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    Nts:Apparently, Katniss, Primrose, Finnik, Peeta, and a few others had managed to steal a aircraft, with the inside help of a Capitol born who realized the error of the capitols ways. She was named Harmony, and was a pilot

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      "I'd prefer it if you called me Brea."
      . Breanne Grace Herman .

      "Old enough to take care of myself."
      . Eighteen .

      "We take care of livestock. Use your brain and figure it out."
      . District 10 .

      "Oh... haha... uh, I wouldn't exactly use the word 'Crush' for what I feel... but..."
      . Maxon Odair .

      "My mom, My little brother, and my Little sister... not that I'll ever see them again..."
      . Mother--Anna .

      . Brother (15)-- Anthony .

      . Sister (4)-- Lana .

      "Give me a pair of knives, and I'll hit anything you put in my way."
      . She's best with a pair of throwing knives, but is also pretty good with an Ax. .

      "Let's just say I'm not useless."
      . She can swim, and can climb all trees- even the skinniest ones. She's light on her feet and can walk silently. Brea is very good with secrets, and has a great poker face. She's also extremely observant .

      Year they won:
      "I try not to think of those games..."
      . 71st .

      "You sure are nosey."
      . When Breanne was reaped for the 71st Hunger Games, she was only 14 years old. Her arena started her off on raised soil, with a huge body of water between her and the Cornucopia. Brea had to learn how to swim right then and there, and fast. She just barely avoided the blood bath, only grabbing a small bag of food before retreating into the surrounding forest. She spent the rest of the games hiding out in a tree, making spears with a small knife that had came with her food. When the Finally began, a huge tsunami drew her and the other two remaining tributes to the Cornucopia. Thinking quick, and acting compulsively, Breanne swiftly killed the two of them with her spears, thus winning the games and making her the first 14 year old of District 10 to win. She returned home to find a very relieved family, who welcomed her home with open arms. All except for her father, who had died while she was away. Missing her father's last few days still does not sit well with Brea, and it may be the core of the hatred she feels towards the Capitol. Breanne grew depressed, and separated herself from the rest of the district. She spent her days throwing little daggers at targets, learning to cook, studying plants. Anything she could do to occupy herself while still being alone. It wasn't until she took out a few Squirrels by the farms that she realized just how well she had gotten with her knives.

      At the reaping for the 75th Hunger Games, Breanne stood along side three other females- leaving her with a 75% chance of not being picked. Unfortunately, the odds were not in her favor... they never seemed to be in her favor. And, to make things worse, Breanne arrived at the Capitol to find that her long-time crush had also been reaped, Maxon Odair. She was slightly hurt that the male teamed up with two other past victors, and didn't even glace her way during both training days. Still, when the games began, she could stay away. She told herself she was following them because they were the most likely to win, but that was a lie. She just wanted to stick around, see what happened to Maxon. Eventually the group found out she was following them, and did something she hadn't expected- offered her the chance to join them. Hesitantly, Brea agreed, and she believes it is the best decision she's ever made. Although she's still weary about Kyler, Brea has found a friend in Kenna, and a lover in Maxon.

      Secretly, Breanne believes Maxon only likes her because she's the only person who has never looked at him like he was a monster, due to his murderous alter-ego. But, she doesn't mind so much. In fact, being his anchor is a title the brunette female is more than happy to accept.

      . Always talks in her sleep .
      . Sometimes sees people that were killed during her games .
      . Brea's mom refused to watch any of the games she was in .
      . Gloss cut her calf deeply in the arena, Brea still feels effects from it .
      . Maxon almost died from poison in his games, but the careers decided to save him because he was useful .
      . Maxon and Brea promised to always be there for each other .
      . Blood makes her squeamish .
      . At the end of the games, Brea was content with her (and Maxon) dying .
      . Kyler was the second to last to wake up from the tranquilizers, they shot him twice. Kenna was the last. Brea was the 1st .
      . After being rescued Brea ran into Finnick when she woke up and ran out of her room .
      . Maxon clicks his tongue when he hears something he doesn't like .
      . Brea calls maxons dark side Corrupt Maxon .

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      "I'm Kyler"
      . Kyler Jones Hadley .

      "Perfectly Legal, babes."
      . Nineteen .

      "District Two..."
      . District 2 (Masonary) .

      "That would be my gorgeous girl."
      . Kenna Everdeen .

      "We're a pretty average family in district 2."
      . Mother-- Cathy .
      . Father-- Stark .
      . Twin-- Cato (Deceased) .

      "I like to think I'm pretty resourceful."
      . Kyler is best with a sword, but can work with anything he can get his hands on .

      "Oh, I have many."
      . Camouflage (Better than Peeta?), Extremely strong, and due to his supply pile being ruing during his games, Kyler knows how to hunt .

      Year they won:
      "It's hard to believe that was just a few years ago... feels like a lifetime..."
      . 73rd .

      "I'm not the same person I used to be. Can't the past, stay in the past?"
      . When Kyler was seventeen, the head instructor told him he was to volunteer for the 73rd Hunger Games, while his twin would volunteer for the 74th. Kyler's arena was a very tropical and humid place, with strange fruits that he didn't dare touch. He had, of course, been a part of the Career pack in the beginning. But... he eventually fell in love with the girl from District 6, Lilly. And so, in the dead of the night, Kyler took some supplies and left the Careers. One night while they had been sleeping, one of the wild animals in the arena got into his pack of supplies and ruined their whole food supply. Lilly had been badly injured before he left to be with her, and she had also ate one of the strange fruits- making her gravely ill. He pleaded for his mentor to send him something to cure her, but Kyler never received anything. His whole district was upset with him for leaving the Careers, and so Lilly was paying for it. So, Kyler had to step up, and learn how to hunt. He got good pretty quick, because he had always been a quick learner. One day, when he got back from hunting, Lilly was on the verge of death. He held her in his arms, and she passed away slowly. Full of anger and hatred, Kyler went on a killing spree in vengeance for his lost love. He ended up slaughtering the Careers, and merciless killing all of the other remaining tributes.

      Kyler returned home a victor, and everyone praised him. He had girls throwing themselves at him before, but when he got him it was much more often. He always gently turned them down, however, because he felt like Lilly would be the only girl he could ever love. His mother was understanding of this, but Kyler's father worried that there was... other reasons... for Kyler turning down other females. So, Kyler took many beatings from his father. That is, until Cato died in the games. That was when Kyler and his family became shunned by everyone in their District, and their father left them. He told Kyler that his social status was more important to him than his wife and son, and then left with his things. Kyler became the man of the house very quickly, always caring for his mother. Unfortunately, this didn't mean his temper got any better. If anything, it got worse. If someone would so much as say Cato's name, or make a joke at his mother, or even look at him the wrong way, Kyler did not hesitate to start throwing his fists around. If he wasn't a past victor, the Capitol might have made an example out of him. But, Kyler was loved in the Capitol, and so they kept him around for special appearances and such.

      When Kyler was reaped again, his mother broke down. The last thing he ever told her was that he loved her, and promised he'd come home to her soon.

      When Kyler heard that Miss Kenna Everdeen, the girl who killed his twin brother, had also been reaped again, he was ecstatic. It was exactly what he needed. If Kyler was able to murder the young girl, and make a show of it in the process, he and his mother would be redeemed and once again accepted back home. And, even if he didn't make it back, at least his mother's life would go back to normal. He got her to join an alliances with him and Maxon... planning to kill her towards the end. But, things don't always seem to work out the way they are planned to, do they? Kyler began to have feelings towards Kenna, feelings that resembled the onces he felt for Lilly. It scared the shit out of him, until one night when Lilly visited him in his dreams. She told them that it was time for him to let go of her, love someone new. And so, he did. Kyler's plan then changed: He would still make sure he and Kenna were the last two remaining tributes, but then he would kill himself and let her win. He couldn't loose another person he loved... he just couldn't. But, again, things did not go as planned. He, Kenna, Maxon and a companion they picked up along the way, Brea, were rescued from the Arena. He currently resides in District 13. Kyler often asks about the condition of District 2, because he is constantly worried about his mother. He hates himself for breaking his promise to her, and doubts he'll ever forgive himself.

      Kyler has had a lot of nightmares lately, but he won't tell anyone but Maxon. He doesn't want Kenna to know, because she has enough of her plate already, and she doesn't need o be worrying about her. Clearly, he and Kenna do not sleep in the same living quarters. Partially because he doesn't want to give her father the wrong impression, and partially because he's keeping his nightmares a secret.

      . Kyler has Scars on his back from whippings from Peace Keepers in District 2. Showed Kenna them in the capitol on the night they watched movies .
      . Dad is a peace keeper stationed in District 9 .
      . Cathy makes Jewelry .
      . Maxon asked Kyler to kill him in the Arena if he lost control .
      . Way to Salute in District 2: Holding your right fist over your heart and your left hand hand outstretched into the air. It meant, "My heart is with you." .
      . In the 75th Arena Kyler decided, "He wasn't going to live in the place of someone he loved ever again." .
      . Watching someone's wounds be tended to makes Kyler feel sick .
      . In the games, Maxon told Kyler, "As much as I love Brea, I know that whatever happens, she welcomes it. So....I'm willing to help you get Kenna back home." .
      . Kyler was the second to last to wake up from the tranquilizers, they shot him twice. Kenna was the last. Brea was the 1st .
      . how Trey and Kyler met:::Trey laughed, when he saw Aunt Primrose and his mom head past them. "Daddy, I wanna follow them!" He pointed and without warning took off after the two females. When they reached the door, he hid behind a wall, and listened carefully to what was being said. He heard the word Hadely and instantly he burst through the door, staring at the older male, who obviously looked confused. "Kyler right? I'm Trey! Kenna talks all about you! Well, actually I know she probably would when she wakes up, but that's not the point! I just thought it would be pretty rude of me if I didn't introduce myself to my sisters boyfriend." .
      . Prim thought Kyler was pretending to like Kenna in the games .
      . Kyler considered suicide after Lily died to be with her .
      . Lily is from District 6 .

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      "Terra will do just fine."
      . Terra Elizabeth Salvatore .

