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  1. Klein ran at Daddy only to flip over the man and spin. As he spun, he stuck his arm out to just cut the man enough to annoy him, and draw his attention while avoiding his flames. The shadow and his child like self dropped their jaws at this action as Klein started to scurry backwards, holding his knife in front of him. "Hey, you with the cannon!" Klein shouted as he backed up. He hoped this shout would have been enough to clue the man in to fire at Daddy should Klein successfully divert his attention.

    "What are you doing Klein!" The demons spoke in unison. This action betrayed both Klein's instinct and lust for blood. He intentionally missed a fatal stab and drew attention to himself. "You must retreat."

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  2. Adam fired off another round, aiming a bit below to immobilize Daddy's legs. 18 left. Again, the people caught within the blast radius was of no consequence to him. "You will die by my hand." He stated, his eyes narrowed with deadly intent.

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  3. [​IMG]

    "Makoto, wait!" Kyoko called out, the first time she had even acknowledged him since his secret revelation to her, but by then, it was to no avail, as he was already well on his way for the basement. She banged her fists on the door helplessly, but the beeping from her codex from earlier alarmed her enough to not push her luck any further than it already had been.

    Clicking her tongue, she glanced toward Noembelu when the native spoke, diverting her attention back over to where Daddy was. "I doubt things will be so convenient, but at this rate, anything's better than doing nothing. Go ahead then, if you want," Kyoko responded, lightly clutching the grazes on her body.

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  4. "I would have got the boys a bigger venue, if I knew about all theses last minute guests."

    As time went on, Wanda became more worried and flighty. Soon after, the Witch called to the group.

    "Everyone! Can you please find a seat? The wedding is about to start!"

    Still on her mission, Wanda noticed Reiner.

    Reiner would not see any water. Not that there was time for that. Wanda did not seem amused as she motioned him and the girl outside.

    "You two, please. I must insist find a seat for the wedding. You'll be fed afterwards, I promise."

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  5. Mason could tell that Amir was a little tense. "Whatever this is, Amir, I'm sure we can enjoy it. Uh.. I got that name right, right? Anyway... Surely this can't be dangerous. Let's... Actually play along this time. I don't want to go sneaking around in kitchens again."


    "Have you been to a wedding before? Or maybe you're married? What do we do at these things?"

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  6. The punk had addressed her personally- someone that, in a simpler time, Nancy would of just rolled her eyes and scowled at. Bullet gave the appearance of someone who lived a troubled life, working some dead-end job in some shady part of downtown living off of nickels and dimes. The Wheeler had no reason, in normal circumstances, to trust someone she would sneer at being a degenerate- someone even more rebellious than the suburbia highness pretending to be adventurous and straying from the allurement of simplicity and normal living.

    For Nancy, Bullet was a guardian angel. A tough, sunna of a bitch of a guardian angel, but a guardian angel nonetheless.

    "Y-Yeah, I...I know it is j-just. Fuck, dude. Why? Why? I don't know of half of you. I j-just want my friend back. What does this have to do with Barbara or The Red Witch? Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. I gott-I just wanna go to sleep. Look, I am fine, Bullet, yes? Just...I need a breath."

    Nancy would not get that breath. Being escorted by the other young woman, the Wheeler followed along to see the horrific sights of a penguin unlodging a bullet from a man's appendage and the sight of a burning man known only as Father. Nancy knew Lucas all too well- the source of misery she felt the most, ever since the bolts rang and the crimson spilled with wine alike. Seeing the scorched abomination slumber, grenades and other debris being hurled at the monstroity, Nancy figured it was now or never to make a difference. So many had died so far, so many she would never know. Thinking of that dead woman, wondering if she would ever get a proper burial, Nancy reached in her pockets.

    Cocking back the hammer of her S&W .357 Police Special, the Wheeler let out a furious, desperate yell and began to fire. Each time she pulled the trigger, watching the chamber rotate, Nancy counted the numbers in her head


    By the time she got done counting, the teenager froze, realizing how little sic .357 bullets would do to a man being roasted alive.


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    If there was any chance for this to work, Noembelu would take it. At this rate, Daddy would kill even more people if something wasn't done. With Amir dead, she did worry for Six's safety, but there were people she could trust to help her. "If anything happens...look after Six," Noembelu told Kyoko, before running by Daddy and pressing the button. If it worked, they would both be consumed in an explosion. If not, she'd keep running to avoid any axe attack or flames.​

  8. "Black Panther will do jus as well if you find my real name to be a handful," T'Challa responded before listening to the rest. "I see...I assume that both Speed and Wiccan perished as well?" That would imply that this is Billy's illusion and a plan was starting to form.​

    "Or perhaps we have to 'shake things' up?" T'Challa said to the two. "If you recall the boy, Makoto's illusion in the started to falter when we started to question and ridicule the scenario. Perhaps if we do something similar here...we can break the illusion and escape?"​

  9. "Yes, my name is Amir. I'm just a bit tired, I was about to head to bed before being pulled into all of this." it was an attempt to be half joking, but it was the truth.

