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    Somewhere, and somewhen...
    "This is happening too often. Far too often." The woman said, adjusting her hairdo and sitting back in her chair. She was dressed in a very Victorian style, but her mannerisms were much more 'modern' than that era should allow.

    "I agree, Governess, but our resources are spread too thin. We've already borrowed the Pevensies and the Baudelaires as often as we've been able. I suppose we could speak to Headmaster McGonnagal once more, but it's highly unlikely that we'll be able to bring any from there except on an emergency basis." The respondent was, quite literally a mouse. Dressed in stereotypical clothes one would expect from a Victorian Era sleuth.

    "No. I expect not. We need to expand. My reach extends mainly to children, which is fine for what it is, but we need significantly more expansion than my powers reach, even with McFee's help. I expect I shall call on a certain friend of mine, one with a penchant for meddling across space and time, and ask his advice for such expansion." Mary replied, as she reached for her umbrella.

    "Are you quite sure you want to bother him? He's got so much on his plate already."

    "Nonsense, Basil, the man has nothing but time on his hands, and a Baker's dozen lifetimes on top of that. He'll guide me to what I need, then be off again. Besides, he still owes me a sit down and some tea."

    "As you wish, Governess..." The great mouse detective bowed and moved off into the mirror room.

    Some months later...

    The Multiversal Academy had been established. People from anywhere and anywhen were gathered. The best at various tasks being assigned as teachers, and the rest...

    Well the rest were pulled from every conceivable world, time and reality, from Neverland to Coruscant, from Camelot to Vulcan, and from worlds on the edge of belief itself. With one purpose.

    Save it all.
    {td}"Listen up. You are all here because whatever place you're from, you haven't got a lot of clue of what to do once you're on your own in the wilderness. The next two weeks are going to be Hell for you, but when you're done, you'll at least have enough of the basics down not to die out there if you happen to get dropped in the middle of the jungle. This is not a required class, but failing this one will probably land you a support job. And none of you want that, right?"{/td}
    The class was silent, except for some muttering.

    "RIGHT?!" Colonel Samuel Trautman barked out, to a chorus of "RIGHT!" from his class.

    "Go pack your things. We meet back here at 0500 hours. Just remember, whatever you're carrying in your pack, you're carrying it all day, every day, for the next two weeks. Overpack, and I guarantee you won't pass. Dis-MISSED!"

    This was one of many classes that the trainees of the Multiversal Active Response Squad (M.A.R.S) had available on their sprawling campus, secreted away in a tiny pocket universe the size of Rhode Island, balancing on a dimensional nexus, so that their teams could be dispatched, anywhere, anywhen, to make sure it all continued to exist.

    The only question was... would it be enough?
  2. Incredible.

    The sheer variety of people surrounding him, from gnarled tree-folk that would not have looked out of place on his world, to humans, to still more fantastic looking beings of metal and strong auras. It truly was the best of the best, or so he presumed. Once the speech was given and it appeared they had leave to go, Lucifer turned and walked off briskly in the direction of the Infirmary for his daily allotment. Not enough to sate, just enough to keep him healthy at which point he could supplement with regular food. Though he supposed it was better then the first reaction he had expected.

    Stakes and garlic playing a prominent role in the usual choice. He shuddered inwardly and continued walking, hand on the handle of his sword-the only nonstandard piece of equipment he carried everywhere with him. Now then....He came to the plaza of the academy and frowned.

    .....Where was the infirmary again?

  3. "Hail, stranger! You look a little lost. Need some help?" Benevolence "Bunny" Madigan suddenly ducked out from around a corner, falling in step with him, regardless of the fact that it was pretty likely that he was lost. She didn't seem to be concerned with that at all.

    Her appearance, well, was both familiar and very odd from his perspective. She was dressed properly enough - though in man's clothes as it were - except for the presence of mechanical bits attached to her clothing at seemingly random locations. She smelled very heavily of magic, and had the underlying grassy-earthy smell of the Fae at the same time. A bit of a enigma when taken both together.