      "Ah, does age really matter? Does it determine how wise I am? How experiences? I think not."
      . 20 .

      "Born underground. Raised underground. Likely to die underground."
      . 13 .

      "As if my father would allow such things. Waste of time in his eyes."
      . TBA .

      "Ah, now here's where you find out why I'm significant. I'd be considered normal if it weren't for my father."
      . Mother- Deceased- Janice
      . Father- Head of the Soldiers- Jordan
      . Older Brother- 22- Theodore-Hacker

      "Personally I think guns are the best, but I'll take anything I can get."
      . Guns, mainly. But she can use a sword and a crossbow .

      "Other than fighting? Nothing comes to mind."
      . Untrue, She's a great negotiator. She can also identify any plant, and knows how to cook. Lastly, Terra is very good at coming up with solutions when things are urgent, so she's a great advise giver .

      "Ah, I've lived a more eventful life than most people around here."
      . Terra was an accident, unsurprisingly. Her brother before her had been an accident too, but that does not mean either of them ever lacked any love from their parents. When they were young, anyways. Sadly, when Terra was twelve her father was promoted to the lead of all the soldiers of District 13, which made him more busy than ever. Which also meant less family time. When Terra was only fourteen she lost her mother, due to a gas leak.

      Loosing your mother figure is hard for any girl coming of age, but it was especially hard for Terra, who had almost no parental figure. This caused her to be rebellious at first, but her brother, Theodore, quickly straightened her out. He showed her alternative ways to express her feelings, and soon became her parental figure, as well as her sibling.

      She grew to be a soldier, in order to impress her father. However, it only seems that she disappoints him time after time. Because of this, Terra trains hard every day, doing almost nothing else. She wants to be put on the front line when the final battle comes. She also spends less time with Theo, because he had more of a knack for computers than he did for hitting targets. They do have living quarters right beside each other, however, and can be found together when they are not in their work spaces.

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    • Color reference: Kenna Mellark



      "My name hasn't changed for as long as I've lived..."
      McKenna Gray Mellark


      "Is that important?"




      "Touch them and you die."
      Mother - Katniss Mellark (alive)
      Father - Peeta Mellark (alive)
      Brother - Trey Mellark (alive)


      He's a strange one, but I guess he's alright.
      Kyler Jones Hadley


      I shoot...
      She knows how to handle herself with bow and arrows. She knows how to work with other weapons, but she's strongest when she has her bow and arrows.


      I've got a few.
      As stated before she's excellent with bow and arrows, but she's also a really great cook, learning from her father. She's usually able to hit anything as long as she has her arrows.

      Year they won:

      I-I really don't like reliving that...


      There's not much to tell.
      Kenna was chosen during the 74th year, and well, so was her best friend, Ashtly. They were close as could be, two peas on a pod and inseparable since birth. Nothing would be able to come between them, except for the games. With her parents at her side, she went into them, training hard and learning what to expect, though you could never truly expect what would happen. It was always a mystery. Her arena was like a foresty place, a jungle all most, though it wasnt as humid as most and was pretty cold at night. Escaping the blood bath with a weapon of her choice, Kenna had managed to catch up to her friend later on, only to notice that he was severely injured. They found shelter and she helped nurse him back to health the best she could but when she went out hunting, she came back to find him gone. She was scared to death, though she heard no canon. Forcing herself to stay focused and calm down, she left the spot and continued on her way, only to find that he had joined up with the careers. She felt hurt, betrayed, how could the games have done such a thing? Rage fueled her as she stormed in (a stupid move on her part) and killed District one's tributes. Notching an arrow, she had pointed it at Ashtly and shouted at him. He only smirked at her and said it was the games, he'd do anything to survive. Letting loose of the arrow, she shot her best friend, regret soon filling her. What had she done? Hatred grew in her heart as time went by and before she knew it, it was only her and Cato left, and boy was she going to win. Being pushed towards the Cornucopia, she had a battle with the boy on top, anger fueling her every move. She eventually won the games, but closed her heart off to making new friends, meeting new people. All to keep herself from feeling betrayed again.

      She was then chosen to go into the 75th games and she honestly was a nervous wreck, not knowing what to do or even who to trust. She went in, planning to keep to herself, especially once she found out that the boy's brother, who she killed the year before was in the games as well. However, the plan to keep to herself didn't work out so well when Kyler constantly pestered her. And trying to keep him away, she was rather straight forward with him, rude, and made sure that she came across as wanting nothing to do with him. That didn't really work out. After training a bit with Kyler, she began to actually enjoy his presence and eventually agreed to making an alliance with him and Maxon, but warned him that if she were to leave at some point, it shouldn't be taken as a surprise.

      Once the games started, Kenna ended up staying with Maxon and Kyler, longer than she expected and soon they invited Brea to join their alliance. Throughout the time spent with the guys, she began to develop feelings for Kyler, but she didn't understand it at first. She kind of just brushed them off as Kyler being nice and she took a liking to that since it kind of reminded her of her old friend. However, she soon had a heart to heart with him and the things he told her, honestly broke her heart. She never had to experience any of what he told her, considering, even if she did grow up in a poorer district, they were free to show as much emotion as they wanted. Before she knew it she found herself falling for Kyler. Near the end of the games, Kenna had gotten stabbed in the side, and she thought that she was going to die, only to be saved in the end. She has a huge scar on her side though, that she absolutely hates seeing.

      Kenna has currently been residing in 13 planning the rebellion and keeping busy with helping out her parents and watching over her brother. She hasn't said anything yet, but she has been working with her parents on getting Kyler's mother out of District two, and she hopes to tell him sometime. However she's been so busy that not only does she rarely see him, but when she does it just kinda slips her mind. She hopes to tell him soon though and as far as she knows, his mom is doing well. There are times though she feels as if Kyler is kind of distant and she wishes that he would rely on her more, but she doesn't want to bring that up, worried that she may get into a fight with him. Kenna talks to Brea about basically anything and everything, finding comfort in the other girl's presence.

    • Color Ref

      [​IMG] [​IMG]


      "Are names really that important?"
      Maxon Atlas Odair


      "Is that important right now?"


      "It smells like fish."


      "Hurt them and you will greatly regret it."
      Finnick Odair - Father (alive)
      Annie Odair - Mother (alive)


      "I personally thinks she's beautiful and I'm a lucky guy."
      Breanne Herman


      "Oh, it's the weapon the God of the sea uses."


      He's excellent and swimming, as well as strategy. He's kind of been working on it, but he's becoming better at actually tapping into his dark side (if there ever becomes a time where he needs to)

      Year they won:

      "The root of all evils..."


      "Ah yes, I knew you'd ask."

      When Maxon was thrown into the Arena, he was almost in a deserted place with lots of sand and very little trees, and very little life as well. However, there was some hiding spots but not much, so it was rather hard to hide. But due to his experience, and training he was able to con the competition. He was able to find water in the cactus's near by and hunt for what little food there was already. After being on his own for awhile, Maxon had joined the careers and he was able to ride with the wave until the final five. Maxon was kicked out of the group and he ran for his life, trying to find a place to hide. Through the escape, Maxon felt something in him spike, a dark side if you will. His heart hardened, and his eyes turned for blood lust. What was he running from? He forgot, adrenaline pumping through his bloods he turned back, and confronted the careers, laughing manically as he sliced their heads off and chopped their bodies. Coming back to reality, he was normal, he saw what he had done and realized that he was the winner. There are times when Maxon thinks back to how he acted and times when he just brushes it off, though deep down. Maxon is afraid that, that side will show again, but unlike before....he may not be able to control it.

      After the games, Maxon had gone back to his own district, but things were different, he could easily tell. People seemed weary around him, almost as if they were walking on eggshells around him and he absolutely hated it. And for awhile, he couldn't understand why until he watched the re-runs and he immediately understood everything. From that day he swore to seal that demon away, but it was easier said than done, there were days when he could feel the band slowly start to snap and it would take all his will power to regain his true self. Being thrown into mentoring wasn't really helping at all, but one thing was nice. He got a chance to talk to Brea, a girl he had slowly begun to have a crush on. However, he always kept her at arm's length, worried that he would hurt her later on in life, something he never wanted to do.

      When he was reaped for the 75th games, his mother wept while his father held her tight and whispered soft things into her ear in hopes of calming her down. There he made an alliance with Kyler and soon became rather close to the male. And through the games he found out that rather than trying to push Brea away, he needed her to help anchor him to reality and he is forever grateful. Though he wishes that there was a way to show her that he doesn't love just because she anchors him to reality but he loves her because of who she his. Kyler also confides in him with his nightmares and despite his efforts, it seems that he cant seem to quite get through to the boy that he should tell Kenna. Don't get him wrong, Maxon is happy that his friend relies on him, but he wants his friend to rely on his own girlfriend as well. After all, that what Maxon believes relationships are about, relying on each other.

    • [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
      "Annabeth, you'll die if you give me a nickname..."
      Annabeth Eadlyn Yamamoto

      "Why do you need to know?"

      "You're pretty nosy, aren't ya?"
      District 2

      "That should not matter."

      "I refuse to answer."
      Adaline Percy Yamamoto: Mother // Status: Unknown

      Sousuke Daichi Yamamoto: Father // Status: Unknown

      Callaway Mason Yamamoto: Older Brother // Status: Alive

      "Do you really want me to show you?"
      Like any kid from District two, Annabeth is skilled with any weapon. Though she mostly sticks to throwing knives.

      "Are we done?"
      Give her knives, and she can honestly take anything her little heart desires down. She is very agile and is quick on her feet, making it easy for her to sneak around.

      Annabeth is practically your regular district two kid. Trained to fight for the games and be a winner. The thing is though, she never got a chance, her brother volunteered for her when she was reaped and despite him being a boy, they just drew from the girls pile again. And so Annabeth saw her brother go into the games, proud when he won and welcomed him with open arms. What more could a girl want? Except that was when everything changed. Her brother was different, haunted by nightmares, colder towards others, including her from time to time. But of course she didn't understand what the games could do to people, she only thought of it as a phase if you will. Girls lined up at their door, hoping to get her brother to go out with them which never happened and Annabeth was slowly pushed to the side. Not that she minded, it gave her more time to train, keep to herself, but sadly, this started to create a small riff in the siblings close relationship.

