How To Take Down A Psychotic Magician ( SupervillainxSuperhero RP)

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  1. Matthew Star looked at the ground, waiting for someone to show up to this meeting. Someone who was willing to take down his father for him or help him do so, he needed some plan to work with. He needed hope again. Hopefully, he hadn't chosen wrong.

  2. Ajita was fairly confused as to why this was going on. Unfortunately, she couldn't find out without going. So, after closing down the shop, she got dressed in her hero outfit, and headed out. She really did hope that it would be worth her while, and not completely dangerous; she wasn't good with dealing with danger. No, not as much as other people. She would much rather stay back and give information to those who could do something.
  3. Matthew wasn't sure if anyone was coming. He had sent the semi-clear message out to all the heroes in the city but no one seemed to want to come to his aid. He thankfully was unrecongizable, wearing his own suit, black armor that covered him completly but still allowed him to speak too. He was about to leave when he thought he heard someone coming his way and perhaps it was the person who would help him too.
  4. Aji sighed as she arrived, glancing around the scene "....Hello?" she called, not immediately noticing anyone nearby. Well, until she saw the man in the black armor. This should have been easy to spot, but, she hadn't. That was sort of pathetic in her view, really. She worked with seeing things, she should be able to spot something this big. People were big! Not small! This wasn't 'Where's Waldo?', certainly.
  5. Matthew wasn't sure what to look for when he turned to see that someone was approaching him and that meant, thankfully someone had gotten the damn method. " What's your name?" He asked, deciding to not add sir or madam as he couldn't tell the gender from the costume and he couldn't tell based on the little information unless he could place a voice too. The person was easy to see at least, it seemed.
  6. Well. That was certainly straight-forward. She paused, before sighing a little, and shrugging. She might as well user her hero name, as she didn't exactly trust this man right now. It was better to be safe than sorry, she knew that for a fact. Besides, even if she did trust him, she wouldn't give him her name. She liked to keep her business and private lives separate.

    "Eyeris. It's Eyeris. Don't ask. So, why am I here?" she said, arms crossed
  7. Matthew has always hated beating around the bushes since it meant that he had to take a longer route to get someone's attention and that sucked a lot. He wasn't expecting her to give him her real life name, just whatever alias he and and that would do beautifully for his purposes, the less that he knew about her, the easier any of his decisions could be.

    " I'm Twiggy, I need someone to help me stop my father," he openly admitted to her.
  8. "Well, it'd be useful to know who he was." She replied, shrugging a bit "And why. I don't exactly stop random people, you know?"

    She really hoped this....kid? Adult? Would just tell her the details so she could decide whether or not she was going to help out. Right now, she wasn't sure. There wasn't enough information, after all. She just had the main objective, and that wouldn't do.
  9. " Yes, that would be some useful information that I have forgotten to provide for you, I am terribly sorry too. He's Cerin," he said to her.

    He hoped she didn't want more information than that as he couldn't honestly say much more about him without giving away his true name or identity. He could easily just mention the truth about the plan he was positive that he would have, but he wasn't quite certain that would work.
  10. "And why do you need help?" She asked. She would keep questioning about this until she felt that she had enough information to go off of. After all, she didn't want to run into anything she didn't know the details about. That would, probably, result in immediate death, or something close to. Complete blindness, possibly, or the loss of a limb. She had heard horror stories similar to such, and would rather keep out of all those things
  11. Matthew paused as he wondered why she was so curious about why he was making this thing so important too. He wondered if she mentioned the type of infiltration he needed too. " I need your help because he doesn't trust me as his child and thinks I am on to him. He needs a new assistant in his office and I need someone to watch him without him becoming too suspicious of them or me too," he said, wondering what else to say.
  12. "....Oh. Who's your father, then? I'm sorry, I'm just not into the whole 'going into jobs without information' thing. I'd rather not feel the sweet release of death til I've made myself useful, you know?" She replied, smiling a little, or trying to at least. This was a bit curious, and a bit calmer of a method than she had anticipated, but that did not mean she was gung-ho about the whole thing quite yet.
  13. " Now that depends on who you're asking. If you are asking the hero, his father's name is the supervilain Cerin, but if you ask the man, he would tell you that his father's name was Lucas Star," he said, hoping that wouldn't give away his secret identity or anything to that effect too, uncertain of what else he could say to her without spelling out who he was under the mask. He had some level of trust in her.

  14. "....Alright. I'll help." She answered, sighing a little "But! I can't guarantee I'll be the best. I'm better with getting information than I am with fighting, you know? I'll do what I can, though, and that's the best you'll be getting."

    She had to make sure he knew that, so he wasn't walking into this with the expectation that she could just take the guy down instantly. She couldn't, and such faith in her would prove a bit disappointing. So, it was best to get it out of the way now.
  15. Matthew smiled and was happy that she was at least going to try and that was all he was going to ask of her. " As long as you do your best and nothing stops you, I can physically take him down myself, I just need his plans," he said to her.

    He wasn't sure if he would be able to defeat him alone, but he sure as hell was going to try to do that as there was nothing else that might work. He openly admitted that sometimes people and things are flawed in more ways than one it seemed.

  16. "Now, how the hell am I supposed to do this? I don't think I am very......assistant worthy." She said, sighing "Blind in one eye, that sets people off. Among other things. How do I even apply, hm?"

    Legitimate questions, to be honest. Aji wasn't sure how he expected this to work. Of course, she was on board with it, but the plan didn't seem to be completely fool proof. The boy didn't control his fathers choices in assistants, did he?
  17. Matthew looked at her for a brief moment too. " I guess I had some time to think of that," he said, as he hadn't thought that part of the plan at all and he had assumed someone he had to use was two eyed.

    He paused as he thought about it for a brief second too. He bit down on a lower lip as he looked at them. " So, I guess we can make it lo0ok like you are completley blind, my father had always been the type to pity other people."

  18. "How would I work well if I'm completely blind?" She asked, eyebrows furrowing together. It didn't seem to be a well put together plan, and that worried her. After all, if this man was powerful, and he found out, it could possibly all go to hell, and they certainly didn't want that. So it was best to think through what could possibly happen. The consequences of the situation, basically, needed to be thought over.
  19. Matthew paused as he hadn't thought of any of this stuff and he looked at her. How was this going to work and were there enough things to worry about? He looked at her for a brief moment and wondered what else there was to say either. He looked at her and thought. "Perhaps you can figure something better out because I am honestly out of good ideas for them," he said, as he looked at the ground wondering what else to say.

  20. "....This is gonna take a while, then." She said, sighing a bit and running a hand over her hair to smooth it down "I can put on contacts so I look not blind. And since I'm only blind in one eye, that could work, you know? He wouldn't take pity on me, but I wouldn't be acting so disabled that I couldn't do the job. At that point, though, it comes down to how I put my resume so he actually wants me there in the first place."
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