  4. For his part, Lucifer stared frankly back as she appeared to be doing it back. And while the mens clothing was a little distracting, he presumed it was for the uniform.

    That and he'd known a few women in his world to dress thus for combat. Though mostly brigands. She didn't seem to have the feel-If anything, she reminded him most of a very curious squirrel. Something in the way her head was cocked at an angle as he stood still and stared before extending his hand to her. If taken, he'd air kiss her knuckle as was proper decorum to a lady, regardless of her manner of dress before introducing himself.

    "Cadet Lucifer. Dorm 4, with the other mana-rich worlds. Are we neighbors, miss....?"

    He would have thought he'd recognize her, but it was a large group. And frankly, he was feeling a little out of his depth.

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  5. "Lucifer? Well I do hope you bring light to my time here. I'm Benevolence Madigan, but you can call me Bunny if you like. It's sort of stuck as a diminutive for it." She looked down at his attention to her hand and chuckled.

    "A regular Prince Charming you are, aren't you? Not that I've ever met him. I've heard that he's secretly a misogynist. Can you believe that? And I'm in Dorm 4 too. The ladies side of course. Though I spend a lot of time tinkering around in the mechanical shop." She rattled on as if they'd known each other for years.

  6. "I rather like Benevolence, if you would allow me to be so bold."

    He replied, though at her mention of Prince Charming, he cocked his head and asked quite seriously.

    "Another royal? I'll be sure to watch myself around him then. I just came in with the last group myself."

    He then took on a slightly pained expression.

    "It irks me to waste your time, but would you happen to know which way the Infirmiry is? I'm somewhat at a loss still, with all of this."

    He gestured vaguely around them.

    "And I'm still trying to get used to it all. I hadn't even explored yet."

    @Michale CS
  7. "That's fine, I suppose." She nodded.

    "Oh no. He's not here. Back home, you see, in my world. I doubt you'd get much royalty coming here from their ivory towers." Bunny responded.

    "Oh, that's easy. You've actually picked the right way. See the church steeple over there? The infirmary is next door to the church. We've two head nurses here who share the task, Clara Barton and Asahina Mikuru, but a few others come and go too. I've only been here a week or so myself." She nodded a little as she pointed.

  8. Thankfully he was much too in control of himself to laugh nervously. What he did do, was nod and look as though he was filing away the information as he listened intently.

    Aha. He smiled and it did wonders for his impassive, stoic manner as he bowed from the waist.

    "You have my utmost thanks. Would you care to accompany me? I'll be done quickly and would learn more of this place with another, rather then alone."

    @Michale CS
  9. "Of course! I'm done for the day anyway, and just past the infirmary and the church is the cafeteria, and I'm starved! Besides, I could do a lot worse than be seen around campus with a handsome young man like yourself. You are young aren't you? It's so hard to tell sometimes. Immortals, vampires, aliens, androids, fairies... all really hard to tell how old they are. You're not a fairy, because I'd know that right off, since my grandmother was part fairy, and you're not a Wonderlander either, you don't have the wobbly sort of feel of one. I know that because my grandfather was from there." She rattled on, not caring that she was giving out information about herself - she seemed utterly fine with it and just assumed that everyone always knew what she was talking about - even if they were outright lost.

  10. "You're a very strange person."

    He said outright before a faint smile crossed his features.

    "But I like you. As to my age, I've seen twenty-one winters if that helps- I hope to see more."

    As they walked and talked, more details would reveal themselves to Bunny's curiosity. His posture was parade ground perfect, as was his stride. He took to the military leanings of the academy well it appeared. His sword was ancient, the ivory handle carved into some bat-winged demon, a faint miasma of magic radiating from it-not standard equipment in the least.

    Most telling of all was his unconscious mannerisms, like a lithe-footed panther in the easy way he held himself.

    "As to what I am, its no secret, though it may change your perception of me."

    @Michale CS
  11. "Thank you! That's quite the compliment!" She replied.​
    "Again with the compliments. And yes, it helps. I'm not much older."
    "I doubt it. I'm very open-minded. Besides, if you're here, you're on the right side and that's all that matters, right?"