      Now no long close as they used to be, Annabeth was considered the good child, her brother getting into trouble, lashing out at anyone and anything. There was even a time when she was younger and he had just gotten home from the games, Annabeth went to his room to talk about well...some things that were happening to her at school and when she woke him up, he nearly strangled her to death. Her parents interfered before anything worse could happen, but it is just another little thing to add to their issues that they never talk about. Though it seems as if their family is a bit dysfunctional, they are actually better than most. In their house they share their feelings, their parents are very loving and cared deeply for them, which is why when the television screens went dark and things started to go haywire, their parents quickly sent them off towards District 13.

      Now living in District 13 and waiting for her parents, Annabeth is seriously wanting to kill someone. She hates the people of 13, not because she's jealous or anything, but she hates what they call her, that they dont even give her a chance. Plus she's stuck with her older brother in an awkward conversations of how was your day and how are you doing before silence falls over them. Annabeth constantly waits and hopes that her parents will show up soon.

    • Name:
      "I don't like you, so why should I tell you?"
      Callaway Mason Yamamoto


      "Screw you."
      District 2

      "Love is a useless thing."

      "I swear, you harm them, I'll kill you."
      Adaline Percy Yamamoto: Mother // Status: Unknown

      Sousuke Daichi Yamamoto: Father // Status: Unknown

      Annabeth Eadlyn Yamamoto: Younger Sister // Alive

      "I can kill you with over fifty weapons."
      He can work with anything, though he prefers a sword

      "Any District two member can snap necks, wanna see?"
      Despite his attitude, Callaway is actually a very caring person and he's very good at understanding what they're going through and what their feeling. He's a very relate able person. Plus he is extremely strong, so watch out.

      Year they Won:
      "Go look it up."

      "Tch, I'm leaving."
      He's truly sweet, though he doesn't seem like it. Honestly he is. His younger sister means the world to him, which is why he volunteered, he knew that she could probably do it, but he didn't want to risk losing her to the wretched games, so he volunteered for him. All he really wants to do is protect her, not because he doesn't think she can do it, cause he knows that she can, he's just worried. He doesn't want to lose one of the most important people to him. It would honestly wreck him. After volunteering for the games Callaway was never the same, he was still the same protective big brother, but he started to draw away from others, keep to himself more and he even realized that it was creating a rift between him and his sister. But the thing was, he didnt know how to confide in his younger sister, especially since she didnt go through the hell he did. He didn't want to put that pressure on her.

      Watching the 75th games, Callaway could already tell that something was wrong, at least with his parents, the way that they seemed so fidgety and his suspicions were proven correct when they urged them to run towards District 13 without them, telling them that they would meet them there. So far they haven't and he's been left alone with his sister, trying to mend their relationship and bring it back to what it used to be.
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  2. Breanne Grace Herman
    People of all ages walked around as if they had a purpose. And, perhaps they did, but Breanne had no idea what it was. Funny thing, actually. She had been living in District 13 for going on 3 weeks now, and she still hardly knew anyone. Not that the brunette particularly minded... knowing more people meant caring about more people. And that meant more heartbreak. No, she'd much rather keep to her small group.

    Still, it would be nice to have somebody to hang out with when everyone was busy. Kenna was so often busy with all things rebellion, and Kyler was always in the training facility. Maxon could often be found training as well, but in other ways. 'Tapping into his dark side' as he likes to call it. Just the thought of it made Breanne roll her eyes. I wish he'd stop referring to it as his dark side, she thought, raising her glass of water to her lips. He's not the human-monster hybrid he thinks he is.

    All four of them were actively involved in the Rebellion, of course, but Brea often found herself with nothing to do. She didn't like to practice murdering, and strategy talking was never her strong point. Even the few propaganda videos they shot were difficult enough for Brea. She couldn't even make a friend in this damned place, how could they expect her to speak confidentially in front of a bunch of camera's?

    Why do they even keep trying with me? She wondered, sliding her water back and fourth between her hands on the cool table. I'm no good at this propaganda bullshit. I'd be much more useful in other fields... like cooking. I could cook a damn better meal than these chefs can. Or... watching after the younger children. Or, they could even train me to be a doctor! She shook her head again. Just because I'm a victor, they think I'm some kind of strong leader like the others.

    Her deep brown eyes flickered around the cafeteria, where she was currently sitting, once more. She liked to watch the people of District 13... they were just so much different than the people back home. They talked different, walked different. Hell, they even ate different. They were so much more 'posh' than her home district. It was amusing sometimes, but it usually just made her feel homesick. Would it kill them to loose perfect posture for one moment? She wondered, looking at a group of little children at the other side of the room. No child should sit with such a straight back. It's inhuman.

    Kyler Jones Hadley

    Just a dream.

    Kyler leaned his head against his arm, pressing into the cold tile walls of the shower. Cool water ran down his back, washing away the sweat he had been soaked in just moments before.

    Just a dream.

    His breathing was heavy, hard. As if he couldn't get enough oxygen to his lungs faster. A few weeks ago, this would have worried him, but this has now became the norm of his mornings. Wake up terrified, take a cold shower, and then go about the day as if nothing had happened.

    It's always just a dream.

    His timer buzzed off all too soon. In District 13, every individual was only allowed to take a five minute shower each day. Preserving water, or something like that. His shower turned off automatically, and Kyler reached out for a towel. Back home, he would have gone about his room naked until he was dry. But here... there was no privacy. And so, he tucked his towel tightly around his waist, using a hair clip to hold it in place, and then walked back to his living quarters.

    His temporary home was still completely undecorated. President Coin had told him to make himself at home, but he didn't plan on doing that. He didn't want to feel at home. This would never be home. Kyler ran his fingers through his hair a few times, before walking over to his bed and re-making it. He always did that, because it had become on of his many habits growing up in District 2.

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  3. Kenna Gray Everdeen

    I wonder...

    Kenna was lost in her own thoughts while she sat in a meeting about different strategies and everything that was going on. "You will retrieve Ms. Hadley at the best time, correct?" She questioned, snapping out of her own thoughts and gazing up at her mother and a few of the other people within the room. " Things are looking up. We were going to retrieve her a few hours from now. We already have a few of our people stationed and ready to get her out. We have talked to her about this, does Kyler know?" The leader of the operation questioned and Kenna pursed her lips, her blue eyes moving down towards the table. "I have yet to talk to him..." She replied in a soft voice, as she ran a hand through her hair and stood up from the table, glancing around the room.

    "If the meeting is over, I shall be leaving now..." Giving a small nod, Kenna left the room and walked out into the busy underground halls. Her eyes scanned over everyone who passed by, laughing, chatting, talking with other people. Rubbing her tired eyes she slowly fell into step with everyone else. Times have been tough, especially within these three weeks since she's been here. She's rarely gotten any sleep, and even if she did, the nightmares plagued her and kept her awake at night. Not only that, but she was kept awake going over different strategies, or just trying to keep herself sane.


    The name ran through her mind as she paused, people continuing to move around her. Now that she thought about it, she should probably see if he was in his room so that she could tell him. Or else she'd forget, and he'd find out about his mom until they actually brought her back. Feeling people bump into her and shoot her a few dirty looks, she felt her cheeks redden a bit and she uttered out a few apologies. Heaving yet another deep sigh, she turned around and headed towards Kyler's dorm, feeling her heart beat pick up just slightly. It was stupid, just the thought of him made her heart beat pick up and she wasn't ever sure why. They had been dating for...what? A few weeks....probably.

    Calm down.

    Reaching Kyler's door, she knocked on it, the metal echoing throughout the fairly empty halls. "'s Kenna." A brief pause and Kenna cleared her throat. "I uhm, I have something rather important to talk about with you."

    Maxon Atlas Odair

    Water poured over his body, his back pressed into the cold tile as he stared up at the shower head. Maxon let out a long exasperated sigh and ran a hand over his tired eyes. "What a pain..." Maxon grumbled when the water turned off, signaling that he had been standing in the shower for five minutes. Wrapping a towel around his waist he walked out and pulled out his cloths, laying them out and staring at them. Maxon ran a hand through his damp hair and shook his head, before he got dressed. After living here for three weeks, he had built up a routine. Wake up, workout, shower and eat...that is, if he felt like it.

    Clearing his throat, he stood up and headed down towards the cafeteria, his hands shoved into the pockets of the uniform he was wearing. While he was here, Maxon had been learning how to channel his "dark side." To which Brea wished he would stop calling it that, but he couldn't help it. For the few years that he had lived in his district or even gone to the capital, he would hear whispers. 'There's that boy.' 'Shh, don't let him hear you, his dark side will come out.' 'I would hate to be on that end of his dark side.'

    Dark side...

    The thoughts rang throughout his mind and he gave a shake of his head, walking into the nearly empty cafeteria. His sea green eyes gazed around the area, landing on one lone person. The one person that he had come to love and want to protect more than anything. Moving to grab his food, Maxon headed over towards Brea, and sat down across from her. "Hey..." Maxon greeted, giving her a faint smile as he picked up his fork and took a bite of his food, making a small face before he swallowed it. Eyes wandering around the area, they fell back on Brea. Now that he thought about it, he never really saw her doing much, except for propaganda videos, but she always seemed so upset by that. "How are you doing?" He paused for a bit, tapping his fingers on the table. "Truthfully."

    Maxon took another bite of his food and cleared his throat, a few things from what Kyler floating to the front of his mind. Now that he thought about it, he remembered that the other boy would usually come to him after his nightmares and confide in him. And while he felt honored that his friend trusted him enough to do that, he also felt that he should tell Kenna. After all, Kenna was Kyler's girlfriend and Maxon felt that if one is in a relationship, then you should share as much info with each other as you can. Then again, that was just his idea. He's talked about it with Kyler and hopes that his friend will take it into thought, after all he remember one day Kenna came to him with issues. Which was kinda weird, since she usually went to Brea, after all the two girls were pretty close.
  4. Breanne Grace Herman
    Breanne was rocked out of her daze when someone took the seat across from her's, and when she looked to see who it was she met that all-too-familiar sea green eyes. Her cheeks tinted a light shade of red, and Brea nervously moved her bangs out of her face. She knew how ridiculous it was, especially with how often Maxon told she always looks fine. She just couldn't help herself- fixing her brown hair was something of a nervous tick for her.

