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I'm one of those "details and implications" guys.
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Medieval Fantasy. Or pirates. Pirates are always good. When it comes to reading, however, a good steampunk is always great. Above all, however, I would definitely have to say my favorite is Dark Fantasy.

In Pursuit of a Wish
In Character

This world is a dangerous one. Wile beasts roaming the world has made travel outside the cities unsafe and has therefor made shipments across lands difficult. The best solution to this is to ship everything by sea, a normally less problematic solution when considering most sea monsters dwell to far beneath the surface of the water to be a realistic threat. Unfortunately, it was far too easy for some to see a profit in exploiting this means of transportation and piracy started to become a major threat to trade by the waters. It was now dangerous to travel by water, too, though it was not the beasts that roam the land, rather the rival nations that wanted to ruin your trade routes.

Piracy is motivated by many factors, usually greed and lust for riches, however there exists 1 legend that often drives men and women to the seas. A rumor of an island that holds a very powerful item, it is said the holder of this relic can make 1 wish come true, but finding it is no easy task. Some say it's under the sea, others say it's guarded by a deity, and many say it is just a myth. However, dreams can make men pursue the most insane of myths no matter the cost.

There exists a crew that call themselves The Daydream Raiders. Former privateers, once their previous captain passed the crew went rogue in attempt to find this item. Since their time as privateers most crew members have been replaced, some passing and others leaving the madmans dream of a magic relic. Though not famous, they are known by name simply due to their bounty. Any pirate hunters would be glad to claim their reward for capturing this crew. The real trouble, however, comes from the competition. There is only one relic, but there are more than 1 crew searching for it. It's easier to eliminate the competition than it is to make a compromise.

Veterans at sea, The Daydream Raiders take any that can offer aid to their journey, as it is a dangerous adventure. Do you have what it takes to help these men and women forward to fulfill their dreams? Will your dream come to reality? Join the crew and put your inner most desires in your reach or die trying.
[fieldbox=Races , gold , solid]Humans: Humans are a simple race, they are durable and versatile. The humans strongest features include their tenacity, intellect, and ability to adapt to any situation. They are the most plentiful race and are found at every corner. It would be impossible to live in society and never associate with the human race.

The humans have been known to have children with any of the other races and have actually been diluted over the years since due to having children with the other races rather frequently. This is not to say there aren't many pure blood humans, however it is very common to find a child of a human and any other race.

Esper: The Esper are a mysterious race, they are spirits that have no bodies and have bound themselves to suits of armor. They are a simple people who do not identify as a species to have genders. Many Espers spend their time idling as they have no need to eat or sleep. Others occupy their time performing services for others . Despite their armor clad appearances they are typically a peaceful race.

The Espers are not born, they are created by other Espers. Having no body they are free from the shackles of organic life, feeling no hunger or fatigue, making them fierce to have in combat. However, they may seem indestructible, but with no body they are forced to be bound to the armor, should the armor break it must be mended by another being, but should enough armor break the Esper cannot be restored. Extended Lore.

Dragoons: They stand as tall as humans and share many features in the eyes and hair, but similarities are fewer than differences. Dragoons are dragon-like beings typically associated with violence due to their appearance. With tails, claws, sometimes horns, and scales covering the body they are a tough and durable species. Physically they are excellent specimen, their scales act as a natural armor. Being descendants of dragons they have very strong instincts that are very hard to resist. Some believe their lack in magic power is made up for with their abundance of physical strength.

The dragoons are very good at physical labor and have excellent stamina, keeping up with even the Espers. However, they have tempers that tend to make them very dangerous people should you get on their bad sides. When it comes to socialization, dragoons naturally drift towards one another to the point they usually all find housings in the same area as one another. The dragoons do not care how they live at home, they spend their days out and about burning energy and choose to use their homes only for sleeping. Extended Lore.

Elves: The elves stand taller than most humans and have faith in many gods which they worship regularly. With longer life spans, they as a species have developed a friendship with the Espers and Berserkers rather than the Dragoons and Humans with their normal 90 year life spans. The typical Elf dies at 150 years of age. They are considered one of the more wise species due to their ages and historical connection with the Espers.

The elves are intelligent, even comparable to the humans, but they use their knowledge for wisdom and the study of the flow of magic. They are a religious species that believe magic to be a force that flows through all living beings, sentient and non, and as such believe they must treat any living thing with respect. Elves are nimble and dexterous, making them great at tasks that require a quick hand.