  12. It was kind of her to say. At any rate, he put the matter out of mind as he entered alone within the infirmary to see the nurse, unless Bunny tagged along. He didn't actually mind honestly, she seemed the sort to invite herself anywhere. What she might think as Nurse Barton gave him the bloodpack though, was beyond him. He gave no explanations and merely thanked her before storing it away in his bag safely.

    It was a load off his mind, knowing it was there and outside he breathed deep and asked Bunny.

    "Shall we head to the cafeteria then? I'm curious to see the rest of our group."

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  13. "Oh, so that's what you were worried about! Pshaw, some of the most cultured, well-mannered and polite people I know back home are of the vampiric persuasion. That's just a pedigree of your gentlemenhood - is that a word? If not I'm calling it now - if there ever was one." She waved it on like he'd just ordered a milk shake instead of what had just happened.

    "The Cafeteria isn't far, I'm sure others will be around. Food draws people together, no matter the world. Even when cooked by a rat, as happened once to me back home, I'll have you know. One of the best chefs I ever met."

    She continued rattling on about this or that until they arrived at the Cafeteria, at which time she ordered two slices of cheese pizza and a taco, and a large soda.

    What she did with them was quite another curious matter. Bunny set the taco atop one of the slices of pizza, then reversed the other slice so she made a sort of pizza-taco sandwich. She lifted it up to take a bite. "Mm. See, my first day here, someone pranked me into trying this. I found I liked it so now I order this once every few days to show my would-be tormentors that I'm rather bullet-proof when it comes to trying to embarrass me."

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  14. "This place is sucks. The air, it so saturated with aura, just like the Forsaken Lands." Alice complained. she held out her hands which was trembling from the magic. "Argh, my body fills so... overcharged." She placed her hand on her chest and light energy slowly flowed out. "Ouch... ouch... ouch..." Finally she pulled her hand back. In her hand she held enough energy to make a Relic. However the energy was too impure to properly make a decent relic. Surely if treated it could be useable but as it was now, it was just a waste of energy. She crushed it in her palm and released it. "Useless aura! This world is STUPID!" she screamed, "All the stupid creatures just throwing Aura into the air."

    Then her stomach rumbled. "Oppies... I'm hungry... Can't put on a show on an empty stomach..." She pulled out her map and traced her location. "Let's see. If I go here, and there, rotate here, Jump over that, warp through those floating circles of aura... KYA, too confusing. Oh wait, the map is upside down." After rotating the map she saw that the Cafe was just behind her. "Silly us Mimi A. Let's make haste, I dont want to miss out on the fun!" She lifted her index finger and a blue wire thin nearly invisible string flew out from a black ring into a wooden box on her back. Then she pulled her finger down and a Mini Alice puppet flew out. It jumped over her head and into her hand. "Awe you are soooo cute. Which means I am soo cute... We are SOOO CUTE!"

    The blue string disappeared. Alice pulled out some string which was inside of the puppet. She attached it to her ring and then let the puppet hang a foot from her hand. "Wat ar wu watn fur masta Get tha fud!!" She made the puppet wave its arms and point to the cafe. "Ok ok, Gawd... your worst then my mother." Alice then started running with her arms out like she was pretending to be a airplane. The puppet mirrored Alice's movements the best it could. Finally Alice barged into the cafe.

    She took a deep whiff of the smells. This was one thing she did like about the world. The food was so different. They had so many different things every day. Today they had these circles of bread with cheese, this red fruit sauce that started with a T and different meats and other things on top called toppings. They had this crunchy yellow shell with brown meat and lettuces and that T word fruit. They also had these yellow sticks, on which you pour the red paste made from the t word fruit. This fruit thing was so common... today. They also had this sandwich which you could put anything inside. It was so wonderful and fun to play with.