    "Hey," she replied, smiling at the man cross from her. Already, she was feeling more relaxed than she had all morning. She felt... less alone. Less of an outcast, at least. With a teasing smile, Brea reached across the table and took a hold of Maxon's bread roll. She ripped it in half, and then took the smaller piece for herself. She took a bite of the bread, considering how to answer his question.

    After swallowing, Breanne said, "Well, truthfully, I think I'm doing fine."

    It wasn't a lie. Sure, she was having nightmares, but that was nothing new. And she got homesick every once in a while, but who wouldn't in an environment like this? Brea truly felt like she was doing really good, considering her circumstances. Slowly, Brea's eyes grazed over Maxon, finally reaching his eyes once more. "And you?" She urged, really more interested in hearing about him than talking about herself. "How are you doing?"

    Sometimes at night, Brea would lay awake and think about her friends. She'd think about Kyler, and how much he clearly misses his mother. She'd think about Kenna, and how lucky she was that she had everyone she loved. But mostly, she'd think about Maxon. She'd think about his bond with his father, what she and him are going to do after the rebellion. She'd wonder if he'd ever be able to fully accept himself, or if he was always going to struggle with his murderous persona. But, more often than she'd like to admit, she wondered what was going to happen after he mastered his 'dark side.' When he no longer needed an anchor, would he still want her around?

    Before Maxon could answer her question, Breanne playfully added, "Truthfully."

    Kyler Jones Hadley
    With nothing better to do, Kyler decided he might as well pick up his living quarters. He started to throw his food wrappers in the trash, and then he moved onto taking his clothing off the floor. It was about time he did laundry anyways, for he was running short on fresh clothing. He was almost done when he heard the light knock on the door, followed by Kenna's voice. He would know her voice anywhere, so there was no need for her to tell him it was her at his door. Still, she always did.

    A goofy smile spread across his lips as he began towards the metal door. But, he stopped mid-step, looking down at his body. Still, the only thing he wore was a white towel around his lower body. "Uh, just a minute," he finally called out to Kenna, turning and quickly making his way to his closet. It wasn't exactly that Kyler was nervous about Kenna seeing his body so exposed... he was more-or-so worried about her father being with her, or even nearby. He found something to wear easily: a plain grey t-shirt, some black pants, black socks, and his white combat shoes. For good measures, he also applied some deodorant.

    Finally, the blonde male exited his closet, and made way for his door. He slid it open with ease, eyes instantly landing on the beautiful female before him. She too wore plain clothing, because that was all they had in this district. He long brown hair was in it's usual fashion, eyes as blue as ever. "Good morning Beautiful," Kyler said, his voice taking on it's usual charm. "Won't you come in? I just finished cleaning up the place."

    He took a step to the side, allowing Kenna to let herself in. Once she had passed through the threshold, Kyler slid the door closed again. He turned and leaned back at the wall, watching her with his head tilt to the side. "What's up?" He asked carefully, catching on to her tense posture. "Is everything okay?"

    He stepped away from the wall then to be closer to her, arms crossing across his chest. His facial features twisted with worry, and for some reason even his pulse began to rise. This was Kyler's usual response whenever Kenna seemed uneasy.
  5. Kenna Gray Mellark Nerves took a hold of Kenna as she stood outside, waiting. And to be quite honest, she wasn't even sure why, it made no sense. This was Kyler for pete sakes, her boyfriend, but also the brother of the male she murdered just last year. Rubbing her hands together, she pursed her lips and ran a hand through her hair. When the door finally opened, she smiled faintly, seeing a very familiar and comforting face.

    "Hey..." She said softly as she as she walked through the door and into his room. She glanced around the room, seeing that it was still undecorated, hers was the same way. "Oh, right." She said, her gaze moving towards the ground.

    There was no reason to be nervous, not really, but for some reason she was. What if Kyler really didn't want his mom to come to District 13? What if he wanted her stay there and he was going to get mad at her for bringing her here? His mother didn't seem to mind. Oh but what if she was finally able to meet his mom and his mom didn't approve? The thoughts swirled around her mind and she shook her head, shaking herself from her thoughts. That's right, she had come here to talk to Kyler about bringing his mom here, so spacing out was doing nothing good. "Er right...everything's okay, at least I hope." She muttered to herself, her blue eyes flitting up to Kyler's face before they looked around the room once more.

    "So, I've been planning with my parents and a few other people are going to District 2." She paused, running a hand through her hair and heaving a big sigh. Why did she seem so nervous, so agitated? It didn't make sense at all. Was she nervous about the fact that he may get mad that he was taking his mom out of two and bringing her back? Probably. Rubbing her hands together she bit her lower lip.

    "Okay, well before I tell you anything, just promise that you wont get mad, cause I'm doing this for you. And I promise my heart is in the right place, as well as my intentions but I just don't want you to get upset, cause I was hoping that this would make you happy." Kenna said in a rush before she took a deep breath and let Kyler say a word, she pressed on. "So I've been working on getting your mom here in 13, so that you don't have to worry about Snow using her against you or anything. She's been doing well as sources say, nothing out of place which some what makes me nervous. But that's not the point, my point is...." Kenna trailed off, letting her sigh.

    "Er....what I'm trying to tell you is that, I'm heading to 2 in a few hours to help get your mom out of two."

    Maxon Atlas Odair Maxon watched as Brea reached over and split his bread into half and a look of mock hurt crossed his features. "You little stinker, stealing my food." He commented, chuckling faintly as he took another bite of his food, cringing slightly. This food wasn't good, not one little bit, then again the food back in 4 was much better. But he'd take what he could get, better than not eating at all. He faintly chuckled when she added truthfully at the end of her questioned and he shook his head.

    "I've been better." Maxon told her, taking her hand and holding it, running his thumb over the top of her hand. "Nightmares keep me awake most of the nights." He said, groaning and running a hand over his tired eyes. "I'm glad that you're doing alright though." Maxon took another bite of his food, before he pushed the tray off to the side and cleared his throat. "I'm gonna be heading out today to 2, to help bring Kyler's mom back. Hopefully things go according to plan, but I have a feeling that something is going to happen. That Snow is just playing us."

    He paused and glanced at Brea giving her a faint smile, before he leaned across the table and gave her a quick peck on the lips. "We'll hopefully be in and out before anyone notices anything. We already had some of the district 13 people situated in 2, posing as peacekeepers. They're going to bring her near the edge of 2 and that's when we'll come in with the hovercraft and pick her as well as those people up and bring them back to this place." He explained, looking around the cafeteria.

    It was still weird to think that 13 still existed and that they built a life underground, prepared for the battle. "I still cant believe that this place is real..." He murmured.
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  6. Breanne Grace Herman

    Breanne gave Maxon a sympathetic smile at the mention of his nightmares. Damn those games, she thought scornfully. I wonder if the dreams will ever go away. Her smile dropped at the mention of Maxon going on mission 'Rescue Miss Hadley.' She wished he didn't volunteer for such dangerous things like this, but he always did. Brea might have tried to talk him out of it too, if it wasn't Kyler's mother he was going to get. That made things personal, and so telling him not to go might be more insulting than anything else.

    And so, she didn't argue. But she wasn't going to just stay quite about it. Ignoring his comment about how District Thirteen, Brea asked, "Who else is going with you?"

    Truthfully, she didn't care about who else would be going, unless it was Kyler or Kenna. It had gotten to the point where they were the most important people to her... her family. She couldn't bare to loose any of them, and so it always scared her half to death when more than one of them left the safety of District 13.

    Couldn't we all just hide out here, she wondered suddenly, eyes flickering around the place. It's not like thirteen is in any danger. We could just hang out here, ignore what happens in the other districts. We've got everything we need, we'll be safer to just stay out of things. Brea shook her head to herself lightly, dismissing the thought. That's selfish, Brea. The other districts deserve freedom too.

    She looked back at Maxon, smiling softly. Her eyes took in every detail of his face, wanting to remember him like this in case he didn't make it back later that day. She always did this when he went out, and he always came home. It probably wasn't even necessary. But, she did it anyways, just in case.

    Kyler Jones Hadley

    "So, I've been planning with my parents and a few other people are going to District 2."

    The sentence seemed to hang in the air as Kyler processed it. And when it did, his eyes grew wider, heart beat rising with excitement. District Two meant home, and home meant his mother. He shook his head in disbelief when Kenna made him swear not to get angry. "I can't make any promises," he joked slightly, "But, I'll try to contain my anger." His smile only deepened at hearing his mother was doing well, and he knew that Kenna was leading up to saying they were going to attempt to get her out.

    But then his smile dropped.

    "No," he said, dropping his arms to the sides of his body, staring into her eyes. His voice was firm, and he made it very clear that he was in no mood to negotiate. "You're not going, Kenna." His face had taken on a hard expression, and his fingers twitched as if they wanted to curl into firsts. "All the other's who signed up to help out can go and risks their lives for a women they don't know if they damn well please, but you're staying here this time."

    Kyler knew District 2 better than anybody else in all of 13. He knew the security regulations, he knew the peace keepers, he knew the residents. The map was permanently edged into his brain, as were the daily schedules of nearly every individual. And Kyler also knew all of the risks of trying to get anyone out.

    He knew everything that could go wrong.

    Everything that would happen to the rebels if caught.

    Everything they'd do to Kenna if the mission failed.

    And there was no way in hell he was going to let the girl he loved to put herself in such danger. Not for anyone, even his mother.
  7. Kenna Gray Mellark The words ran through her mind and she frowned. "Just because you don't know those people, doesn't mean you shouldn't be concerned about them..." She said, her voice fairly small. She stood up and gazed at him, her blue eyes narrowing ever so slightly. "They have a family too, Kyler!" She told him, her voice getting stronger. "And they're risking their lives upon my selfish request to help rescue your mother, because I thought it would make you happy." She told him, her voice firm as she clenched her fists and took her breath. "They knew the risks and they still signed up to go help her and I cant let them go alone when this was my idea in the first place. I'd be damn stupid to issue this order and sit back and watch people die if takes that turn."

