything more tragic and SEXY!"
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  14. Just to clarify the new rules, I can have a stand name with no connection to colors, arcana, or gods, right? I could just pick music?
  15. The stand needs to have an arcana, but it can just be a band/song title, yes
  16. ((And now, by unpopular demand, a not so depressing hero character. If I'm feelin it, maybe ill make a second villan. ERRRGGGHH i love evil. But, as you may have figured out, I need at least one character to NOT be murdered by me. Hehe. Funny thing about this cutie, and like most cuties, they don't have to fight :D))

    Name: Kei Yamamoto (Also known by Twisted Fate by those he has defeated)

    Arcana: Wheel of Fortune

    Age: 9


    Personality: Kei is very mature for his age; mostly because he has had to be his own guardian for many years. He is a genius and will think things through quite well before acting. He is known for taking risks but nothing too extreme. However, he is still a kid, and will sometimes do annoying things just to mess with those around him. He is completely emotional and will probably cry if something doesn't go his way; which is rare. He loves sweets and will go crazy for them.

    As expected, Kei is quite rich, but he is not consumed by his own wealth. He is actually quite generous; giving back to the community with his winnings. However, he can become a bit of a brat if some adult treats him like he is a kid. He is technically a kid, but he's smarter than the majority. He demands respect and that no one put ANYTHING on the top shelf. It makes him very angry and he sees it as an insult.

    History: At a young age, Kei was considered a genius scoring higher than 250 on IQ examinations that he had to take daily. By the age of 5, he was being examined by scientists to find the cause for such a young boy to become so gifted. He never knew his parents but he considered one of the scientists his father figure. However, things seemed to go out of favor when he became aware those scientists would cut his head open to "inspect' that brain of his. His father figure broke him out and told him to run as far away as he could.

    For years, he's live don his own earning what he can from begging. He recalled seeing a street con artists doing the old ball in cups trick. He had never played before but if all he had to do was find the ball after the cups have been spun, it didn't seem to hard. The con artists saw him as an easy score, however, after about 10 games, he had won every single one. Kei began to take his advances further. Sneaking into casinos and taking the place dry. Guess he had to thank his stand for that. Seems his luck made a complete change.


    Stand Name: Cat Scratch Fortune

    Stand Appearance:
    ((About the size of an actual cat.))

    Destructive Power: C

    Speed: A

    Range: A

    Durability: C

    Precision: B

    Developmental Potential: D

    • Lady Luck's A-Smilin - Fortune Cat feasts on the fortune of others in order to increase the luck of Kei. This may result in those who have been feasted on to become EXTREMELY unlucky in a cartoon sense (falling down a large hole that suddenly appeared, taking a wrong turn into a freezer that just so happened to be lucky as that person is inside; the fun things.)
    • Funny Dice - Kei carries a lucky pair of dice with him. When thrown, Fortune Cat can manipulate them. One could consider this "fixed" but hey, casino's are cheaters anyway. This also can work on dice that ISN'T his.
    • You Lose, Your Mine - If someone were to lose to him, Kei doesn't just obtain their money. Fortune Cat can take their lucky forever and if they stand wanted, their soul and putting it in the amount of yen that that soul is worth.
    Annnd now for some lovely swinging songs you can listen to as Kei takes your money :
    Sergio Mentez - Mas Que Nada (The Spank! Remix)
    Caravan Palace - Clash
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  17. Yep

    it's not like 'Crazy Diamond' has anything to do with gods or arcana.
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  19. Thank you. Character coming soon
  20. I'll churn out a villain of my own soon ^_^

    I already have a pretty cool idea for his stand too, so there's that~
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