    She perked up when asked about being married or having been to a wedding though.


    "I'm married, but my wedding was different, since I didn't meet my husband until the day of. Tradition varies a bit back home, usually, but this is more of a foreign wedding to me." she responded, actually relaxing a bit the more she talked and recounted her and Karluk's first meeting.

    "Though I'd gladly share any information you'd wish to know about those things. Is there someone you wish to marry someday?"

    "Wanda is already seeming a bit skittish, similarly to dinner." Amir pointed out, hushed tone returning as she spoke to both men.

    Also, while glancing to Saeko, Amir patted the seat next to her so she could get in on the conversation.

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    ❝ A-Apologies... I suppose I can hold off then, my headache is only minor... ❞

    Judging from other times of an illusion, things didn't end well when they went as far to stray away from it, so she mildly went along until something would go off on it's own. Nodding once in stray apology to Wanda, Kiyohime nudged Reiner as if it were a cue to play along. With that in mind, the Heroic Spirit would go for a seat close to those that she recognized from the earlier group, already getting the signs that they were thinking something up in the case of... well, an opportunity arising.

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    Reiner Braun
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    As Kate escorted them to the kitchen, and asked them how they knew Billy, Reiner frowned... Perhaps "know" was not the best word, as they had only briefly met before his... Unpleasant demise.


    "We were... Invited to the same party..." He said sheepishly.

    Unfortunately though, they didn't appear to find any water, and hearing Wanda's urge to find themselves a seat, he paused for a beat... Looking momentarily confused, and was about to open his mouth to speak, before Kiyo nudged him, causing him to blink a few times, before the realization dawned upon him too, that this situation may not be how it seemed on the surface.

    Thus... He silently took the cue, a look of understanding crossing his face for a moment as he made a brief moment of eye contact with Kiyo, before he nodded... Following her lead, and sitting down next to her.

    "I guess water can... Wait..." He said, deciding to play along too, just to be safe.

    It was uncertain if he could die again now that he was in what he believed to be some sort of "afterlife", but he wasn't about to flip that coin just yet... Not when everyone else here might be put at risk for that.​
  12. "Black Panther... Got it. Hold off on the interruptions for now. It would be best to wait for Billy, because be seems to be the 'Makoto' in this situation. Plus, maybe this is a nice wedding."
    Mason tensed up. His voice got caught in his throat and his eyes began to sting as years of tears built up in them. He wanted to lie and avoid this conversation. He had simply blown it off earlier with Leon, played as if he had moved on, but a face and a name popped into his head at Amir's questions. Emotions flooded his heart as well, yet this time he was caught too off guard to deflect them. A tear broke and rolled down his face.

    He quickly wiped away the tear. Luckily, tears weren't unnatural to be seen at a wedding. He began to explain himself, "There was a girl back home. Her name was Carol. We were young, just 18, and quite in love. We were sure that we would start a family someday. Unfortunately, that never happened. She left this world... No, that doesn't work. There's not a good euphemism when we're being dragged between worlds. She was killed, simple as that. I didn't take it well."

    Tears slowly returned to rolling down his cheeks. "I never really confronted it. In my family, you don't indulge in weaknesses like mourning and you don't fear death. I tried to forget her and push her memory down deep, but I ended up just pushing people away."

    Mason wiped away the tears once more and took a deep cleansing breath. The river stopped flowing from his eyes and his emotions began to calm. As he did, two faces popped into his mind.


    "There is one girl who I think can fill the hole in my heart..."


    "... and another girl who I think wants to fill that hole. I didn't have the guts to express my feelings to either of them. If we get out of here, maybe I should. I suppose that would be one of my regrets if I truly die."

    With a fully regained composure, Mason said to Amir, "Likewise, ask me anything you want to know. I guess I would like to know a bit more about the culture of your home world. What's life like?"

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  13. "Yes, water will wait."

    As the "guests" waited, Wanda was still worked up. Looking at the group, she called out to them.

    "Attention, the wedding will be starting soon. Now if you all don't mind, I need to check on Billy."

    As she started to walk away, Wanda stopped.

    "Tommy, keep an eye on them. Kate, keep an eye on Tommy."

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  14. Noticing Mason's tears, Amir grew a bit flustered, but listened nonetheless.

    "I-I'm sorry for such a loss. I hope that things work out for you in the end, though it's not completely foreign for some people in my country to take on multiple wives, depending on where you visit. Life so far is peaceful, but I..worry, due to my age compared to my husbands. Karluk, my husband, he's so young and I wish he could grow a little faster." she smiled, thinking of how he wanted to prove to be the one who could protect her instead of the other way around. She chuckled a bit at this.