    She knew he 'd be mad, and that's the last thing that she wanted. All Kenna wanted to do was bring Kyler's mom to District 13, remove her from 2 and reunite her with her only son. So then why was he so mad? Why couldn't he see that she wanted to go because she loved him and she wanted to do something for him? Kenna couldn't let the people who signed up go in alone, after all it was upon her request that they're going in on this risky mission.

    Kenna moved towards the door and put her hand on the knob, glancing back at Kyler. "I'm going because I want to be able to do something for you."

    Heaving a sigh, she gave a small shake of her head. "We have a few ideas of what's going on, remember some people from other districts that come here despite the risks, because they want a change." She moved her hand from the door knob and moved towards Kyler, placing her hand on his cheek, looking into his eyes. "They have hope. And I want you to have hope, that we're going to make it back, both Maxon and I." She said softly. "I just need you to believe and hope that things are going to turn out alright, and if you're so worried, you can always come with us."

    Maxon Gray Odair "I promise that I'll come back." Maxon told her, giving her a warm smile. He knew the risks though, it was going to be challenging, and he was pretty sure that there were going to be casualties, he'd be surprised if there wasn't. "We're gonna get ready to go." A voice cut through the silence and Maxon looked up, seeing the leader and he nodded. "Just give me a moment." He told the other male, turning her gaze back towards Brea and giving her yet another smile. "Alright, I'll see you in a bit." He told her, leaning across the table once more and pressing his lips to hers.

    When he pulled back he rested his forehead on hers and closed his eyes briefly. "For good luck." He whispered before he stood up and ran a hand through his hair. "Bye Brea." Maxon said, before he headed out of the cafeteria and towards his room to get ready for mission. He gathered everything up, his cloths and most importantly his weapon, specifically made by Beetee. It was a slick black trident, that was light weight and easy to carry around.

    Walking out of his room, he headed towards the meet up, feeling his nerves sink in. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't nervous, cause he was but he just didn't show it. Of course he had to be brave, show a brave face, it would help calm down some of the others who were worried about losing their lives. He glanced around, wondering where Kenna was and not seeing her around. "We're leaving in a few." A voice rang out and Maxon nodded, spinning his trident around. They head in and head on out, that's the plan, but of course Maxon of all people knew that plans didn't always go the way as people wanted.
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  8. Breanne Grace Herman

    When one of the usual leaders addressed Maxon, Breanne straightened her back. It had become a subconscious habit for her to take on a professional front whenever she was around someone of some importance in the place. Breanne welcomed his kiss, and kept her eyes closed when he pulled away to rest his forehead on her's. She just wanted to focus on the sound of his voice, remember it forever. She watched him with a smile as he exited the cafeteria.

    "Such a hero," she said to herself, wiping at her eyes. She was sure Maxon would come back to her, he always did. She took a deep breath to calm her nerved, placing the last of his bread in her mouth. It dawned on her then that he hadn't answered her when she asked who else was going. That means Kenna for sure, she thought, heaving a great sigh. And possibly Kyler.

    In all truth, Brea wanted to go. Wanted to help out hr friends, and rescue Kyler's mother. But, it wasn't her place. At least one of them had to stay behind in case something went wrong... District 13 couldn't loose all four of them and still hope to recruit enough Districts to win the rebellion. Besides, she doubted Maxon would allow her to go.

    Brea heaved a sigh, and stood up. She took Maxon's food tray, which he had neglected to take care of, and put it away herself. She then began down the hallway to the training quarters, deciding to do what she always did to clear her head: Target practice. Brea scanned her ID at the entrance door, and once it slid open she walked in.

    Beetee was in there, trying out some arrows he had made. "Those for Kenna?" She asked, heading for her locker. That was where she kept her special daggers, especially made for her.

    "They are," Beetee replied, not bothering to look up.

    "The colors are nice," Brea complimented, "She'll like them a lot."

    Kyler Jones Hadley

    One thing Kyler loved about Kenna, was that she was so damn stubborn. But, it was also something he hated. His eyes rolled when she went off on him about not caring about the others. Couldn't she see? Kenna was important to him. He could live with himself if those people died trying to do something they signed up for, but he can't go on without her.

    "I'm going because I want to be able to do something for you."

    Kyler shook his head again, eyes falling down to the floor. Suddenly she was standing before him, hand on his cheek, and Kyler was forced to look into her eyes. At the mention of Maxon going too, his heart dropped. How many of his loved ones were going to be put on the line today? Tears began to form in his eyes, and the male blinked them back quickly.

    "Please," he said, sounding broken. "Stay here. I'll go instead, in your place. It will mean just as much to the volunteers if I'm there and your not... it is my mother after all." He shook his head, staring down into her eyes. "You say you want to do something for me... stay here. That's the best thing you can do for me."

    With a rush, Kyler reached his arms out, and pulled her into him. He held her tightly, his body rocking as a few tears slipped down his cheeks. "Please Kenna," he said, his voice cracking as he said her name. "I can't risk loosing both of you at once. I can't." He buried his face into her neck, trying to stop the tears.
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  9. Kenna Gray Mellark The words rang in Kenna's ears and she moved one arm around Kyler's waist, the other moving up to stroke his hair. The sound of his voice broke her heart, and the thought of losing him during this mission brought tears to her own eyes. Didn't he understand that she couldn't risk losing him either? "Kyler..." She breathed out softly, closing her eyes briefly and taking a deep breath. Unwrapping her arms, she cupped both of his cheeks and touched her forehead to his. The silence stretched on within the room, almost as if time had stopped, but outside as the bustling of people continued, showed that time was still moving.

    "Alright..." Kenna said softly. "I'll stay here, you're mom will probably want to see you more than the girl who killed his brother." She let out a strained laugh, opening her eyes and looking into his. She gave him a pained smile and caressed his cheek gently. Maybe it would better for him to go since he was from two and there was a higher chance that he would know that District like the back of his hand. "But I need you to promise to come back to me. I cant afford to lose you either."

    Blinking back the tears, she carefully pressed her lips to his, staying like that for a bit before she pulled back and wiped at her eyes. "Cause I need you just as much. If something were to happen to you I don't know what I'd do." Now it was Kenna's turn to wrap her arms around Kyler and rest her head on his chest, listening to the faint beating of his heart beat.

    "Just promise me, the best that you can, that you'll return." Kenna whispered softly, hoping deep down that the plan could go on without a hitch. If only things could be like this, but not worrying about the future and what it holds. Wouldn't that be nice? She thought to herself, as she pulled back and looked at Kyler. "If you're going, then we should probably get going. I'll see you off."

    Maxon Atlas Odair Maxon stood with the others, twirling his trident around as he thought about what was going to happen. If anything, Kyler was probably talking Kenna into not going. He heaved a big sigh and walked into the hovercraft, taking a look around the area, his stomach starting to churn. In a few minutes we'll be heading towards District 2 in order to get Kyler's mom out of there. It's going to turn out well, it just has to. Cause if it doesn't then... Maxon was ripped from his thoughts when the leader spoke up. "Where is she?"

    "Knowing Kenna she's talking to Kyler and Kyler will actually be joining us instead." He explained, setting his trident down and shoving his hands into the pockets, sea green eyes glancing around the area. "Don't worry, they should be coming soon." He turned around and walked off the hover craft, pacing around outside the steps, his hands clasped behind his back.

    If all goes well, then Kyler will have his mom back and away from the threat of President Snow. Then that will leave Brea's family and hopefully they're doing well. One can only hope in times like these. This game called life is dangerous... He thought to himself as he squatted close to the ground and pinched the bridge of his nose and taking a deep breath, closing his eyes briefly. Hopefully we'll make it out alive without any casualties. Everything will turn out to be okay it has to. It just has to.

    "Everything seems to be fine in 2 as we've been told." The voice rang through Maxon's thoughts and brought him back to reality. He snapped open his eyes and gazed around the area, nodding. "Alright, hopefully luck is on our side."
  10. Breanne Grace Herman

    With a clank, Breanne opened her locker, hanging it's long in one of the holes on the door. The locker was about a foot taller than her, and four inched less wide. Inside, racks upon racks hung from the sides, all with groupings of different daggers tucked away. She had taken it upon herself to label all of her weapons. Some were average, while others had a button on the handle that caused something horrible to happen to whomever Brea sunk the blade into.

    Some of them exploded, some of then seeped out paralyzing venom, some of them did things she hadn't discovered yet.

    Needless to say, she loved her weapons. Maybe not for killings sake- which was truthfully supposed to be their only purpose- but because they were just awesome. Besides, whenever Beetee created something new, she got to help with the design, so they were fashionable as hell.

    The brunette reached out, grabbing the utility belt that hung from the center of her locker. She then reached for her leather fingerless gloves, pulling them on and making sure they were tight. A smile crept onto her lips as she started to choose her knives. Now that we're so far into the rebellion I should preserve me coolest weapons for actual battle, she decided, stocking her utility belt with fancy looking knives that didn't do anything particularly cool.

    Once she was all stocked, Breanne closed her locker, and put the lock back on. It was Coin's rule that unless you were using the locker, it must be sealed at all times. Brea wasn't sure if the old women was smart or paranoid. "I'll be in the training system," Brea told Beetee, walking over to control pad. She put in her desired settings, and then stepped into the simulation room. Around her, holograms of people began to charge her, and Breanne began to throw her knives.

    The simulator was nowhere as advanced as the one in the Capitol, but she could work with it.

    Kyler Jones Hadley

    The silence seemed to drone on, and Kyler held his breath. He silently pleaded for Kenna to agree to his alternative. And then finally, she said he could go instead. He smiled as she reached up to hold his face, snuggling into her hand happily. His eyes opened, and he smiled at her through the tears.