    She pointed to the sandwich and yellow sticks. For the sandwich, she picked some colorful foods. She picked the these green ovals called pickles, the red fruit thing which read To-mah-to, beef patty meat, Lettuces, these purple rings called onions, and this yellow cheese square. After she grabbed her tray, she looked around and saw this woman who had mechanical bits on her clothes and this man who was dressed more closely to the style of her country. Still, it was a little off. In fact, it more closely resembled the uniform of a ROW military official but way more clean and some neat ornaments. The girl took two of those cheese circles and sandwiched it over the meet, crunchy shell food. Was that even a option... She would have to try that next time. More curious, Alice walked over to them. Her puppet was on her shoulder connected to 2 invisible blue string because she could not operated it while holding a tray of food without using aura. It waved to the 2 students. "Hewo, Hewo. Masta here Saw wur samwich. It looked yummy, but she was too scared to say anything!" It pointed to the creation and rubbed its stomach area. "Mini A, stop... I was not scared. I was admiring it. Don't make me replace you." The puppet turned to Alice and placed its hands over its drawn mouth.

    Alice was in a white long sleeve collared shirt with a ribbon tied around her collar and dangling. A stripe ran up from her shoulders and down her sleeves. Before reaching the end, it broke off and circled around her cuffs. On her left arm just below her shoulder, she had a red badge in the shape of stone with a purple character which stood for life in her language. She wore a simple blue skirt which had a lighter blue trim at the end. It came down just above her knees. She had black thin socks which rose up to her knee. On her feet she wore these red boot which had straps instead of laces and the purple simple for life on the side.

    "Wat ar wu gonna weplace mi with. du frie man or samwich head?" Alice pouted as the puppet read her mind. "Uhh... I still have Mini W. Why am I even arguing with you? You are not even real. Sorry new friends. Mini A is a meanie so you must bare with her! So what do you call that food creation?"

    (Before i forget... Alice is indeed a good ventriloquist )

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  15. And some of the most tyrannical, destructive despots he knew was of his fathers side. He reminded himself that this was an otherworldly thing. Not everything was going to be the same and he really should calm down more on that- he was among allies.

    Still.... He was first to admit he was overwhelmed at the sheer diversity and noise. Too exposed and bright, with far too many areas for ambush.

    Sitting down gingerly, he would be first to be surprised by the new person to approach them... Or persons?

    Regardless, a lady was a lady and he rose to his feet courteously as he bowed his head.

    "Hello there. And greetings to your familiar as well. Are you Dorm 4 as well?"

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  16. "I'm not sure. The two individual foods are called Pizza and Taco, and what I did with them is some sort of sandwich. So... maybe a P.T. Sandwich? I hadn't really thought about it." She set it down, which was sort of hard to do without the filling tumbling out but somehow Bunny managed.

    "And aren't you cute?" she said to the doll, then looked to the girl. "A wizard, animating homonculi. Or are they somehow mechanically controlled? No, I smell magic, and lots of White Imagination, but a little Black too, you better be careful with how and what you animate but I'm sure you know that already."

    Bunny stood and went to one knee, shaking the doll's hand, then stood to extend her hand to Alice. "I am Benevolence Madigan, proud granddaughter of Rapunzel Cole and Hatter Madigan, but you can call me Bunny if you like. It fits in several ways, which I'm sure I'll eventually explain to you. I tend to prattle on a lot. And you are...?"

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  17. Bread and water was Lucifers choice of food. Simple fare, unlike the others. He recognized almost nothing from this broad selection and wished to take his time. As Bunny introduced herself though, he did so likewise.

    "Lucifer. My name is Lucifer. "

    It was just a matter of perception now, as he slid easily into the courtly persona he adopted back on his home planet. A polished, refined act that he often hid behind growing up and later, was turned to his groups benefit when the war was in full swing. He didn't miss it, exactly...But it was familiar, something this place was not. He asked curiously regardless.

    "Do either of you two know just who else is in Dorm 4 with us? I've heard rumors, but never saw anything substantial yet."

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  18. "Not a clue. To be honest, most of the time I've spent here has been out and about or in one of the labs. I don't need a lot of sleep and most times when I get to the dorm I'm practically already asleep. I probably should quit tinkering now that more people are starting to arrive, though. Maybe they've got things I can work on too. Be a shame to keep all of my talent to myself." Bunny rattled on then went back to eating her newly-named P.T. Sandwich.