    "He tries so hard to protect me like any husband should, but I don't want him getting hurt." she her fists clenched lightly in her lap at this.

    "And sometimes, it's okay to cry. Grieving is a natural part of copeing and healing in life, before one can try to move on." she added.

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  15. "Don't let him grow up too fast, Amir. I definitely know what it's like to worry though. My brother, Leon, is a whole lot stronger than me. He's always been my protector, but I worry that he's going to get himself on the wrong path and get hurt. He's a great hero, but that gets him into a lot of trouble."

    Mason wiped his eyes to make sure they were dry. "I tried my best to keep Leon safe and alive. His codex kept dropping while mine stayed green, which meant he was doing his job but I wasn't doing mine. Turns out it dropped straight to zero. Pretty suspicious, but it's not out of character for Lucas. Even if he ends up dead, I hope Leon can still be a hero. At least then I'll get to see him again."

    "Also, I don't think I'm gonna take multiple wives. It's not quite what I want. Anyway, is there anything else you want to know from me before this wedding starts?"

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  16. "You're right, although I want him to grow up a little faster, him taking his time is also enough." she laughed a bit at this realization.

    "Your brother sounds like a good man, and so do you yourself. I have an older brother who is similar in some ways. As for the codex thing, I was in red and was worried for Six, the little girl in yellow, during a game Lucas had us play in the drawing room. Suddenly, after one of our own reached the supply room, after a while Lucas told us to roll a die, if it landed on five or six, we'd live. Below that, we would die. Knowing that she isn't here, gives me some relief that she'll keep fighting along side of Noembelu at least." she sighed, placing a hand above her heart.

    "Well, for now I guess I would like to know more of your culture. As much as you can think of that's worth sharing anyway." she added thoughtfully.

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  17. "My culture? It's been a couple years, but... Technology. That's the big thing in my culture. We're absorbed by it. We use pretty advanced stuff for transportation, entertainment, and even war. Stuff like the codex, although it wouldn't kill you, isnt far-fetched to exist. They're called 'smart-watches.'"

    Mason paused for a moment. He corrected himself, "Well, they wouldn't kill you intentionally. Sometimes they exploded om accident. If they didn't do that, then I guess you could say society was dead. People got so absorbed in their phones and televisions and games that they couldn't see the war going on around them.

    "Actually, Lucas's game would almost have a point if he didn't take us random people across the multiverse. He used technology and games, his own form of 'entertainment,' to kill us. Although we are still alive, we've all gone through a death in spirit. Take that game to my home world and people might learn, but it would be a moot point..."

    He frowned. The light in his eyes grew dark. He stated at the ground, but still spoke to those around him, bluntly, "...because everyone is already dead for real.

    "There's a whole other culture to talk about: the Moretti family's culture. We work in the shadows, across many different worlds, fighting for some kind of loose morality. We enforce what we believe by any means necessary. The culture of my home world made it easy for them to work. The world was viewed through a narrow window, one forged by media. People chose what the public saw. People chose what I saw. War could go on and nobody would notice."

    Some of the shine returned Mason's eyes. He looked around to the people who were sitting beside him, then looked straight at Amir. "By the time I learned the truth behind my family, everything was gone, not just Carol. Imagine coming home to your entire village burned to the ground. I went through that. I still don't even know what cause my family fought for. If I see Leon again, I'll have to ask him. Lately, I've been working with a good cause: One of peace and harmony. It has made me happy. I wish I could go back to it.

    "I wonder, Amir, what is your cause? What do you believe in, you and Karluk? You too, Black Panther. And Saeko, and Reiner as well. What do you believe in?"

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  18. "..."


    Amir tried her best to understand technology, although most other places had begun to grow advanced and such, most of what Mason described flew over her head. Thought when he mentioned her village, she understood a little better.

    "My village had suffered something like that, where my father led men from our clan and relatives from another to take over the village using canon fire and guns, but they lost in the end. I believe in Karluk and I, yes, but also my village and it's people. And from my time here, I also believe in Noembelu and Six. Talking with you has been a relaxing experience, believe it or not. We all have each other to look out for, and I'll do what I can to help." she said sincerely.

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  19. Saeko had been in the bathroom, and she finally made her way out and sat next to Amir. This was just right on time to hear Mason ask what she believed in. She thought about it for a moment. She kept going because Takashi was there, but was that really it? Her family had defended the emperor for generations. Defended the symbol of her nation. She loved Japan, and to see it overrun by zombies? Well...
    "To protect my home." She said quietly. "That's the reason I keep going."
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  20. T'Challa already had a plan in motion. "Do not worry Mr Moretti, I need to wait for the perfect opportunity for my plan to work." The plan didn't have many moving bits in it but the timing had to be perfect for it to have the most potency.

    He then listened to Amir and Mason talk, feeling like it was not his place to interject in what seemed to be a very personal conversation.​

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