    As Kenna held him in her arms, Kyler patter down her head, and placed a kiss on the top of her head. "I promise," he said happily, allowing her to hold him just a few seconds longer. Then, he pulled away. She was right, he better get going of he was going to go. Running his hands through his hair a few times, turning around in circles, he made sure he had what he needed.

    "Took a shower... I'm dressed... teeth brushed..." He started listing off things he did every morning, finally stopping to face Kenna. "Let's go," he said, holding his hand out to her. Once she took it, he started walking out of the room. The door slid closed behind him, and he gave her hand a squeeze as they fell into step with everyone else.

    While they walked, Kyler considered stopping by the weaponry unit to grab one of his custom swords, but decided against it. They'd have suitable weapons stowed away on their air craft, no point in wasting time by going to grab his own.

    Soon, they arrived in the departure unit. It surprised him how many people he saw, suited up and ready to go. Honestly, it warmed his heart. Maybe I should care about them more, He thought, looking over to Kenna. He placed a kiss on her forehead, gave her hand one last squeeze, and said, "I'll be back soon." He said is like a promise, because it was.

    With that, he left her, walking over to one of the people in charge. "I'll be taking Miss Kenna Everdeen's position in the mission. Would you mind briefing me and getting me a suit? I'll change in the air." His back was now straight, chin held high. All things he had been taught to do back in District Two, when addressing people of authority.

    "Of course Mr. Hadley," replied the man, "Right this way." With once last glance at Kenna, Kyler followed the leader onto the air craft.
  11. Kenna Gray Mellark Feeling her heart race, Kenna watched as Kyler walked into the aircraft along with Maxon. She twisted her hands together, watching the doors shut and a voice sounding over the system, count down till take off. "Please come back..." She whispered, clasping her hands together tightly as she watched the aircraft take off. It was moments after that Kenna had stayed there for a bit, the silence finally settling in and the workers wrapping up any lose strings. She glanced over to the small station that communicated back and forth. Now she just needed to get her mind off of things and as much as she wanted to go watch the video feed, she needed to go calm down first.

    Taking a deep breath, she turned on her heel and headed down the long underground hallways, greeting people here and there with a small nod and smile. She moved further down until she got to the training room, greeting Beetee. "I thought you went on the mission." He questioned and she gave a small shrug of her shoulders. "I was suppose to...Kyler talked me out of it." She muttered softly, as she gazed around at the different weapons that were being created or altered. "These all look amazing." Kenna commented as she picked up a sleek black gun and flipped it over in her hands, examining it.

    "I altered that one. It now contains explosive bullets, paralyzing bullets, knock out..." Beetee explained to her. The small brunette nodded her head and set it down, her eyes scanning around the room once more, before she saw that the training room was in use. Well, she'd have to wait, considering it was one of the only "high tech" training rooms, the others were just dummies like the ones she trained on back in the 74th games. At that thought, Kenna shivered slightly.

    "Brea is in there." Beetee told her and Kenna nodded as she ran her fingers over the different weapons, before the male cleared his throat and held up a beautifully designed bow and arrow. "I once made one like this for your mother, I believe she still has it." Beetee said, as he handed it to Kenna.

    She flipped it over in her hands, checking it out, her eyes wide. It was sleek and black like most of the weapons, but it felt amazingly light weight, and glowed a lightly blue in certain different areas. "Wow, this is...amazing." She murmured, as she continued gazing at it. "And here are the arrows, all color coordinated by what they do. Explosive, paralyzing. This blue one administers 10,000 watts of electricity and then a few of the other colors, well, I'll leave those as surprise. The regular black ones are just for regular use."

    Kenna smiled faintly and nodded. "Thank you so much!" She said as she bent down and gave the older male a quick hug, happy about the weapon he made her. Oh how she couldn't wait to put it into use.

    Maxon Gray Odair Upon hearing a familiar voice, Maxon looked over to see Kyler, giving Kenna a kiss on the forehead before he walked over towards the leader. Hands clasped behind his back, he walked over towards the two, hearing that Kyler was taking Kenna's place. No surprise there to be quite honest. "Welcome aboard Kyler. There is already a suit waiting for you in the hovercraft. Let's just say we were...expecting you." He told his friend as he turned on his heel and walked up the ramp into the aircraft. "I'll be honest Mr. Hadley, Mr. Odair is a fairly strange one, but when it comes to his friends he's spot on about most things." The leader told Kyler.

    Inside the hovercraft, Maxon was going over the game plan and the different routes that people would be storming. To be honest, it was kind of nice to have so many people sign up to help get Kyler's mother out of two. Turning to see Kyler get on the hovercraft, he nodded towards the pilot and they began the countdown for lift off.

    "Kyler, it's great to have you join us. It'll be nice having someone from District 2 join us, we might get a little more insight of how to get in and out with hopefully as little casualties as possible." Maxon explained as he laid out the blueprints before everyone and going over it. He began to explain what they would hopefully be able to follow and when he was done, he glanced at his friend. "Do you have anything you want to add or change?" Maxon questioned, raising his eyebrow slightly. All he really wanted was to be able to have these people aboard make it back to their families as well as Kyler and him make it back to their loved ones.

    Running a hand through his hair, Maxon heaved a big sigh and picked up his trident, glancing at it, before looking at Kyler. "I had a feeling you'd talk Kenna out of going." He commented as he sat down in one of the seats and rolling his weapon in between his hands.

    To be honest, it's not like Maxon had any doubt in Kyler to begin with, knowing that Kyler was pretty per suave when time called for it. He leaned back in his seat, gazing up at the ceiling, letting out a long sigh. "Honestly, when this is over, I think I'll need a break from all these missions. I'm feeling quite nervous."
  12. Breanne Grace Herman

    Breanne bounced back and fourth on the balls as the simulator began. It always started out slow, and progressively got harder with the more kills you made. In front of her, the figure of a man appeared, holding a long sword. Reacting quickly, Breanne drew one of her knifes and threw it. As soon as the hologram was dead, another one took it's place, to her right. This time it was much closer, and also held a knife. So, she drew out another dagger, but slit it's throat instead of throwing it.

    One thing she had learned very quickly was that once you run out, you're out. So you better only throw them if you have to.

    The simulation raged on. Brea took out a guy with a spear jumping down at her, three with bow's and arrows hiding behind pillars. Another with a sword, a few with knives. Finally, the simulation came to an end. Brea wiped the beads of sweat from her forehead, walking around to pick up her knifes. She tucked them back into her utility belt, and tightened her gloves once again.

    Once everything was picked up, the short brunette female exited the simulator room, tripping over herself when she recognized someone new beside Beetee. "Kenna?" She said, making no effort to hide her excitement. "What are you doing here? Maxon mentioned a mission to District Two... I thought you'd be with them?"

    She made her way over to the two, grabbing a towel on her way over. She padded herself down, and then tossed it over her shoulder with a smile. She was glad to have the possibility of hanging out with Kenna, because she was so busy lately that Breanne felt she rarely saw her anymore.

    Kyler Jones Hadley

    A light chuckle came from Kyler when he heard that they already had a suit prepared for him. Was he and Kenna really that predictable? he shook his head at the thought, following the Leader and Maxon into the aircraft. He followed the leader over to his suit, listening to him as he briefed Kyler over the general idea. Kyler, Maxon, Kenna and Breanne all had special suits, designed specifically for them. Ah, the perks of being a key player.

    Kyler's suit was mostly black, very heavy, and extremely durable. There was padding on the inside all around, for both comfort and an extra cushion should something happen to him. His shoulder blades and knee-caps had been painted red, and the thinner stretchy fabric beneath the outer armor was also red. His boots were black as well, and underneath there was a little compartment where a quick dose of poison was held, should he be captured. Everyone was required to carry their dosage of poison with them whenever they left thirteen, because it was unfair to endanger to rest of 13 like that.

    Kyler than went to sit beside Maxon, unsurprised by his best friend instantly talking game plan. While Kyler thought the plan over in his head, Maxon commented on how he knew he'd be taking Kenna's place. "I just couldn't afford to risk both of them today, ya know?" He was sure Maxon could relate, because he could be a pretty sentimental guy sometimes too. Suddenly, Kyler pointed to the map. "We shouldn't take this route," he said, tracing his fingers over the thin line. He then tapped on one of the buildings, saying, "This is a kind of bakery here, and all of the peace keepers tend to hang out there when they're on break. If they see anyone they don't recognize, or even me, they'll be on top of us before we even cross the street."

    His fingers moved over an alternative path, which still ended at their destination. It was a bit longer, but sometimes the shortest way wasn't the best. "This here is a backstreet, where all the younger punks like to hang out. They won't say anything, cause they're the ones that don't support the Capitol." He paused for a moment, and then shook his head for a smile. "Funny," he commented, looking up at Maxon briefly, "I only call them punks because I was raised to believe that the people against the Capitol were undisciplined and bad."

    Oh how the tables have turned.

    It wasn't until then that Kyler even acknowledged Maxon's comment on taking a break. "I think a break would be good for you," he agreed, sitting back as well. "Give you time to take a breather, hang with your dad. Or even Brea. Seems like every time I see her she's sitting by herself, watching every one else." He looked over at his best friend, and said, "Don't take this the wrong way, but your girlfriend is kind of antisocial."
  13. Kenna Gray Mellark Talking with Beetee, brought on a sense of calm, something that Kenna needed in her life, especially now a days. Luckily though if this rescue mission was a success then she'd be able to actually relax since most of her time was basically dedicated to planning everything out. Focused on her conversation, she blinked and looked up, seeing her closest friend, a smile making it's way to her lips. "Er...well, I was going to but then Kyler talked me out of it." She said, running a hand through her hair. "Besides, I'm pretty sure his mom rather see her own son than the girl who murdered her other son." She explained, cringing at the thought of that actual idea.

    "Anyway, I came here down to just kinda...calm down before I head towards the video room to check out the mission." Kenna told her, heaving a big sigh and giving a small shake of her head. "You can come if you would like, to be honest, I'm kind of reluctant to watch how it goes."

