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"We're so thankful that you decided to buy our home, Mr. Martinez," insisted the realtor, her often faked smile being genuine in relief. Spending five fucking years trying to sell the home that some loser decided to kill himself was hard work and a major hit to her image in the county. Adjusting her diamond necklace to hold back her excitement, she unlocked the door to the rather nice home, that being a surprise compared to the state it was in once Leo was found. Not only was there a dead body, obviously, but Leo just generally didn't care much about his appearance, nor did he care about the state of his home. That isn't to say that the home was covered in garbage or anything, it simply lacked any real sign of comfort. It only had the bare minimum: a couch and television for the livingroom, a sink and fridge for the kitchen, a toilet and tub for the bathroom, and pretty much nothing in the spare bedroom. His bedroom had a little more life to it, though, with his bed layered with blankets to fight off the ridiculously cold Wisconsin weather and books laid on his bedroom floor, covering most of the area bar a path to his bed. He was a simple man and to distance the old house for the new one, it was given all new furniture and decoration.

For starters, it was fully furnished with a couch, television and a shag rug with framed photos lining the wall. The formerly boring white shower/tub curtain was replaced with that of flowers to match the woodsy theme. The dim and basic light fixtures that were simply used to help him move from the bedroom to the kitchen during his 4 am snack sessions were replaced with fancy hanging lamps and fans. Stepping into the fresh, floral scented home, the realtor immediately plopped the keys into Nyle's hand, her shoulders physically rolling a tad at the literal stress being lifted off. Five years of hoping to find some naive, absolutely crazy young person to buy the house out of ignorance had finally come true.

While it was an utter miracle in the realtor's eyes, though, Leo immediately grew uncomfortable at the new,,, intruder? Roommate? He knew that the house wasn't technically his anymore, but a part of his childish personality followed in the afterlife as he found himself quickly fluffing Bitters' fur, leaving the rather lazy and indifferent cat to simply purr. Watching the realtor who he had persistently haunted give a double-take to make sure he wasn't in the room, he bit the bottom of his lip hard as he watched Nyle just toss his bag onto the floor haphazardly. In addition to his childish personality, he also kept his incredibly shy personality, hence why he didn't just immediately begin to toss things around to start shit. If he was going to get this man to leave, he wanted to at least do it in a way that would make sure no one would come back.

"They can't... I mean, they can't do this, Bitters," he whispered quietly to the cat from the back porch, watching the humans walk about anxiously. The stray, in response, simply meowed, oblivious to his friend's horror. "Why can't people just leave me alone? I just... I don't want this."
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The last month had genuinely been a rollercoaster for Nyle.

At the start of the month, he'd been at college, living at home and balancing that with a comfortable job at the local supermarket. He had a large group of friends, a healthy social life, a growing reputation in his corner of Philadelphia as someone who was the life and soul of every party he attended. Life hadn't been easy, but it had been enjoyable... for a while. Then everything sort of came tumbling down on him. Unable to balance the separate spheres of his life any further, he made the decision to just... abandon it all. He left college, left his job and then, finally, left his home and Pennsylvania altogether. After scouring the internet for areas in the surrounding few states, he settled on Barron. It had a small population, it was quiet, sleepy, peaceful and everything he felt he needed to get back to how he used to be, without stress manipulating his personality in any way. Besides, the home he found on the net was dirt cheap and looked perfect from what he saw in pictures-- and he felt it looked even better in person. So he packed his bags one day, gave his sisters and father a brief explanation, and left before they could tell him not to be so impulsive and ridiculous.

Now here he was, stood in the little home with the realtor babbling on about how grateful and thankful she was that he bought the home, about how happy he'd be. He believed every word of that - nobody had told him about the tragedy that had occurred in the home, or about the haunted status locals had given it. His naivety and obliviousness meant he could just... soak in the situation without negativity. He was proud of himself, really, for having his own place at almost 20 year of age, and being able to build up a life for himself. Sure, it wasn't what he thought his life would end up like... but he didn't dwell on that. He was here now and he was determined to make it work any way he could.