Kindred: The Kindred have a history of being shunned by the humans and elves for their grey skin and yellow eyes, but they are truly good people. Their history has caused them to grow up in clans rather than family's, sticking together. This species tends to be shorter than humans by a fairly noticeable amount. These people are known for their ability to tap into the forces of life itself. While only one Kindred in history has been able to raise the dead, it is standard for a Kindred to be able to use the spirits of the dead to make them stronger, but at a very high cost. The more deals the kindred make with the dead the shorter they live.

Being a Kindred can be tough, while racism over the years has been becoming less and less discriminatory, they still face challenges from some individuals that have not dropped their hatred for this race. The kindred take solace in the fact that it's no longer a culturally taught racism, but rather individual people and families that struggle to see more than what the surface has to offer. Extended Lore.

Berserkers: Haling from the northern lands fittingly called the "Northern Harshlands" the Berserkers are a minority everywhere but the frozen north where they thrive. They were once proud tribes that were at constant war with vicious beasts, unrelenting nature, and eachother. Their constant battling one another would not cease until one human woman would unite them into the nation now known as Valhalla, widely considered to be the homeland of the Berserkers. Berserkers stand tallest of all the races and naturally build far more muscle.

Their strength rivals the Dragoons but their stamina is lacking in comparison, though still able to keep up in whenever it counts. Additionally, the Berserkers have a natural resistance to anything nature can throw at them. They resist the cold, their bodies can cool them off in the heat, they are not threatened by storms or wildlife. As hunters and warriors by blood, they make great companions for long trips and are often sought to join in many adventures.[/fieldbox]
[fieldbox=Rules , white , dotted]No powerplaying, no godmodding, and no metagaming
Do not kill a player character unless given permission
GMs word is law (I hope to never invoke this rule again)
If you have a question, ask it
Romance is encouraged but please keep adult content in the adult section
Creative liberties with the world are welcome but must be discussed with me
Don't post so fast that others struggle to keep up, give everyone time to respond
In the end of your bio you must type "I agree to the rules my captain has set forth."
Character Template: Due to an abundance of the Assassin archetype/background I will no longer be accepting assassins.

Your wish:
Appearance: Images are allowed but please describe any features not shown in the image.
Personality: 2 paragraph minimum
Weapon(s): I expect more detail than "it's a sword that cuts." Guns exist but hold 1 shot and take time to reload manually. Useful resource.
History: Please try to allow 1 paragraph for every 5-7 years of your characters life. Older characters (45+) may have a maximum of 8 paragraphs
I personally invite @Greenie @Zarrock @Cresion Breezes to join the adventure!
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Very in, of course ^_^ I'll start my character sheet today.
As this takes place long after the events we played in Rothendust, you probably noticed the races were copy-pasted and added 1 xD. Berserkers aren't new they just weren't living in Rothendust...they lived in isolation at the time. Just a bit if random info for you :3

My character will need to wait, I have to leave for work in like an hour and have done no preparation yet...Haha, life.
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I noticed, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Definitely know who I'm bringing here... just need to see which race she'll fit. ^^
If you can't make it fit then you can give me some details and we can fit it in, I hate limiting creativity for others.
If you can't make it fit then you can give me some details and we can fit it in, I hate limiting creativity for others.
Gotcha, I'll pm you if that happens. Though I think it'd be interesting to test this character as something out of her race. :D
Ayyye, I'm here.
I'm in, gonna start my CS soon.
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Silly me forgot to add a weapons tab...adding that now.
Glad to see a new face! :D

>.> You are a new face, right?
D'aww I take that as quite the compliment. I work hard on these. Would you like to claim a crew position so I can reserve it for you?
I can tell you work hard on these! All the races, information, pictures, and story must have taken time!

I would like to reserve Doctor unless someone else wanted that role, then that's okay!! I'm chill. (:
You're the first to call it so it's yours. marking it as reserved.

I will probably put my character in tomorrow. He's the quartermaster.
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Is it a bad sign if I had to google what half of the positions are?
I'm guessing it is.
I'm an inland kid lol.
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Yay!! Thank you! I am excited to make a character and I can't wait to see yours as the Quartermaster!!

And everyone else's too. <3
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Yeesss. New face! Slightly horrified to post and say I'm interested, I'm a scaredy caatt. But who could pass this roleplay up?? ^_^
I know the feels, I was the same way in my first rp here but thankfully I got to meet @Squee and @Cresion Breezes that way :D

Is there a cook position? I'd love to have a cook character ^_^
I can allow it. I didn't add it because typically on pirate ships the cook was just a carpenter off duty that managed to make food that you could swallow without dying.
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I'm actually thinking about a mechanic/gunner type character. Been wanting to play one of my characters who in my world is the leader of a oil rig platform that's been modified into a military navy/aircraft base. One of those cool-headed badasses I guess.