    Her blue eyes glanced around the room and she leaned against a table, drumming her fingers along the cool metal. Her stomach was churning, and she felt extremely nervous. She didn't even want to think about what this was going to be like if the mission was a complete failure, cause it wasn't going to be good one little bit. Casualties and explain to upset families how this was her fault. "To be honest, I was nervous about this, even before Kyler and Maxon joined..." She spoke up softly, staring hard at the ground. "I mean for the people who willingly volunteered, they have families, they know the risks and yet they still signed up at my selfish request."

    It was actually nice to talk to Brea, something that she wasn't able to do in a long time. Actually, she really hadn't talked to a lot of people, besides her parents or her brother, considering they all lived in the same quarters. Other than that, she kind of just looked over plans to invade two, ate and then went to bed. For the past three weeks that's what consisted of her life. The one thing that she would look forward to was being able to relax after this, as well as seeing Kyler alive and well. But then it left the nagging thought about meeting Kyler's mother. What if she forbid their relationship when his mom finds out who Kenna is truly? What if his mom hates her for what she did, anyone would, right?

    "I mean I've been thinking about it. If this mission is to fail, excluding Kyler and Maxon...I have to talk to the families of the dead, and it would be all my fault." Kenna said after a moment of silence, before she just shook her head and sighed. "Sorry for unloading this story to you." She offered her friend a small smile, and put down her weapon, rubbing her hands together. "Well, I've gotta head to the monitor room, would you like to join me? It's okay if you don't."

    Maxon Atlas Odair Maxon listened to Kyler as he looked over the plans and nodded. Lifting up his arm, he spoke into the microphone built into the side. "Change of plans, we're taking a longer route." He said, going into an explanation of the new plan. "Yes, it's longer, however what my friend says, goes. He knows this layout better than anyone on board this mission at the moment, so I think it would be best if we are to listen to him." He spoke through the peace, before she glanced back at Kyler and smiled faintly, closing his eyes briefly.

    He thought about the idea of hanging out with Brea after all this and he smiled faintly, nodding his head in agreement. "Yeay, I guess it would be pretty nice to hang out with her, you and Kenna two. We've all been busy lately I believe that I think we honestly all just need a break." Maxon chuckled when Kyler commented that his girlfriend was antisocial and he nodded. "Yeay, I know, but I still love her." He told his friend with a small shrug of his shoulders. He honestly loved Brea just the way she was, and he wanted her to realize that. He didn't love her because she anchored him to reality or saw him as himself, but more of the fact that she was beautiful in every single way. He didn't deserve to be with such a wonderful girl like her.

    Leaning back in his seat, he crossed his arms over his chest and closed his eyes briefly, breathing in deeply and letting it all out. "I know you don't want to worry Kenna about all your nightmares, but I think you should tell her. She'd really like to know. " He spoke after a bit of silence, opening his sea green eyes and looking at his friend. "I understand I've talked to you about this before, but I truly do think she has the right now. After all, one of the reasons that she wanted to bring your mom to 13 was because she hopes that you'll rely on her more if this is to succeed." He explained, having to talked to the other girl from time to time when they were taking a break from making plans.

    "Even if you are trying to prevent her from worrying, she's still worrying about you, so I think you should just tell her." He stated, closing his eyes once more, as the plane slowly and steadily flew across the air and towards two.
  14. Breanne Grace Herman

    A simpathetic smile formed on Breanne's lips as Kenna went on about how nervous she was. And, Brea didn't blame her. Hell, if she was in Kenna's exact position she'd probably be locked away in her room and over analyzing everything. She's probably be working on her speaches for the family's if anything went wrong, or planning what she was going to say to her boyfriend's mother. 'Nice to meet you miss, sorry I killed your son but hey I'm in love with the other'?

    Thank god I'm not in Kenna's shoes.

    "Of course I want to come," Brea assured her best friend, walking towards her locker. "Just let me put away my stuff." Breanne opened up her locker with ease, and placed all of her throwing knives in their respective pockets. She then hung up her utility belt, and slipped her gloves off. Once the locker was once again sealed, she turned back to Kenna with a smile. "Let's go."

    Once the two girls were walking down the hallway together, Breanne started to feel more at ease. She stayed silent until they reached the monitoring room, and once they were inside her eyes light up at the sight. People sat at monitors, while others stood around and discussed everything. "Wow," she breathed after a moment. "I feel so... uninvolved."

    She turned to look at Kenna, studying her carefully. "So," she said after a moment, her fingers running through her naturally curly hair. "Are you more nervous about our boys not coming home, or about meeting Ms. Hadley?"

    Kyler Jones Hadley

    Perhaps Kyler could have gone about his day without a single thought of his nightmare. But, of course, Maxon had to bring it up.

    He took a deep breath and leaned forward, placing his forearms on his knees and holding his hands. His eyes fixated on a point on the ground, and he heaved a heavy breath. "Last night, I dreamed that I was back in the games. Not the one with all of you, but my first games. I was carrying some squirrel in my hands, so I guess I must have just left Lily for a little while to go get us some food."

    He licked his lips, pausing for a moment as the dream came flowing back to him. "When I returned, Lily wasn't in the bed I had left her in, and so I went to investigate. I found here by the water and... and President Snow was with her. Kenna was there too, and Snow held a knife to each of their necks." He clenched and unclenched his jaw uneasily. "He kept saying just one word over and over."

    Kyler looked over at Maxon, his face hard. "Choose."

    Kyler scoffed at the memory, shaking his head and looking down at the ground. "He wanted me to choose between Kenna and Lily... and I chose. Kenna, of course, but it was the hardest decision I made in my damn life, even if it was a dream. But you know what happened next?" Kyler looked up at the ceiling, shaking his head. "The old bastard laughed, and simultaneously slit both of their throats. I rushed over to them, but it was too late, and Snow was gone. So I just held them... the both of them... in my arms. And watched them drown in their own blood."

    Kyler shook his head, coming out of his slightly dazed state. "Kenna has enough burdens right now," he said, not bothering to look over at his friend. "She doesn't need me to be one, too."
  15. Kenna Gray Mellark When they reached the monitor room, Kenna glanced over at Brea when she muttered that she felt uninvolved, and she herself let out a sigh. She kind of wished that she could be uninvolved, but that was really the case. Shaken from her thoughts, she looked at her friend when she questioned what she was most nervous about and she gave a small, but strained laugh. "Honestly, both. But I'd have to say nervous about our boys since that's the first thing that I have to worry about. If they're able to get Kyler's mom then I'll worry about that." She explained, her eyes moving towards the screen, seeing everyone going over things on the aircraft, Maxon and Kyler sitting by each other, chatting.

    Running a hand through her hair, Kenna crossed her arms over her chest, gazing at the screen and nodding when someone mentioned that they were landing soon. "Alright..." She muttered, as she moved to place her hands on a table, glancing over at Brea. "Here it goes..." She muttered as she held out her hand for the other to take. A comfort in itself.

    Maxon Atlas Odair Sitting by his friend, Maxon listened as Kyler talked about his nightmare. He wished that there was something he could do to help take them away, but there was nothing. He was silent when Kyler stated that he wouldn't tell Kenna and nodded. He had already put his two cents in and anymore would just be annoying. All he did was pat his friend's knee and stood up, stretching his muscles. "Alright then, you know I'll always be here to listen." He told his friend before he walked over towards the group of men that were going over the new plan. "So this is the route we're taking now. It's been signaled back to 13 and they should know." The leader said.

    "We're upon 2, landing now brace yourselves." The male glanced over at the pilot and nodded, as he grabbed onto one of the handles and held fast, taking in deep breaths and letting them out. He could feel the nerves in his stomach tighten, and Maxon closed his eyes briefly, trying to calm his beating heart down.

    "It's time..."

    He opened his sea green eyes and felt the shift in the hover craft as it slowly descended, shaking her and there. Maxon tightened his grip, his knuckles turning white, light starting to filter in. Everyone moved off quickly, their weapons at the ready while the hover craft lifted back up into the air. So far so good, but he was pretty sure that the battle hadn't even started yet, and hopefully it wouldn't. "Kyler, why don't you lead the way since you know the place better than we do." The leader said and Maxon nodded in agreement. That was probably the best bet if they wanted to get out of this place with as little casualties as possible. This is risky...then again, life is risky. Maxon though to himself as he followed behind Kyler.

    The air was tense, as any rescue mission would be, each person breathing, shallow calculated breaths as they moved through the area. "You're mom is in the specific area that we had already established." Maxon said, moving up near his friend and giving him the information.
  16. Breanne Grace Herman

    Without hesitation, Breanne took Kenna's hand. She knew what Kenna was feeling, because Breanne was worried, but she wasn't going to let her fear get the best of her. When she was training earlier, she had ended with a perfect score. But she hadn't walked out of the simulation room with a smile because of her score. She walked out with a smile because she remembered that Maxon was a better warrior than her, and if she could score a 100% then there was no way he wouldn't get back safe and sound.

    Breanne watched the team climb over the fence, and then begin their slow migration towards the town. "Come on," she said suddenly, pilling Kenna over to some of the empty computers. "Let's sit down." Breanne released her hand as she took a seat, rolling her chair into the desk. On the monitor was ten smaller screens, each showing what the soldiers were seeing. The camera's were placed in the shoulders of each soldiers armor, and was the main source of the feed they were receiving.

    With a light smile, she reached for two headsets, handing one to Kenna with a smile. This would enable them to hear what was happening, via the microphone placed in their armor chest. However, they wouldn't be able to talk to anyone, because both Kyler and Maxon had chosen not to wear their helmets. Brea slipped her headset on, and clicked on the screen that Maxon's camera was supposed to be showing.

    Currently, he was listening to Kyler speak, but because she had come in towards the end she didn't know what about. Something about District Two being dangerous? The only thing that became obvious to Brea was that Kyler had been put in charge. How surprising, Brea thought with a roll of her eyes. Over the past month, she had realized that there was something about Kyler that made you want to make him the one to make the shots. Even in the arena, he was the leader of their small group.

    Brea cocked her head to Kenna and asked, "Do you think he's a natural leader, or did he have to get training in District Two?"