"It's real sweet, isn't it? Cosy, y'know? I like it a lot," the young man beamed, dumping his suitcases on the floor and eyeing the decorated living room proudly. "Real nice, yeah. So, like... it's definitely mine now, isn't it? There's no catch? I mean, it's just-- it was so cheap! Homes aren't usually this cheap, it's a real bargain, huh?"
"Oh, no! No catch! I'm pretty sure I explained everything. I checked my list thoroughly, the clipboard handy. As she walked through the living room, she did briefly pause when the sound of the metal back door opened and closed despite Leo's attempts to be subtle. It didn't help that there was suddenly a cat wandering the house, seemingly very acquainted with the furniture to the point where he casually hopped onto the leather couch, stretched out and immediately fell asleep. Growing silent, the realtor managed to offer an apologetic smile towards the man.

"Ah, sorry. I guess the door had a bit of a draft. I might have forgotten the cat. He'll just come in whenever he has the opportunity, it seems. We don't know if it was the former owner's or what, but I can assure you he hasn't been violent towards anyone," she insisted before setting the clipboard down to carefully lifting the cat up despite his clear annoyance. Opening the front door quickly, she shooed the cat away in a desperate attempt to not have to explain any more.

The brief moment of strange activity stopped for a bit as the woman walked through the home carefully, seemingly on edge the whole time. Lamps had broken, books could be found on the ground, the pages seemingly flipping on their own, and the damn cat seemed to just show up without anyone letting it in, even when the doors were locked. Maybe it was Leo being courteous but the tour was lacking all of that.

"I do hope you find yourself happy here," she ended once in the expansive backyard that exposed the forest behind it. "I'm sorry that we left the backyard a bit boring but there were some important repairs needed for the home, so... a-anyway, if you need help with anything, you have my number, right?" She questioned as she adjusted her coat, the chilly September weather not being too kind to her.
The tour around the house didn't change how proud he felt, mostly because a) the home had been redecorated perfectly to mask the horror that had occurred there, and b) Leo wasn't tossing things around and playing on the haunted factor. Everything seemed completely perfect, and his smile grew more and more - especially at the news that there was a cat that wandered in. He adored cats, and always had, so while the news that a cat would find ways into the home might horrify some owners, it just made Nyle grin.

He needed company, and he'd rather start off befriending the cat than some of the people in the community. It was so small here that he imagined fitting in would be a hard task to undertake. He'd do so eventually, but right now, he was happier getting to know the cat.

Overlooking the little garden with his mind now flamed with ideas. He could put in a row of roses, put in a pond and get some fish, maybe take away some of the grass and put in a patio for barbecues in the summer when his family visited...?--

"Huh? Oh, your number-- yeah, I got it! I'm sure I'll be alright though, it's really great. I like it, really. Can't see any issues."
"I wish you luck on your new Home experience," she insisted, something she had said for the past 11 years of her working. This time, though, he'd eyes expressed genuine concern. Once offering her hand to shake, she stepped back a tad and headed to her car, driving away quickly, leaving Nyle seemingly completely alone, bar the cat who seemed content on never leaving.

In fact, the animal seemed to watch the human curiously. For Bitters, this was the first human interaction he had since he was born. Granted, his attention seemed to shift towards nothing before hopping off the couch and padding his way to the spare room, that of which was converted into an extra bedroom. Seemingly out of nowhere, the black cat climbed onto the bed where Leo was currently residing... even if Nyle couldn't see. Immediately pulling the cat close, the spirit's first reaction to the sudden change was to simply lay in the bed, the cat pressed closed to his chest... well, more like through his chest, but it felt the same in his mind.