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  19. Alice followed the woman to the table, and Alice sat her stuff down. Then the guy stood up and greeted her by bowing his head. Alice was surprised by the gesture. Such a greeting was something done for royals. Alice was just a measly peasant, if the King would even give her that after she turned his daughter into a doll last year.

    Mini A jumped off of Alice's shoulder and into Alice's hand. Then Alice dispelled the aura string and started using the normal ones that were in the puppet. Alice covered her mouth pretending to be a royal. "Please please no need for the formalities. Sir Fancypant."
    Then she raised her other hand and make the puppet cover its mouth. "Masta da man knows ware wu sheep, Soooo Naughty."
    Alice's face went red as she grabbed the puppet with her free hand and held it in her own face. "You have such a dirty mind... I think you need a bath!" Alice then made the puppet shake its head and pointed at the man. "Oh yeah, Hello Mr. Fancypant. It is a pleasure to meet you. Though I am most un-familiar with my familiar... No seriously what is a familiar."
    Alice made the Puppet twirl and pointed at its self. "I boweave da strwange man is talkin bout meee"
    "Ohhhhhhh, Sorry Sir Fancypant," Alice said while controlling her puppet to show she was the puppeteer, "Mini A is just a toy, just a puppet on strings." Then Alice curtsy, "But thank you for the compliment! I try really hard to make all my performances as lifelike as possible"

    The woman started explaining her masterpiece. "Pizza and Taco? So that is what the circle cheese wheel is called. Ok, ok! So interesting." Alice then made the puppet rub its chin as if it was thinking about the new dish. When the woman called the puppet cute, Alice made the puppet cover its mouth and pretend to be nervous. Then the woman started rambling about how Alice was a wizard and tried to figure out how she was controlling the puppet. Alice giggled at all the new words she was heard. "I am no Wizard thing. I am a Relin and Mini A is no Homuncooless? Did I say that right? Homoncaali, Honacili, Homunculi. Yea that. She is not that. She is just a puppet and I am her puppet master." When the woman used the term magic, Alice was about to correct her but remembered what she was told when she first arrived here. "My puppeteering is grade A. No, it is the best in all of R.O.W. I don't need aura, or as your people call it, 'Magic.'" Then Alice lifted the puppet and showed where the strings were connected. "Though if you want to see a magic trick," Alice pulled out her soul gem out of her shirt. It was a green gem that hanged around her neck and it reeked of magic energy. "Then you will have to enter my... Toy Box" Alice grinned while making the comment but quickly returned to her bright bubbly self.

    Then the woman lowered herself and shook hands with Mini A before offering a hand to Alice. Alice stared at the hand. She was worried at first to touch her but decided to be brave. She put Mini A back inside of the box on her back and reached out to shake hands with the woman. The woman introduced herself. The man added his right after. "Bunny and Lucifer Fancypant, I am Alice Cross, but my foes called me 'Toy Maker.'" She posed and winked, "Let's play lots together!"

    Then Fancypant kept asking about other people who lived in Dorm 4. Bunny mentioned she did not know because she tinkered all day. Alice was jealous. Unlike her world, the aura in this one was too impure to work with. "No fair... I wanted to mess around with my relics too but the aura here is too impure... I can’t make any runes out of it until I find a way to purify it." Alice pouted and slump. "Oh, and before I forget, I don't know anyone else in the dorm 4."

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  20. Bunny's normally happy face fell dark. "No thank you. That reeks of Black Imagination." she stated, averting her gaze as if she were looking at something quite abhorrent.

    "Alice?" Her face went white, and she stood, then went to one knee, removing her hat. "I was unaware you were an Alice. Forgive any indiscretions." But this was highly concerning to Bunny. An Alice who possessed Black Imagination? This was very troubling, but she wouldn't detract from the title of Alice - not just yet.

    She would however, have to discretely use her Hat to find out more about this so-called Toy Box. If this was a false Alice, this would have to be exposed to everyone.

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