    Kyler Jones Hadley

    While the ship landed, Kyler held onto one of the ropes hanging from the ceiling. Once the ship made contact with the ground he let go, and checked his two pistols to make sure they were fully loaded. Beetee had made them especially to fit into little indents of his suit, so no one would know he was armed until he drew his weapon. Once gun held normal bullets, while his red gun had paralyzing venom. Beetee had actually suggested exploding bullets, but Kyler insisted on just paralyzing ones. The less people he killed, the better.

    What would we do without Beetee? Kyler wondered, smiling to himself.

    By the time he joined the team on the ground Kyler's game face had returned, and he was ready to move. He only nodded when it was suggested that he take the lead, and when Maxon came up on his rear he nodded again. "Is all of this really for my mom," he asked Maxon, "Or, are we here for other people too?" Once Maxon replied, Kyler nodded one more time and pushed forward.

    They reached the fence, which was always electrified , unlike some of the poorer districts. Kyler waited for the power to be cut - no doubt by someone back in thirteen- and then motioned for everyone to move forward. Once everyone was over the fence, Kyler resumed his position as the lead and continued on.

    For the first few minutes they remained on the outskirts of the District, where they would go unnoticed. These fields were always empty, and the fence would cook anyone who so much as tapped it, so there was no need for officers to be on parole out here. It wasn't until they got to the first set of buildings that they were really in any danger.

    At the first building, Kyler paused. He was looking around for any danger, but also to look around at his old home. The white stone buildings still stood tall, so clean you could see your reflection in it. The pavement was smooth, with lighter colored sidewalks. As he inhaled Kyler recognized the fumes that came from the stonework factory near the Justice Building. Home sweet home.

    Kyler turned back to the group, and spoke quietly and quickly, "This isn't like the time we raided eleven, or the time we raided eight. District Two has always been treated better by the Capitol, so there is no doubt that they support them. We need to get in and out as quickly as possible, but we also need to do it unseen. If we do happen to pass by some resident, you need to act like you belong. Like you're some kind of Peace Keeper making their rounds. Does everyone understand?"
  17. Kenna Gray Mellark The tension was building the further the team went and Kenna watched with bated breath, hoping that everything was going to go well. She moved to sit down at a monitor, seeing ten smaller screens, she focused on Kyler's screen, watching through his camera. Part of her wished that he had his headset on, but this was gonna have to do. "So far, so good..." She muttered, watching as they climbed over the wall and moved through the area. Blinking, she turned and looked at Brea when she questioned if she thought Kyler was a natural born leader or if it was training. "He's a natural born leader, just like my mother. Except he embraces it better than my mother did." She told her friend.

    Turning her gaze back to the computer, she ran a hand through her hair and froze at the sight before her. "Oh please don't let this end badly!" She muttered, lacing her fingers in her hair, as she looked at the screen. There stood a peace keeper, holding up a gun to them, shouting questions at them. Kenna squeezed her eyes shut, before she opened them again. Nothing had changed. Through her headset she could hear Kyler and Maxon talking to him, and she could feel her heart thumping in her ears. She watched, holding her breath as they managed to ease the peace keepers suspicion and left without any other questions.

    "That was too close..." She commented, the churning in her stomach never ceasing. "Too close..." She muttered again, raking her hands through her hair over and over again."

    Maxon Atlas Odair Maxon followed beside Kyler, looking around the area and scanning it carefully. He glanced over at his friend his friend when he questioned if this was really all for his mom and he nodded. "It is, actually. President Coin was pretty pissed at the sudden request but Kenna stood firm, I think it's one of the reason's she's so stressed. If this is to fail then she can be labeled a murderer." He told Kyler as they continued to move forward. They continued moving until they got towards the Justice building and Kyler gave them a small briefing of what they should do if they run into a peace keeper, hopefully that wouldn't happen.

    After the small talk they continued along the new route that Kyler had told them to go, until they were stop by an actual peace keeper. Maxon could hear everyone suck in their breaths, their bodies going rigid. "We are just making rounds, checking and making sure that everything is perfect." Maxon spoke up, his voice full of authority. He didn't risk glancing at Kyler when he spoke up, he kept his eyes focused on the male before him. It took some convincing but the peace keeper finally let them go without any other questions. He could hear a collection of sighs move through the small team.

    Maxon motioned for the team to start up again and together they continued along the path, meeting up with a few other people from district 13, posing as peace keepers for two. "Right this way please." One of them said, leading the small group to Kyler's mother.
  18. Breanne Grace Herman

    Unlike her friend, Breanne was able to remain mostly calm during the boy's encounter with the Peace Keeper. Although she did hold her breath, she did not react in any other way. "I wish he wouldn't draw attention to himself like that," she commented, when Maxon took control of the situation. Didn't he know the four of them were probably the Capitols #1 target right now? But, Maxon was a smooth talker, and the Peace Keeper eventually continued on it's way.

    She watched as the boys made their way to Ms. Hadley. If she hadn't gotten out of her chair and ran over to Kyler Brea probably wouldn't have guessed that was his mother. "Wow," she said, glancing in Kenna's direction. "She's not what I expected at all... I always pictured her as a tuby sweet older lady, with graying hair. There's no wonder where Kyler get's his looks from, eh?" she playfully elbowed her friend, hoping to lighten the mood.

    Honestly, Brea didn't see the point in sitting here and worrying about them. As far as she had seen, they hadn't been in any real danger. Even if that Peace Keeper had caused problems, he was outnumbered greatly. If things really came down to it, the team could have over powered him and knocked him out- even killed him if it seemed necessary. Hell, Kyler and Maxon could have shot him dead before he was able to get his first question out.

    So, there had really never been any danger.

    This didn't mean she wasn't nervous, because she was. It just meant that there was no doubt in her mind that both of their boys would be coming home to them very shortly.

    Kyler Jones Hadley

    The moment Kyler say the approaching Peacekeeper, he fell back. He knew that he would be recognized immediately, so the best place for him was in the center of the group, where he could easily be overlooked. It worked, and Kyler was actually very surprised that Maxon hadn't been recognized. Surly, his face was all over their 'Most Wanted' posters instead, because he was a fugitive too.

    Deciding not to question it, Kyler resumed his position at the front of the team, heading towards their destination. They passed through the Alley of 'punk kids,' who hardly paid any mind to them at all. If anything, they just averted their eyes, as if nothing was happening around them. Soon enough, they caught up with the District 13 agents posing as District 2 Peace Keepers, and before Kyler knew it his mother was in sight.

    Her strawberry blonde hair was pulled back into it's usual ponytail, and she wore bright red lipstick like she always had. There wasn't a memory Kyler had without her wearing that bright ass lipstick. Those red lips pulled back into a beautiful smile as soon as she saw her son, and she pushed out of her chair to run to him. Despite this obviously being a risky move, Kyler accepted her embrace without any hesitation. He held onto her tightly, smiling wide. A single tear slid down his cheek as he said, "Hey mom."

    "You've gotten yourself into so much trouble," she replied, pulling back to get a look at her son. "You look so much more grown up than you had before you left for the games. But you're still my handsome little boy."

    Kyler let out a bashful scoff, slightly embarrassed. He knew his mother was doing it purposefully too... she lived to embarrass him in front of his peers. So, to move things along, he turned to Maxon. "What's the plan? I think we should box around her and act as if she's committed a crime, and we're taking her away for it. If she's seen just walking around with us people will get suspicious."
  19. Kenna Gray Mellark The way Brea was able to stay calm, shocked Kenna, and she wished that she could be calm like that. After awhile of watching the rest and finally the team meeting up with Kyler's mom, she smiled faintly. "S-shush..." Kenna muttered when her friend teased her about where Kyler got his looks from.

    She watched the exchange between Kyler and his mom and she couldn't help but smile. Leaning back in her seat, she ran a hand through her hair, a small sigh escaping her lips as well as some of the tension. Part of Kenna was still nervous, something natural, but half the part was over and she had no doubt that the boys would be able to get back safe and sound. Though one thing that basically did disturb her was the fact that Maxon had spoken up without any repercussions. After all you would think that people would be looking out for him and he was easy to spot, especially since he didn't have his helmet on.

    Oh well, what's done is done.

    Standing up and running a hand through her hair, Kenna glanced once more at the screen before she turned to look at someone else. "If anything happens, please come get me, I'll be in the cafeteria." She told them, glancing at Brea. "You wanna stay here or tagalong?" She questioned, waiting for her friend's answer. There was no need for her to stay here and worry, she was positive that things would go well in the end, besides worrying brought frown lines and health problems. Kenna didn't need that at eighteen years old.

    Maxon Atlas Odair Maxon stifled his chuckle at hearing his mom and he covered it up with a cough, glancing away. He glanced back at Maxon when Kyler suggested surrounding her and he nodded. "Of course, Ms. Hadley, right this way." He said in a official voice, as he held out his arm for her to enter the small square that was formed by the other members of the team. Introductions could be later, it would be a little to suspicious if they were to get caught, being seen just chatting with someone from two, at east that was the sense that Maxon got. Once everyone was situated, they continued to walk again, their guns raised and diagonal across their chest, as if they person had committed a serious crime.

    They continued marching until they reached the spot where the hover craft would pick them up without any issues, much to the guy's relief. They didn't move away from Ms. Hadley just in case anything else were to happen. Dang, Kyler was definitely right, when Maxon got back, he was going to have to make sure to spend some time with Brea. Not only did he need a break from all these missions, but he also just wanted to spend more than five minutes with her. "Bringing the hovercraft in now." He heard through an ear piece and he brought his wrist up to his mouth. "Copy that, come in nice and slow." He repeated, resuming his previous position.

    Maxon was actually pretty impressed that 13 had managed to muffle the sound of the hovercraft and the team boarded it going unnoticed, before they were up in the air and flying back towards 13. Maxon felt back heavily in his seat, letting out a big breath of air. "That went way smoother than I ever could have imagined." He commented, glancing over at his friend, "And it's all thanks to you Kyler." Running a hand through his hair, he stood up and went towards a less crowded place in the small area to report back.

    After reporting back, he walked back towards Kyler and his mother, a smile on his face. "Hello Ms. Hadley, I believe I failed to introduce myself previously. I'm Maxon Odair, a pleasure to meet you." He said, holding out his hand.