Staring out the open door, he waited cautiously for the new 'owner to scope out the house on his own, cautious and wary of how to approach the new situation. He had never been friendly to a human before yet Bitters seemed to be pretty indifferent - a first.
Once that door closed, reality hit hard that this was pretty much it. He couldn't just run off back home, at least not without a hefty lecture from his father and judging glances from his sisters, who were usually his biggest supporters but had resisted given him their vote of confidence over this particular move. But, despite the slither of fear he was hit with at having this grown-up feeling hit him, he was... happy beyond anything else. It was drastic and had happened in just a month, but he was happy!

In an effort to dwell more on that feeling, than the one of fear that was still lurking somewhere at the back of his mind, he fiddled with the radio and, once tuned into some cheesy pop station, put the volume up high so he could hear it throughout the house while he went to go venture about some more. He'd already had the grand tour, but he wanted to take it again, just to drink it all in that this was his place.

Eventually, he came to the converted spare room, deciding that it was perfect for whenever his sisters came to visit - they were used to cramping together into one room back home, anyway. Having been singing to himself, he came to a stop the moment he saw the cat, kneeling a bit to get a better look at the feline.

"Well, hello cutie," he purred, sitting at the edge of the bed with his eyes lighting a little. "...Made yourself at home, huh?"
The moment the other seemed to wander past the threshold, the radio cut off abruptly. Call it childishly possessive but like hell was this random man getting anywhere near his cat. Of course the cat didn't give a shit, why would he? Sure, he preferred Leo's company but the cat was smart enough to know Nyle was most likely going to st least feed him. That meant, in his mind, he could simply lounge all day instead of going hunting or garbage diving for food.

In addition to the radio, the cat seemed to physically be pulled back, albeit just subtly enough that someone who didn't believe in ghosts could just wave it off. Waiting impatiently for a response, Leo eventually whispered something to the cat. The whisper was only barely above silence, though, compared to the whiny complains the ghost often had When alone, often about boredom.
Rather than assume supernatural forces were at play (because jumping to that conclusion would be ridiculous given the minuscule move Leo made), the young adult cocked a brow and sunk into the nearby desk chair. He assumed that the cat was just wary of him as would be expected of an animal suddenly confronted with a new face they weren't accustomed to. That was a far more reasonable assumption, anyway.

As for the radio... well, he barely noticed it, and if he did, he was just going to assume interference-- but not of the paranormal kind.

"It's gonna be like that, is it? We'll see how you like me when I give 'ya some fried chicken later. You're gonna love me then," he laughed, opting not to pet the cat's head despite the urge - he didn't want the first memory of the new house to be him being attacked by a cat, and nor did he want the town's first impression of him being him covered in cuts and scratches.
"You aren't touching him," canes a whispered voice as the cat squirmed a tad. "He... isn't yours, he's mine. You can't just waltz into my house, you big oaf."

For Leo, his whispers were a bit of a strain on his voice. It seemed that humans didn't have much capability in hearing spirits, and the ghost was already rather quiet. Throwing a pillow from the guest bed in emphasis, he stared at Nyle, his cheeks having typically been red if it weren't for the fact that he couldn't be seen. He eventually let go of Bitters, that of whom hurried to Nyle out of curiousity, as the bed seemingly dipped as if someone was on it only to return to silence once again despite the fact that, in reality, he was pacing rather angrily,
Anyone else would have thought it strange that the pillow from the bed had suddenly ended up on the floor, nowhere near close enough for it to be justified as having fallen off by itself. With Nyle's back turned when the cushion was tossed, he hadn't seen the act, but he could definitely have found it strange when he turned around to see it now on the floor-- but Nyle was often infuriatingly naive. In fact, it barely even registered on his mind, choosing to instead focus on the cat that made its way across to him.

Scooping Bitters up eagerly, lavishing the feline with the affection he wish he could show to his cat back home, he began to trail to the kitchen where he'd left his suitcases. Obviously he didn't have bags full of food, but he had a few snacks, and sharing a few crumbs of it with the cat would -hopefully- earn its trust.
Watching the cat - his only friend- trail after this stranger horrified him. Not only was is stupidity absolutely frustrating him because he directly blamed himself. He clearly wasn't emphasizing his distress enough but, in his defense, he had never met someone so fucking dense. Trailing after the two, he ran his hands along the wall causing the paintings to bend or fall. He didn't want to make himself known quite yet, mostly because his ideal scenario was to do as little as possible to get this man out. He only stopped upon seeing the laptop cast to the side.

Looking at the laptop, his eyes widened in curiosity at just how sleek and nice it was. Going five years without the one thing that kept him to the outside world, it was genuinely shocking to see the thing. Slowly walking towards it, he dared to sit down on the floor and pop open the thing, his cheeks reddened in curiosity at the familiar noise of the loading screen.
Nyle was dense, incredibly and irritatingly oblivious, and always really had been that way. Sometimes it was cute, other times it was frustrating, but he couldn't really change it. But he wasn't stupid, and nor was he incredibly blind. It didn't take a genius to see that the laptop he'd set down on the table, ready to Skype with his sisters, had been opened. After setting a few pieces of food down for the cat, he grabbed the cup of tea he'd made himself (he'd made sure to bring teabags and milk with him) and prepared to sit at the table with that and a good few cookies-- until seeing the laptop miraculously having appeared to open itself.

And he was pretty damn sure he didn't open it yet. Sure, he figured that he must have, but every time he came to the conclusion, he immediately countered against it. He thought, perhaps, someone was in the house-- but who the hell would come in, open a laptop, then hide away again? That was ludicrous, but it still didn't stop him anxiously peering about.

All thoughts were stopped when he glanced at the screen, frowning to himself at the desktop photo that greeted him. He didn't have a password protecting his laptop (perhaps stupidly of him), so when loaded, it went straight to home-- and promptly showed him the photo of him and his boyfriend he'd set there. Or... well, his now ex-boyfriend, at least.

"Fucking-- ugh," he grimaced quickly, snatching the laptop to bitterly change the photo before it made him cry, and he didn't really want his first proper day in his house being marred by an emotional crying session over his ex-boyfriend.
Putting his hands up the moment the laptop was rugged away, he watched the interaction silently, growing increasingly uncomfortable at the testy eyes. Making the connection that the man kissing Nyle must have been some romance, a part of him grew jealous. The closest thing to romance he had was some chats online only to be dumped.

"This isn't fair," he whispered, his frown only growing as he ran his finger across one of his wrists. "You d-don't deserve someone loving you, you know that? I didn't even have a... real girlfriend," he murmured out loud, blatantly ignoring the fact that he had s major role in his relationship's demise,
Out of nowhere, seemingly, the boy's head shot up. His eyes were glassy, with one or two (or, more accurately, several) tears having escaped, but these were quickly swept away. Why? Because, somehow, he heard Leo's voice. He didn't hear it clearly enough to hear the specific words. If he did, it would have terrified him. He just heard a murmuring, a boy's voice. His first instinct wasn't to assume ghosts were prowling his home. Rather, he assumed there was someone -a living being- hiding; an earlier thought he'd branded crazy.

"...F-Fucking who's there? I... I have a gun," he shouted, albeit with a wavering to his voice. Did he have a gun? Not at all - he wasn't the kind to like firearms and, despite his father having a love for them, he refused the man's determination to have his son buy one for protection. Instead, he did have a knife now clutched in his right hand, even if he probably wouldn't use it, even if there was an intruder. He was admittedly too much of a coward to try anything when he could run away instead.
Equally as shocked, Leo paused, going as far as covering his mouth childishly. Waiting a moment, he couldn't help but snort anxiously as he looked at the knife, a cheeky grin on his face. Despite this, he did step back a tad despite knowing that it was physically impossible to hurt him.

"That isn't a gun," he commented in a murmur as he watched the other panic, unable o hold back just how giddy he was to see the man finally react to his attempts to get him to leave. "That's a lie, lying isn't good for your health. It would be unfortunate if you died your first day here, that'd mean I'd have to be with you for the rest of eternity."
That comment essentially confirmed that he was being watched. It also confirmed that he could hear the other a great deal more clearly, given his bewildered glance down at the weapon and then around him in search of the person who he felt was threatening his life right now. Keeping hold of the knife nonetheless, he backed up against the refrigerator, just so he couldn't be ambushed from behind in case there was some malevolent burglar int he place ready to knock him out cold.

"I... I think you... should leave, there's n-nothing here," he began, his voice barely above a whisper, but he knew that didn't matter. From how close the voice had sounded, the person must be near-- unfortunately. "I've j-just fucking moved in, there's no valuables-- I-I'm a fucking college drop-out, I've got nothing, s-so... so go before I... c-call the police, okay?"
"I can't leave. I wish I could. Instead I'm stuck in this place while you get to go out and... face-time with friends. The only thing I have here to keep me interested is Bitters and you're trying to take him away from me," the voice replied, much louder now that Leo was growing angry. Only one other person had ever been able to hear him as well as Nyle was and that was the realtor, that of whom learned the most damage the spirit could do was throw things around.

"Go back to wherever you came from. This... this was - is my house," he continued, his figure somewhat appearing now as he grabbed for the knife and tossed it to the ground.
Any belief that there was a living, breathing person stalking about the house was impossible to continue to believe when the ghost began to appear right in front of him. The physical presence was still a little blurry, still semi-transparent, but he was there nonetheless. Now, it wasn't like Nyle didn't believe in ghosts. One of his hobbies at one point in his life was the whole world of the supernatural, and he had a bag full of books about demonology and the paranormal, among many, many other things.

So he definitely believed in the other world. He just didn't want to be confronted by it.

Of course, he didn't really, one hundred percent think this was happening because it seemed so ridiculous. He assumed he was hallucinating because it had happened before, once or twice, when he was either drunk or sleep-deprived, and while he hadn't had a drink, he was definitely exhausted. It was why he just laughed, rubbed his eyes and took a seat at the table. He assumed this was all in his head.

"Right, got you, course. You know, I'm probably insane, talking to my hallucinations like this. Maybe I'm going crazy. Shouldn't really use the word crazy though, it's kinda mean," he shrugged, absently switching onto Instagram to flick through photos of his best friends, even if seeing their faces made him tearful again. He would see them when they came to visit, but he wasn't entirely sure when that would be. Unlike him, they were all still in college.
"Don't dismiss me!" He squeaked in response as he watched Bitters pad towards him with a purr. His anger only fueled his visibility as he seemed a bit clearer in all his admittedly pathetic attire. Long socks, boxers, and a tank top were hardly intimidating. Not to mention his pretty frail frame, short stature, and simply pathetic appearance. The only thing truly intimidating was the large gashes on his wrists.

"This is my house, don't just put me off like I'm some useless trash!" He insisted as he dared to grab the phone and toss it to the side, his cheeks finally showing their red tone. Watching the phone hit the counter, he childishly folded his arms before seemingly vanish, leaving the cat to be a bit confused and annoyed.
As far as he was aware, at least when comparing his past experiences, hallucinations couldn't physically interact with objects. If they could, his hallucinations from the past never had, so this was either a completely new experience for him, or he wasn't experiencing a hallucination, but a reality.

A fucking terrifying, horror-inducing reality.

Too afraid to even move from his seat to check if his phone was alright, he took in the other as much as he could before he disappeared-- and the gashes on his wrist had not gone unnoticed.

"I... I-- wait! Your house? Oh god, this isn't-- real. This isn't real. I'm sleeping-- or is this a prank? Am I on a f-fucking hidden TV show o-or something?"